Best Best Iron On Vinyl for Cricut

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1. HTVRONT Vinyl Rolls Heat Transfer

HTVRONT Vinyl Rolls Heat Transfer

Their premium quality heat transfer vinyl will save you time because you can cut and weed easily through the designs. The iron on vinyl is sensitive to temperature and can be heat transferred on a t-shirt. Their htv vinyl rolls are pretty sticky, they adhere to the fabric and have held up well in the wash. Your designs of black heat transfer vinyl can't come off even after repeated washing cycles. Use ethically and economically. Your shirt, tote bags, sportswear, aprons, hat and pillow, which used their black htv, make you stand out from the crowd. The heat transfer vinyl is suitable for fabrics. The htv vinyl materials are safe to wear. It's easy to cut into different sizes of art designs or logos or letters with the htv vinyl rolls. All cutter machines are compatible with their iron on vinyl. Good choice for Christmas, Halloween and anniversaries gift to your family or lover. Who doesn't like a new t-shirt? With their heat transfer vinyl, you can make it your own, and they will love it. If you are not completely satisfied with their vinyl, please contact them.

Brand: Htvront

👤This is the worst vinyl I have ever purchased. When you are trying to weed it, it doesn't stay on the plastic piece. I don't recommend it because of the poor quality. The seller keeps harassing me by email and asking me to change or remove my review after I left my honest review. They keep saying they will lose their jobs. How pathetic! I stand by my review. Don't buy this product!

👤If you apply more pressure to the blade and use a glitter vinyl setting, it will weed like a dream. It's easier to weed projects like that.

👤I like this TV. I was using two things. I ordered a pack to try it out. It came with a tool for removing weeds. I realized I was going to the HTV more often than the Siser as I made more shirts. I like how it sticks to the shirt. I stopped using other brands recently. It is not much harder to weed than Siser. If I have a large sheet to peel off, I don't notice it. I have washed and washed shirts and they seem to hold up. It's easy on the wallet. There are lots of colors to choose from.

👤I used a Teflon sheet to cover the machine and iron it after I set it to iron on more pressure and only cut it once. The heat press and iron instructions are given. It arrived in a couple of days after ordering.

👤It's easy to weed vinyl. Great purchase. Definitely recommend.

👤I used heat transfer vinyl for the first time and it was a good experience. The first one had a learning curve, but the rest turned out great. First, use the more pressure setting on your cricut. I used a new blade and it wasn't 100% cut through, but I chose normal for the first. I heated the canvas 30 seconds on the front, 30 seconds on the back, and 30 seconds on the front. If you are doing T-shirt's, you might not need that much. It came with a tool for removing weeds. It was a nice surprise, but I am not sure if that is mentioned in the ad. I am very happy with the quality and will be purchasing more in the future.

👤The value was good if I didn't use almost an entire roll just doing one shirt order that should have been easy. This is the worst vinyl I have ever tried. I have used almost every brand. I have tried so many cutting settings that it is not funny. I still have to weed with an exacto even with the heaviest cutting setting. I was upset with this purchase. This vinyl is terrible.

👤I am very pleased with the heat transfer vinyl that I received. The product is the same as advertised. The blue to purple color of the chameleon is very bright. It's easy to weed and transfer. This product and seller are recommended by me.

👤Me gustan los colores pero me costado trabajo. Incluso tiene un olor fuerte, pero usar una presin ms grande con la cortadora. Me gusto, gancho para depilar, grueso sera increble!

2. CAREGY Transfer T Shirts 12in X10in Sheets Iron

CAREGY Transfer T Shirts 12in X10in Sheets Iron

Good choice for Christmas, Halloween and anniversaries gift to your family or lover. Who doesn't like a new t-shirt? With heat transfer vinyl, you can make it your own, and it will be something they will love. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please contact them. It is easy to solve the problem of choosing difficulty with the rich and colorful color combination. Your pattern can be changed with unique colors. It can be used to design canvas shoes, T-shirts, bags, coats and handbags. You are the most special person in the crowd. The vinyl is high-quality. Their products have high elasticity, for repeated cleaning will maintain a higher quality, for the production of fine projects have more advantages. Setting parameters according to the instructions will make cutting and weeding easier. It is easier to peel off the vinyl backing once the design is transferred to the desired surface. Vinyl is safe and durable. Their vinyl is made from high quality environmental friendly polyurethane. Compared with other brands, this material is very thin, easy to operate, safe to wear, and very suitable for decorating children's clothing and accessories, so that your family and children are safe, fashionable, chemical-free. You can make your project with a hot press or a household iron. If you don't have a lot of production experience, try to do a small part of the experiment to prevent waste of vinyl.

Brand: Caregy

👤I was a bit nervous about buying this vinyl. The price was great, so I took the chance. This is wonderful! It says cool peel that Weeded was Weeded perfectly, ironing on perfectly. I did it 10 seconds later and it was perfect. I would highly recommend this show. The colors were wonderful. I have never used any of the colors before. Love it!

👤I just started heat pressing with these sheets and made my first batches of shirts this week. The protective film helps keep everything in place while you weed, but I can only remove the excess with a complicated design using tools only for the center pieces of vynil in the letters. If you are just starting out or looking to experiment with other brands of vynil, I recommend you try this set, it looks great on the fabric and has no issues at all. It works on July 18 2020. Since I first bought these sheets, I've tried other brands on Amazon, but I keep this brand in my shop as well. If this gets long, Caregy by Far provides top quality vynil. I've tried 3 other brands of vynil and had a number of issues, from vynil feeling too thick on the shirt, to problems with removing film once pressed, to warm peeling vynil. Carey feels great on your garment, once pressed other brands felt heavy and thick on the garment. I have had issues with other vynil where if it is too hot it lifts the vynil and if it is a bit cold it peels the vyn. I forget which glossy it is. The designs always want to lift with the excess vynil even if you change settings on the vynil cutter. With carey, excess vynil comes off the film and splits easily. I have garments that have been washed many times and they still look good. When I first bought these sheets, Caregy did not make rolls of htv. I gave it 5 stars. There are rolling hills of HTV. I would give it 2 more stars for that. You can stock up now that the rolls work the same. I will only use Carey Vonil now. Thanks to Carey, I am excited to see what color rolls of hTV will be available in the future. Providing an excellent product is what it is for.

👤It is easy to weed and it sticks to fabric. I like the fact that this vinyl doesn't need to be iron or burn if it's put on fabric the first time around, which is something I love about it. The vinyl is very soft. There is no better vinyl for the price.

👤It was mostly good. There was a sheet of red vinyl that had a bug smashed in between it and the clear sheet and another color that was scratched up. I don't have time as I need some of the colors for an order that is coming up, so I tried to request to have these replaced, but it wanted me to return the whole order. Replacement of the damaged prices would be appreciated.

3. Cricut Everyday Iron T Shirts Explore

Cricut Everyday Iron T Shirts Explore

Personalize your life with vinyl. It's perfect for home decor. This iron-on vinyl can be used to cut detailed images. South Korea is the country of origin. The package is 1.7 H x 12.0 L x 1.7 W.

Brand: Cricut

👤I am updating my review. I thought the product was fake when I first got it, as it came with no cricut packaging like the other products they carry. I took pictures of the skew and they said it was theirs and that the larger rolls do not have acricut insert. I used it and it worked. People giving poor reviews may not be using it correctly. Did it take longer to adhere? Yes by 15 seconds. When it is warm, peel it. This was even more difficult because I was working on a project. I lost part of a letter. Things like that happen when I use smaller rolls.

👤The first time I used this product, I cried. I bought 2 sets of cotton to make tote bags for my students. I was disappointed that my first attempt did not work out. The package did not include directions. The end results were great after trying a few of the recommendations. What worked for me was 1. I set my iron on Silk/Wool. I emptied the water from the iron before starting. 2. I used the iron to warm the fabric. 3. I put the iron on the HTV for 30 seconds after using a stopwatch to be consistent. Since I was making 24 bags, I realized that I couldn't stand there for hours pushing down on my iron. I balanced the candle on top to make it heavier. 4. For another 30 seconds, I tried to change the direction of the iron. For another 30 seconds, flip the fabric over and repeat on the back 6. The fabric should be flipped over to the front. This was a total of four 30-second presses for each section. While the HTV was still hot, I used my spatula tool to gently press down on the vinyl one last time. I used my spatula tool to peel off the plastic cover. I used scrap transfer paper to iron if there was still something loose. Some of the bags came out perfectly with no issues, but others required more work, and I suspect that it may have to do with the heat from my iron. I hope this helps.

👤When I saw the terrible reviews, I took a chance, but I needed something fast for my customer. I run a shop on the internet. The iron needs to be completely cold to peel it. It was not warm and definitely not hot. I thought it wouldn't work because I've been able to peel the iron on when it's warm, but it won't adhere to the floor. Again, peel cold. It works just fine.

👤Not sure if it was legit, but no branding or packaging. But worked. It took longer than expected to iron on. Do not set iron too high or it will melt, plastic will stick to iron if I am impatient. I had to iron and press both sides of the fabric before I could remove the film and vinyl. Unset vinyl will try to release as fabric stretches from pulling off a plastic backing and if ready to release. When it's still hot, not cool, it works better, but not sure if it's correct. In case vinly tried to lift up and move, I used acricuit weeding tool. You are transferring iron very well. It helps start bonding. It still takes longer than expected.

4. HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

The PU HTV heat transfer vinyl bundle is thin and smooth, so you can cut and weed easily through the designs. The PU iron on vinyl is sensitive to temperature and can be heat transferred on a t-shirt easily. HTV vinyl is cold peel. The heat transfer vinyl has 33 different colors and is a premium material. Their heat transfer vinyl sheets include 33 of the most popular matt colors, as well as a teflon sheet and free weeding tweezers. The cutting side is white and easy to distinguish. The machine is great. HTV vinyl has fading, peeling and crack. The heat transfer vinyl bundle is pretty sticky and has held up well in the wash. Even after repeated washing cycles, your designs will keep up. You can personalize your gift by using their iron on vinyl bundle, which makes you stand out from the crowd. Birthday and Christmas gifts are a good choice. It's never too early to start making personalized gifts for your friends and family, because they are going to love them. They stand by the quality of their htv heat transfer vinyl bundle. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the htv vinyl bundle, please contact them and they will provide you a solution. The package includes an instruction guide for beginners.

Brand: Htvront

👤The packaging is great and the color selection is the best on Amazon. A picture was posted. I strongly urge everyone to try companies like this, especially this one. I knew there was a good vinyl out there that was just as good as the ones I was endorsing, and this is a great one. A stay at home mom is drawing out the longest story she can on pins to get more ad space on her website.

👤I love this stuff, it is not as good as siser weave, but it is good. I just spent four hours setting up a project and it wouldn't work. Really? I would be angry but it is Christmas! I have to do something. This won't stick. It is not something you could fix. Don't bother with the whole project, just screw it up with your shirt, pillow cover and whatever else you have. I can't explain it. I have no options until Christmas. I only had trouble with certain colors, so I gave this 3 stars. It was a complete user error. I put the setting on cotton because I don't have a heat press yet. After my husband brought me the heat sensor, it turned out the iron setting was way hotter than I needed it to be. It was me, not this product. I placed the vinyl first so that the iron wouldn't get too hot. I would buy this vinyl again.

👤First off brand. I have ordered and used HTV. Quality, packaging, and color variety were all very satisfied with. This is my new favorite HTV and it is the easiest to apply for. Even after several months of wear, washing, and drying, I have not had any problems with it cracking or peeling. This product should be recommended to everyone reading it, and will be ordering more of it when needed.

👤I am changing my review to 2 stars. It was easy to weed, but the htv does not hold up. It started peeling off the shirt after being washed. The mask I made was peeling before the end of the first day. The vinyl is junk. It's embarrassing to give a gift that falls apart. What a waste of money. I gave this value pack of htv a shot because I was afraid it was too good to be true. I'm glad I did. After applying a dark colored sweatshirt, the colors are vibrant. The color was visible. I got it right after some experimentation, even though I had to press it longer. 45 seconds at full pressure seemed to work. This stuff is very high quality.

👤The product was cut well with the machine and it was nice to weed. I used my Power Press to make my first project. The heat settings suggested on the package worked out perfectly. The fabric of the shirt stretches well with the vinyl. The product was packaged flat for shipping and can be stored in a heavy storage envelope. This package was a great one because of the product support, the pressing sheet and the weeding tool. There is a great variety of colors in the package.

5. Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl Permanent

Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl Permanent

One roll is about 50 inches in length and about 121.9 cm in width. Load and go without a mat. Matless cutting on a machine. It's great for creating decals for outdoor signs, water bottles, mailboxes, and more. It lasts up to 3 years and is easy to apply.

Brand: Cricut

👤The Smart Vinyl for the Joy is made by Cricut. It makes my life simpler. The material is a little longer for the price, but it is still better than having to use the mat for every single project. I like the fact that I just load it in. I have not had any issues with weeding. The grids in the back make measuring and cutting easy. I think the vinyl permanent lives up to its name. I have used it on wood surfaces and tumblers, and it has not come off. I wash the tumblers many times and the letters are still there. It is a great add on bonus that the Smart Vinyl is not needed for the Joy.

👤I love this vinyl. I use it with my air explorer.

👤This was easy to use and I like that you don't need a mat, but when you make something, you waste an inch of vinyl every time. You have to make something small to use this machine and I like doing it on the mat. The oracle brand is a breeze to weed, but the vinyl was very difficult. I hope they change the issue with wasting the first inch of vinyl.

👤It is a pain to use. Even with strong hold transfer tape, it doesn't pull off of the backing. Quite disappointing.

👤The white vinyl is sold on paper. To weed accurately, you have to be in a sunny place. A contrasting backing paper would be nice. The white smart vinyl is hard to pick up. The other colors of the same brand are more difficult. The cricut brand transfer paper is incompatible with the white. I have found a brand that will grab it. There was a lot of manipulation.

👤The quality is better than other vinyl. It's very easy to use and weed.

👤People don't know what I'm saying. The prices are great and the products are easy to use. You get what you pay for with cricut products. There is no need for a cutting mat with the smart products. One extra step and a few extra dollars are eliminated. I have the Joy and Explore air 2, and use almost strictly cricut products. You will be very happy to try them out, I can almost guarantee it.

👤I was looking forward to using this product, but it wouldn't transfer to any transfer paper. Since it doesn't come off the backing very well, I have to place my cuts on it, and I will try a different product next time.

👤The colour shown in the ad is not correct. It is not gold. It has a dark green color. The tone is very unattractive. I had to send my project back because I was looking forward to working on it.

👤It can be very difficult if it's for detailed work. It feels rough if you use it for mugs, but it's ok. If I was making mugs to sell, I would use sublimation. It's good for signs for boats.

6. HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

Keep printed images dry. Their heat transfer vinyl is easy to cut and transfer, it is smooth and thick, which makes it easy to weed through designs. Once the design has been transferred to the desired surface, the heat press vinyl sheet is easier to take off. It integrates with Silhouette machines. Their iron on vinyl is eco-friendly and perfect for decorating children's clothing and Christmas gift. The heat transfer vinyl bundle is suitable for cotton, cotton blend and athletic mesh fabrics. If you wait 24 hours before the first wash, your designs will stay the same, even after repeated washing cycles, no fade, no peel, and no crack. Unlike other iron on vinyl with fading, peeling and cracking, service and machine washable iron on vinyl is non-destructive. Their vinyl sheets are pretty sticky, they adhere to the fabric and have held up well in the wash. 40 degrees, more than 50 times, 30 minutes. Even after repeated washing cycles, your designs will remain the same. The perfect gift idea. It is a popular trend to do it yourself. For Halloween and Birthday gift, heat transfer vinyl is a good choice. Great service. The quality and flexibility of their heat transfer vinyl is what they stand for. They have faith in the iron on vinyl bundles. Their priority is your satisfaction. If your heat transfer vinyl does not perform to your expectations, you can contact them and they can try to solve it for you.

Brand: Yrym Ht

👤The HTV looks like it has lines on it in the video, so I wasn't sure about it. After ironing the vinyl on, you throw that off the clear sheet. I want to see how this product holds up to a washing machine before I write a review. It goes through the dryer just fine, and is a champ in the washing machine. My dad forgot to turn his Bigfoot shirt inside out and it came out in the dryer, just like it did when it was washed. It seems like it needs a bit more time under the easy press than it says. After pressing it on the front, flip the shirt or blanket over and press it on the back, I found the best way to get it to sound good. Here's for my pros and cons. There are so many colors. There is a little bit of everyting. If it works, I don't care if it needs a little more heat on the backside. HTV is washed and dried just fine. After my dad's incident of not flipping his shirt inside out and drying it on the heat setting. The weeds are like a dream. I used to work in a sign shop and I was expecting this to be ripped off and have a headaches if a vinyl mess, but this HTV weeded it out. I couldn't post a picture because it's a name. I made some face masks for a nurse friend, but I had to iron her mask in case it got lost. The smallest I've ever plotted was that one. She has a bake that is 9 letters long and her last name is also 9 letters long, so I plotted it to cut the whole bake so it was 2.5 inches long and about 1/3rd of an inch tall. I tried to do her first and last name but it was not possible so I was surprised. I had to squint and tilt it around to see what I was doing but it worked and I only lost one dot to an I put of four masks so just kinda eyeballs it and cut a dot with an exact knife since it was so small. You can't order a single color of this product, a lot of the colors are only one color, and it's gone unless you order a whole entire pack. If you can't buy individual colors or wonks, be nice if they had a color family pack like a "brights pack", "black and white", "basic colors", "girly colors", "pastels" and "manly colors" It would be awesome to be able to buy just black or some of the brighter colors I use a lot, because there's more of black and white in this pack. It doesn't have a lot of strength. If you buy this expecting it to be used in spandex, a waffle cut henley tee or some socks, you will be disappointed. If your one who likes their close to fit really tightly or a person who is between a small and medium but decides to go with the medium, you may be disappointed because this vinyl may not cut it. It's great for most uses, but not where a lot of stretch is needed. There are no pieces in the brown family or any skin tone family in this pack. I used the lightest color of pink because there is no peach, tan, brown or any other shade in between so he would be nice if they changed this to a 45 pack or even a 50 pack and added some skin tones as well as a few other common. There are a few colors I can't see myself using and it would be nice to be able to swap out for a more useful color or a second sheet of another color. When my order came, I was really happy with it, even though I didn't have a lot of money to spend on vinyl. Some good stuff.

7. Cricut Printable Vinyl for Die Cuts

Cricut Printable Vinyl for Die Cuts

You can make your project with a hot press or a household iron. If you don't have a lot of production experience, try to do a small part of the experiment to prevent waste of vinyl. The cut feature of the Cricut explore machine is used for use with ink jet printers. Choose the custom setting "Printable Vinyl" and it will cut through the vinyl and leave the backing intact for easy application. Remove excess vinyl with a tool. Use transfer tape to apply to the project. Keep printed images dry.

Brand: Cricut

👤There is a review on packaging from Amazon. It came in a large envelope and the packer must have hated their job because they folded it up and put it back in.

👤It was easy to work with once I figured out the correct cut settings. I used this to make decals for my family's magic bands. Also decorated a backpack.

👤I've tried many different types of label paper. I have a huge box of different brands and types that all claim to be waterproof, but none of them are. I don't have a machine that does that. I tried them anyways. I use an inkjet printer and I am very happy to deal with jams because I get beautiful labels. I make beauty products. Body products. The soap in the products, the oil's, the water, and the labels hold up against all of these things. After a few days in the shower, all the other waterproof labels are gone. I'm happy I found these. I use them for all of my products. Even Lipgloss tubes. It's a good thing! These are waterproof labels that are actually waterproof. These are the real deals.

👤Really... Why bother with a product that can't hold up in water. What circumstance would this be useful? The package has a flower pot, a jar and a book. There is bad advertising here. Both a jar and book are susceptible to damp hands from perspiration or failing to fully dry them after washing because they need water, jars can contain liquid and flowers need water. This product is useless if you are going to print an image on plain paper and then laminate it. You can get a product that isn't hydrophilic for less than $2.00 more. By the time you get a can of lacquer or clear vinyl, you could have purchased a product that doesn't get wet and save money. When you can just get the right product from the start, then why work on a flaw or poor design? I don't recommend this as there are better products for similar money.

👤I got this product to make artwork for a mug. I didn't expect the mug to be washed and not have the ink come off. It seems like a crazy expectation. I bought clear vinyl and put it over the design before applying it to the mug. The oracal 651 is a layer that protects the ink from rubbing off. If you want to make designs for anything that will be handled or get wet, you should get the .

👤I have never tried to make my own designs on vinyl before, but when my daughter was unhappy with the phone case she ordered, I made her one myself. I was not expecting it to print so bright. I have a simple printer. It came out perfect! We put a clear case over the vinyl and it looks great.

👤It was used for its purpose. I don't know how long it will last. I used a top of the line ink jet printer. My printer ran out of ink. Also sprayed with a liquid.

8. Heat Transfer Vinyl White Rolls

Heat Transfer Vinyl White Rolls

The HTV white heat transfer vinyl will save you time because you can cut and weed through the designs just right. The HTV vinyl white can be heat transferred on any t-shirt. great necklace The htv white is very sticky and has held up well in the wash without fading or cracking. 40 degrees, more than 50 times, 30 minutes. Your designs of their white heat transfer vinyl can't come off even after repeated washing cycles. Use ethically and economically. Your shirt, tote bags, sportswear, aprons, hat and pillow, which used their white iron on vinyl, make you stand out from the crowd. There are heat transfer vinyl rolls that are suitable for athletic mesh fabrics. Their materials are safe to wear and eco-friendly. Their vinyl rolls measure 12 inches x 20 feet and are easy to cut into different sizes of art designs or logos or letters. All cutters machine are compatible with their htv vinyl. Good choice for Christmas, Halloween and anniversaries gift to your family or lover. Who doesn't like a new t-shirt? With heat transfer vinyl, you can make it your own, and it will be something they will love. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please contact them.

Brand: Htvront

👤I love this! This is not the same if you use siser. Not in a bad way! There are some helpful tips. 1. It should be cool before peeling. It takes more effort than siser to come off. Pull down from the top of your design. Keep your fingers close to the plastic as you peel it. 2. Make sure you use the "custom" setting on your machine. Click the setting for more pressure if you still use "everyday iron on." It won't cut the whole thing if you don't use more pressure. 3. It was difficult to read the directions because it was different than siser. I like this vinyl. It is a better price for how much you get. Hope this is helpful.

👤I read reviews to find out what vinyl to buy. I wanted to know these things before I bought them. Was the vinyl black? The pictures looked shiny. Is it easy to weed? Is it a good value for the money? The price was too good to be true for the amount I was getting, would I be able to tell the front from the back when it was time to cut? People were having a hard time telling which side was which. This is what I discovered. 1. It is very shiny when you see it, but it is not shiny after being peeled and weeded. It's easy to weed. 3. You get a lot for your money with the quality. I think it was $18.99) for a roll of Siser from Michaels. 4. The part that goes down on the mat is on the outside of the roll. Hopefully this review helped someone. This is a great product. I am happy that I bought it. I used it to make shirts.

👤The price for 20ft of hTV was great. I think so. It arrived quickly and well packaged. When vinyl is in a box. The instructions are on the box. It comes with a free tool. It was a nice surprise, I didn't know that. The tools are pretty awesome. I only used Downsides once since it came. I don't think it's a real deep red color. Red isn't like my others. WEEDING? It takes a lot of work. It took me awhile. The free tool was very helpful. Should you buy? I'm happy with it! It's done ok so far, but it's a little harder to weed than I'm used to. I would buy again. Purchase in black while still on sale. I'll update if that's the case. This is a real review by a real person. I won't buy online until I've read reviews. I hope mine will help other skeptical shoppers.

👤I don't write reviews but I felt I had to. I have used many different brands of heat transfer vinyl and this is my favorite. I love this product. The weeds are better than any I have used. I own a small heat press. I can't say how it works with irons. I will only be buying this product from now on if I have a heat press.

9. JANDJPACKAGING Transfer Shirts Silhouette Including

JANDJPACKAGING Transfer Shirts Silhouette Including

We stand by the quality of their htv heat transfer vinyl bundle. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the htv vinyl bundle, please contact them and they will provide you a solution. The package includes an instruction guide for beginners. The design of the bundle is suitable for use on most basic fabrics, including athletic mesh fabrics. It's also suitable for COTTON, POLYESTER and COTTON BLEND fabrics. This smooth craft professional-grade black HTV vinyl can be used to make T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and other apparel. The black heat transfer vinyl is thick and easy to cut. The material is easy to cut and use for garment decoration. Once the design has been transferred to the desired surface, the backing of black htv vinyl is pressure and temperature sensitive and easier to take off. The black iron on vinyl is eco-friendly and perfect for decorating children's clothing and accessories. Keep your kids safe. It's a good choice for Christmas and birthday party gifts. Black TV's Vinyl Bunker. 40 degrees, more than 50 times, 30 min/time is what the home washing test is. The reverse wash will be better. If you wait 24 hours before the first wash, your designs will stay the same, even after repeated washing cycles, no fade, no peel, and no crack. They stand by the quality of their black heat transfer vinyl. They have faith in the black vinyls. Their priority is your satisfaction. If your iron vinyl doesn't perform to your expectations, they will try their best to solve it for you.

Brand: Jandjpackaging

👤The black HTV was exactly what I ordered. It was very easy to weed, because it was cut perfectly in my Explore machine. I applied my design to t-shirts using a heat press and it came out perfect. The HTV is not very thick, so it applies very nicely to the shirt. It arrived in 2 days after it was ordered. I will be ordering again.

👤I loved this vinyl, it was easy to iron on and I absolutely loved it.

👤I ordered this and it turned out great. It's a bit thick. You have to cut your blade a bit deeper. Before using, be sure to peel the protective sheet off. Buy again. I was surprised and also like when I ordered it this time, it was not as thick as the first time. It is not quite 10 in. It did the first time since it is not as thick. It is not 10in as advertised.

👤I have used this brand in a different color with no issues, however I purchased the white this time and it doesn't cut. I had to cut more than once after changing settings. It was not easy to weed. I have done over 100 shirts over the last year, and this is only my 2nd review under 5 stars. The score was changed from a 1 to a 4 due to the supplier reaching out and offering a replacement. I have used this vinyl before and it has no problems.

👤It is easy to weed. I think it is better than any of the other machines. Zero sheets were torn during the process of cutting about 3-4 sheets with personalized names. Okay! I want to start off by saying that this is very different from the others. The brand uses less heat than other brands so be sure to read the heating instructions. I lost track of time talking to my daughter because I didn't read the instructions. The HTV was scorched by me. This was my fault and not the product. I know that it's a user error. Lesson learned. I was very satisfied with the quality. I will be purchasing other colors in the future.

👤I'm new to iron-on transfers and cutting machines, but I've used other brands, and this is the one I'd choose a million times over. It's clean, it cuts well, and it's never a problem to get through the weeding process. I was disappointed when I used the Cricut brand after this one, because it was so much harder to deal with. The woman in the video said to go slow and try not to peel more than you intended, but it never happened. It stops peeling where the cut is. I ran through this one 5 times faster than the others. I'm pretty sure I'll stick with this brand for as long as I can.

👤I bought 2 whites, 1 gold, and 1 red. The product has a one year warranty. I let them know that the white and red were removed from the shirts. I followed their instructions. The shirts were washed for a long time. They asked for advice on how to improve their product. This is a warranty kid. I will not be buying their stuff anymore. Terrible customer service.

10. Cricut EasyPress 2 9x9 Inches

Cricut EasyPress 2 9x9 Inches

The product is tested and certified to work. Light scratches and minor blemishes are what the product will have. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box. The size is ideal for basic t shirts, tote bags, pillows, aprons, and more. It's easy to take on any heat-transfer vinyl or sublimation project that comes your way. You can be confident in the temperature control of the project you choose. The lightweight, portable, easy to store design makes it the ideal travel heat press, and the insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff features provide peace of mind. Combining the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron, Cricut EasyPress2 gives you fast, effortless results that last. Every project has rigorously tested time and temperature settings. Professional grade is what the Cricut EasyPress2 brings to your home. A built-in timer and advanced heat plate design allow for precise temperature controls up to 400F. The EasyPress2 makes heat transfer projects very easy. Setting the time and temp with their online heat guide is as easy as placing the EasyPress2 plate on the project and enjoying long lasting results. The Cricut EasyPress2 is compatible with most major brands of heat-transfer vinyl. The perfect companion to the Easy Press 2 is the Cricut Explore.

Brand: Cricut

👤This was a gift for my wife. She loves it. I have become the victim of Iron on Vinyl. Everything my kids ware now has their name and decorations, every piece of fabric is covered in this stuff. My wife has hidden all my favorite hoodies and T-shirts. You have been warned, works great, but be prepared for the consequences of buying this product.

👤This was a bad purchase for me. I decided to use the Easy Press instead of an iron or heat press because I have been making tee shirts and bags with HVT. The Easy Press has failed me many times. I feel like it never gets up to the temperature I have set, because I have to apply so much pressure to get anything to stick. I used a standard iron when I traveled because I didn't have the Easy Press. The Easy Press wouldn't adhere to the same vinyl that stuck with the iron. I have ruined many projects and tee shirts that didn't fully stick. I don't think it's a good idea to spend the money on this.

👤I have had the original Easy Press for about six months. This one is very easy to use. It comes in a lightweight canvas bag that is perfect for a test. I had to find a scrap to use the test piece on the prior model. I'm so happy with the gorgeous glitter vinyl that the sample is made from, and will be giving it a second chance since I didn't have a lot of success using it in the past. If you don't have a Cricut EasyPress Mat, you can get one right now. I can use the EasyPress on my craft table. Your desk is safe because the Easypress sits on a heatproof base and the Easypress Mat keeps it from getting hot. If you don't have room for a heat press, this is the answer. Even someone with arthritis can use this machine, even if you don't have room. Lift, set it on the materials, press a little. There is a My first run with the test. The regular manual is easy to follow, and there is a Quick Start guide. If you're not familiar with the EasyPress, read the manual first, but this Quickstart guide will show you how to use it. I'll add the missing info because it's not clear in a few places. Plug the Press into the base and turn it on. The heat and timer should be set as stated. They don't explain how the timer works in the quick start guide. The timer says to be set for 30 seconds, then you have to preheat the bag before placing the HTV. You might be thinking, "Now what?" since you already set the timer for 30 seconds. I didn't press the button to start the timer because I wanted to preheat the canvas. When you place the HTV, hit the cricut logo button to start the 30 second timer. Set the EasyPress back in the base, flip the bag over, and repeat the steps. The instructions do not include how to start the timer or how to set the 30 seconds before the heat. I have to point out how beautiful the pink is. I liked the teal one, but this is so pretty. I like the design of the machine. It's easy to hold, doesn't take a lot of pressure to use, and makes HTV work so easy! There is a I was hesitant to do HTV work until the original EasyPress. I have not stopped Vinyling all the things since the introduction of this. You won't regret it! I recommend the 9x9 for most of your projects. If you do a lot of baby shirts and bibs, the smaller one is a good idea, and if you do a lot of big shirts, go for the bigger one. The mid-sized one is fine for me.


What is the best product for best iron on vinyl for cricut?

Best iron on vinyl for cricut products from Htvront. In this article about best iron on vinyl for cricut you can see why people choose the product. Caregy and Cricut are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iron on vinyl for cricut.

What are the best brands for best iron on vinyl for cricut?

Htvront, Caregy and Cricut are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iron on vinyl for cricut. Find the detail in this article. Htvront, Yrym Ht and Htvront are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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