Best Best Iphone Charger Cable Apple Certified

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1. IPhone Charger Certified Lightning Charging

IPhone Charger Certified Lightning Charging

The maximum charging speed is up to 2.4A, and the transmission data is up to 480 Mbits. It is possible to transfer data at the fastest speed on your Windows PC or Mac. No warning message pops up if your device is 100% compatible with the MFi certified chip and original 8-pin connector. The safety of your equipment can be ensured with overheating and overcharging protection functions. The quality is high. The nylon braided shell of the iPhone data cable is extra durable and tangle-free. Their products can pass 10,000 bending tests thanks to the stress relief design. The number of times that a person can be inserted and removed is as high as 8000+ times. Perfect Compatibility: It's compatible with the following phones: 12 Pro, 11 Pro, Pro Pax, X, X, X,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Plus/7, 7 Plus/6s, 6s, 6 5c, 5, SE 2020, Pad Pro, 12.9 inches, Pro 2020/ Pro 11/ Air/mini/mini 2/mini 3/mini 4/mini 5/pad 2/3/4/ pad 7th/6th The Touch 5th generation and the 7th generation of the iPad and other devices. You can charge freely in the living room, office, bed/car back seat, bedroom, meeting room, and so on. They provide 12 months of quality protection service for each cable, no matter what the problem is, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Uzeuza

👤Sometimes they don't charge. You have to wiggle the cords to get them to charge. It is like that with all of them. I am very disappointed by that. I like the flexibility and the length of them.

👤I have a lot of charging cords, but when someone needs one, there is never any in sight. My husband and daughter have an argument over one cord every now and then. I decided to split the 4pk between the 2 of them so I wouldn't have to hear any more complaints. They are all 6ft long and seem to be a good length for basic charging. The braided cords tend to last a bit longer and are more durable. They have been using them for almost a month and have not had a complaint. May need to order more.

👤The cord portion of the chargers is light and flexible, like a piece of nylon rope, and they work well. I have used other chargers that were stiff, but they are not as stiff. The cable connecting to the charging head is very secure and has the ability to flex. I am confident that these will last much longer than your typical aftermarket charging cords. The 6 foot length is a no-brainer for me. I would recommend them to others and buy them again.

👤It is difficult to find MFI Certified cords with good reviews and I am very thorough when researching various Amazon products. I have had these for about 6 months and they have worked out great for me, even though my son keeps sneaking off with them, and I have to go hunt them down.

👤I like this way more than Apple parts or similar stores. The cheap plastic cords tend to crack. The setup is more durable. The 6 feet gives me the length I need to not feel like I am bending the phone or power source.

👤I was skeptical about buying these but I am glad I did. I can leave one in the car, one by my bed, one at the office, and one in my travel bag because they charge as fast as the original. Buy these and you will have 4.

👤I have ever purchased an Apple product and it is the worst charges I have ever seen. I decided to keep them because I was out of power at the time. One has never worked. Two others have already quit and one of them broke off inside my daughter's phone.

👤Doesn't fit into the slot on the phone. Sometimes you think the phone is fully charged, but you find out the contact has been lost, so not charged.

2. Anker Premium Lightning Certified Chargers

Anker Premium Lightning Certified Chargers

The 55 million+ are powered by their leading technology. Improved construction techniques and materials make a cable that lasts 5X longer than the norm. Each cable has a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% compatibility with any device. The same charging speeds are provided by the premium nylon-braided cable, which is specially designed for use with Apple devices. Premium nylon Lightning iPhone Charger Cable (6ft/ 1.8 m), welcome guide, lifetime warranty, and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Anker

👤I wanted to add more cables to my phone. This one was purchased because it said it was certified for apple and used in the past by this brand. My phone keeps telling me that it is an unsupported device, so I'm not sure what MFi certified really means. I have ordered an Amazon Basics cable before and it works.

👤I bought these because I was tired of cheap cords breaking. I decided to pay a bit more up front to try and get them to last at least a few months. There was a big mistake. The first is dead after two weeks next to my bed. I don't expect much from the second.

👤I have purchased this lightening cable before. The first set of cables I bought lasted about a year before they stopped working. The second set was purchased by me. I am charging issues with the cables. I have been a consumer of annker for a few years, but there is no quality control.

👤Don't buy if you're buying because of a warranty. It is difficult to use the warranty. My time is more valuable than they think. It's not enough to have the order from Amazon. The warranty is worthless if you didn't save all of the boxes. I will be leaving a review on every single one of my purchases from them, as a customer that has bought close to a hundred cables from them, and couldn't get five covered under warranty.

👤I was very unhappy with the product. I knocked my plugged in IPad off the end table and the cable broke inside my IPad Pro. I took it to the Apple store, but they can't remove it. If I want to replace my IPad Pro, I'll have to spend about $900. I am upset and angry. I tried to find an email address on the site, but could not. I would think twice before buying this product. A woman with a perfectly good, but non-chargeable IPad is unhappy.

👤The double pack charger set has been a hit with me. It has a braided hair and is certified. I bought this one because of these two things. I had an issue with one cord after I purchased this in October. Within a week, I received a call from the company that replaced my cord. It was the best customer service. It was quick and friendly. From now on, I will only buy from them.

👤I've been a fan of the products from Anker for a long time. I bought two of these cables in May, but they were no use. The pictures show where the connections are gone or pushed back. It is difficult to get a good close up picture. I am going to reach out to the company to see if they are true to their word. I will give you an update with Anker's response. Anker was great in reaching out and dealing with the issue. They sent me replacements after I submitted pictures of the items. My review was changed to 4 stars. I now have working cables after they loose a star.

3. Charger Certified CyvenSmart Lightning Charging

Charger Certified CyvenSmart Lightning Charging

The apple iphone cable 6ft is Mfi certified and ensures high speed charge and sync compatibility with the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, XR, 8 and 7. Plus / 6s. 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5 iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch, and more. The cord of the apple phone charger is more durable and flexible than others. Extending service life by adding a shell head is a way to avoid the risk of crack or other damage. An additional layer of protection has been added to the ends of the cables to make them more resistant to damage. High-quality copper wire and nylon braided reduced charging cable resistance enable cable to provide the fastest possible charge. At the fastest speeds, sync and charge at the same time. Lightning cable.

Brand: Cyvensmart

👤The cables are longer than the original apple cables. The Apple originals are more stiff, but that hasn't caused any problems for me. I rated them 4 stars because I only had them for a couple of weeks, but I expect to raise that to 5 stars. The original Apple cables are more expensive.

👤I got these for my phone. I like how long they are. I can walk across the room with my phone. You get 2 cables for the price. My only complaint is that the plastic is much wider than the Apple charge. I can't get it through the hole in my waterproof case because of this. It wouldn't be a problem with most cases, but something to be aware of if you have a waterproof case on your phone.

👤I don't have to wait for a cable to charge my phone. At 20 minutes there was no increase in the bar. I had the darn thing charging at 6 hours and it only charged 80%. I can get it charged in 2 hours with original apple cables.

👤I liked the charging capability of the product. I was offered a "free trial" by Facebook, which would pay me back for purchasing the product. I haven't seen the refund yet. One day after my return window closed, the charging chip broke as I was moving the phone from one place to the other. I have a cord that I hope will last for a month.

👤I spent a lot of time researching this one. It seemed like this was a good choice because of how many reviews there were. I ignored the reviews on the product that said the same because other similar chargers had some negative reviews. I don't know why it has a high review rating. One of the chargers stopped working after I ordered them, and the other stopped working after 4 weeks. I have been ordering longer chargers for the past 5 or 6 years and they usually last about six months. Just a couple of weeks? No way, not worth it. Don't spend your money on these.

👤A great deal for a quality product. This one looks like it will not break. I love the color and length, it's supported by apple. Five stars. The length comes in a bag that is protected and apple supported. There were no cons.

👤This is a good charging cord for your phone and a sturdy one as well. If the apple device isn't approved by the MFI, some charging cords won't charge it. I was in the hospital and when I ordered this from Amazon I was wondering why my Ipad isn't charging and I'm glad they delivered it to my room. The charging cord is fast and you can see the craftsmanship on it's looks. Overall a device that is very recommendable for the Apple device.

👤I toss out spare cables after use. The difference is that the tiny cords are always bent, shoved in to tiny crammed spaces and it isn't the cord itself that breaks but the contact area, which has enough. The cables seem great here and the end points that go into my iPhone are nice, but the eventual expectation is that they will fail and this is another reason the new blue tooth interface will continue to displace hard physical connections. Oh, hmmmm... The delivery from this supplier was great and the cable works.

4. Apple MQUE2AM A Lightning Cable

Apple MQUE2AM A Lightning Cable

This cable is used to connect your devices to your computer'susb port for charging andsyncing. You can use the wall outlet to charge up the Apple power adapter.

Brand: Apple

👤If I could, I would give it a zero rating. It stopped charing my phone after a month. If you like spending money on products that don't work, then stay away from this product. Thanks for taking me off!

👤Don't be fooled by the apple brand on the list. These are not sold by Apple and you have to pay to return them. There is a bar.

👤I am glad I got it in a day or two because it is the real deal.

👤The wires were exposed as the white coating peeled off. The wires don't give a continuous charge after the wires split.

👤Doesn't charge on Apple products. Being ripped off is not something that I am happy about.

👤Really? Really? This is not an Apple brand, not in an Apple retail packaging, and not worth the same price as what these are listed for. I don't like misleading listings. Immediately!

👤The cable was hard to use.

👤The 2m Apple Lightening was received today. It was presented in a box. The cable is large and strong. Will use it to charge my iPad Pro.

👤Cable usado, roto, sucio, and oxidado.

👤Some of you don't know what a real cable is. You can see it. Its working well. Do not let other people fool you. This is a real phone charging station.

👤I usually buy off-brand chargers when I need a new one. It's not something to be cheap on. If you pay the extra 20$ for something that is more reliable, has a guarantee, and gives a faster charge, you will get a faster charge.

👤The cable is original. Ley por la tienda de Apple. Tena dudas de comprarlo ya, quiero decan. Con descuento, adems lo consegu. Compra, lo recomiendo.

👤A pesar de ver algunos comentarios negativos y algunas fotos. The cable is de acuerdo a la descripcin. The original, lleg, y forma. Original, perfectamente sellado, perfectando, No tienes certificaciones de un producto apple, pero no tienes funciones de apple. He intended to sell cables that are calidad premium, but no duran, con los originales. The cable is funcionando. Me tiene una compra. Y estoy satisfecha.

5. Charger Certified Lightning SMALLElectric Charging

Charger Certified Lightning SMALLElectric Charging

ULTRA High Quality - Nikolable iphone 6ft cables come with worry-free support and a friendly customer service. If you have any questions, the solution is very pleasant. The SMALLElectric Gold alloy line is more durable than other cables because of the bending test. The wire is strong. A strong Teflon core structure and a tough aramid fiber core. Tinned copper wire increases signal quality and is more efficient. They sync and. You can charge your devices at fast speeds. Thousands of tests are made to ensure 100% safety. There are compatible devices for the following: iPhone 11/11 Pro, 11 Pro Max X, Max X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6s. Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6s Plus, 6 You will get 3 packs of protection cable. They will try to solve the problem for you. They are responsible for the quality of the product.

Brand: Smallelectric

👤The product is a good one. I made a mistake by not charging. I had a dirty connection port. It is easy to vent when things go wrong. I needed to correct my review as it was not a fair review and I use mistaken reviews a lot when shopping.

👤It was cheap and not worth my time to return the item because it was a poor fit and only works when it is tilted to the right. I gave them a 1 star because they couldn't find a place to ask the seller a question.

👤The company no longer offered the 6-foot for multi- device charging, so I had to replace the 4-year old charging cord. I enjoyed the reviews for this company. The charging cord is great. The 3-pack is a great value. All 3 are working perfectly. I have an older model. The cord does fast charge, it is amazing, the phone needs frequent re-charging due to high use. I have used the cords to charge a number of things. If your cords can't be hidden, I purchased the 6 feet, black with gold ends. I have an 8-week old puppy who thought he was going to chew the cord, but due to the rubber coating on the cords, he doesn't like teething on them. I have been using these for a month and they are excellent. Will be curious to see if these can last for 4 years as my previous cord did. I am more pleased with the fast charge of this cord over the Apple cord. One reviewer was on their 2nd year with the cord and they said that the cords would last a long time.

👤Don't waste your money or time on this product. After less than 2 months the cable connections to my phone were unreliable. They are in the package. I use 2 of them and they are the same. It is incredibly frustrating waking up in the morning with a flat battery or spending a few minutes trying to get it to stay connected. I thought it was my case so I started removing it. I realized it was this cord when I stopped fighting with it. The old charging cords don't stay connected as well as they used to. I think Amazon should drop this product because it has damaged my phone.

👤This cable saved my life. No, really. I was stranded in the Amazon rain forest after jumping from a burning plane with nothing but a charging cord and a cable. I was scared for my life when I heard it behind me. I climbed up the nearest tree. It followed behind me. What was I going to do? It would be eating on my flesh in mere moments. I whipped my charging cord around a nearby branch, swinging it Tarzan-like, because I was thinking quickly. I looked back and saw that it was going to jump over to my not-so-safe position. The 3 pack was purchased by me. I swung to safety after whipping out another. Do you think this is more than a cable? Pshaw! If you have to leap from a burning plane into dense jungle land, it's a life saving necessity.

6. Nikolable Lightning Certified Charging Compatible

Nikolable Lightning Certified Charging Compatible

MFI certified Certified lightning cable for your phone. No warning message pops up when your lightning devices are loaded and you charge safely. Safe fast charging - the nikable iphone cable are made of high purity copper core and smart intelligent chip with over charge protection, stable current protection, automatic switch and battery protection. The iphone chaging cable has a reinforced joint design that has passed thousands of bending tests and a two-shade armor shield that gives it a stronger performance. The 3pack of iphone cords are compatible with all new ipads with a lightning port, like 13/12/2020, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and more. ULTRA High Quality - Nikolable iphone 6ft cables come with worry-free support and a friendly customer service. If you have any questions, the solution is very pleasant.

Brand: Nikolable

👤All of the 5 star reviews are not worth it. The instructions for leaving a 5 star review are included in the maker. The charging cable is junk. It says that the accessory is not supported after a few seconds of plugging them in. I have to make sure it's right for it to charge. If I pick it up, it stops working.

👤I'm changing my review. The company contacted me and sent me new charging wires for free. I am pleased with the work these do. I would now recommend this product because of the excellent response from this company. The company is eager to please if there is a problem with the product and assured me that the wires are not normal.

👤All three chargers are broken in a month. The phone fell off of the couch. My phone fell off the bed while I was charging it. I have the 3rd cord in my car. It worked for 2 days before it broke. I have never been through so many charging stations. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤You need to be skeptical when a product gives you a credit for a good review. I did not review for the credit because I thought this would happen. The chargers worked well for a few weeks, but both broke off inside our iPad. I was able to pull one out. Aeezer. I need to pay for a repair on the second one. I am so angry. I took it as a mistake the first time. 2 days later, the next charge broke off. The distributors are terrible.

👤Yes! I was able to find charging cables that worked with my wife's case. The charging cables were too big to fit in the phone case. Because we tend to go through them so quickly, we got down to just one charging cable that worked. She would have to take it from her car to the house. Oofta! There were several instances of a dead phone. She is very happy that I found them. I agree! I am very happy with this purchase. I would buy these again. I agree!

👤I ordered another set of cords because the first set stopped charging and I thought they were working great. The second set was received a week and a half ago and they are useless, they only work for about 2 to 3 weeks, and the seller asked me to take a picture of it.

👤It works with all my devices. Heavy duty wire. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤These cables are built to last. They have reinforced ends that will likely hold up longer than the original cables. They are not bulky. I will be buying more from you.

👤It works perfectly. No need to go for longer really.

👤Excellent product, nice long cables. Fast delivery. Would recommend.

👤Excellent service. It was packaged and described exactly. Will purchase more.

👤Great value cables look very well built. They won't need to be stretched, so they can live longer.

7. Certified Lightning Charging Compatible AirPods 2M

Certified Lightning Charging Compatible AirPods 2M

Each MFI cable has an authorization chip issued to make sure it is compatible with the iPhone. The terminal is built with a smart chip. The lightning end ensured safe charging for your devices. Enjoy fast data transfer. The high-quality four-core copper wires enhance charging and data transfer speed. Their technology keeps your device completely safe while ensuring a faster charging time. It is against overheating and overcharging. The reinforced joint design of the charging cable has passed 12,000 bending tests for extra protection. The metal part won't break and there's a tighter connection which fits well even with a protective case on. Their apple charging cable is compatible with the iPhone 12. The phones are: iPhone 11, 11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 Plus/iPhone 8 and 7. Plus/iPhone 7 and 6s. The Plus/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c/iPhone 5/iPad Pro/iPad Air/Air 2/iPad mini/mini 2/iPad 4th Gen/iPod Touch are included. You can lie on the couch or sofa and use your devices while you are charging at the same time. You can use it in your bedroom, office, and even the backseat of your car.

Brand: Lybfz

👤I bought these for my family's electronics on a whim. Was hoping they were what we needed. I ordered them and I am very happy. The price of 4 chargers was amazing, but would they hold up? Absolutely, they do! 10 foot long works great on the Apple Certified phones and tablets. I highly recommend you purchase these charging cords if you want to make a purchase. These items are amazing at an amazing price.

👤Had to throw away two of them.

👤This product is terrible. When you try to use your phone and charge it at the same time, the phone won't stay in the phone. It comes out with normal movement. I tried cleaning my phone port with compressed air, but it wasn't good.

👤The first one I tried lasted a week. The message said it was not compatible. It wouldn't even charge and it wouldn't communicate. I don't think the others in the pack will be any better. You shouldn't trust them either. YGWYPF.

👤Only half of them worked and the others did not work very long.

👤They are just like the original Apple cords. I need a lighting cord that will charge my IPad. This one works after 6 different cords. It looks like an original Applemcord. No issues with charging my Apple products. There is a I have not encountered any of the other negative reviews. Take those reviews with a grain of salt. There are many other factors that could be involved. There is a I understand if you are hesitant. These work well.

👤I bought a 4 pack from another vendor and within 3 months all of them died, and these seem to be very durable, even if they don't work or die after 3 months.

👤The plugs are too small and pop out easily, even though the product says it is Apple certified. The smart charge built-in limiter might be the reason for the long time it takes to charge. The cable that comes with a new phone is longer than the ones that are flexible. The price was good, but I wouldn't buy them again.

8. Certified Charger Lightning Charging Connector

Certified Charger Lightning Charging Connector

The MFi Certified Lightning Cable has an authorization chip that will ensure compatibility with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The smart chip and apple's original C48 terminal were used. Original 8 A pin with a lightning end is needed to charge your apple devices. Enjoy fast data transfer. The fishbone design can accept at least 20,000 bending and insert tests for extra protection. The metal part won't break and there's a tighter connection which fits well even with a protective case on. You can use your devices while lying on the couch or sofa with the 10ft length. You can use it in your bedroom, office, and even the backseat of your car. Pre-eminent compatibility for iPod, iPad and iPhone. Their lightning cables support the Mini/ 12 version of the phone. Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, iPhone, XS, Max, XR, X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6s. Plus, 6 Plus, 6 Plus, 5c, 5 iPad. airpods pro The MFi Certified Lightning Cable is 10ft x 5 Pack.

Brand: Feel2nice

👤If you don't have a case for your phone, these work great. Don't move your phone. Don't use your phone while it charges. If your phone moves an inch, the plug will fire out at Mach-speed, so don't play with your dogs on the bed while you charge it. You can take solace in that, because you get 5 of them, so give them to 5 people you don't hate, so they can use the charging cable.

👤I will not buy this item again.

👤I decided to try all 5 of the chargers instead of assuming they would all work after just one. I bought 5 to place in specific spots in the home to help with the gf and to find out I'm 1 short is annoying. Please make sure you try all 5 so you don't end up short like me.

👤I tried to charge my devices with two of the cords from the package. I bought a new cord from a store and used the same block to charge my devices, so I am pretty sure the fault was in these cords. Didn't bother trying the other cords. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤The cables are all very high quality and are an incredible value. It's enabled me to add charging capability in my bedroom, car, workplace, home office and kitchen, all for an affordable price, by having five 10-foot cords. I have no issues with these cables being sturdy and well crafted. Highly recommend!

👤This was a great deal. I ordered it and it arrived the next day. I thought a 10 pack would be great because it would last me for a while but it turns out it is the perfect number for work and home. The lightening cables are perfect for powering up your phone from the ports on my work computer. They are sturdy and can charge my phone quickly. They are individually wrapped so they are protected from dirt and other elements until you need them. I shared a few with my coworkers who have been using them happily. Thanks!

👤The plug is long enough to move around your room and it charge very quickly.

👤The cables are very affordable and perform as they are described. It worked great for my iPad and our 2 iPhone Xses and was the same quality as Apple cables. The 10 foot length will be useful for using the phone while charging it, and for realizing a low battery during the day. The timing seems to indicate that it is charging more quickly than the standard cables. I'll be sharing a few of them since it comes in a package of 5.

9. IPhone Charger Certified Charging Compatible

IPhone Charger Certified Charging Compatible

The MFi Certified Lightning Cable is 10ft x 5 Pack. The MFi Certified design is built with the upgarded terminal of the iPhone and promises no warning message pops up. The cable has passed 25000+ bending tests for extra protection. The ightning cable is built with upgraded 3D aluminum and exclusive laser welding technology. Fast Charger and Data Synchrony: The upgraded 8pin charger and super four-core copper wires configuration technology enhance the signal quality and strength and speed up the transfer of data. The cable is compatible with the iPhone 11/ Pro/Max/X/XS/XR/XS Max. Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6S/6 Plus/6S iPad Air / Air 2 / Pro, iPod Touch 6th iPods, iPods, iPods and more. It's best to fit most phone case. The connecting part is designed with anti-slippery tread which settles the hassle when the ightning cable is plugged and unplugged. You can feel free while charging your phone when lying on a sofa, leaning on a bed, or sitting in a car. Friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. If you have a question, they will resolve it within 24 hours.

Brand: Durcord

👤After 2 weeks, stopped working. If you don't wiggle the cord, the charging port won't connect unless you do so, then you'll lose the connection and wake up to find your phone missing. I am a nurse who works with ambulance services to transport the sickest of sick kids and I rely on my phone to communicate with various departments. I woke up to find my phone at 10% and it made my shift difficult. Do not buy.

👤Everyone wants a quick review but needs to wait to see how the items work and hold up.

👤It broke off in my phone after only a month of use. I used the one pictured the most. All three were broken in less than a year. The two that broke were pictured. The third message said water had been detected in the cable. I don't know how that happened, it hasn't been exposed to water.

👤Help two out of three things break off in my device. Do not buy. Unless you want a broken charge port.

👤I was skeptical about how long they would last. Ours is still going strong. I have never had a long cable like this before and it has been great. Stays connected and loves the reinforced ends.

👤The grandson yanking power cords out of his electronics instead of gripping them at the plug is a problem. The cables look heavy duty. They are doing what they need to do so far.

👤This is a great accessory. The pieces that are used to attach your phone are reinforced and flexible so they don't break easily. I have these for my car because they take a beating.

👤When I have friends with me, I only have two outlets in my car for charging. This goes all the way to my backseat. They arrived within 3 days, which is the fastest I've received an item recently. They are in a pack of 3. There is a The ends of both plugs are enforced by a rubber part, and the cords are protected by a fabric coating. Problems with bending cause me to fray my chargers. They feel very strong and work perfectly. Will definitely be buying another pack soon so we can have one in every room of our house!

👤The product arrived quickly and was very fast. The product works well and it was exactly what it said it would be. I will buy from this seller again.

👤Within two weeks, I will be left with the broken card.

👤Shipping rapide Bonne qualité.

10. Charger Certified】2 Pack Lightning Compatible AirPods

Charger Certified%E3%80%912 Pack Lightning Compatible AirPods

You will get 3 packs of protection cable. They will try to solve the problem for you. They are responsible for the quality of the product. When compared to the 5W original charger, the 20W fast charging unit will charge your phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes, saving you more than an hour. The Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cord is certified by Apple. Automatic chip recognition function is included with the original MFi chip. 480 Mbps data transfer speed is possible if you connect your Book/Pro with an iPad. 100% flawless compatibility with Apple devices is ensured by the Apple MFi Certification. There are no more warning messages. These apple chargers for iPhone have bulit-in multi-protection system, avoiding from over-voltage, over-charge, over-heat, etc. The smart chip in the MFi certified lightning cable matches the current required by the Apple device, which means you can charge your device fast, safely and steadily. The 6 Feet length is convenient for usage, as it is tangle-free, and can be used at home, office, and travel. The 20WPD phone chargers can fast charge all of the following devices: iPad Pro, AirPods, and iPhone 7/7. Plus/6s/6s At standard speed. The pack includes a 20 watt block of theusb-c and a 6ft pack of theusb-c. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will solve your problems in 24 hours.

Brand: Cxx

👤It was not very fast for the price at first. One stopped working after a few weeks and now both are not working. Very disappointed. I am not hard on the chargers.

👤I don't purchase charging items from third parties. I just bought a new iPad and it does not come with a charging block, just ausb-c to lightning cable. I didn't want to pay for Apple's overpriced product. I bought this third party product because I took a chance. It works just like the Apple product. I now have one charging block and 6ft cable to take with me when I travel, because it is a two product item. The 6ft cable is of good quality. Well done. This product is recommended for your Apple devices.

👤The package that I received was just like the real thing and I was happy that it wasn't damaged. It took me forever to charge my phone and it stopped working after two days. The charger is faulty and will break before the week is over.

👤I thought they weren't working but that was my own error because they are a little difficult to fully plug in at first. They work perfectly after figuring this out. It has only been a couple of days. So far, no issues. I got 2 blocks and 2 cords for $25 here, and the apple block would have been $19.99 if I'd bought it from Verizon. They claim to be apple certified. I don't know how to verify that they work as expected and are a great deal.

👤I was offered a gift card to remove the review. If they pay to have the bad ones removed, their reviews are unreliable. It works fine to charge my iPad after plugging it in. When I plug it in, the plate and prongs are in the wall. You have to use a thin piece of plastic to remove the metal prongs from the wall, but not touch them, because they will shock you. Someone could easily be killed by this. Do not buy unless you plan to plug this in. Do not use this near children. They will get injured if they try to remove it.

👤Great battery! The cords are 6 feet long. I will probably be buying more Apple products.

👤The chargers work well when it comes to fast charging. The charging block can get a little warm, but not as warm as other charging blocks. The size of the charging cord is the main issue. The plastic housing has larger dimensions than the Apple brand cord, so it doesn't fit with every case manufacture. This was a big problem a few years ago. This issue has not been fixed by most third-party cord makers. The charging block seems well made, but the cord feels a bit cheaper. Is it a good value? If you're buying this for the charging block and already have a good cord, I'd like to order it for you. If I needed another charging block.

11. Charger Certified Lightning Charging Original

Charger Certified Lightning Charging Original

The pack includes a 20 watt block of theusb-c and a 6ft pack of theusb-c. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will solve your problems in 24 hours. The Apple MFi certification chip and high-quality core wire make the cable safe and fast to use. The Apple MFi Certified chip ensures that the cable can output safe and effective current for the device. The high-quality copper wires of the charging cable can accept a maximum of 480 Mbps/s fast data transmission. They use the highest quality materials for design and production to make sure there is no short circuit during charging. The high-quality material can avoid wire tangling. The upgraded lightning charging port can handle 12,000 experiments. The cables are more durable than ordinary cables. The Apple MFi Certified Cable is compatible with all of the Apple devices. iPad Air 2 and iPad MIni. No error message will appear when charging the above devices. If you have a problem with your Cables, you can get a free return and exchange service through Amazon. You will get a 1M/3.3ft charging cable after you purchase.

Brand: Cionum

👤Don't buy them. It has high reviews. We don't have to pay for any of the 4 iPhone X's. It only has enough to charge our iPods.

👤It doesn't work on our phones. They didn't work on our phones. Do not recommend!

👤We have a family of 5 with 5 different devices, and we need charging cords everywhere. These are sturdy and large. They charge fast and reliable. The lightning plug cable is heavier and thicker than the standard wires that come with Apple devices, and that is a huge plus for my kids, who need the more substantial plug. The package was ready to be used.

👤The cables don't work with Apple devices.

👤I bought these for my daughter because she is always losing her phone charging accessories, and she recently tried to use one on her phone with charge, but stopped and stopped, and then stopped, and stopped, and stopped, and stopped, and stopped, and stopped, and stopped, and stopped She tried to clean the port and theusb ends but it didn't fix it. She tried another cord and tried to switch charging blocks to see if that was the problem she really tried the first cord for. She moved onto the third cord, which seems to work, but it just made her phone go off, so she tried the last cord, which seemed to work, but it just made her phone go off. nonstop When one out of four work, these were not a good value. I will not be buying these again.

👤I wanted to be able to use the lightning power to run my car play in my vehicle. The cables they sent wouldn't do that. The only thing they could do was charge the phone. I bought another cable off of Amazon. The new Apple Car Play worked well for me. If you want to trickle charge the phone, be aware that the cords are not powerful enough to do more than that.

👤The money was wasted for me. I tried different cables and iPods. The cables wouldn't charge reliably. If I jiggled them in the port, they would start to charge, but then I'd have to let go of the cable.

👤Charging cables need to be replaced constantly. There is a deal on some. I keep two on my car. There should be at least one in each room. We will do this until all phones can be wireless charged and the new wireless chargers are not so expensive.


What is the best product for best iphone charger cable apple certified?

Best iphone charger cable apple certified products from Uzeuza. In this article about best iphone charger cable apple certified you can see why people choose the product. Anker and Cyvensmart are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone charger cable apple certified.

What are the best brands for best iphone charger cable apple certified?

Uzeuza, Anker and Cyvensmart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone charger cable apple certified. Find the detail in this article. Apple, Smallelectric and Nikolable are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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