Best Best Iphone Charger Block

Charger 30 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. IPhone Charger Adapter Google Pixel

IPhone Charger Adapter Google Pixel

The smart chip in the phone can adjust the input power of the phone to prevent it from overcharging and overheating. The 20W Fast Charger with the PD 3.0 port provides Max 20W output power to charge your device up to 3 times faster than the original 5W charging port. Fast charge your phones: 13 / 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12 / 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone SE, iPhone 11 / 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and iPad Pro. It is suitable for the U.S. and the World electrical standards, and it has excellent electrical properties. The Charger Internal High Quality Chips are made from high quality materials. Compact and lightweight:Compact and travel-friendly design fits into your pocket or bag easily without occupying too much space and ensures incredible portability wherever you go. It's handy for home, office, and vacations. The ROMITAZ 20W USB C Power Delivery Charger is a 2 pack. There is a worry-free 12-month warranty.

Brand: Romitaz

👤They don't work. I have the original fast chargers. Don't waste your money!

👤Before buying a fire hazard, you should read. When I first used it, I plugged it in on a table next to me and it was very hot. It's too hot to touch an element on an electric stove. It was so hot that I was certain it would have started a fire, exploded, or burnt up my iPad if I had left it plugged in. I used a pot-holder to pull out the outlet and the cord to get it out of it. I think about what if I had brushed my arm against it.

👤They didn't last long. I was disappointed with the purchase when they stopped charging.

👤I didn't expect an adapter to fail so quickly, I only used it for a month and both are dead. What a waste of money. I should stick to apple. I thought two for not even the price of one was a steal. I have to buy both of them.

👤This was received a day earlier than the shipment date. Thank you. The price for 2 was great. I got a charging cord for my new phone, but no plug. I am very happy that I found this and that they were delivered quickly. My old ones were slower than the new one.

👤I didn't realize the Apple charging cables I bought didn't have a typicalusb end. These were for the newer version of the device. I had three cords with nothing to plug them in. I ordered the cords that I bought to go with the chargers. They work well. After ordering, arrived the next morning. There were no complaints.

👤I ordered the charger blocks to keep in my travel bag to use on the road, but now they do not work and are in the return wind. They would love a replacement but they don't know how to contact the seller.

👤Fast charging and great price. The cell phone store tried to sell me a much more expensive charging accessory for my phone that was compatible with ausb C cord. This is the best one to buy.

2. Charger IPREMIUM Adapter Samsung AirPods

Charger IPREMIUM Adapter Samsung AirPods

The 20W power of the Intellectualum 20W USB-C Power Adapter is enough to charge the new iPhone 13/ 13 Pro Max at full speed. The original 5W iPhone Charger is up to 3 faster. Ultra-thin design and lightweight make it possible to go wherever you want. Fast and efficient charging can be found at home, in the office or on the go. It works well for the 13 Pro Max, 13 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini, XS, Max, and X. The iPad Pro, MagSafe, and other devices that support theusb-c power delivery are included. Certified safety is FCC, CE, and ROHS certificated. Multi-charging protects your device from over-current over-voltage over-heating and short-circuiting. Protection while charging. What you get is a 1x 20W USB CPD wall charging device. Within 12 hours, they will resolve your issue.

Brand: Ipremium

👤I heard a pop and sparks were flying out of my outlet when my phone was plugged in.

👤The cord is very easy to remove. I am still using it while it charges, but it is not like I am yanking my phone around. Just in bed, scrolling and it comes unplugged from the box. It's anNOYING! Unless you don't use your phone while charging it, don't recommend.

👤My daughter got a gift for Christmas. We are going on vacation and got this for her because it didn't come with the wall charging device. It works well with her new phone and is perfect for her stocking. It fits any wall outlet.

👤Doesn't charge my phone. This is my first time using a power source, since I got my 13 pro max the other day. I got the charge in the mail and used it. After a few hours, I realized that my phone had lost its battery. I would have expected it to be charged again. The charge went from 70% to 50% within two hours. I wasted my money on this. I want one that works.

👤It worked great for about a week. It is no faster than the standard charging block. Not sure what happened. Just stopped. Still charges. It was a lot slower when I first purchased.

👤The new phone cord is compatible with the charging device. It's ridiculous that the new phone isn't supplied with a charger. The 3 stars have nothing to do with my charger as I bought the plug in instead of the cord. The cord that came with the pro max was too short to reach the counter from the floor outlet. The items that came with the outlet charge plug were ridiculous.

👤The well constructedusb-c charges are terrific. I used it for the first time on my phone yesterday and the charge time for my phone was amazing. The charge to full time was 1/3 of normal charging time with a regular cable. Very happy with the product. Solid. It was well constructed. Excellent value.

👤You get what you pay for, and I suspected the magsafe and the iPhone 13 Pro Max were bad. I took both to Apple, but it was a shoddy cheap brick. Buy anker or apple 20 watt adapters.

3. Charger Charging Adapter Station Samsung

Charger Charging Adapter Station Samsung

There is a universal wall charging device for the iPhone 13/13 Pro 13 Pro 13 Mini/12/12 Pro 12 Pro 12 Mini/SE 11 Pro Max/XS Max/XR/X 8/7. Plus 6. The SE 5S 4S 5C is an iPad. Air Mini, I Pods, and the S9 Plus. Optimal charging efficiency will be provided by the Fast Charging Wall Plug output with total current 5V/2.1A and input with 100-240V. The Smart Multi Port Charging Station will charge at high speeds. The Smart IC Design Wall Charger adopts over-heated protection, over-current protection, and over-charging protection, and Charging will stop when the battery is full. Plug in the wall accessory and you're good to go. You can connect the outlet to theusb cable at home, office or wherever you want. It's easy to carry and store. What you get is a Port Wall Charger.

Brand: Nonouv

👤Two of the four quit after 4-5 weeks of use, the last one is still working, but hadn't been used until the other ones broke. I would not recommend or purchase again.

👤They did not last long. We only used these when we went camping a total of 15 times, and they are already dead. The device gets hot when it is charging.

👤I thought these would be great but they have stopped working after about a month, even though I have had many positive reviews. I will send them back. Don't waste your money.

👤Units are nice. They are not designed to fit the electrical outlet. These fall out of the sockets very quickly.

👤The cube is great for charging theusb device. Works with our devices without any issues. They fit in a duplex outlet. You can't go wrong with these. It is less expensive to purchase apple brand.

👤This is the second set of plugs I have purchased from the same maker. The double plug is the best bargain compared to the single and triple blocks. A third of the students in my classroom always ask to charge their phone or if I have one. It's useful to plug into a power strip. Highly recommend for their value and resilience.

👤For the money? It usually is if it seems too good to be true, but I am so happy so far.

👤The fact that both ports have the same power is great. We were able to write our names on each unit so they wouldn't fight over who's charge it is. The 4 units are working well and the 5 units are a reserve if one gets lost.

4. GNUADZ Charger Certified Lighting Charging

GNUADZ Charger Certified Lighting Charging

Fast and efficient charging up to 3X faster than a 5W charger is offered by the 20WPD Fast Charger. You can charge your phone up to 50% capacity in 30 minutes. The built-in multi-protection system avoids over-voltage, over-charge, and over-heat. The smart chip in the MFi certified lightning cable matches the current required by the Apple device and charges it fast, safely, and steadily. The built-in protection device of the UL-certified iphone charger can be used to prevent the phone from overcharging and overheating, thereby maximizing the battery life. MFi is certified. Automatic chip recognition function is included in the original MFi chip. 480 Mbps data transfer speed is possible if you connect your MacBook/Pro with your iPad directly. 100% flawless compatibility with Apple devices is ensured by the Apple MFi Certification. There are no more warning messages. It works with the iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/SE 2020. The Pro 11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X 8 Plus is an iPad. The Power Delivery 3.0 FAST charger can be used to charge the iPhone 7 6 Plus, iPhone 5c 5s SE, and the iPad mini. There is a pack of 6 foot long Apple MFI-certifiedUSB C to lightning cable and 2 super apple fast-charging USB C wall chargers. They are very confident in the performance of the power cord and wall charger. If you contact them, they can provide the brand with additional worry-free product support and a free customer service store.

Brand: Gnuadz

👤I bought a new cell phone but it didn't have a charging cord. My phone is always charged when I carry this in my purse.

👤I liked that it charged my phone fast but only with the wires that came with it, not the ones that came with it.

👤I like that it is fast, but I don't like that it lasts.

👤The cord is finally long, and the charge is so fast. This product is very affordable.

👤The fast charging cord doesn't tangle.

👤I got the extra chargers when I bought the pro version of the phone. The cable is long and fast to charge. Excellent value for money.

👤Definitely worth the money. It charges fast.

👤It works well for my phone and computer.

5. Certified Charger IGENJUN Compact Pro White

Certified Charger IGENJUN Compact Pro White

The MFi has a certified fast charge for the iPhone. 100% flawless compatibility with devices is ensured by the MFi certification. There are no more warning messages. It works excellently with the iPhone 13-13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. Pro Max/XR/XS Max/X/8 Plus/8, and more. The igenJUN iPhone Fast Charging can reach up to 3X faster than an original 5W Charger. It takes 25 minutes to go from zero to 50%. The intelligent chip inside matches the current as your device needs it. Keep your device safe and ensure the safer charging overnight by using the PD Charger Block. It won't jam the other ports on the wall outlet. It makes packing into bags and pockets easier. The input of the power adapter is ideal for travel. The 3-Pack MFi Certified iPhone Fast Charger is what you get. The ports are shipped randomly. If you have any problems, please contact them.

Brand: Igenjun

👤The picture says it all. This could have gone badly. Don't buy!

👤A year ago, our family got a new accessory. I found these chargers because they were so cheap, and it came with a uselessusb-c to lightening cable. The first impression I got from the product was a message to write a 5 star review and get a gift card, which is illegal for them to do. I am writing this review because I started finding some problems with the product and that is why I would not have done that at first. The size of these chargers is almost the same as the Apple 18w, except for the back. It feels lighter than the apple charge. Calculating. I plugged it into my IPad Pro and it wouldn't stay charged. The apple brick works well if you try it. It must have been a bug because I wasn't able to replicate it again. I had an iPad that didn't charge the entire night. I tried it with my hub and it refused to charge, even though the apple brick was working. I got better results with the lightning charge. There is a If you have a IPad Pro like me, this is not for you. It should work at a great price. They tried to bribe you into writing a good review.

👤We bought the charging power for our phone. It comes in a three pack. One of the batteries had a lightening symbol on it, but it did not charge. The second and third chargers stopped charging after a week of use. The return policy was only a month. Don't buy if you're warned. This brand did not work for us and I have bought off brands before.

👤I plugged it in to my phone and it was at 36% power. It got up to 32% power 39 minutes later. I tried a different cable and the results were the same. There is a I would only give it a few stars. You get three for the purchase. Two results were the same. The daughter threw hers away when it didn't work.

👤My partner's charges were not included in the 3 chargers. This is not a legitimate product. The phone's charge will go down as if it weren't charging at all, even though it shows that it's 'charging' when you connect it. Nothing made a difference when you tried different cables. I feel cheated. I should've bought the original. I get this for trying to save money.

👤We didn't know we needed these when we got the iPhone 12. Our phones charge faster with these DEFINITELY. It's a good recommendation!

👤Even though the lightning bolt charging symbol appeared when I plugged my phone in, it didn't charge at all. The product is low quality.

👤The price for 3 working chargers is a great deal, and the charger works well for what it is. I got a faster charge for my phone with this one. Plus. I decided to purchase theseUSB-C charging cables because I have an Apple device that only has a single cable, and I wanted to use them as a quicker charging method. There is a It doesn't seem to charge any faster. I think that the 3X faster charge rate is compared to the rate for an older version of the phone that had a 1 Amp draw, and the newer 8 Plus version that had a 2 Amp draw. The charging will be quicker if you have a bigger current draw. The 3X faster claim seems to be inflated compared to older technology.

6. Apple USB Power Adapter IPhone

Apple USB Power Adapter IPhone

The power adapter has an ultracompact design and is great for charging at home, in the office, or on the go. It works with any Apple device. The US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and parts of Latin America can use the fixed prongs of theusb power adapter. The charging cable is sold separately.

Brand: Apple

👤I apologize for the picture on the train. When I tried to return it immediately after I received it, I found that it was not like Apple, and that I could not. Nowhere does it say where it was made. In speculation, I can guess.

👤My phone goes crazy when it is plugged in. The phone has a mind of its own and likes to open apps and like posts. I won't use it anymore because it can't be good for the phone.

👤The touch screen is malfunctioning. It looks normal at first but can't use the screen while charging. The unit is malfunctioning. Wattage must stop. Don't buy this product.

👤The pulltab of the box, the marketing on Amazon, and the fact that it was a genuine Apple product all pointed to it being a genuine Apple product. I'm not sure. I bought my first phone in the year 2014). There is a green dot and no Apple logo. The green dot was replaced by the Apple logo after a 2008 recall to indicate an updated design. Silkscreen is strong and sharp. I purchased a pair of Apple chargers at the mall for $19 apiece, which is almost identical to the one I purchased from an official Apple Store in 2014, except that there is no green dot and the Apple logo is at the top. I purchased a $12 set of chargers on Amazon in 2020 and they are the same as before, but the silkscreen is softer and almost illegible, and "Flextronics" has been replaced by a mystery word. One authentic manufacturer is "Artesyn".

👤I should have gone to the Apple website. These are fake chargers designed to look like an apple product without violating trademarks, and complete with bogus instructions and labeling. I don't know why Amazon allows this type of description. I have purchased non-Apple items in the past to work with my Apple products, but I knew what I was getting. I will return them.

👤After a few weeks, stopped working. I'm not sure if this is an Apple product. There is no Apple logo or designation on it.

👤This block came in an Apple box and looks like the product that came with my phone. I let someone borrow it at work. We all know how that goes. It charges the phone in about the same time as any other charger I use. It was definitely new and unused. The price was better than what I would have paid if I had gone through the manufacturer. I would definitely purchase it again.

👤It's suppose to have a green dot like the product pics shown, but it wasn't received in January 2021. There are reports of people without the green dot getting stuck in the wall outlet because of a defect in the Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange Program.

👤Excellent quality, very happy!

👤It works really well and is great for charge ring cord.

👤The product is perfect and flawless, but I made a mistake and it's not ausb c. I had to buy an accessory for my phone. $50 is a lot of money. It is the same price everywhere.

7. Charger Certified Charging Transfer Compatible

Charger Certified Charging Transfer Compatible

The data transmission speed is up to 480 MB/s, and the charging speed is up to 100 MB/s. You can use this dual-port for charging two devices at the same time, even if you are sleeping or taking a nap. The nylon braided iPhone charging cord is perfect. Fast charging in your room,sofa and office is more convenient because of the 6Ft/2m length charger. The surface of nylon fiber weaving is hard to break. The block of the iphone fast charging is portable and lightweight. Plug the cable into the wall. It's ideal for worldwide travel because of the rapid charging. The fast charging for the apple devices is possible with the 2PACK Fast Charger. The Pro Max/12/12 is a mini version of the Pro Max/12/12 2 X MFi Certified nylon braided lightning cables in length of 6 feet and 2 X 10.5W iPhone Charger with Block are what you get. They will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Iosys

👤The price is great for a 2 pack. There is a lot of white cords in the house.

👤I thought they would be less than. They are great. The cord is heavy. A long cord is something I like. This is perfect.

👤I received an incomplete order but I was very pleased to receive what I had ordered within a few days. I would definitely recommend this company. Quality is good.

👤The cords are stronger than most I have owned. The cord is very strong. They are long.

👤The universal iPhone charge is very fast. I haven't used the universal portion yet in a foreign country. The cord is well made. The service from Amazon Prime was fast.

👤If you have two devices that need to charge at the same time, you can use two chargers.

👤The cord length was great for the price, and I paid for two bases and cords. If they break soon, I will let you know. I believe these will last me forever.

👤Great product! Great price! Does the job! It's nice to have a longer cord. Thanks!

8. Anker Charger PowerPort PowerIQ Foldable

Anker Charger PowerPort PowerIQ Foldable

The 50 million+ powered by their leading technology is called the Anker Advantage. The PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies can charge any device at its fastest possible speed, up to 2.4A. Premium internal components and a robust textured case ensure perfect performance regardless of bumps, or drops. The foldable plug and 100-240volt input are ideal for worldwide travel. The welcome guide, 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Anker

👤I was going to try to contact the seller for a replacement, but Amazon didn't give me that option. I wouldn't recommend it. This stopped working after a few uses. Will not charge anything. We have tried different cords and different outlets, but none of them work. It was a pretty big disappointment. This is a case in point, where nothing makes me more mad than I waste money. I would recommend getting a different brand. I bought an off brand when I bought this one and it still works well, but this one broke. The product was bad. When I left the review, an Anker representative called me. They shipped me a new one and said the other was likely missed. I have been using the new one for a few days and it works great. I was very pleased with the customer service I provided. It's refreshing that Amazon is starting to slack in customer service to get even better service from a third party.

👤While it worked, charged fine. One port stopped working. Never been dropped. Light stays on all day. I can't sleep with that light. We use the alarm on our phones to wake up in the morning, so I charge our phones close to where we sleep. I wouldn't buy this again because the light didn't keep working. There is an update. The company sent an e-mail to accept a free replacement of a slightly different model once they saw my review. The free model was almost three times more expensive than the one I bought. The company is serious about customer satisfaction. They didn't have to do anything for me because my origional product was past it's time to be returned. I had the differnt charger within a couple days after I confirmed I wanted it. Who knew you could still get good customer service? Would definitely recommend this company because they stand behind their products. Thank you!

👤I tested the charging speed of the new phone and the old one, and found that it was fast. I used the lightning cable that comes with the phone to charge the phone after I set a timer. The phone is charged pretty quickly. The phone was on at 1 minute. I ran the test for 45 minutes after all the apps were closed. The results are for the iPhone 8, not the 8 plus. This should give you an idea of reasonable expectations, as the results may vary. I will say that this is probably the best packaged charger I have ever had. It is quite large and a bit on the large side. The build is very solid and I hope it helps other perspective buyers.

👤I had two for the first couple of months. When I tried to plug it into a wall sockets, one started sparking. I was scared. I stopped using that wall sockets completely, but a few days later I tried using another one, and that one sparked as well. There was no spark in the other one. The second charge started sparking a week or so later. I have an original Apple charge, one I've owned for years, but it doesn't spark when I add it. I threw out the Anker chargers and am using the original Apple one.

9. IPhone Charger Delivery AirPods Samsung

IPhone Charger Delivery AirPods Samsung

Fast and efficient charging can be achieved by using a 2-pack dual port fast charging. You can charge your phone up to 50% capacity in 30 minutes with the original cable. Only 2 CHARGERS are included, not the cable. The maximum power output of the port is 20W. Universal Compatation was designed for the iPhone 13/12/11 Pro 12 Pro Max and later. It is compatible with many digital devices, such as the iPad, iPod, and phone, as well as the PC, tablets, and mp3 players. It's a very small size for enhanced portability. The power is installed in a pocket-friendly compact body to go wherever you go. It's ideal for home, office and on the go. The smart chip in the phone can adjust the input power of the phone to prevent it from overcharging and overheating.

Brand: Lcgens

👤The iPad and phone's charging port overheated, causing it to stop and start. When I unplugged it, there were huge sparks from the sockets. This is a dangerous item and should be removed from the Amazon store.

👤I've been thinking about buying a brick for a while. My wife and I received my new phone with the cable, but not the brick that would have supplied it. Apple wouldn't include that. I took the challenge and tested it after 10 minutes. This thing will charge quickly. The average is 4% for standard cable and 13% for theusb-c. It's important to have the cable. Purchasing Apples is a much better deal than buying this item. You get 2 for less than they wanted, and they wanted $20 for one. It was enough. I was very happy with my purchase. My kids like it. They forgot to charge their iPad. It was low when I woke up. It was much farther than it would've been if we'd just plugged it in with the standard cable.

👤I can charge items that have both theusb-c and theusb-c with this nifty charger. I use it for all of my electronic devices. It doesn't seem to be an issue to charge 2 items at the same time. I have had issues with dualusb charging not directing enough power to one outlet even with the 2nd not in use. It's handy to have a few plugged in around the house for quick phone and small device charging. Would definitely purchase more since it feels solid and doesn't hog an entire outlet.

👤I bought a charging stand for my phone. The stand had a wall plug that worked intermittently with my phone. I bought a second stand because I thought the first one was bad. The second one had the same problem, so I gave up on the stands and just plugged it into the chargers. I ordered the two high powered fast chargers from LCGENS and they worked well on my vacation. I tried plugging in my phone's charging stand to the new fast charging device and it worked perfectly. It made my other stand work. I concluded that you need fast charging for the stands. The stand does not have enough strength to support the weak chargers. You can buy the stands on Amazon. I suggest you purchase the LCGENS charging station to power the stand.

👤The product is a good deal. The bricks are not included with the new phones and AirPods. I decided to get this because of the price and the fact that it is a C and ausb type. It does charge quickly. Delivery was fast and it saves space on my outlet since I can plug 2 cables. Will recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new brick.

👤I was worried that this cheap twin pack would not hold up and would not deliver, but so far, so good, after going through a few other cheap dual chargers that cracked after being dropped or the circuit seemed too short out. After a month of regular use, my devices are proving to be durable and reliable, despite being charged at the same time. All charging is done in one place.

10. Charger Charging Certified】 Lightning AirPods

Charger Charging Certified%E3%80%91 Lightning AirPods

When compared to the 5W original charger, the PD 3.0 20W USB-C charging with 6ft type c to lightning cord will charge your phone up to 50% in 30 minutes, which will save you more than an hour. The MFi Certified speed charger is made with an intelligent chip and has full support for all future updates. Juusmart 20W lightning charger has a multipotent safety system that protects your lightning devices. The wall charger has a stable voltage. The smart chip in the lightning cable will match the current required by your device to protect it from overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating. The wall plug is compatible with the following: iPad Air/ iPad, AirPods Pro, and iPhone 13/ 13 Pro. Standrad Charging Speed can be used with the iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/SE 5s/6c. 2 packs of 20W and 2 packs of 6ft are packed in a box and have a one year worry-free refund and replacement guarantee. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will solve your problems in 24 hours.

Brand: Juusmart

👤I was excited about this being an Apple certified fast charger and I wanted to leave a charging block and cord in different rooms so I would not have to move them around. I have three blocks, 2 cords and an extension working after 2 months after purchasing six charging blocks and 8 extra cords. Half the time, theviving chargers will stop charging and my phone will prompt "this device is not compatible" I thought they were certified.

👤It has to be plugged in in a certain direction and side for the phone and outlet, just got today. Make sure the end of the wall outlet is plugged in correctly if you are disappointed in this product. I'm still nervous because my phone is very hot while I use it.

👤This is a new review for me. Return times are only allowed for 30 days after the delivery. I don't use the charger on a daily basis, so I think it died after a couple weeks of use. It worked well at first, even though it was hotter than it should have been, but it seems like they know it will stop working after a month. I don't think it's a good idea to recommend the charger now. The original review said that I was able to charge my phone from 50% to 100% in less than an hour. The temperature of the phone and the charging port was fairly hot initially but as the charge reached full capacity the temperature cooled down considerably. The 6 foot cord was very nice to have. The carrying case was a nice surprise.

👤I am going to compare the 20W Apple charger and cable that I already have to the new one. I will return it if it doesn't charge as fast as the real Apple one.

👤I loved the length. It charges very fast. No complaints so far! I went back and forth before pulling the Trigger.

👤I needed a longer cord and this is perfect. It works great with a nice pouch. Not flimsy at all. It's not possible to tell the difference between an apple and another.

👤I was excited to purchase this item because of a dual pack. I only received one, which worked for three weeks. I had to keep plugging it into various outlets and have it halfway into the sockets to entice a charge, which is unsafe. I took my phone to Apple, it works perfectly, I have a newer version, and it works in my car when I use someone else's. I called to get a replacement and the extra I didn't get in my package. I was told that it only had a 30 day warranty. Amazon couldn't replace it because it's a third-party seller. I received a courtesy refund from Amazon because I purchase multiple times per month. I would choose a different seller. I gave them the chance to make it right and they didn't, so this is my first negative review out of 100 purchases.

11. Charger LUOATIP Adapter Charging Replacement

Charger LUOATIP Adapter Charging Replacement

The phone 13 12 11 Pro Max Xs max XR X 8/7/6/6S is compatible with theusb charge. Plus SE 5S/6C, Pad, Pod, Note, and more phones. You can charge your two smart phone or tablet devices at the same time. The design is heat resistant and anti-throw, it is easy to carry, and it is comfortable to use. Fireproof material is used for phone protection. Automatic protection circuit can be accomplished by a brick. Short circuiting, over-heating, and over-charging are protected by intelligent circuit design. The package includes a dual port wall charger block.

Brand: Luoatip

👤There were burn marks around the piece of poo that caught on fire. I bought a brand new charging station for my phone and it came with burn marks on the outlet. I'm out of a phone, a cable, and a battery. Thanks a lot to you!

👤The product blew up when I plugged it in. There was no other source of power from the outlet, no items were connected to the cube, and only the product being inserted into the outlet caused this.

👤Not as described. The port is rated at 2.1A. The other is a dual port.

👤These were bought with new cords. I ordered more because my cords stopped working. The new cords wouldn't work on these straight out of the box. I tried them on an older wall charger and they all worked. I would not recommend or buy this product again. I wish it wouldn't have taken me so long to figure it out.

👤We go through a lot of chargers. My son's book is difficult to read. This one finally worked. It charges faster than any other block we've used. It's great for travel with the ability for 2 cables.

👤I have a lot of things that need to be charged, but none of them have a block. What do I call them? I found a set of three that have dual ports. It's good! I have been using them for about a week now and they work just as well as the ones I received from the Apple store at 1/3 the price. Definitely recommend these. I think I will buy another three pack and leave them in different rooms. These are helping me with the fact that I can make myself mad if I misplace things. I think so.

👤I bought a pack of these plugs to run my iPad air in my house and they work great. The charging cubes have a cute appearance to show you they are good. They feel strong. It was cheap and I love it. These dual port wall plugs are cute and work well. The quality of the chargers is better. They are a great value. It charges my phone so quickly. Highly recommended!

👤They are very nice and well made. These are the right size for what I needed, and they are inexpensive. Most families have limited plug-space in the convenient spots. This problem is solved by the product. A package has three charging blocks, each block has two ports, you can plug in more places, make my life more convenient. The quality of these cubes is such that they have short circuit protection, over voltage, and over temp protection. I am very happy with the teams as they went above and beyond 150%. I will always recommend this brand to my friends and family. There is a


What is the best product for best iphone charger block?

Best iphone charger block products from Romitaz. In this article about best iphone charger block you can see why people choose the product. Ipremium and Nonouv are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone charger block.

What are the best brands for best iphone charger block?

Romitaz, Ipremium and Nonouv are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone charger block. Find the detail in this article. Gnuadz, Igenjun and Apple are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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