Best Best Iphone 13 Pro Max Case with Ring Holder

Case 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. LAMEEKU Compatible 360┬░Rotation Kickstand Protective

LAMEEKU Compatible 360%C2%B0Rotation Kickstand Protective

Only compatible with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch. 3 card slots for ID card, credit cards card or some cash, without taking purse to outdoor are in the card holder cases. It's a good idea to snap the button to secure your stuff. Protect Information Leakage:Wallet case are designed to block signals and stop theft and scanning of cards. The kickstand feature has a built-in ring holder to provide added security when holding the phone. The open face design makes it easy to use the phone. It's a good idea to cover all four corners of your phone and raise your lips to prevent scratches.

Brand: Lameeku

👤Alright friends. The phone case is $23. The carriers store your paying double, minimum. Quality and customer care are some of the best I have seen. The case was cradled in a similar way to a phone in the box it arrived in. This phone case will solve many of your life's problems if you are like me. Dropping your phone, cramped hands, forgetting the essentials in your wallet, are just some of the things that can happen when you use your phone too much. Just buy it.

👤I like this case. I have used it for 2 weeks and it is my favorite case ever. I have a ring that holds my phone and a wallet that holds my accordion. The wallet slot on the back of the phone has never been trusted by me. Something would fall out of it. I don't like the ones where you have to open it. There are steps involved in looking at your phone. The case has a wallet with snaps. I have gone on too long.

👤The product arrived in a container. It comes in a pouch inside its box. The price is reasonable. I want to consolidate my phone and wallet so I don't have to worry about it interfering with my camera function. I usually get a phone wallet with a magnetic case that can be detached from the wallet so that the camera won't get reflection or blocked by my wallet when taking pictures. I was intrigued by the design as the wallet and phone is one piece, but the wallet section is below the camera and won't block it. It comes with a hold ring that I always wanted when I had the folio style phone cases. The case is very good. The button closure of the wallet feels secure. The leather and metal of the case looked and felt off high quality. There is a The case adds some weight to your phone, but it is not different from other wallet style phone cases. I am very happy with my purchase and am happy to simplify my wallet and phone.

👤It has been my favorite case for a couple of different phones. The 10 X-ray held a bunch of cards. I hate carrying a purse so this works great for me.

👤This is a great phone cover. The gold ring on the back is useful to hold when typing because it is a heavy phone. I have four cards and cash in my wallet. It doesn't lay flat, but it is bulgy, so it doesn't bother me. The case is pretty and I would recommend it to anyone.

👤I buy this for the wallet aspect as I forget my billfold occasionally but never forget my phone. The finger-ring makes it easier to hold the phone, and it did not obscure the camera. It is well-made and works as intended. The extra thickness makes it difficult to slip into pockets, which is a big problem for me. The gold is a very bling-bling shade, but not consistent with my preferred PC pronoun usage. That's right.

2. Aowner Compatible Flexible Shockproof Protective

Aowner Compatible Flexible Shockproof Protective

Only the Luxury Glitter Kickstand case is compatible with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. The hand strap behind the case is designed to put your finger through when holding your phone, so you don't fall. You can enjoy watching movies with no hands on them if you turn to a kickstand. Adding additional lanyards, keys, etc. are possible with a metal ring. Make your phone look more eye-catching and anti-loss. Soft flexible TPU material protects your phone from scratches and slip. The slim iPhone 13 Pro Max case is shockproof and lightweight. The raised edges of your phone screen and camera surface are made of impact-resistant and flexible TPU. The protective case specially designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max has precious cutouts for speakers, camera, charging ports and other buttons with a great sense of touch. They offer customer service 24/7. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact them.

Brand: Aowner

👤The bag is labeled 13 Pro Max but it is not the right size. The seller offered to replace the item after I messaged them, it looks like it was a mistake. The case is well made and cute. The seller was fast at responding to my message, so I have updated my review. I can update with photos once I receive the replacement.

👤This case is legit. It looks similar to the pictures and videos. Very pretty. I dropped my phone twice and it seems to be holding up. I will get more of these cases.

👤Went to the mall and bought another case 10 minutes after the mail arrived.

👤I thought it would be pretty, but it wasn't. I love the strap on it because it keeps you from dropping it and the ring on the top that you can hold on it as well. I would purchase this product again.

👤The case looked great on my phone. Exactly as described. Fast shipping.

👤The case is pretty. I love the phone, but I'm not sure how it will be protected. It's a good thing.

👤This is a beautiful case.

3. OCYCLONE Glitter Compatible Sparkle Diamond

OCYCLONE Glitter Compatible Sparkle Diamond

The OCYCLONE glitter phone case is only compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G inch released in 2021. The package includes a phone case with a ring stand. The glitter integrated design makes your case compatible with the 13 pro max and looks more luxurious, shinning and shiny, also avoid the glitter directly touch with dirt objects, so that it can keep sparkle all the time. The elegant style case is compatible with the iPhone 13 pro max and is perfect for teen, teenage girls and women. Make your phone more fun and chic by choosing OCYCLONE. The ring stand holder can be opened to 90 and adjusted to your preference, so you can watch shows, study and work. You can hang the lanyard on the left side if you choose. It will not fall down if you hold your phone easier. You will no longer worry about your phone breaking because of the enhanced 4 corner air-cushions and the 1.0mm raised screen edge and 1.5mm raised camera edge. If you have a question about this glitter case, please contact them by email.

Brand: Ocyclone

👤I like this company phone case. I bought a purple one for my phone about 3 years ago and it did a good job protecting it, so I bought a gold one for my new phone. I wish they would come in more colors. Hopefully they will eventually.

👤The ring in the back is small and it's almost impossible to hold it up if you have long nails. I have to use a credit card to open it. The wrist holder is on the phone and feels cheap.

👤I love it and will order again from this seller, fast delivery too, thank you.

👤If you have a camera screen protectors, put this on first. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's hard to get the camera holder ring to hold the camera.

👤Great value! The case is sturdy and pretty. The strap for hands free carrying is helpful in keeping me from dropping my phone. The ring/stand on the back is a bit uncomfortable to hold the phone for an extended period but still helpful in holding the phone steady. I have a small purse that I can slide my phone into. I have had no issues with function or fit with the screen protectors I have added. The buttons are responsive, so no worries there either. I love the sparkle of the jewels and glitter and get a lot of compliment on this case.

👤The driver of my package took a picture on my porch, even though I watched my security cameras. I got four of them because of the case. I don't need to update my delivery instructions. The drivers need to follow them.

👤I have dropped my phone a few times and it holds up great. I would like to be able to pull out the ring in the back. It hasn't been easy to open mine, but it is getting broken in. The case is nice and I get a lot of praise for it. It is rare that you find a pretty one that is sturdy.

👤The phone cover is perfect. The ring is placed on the back so that the phone can be read upright or on its side, not to mention that it is beautiful.

4. Manleno Compatible Kickstand Glitter Protective

Manleno Compatible Kickstand Glitter Protective

Only a glitter marble designed case is compatible with the phone. It is easy to install and remove this soft material. A marble pattern with rose gold geometric design makes your phone unique and stylish. Don't go out of fashion. Basic and slim protection. The fit is slim with a thickness of 1.6mm. The raised edges and air cushion corners offer protection against scratches and bumps. The Ring Stand is a replacement for the iPhone 13 Pro Max case. The phone case has a ring kickstand. You can adjust to any angle you want. The phone stand was on the table. It's easy to get to all the buttons and ports. The case is on, so feel free to control all functions.

Brand: Manleno

👤I don't know how many of these cases I have purchased. I would buy more in a second if they had more colors. They are easy to apply, sturdy, and I love the ring on the back. The design of the case should have gone around the edge of the screen. It is not a big deal. The part that goes around your screen is clear, but I love these cases. I am all for it if they get more designs.

👤I had a pink case before and I was certain the ring thing would eventually fade. It looks amazing to this day. I knew I wanted another one after I got my new phone. I just got it and love it. I will never get back to a case without a ring stand on it. I need a ring for my pro max phones. This case makes life easier. I got a lot of praise for my pink one. I love them. My new case is very pretty.

👤It looks just like the picture. The ring on the outside was not something I liked. I took it off and replaced it with a neon green pop sockets, it looks great!

👤I love my phone case. The picture didn't do justice. It is pretty.

👤I ordered this phone case and received it, but the ring on the back was not centered when it was attached, so I will return it for that reason.

👤The color and design are great. Quality is very good.

👤I love my case and have received many positive feedback.

👤I get a lot of compliment in person.

5. WATACHE Compatible Protective Kickstand Magnetic

WATACHE Compatible Protective Kickstand Magnetic

The Slim Fit Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max is compatible with most screen protectors and accessories. The case should be removed when wireless charging. The transparent body of the phone is the original color and design. Anti-yellowing and clarity are provided by the oleophobic coating. Thin and lightweight will not add bulk to your phone. The case is made of flexible TPU and provides full body protection. Extra protection of screen and camera is provided by raised lips. The shock-absorbing design in 4 corners effectively absorb shocks. An integrated finger ring that rotates 180 degrees can be used as a hands-free viewing stand, and is better at preventing accidental drops and slip. A piece of hidden metal on the back of the magnetic car mount allows the case to be attached to the magnetic car holder, strong and sturdy, navigate on your trips without danger. The magnetic car mount holder is not included.

Brand: Watache

👤The case and magnet are good. The clear case allows for my pretty pink to be displayed. The magnet is very strong. The ring is terrible. It is difficult to use. It almost feels like the entire ring was going to fall apart. Returned because of that.

👤The case fits my 13 Pro max well, but the reason I chose this design was for the ring/magnet. The ring is hard to get out of. I have to use a toothpick. Bad design! The ring needs to be lifted by a notch. Next time, I will use a different brand and design. Frustrating!

👤This is the second one I bought. The clear case is simple and sturdy, it has a ring for you to hold on, and it can stick to the car vent. Does the job well and the price is unbeatable. I think it's a great idea. The rubber rim on the ring is lower than the rest, which is why it is hard to lift up.

👤I tried to get the film onto my phone three times. I wish the instructions explained that the film wouldn't stick on your phone if you just swiped up and down with your finger, and that the two glue strips on the sides were strong enough to hold on to that protective film. There is a By the time the film was transferred, some participles had made their way onto the film. One corner is drawing air. The phone looks terrible. I think I need to buy another one to fix the aesthetic issues.

👤The case will feel a little heavy because it's larger and heavier than the other ones. The ring on this case is stiff enough to hold the phone in your hand while you take a picture or walk with it securely in your hand. It works with my car vent magnet, the sides of the case are slightly textured to make it easy to grip, and the clear case doesn't distort the color of your phone. The case is a great value. I would buy it again.

👤I like the case and I am not impressed with the phone. I don't like these phones that much, I wanted to get a different phone, but I think Apple will find a way to rip me off and get more money. The 13 minis are very sensitive. I might take this phone back and get something completely different. The iPhones are not that good. I had to wait for Apple to send me a code after I accidentally locked myself out of my old phone. Face ID is not guaranteed. Thank you but I will not be keeping the iPhone 13

👤I changed my phone recently and didn't have any magnetic 3M replacements left, so I decided to buy a new one. I use a magnetic mount that holds my phone in my car for me and I decided to check if there was a case. This product was the first thing that came up and had great reviews and it was a clear case, perfect for my mount. It slaps on very quickly. One thing I would suggest is to be able to take off the ring/mount that is over the magnet. I have to make sure the case doesn't slip off the mount. I'm 100% satisfied.

6. OOK Compatible Protection 360┬░Kickstand Protective

OOK Compatible Protection 360%C2%B0Kickstand Protective

Only the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch will be compatible with the Plating kickstand case. Support Magnetic Car Mount. The magnetic car holder has a piece of iron hidden in it that can be used to attach the iPhone 13 Pro Max Case. The phone case doesn't support wireless charging due to the metal stand. The built-in ring holder helps to hold or carry your phone more securely, so it doesn't fall off. It can be used to watch video and movie. Full body heavy duty drop protection without bulk is provided byRaised 1.2 MM lips on front and back camera lens protectors. The screen and camera lens are protected by the protectors. The case has cutouts for speakers, camera, audio, and other functional ports so you can enjoy easy and precise access to all ports without having to remove the phone back case.

Brand: Ook

👤It is difficult to remove the phone from the case, which is where I have to use my wireless charge. I removed my phone from the case and the gold paint on the front started to come off. I like the case. It seems to provide adequate protection.

👤This is a good case if you are going to be working from home. The case is not for someone who works outside. The case is pretty.

👤This case is wonderful. Totally catches your attention. I just got it yesterday and I'm not sure about its longevity.

👤I have had this case on my phone for a month now and I love it. The outer edge has started to wear off because it is cheap.

👤The ring broke off in 2 weeks. Very disappointed.

👤The material is very flimsy.

7. VEGO Compatible Rotating Magnetic Kickstand

VEGO Compatible Rotating Magnetic Kickstand

Military grade drop was tested for the release of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Please remove the case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max before you can charge your phone. You can slide the camera cover to protect your camera and privacy with the upgraded iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 Case. The built-in kickstand Ring Stand kickstand case can bring you a convenient viewing experience. The metal patch can be used to support the magnetic car mount. They promise life time customer service. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any doubts.

Brand: Vego

👤This case is very good. The camera cover does not move. It is a very secured case because it has slots for the camera lens. Love it. Personal style choice is the only change. I like the red border around the phone. It was not an option. The back is deep red. The case is worth more than the price point I paid. The grip is excellent. Will buy again if red border option is available.

👤The new Apple 13 Pro Max was ordered by my wife and I. We wanted to protect our expensive cell phones while waiting for delivery. We ordered two of these very reasonable priced cases as interim protection because we didn't want to just go out and order a case without having any experience handling these new phones. We have no intention of replacing them, even though I can't vouch for the durability after a short time. They are a great product and a great price. Highly recommended!

👤After a week of use, the kickstand came off. I was able to install it, but it kept coming off. One of the hold-down tabs broke off, so it can no longer be used. Kickstand is trashed because it is not glueed back on. The metal plate came off. The plate was attached to the double stick tape using glue. Magnetic plate is out of the picture with a broken kickstand. The protective cover to the lens is something I like about the fit of my phone. The rubber feels good. I would have liked to see a raised rubber lip on the phone. I'm looking for a replacement case.

👤The little window is not a protection for the camera. If you close it after use, it will work. The case has a small plastic area around the cameras, which is concerning as you have to remove the camera glass to use it. The cameras are delicate and this is frightening. I would give this case 4.5 stars, but there is no option for that, and I am not too worried about the camera taking off from the value of the case. It is well built. I had one for my other phone and it took over two years to break. It still prevented damage after that. I immediately searched for this card when I got my new phone. Very happy with it. The stand is awesome. The stand has a great vertical and horizontal position, it's not uncommon for stands to not have a good vertical position. It feels great in the hands and doesn't add too much weight or bulkiness. Well done!

👤I bought a red case. It has a metallic look, even though it's plastic. Very nice. It's a lot more comfortable than the last case that I had, it had fingers through the ring on the back well. It works well with a glass screen protectors. It's getting 4 stars instead of 5. The sliding camera cover is a little tight, so it's difficult to slide back and forth. Maybe because it's new. After a few months of use, I'll update my stars. It needs to be broken in.

8. IPhone Shockproof Rotation Kickstand Magnetic

IPhone Shockproof Rotation Kickstand Magnetic

The perfect fit case is compatible with most screen protectors and accessories. The kickstand feature is an integrated gear rotating ring finger holder that can be used as a convenient viewing kickstand. There is a piece of iron hidden in the center of the holder ring that can be used to attach a case to the magnetic car holder. Drop protection is made up of reinforced corners and raised edges. The transparent back cover displays the true color of the phone. The bumper frame is easy to put on and remove.

Brand: Sqmcase

👤The product fits perfectly on the phone. It is nice and sturdy. Fast shipping. Hopefully in the future a ring case like this can be made that still supports MagSafe. It is more important to me that I can hold this phone one handed than it is that it charges when set in a disc. There is an update. It lasted 1.5 months before the ring fell off. I was at my door when it landed. Very disappointing.

👤The case is okay. Unless you can use a finger nail or a tool, it is hard to pull the ring. The Magnetic Car Mount does not work with the case. If I don't put the case on my phone, it won't stick to the mount, but it won't hurt. The case on my phone doesn't stick. I don't know what kind of test this company conducted to claim that it works with Magnetic Car Mount, but it is not true. Please let me know if anyone has found a car mount that works well with this phone case. I would like to try that. I bought this phone case for the sake of having a ring, but I will have to return it. The metal on the phone case isn't strong enough to stick. If you are going to use it on the magnetic car mount, don't buy it.

👤I need a case with a ring to make holding the phone easy and a metal plate to mount it on a magnetic car mount. The case is close to being perfect. The phone won't stay on the magnetic plate because the ring is thick and sticks out so the metal plate can't fully touch the magnetic plate on my phone mount. The metal ring is not enough to keep the max size Iphone from falling off. I don't like magnets on my phone because they can be used to wipe out my credit card problems. Looking for another case.

👤It's the best in its class. The edge of my phone is thoroughly grasped by the front side edge. The backside ring adds little to the thickness. The Alpaka phone pouch has room to spare in its expandable pocket, and the phone itself fits nicely into it. There is an arrow on the ring. It helps if you add a bit of depressing to the raised ridge. As you flip the phone out of its hiding place, place your finger parallel to the phone's surface. Two weeks is not enough time to rate it. It appears to be strong. The Spiken glass screen protectors are included with the complete package, but the process of fitting them is not intuitive. Good value with two screen protectors.

👤This case is perfect for my phone. I bought it for a 13 pro max but haven't received my new model. The case is good. It's protective. It is clear. There is one slight issue with the buttons. After a few days, I find dust lint and dirt between the case and the phone so I have to remove the phone from the case or wash it out. It's not a big deal. I assume that the snugger fit will allow less dust and build up, and that the 13 will fit slightly better. When the new phone arrives, we will see. I am generally satisfied. The case is exactly what I was expecting.

9. WATACHE Compatible Defender Protective Kickstand

WATACHE Compatible Defender Protective Kickstand

Slim FitCase is compatible with most 3rd-party screen protectors and accessories for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The case should be removed when wireless charging. Crystal Clear The transparent phone is the original color and design. Anti-yellowing and clarity are provided by the oleophobic coating. Thin and lightweight will not add bulk to your phone. Heavy Duty Protection is made of soft shockproof TPU frame and hard anti-scratch PC back. Extra protection of screen and camera is provided by raised lips. The shock-absorbing design in 4 corners effectively absorb shocks. An integrated rotating finger ring can be used as a hands-free viewing stand, and is better at preventing accidental drops and slip. A piece of hidden metal on the back of the magnetic car mount allows the case to be attached to the magnetic car holder, strong and sturdy, navigate on your trips without danger. The magnetic car mount holder is not included.

Brand: Watache

👤The case fit my phone perfectly. It is slim and tight so it doesn't add weight to the phone. The ring turned out to be a nice touch for me. The camera lens lip is too low to protect. The magnet can be stronger if it is removed from my car mount. It could be an issue with my mount. I think it's a good idea, especially for the price.

👤The case fits perfectly. The ring in the back makes it easy to hold and stand when watching videos. I use the magnetic back in my car to attach a vent clip.

👤A good fit. The case seems to provide good protection without a lot of bulk. Really like the ring kickstand. It is easy to use as a finger hold or a kickstand. The value is great.

👤An awful item. Cheap plastic and smaller than phone. Junk!

👤The ring on the case is not flimsy or cheap, which is what I liked about this product. It feels strong. I love that it fits around my screen protector, usually my cases lift my screen protectors, but this case don't.

👤The case was good. The buffer bumps for the screen are not as deep as I 888-276-5932s. Will need strong screen protectors and durable camera lens protectors.

👤The case is for the pro max. The raised lip for the camera is not the same as the camera lens. This is probably a 12 case.

👤I tried a lot of inexpensive cases and this was the best. The best I have had in a long time. It feels like it is made of quality materials. It helps to hold the phone in my hand. Highly recommended.

👤They lasted 3 days without dropping my phone, but they chip when in my bag and have cracks all over the place. Disappointed and won't be buying again.

👤It would be good for mounting my phone, but it won't hold it when I drive because of the bumps. I don't recommend this product for mounting your phone.

👤Thanks for the nice looking and very handy look.

👤No, no, No, no,

👤Hallo, das iPhone 13 Pro Max ist in Allgemeinen geschtzt. Im Schutzrand ist viel! Witz is Eigentlich.

10. GVIEWIN Compatible Rotatable Shockproof Protective

GVIEWIN Compatible Rotatable Shockproof Protective

This case has a ring kickstand that can be moved around. It fits over your finger to give you added security. It helps hands-free for watching/meeting/ learning. The stylish marble pattern in your phone case is anti-fade and scratch-proof. The impact-resistant material on your phone can protect it from shocks and drops. Accurate cutouts ensure easy access to all ports, buttons, speaker and camera. The raised edges of the phone screen and camera surface protect it from scratches and bumps. This case is compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and supports wireless charging. Quality assurance and customer service are included with any purchases with them.

Brand: Gviewin

👤The case is worth a couple of bucks. I don't think the screens will be protected if it's dropped, the lip is too small Really disappointed in this purchase.

👤The case looks good. I like the design. The ring stopped working as a stand. I don't know why it broke. If you are looking for a sturdy ring as a stand for your phone, I recommend this product.

👤This worked well with my phone. Shipping was fast. The product is not the same as the picture shows. I got the white marble. The ring on the back of the case is great. The ring fits perfectly because I have smaller hands, and the bigger the phone, the less comfortable it is to hold. Thank you.

👤If the prop ring is important to you, I don't recommend this case. I ordered this case because it included a finger ring on the back which made it great for securely holding the phone and for propping the phone up to read. The ring on the case will not hold the phone to prop up the phone, even though it looks like marble. I don't recommend the ring for anyone wanting to prop up their phone for reading or reviewing.

👤The case looks great, but after two weeks the ring loosened up. The pin that is used to place the ring is not flush. I'm not sure if this is how it looked to begin with, but I think this is the culprit for the looseness.

👤The product was working great until a few days ago. It wouldn't hold my phone up after 2 months. The screw is falling out and it is impossible to get it back in place. The ring is useless for holding up the phone because of this. Sadly, another product for garbage dump.

👤The print is rich and functional. I dropped my phone face on the floor and no cracks were found, so the raised bumper works, and the ring seems secure. The only thing I'm not happy about is the appearance of the white frosted plastic bumper around the sides and front of the case, I wish the print was wrapped around the entire visible part of the case. The white frosted edges make it look cheap compared to the rich colors of the print. The white frosted rubber part of the case around the phone's edges is what I see when my phone is face up. It's half frosted rubber and half printed wrap on its side, and the back side has a printed design.

👤The ring broke off after two weeks. I don't use the ring that much, so its really a shame this doesn't work. The pattern and color are the same, but I expect better quality material for the price I paid. This did not meet my standards.

11. Thomo Compatible Kickstand Full Body Protective

Thomo Compatible Kickstand Full Body Protective

This phone case is made of anti-drop protection material. The back of the glitter phone case has glitter elements, which make it look beautiful and luxurious. The high-quality anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant case keeps your phone as new. Extra safety is provided when holding the phone with the built-in 360-degree ring holder. It can be used as a hands-free holder, and can also be used to watch programs. The raised screen edge and camera edge can protect the screen and camera from direct contact with the table. The four-corner air cushion makes your phone shockproof. It is very similar to the curves of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Cute flashing diamond phone case, soft sides and hard back, easy to hold, comfortable and silky in the hand, provide enough grip, not bulky and slippery. Thomo brand has been committed to product quality, appearance and customer experience. They are always at your service, so please let them know if you have any questions about the purchase.

Brand: Thomo

👤The case was great for a couple of weeks. I bought it for the ring on the back. The ring is broken after two weeks. I have a case with a ring on the back that is useless. I have had similar cases that were just as bad and lasted a lot longer so I am not sure if it was just this one or not. Don't waste your money.

👤Excellent! It's a great value for money. This phone case fits my phone perfectly. It is a very sturdy and slim phone case. It is more beautiful than the picture shows. Surprising quality! The quality of the ring holder is very good. The buttons are easy to press. I will return. I want to collect other colors because I like this phone case so much. Definitely recommend!

👤This case is amazing. The ring is very strong and sturdy. The jewels add a nice touch to the color. It protects the camera and screen. I definitely recommend.

👤When I ordered this case for my phone, the picture on Amazon did not do justice to the case. I want to show everyone this case because it is so classy and elegant. The stand is classy. This case protects my phone well. The back of the case has a sturdy stand. Any one would be very proud to own such a case. I just love it.

👤I have been using the phone case for over a month. It was very nice with all the bling. The kickstand was sturdy and helped me hold a bigger phone as I have a carpal tunnel, but it was great to use. The ring holder is not as helpful as the kickstand because the screw/pin slowly started coming out from the kickstand, and now it is all loose. A very nice case. My husband tried to put the screw back in, but it wasn't going well. It started after the date I could return it.

👤The case for the iPhone 13 pro max is pretty. I like that it has a ring on the back that opens out to hold the case, and that it looks great on my phone.

👤I have dropped my promax several times. If I am walking the dogs, I use the ring on the back. I can put the ring on my finger and not worry about it being stolen. Good purchase!

👤This case is very easy to find in my purse. I couldn't find my phone. I wanted a case that had some pop to it and this case is perfect, it is a pretty candy apple red color that makes it easy to spot and not forget, and it has bling. The seller added some cute bonus items.

👤The ring stopped working in 6 weeks after I bought this case. I contacted the seller, but he didn't reply. I wouldn't recommend buying this product.


What is the best product for best iphone 13 pro max case with ring holder?

Best iphone 13 pro max case with ring holder products from Lameeku. In this article about best iphone 13 pro max case with ring holder you can see why people choose the product. Aowner and Ocyclone are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone 13 pro max case with ring holder.

What are the best brands for best iphone 13 pro max case with ring holder?

Lameeku, Aowner and Ocyclone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone 13 pro max case with ring holder. Find the detail in this article. Manleno, Watache and Ook are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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