Best Best Iphone 13 Pro Max Case Wallet

Case 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Compatible Leather Kickstand Magnetic Shockproof

Compatible Leather Kickstand Magnetic Shockproof

Only compatible with the new 5.8 inch display of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. A practical card holder has 4 slots for cards or cash. Premium PU Leather: OT Onetop use high-quality durable material for the service life, soft PU material brings very comfortable touch feel. Stand feature that is convenient. The Stand can be turned into a multi-angle comfortable view for reading, watching videos or facetime. All-round protection is a full-scale covering design.

Brand: Onetop

👤The second and third card are hard to remove. It is fairly easy to remove the first card because there is a hole cut out. I used a utility knife to cut out the cloth liners on the second and third cards. It was easy to remove those cards from the first slot. You need to slide the first card out to get to the second card. I really like this modification.

👤I love this phone case. I got it in rose gold and it looks great. The case of my phone is sturdy and has survived a few minor drops. Apple Pay works well and is not bulky. I only carry 3 cards in my case. I can leave without a bag if I need it, and I can grab my phone and go. I can hold my phone and play games. I have not owned mine for long, but I bought my mom one because I like it a lot.

👤The case does its job. It takes 1-2 days to break in. There are 6 cards in the case. Wireless charging doesn't work. It is not a big deal for me. I didn't think it would work.

👤I like this case. I gave it a 4 star rate because I want a better way to keep cash with it. It may be too heavy for what you want to carry with you. I have two IDs and a card. There is a pocket where you can keep a few bills. I did not regret buying this case. The price and construction were both good. I have a phone that is protected by the glass. I would buy it again.

👤I got a new phone and didn't have any of these cases for a couple days. I was lost. It's so convenient to have my credit card and cash in the back of my phone because of the strong magnets on it.

👤I really liked putting this case on my phone. Prayers were answered. A red color. I love having my credit cards and cash in one place. The credit card liner fell off. My credit cards are covered in glue and I can't get a few of them separated when making a quick purchase. Oh, *sigh*

👤There is a small slot for another card or cash. It's not too bulky but it's a bit too big for phone holders in the car. Highly recommended for men who shop, go to the gym, frequent amusement parks and/or want to carry a minimum amount of stuff in their pockets, bags and wallet. I keep my frequently used cards in my phone wallet so I can leave my wallet behind and still have my ID and so on.

👤I like this phone wallet. I have a license and 2 credit cards. Everything else is on my phone. I don't carry it if it isn't compatible with my phone. My wallet is not in my back pocket.

2. Dreem Fibonacci Wallet Case Apple IPhone

Dreem Fibonacci Wallet Case Apple IPhone

The case for the IPHONE 13 PRO MAX is shock absorbing and cannot crack. Enclosed top and bottom for better protection. It's still slim and elegant. The phone wallet has three card-holder-slots and is multi-functional. Easy-open clasp and horizontal and vertical kick-stand viewing are fully adjusted for hands-free viewing. The magnetic flip-case design allows for the convenience of a wallet-folio without sacrificing the superior handling of a slim case. Out-of-the-box ready for Magsafe charging or magnetic mounts. Premium handcrafted faux leather with beautiful stitching. It's perfect for men and women. You will receive a beautiful box ready for gift giving. 30-Day Money Back and 5-star customer care are included in the 1-year warranty. Choose your phone accessories from a brand that you can trust and a company that has a purpose.

Brand: Dreem

👤I bought this case before I received the phone that I ordered. I was skeptical when it arrived because it didn't have the mag-safe logo on the back, but the specs said it supports mag-safe charging. I was expecting to have to completely remove the case once my mag-safe charge arrived. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it works with my mag-safe charger. It has to be placed in the right place to connect. This case is a good one. It doesn't come in my favorite shade of green, but you can't have everything.

👤This is a really good case for my phone, but it's important that the cards don't slide out of the pockets on their own. I had a scare when I pulled out my phone to find my credit cards were gone, because if I hold my phone upside down the cards slide out of their pockets. I found my steps in the little cubby hole beneath the car radio, even though I freaked out and backtracked. This was a sign that I should keep cards inside the side pocket. They can't slide out of the closed phone case. It's a good case.

👤The case works exactly as it is supposed to. The magnets are strong. The material is very close to real leather. It feels great. I fit 6 cards and 10 bills in the pockets and the clasp still holds up. It could fit more. The stand function works well as well. The screen and cameras are safe because of the overhang. If I could, I would give it 6 stars.

👤I have not owned any other brand of wallet for a number of years because I adore the Fibonacci dream wallet. The camera is not protected when taken out of the wallet shell. The phone cover requires more design thinking.

👤This is a good product. It has been very durable so far. My phone fell down the stairs and there was a small scratch on one of the corners. It didn't sound bad when it was bouncing down. The phone was held in the case by the magnet. The case is used the same way. The case closes securely because the tabs are magnets. The stand positions are easy to use. I received a used box case and it held three cards, a couple of business cards, cash and a Simm card without affecting how well it closes. Someone's receipts were in it. They sent me a new one after I contacted Dreem. It is not their policy to send used products. This was apparently done by Amazon. They were going to look into it. This is an excellent investment for a phone. The phone was saved from a fall.

👤This is the 4th consecutive Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 wallet-case I have had. I've been to the market to see if there is a better alternative but I always come back to the Dreem product. I was looking for a good quality product with key features, including a 2-in-1 case that allows me to use just the form-fitting case while I'm around the house or in the car, then stick that into the wallet when I leave the home/car for added protection. I can't say how that works. The traditional wallet is bulky and looks terrible in any pocket. I don't leave home without my phone, wallet, and car key, so I made it into one. I will be happy when I own a car that can use my device for proximity detection and start the car without a physical key. I settled on two physical cards and my license to occupy the 3 slots given, then put the other cards and IDs into the Apple wallet, and give up carrying cash. I keep a folded bill in the hidden section for emergencies. I was disappointed that there was no metallic surface underneath the Dreem logo, which is where I need it most. I need the metallic surface for mounting in my vehicle and Dreem changed this spot. The phone is heavy and swings around upside while I'm driving. A thin metal plate between the phone and the case provides a lot of magnetic strength. I've mounted the metal plate to the outside of the leather case which is far less than I wanted it to be. I hope Dreem fixes this in their next release.

3. UCOLOR Leopard Compatible Protective Magnetic

UCOLOR Leopard Compatible Protective Magnetic

Only compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Leopard design is beige. A practical card holder holds your cards and cash without taking your wallet outside. No worries of things slipping out are kept safe by the steady magnetic buckles. Carrying security and privacy. cutouts for easy access. TheKICKSTAND wallet case is functional. The Stand feature can be used to view videos or face time. The phone is not included in the package.

Brand: Ucolor

👤I bought five different cases to compare and see which one I like better, so I will leave a picture of all of them.

👤This is not gold. I saw gold foil in other reviews. This is not a real peach. There is a scratch on the black area by the camera opening. The magnetic wallet is strong and it was given two stars. If they get it right with the replacement, I will come back and update.

👤It's a really nice case. It's pretty and appears to be durable so far. The sides that come up above the screen make sure the screen doesn't touch the ground if it falls flat.

👤It's perfect for when you need to have your purse with you.

👤This is the second time I have bought a case like this. It is very durable, holds cards and cash well. Unless you open your phone case, people don't know it holds your cards and cash.

👤Cute and hold cards. After 2 months of use, it is starting to loose it's hold.

👤The phone case fits the phone well and is what I wanted.

👤You can't close it by the time you put your cards in.

4. Smartish IPhone Pro Wallet Case

Smartish IPhone Pro Wallet Case

When it's time to pay, don't hold up the line, easy access to 3 cards and cash. The built-in spring keeps cards are secure. You don't drop it like it's hot. The construction is ultra-light anddurable. Is it thin and protected? It needs a life-coach. Not compatible with wire or safe accessories. The magnets are too big for them.

Brand: Smartish

👤I have been using the Wallet Slayer for my past two phones and ordered a new one for the new Pro Max, it fits perfectly. The 11 Pro Max version is slightly larger. The sides are very good. The front edge of the screen protector works perfectly, even though the Smartish version was not perfect for 13PM. Wireless charging works on the 12 and 11 models, but not the 13 Pro Max model, because cards are taken out, but for some reason it doesn't work through the 13 Pro Max version. It could be the phone or my wireless charge, but it's not a big deal. The wallet case is perfect for me. A wallet case.

👤This is my third one. I have had it with my last three phones. I like them. It is very practical. My phone is taking random pictures without me pushing the button, so the button must be off. It is mine, but not sure if that is the experience of everyone.

👤We have been using these cases since we got the 8plus. I first saw them on Amazon and loved them so much that I convinced my husband to try and he always asked for this specific case when we got new phones. We use a glass screen protectors for his phones, but these cases kept his phones safe, because he drops his phone a lot. If that didn't tell you how much he trusted and loved these cases, what else can? Even though I loved the cases, I was on the fence. I was getting tired of the black cases. When I found out there was a case for $10 more, I sent all the phone cases back. I was a little hesitant at first, but my husband said if you like it, get it, or keep ordering 100 cases and send them back. I'm loving my new phone case, so I'm glad I went for it.

👤I don't know if this case is the best, but it should protect your phone. I wanted a case where I could keep my ID and card. This one is perfect. If you have 2 cards, it works best. It's not easy to take out more than one card. Your cards are safe. They will stay inside if you move it and throw it.

👤This is the second phone case cover from this company. It holds 2 or 3 cards depending on thickness. I didn't have a problem with it stretching out and cards falling out. It's much easier to have a card with your phone. Less fumbling. You can push the card out from the cut out slot. The bright color makes it easy to find. Even though I dropped it occasionally, it protected my phone. I got a new phone after having the first cover for three years.

👤Every time we get a new phone, we immediately order a new Smartish wallet case, and they last for the entire time we have our phones. They're very secure and easy to get your phone in. I was delighted to see that they had a pattern on their cases, so I was happy to see that they had bought one and received praise for it all the time. I carry four cards, and every once in a while I put cash in between the phone and case. My husband is a fan of the blue. We convinced several friends to buy these and after 6 years of using them, we can confidently say they're wonderful cases.

5. TUCCH Blocking Shockproof Interior Compatible

TUCCH Blocking Shockproof Interior Compatible

Only compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7-inch. The kickstand function in the TUCCH iPhone 13 Pro Max leather case will allow you to hang out with friends on the phone and watch a movie at the same time. The magnetic clasp is used to keep it closed. Do not fit other devices. The new iPhone 13 Pro Max leather wallet case is designed to allow full access to all features, which makes it the perfect accessory for your new phone. The leather flip cover has a larger money pocket and 4 credit card slots, so you don't have to carry an extra wallet. RFID blocking and fully effective protection, uses of which effectively shields the signals and keeps your personal information safe. The flip wallet leather case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max can cover all corners and provide great dual-layer protection. The shockproof edge of the full-body inner shell ensures that your phone is protected against drops and bumps. Premium synthetic leather cover protects your new iPhone 13 Pro Max against scratches and drops. They have designed cases that are both practical and retro. TUCCH is a luxurious and fashionable leather case for your phone. All leather cases sold by their store are covered with LIFETIME WARRANTY in order to pursue a higher customer experience satisfaction. If you have a non-artificial quality problem, please contact them to get a new replacement.

Brand: Tucch

👤I just bought a new case for the new Pro Max 13 after buying my last one a year ago. The quality of this case is very good. I keep a lot of CC's in the wallet section and it has done a great job for me. The quality is very good. The packaging is lovely. Well done, Tucch! They offer a lifetime warranty which is crazy. I will be a fan for the rest of my life. I've blown through others before and this product stands up to time. They've added the new blocking. #bonus

👤I love this book. I got two for the 13 pro max and the mini. The packaging is nice. The case is sturdy and well made. It holds your cards securely and has great drop protection. The magnetic clasp and cover allow you to prop the phone up for watching videos. If you don't like solutions like the Apple wallet, then this case is for you.

👤It takes a while for new cases with clasps to settle in and be able to close. The clasp on this wallet is not strong enough to keep the wallet closed. If you only add 3 cards max, the clasp will work.

👤The material is good. It looks and feels good. I liked the 4 slots more than the 3 others had. The stictching is very good. I have read reviews of similar wallet cases and this one is up to par. The one I saw was the best one I've seen and I'm very happy with the purchase. I wish they used a stronger magnet to close the clasp. It's challenged to hold when you put 4 cards in the slots and stuff in the compartment. I wish they had the option for a circular cutout on the back side, once big enough to afford this case to use the wireless charging option. I wish they increased the binding by a small amount so that when you close it, there is a full complement of cards in their pockets. The thickness of the cards doesn't reach to the fully closed position of the phone once it makes contact with the front of the phone. It's all over. Excellent quality. The price is great. Very happy.

👤The phone is in a "rubber" holder. The case has to behing to allow horizontal display. There are two negatives, but not dealbreakers. The case has a magnetic tab that could be a weak point down the road. I knew this was going in, but I couldn't find the previous model of the phone that had a full flap, which offered better protection, and spread the stress across the whole phone as opposed to a small strip of leather. The case could open in some situations if the magnet is weak. It's a nice case for the money.

👤This is the second case of this brand that I have purchased. I got the first one about 2 1/2 years ago. I needed a new case after I upgraded my phone. The old case is in good condition. The rubber that holds the phone in was completely secure. I gave it to my daughter because she still has the phone. The case is worth the money. The other brans I have bought would last about 6 months. I will be back for another one of these.

6. QHOHQ IPhone Pro Max 6 7

QHOHQ IPhone Pro Max 6 7

The screen protectors and camera lens protectors are compatible with the 13 Pro Max. This product was not designed for the iPhone. 13 6.1" The Pro 6.1 is one of the models. If you don't know how to install, watch their video. The function is high-definition. The screen of the protective film is very easy to clean because it is treated with a smooth coating that reduces fingerprints from sweat and grease. The visibility of the screen is enhanced by the light transmittance. Ultra-thin and Curved Design: It is made of 0.33mm glass and has a perfect touch experience. The edge feels smooth and never scratches. Night shooting function and augmented reality technology. The camera lens protectors are designed for the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7", using augmented reality "Seamless" fusion new technology, with enhanced light transmission function, no need to design the flash hole position, even if the flash is turned on at night, it can guarantee the original quality of photos The screen coverage protection is specialty. The protective film surrounds the entire display of the phone, but in order to make it compatible with most cases, the glass that was designed to cover the edge of the phone will not cover the entire screen.

Brand: Qhohq

👤How do I shut the ear speaker when I make a phone call? All of them like that.

👤It seems like someone just put a sticker on the product but it was actually the same brand of screen protectors. Do not trust Amazon, they already resolved this with me. I only bought this because it was on sale and I needed something immediately, since I usually buy screen protectors from a brand that will release one for the 13 Pro Max. If you plan on using this alone, it doesn't fit all the way to the edges of the screen. Privacy protectors that make your screen look black from side angles were the ones I received. I'm not sure why they wouldn't promote that. It's not what I was looking for. It makes the screen look small, and that may be because of the way privacy screen protectors are. One of the main selling points of the 13 Pro Max is that the screen is amazing, and this protector makes everything look blurry. It also seems to be affecting the responsiveness of the screen, which is enough reason for me to walk around with a naked front screen until I find a better one. I'm not a person who takes pictures. I'm not sure if the camera protector does anything to camera quality, but it is thicker than the edge of my case, which makes me nervous. The flash is not a cut out. If you want something that preserves the beauty of the display on your new phone and allows you to take advantage of how crazy responsive the 13 Pro Max is, this is the product for you.

👤I don't recommend this screen protectors for long term. It claims to be edge to edge, but not a 2.5D smooth edge. The plastic screen protectors are not as strong as the glass ones, but for $11 a 3 pack you can hold you over for a week or two. The corner drops will break your screen since it is not a proper edge to edge corner.

👤We just got our new iPhones and they arrived a few days before the other ones. The cheapest and easiest screen protectors I have used so far. This was the easiest to apply and I have been using it for over 6 years. There were no bubbles. I messed up on mine by getting dust trapped and taking it off and putting it back on, but there were no bubbles in the glass. If you mess up on one, you get a set of 3 so you have an extra tool to use. My only recommendation is to do it in an area with no dust or breeze, so no lint or anything gets trapped underneath. Perfect screen protectors. Couldn't be better, good price, protection, and quality.

👤Within 3 hours, the screen protectors had a bubble over a third of my screen. I tried taking off and cleaning my screen, but it didn't work. We will see how it goes after trying a second one. I like the camera protectors a lot. I have 3 stars because one didn't work correctly. I hope the second one succeeds. The seller sent me more protectors. They were professional, friendly and kept me updated. I would definitely recommend the protectors.

7. Elando Compatible Non Yellowing Protective Shockproof

Elando Compatible Non Yellowing Protective Shockproof

Crystal Clear and Non- Yellow: Diamond anti-oxidation coating and anti-yellow coating material keep the case clear and prevent it from turning yellow. The phone case is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Over time, it won't get oily. It is shockproof Military-Grade Protection. It has 12 anti-collision airbags in four corners. The anti-collision performance is three times higher than other phone cases. The backplane and bumper are made with hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU, which will not scratch the phone. The raised edges of the screen and camera protect it against damage and scratches. Extra and comprehensive protection for your phone is provided by the 1.3mm raised screen edges and 4.0mm raised camera edges. Only a perfect fit for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, 6.7 inch phone, and matches most screen protectors on the market. It wraps around your phone and has a cut-out design. These stop dust from entering the phone. The slim and lightweight phone case is a great fit for your phone, it provides a more comfortable grip and is compatible with wireless charging. It feels like a bare phone, which is original and protects at the same time. They can replace your phone case for a lifetime. If you have a product issue, please contact them through the Amazon message center.

Brand: Elando

👤I need to make sure that my new phone is protected and shows the beauty of the phone's design, because I am ordering an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Elando is a reliable seller in the phone case market. The case was received within 2 days of placing the order. The crystal clear case shows the beauty and color of the phone. The soft material feels very comfortable. It is light and protective. I like the raised lip on the camera and screen. The raised lip ensures that the surface of the phone won't scratch the desktop. This is a very attractive case and it is cheap. The Elando case is a good one for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I received the phone today. The case and phone are amazing. It was perfect.

👤I was not happy to see that this was just a thin plastic holder. The holder won't offer any protection for your phone. I will return it.

👤Elando's Crystal Clear Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best choice if you are looking for something that can protect your new phone without adding weight and providing good protection. This is a very slim case, it looks like a handicraft. It has raised edges to protect the screen of the phone. The charging port and hole position do not affect the charging and sound output. The case works well with the wireless device. The seller provides lifetime warranty. It's a pleasant shopping experience.

👤I don't usually leave reviews if I'm very pleased with a product. I love this phone case. It is the same as described. I put this on my phone and have not had a complaint for 2 days. I have tried many clear cases and they never work out. It's easy to hold and doesn't leave fingerprints. Shows off my blue phone. I am very impressed with this one. I don't think it's crazy to do a drop test because I haven't dropped my phone.

👤Trust me, it's worth it! The phone case is beautiful and the texture is very good. It is a good deal to buy at this price. The materials and workmanship of the phone case are of the highest quality. You can see the phone in the see thru case. The customer service staff are pleasant to work with. The workmanship is great, it shines like crystal, the frame is smooth, and it won't cut into your hands. Any local thug can try it. The opening is very precise.

👤I don't know if I have to get a new phone case because I upgrade my phone every year. I thought the 13 Pro max was the same size as the 12 so I wouldn't have to buy a new case. Even though the phones are the same size, the square surrounding the lens is slightly bigger, so my old clear case doesn't fit right around the lens. When I put my old case next to my new Elando clear case, you can see the difference in color. My old phone case has a yellow tint, while my new one is clear. I love it!

8. LUPA Legacy IPhone Case Wallet

LUPA Legacy IPhone Case Wallet

Only compatible with the new 5.8 inch diagonal display of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It supports wireless charging. Carry up to 3 credit cards/ID and cash without a bulky wallet or purse. It's lightweight and slim, unlike the other wallet cases. Lusty and hardy: This case is stylish and durable because of the high end handcrafted stitchings. . Protection: The ultimate protection for your phone's screen is offered by this case. Your phone will be protected from scratches and drops. A perfect gift is packaged in a beautiful box. It is the perfect gift for men and women who like quality craftsmanship and timeless style.

Brand: Lupa Legacy

👤I ordered a Vaja case for my husband. You can choose the color of the inside and out of the case. The case made in Europe takes a long time. I ordered this case for him to use until his leather one arrives. The expensive case is a bit better. This is a great case, and it's cheap.

👤This is a great case. It's easy to hold the phone in different positions. It's not necessary to have a wallet in pocket with ID or bank card. People can't tell the money slot is a pocket with a glance. I 800-273-3217 It is easy to see how well the case is made when you have it in front of you. It feels like leather will last a long time.

👤If you put a few cards in it it doesn't close. Very disappointed!

👤The case for my phone fit perfectly. There is a small place to put currency and 3 slots for credit cards. I don't have to take a purse with me when I just want to use something small that will hold what I need.

👤I bought this case for my phone two months ago. I upgraded to the 13Pro Max and decided to get one the same as my last purchase. The snap is firm, the colors are durable, and I am happy with this purchase. Thank you.

👤I wanted a wallet case for my phone that was strong and easy to hold. I like the look and the craftsmanship. Several people have praised me. I have had no problems so far and it surpasses the reasons for purchase.

👤I bought this case for my phone and I approve. This case is perfect if you are looking for serious and class.

👤I have been using their slim line phone cases for years and they are a great product.

9. Shockproof Protective Anti Yellowing Technology Iridescent

Shockproof Protective Anti Yellowing Technology Iridescent

It's compatible with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max only. This is a shockproof case. The military grade drop was tested. The Military Grade Drop Test standards state that a phone case can survive drops up to 10 feet. The metal frame is machine-made. This rugged iPhone case is made of a hard shell wrapped with aluminum and a bubble pattern rubber interior lining. I was raised to be wary of Bozel. The raised lip protects the screen from scratches. It does not come with a front cover or screen protectors. There is a wireless clustering company. Shield iPhone Pro Max cases are compatible with wireless charging. It works with MagSafe chargers at 15W rate, but not MagSafe accessories.

Brand: Raptic

👤This is the first case I've ever bought that didn't fit properly. The side of the phone has a small lip over it. I can still see it. The lip should come up and cover the side. It should meet with the front of the building. It doesn't! The price paid is unacceptable. It doesn't meet Apple's dimensions. The way the front looks isn't worth much more than a single star.

👤This Raptic case is a study plastic frame with air pockets in the bumpers to protect the sides and corners of your phone from drops. The edges of the case sit almost flush with the screen and camera on the phone, which is a glaring flaw. My phone rests on its camera when it is laid on its back and on its face when it is laid on its face after I added glass screen protectors. This flaw causes significant scratching to the screen and camera bezels, because of the large proportions of the cameras. I had to replace this case after only two weeks of use because it was a good looking one.

👤The phone case does what it is supposed to. I forgot to put my phone on the roof of my car, and it was a big mistake. When I took a turn on a 60mph road, I heard a thunk in my brand. The new iPhone 13 Pro Max took a tumble at 60mph. I was shocked to find that my phone had not sustained any damage, and the case had been the most damaged part of the fall. The photos show the damage to the case that would have been on my phone. I bought another Raptic case to replace the one that was damaged. The sleek look of this case is what I get a lot of compliment on. It is a great option. I know that it does its job.

👤My wife has a different case for her phone and it does not get hot. I tried putting my wife's phone in this case and it did the same thing as my phone did. I have dropped the phone several times and it has survived the falls. I will find another case.

👤It says it is magnsafe comparable. I put on a phone and tried to use it, but it couldn't stay on. I tried on my mag safe car charge, but it wouldn't charge. The phone stuck hard to both of them after being taken out of the case. Don't be surprised if it doesn't hold on to a charge with it.

👤I have only had the case for a few days, but I think it's a good one that protects the phone. The back of the case is slightly raised, which provides a buffer from drops back-side down. The front has a slightly raised lip. I haven't tested its ability to protect the phone, but it appears well designed. The case was difficult to install and although Magsafe compatible, the magnet has some difficulty through the back of the case. I'm worried that the Magsafe car mount won't be strong enough.

10. Bocasal Detachable Kickstand Shockproof Protective

Bocasal Detachable Kickstand Shockproof Protective

The flip wallet case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not compatible with other phones. It can be used as a wallet case that can hold little cash and your various cards such as credit card, ID card, and so on. The wallet part can be a slim leather case or a magnetic case with a card holder. This case card holder is covered with a material that blocks radio signals from stealing your private information from your cards. The stand feature frees your hands while you read, watch a movie, or do other things. Full body coverage of the flip purse case can protect your phone. This magnetic leather flip case can be hanged on your phone if you don't want to hold it in your hand. Premium PU leather has a smooth texture and round corners provide a comfortable grip.

Brand: Bocasal

👤When the phone is removed from the wallet it doesn't allow wireless charging.

👤The case fits the phone well. It can work with wireless charging, according to other reviews. I had a cheaper and weaker wireless charging device. My husband has a better quality one and it works with him. This fits inside the wallet. I am surprised the case with wallet is so cheap, it is well made and works great. I bought a red one.

👤It works through the case, but not the whole wallet. The phone is too heavy for the magnets to keep it in place but I can only say that it feels to fit like a glove if you shake or move aggressively. I am very pleased with this product. 10/10 would be good.

👤I would close the flap with the magnetic spot on it and the phone would stop making calls after I did. I was there most of the time, but I didn't call often. It was so embarrassing. A family lost a family member 3 hours before I made the call. I tried to use the case, but made a lot of calls.

👤The wallet and case work without any problems. We can remove the phone from the wallet when we need to put it on the mount. The kickstand feature works, but the wireless charging doesn't even work when the phone is out of the wallet.

👤I received this about 10 minutes ago. Don't waste your money. You can open the case with a slight jerk and it will come off. The part around the camera is wrapped in cardboard. I have paid less for better.

👤The phone was detached from the wallet. I have had similar cases for my previous phones and have worried that I would not be able to find one with the magnetic back. Something that was an unimportant thing is now a must have. I put it on my cabinet at work, my refrigerator, and even my washing machine.

👤The case has a magnet. I can't remember how many times I have clapped it on something metal to free my hands or to read something on the phone.

11. Red2Fire Protector Protective Lightweight Shockproof

Red2Fire Protector Protective Lightweight Shockproof

This phone case is compatible with the iPhone 13 pro max. Support magsafe and wireless charging. The screen protection is built in. The claer iPhone 13 pro max case has a screen protection that protects the screen from scratches and cracks, and it has a sensitive touch performance. Military drop protection. The double-layer design of the built-in screen protector and sturdy transparent back cover of the iPhone 13 pro max protective case provides full-body protection for your new phone. The shock-absorption design is unique. Perfect fit. The buttons of the iPhone 13 pro max phone cases are designed with accuracy and responsiveness in mind. The easiest way to install a shockproof phone case is to cover the front phone case with the whole phone. It is very easy to fit and support repeated use. If you have a question about the phone case, please contact them.

Brand: Red2fire

👤I put the phone in this case last night and just got out of the car this morning and it shattered the back.

👤There are small scratches on the screen. It is not durable at all. I don't want to have a phone in a cheap case.

👤Sturdy case. It is designed to protect the phone. There are two major flaws in my experience. 1. It is not compatible with Magsafe. The case has to be removed to charge it. 2. There is a small gap in the center of the screen protectors and the phone screens. It makes a soft sound when you type a message or email in the dark. It's not suitable for me to work next to my child or spouse sleeping peacefully.

👤Just received it. I need a case for the new phone quickly until I find one that I really like. I thought it would protect my cell. When I bought this case to protect my new phone, it was delayed a day because of the holidays. The case is strong and will protect it. It is all about protection, but Apple has created another design that costs us more money to protect. There is an accessory needed to protect the lens. The case has a textured side for better grip. This is the first step in protecting your phone. You won't need a case if you don't drop your phone. grip on a case is very important to me Abstinence is the best prevention. The buttons work. The corners have more thickness. The shield on the screen is well-suited. The touchscreen works just fine without bubbles. The edges of the phone are raised to better protect it when it is put down. The charging port has a cap on it. There is a I would think you could dunk this case in water and keep the inside dry if it wasn't for the holes in the cameras. It seems to have all the necessary protection. There are a couple of cons. There is a The clear plastic cases show fingerprints like no other. A mark is left by any touch. When I received the case, I had fingerprints on it. I tried not to touch the inside of the case, but it could have come from me. The case on my phone left a streak even after I swiped my finger across it, even though my phone screen had no fingerprints on it. The cleaning towel doesn't clean well. The fingerprints were smeared instead of cleaned up. I used my t-shirt to clear the fingerprints and then used the lint cloth to clear the shirt that was left behind. An annoying hassle that will keep happening is not an unsolvable issue. Maybe there is a coating on the phone that prevents fingerprints from being used. This is a common issue with the cleaning towel sent with this case. I need to learn how to use other cleaning towels. It may be just for lint. I am not sure. I thought the case was incompatible with the wireless charging station, but I found out it wasn't compatible with my phone. I turned my cell upside down and it charged. I tested it on 2 flat-based wireless chargers and it worked perfectly. The front and back of the case seem to be made of a thin layer of plastic. The back moves when you push it, but the front is expected. I don't think the back of my phone is safe. I would prefer the hard plastic that you can't see over the clear plastic. The sides and corners are well protected. This is the first time I have seen the case. I think it's four stars for now. I might change my rating after a couple of drops.


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