Best Best Iphone 13 Pro Max Case Magsafe

Case 19 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. OtterBox Symmetry Antimicrobial MagSafe IPhone

OtterBox Symmetry Antimicrobial MagSafe IPhone

It's compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The case is tested to survive 3X as many drops as the military standard. It doesn't protect the screen. Made with 50% recycled plastic and raised edges, it's compatible with Apple MagSafe and wireless charging. Thin profile slips easily into tight pockets, the one-piece design pops on and off in a flash and durable protection shields against drops, bumps and fumbleds. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the OtterBox.

Brand: Otterbox

👤I like the case very much. It shows the color of your phone. I like how it has a good grip and doesn't feel slippery. The case has glitter on it. The wireless charging has worked so far on my pads at home but I have a problem with this case because I have a Model Y car and it won't work on my charging pad in my car. I was disappointed because it is hard to find a case for this phone that works with my car. The case came close but fell short.

👤I have never been a huge fan of otterbox cases before but I was looking for a clear one that had buttons that were easier to press than the Kate Spade case I was using. I wasn't sure if I would like this case, but now that I have it on my phone, I'm a big fan. The glitter is hard to see in my photos but in real life it is very visible and looks nice against the silver iPhone 13 pro. The buttons are easy to use. The cut outs at the bottom of the phone are perfectly cut, which isn't a big deal, but it is nice coming from a case that wasn't like this. The case has a nice grip on it. I use a MagSafe pop wallet, but even though I don't have that on the phone, it feels secure in my hands because of the rubbery edges. Will see how it holds up over time as clear cases are notorious for yellowing.

👤I bought this case because of my MagSafe charge. The pop-socket built in case didn't work with the old wireless one, which was overheating my battery. This case works great with the MagSafe pop-socket. I didn't want to give up my good grip on my phone. I don't want a cheap Chinese made phone accessory. There were decisions to be made. I got a pop up ad for the MagSafe pop sockets. The reviews were not great. I thought it should work with this case. I gave it a try. It works well. I like the sparkles. It is pretty on my phone.

👤The clear cover was received yesterday. I was hesitant about the glitter. I was expecting a cover with glitter. I was wrong. It is like my phone is covered in fairy dust. You don't see the big shiny bits, but small flashes of light. I am very happy with it and it is an otterbox. Kirk's Folly fans will have to have this.

👤Excellent quality. I found a very similar one for less than half the price.

👤The material is very secure. Have dropped it a few times.

👤Good protect cell phone.

👤It seems like I wasted my money, can you tell me how to return that cover? I need my money back.

👤The case looks disgusting after 4 days of use.

2. ESR Compatible Military Grade Yellowing Resistant Shock Absorbing

ESR Compatible Military Grade Yellowing Resistant Shock Absorbing

The MagSafe-Compatible Charging is designed for the iPhone 13 Pro Max to provide fast and easy place-and-go wireless charging. 36 strong built-in magnets ensure a secure lock with any MagSafe-style chargers or accessories. Air-Guard corners make sure your phone is safe from drops, even if it's a 6.7-inch device. The raised screen edges and exclusive Camera Guard lens frame help protect your screen and camera from scratches. 3X more scratch resistant than polycarbonate, and it resists yellowing, make your phone look fresh and clean.

Brand: Esr

👤I got the non-magsafe version of the case because it wasn't available in time for my phone's arrival. I pulled out my credit card again after seeing it in stock, I knew I was going to have a magsafe mount in my car. I will either save the other or give it to someone. You want a magsafe case if you plan on using a magsafe car mount or desk stand. The second magnetic ring is what makes the difference. It takes a lot of force to remove it from the mount. A solid snap applies to the bedside charger. It's a firm hold. I like the reinforced bumped out corners for drops, and the beveled sides keep it from feeling as heavy as it actually is. I think that it makes my 13 pro max look smaller. It's Witchcraft! Plugging is easy and the ports are accurate. It's easy to swap on and off since I tend to swap cases for the needs of the day. Simple drops might be catastrophic if you want it to be easy to take off. This case is nearly perfect for me and I don't think I'll need to swap it. I can't believe I said that.

👤It is a great case of the 13 max pro, but it has already started to yellow and it is only 2 months old.

👤This case is one of the best I have ever purchased from Amazon. The TPC feel is smooth, but it is not rubbery. The edges are not rough. The phone feels thinner. It is clear. I expect it to turn yellow in a few years. The camera opening and front lip provide good protection and do not interfere with the glass screen protectors I have installed. The feel in your hand is the biggest pro. Solid, firm, firm. 5 stars!

👤I like this case a lot, but I am not sure if it will turn yellow after 3-4 months. I was given a new case. How long before this one turns yellow? The final update. This product is garbage. After 3-4 months, my first case turned yellow. Within 30 days, this one turned yellow. I like this case. I don't like that an anti-yellowing case turns yellow so fast.

👤The company makes great quality protective products. I love their products for apple gear. The cover has a cut out for my latest pro max phone safety against falls or daily usage scratches. It left my phone unharmed on two recent falls, one from top of a book shelf and one in a car seat black hole.

👤It's a beautiful case, but it yellows quickly. I went through 2 of them with an Apple product. The phone is well protected and has nice cushions on the corners. The only gripe is that the cases seem to get yellow. It's still nicer than using a black or colored case for your phone.

👤The case is very good. The magsafe compatibility is 5 stars outstanding. The halolock is called a charm because it works like one. I have owned the case for a while and have not had any issues with it.

3. Meifigno IPhone Pro Max 6 7

Meifigno IPhone Pro Max 6 7

15W Original Charging ExperiencePerfectly aligned magnets make wireless charging faster and easier than ever, providing a magical attach and detach experience and maintaining 15W high-speed charging. Bring the original charging speed experience and provide high quality protection for your 13 pro max. Compatible with MagSafe accessories and wireless charging devices. It is compatible with MagSafe and third-party wireless charging. It has a stronger magnetic force. You don't have to remove the case when charging your phone. The magnetic case is compatible with the phone. Even if your phone falls 3000+ times from a height of 6.6Ft to a hard ground, it will survive because of the 13 pro max case. It can protect your phone. Silky touch on the back is provided by a skin-friendly coating. The half clear case for the iPhone 13 pro max is made of non-glossy material and has anti-fingerprints, anti-scratch and anti-oil. They have enough confidence to provide you with quality products and services. They'd love to hear from you about the 13 Pro Max Case.

Brand: Meifigno

👤It's great in the hands. The finish looks nice. Pressing the buttons feels very nice. I look forward to using different magsafe accessories. The phone case needs to be cleaned from smudges. It might be slippery for some.

👤This case is easy to install and remove. It works well with my magnetic car mount. It can be absorbed on my car mount. The back of the case is made of hard material, so it is easy to install and remove without scratching my phone. It's comfortable to hold in your hand with no fingerprints or stains. Most cases on the market are easy to clean. I love my cell phone so much that I can't stand this. The raised lips on the front and back prevent the screen and camera from being scratched.

👤The MagSafe is strong and the case has a lip over the screen. It is slippery in the hands but I will use a pop sockets.

👤I was in need of a new phone case with my brand new phone on the way. I decided to buy Meifigno's transparent magnetic case after browsing through pages of phone cases on Amazon. I like this case. It works well with my battery pack. I've been using the MagSafe batter pack for over a week and there's been no issues. The clear hard case doesn't get scratched, which is a plus, and there is a lip on the back. The portable phone stand in the package can be used with my iPad. I would recommend this case to anyone.

👤I have had an Apple device for as long as I can remember. This case has been my favorite of all the cases I have had. The 13 pro max has a great button response, aesthetic design, and just the right amount of see through on the back. * Good grip and soft feel. No fingerprints, a strong magnet on the back, and a good lift on the screen let you feel safe. Pick it up, no complaints.

👤The product is very good. It feels good in the hands, the protection is good, and I like the texture of the material. I love it. It was very soft and comfortable.

👤I received the phone case today and I am very happy. The packaging is very delicate. I put the 13 pro max case on my phone after opening the box. The grip is very good. A mobile phone stand is included inside as a bonus. There is an after-sales card as well. You can contact them if there is a problem. I think it's thoughtful. I was very happy with my shopping experience.

👤I got this case for the new 13 pro max and so far it has been great. I like buying frosted back cases because they feel good when I hold the phone in my hand. The flat edges of the 13 pro max makes it easier to hold in the hand. The MagSafe works well, but I have never used it before so I don't have anything to compare it to. The case has a raised lip around the camera to protect it from drops and a raised lip on the front. The side buttons on the case are nice, and it makes it easier to press them to increase or decrease volume.

4. SUPMEGA Compatible Accessories Anti Yellowing Shockproof

SUPMEGA Compatible Accessories Anti Yellowing Shockproof

The strong magnetic cover of the SUPMEGA Magnetic Case ensures a secure lock with any MagSafe accessory. Specifically designed for the Pro Max. The hybrid case is made of hard PC back and flexible TPU bumper, and it protects your phone from dust, dirt, scratches, drops or bumps. When placed on a flat surface, raised bezels protect the screen and camera lens from scratches and smudges. It works perfectly with the iPhone 13 Pro Max without adding bulk. It's easy to hold and pocket friendly. The edge is processed and has a non-slip grip. This clear case has anti-yellowing materials and anti-oxidant coating to show the original beauty of your phone.

Brand: Supmega

👤This product looks the same as the one I bought in the Apple store a few months ago, and I paid more for it. I like the 1 year warranty offer for this product. Thank you!

👤On launch day, I got an Apple product. I ordered a few cases to try on my phone. This one is the best. Magnets are strong. The spigen clear case is more flexible than the case. I like that. The buttons are clicky. There were no issues with the finish and fitment.

👤I was looking for a hole. This fit the criteria. My previous case logic was good. There was no lab yard hole. This is on sale. I tried it. The magazine is strong. The button works. The only complaint I have is that the back side corner bump was too small.

👤2 stars were given for the problem in 2 months. The phone Bumpers have gone from clear to dirty gold and yellow. Goes against the whole anti-yellowing claim.

👤The case looks clean. Magnetic pieces fell out of the case.

👤I love it, it is an awesome case magnet.

👤It looked nice, but I failed the scratch resistance test. It is easier to scratch than other clear cases.

👤Die Hlle selbst, darin in die Tte und die Kartonage. Magnetstreifen ist senkrechte. Is war schief angebracht? Schlimmer jedoch, und bereits zum Rckgabe, die Hlle was bereits. The rechten Kante ist unpassend. Die Aussparung passten soweit.

👤The iPhone 13 Pro Max ist gut. Man ist die Gert und hat die Rckseite.

👤13 Pro Max ist die beste Hlle fr me.

👤In Gebrauch, ist ber the Monat. Bin ist das Zufrieden. Fhlt, anfgsam aber stabil. Passt gut. MagSafe Produkte is funktionier.

👤The Hlle ist gut in der Hand. Also, Klare Kaufempfehlung!

5. SUPCASE Unicorn Release Protective Compatible

SUPCASE Unicorn Release Protective Compatible

The shock-absorbent TPU bumper protects your phone. The back cover is scratch resistant. When placing a camera lens facedown, elevated bezels help prevent scratches. Thanks to the precise design of case cutouts, you can easily access all of your features on your phone. Only compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It's compatible with both MagSafe and most other wireless charging devices.

Brand: Supcase

👤I like the look of the phone case. They have wording and labels on the back of the mag ring. It looks terrible and cheap.

👤The case is good and the camera bump is well covered. The MagSafe logo is all over the back of the magnet, it looks tacky.

👤The logo on the case is cheap. It doesn't need to be so large. It is a cute color.

👤The case looks amazing and I really like it. The writing on the back of the MagSafe was a deal breaker for me. It makes it look cheap. You made a big mistake here. Please remove it. I will return mine.

👤The branding on the ring is not good. However, it has a powerful magnet. It stays in place if you are an Apple wallet user. I am amazed that it holds the Apple wallet. Unless you are actually trying to remove it, it will not move. The ring is covered with my wallet, so it works for me. I will use this as a daily case. I will put on a different case if I am going somewhere fancy.

👤The RedPepper has a front screen. I thought Supcase would be more rugged but it's difficult to get the phone into the case and Magsafe branding is cringey. I thought it had left, but it came back.

👤I would have kept the case if the company had not decided to write all over the MagSafe ring on the back with a secondary ad. The brand name is on the back of the case, but they also added branding to the MagSafe magnet. The case looked cheap.

👤The blue color of the case is matched by the clear back. The writing is not clear. Does not match the image. I like the magsafe circle because it shows as blue and the writing is clear which makes it appear as the color of the phone. This isn't as pictured.

👤The case for the 13 pro max behaves like the full cost apple case because Apple magsafe accessories show up correctly on the screen. Most magsafe compatible cases don't do this. Early days seem to be a good value for money.

👤The best phone case just got better with the MagSafe addition.

👤I had it for a couple of days and it was great. It seems like it will protect my phone. Excellent price for a good case.

👤It was a perfect case. It feels great. This is for your 13 pro max. Massively strong!

👤I was what I was looking for.

6. Spigen Compatible MagSafe Designed IPhone

Spigen Compatible MagSafe Designed IPhone

The shock absorption case has magnets. The raised lip protects the screen. Tactile buttons for feedback. Air cushion technology is used for shock absorption.

Brand: Spigen

👤I've tried two different Spigen cases for my phone. When using either of them, I get random touches at the edges of the screen. The problem disappears after I switched to an overpriced apple case. The problem comes back when you switch back to the Spigen cases. They are probably going a bit far over the edge of the screen. Spigen cases have been great for my other phones, but as this has happened with two different cases, it seems like something is fundamentally wrong with these early iPhone 13 Pro Max cases. I can't return them because I didn't keep the packaging. The phone works as expected, even though I am out of money, because the expensive apple case that won't offer as much protection as other cases results in a phone that works as expected.

👤I have a Spigen Liquid Armor case. It was great and gave me a lot of protection when I dropped my phone. I was hoping for the same level of protection on my new phone. The sides are very flimsy. The screen has minimal lip protection. You can pull the case away from the phone. It doesn't feel like it's wrapped around the phone in a secure way. I've always been a fan of Spigen's quality products. They always balance minimalist design with solid protection. I would expect more protection from something with the word "Armor" in it's name. Will probably return it.

👤I received my phone today and it was a great fit. I have tested the case with an Apple Magsafe charge and it works. The Tough Armor case that I was using was very slippery, and the case that I am using is much thinner. The Tough Armor has a nice rubber texture around the frame, while the case is made of plastic. My only concern with this case is that it doesn't feel as good in my hand as the Tough Armor case. That is a personal preference, not a problem.

👤The case is good, except for the alignment magnet at the bottom. It works great for MagSafe accessories that only use the circle part of the magnet. The MagSafe wallet just spins in circles because there is no alignment tab at the bottom of the circle to hold it in place, even though I got this case so I could use it. This is a great choice if you only want a case for phone protection, and you plan to use the MagSafe charger. If you want to use any other MagSafe accessory, look for another case.

👤The case feels great, but the magsafe feels weak. If you plan on using magsafe for anything other than changing, you should use it. I wouldn't recommend this case.

👤You should believe all the other negative reviews. I used to like the Spigen brand. 1. If you've ever used a Spigen "armor" case before, you'll notice it's a lot thinner and more flexible than any other case before. 2. The magnets are not strong. Do you know the cheap magnetic alphabet letters that don't stick to the fridge? That's the level of what's here. 3. From the pictures, you would think there's some great texture to be had and that you can hold it. It is more slippery than the naked phone. There are impressions on the case that suggest someone tried to slap the magsafe on it. I didn't attempt that, I used the strong magnet from my Apple Watch band to see if it would hold, and it didn't. I'm pretty sure I got a used case that was called out for being weak by one of the reviewers. I've used a lot of Spigen products in the past, some I've liked more than others, but even where I hadn't liked them, they did their job and were worth the money. I wish this one was a fake because Spigen designs a lot of knockoff-proofing. It is definitely getting returned.

7. CASEKOO IPhone 13 Pro Max

CASEKOO IPhone 13 Pro Max

The MagSafe connection can be strengthened with the built-in magnetic ring and the original 15W high-speed charging can be supported. Never Yellow & showcases Clear is a product that uses high-grade Bayer's ultra-clear TPU and PC material to allow you to admire the original beauty of your phone while not getting oily when used. The anti-yellow coating can effectively resist 99% of yellow caused by sweat and ultraviolet rays. Military Level Drop Protection is guaranteed with the [MIL-STD-810G] standard. The backplane is made with shockproof bumpers around the edge to create tough protection. The non-slip grip allows your phone to fit easily in your pocket. A non-slip grip is provided for texting, gaming and selfies. The camera and screen guard are used. The raised bezels lift the screen and camera off the ground. It's compatible with all screen protectors.

Brand: Casekoo

👤It works great with MagSafe. The buttons are raised around the screen and camera. It is recommended.

👤Enjoy the case. Have had it for a week. Sturdy. I can see the beautiful colors of my phone.

👤The case enhances the Apple logo. It works perfectly. I use it in my car with a MagSafe holder to keep my phone charged. It holds better than my old touch button mount with no accidental dropouts and less to zero jiggle when looking at the screen. I use it at home with a MagSafe desk holder and put it in any position I want for gaming or watching movies. I have had to replace the charging plug in my phone because it was ruined and I had to spend money on a new one. Charge it and pull it off. Easy. Highly recommended!

👤I have never experienced a better find on Amazon. All my friends want a tok.

👤The case is perfect. It does not add much to the size. The grip is good and it has a nice feel to it. If the phone was not so slippery to hold, I wouldn't have gotten a case. This is a good case.

👤It is a beautiful case. People who see my case want one of their own. It is stylish, well made, and works well as a MagSafe case. I highly recommend it.

👤Do you want to see the color of your phone? Just buy it! It will work with MagSafe.

👤The case is strong but not strong enough to hold my phone in my car holder. I bought a metal plate and put it on the outside of the case, but those charging devices are slow and suck, so I have to take it out of the case. I am good. The case for the dollar is beautiful.

👤I would like to thank everyone who answered my question. It's very much appreciated. The article is not on the Casekoo website. Casekoo confirmed that was the right product for my phone. I think they might sell more of their products on Amazon than on their website. They might not need to update their website so quickly. The case is nice. I am not able to test the MagSafe compatibility for the time being because I am not receiving the MagSafe charger from Apple. The case is not as blue as it was before. It is more transparent. It's a bit harder to insert the phone at first try, but it feels well protected. The lift around the screen is a bit higher than the one above the screen. I don't want to test it, but I think the screen might be better protected in case of dropping. The two small holes were used to attach the link. I like a case to be completely transparent and clear of any brand, but I like less the name on the side. This is very personal. I will update this review when I try the MagSafe based car mount.

8. Spigen Anti Yellowing Technology Compatible Designed

Spigen Anti Yellowing Technology Compatible Designed

The PC back case has a Magnet Integrated shock absorption. The raised lip protects the screen. Tactile buttons for feedback. Air cushion technology is used for shock absorption.

Brand: Spigen

👤There are some positives about this case compared to the spigen lineup. Magnets are strong. The case is more rigid than the clear one. I like that. The buttons are clicky. 2 months of the sides of the case are pretty discolored. I was offered a free replacement after I contacted support. The support individual stated that the TPU case is not a defect and that it causes it to yellow. Keeping the case away from harsh lights or heat will help decelerate the process.

👤My launch day is 13 Pro Max. It turned out great when I used it on the first day. Spigen cases have been great, especially their clear cases, which are unlike the official Apple clear case. The magnets on the MagSafe back seem to be loose. Spigen rushed these cases to launch before the iPhone 13 launched, and didn't give the glue enough time to cure, which in end made the magnets become so lose to the point where the bottom magnets came out stuck to the back of my phone. The quality of the case is amazing, and I loved using it, but I feel that it is time to look for another case as I use MagSafe a lot. If you plan on keeping this case on your phone, and don't plan on taking it off anytime soon, you can probably ignore this review and just buy the case. If not, be careful.

👤There was only one con on this item. The raised lip on the opposite side of the camera corner is not high enough to compensate for the raised lip on the other side. The seesaw effect happened when the phone was on the flat surface. The raised lip corner did not touch the surface. The picture I took is attached. This is a good product to buy. The material and price are great. It works with the screen protectors. The bottom strip magnet sticker fell off easily. The glue was not strong enough. Please watch out.

👤I received this product less than a month ago and it is already starting to yellow on both sides. If you want to keep it looking clean, I wouldn't recommend this product. I went with this brand because it was the most upsetting, but the title of the product changed in less than a month. I had the Apple name brand version of this case and it never yellowed in the year that I had it. It is worth it as the $20 version is already ruined within a month.

👤I was looking for a new case for my Iphone 13 and this one popped up on my search, so I said why not. The case looks great on my phone and I am very happy with it. It is clear and I will keep you updated.

👤Poor quality. When I removed the case for the first time, I had to put the sim card in the new phone. Magnet got stuck to the new phone. Could've made a difference to the expensive piece of tech. I'm not happy. Spigen cases were recommended to family and friends by me in the past. I hope the vendor will reimburse me or send me a new one.

9. Shockproof Protective Anti Yellowing Technology Iridescent

Shockproof Protective Anti Yellowing Technology Iridescent

It's compatible with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max only. This is a shockproof case. The military grade drop was tested. The Military Grade Drop Test standards state that a phone case can survive drops up to 10 feet. The metal frame is machine-made. This rugged iPhone case is made of a hard shell wrapped with aluminum and a bubble pattern rubber interior lining. I was raised to be wary of Bozel. The raised lip protects the screen from scratches. It does not come with a front cover or screen protectors. There is a wireless clustering company. Shield iPhone Pro Max cases are compatible with wireless charging. It works with MagSafe chargers at 15W rate, but not MagSafe accessories.

Brand: Raptic

👤This is the first case I've ever bought that didn't fit properly. The side of the phone has a small lip over it. I can still see it. The lip should come up and cover the side. It should meet with the front of the building. It doesn't! The price paid is unacceptable. It doesn't meet Apple's dimensions. The way the front looks isn't worth much more than a single star.

👤This Raptic case is a study plastic frame with air pockets in the bumpers to protect the sides and corners of your phone from drops. The edges of the case sit almost flush with the screen and camera on the phone, which is a glaring flaw. My phone rests on its camera when it is laid on its back and on its face when it is laid on its face after I added glass screen protectors. This flaw causes significant scratching to the screen and camera bezels, because of the large proportions of the cameras. I had to replace this case after only two weeks of use because it was a good looking one.

👤The phone case does what it is supposed to. I forgot to put my phone on the roof of my car, and it was a big mistake. When I took a turn on a 60mph road, I heard a thunk in my brand. The new iPhone 13 Pro Max took a tumble at 60mph. I was shocked to find that my phone had not sustained any damage, and the case had been the most damaged part of the fall. The photos show the damage to the case that would have been on my phone. I bought another Raptic case to replace the one that was damaged. The sleek look of this case is what I get a lot of compliment on. It is a great option. I know that it does its job.

👤My wife has a different case for her phone and it does not get hot. I tried putting my wife's phone in this case and it did the same thing as my phone did. I have dropped the phone several times and it has survived the falls. I will find another case.

👤It says it is magnsafe comparable. I put on a phone and tried to use it, but it couldn't stay on. I tried on my mag safe car charge, but it wouldn't charge. The phone stuck hard to both of them after being taken out of the case. Don't be surprised if it doesn't hold on to a charge with it.

👤I have only had the case for a few days, but I think it's a good one that protects the phone. The back of the case is slightly raised, which provides a buffer from drops back-side down. The front has a slightly raised lip. I haven't tested its ability to protect the phone, but it appears well designed. The case was difficult to install and although Magsafe compatible, the magnet has some difficulty through the back of the case. I'm worried that the Magsafe car mount won't be strong enough.

10. Simtect Compatible Resistant Shockproof 6 7

Simtect Compatible Resistant Shockproof 6 7

38 Strong Magnets Adsorption. The Magsafe case for iPhone 13 Pro Max has 38 magnets, which can hold phones very well. Even if the road is bumpy, you can still charge your phone with Magsafe. The original charging experience is what they are dedicated to bringing. Like a diamond and never yellow, it's pure clear. A Diamond is a Clear Case for the iPhone 13 that is made of a premium Germany PC. The Simtect iphone 13 pro max phone case passed professional anti-yellowing top level certification and verified it can isolated 99.99% ultraviolet rays, which will make your new phone look great. All Magsafe accessories are compatible. It is compatible with all Magsafe chargers. The magnetic case makes the charging more efficient. This case is compatible with all wireless charging stands, Magsafe, Apple Magnetic wallet, and other charging stands, so you can charge your phone in any situation. Also, note: The magnetic case is not compatible with other accessories. All-round Drop protection has been upgraded. Even if it falls from a height of 10 Ft to a hard ground, this Iphone 13 pro max magnetic case is still certified by survive. It can protect your phone. The tiny design of 1.0mm lips over the camera and 1.3mm screens achieve full body shockproof heavy duty drop protection without bulk. Air-guard corners can reduce the impact force to protect your phone. The cutouts fit all the buttons and ports so you can press them easily. It can 100% fit, which means it can prevent dust from entering and blocking the speakert, which will give you the most satisfied experience. The magnetic case is small and easy to hold, and pocket friendly.

Brand: Simtect

👤The product is really simple. The quality is great and the price is low. Magnets are strong and MagSafe is very strong. The mag safe works well with a mag safe car charger. The clear means that you can see the actual phone when you put it on. It is very slim and doesn't cause any problems with attaching the cable. I am very happy with this case so far. Would recommend.

👤The elastic nature of the case makes it very stable. Great product. Excellent in terms of price. I would recommend it. Excellent workmanship. The wireless charging works well. If you use the magnetic wallet on the back of your phone, you will be able to charge a lot. I'm happy. I haven't found anything comparable for the price.

👤No logo! There is no Chinese brand logo. The package includes: -Magnet integrated shock absorption clear PC back case - Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption -Non-Yellowing & Anti-Scratch -Great camera protect. None so far. I found the perfect case after a few weeks of searching. There is a I usually don't leave reviews, but I had to do it this time.

👤It feels good. It's missing the line part of the magsafe ring that would align the rotation. It should be a Q.

👤I bought this case for my new phone. I don't like transparent cases because they are too soft for me. I decided to try this one because I think it would look good with a clear case. This one is sturdy and clear, and looks strong enough to protect the back of the phone. I don't have to hold the phone every time I check my messages, this works well for Face ID. I love the fact that the wireless charging works.

👤I bought 5 of the clear cases to compare since there are multiple options and not many reviews. The case is worth the difference in price when compared to other brands. It does not scratch, it fits well with glass protectors, and most of all it has a strong magnetic attachment. The magnetic attachment was weak in some cases. I like the design of the case without the magnetic alignment line. The clear case for the Pro Max 13 is the best.

👤I got my new phone last week and decided to get a good case to protect it. This case is nice. It feels thick and secure, padded at the corners, and has a gorgeous iridescent sheen to it. It comes up over the edge of the screen. My phone is more safe to hold. The MagSafe worked well. I will definitely be using this for a while. I like it!

👤I ordered a temporary case until I could find one that I like. This was cheap. I was pleasantly surprised, but I didn't expect much. Really sturdy case. It fits the phone well. It feels great in my hand. I decided that I don't need to buy a better case because the one I have is just fine. Can't go wrong ordering this.

11. TAURI IPhone 13 Pro Max

TAURI IPhone 13 Pro Max

The clear case stays new because it is wrapped in a sophisticated scratch-resistant and anti-yellowing coating. The angle structure is designed to protect against severe shocks. A magnetic ring can be installed in the case to make the wireless charger more stable. The screen protectors made with high quality 9H glass protect your phone screen but are ultra-thin, comfortable and sensitive touch make you feel nothing on screen. It's anti-fingerprint and dirt- proof, making it the best bare-screen touch and the best visual feast. The 2 Pack camera lens cover will not affect the quality of the photo, and will be provided with 2 Pack. The case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is designed to fit in pockets easily. The soft frame is not sticky.

Brand: Tauri

👤It works perfectly with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. All buttons are cut out for Pro Max 13 The screen protectors do not leave a wide area on the edges of the screen, and the camera lens protectors provide good protection to the lens, but ruins the pictures quality. I have seen glares and shades in pictures. I thought my phone had a problem. The camera cover was removed and I noticed it worked. It is more noticeable in certain camera modes and lights so you will figure it out after a while. I don't want to ruin the camera on the iPhone 13 with a cheap lens cover because it's one of the best features. The camera cover should only cover the sides of the lens. It will only be a few weeks before we know if it turns yellow. It looks good for now.

👤A review says the packaging name is incorrect. I put the case on my phone to make sure it would fit the new phone. It fits the 12 promax. The button placement is off and the camera space is larger than the 12 pro max. I don't see any issues with this case because the packaging is a little off. I will be able to try out the camera protectors on Friday because it is nice and sturdy and the MagSafe works perfectly. No complaints at all.

👤I was a bit worried that it wouldn't fit my phone, but it does. I haven't had any issues with it so far. It feels great after 12 hours of use. An affordable product with added perks and a screen protector. Very happy. Would purchase again.

👤Since I pre-ordered my phone, I have been looking for a clear case, screen protectors, and lens protectors. I finally found one that was trustworthy. A Thank You note and cute stickers were included by the seller. I can trust that a seller values high quality products for their customers and goes a step further in their customer service. I am very happy with this purchase. If you are still looking for a good case, screen protectors, and lens protectors, this is it. It's worth it!

👤I love this case. Everything that is included with it is what you need. I haven't received my phone yet. I will add photos when I do. The Thank you card was adorable and added a touch to the transaction. It's a good thing. I highly recommend getting this bundle of anyone who is having a hard time choosing.

👤The other reviews may fool you. The package says i21 It is a case and screen protectors for the phone. Yes, the iphone 12 can fit into a 13 pro max case, but that doesn't mean it's a 12 pro max's case. The 13 pro max has a bigger camera lens. There are two screen protectors, a MagSafe thingy, and two protectors for the camera in it. Cute stickers were included.

👤I opened the box and looked through it. The glass went into my eyes when I took out the lens protectors. I don't think it's a good idea to include the glass protectors in the product because of how fragile they are. I'm trying to wash my eyes, but I don't know how bad it is. I don't understand why companies make them hollow and taller. They don't need to rely on such thin and fragile glass. It's very flimsy and loose fit for the phone when you put it on the phone. The phone is so loose you can feel it shifting. The phone case was low quality and disappointing.


What is the best product for best iphone 13 pro max case magsafe?

Best iphone 13 pro max case magsafe products from Otterbox. In this article about best iphone 13 pro max case magsafe you can see why people choose the product. Esr and Meifigno are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone 13 pro max case magsafe.

What are the best brands for best iphone 13 pro max case magsafe?

Otterbox, Esr and Meifigno are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone 13 pro max case magsafe. Find the detail in this article. Supmega, Supcase and Spigen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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