Best Best Iphone 13 Pro Case with Stand

Case 20 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. TORRAS MoonClimber Compatible Protective Non Yellowing

TORRAS MoonClimber Compatible Protective Non Yellowing

Enjoy your life with free hands. The kickstand case for the iPhone 13 Pro has a unique shaft technology that ensures more-than-20000 time usage, and supports the phone to stand in 3 ways. The kickstand has a variety of angles that make it easy to find a comfortable viewing position. It's perfect for watching learning videos on the go, browsing recipes, and so on. The 5th generation of Non- Yellow tech and a diamond antioxidant layer on this iPhone 13 Pro clear case provides 10 times longer- lasting clarity and 12 times anti-yellowing than others. The upgraded design of the iPhone 13 Pro case means it is more durable, with 2nd generation X-SHOCK technology on all 4 corners and a 4H shockproof hard PC back. This protective case for the iPhone 13 Pro is certified by the MIL- STD. The slim profile and lightweight materials of this Phone 13 Pro case with stand ensure that the ergonomics of the 13 phone is not compromised. It can be connected to a variety of wireless charging devices. Make sure the wireless charging part of the device has direct contact with the coil of the device. The case for the IPHONE 13 PRO is only designed for it. Only the iPhone 13 Pro will work with this case. A manufacturer's warranty for 180 days. Contact them if you have any questions about this case. There is always a solution to your problem.

Brand: Torras

👤I bought this case because I wanted to see the color of my phone. The case is not slippery and it is easy to hold with one hand or place on the table in both landscape or portrate mode. The kickstand feels seamless when I hold the phone instead of using other phones. The phone has a lot of cameras that make it awkward without a case. The problem was solved by this case. It's a nice case. I have bought cases from the company before and they always have good quality. The case is holding up well, I had it for about a month now. I dropped my phone a couple of times and luckily this case saved my phone. The metal kickstand is the favorite part of the case and I use it a lot. I had other cases with kickstand for my previous phones, but they were not as good as this one. The kickstand still snaps back when I use it so often. This has been a great purchase so far.

👤Is it a box? No. Does it protect you from drops? Absolutely! If you combine this with a glass, your phone will survive a lot of abuse. The fit and feel of this case was very nice. The buttons are easy to push. The stand is sturdy and well made. I was not looking for a case with a stand. I am able to charge my phone on my nightstand clock with the case on. Purchase this case and you will like it!

👤This little stand is perfect, I was always propped up on it. It's stable on flat surfaces but not great on soft ones, which is understandable. It's not very thick, but the stand makes the case stick out more than the cover around the camera. I dropped the phone twice and saw marks on the corners of the case, but the phone is fine! The flat QI chargers sort of work but not well. I bought a case that was 2 inches in diameter and snaps on perfectly, so you'll probably want to upgrade your chargers with this case.

👤I love this product, it's very thin, and I hope it protects when it drops. You can do video chat on the internet. The price is very high and it has only a protective case. It's safer to keep the phone horizontal with a stand if there is a small knock on the top. It can do wireless charging with the protective case.

👤I have decided on the case for my new phone, even though I don't know how it will look in real. I ordered the same case for my phone. The phone is a little heavier because of the tight case. The stand is very comfortable and can be used to watch videos and place the phone on the table during a video call. I'm looking forward to my new phone.

👤The kickstand and the camera lens that sticks out are the reasons this does not work with the 13 pro. I will be back.

2. Compatible Kickstand Transparent Shockproof Protective

Compatible Kickstand Transparent Shockproof Protective

Only compatible with the iPhone 13 pro max 6.7 inch 2021. The metal kickstand can be used to provide a vertical and horizontal stand for the phone. It can meet the needs of video call, live interactive, Tik Tok short video and multimedia play out. It's compatible with magsafe wireless charging. The magsafe wireless charging is compatible with the magsafe leather wallet card holder and has 36 powerful magnets built into the inner ring of the phone case. When using Apple's official accessories, there will be a slight dislocation and weak magnetism. It can be used with magsafe special car magnetic wireless charging or magsafe special magnetic car mount to realize wireless charging and navigation for iPhone 13 pro max in the car. The front and rear of the body have raised lips to protect the screen and camera. The four-corner shock-absorbing design greatly reduces the damage to the body when the phone is dropped. The back panel is made of PC hard material, and the frame is made of soft TPU material, so that it can be easily inserted and removed. The material on one side of the button is removed, making it flexible and easy to press, greatly improving the handling and comfort of the buttons.

Brand: Chitri

👤I was expecting it to take a while, but it was received today and was quicker than I expected. I am looking for a design that is 1mm higher for the front and lens. The support leg works well. The ring works well with my MagSafe car charge. It is a good buy, but I hope it is cheaper.

👤The blue color of the phone was shown off by the clear case. It is easy to charge because it is mag safe. I bought a magnetic credit card holder that has an elastic to hold your hand and fingers in case you drop your phone. It is possible to charge it.

👤The case looks good and seems to be soft, but you have to put it in sideways because of the kick stand and the new style camera in the phone.

👤The stand is firm enough for me to choose my own angle. I move it to a 45 degree viewing angle to face the screen I like the most. The screen protectors fit on my screen very well. The screen protectors fit perfectly as well. I have not tested the MagSafe feature.

👤I use this for my phone and I like it. I have never had mag safe stuff before. It is definitely a decent buy. I usually buy clear cases with the kickstand. They didn't have a magnet like this one. Since it has a magnet, it made the kickstand itself thin, so unfortunately it did fall over more than I used to. It is a nice purchase. Not shabby.

👤I like the slim fit and the strength standing vertical and horizontal. It is good for selfies.

👤This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. The quality and price are both good. It is comparable to the high end cases. I like the clear case that shows my phone and the stand that is made of magnets that make sure my phone is charged when I charge it. I dropped my phone and it protected it very well.

👤It works perfectly. The MagSafe magnet ring on the back is useful and the case is sturdy.

👤coller pas solide souvent tombĂ© sur un support.

3. CAFEWICH Kickstand Shockproof Protection Compatible

CAFEWICH Kickstand Shockproof Protection Compatible

The case built-in stand design is easy to carry and fix. It is applicable to various life and work scenarios. The edges of the cell phone display screen and camera are raised. The screen on the phone can be scratched if it is facing down. The simple case and elegant design provide full protection for your phone, and can resist high impact and drop resistance. The corner bumpers maximize the safety of the phone. The life of the product is ensured by the high quality rubber and plastic. Bright colors will not fade. Easily fit in your pocket, is the patented design. The durable cell phone case provides a new experience for your phone.

Brand: Cafewich

👤It is hard to fault a case that costs $10 As long as it doesn't fall apart. It is worth the money. All the cutouts are the same. The sleep buttons are a bit stiff but may loosen over time. The flip cover works well as a stand. It feels strong. I would like it to be locked open to give it more stability. It is not bad. The plastic is very slick. It is slippery on other surfaces, but it is not bad holding it. My other case was very stable and would stay put on almost any surface. This is too easy to use on anything.

👤The case for the pro version of the phone is beautiful. It comes with a cmara protection and two more.

👤The Spigen fit my needs and I returned it. Lost by a hair.

👤Love this case. Extra camera protection is provided by the kickstand.

4. IPhone Shockproof Rotation Kickstand Magnetic

IPhone Shockproof Rotation Kickstand Magnetic

The perfect fit case is compatible with most screen protectors and accessories. The kickstand feature is an integrated gear rotating ring finger holder that can be used as a convenient viewing kickstand. There is a piece of iron hidden in the center of the holder ring that can be used to attach a case to the magnetic car holder. Drop protection is made up of reinforced corners and raised edges. The transparent back cover displays the true color of the phone. The bumper frame is easy to put on and remove.

Brand: Sqmcase

👤I wanted to show off the beautiful blue color of my new Apple iPhone 13 Pro, so I bought a clear phone case. I use my phone as a gps while driving, but the case is too heavy to stay on the magnet without it falling down, so I use a small one on my dashboard. I figured out a way to use the ring as a sort of hook around the magnet, but that may not work on all magnet models and it is not what I was going for. It works well as a clear case and ring holder, but needs improvement in the magnet department.

👤I had this case for less than two months and while I was initially pleased with it, the ring part fell off the other night. I thought I would be able to fix it, but without some kind of glue or glue-like substance, it wouldn't work. I ordered a different case because it was definitely not quality construction. I have had other ring cases that lasted over a year. It didn't cost much.

👤The case for my phone shows the phone. It is nice to have a ring on the back. It works better than the pop sockets because it is flatter. It is only a problem if you fold the ring in a certain way or it is hard to pull it out again. There is a lowered portion of the base that makes it easier to open, but the hinge needs to be opposite of that lower portion to open easily. I would recommend it.

👤The case works well. The version of this product that is glass protected doesn't stick well. I followed the instructions hard, have done this many times before, and when I placed the protector, I couldn't get bubbles out. The bubble grew for about 4 hours, but it grew so much that it was half the phone surface. After 8 hours, it was removed. I will try the second one to see if it sticks better. I used a microfiber cloth, anti dust stickers, and a guide from another phone.

👤I was hoping to find the same style for the 13 Pro as the one I just purchased for the 11 Pro. I was happy that I could get it clear. I will be able to see the phone. The kickstand appears to be very good quality.

👤I liked the case initially. The ring worked as advertised and I liked the case. The ring came off the back about 7 weeks after I started using it. I notice that the case is discolored. I'm going to try to get a refund. It should last at least 7 weeks. I will buy a different ring case for my phone.

👤The case is okay, but it turns colors after a whole. The screen protectors are great. I dropped my phone and it should have shattered, but the screen protector took it like a champ and there was a backup. The case is not bad.

5. Pompvla IPhone 13 Military Grade Anti Scratch

Pompvla IPhone 13 Military Grade Anti Scratch

Only compatible with the 6.1 inch case of the iPhone 13 Pro. The case for the iPhone 13 Pro has a lot of features. You can easily use it while installing the iPhone 13 Pro case, restoring the comfortable feel of the original phone, get 2 pieces of soft glass protective film. There is a magnetic ring kickstand. The Ring Kickstand can be used to rotate the iPhone 13 Pro Case behind it. You can adjust the angle of the Ring Kickstand when you watch movies, watch videos, play games, and chat. The Ring Kickstand has a magnetic attraction. When driving, you can place the Ring Kickstand, which is convenient to open the navigation while driving. The camera and screen. The hidden camera of the iPhone 13 Pro case is protected from damage and wear by the exquisite sliding cover design. The screen of the case should be higher than the screen in order to prevent damage and fall. Drop protection is military-grade. The iPhone 13 Pro case has a soft bumper and PC back which can absorb impact and prevent accidental drops and scratches. In addition, the case has a lot of protection performances such as scratch resistance, anti-smashing, anti-dropping, anti-shock, anti-skid, oil-proof, dust-proof, anti-fingerprint, etc. Service and worry-free after-sales. If you have any problems with the case, please contact them. They will serve you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your support and love. Wishing you a happy life.

Brand: Pompvla

👤I don't think my old phone would fit in this case, even though the production description says it's for an iPhone 13 Pro. It is at least a quarter inch too small. I tried to cram my phone into this case, but it didn't work. It was like trying to put 10 lbs of sausage in a container. All I could do was piss myself off. This case is also garbage because of the inaccurate description of size. The sliding camera cover is weak and worthless. The case is poorly made and not in line with the picture in the listing. I returned it immediately after I bought it, and I highly recommend that people don't waste their time on this stuff. The screen protectors are also worthless. They are so thin they would not protect against a scratch.

👤The case is great in most aspects, but I like the fact that it has a camera slider. Sometimes it doesn't stay in place or must be worked into place a bit, but that's the only problem I see with it. It doesn't take a lot to fix it, and it could be annoying for someone who takes a lot of pictures. I still think this case is very good.

👤I had trouble getting the phone to fit in the case. This was solved by putting the hard border first. Put your phone in the case. The clip on the back fell off. This was very light use. There is that. The case is pretty good. The buttons don't feel like they miss the phone buttons. The camera clip feels flimsy.

👤It doesn't fit the iPhone 13 Pro. The screen protectors are disappointing. It is cloudy.

👤It was as advertised. Excellent value. It's perfect for protecting our investment. I would recommend it to a friend.

👤The belt clip made it so bulky that I didn't use it. The rest of the cover works well.

👤The case does not fit my phone. To fit the phone, it is small.

👤There was no squeegee included. Air bubbles can be avoided by using a credit card.

6. TORRAS MoonClimber Compatible Armor Level Shockproof

TORRAS MoonClimber Compatible Armor Level Shockproof

A built-in handy stand made of light and solid aluminum is compatible with the iPhone 13 pro max case and can be used even after being open and close for over 20,000 times. The cases for the iPhone 13 pro max are compatible with 100% crystal clear and no yellowing. This allows the phone case to provide long- lasting clarity and scratch resistance, while showcasing the lovely color of your phone. The rugged shock-resistant polymer provides robust protection against accidentally drops, it also uses advanced 2nd generation X-SHOCK design patent on all 4 corners to upgrade the shockproof performance up. Extra 1.2mm lips lift screen and camera off surface to protect against nicks, scratches and everyday wear and tear. The Slim Profile and comfortable grip is compatible with the iPhone 13 pro max clear Ultra-Slim minimalist design that adds no bulk easy to carry and slides easily into pocket. Only compatible with the iPhone 13 pro max with stand 6.7 inch and Wireless Charging, professional support. If you have any issues, please contact them.

Brand: Torras

👤For the past 3 years, I've had a different case for my new phone every year, but I upgrade my phone every year. I like clear cases because I can see the color of my phone. This is the best clear case I've ever found and it has a stand, which is a must for working remotely. I can still use the MagSafe charge even though there is a stand at the back. I accidentally dropped my phone last year and the case for it protected it. The new case will protect my phone and I assume it will. Overall the best clear case in the term of functions and sturdiness.

👤This case is very nice. I've gone through a lot of cases but this one feels good. It will not slip. You know the camera will last because of the extra layers around it. The flip stand is strong. If it doesn't last the duration of the case, I will be shocked. Unless you bend it until it breaks. It's durable. I know the case will protect my investment, even though I might cringe when I drop my phone.

👤I have been using the case for a while now. The weight is easy to put on/off. Kickstand is nice for landscape and horizontal use, but it can be a bit wobbly when you need to interact with the phone. Not compatible with MagSafe accessories. It doesn't work in car mounts. If you don't use MagSafe accessories and watch a lot of video on your phone, this would be a great case. It has great buttons, you can see the design of your phone, and stand up in landscape mode for video watching. It probably won't get a lot of use as I carry a MagSafe wallet most of the time and use a MagSafe car mount and a wireless charging device that won't fit in the phone's pocket.

👤I moved from the iPhone XS to the Pro Max. The quality of this upgrade increased immediately. I wanted the case to have a quality feel as well, and this case did that. The case has a good fit. The buttons line up perfectly. The stand can be used in a horizontal and vertical position. The horizontal position allows you to adjust the angle as well. The screen doesn't make contact with the ground when face down. Great case.

👤A very nice case, slim design but very tough and clear that looks like glass. The kickstand is easy to open and close. The camera side is elevated for protection. The customer service is top notch and the product is amazing.

👤The case feels protective but not bulky. It's smooth and doesn't have a rubbery feel. The kickstand is sturdy. You can put the phone in landscape or portrait mode. The screen and the lens are protected by the lip. This case is very similar to the one I had on my previous phone. I made a mistake on my original order and ordered the case for the phone that is not the one I have. I returned the case and ordered the correct size and it arrived the next day. I received an email from TORRAS to make sure the order was correct and that I was completely satisfied. I can honestly say yes. Excellent case and service. Highly recommended.

7. TAURI IPhone 13 Pro Protection

TAURI IPhone 13 Pro Protection

The clear case stays new because it is wrapped in a sophisticated scratch-resistant and anti-yellowing coating. The angle structure is designed to protect against severe shocks. A magnetic ring can be installed in the case to make the wireless charger more stable. The screen protectors made with high quality 9H glass protect your phone screen but are ultra-thin, comfortable and sensitive touch make you feel nothing on screen. It's anti-fingerprint and dirt- proof, making it the best bare-screen touch and the best visual feast. The 2 Pack camera lens cover will not affect the quality of the photo, and will be provided with 2 Pack.

Brand: Tauri

👤The case is excellent. The fit is perfect. The screen protectors are great. The fit is perfect. The instructions on how to install are easy to understand. The camera lens protectors is horrible when taking pictures. The fit of the lense protectors is perfect, it also snugs to the back of the phone, which I liked. When you take a picture, the flash reflects the glass which creates a crazy glare on the pictures you take. Without the lens protectors on the pictures, they make the pictures seem cloudy, which is not the way they are supposed to be. Light reflected on the lens protectors at certain angels while taking photos and those reflections also show up in pictures. The pictures are above. 1st-lens protectors on, flash on camera, flash on camera, flash on 4th-lens protectors, flash off. To give an accurate and fair test, I made sure to complete the entire cleaning and installation procedures before taking each picture. The product is easy to install. The product would get 5 stars from me if it worked as intended.

👤Delivery is fast. It is a full set. The case fits my phone perfectly. It feels sturdy in hand and provides good protection of the screen since it goes a bit higher than the edges. The magnetic ring on my phone charges it well. I don't think it would make a difference with or without the ring on, because it charges before I attach the magnetic ring onto the case. The bad side is 1. When taking a photo with a flash light on, the camera lense protection causes reflection. It doesn't stick to the phone and leaves bubbles in between. If I push on it, the gap goes away, but once I let my hand go, the bubble/gap comes back. I tried both and the same thing. 2. One of the screens I received did not stick well to the corner of the screen. I tried the other one and it worked out. 3. The advertised anti-Fingerprint is not true. The case, glass screen and camera lense protection all have fingerprints on them.

👤This product is not advertised. It won't work on wireless charging. 2. The screen of my phone shattered in 3 pieces despite the so called "hammer proof" glass. The camera cover was shattered.

👤The camera wasn't protected enough. The lip around the screen was very small. I didn't think my phone was protected. The back was very thin and flimsy. I didn't set my phone up because I didn't want to risk dropping it with this case on. The screen protectors and lens protectors it comes with give it stars for value, but it is one that gets dirty very fast. Since the camera is the main reason I got the phone, I don't feel good about covering the lens protectors with them. Overall would not recommend.

👤I like the color and feel of the case. It is not stiff, but it feels sturdy. The screen protectors that came with it have a big notch at the top, the same place the camera and stuff are on the screen, but it leaves an open edge that can catch dust and can be seen when the phone is off. The quality of pictures may be affected by the amount of lens protection. I noticed that one of the ones I received had smudges on the cover and the glue had dirty marks on it. The case has 5 stars, but the screen and lens protectors have 1 star. I am not happy about the fact that the screen protectors should cover the whole screen for the pro version of the phone.

8. Shields Up Minimalist Protection Protective

Shields Up Minimalist Protection Protective

It is specifically designed for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. The bumper Case has raised edges to protect your phone from bumps, shocks and accidental drops. The case has strength corners for hard drops. A clear mist card holder slot is included in the case. A minimalist design with non-obtrusive card holders for everyday use that holds a maximum of 2 cards securely. You can access your main card on the go with this service. A ring holder that flips out for kickstand use is included in the design. The unique design of the rotatable provides extra convenience for face-timing and movie watching. Easy access to all the controls and features: precise cutouts for speakers, camera, ports and buttons.

Brand: Shields Up

👤I recommend this to anyone who is trying to get some ideas of this product. The design of the card holder is more secure. The ring at the back is very useful. The base of the ring is metal and I could use the magnet phone holder in my car. Awesome! Will shop again. Thanks for the great product.

👤The case works well on the Pro Max. The card holder on the back is very heavy. The card holder is not the same material as the case. It is made of plastic. It catches on fabric when sliding it in and out of pockets. The table is very tippy due to the hard plastic. I don't like it.

👤I really liked this phone case, however after a couple of hours, I noticed the back of the phone case was starting to peel off and the corners where the card goes was damaged. I wanted this one because it had more then 4 stars, but it wasn't. I will be returning it soon.

👤I am very happy with this. I use it all the time. The perfect spot is the finger ring. It is not easy with this max because most are more in the middle. The case makes it more comfortable.

👤It only holds two credit cards. It is hard to pull out my ID and debit card. It gets stuck at a bad time.

👤It was the best case for a while. The ring just got loose after a month and it no longer works. You can't use it to hold a phone.

👤It is perfect for what I wanted.

👤The card holder isn't attached to the case. I didn't feel sturdy. Returned it right away.

9. SUPERONE Mag Safe Yellowing Protection Protective

SUPERONE Mag Safe Yellowing Protection Protective

We analyzed the top 100 MagSafe products, listened to the voice of 10,000+ users and tested 49 kinds of magnets, before launching this upgraded MagSafe case. The 36 super N52 magnets make it easy to attach and detach youriPhone 13 Prowireless charging device, and maintain 15W high-speed charging. The new metal kickstand has a magnetic snap. Enjoy your life with free hands. A diamond anti-oxidant layer that doesn't turn yellow over time is used with high-grade German TPU, PC, and PMMA materials. Their case is easy to clean and doesn't get oily. TheTough Military Grade Shockproof Protection features 4 built-in airbags in the corners of the phone case, which means more durable and robust with a 200% increase in drop performance. It was built to beat "oh no!" Your phone is safe from drops, bumps, and dust. With a 1.3mm raised screen and 3.1mm raised camera, your expensiveiPhone 13 Pro will be protected in all situations. Thanks to their amazing case design, you can enjoy a stronger, more comfortable grip, and it doesn't make your13 Protoo bulky.

Brand: Superone

👤The kickstand makes the phone fall up to the front, but it is a strong magnet.

👤It's easy to take a picture on the phone. It is very smooth.

10. TORRAS Shockproof Compatible Protection Translucent

TORRAS Shockproof Compatible Protection Translucent

Perfectly compatible for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Only compatible with the Pro Max. If you have a shopping problem, you can contact them through the Amazon message center. There is 8ft of military drop protection. When your phone drops 5000 times from 8 feet, it's time to get a TORRAS compatiable case for it. It comes with all-around patented dispersion airbags and upgraded X-SHOCK impact-resistant technology. There is a dual-assured reliable protection. The 13 Pro Max Case is shockproof. It was made with tough polycarbonate and has a soft rubber bumper to protect your phone from all the wear and tear. The multi-color button has a dull touch. The strong grip on the iPhone 13 Pro Max Case makes it shockproof. It personalizes your phone in 3 colors with buttons that come with the package. 2.5 MM camera and 1.5 MM screenLIPS: The shockproof compatiable for the iPhone 13 Pro Max Case has 2.5mm camera Lipps and 1.5mm screen lips, which will protect you from accidental drops.

Brand: Torras

👤The first case I ordered did not protect my phone. I have owned some of the cases and have been satisfied with them. The case is a little thicker than the first one, but it still offers more protection. The raised edges will provide more protection for the camera lens and screen. My only request would be to add a grippier design. There is a Yes, but this case!

👤It feels really nice, and I like a few things about it. The material is very smooth. It is a little slippery to hold. It is raised above the camera and screen so it won't scratch it. It has power buttons so you can change the color. I have never seen that before. The sides are a little lighter than the back. The contrast is nice. It fits. Nice case!

👤This screen protectors comes with a case that fits over your phone, so you can place it in the right place. Follow the instructions and clean your screen first. My protectors were installed with no bubbles at all. This was the first time I had ever done that. These are privacy protectors so no one can see your screen. I don't think I'll ever buy a different kind of screen protectors. Give this one a 10.

👤I am in love with the material of the case after removing it from the package. It feels great in the hand. The design is simple but focused on details. I'm waiting to order the iPhone 13 Pro Max early in the morning of September 17th, so I tried to put it in it. The case fit my new phone, the one I am looking for, so I can see that it will protect it. The bottom side of the phone is protected. The camera hole is raised high. The case lip is raised so that the screen won't get scratched when laying face down. It does not affect my privacy glass screen protectors. The side buttons are firm and not hard to push. If I want to change the look of the case slightly, it comes with 2 extra yellow and red buttons. The speaker, lightning port and mute switch holes are all cutout. There is a subtle logo on the side. There are two small holes on the button on the right side of the case, I believe they allow you to use the case with a lanyard. Not sure how strong it would be. I will have to try that later. I always look for a case that is not too thick and not too slippery. The lagging of magnetic will cause my MagSafe accessories to not stay on the case. The flaw is not the case. I am looking forward to seeing when the MagSafe case will be released. There is a I will give this case 5 out of 5 if you don't care about MagSafe and are looking for a simple case that provides good protection and soft touch.

👤I was searching for an Apple case that supported MagSafe when I found this one. The product does not support MagSafe and Qi wireless charging. Several reviews indicated that the issue was not compatible with the MagSafe function, so I was initially against the purchase. I asked the question to the community to confirm and only one person said it worked for them. I made the purchase. I can confirm that the MagSafe case on the iPhone 13 Pro Max does not function. There is no wireless charging capability. I would confirm that the product description is not accurate.

11. ESR Compatible IPhone Pro Max

ESR Compatible IPhone Pro Max

Two-way stand allows you to free your hands and make calls or watch your favorite shows. Stand Your Way: patented design gives you the freedom to choose any angle you want up to 60 degrees, thanks to a super-sturdy hinge. Protection against drops is provided by reinforced Air-Guard corners, while raised screen and camera edges protect against scratches. The high-quality polycarbonate provides a great grip and is resistant to scratches. You can charge your phone without taking off your case if you are compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Brand: Esr

👤Really is a beautiful looking case. I like the stand as well. The price is great and it has everything I wanted. But. Unfortunately, always going to be a negative. I tried to fit my 13 Pro Max in the case. They make a "click" sound and shift which is very annoying. This is not even after a lot of use. The button indents aren't proper, and other reviewers have almost made mention of it. They do not match. I returned the case because it was rushed and the dimensions were a little off, which forced me to give it a review. The product experience shows that they wanted sales first. The case is great, but the buttons on the sides are a problem. They should go back to reproduction with tighter sides and bigger buttons.

👤I wanted to be able to see the color of the phone through the case, so I bought it. The kickstand is a great feature to have if you want to watch videos or stream something without holding the phone. The item description says that it resists yellowing. In my attached photos, it does not. My case is now yellow. If you are looking for something that doesn't turn yellow, I would look for other options.

👤The case is sturdy and well-built and fits around the Pro Max. The size is specific and should only be used for the specific model of iPhone. The phone has good protection. The sides of the phone have a good grip so it won't fall out of your hand if you're careless. What is the point of having a black case when the phone companies are making models with color tones? The transparent case allows the phone's color to show and I like that. You can flip the case open. I have a small concern about whether it will become loose in time. The stand that was included is a plus to have that I can use with other phones. I believe it was a free item that was included with the case. One of the issues I have had with a previous case is that the transparent case gets cloudy after a while and ends up having a yellow tint after months of use. I'll have to see how it performs.

👤One of the least intrusive cases in the past. Even the BUTTONS have a resistance level. I don't like cases that add more pressure to get the button depressed. This is my 4th phone. They missed the magnet ring in their other cases. I use the magnetic charge as my car mount and I am concerned that it won't retain the hold comfortably without it. The screen edges are a bit more pronounced than I would prefer.

👤I ordered at least 6 cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max on Amazon and this is the best. It is lightweight and minimal in terms of added bulk. The case does not interfere with wireless changing. The kickstand is the worst one I have found. I wanted to have some protection over the screen, so I tried other cases on Amazon that had plastic over the screen. The best solution was the combination of the ESR case and screen protectors. If you want to protect your screen from sand and other elements, you should invest in a screen protector, but be aware that the iPhone 13 product line uses pretty tough glass, so it is not impervious to sand.


What is the best product for best iphone 13 pro case with stand?

Best iphone 13 pro case with stand products from Torras. In this article about best iphone 13 pro case with stand you can see why people choose the product. Chitri and Cafewich are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone 13 pro case with stand.

What are the best brands for best iphone 13 pro case with stand?

Torras, Chitri and Cafewich are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone 13 pro case with stand. Find the detail in this article. Sqmcase, Pompvla and Torras are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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