Best Best Iphone 13 Pro Case for Drop Protection

Case 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. CASEKOO IPhone 13 Pro Protection

CASEKOO IPhone 13 Pro Protection

Crystal Clear and Never Yellow are made from high-grade Bayer's ultra-clear TPU and PC material, which will not get oily when used. "Never yellow" is thanks to the diamond anti-oxidation coating which can effectively resist 99% of yellow caused by sweat and UV rays. The Flex-impact Cushion Tech is guaranteed with the [MIL-STD-810G] standard. The backplane is made with shockproof bumpers around the edge to create tough protection. The raised camera and screen protect it against drops and scratches. The tiny design of 2.5mm lips over camera, 1.2mm bezels over screen and 0.5mm raised corner lips on the back provides extra and comprehensive protection. Crystal Clear Case wraps around your phone to stop dust from entering and scratching it. It pairs perfectly with most screen protectors. 0.04 inch ultra- slim allows your phone to fit in your pocket. The non-slip grip is designed for texting, gaming and selfies. Adding an exclusive anti-fingerprint coating can help reduce fingerprints.

Brand: Casekoo

👤I enjoy reviewing products that are affordable. If you order a case from casekoo, it will be the second time. I like the case I have for my phone. I decided to go with them again because I am getting the iphone 13 pro. I have had my case for over a year and it still looks great. If you are using wireless charging, this case works great, I have seen cases that are too heavy and bulky, but you have to take the phone of the case in order to charge the phone. I have dropped my phone several times, but it still works. If you're looking for a new clear case to show your phone, I suggest you go with this one.

👤The crystal clear case for the 13 pro is very stylish. I think it will show my new phone's original beauty. The raised border around the camera is great because there are 4 built-in airbags in the corner. 3 thumbs up!

👤I have been using the case for two years. The case saved me when I dropped the phone multiple times. The new case is strong and sleek. Enjoying so far.

👤Waiting for a delivery. The merchandise was delivered quickly. The clear case makes the phone color stand out and is more appealing. The material looks strong. A free stand from work. When I get the phone, I will review it. The case for my phone fits like a glove. Edges are protected. Please see the pictures for reference. Favorite case.

👤Don't buy. The phone has a white logo on it. Unless you are Nike, don't put your logo on things.

👤The case looks great, but it is too slippery. The back side of the case is just too slick, almost as slick as the anti-fingerprint glass covers, and it looks and feels like a solid case. I dropped mine because of this reason and I don't want a case if it causes me to do that again. The sides are not slippery. I don't think it will slide out of my hands when I take a picture. My wife has a different brand of case. It does not have this problem.

👤The case was purchased on October 14th, 2021. The sturdiness and durability are nice.

👤The phone did not survive the drop. The case is sturdy but only for use. I needed a stronger case.

👤I bought two Casekoo cases. The ClearCase design is very comfortable. The extra phone holder is nice. I'm going to try the new phone out for good.

👤It's perfect for my case, it looks stunning and shows the beauty of the original. It is convenient to have an extra phone stand. It is definitely good value for money.

👤The product was very well made. I have been using casekoo cases for a long time and they are very durable. I am not scared of my phone being damaged by it. The colour of the phone is well shown. A tall lip protects the camera from being damaged. A nice case.

2. Protection Compatible Shockproof Resistant Protector

Protection Compatible Shockproof Resistant Protector

Only compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, please confirm the model number before purchasing, and make sure to remove the protective film from the case after using it. The product includes a case and screen protectors. The case has built-in protection to absorb the impact of a drop and avoid scratches in most cases. There is a raised screen and a small lip on the camera. Support all wireless accessories. There are 38 magnets. It also supports third-party wireless charging. You don't need to remove the case if you place the phone on the charge. The form of the Silicone Case is designed to fit over the volume buttons, side buttons and curves of your device without adding bulk. The button covers are easy to access. QUIKBEE will provide a lifetime warranty service, your satisfaction is their greatest motivation, you can contact them at any time through Amazon.

Brand: Quikbee

👤I was very impressed with the case when I received it. I went to charge my phone on my wireless charge. The case was taken off and there was a charge. It is starting to change colors in a week. The case looked like a chain smoker to me. I really wanted to like this case. Hopefully I will find a case for my phone.

👤Before you buy something, read it. The price is low. The MagSafe is not working.

👤No sirve. Lleg rallada.

👤I can't believe that there is a case with two screen glass.

👤The item is perfect for my phone and the customer service is great. Thanks for the great service. This seller is a good choice.

👤No te busca tienes contactarlos, pero se preocupan porque. Y. No por el dinero, el producto hasta vena con dos calcomanas de regalo. 100% RecomeNDADOS, subo imgenes. De las pocas en Amazon, compro mucho, es la primera. Thank you.

👤He comprado tres fundas para the iPhone. La calidad de los materiales es primera y la transparencia es tan. No te esperas de una funda, no sea de silicn. Magsafe embona perfect, pero no se desprende. A considerar: no tienes una funda ultra delgada, dice el fabricante, or volumen al teléfono. Este nico "pero" se compensa con el peso de la funda. The iPhone is con gran. Volvera a comprar. Aunque opcin a un precio.

👤No oficiales de apple, de las fundas transparentes, ajustan bastante.

👤La funda torna amarilla, apenas, and a mes de diciembre. Se nota son los laterales. También s se ralla, en las fotos no se nota. I ha cado o deslizado. Fuera de eso, embona perfectamente, en el teléfono. Cabe sealar, el color plateado del iPhone de los laterales. Is it possible to ride las cmaras también las protege?

👤The iPhone pro Max 13 es totalmente insuficiente. Se le encima al borde de las cmaras. A la transparencia es una buena. The dentro se ven los imanes. Tengo en un 12 pro Max. No recomiendo. The producto se haga devolucin de dinero.

3. AICase Protector Protective Protection Shockproof

AICase Protector Protective Protection Shockproof

The special phone case for the iPhone 13 Pro is perfect. A multi-LAYER defense. The outer cover is soft. For total, 360-degree full body protection for your phone, pair with an AICase glass screen protectors. It is a certified drop. Protection: The military grade drop proof case for the iPhone 13 Pro is heavy duty and protects you from drops, dirt, and bumps. The back camera and screen should be saved. The rugged for iPhone 13 Pro shockproof case made for any adventure has raised edges to protect the camera and screen and non-slip edges for secure grip and dustproof port covers to keep out dirt. The value added is a 1-glass screen protector and easy installation frame.

Brand: Aicase

👤I almost never write reviews, but this one deserved my time. I am very picky when it comes to cases. I didn't pay Apple Care for my phone because I'm cheap, so I'm buying something to protect it. This one is a steal and I was able to get a cheaper case. I scrolled through 5 pages of cases to find one that was the perfect case for the person who was like me, it was barely protect their phone, looked ugly, were clear, and cost more than $40. I saw the winner. It's cheap, it's not bulky, it's protective, and it's not ugly. I knew it was it when I saw it. There are features that deserve attention, such as a plastic box and molded front and back pieces. The rubber skeleton is placed inside of a plastic box, and the screen protectors fit perfectly with the provided template. The video can be accessed through the code on the sheet, but the buttons are sealed off. The charging port and loud/silence both have covers, and you can mount a phone on the interior case with a magnet plate. The only complaint I have is that the rubber on the outside could be a little more firm. Still giving it a 9. Buy it.

👤I had another case for my old phone that I used for 2 years. It replaced an expensive case. I can say that the case is better for protection, looks, and price than the one on the other side. I replaced the phone because it wasn't working, but the case was still in great condition. I ordered this case for my new phone and it exceeded my expectations again. I've only had the case and phone for about a week now so the durability is still in question, but based on my previous experience I'm holding out that it will be just as durable as the last. I bought this brand again.

👤I have many thick otter box cases that charge wireless. If you use a wireless charger, this case won't work for you. I contacted the seller, but never heard back. You get what you pay for.

👤It works as a phone case, but I was expecting more. It was cheap and flimsy. I guess I was expecting more.

👤This case and phone insurance are very good. My son has dropped his phone many times and luckily it is still intact. This case is great if you are giving a phone to a child. It is being dropped on a hardwood floor.

👤My kids and fiancée have had no damage to their phones since we got these. The silent mode switch has a soft tab on the side that makes it hard to open, but I never use it.

👤I have used the case for a long time. I upgraded cases for the upgraded phones. The case is strong. I prefer the privacy glass protectors over the glass screen protectors. It still fits and gives protection. A great phone case.

4. COOLQO Compatible Protector Protective Shockproof

COOLQO Compatible Protector Protective Shockproof

Military grade protection is provided by a dual-layer case. Premium hybrid hard Polycarbonate (PC) + soft thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU/Silicone) + Tempered Glass screen protectors. Meeting Military Standard MIL-STD-810G protects your phone against high drops. Camera and screen protection include 1.0mm raised lip, 1.5mm raised lip, and protection against drops and cracks. All of the raw materials for COOLQO PC and TPU are from Germany, which provides long- lasting clarity to show the original beauty of your phone. The Arc edge design of the Screen Protector from COOLQO features an Oleophobic coating that resists oils, Bubble-free during application, and easy to install and remove. 90 days warranty is provided for compatible with: iPhone 13 Pro. They will fix your issue within 24 hours if you have a question. Also, note: If you are looking for the same case of other models, you can find it in their store.

Brand: Coolqo

👤The nice color of the phone can be seen in the clear case. It is easy to grip for one handed use because it is not slippery and you don't have to worry about it slipping out of your hand. The case is shockproof and the edges raise to help protect it from drops. It also comes with glass screen protectors for protection from drops and scratches. It has a hard plastic rim that goes around the phone. The value is great.

👤This is a complete set with a case and screen protectors. It comes with two screen protectors, but I couldn't get the first one to adhere completely, so I assumed it was me. The second screen protector had the same issue as the first and it seemed as if the case was pushing the protector away from the phone screen. I ordered another set of screen protectors to try and solve the problem, but I think the issue is more related to the case. The edges of the case seem to wrap around the edge of the screen to push it up. Just frustrated.

👤The case is the most difficult I have ever seen. It can't be rocket science to put on a case. It has a factory defect. There is an obstruction in front of the opening to the charging port. Don't waste your money.

👤I found the case to be light to protect my 13 Pro after opening it. I didn't put it on my phone. I started the return process. Someone looking for beauty before protection may be happy with this case. I have butter fingers.

👤I wrote a review that wasn't very favorable. I wanted to give an updated review and tell you a few things you should know. 1. Even if it doesn't make sense, follow the directions exactly. 2. Have patience. It will work eventually. I don't know if it will protect my phone. Hopefully, I won't have to find out. It seems good.

👤My wife is a big fan of this case. I got her the official one from Apple, but she refused to buy it. She was very excited that they offer a version for the 13 as well as the 11. I was disappointed that she didn't like the Apple one, but I was willing to admit that this one is much cheaper.

👤It is not for the pro version of the phone. It doesn't fit the phone at all. It's a waste of money. Absolutely false!

👤I need a case for my phone. Something light and thin. phones are big as it is, so I don't like bulky cases. I haven't dropped my phone yet, so I can't comment on itsDurability. Comes with screen protectors as well.

5. Oterkin Sensitive Protector Shockproof Daily Use

Oterkin Sensitive Protector Shockproof Daily Use

The new designed phone case for the iPhone 13 is due in 2021. It's not for the iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max. buttons are designed accurate and responsive while premium materials provide great texture. It's perfect for outdoor sports and daily use. The material on your phone is made from high grade PC and TPU material, which will protect it from drops, scratches and bumps. The full body design of this case makes it drop-proof and dirt-proof, keeping your phone clean and brand new. Oterkin case for iPhone 13 will protect your phone from scratches and cracks and provide you with a clear HD screen view. Additional protection for phone screen and camera can be provided by raised lips. Practical and stylish. The design of the case makes sure the phone has a nice grip while still being good sound quality. You can charge your phone without removing the case. The clear back cover shows the beauty of the phone and you can do it yourself. They provide you with a Worry-Free Service, but please review the user manual to make sure the case is sealed. If there is a problem, contact them first.

Brand: Oterkin

👤I work in a warehouse so full cover is important and I put a privacy glass screen on the car to make sure it is protected. The case is thin and protects the device, but the grip is comfortable and the buttons are easy to click. I can see through this case completely. It is very sleek. The button cover on the phone protects it from the elements, and I think even in the rain, the phone will be fine. I am very pleased with my purchase and I would buy another one if I could. I would like to see a selection of colors for the cases, they are only available in black.

👤It's hard to find good protection for the iPhone 13 in the form of a case. We tried a waterproof one that wouldn't allow us to use the speakerphone. It seems like this case will offer good protection from drops and dirt. It was easy to install. A few of the pieces feel a little flimsy while being installed, but once installed, it feels really nice in the hand and all the controls work great.

👤My family members like phone cases that only protect the back and sides, so they can use the phone with the cover on. I wanted protection for the glass because I sometimes put keys in the same pocket as the phone and I am concerned that the keys will scratch the glass. The case protects the glass from my keys, but my family likes it.

👤It gives my phone a lot of bulk and thickness. It makes holding my phone easier. I like how my phone is protected.

👤I got a new phone and needed something immediately. I put it on the phone today so I am hoping it works well. It will be interesting to see how this product works because it says that it cannot be installed with a screen protector.

👤Looks to provide good protection, easy to install, good access to controls, and cleaning cloths for preparing the screen before installing. Good value.

👤It was as advertised. It's easy to install. It looks substantial, but it's too soon to tell if it protects.

👤Just received it. It is what I wanted. Hopefully it will work out, and my phone will be safe.

6. ESR Compatible Military Grade Shock Absorbing Yellowing Resistant

ESR Compatible Military Grade Shock Absorbing Yellowing Resistant

The Air-Guard Corners absorb shocks and drops so that your phone doesn't have to. The Air-Guard corners, hard back, and flexible frame work together to provide Military-Grade Protection that protects your phone against accidents. The crystal-clear hard back of your phone is scratch- resistant, keeping it flawless. Screen and camera protection should include raised screen edges and a powerful Camera Guard that protects against damage. Keeping your phone protected at all times is what Wireless Charging Ready is all about.

Brand: Esr

👤The only case in stock for my new 13 Pro Max was a slimmer one. The corners are the only thing that is beefier than a slim case. It doesn't seem like the sides have any more of a lip protecting the screen than a standard slim clear case. I'll upgrade to a slim case without the bulky corners or a harder shell case. The buttons are easy to press and nice. I received one of the slim clear MagSafe compatible iPhone 13 Pro Max cases from ESR. The case seems to offer the same level of protection as the one I prefer, and it's easier to pocket. Thanks!

👤I've never seen a phone case like this before. It looks like glass. It's easy to clean the phone, even though it's wrapped around it. The buttons are protected and can be pushed. The material is a bit too firm but it offers some protection. The price is amazing. NEGATIVES 1. Too firm doesn't give much to the material and wouldn't absorb shock if dropped. 2. The camera lens are completely exposed. 3. There is no protection for the switch. Not a dealbreaker but would be nice to have. The screen lip is too small. It doesn't offer any protection for the screen. The side angle pic is a good reference. If you dropped it, your screen will shatter. The case was good, but not great. The price is amazing. There is an update on 10 February 2021. The material seems to wear fast. I only had it since Sept 24 and it already slides out of the bottom right corner. I live in a high temp area so maybe the case doesn't do well in warm climates. I might return it.

👤Not a good case. It is not comfortable to hold the phone in your hand.

👤I thought the case covered the camera, but it may have been a mistake to read the info. This case would not work for me if I didn't car to cover camera of already have camera covered. I don't want to spend money on a screen protector for my phone, camera and case. If I can find a case that covers it all, I will spend less and have less to put on my phone. It's funny. That is just me. I guess.

👤I think there is a magsafe version, but it wasn't available when I bought it. I wasn't sure how much I wanted to invest. Not the cases' fault. I like the reinforced bumped out corners for drops, and the beveled sides keep it from feeling as heavy as it actually is. I think that it makes my 13 pro max look smaller. It's Witchcraft! Plugging is easy and the ports are accurate. It's easy to swap on and off since I tend to swap cases for the needs of the day. Simple drops might be catastrophic if you want it to be easy to take off. This case is nearly perfect for me and I don't think I'll need to swap it. I can't believe I said that. The magsafe version of this case is what you should use if you plan on using magsafe mounts. Without the second magnetic ring, the hold won't be enough for vertical mountings. Protect your investment. If you need a magsafe case, get it.

7. CASEKOO 13 Protective Translucent Shockproof

CASEKOO 13 Protective Translucent Shockproof

99% impact force is dispersed by the corner anti-collision structure. The multi armor case for the iPhone 13 Pro can be dropped from 10 feet without damage and can protect the phone from drops and scratches. All-around protection from the outside to the inside is achieved by using multiple shockproof materials. The built-in shockproof structure absorbs the shock from falling, and the advanced anti-scratch coating prevents the appearance of scratches. The raised camera and screen edges are designed to prevent scratches on the vital parts of the phone. Anti-fingerprint. The multi armor case adds an exclusive high-tech coating to effectively solve the fingerprints and yellowing problems, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the new phone enduringly. The non-slip texture of the material leads to a firm grip. If you have a problem, please contact them via Amazon.

Brand: Casekoo

👤This is a good case. It is bound to end up in a landfill because it comes in a massive box. There is no need to package this phone case like an egg. It also comes with a cloth bag. I think you could put the case in that bag for a short time before you use it. Drop the fancy packaging and save yourself and us $5. Stop generating garbage at the same time. Win, win, win.

👤I ordered this case in order to receive it a week ahead of me, and the packaging is great. It was a lot bigger than expected, and it came with a bonus stand and pouch, which was very nice. The case is very high-quality and looks great. The frosted back and black accents look great. The case for the iPhone 13 Pro is highly recommended. Some new photos were added.

👤The case is perfect. The lip around the cameras completely covers the camera bumps without looking silly when laid down. It was a nice pouch and stand for your phone. It's more than I anticipated and makes me feel very comfortable with the case on my new 13 pro.

👤The camera housing on the back of the phone is not big enough to fit the phone. Guess how much dust will accumulate in there. The box says it was manufactured before the release of the phone. False advertising is -1 star. It looks nice. They say it's safe to fall. I wouldn't try it. It is too expensive to be compared to others that do not have a magnetic ring. It's not sure if it charges via MagSafe. I have a 3rd party charge that doesn't charge it. They charge $3 more for the blue color. Why? I reduced the star for these reasons. I like it. It doesn't make my 13 Pro look bigger. It is the best case out there. I tried a few others. It will be worth $26 and 5 stars if they make it 888-282-0465 and make it MagSafe with the ring.

👤Look no further! The case you need is here. The case is slim, but it offers protection without the bulk. The case is very comfortable. Do you know how difficult it is to remove other gel cases from your pocket? You don't have any trouble with this. The sides of the case are easy to use. The back is very smooth and hard for people to apply a pop sockets or card holders. The colors they have available match your phone. Casekoo is the only brand I trust for my phone and their prices are great compared to the competitors.

👤It is incompatible with most wireless chargers.

👤I have returned many cases for the Iphone 13 pro. None of them have looked at all the boxes like this one. One thing I like about getting a package is the presentation when you get something new. The case is presented in a nice vacuum sealed package and comes with a phone stand and pouch as a bonus. The case is now on the table. Great materials. The frosted back of the apple logo is the right hue to let the logo shine through on my Iphone. There is lip protection around the camera and screen, but not so much that it ruins thewipe experience. The case is minimalist, rigid, and soft at the same time and I love the simple black sides of the case and a small Casekoo logo by the camera. The buttons are nice and the case is simple and sharp. I have tried a lot of Iphone cases and my favorite is UAG. This case has everything I am looking for. If you're looking for a hybrid case, give it a try. I would have stopped my search if I'd bought this brand sooner. This one is a winner. It was perfect. It was recommended.

8. TORRAS Shockproof Compatible Protection Translucent

TORRAS Shockproof Compatible Protection Translucent

Perfectly compatible for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Only compatible with the Pro Max. If you have a shopping problem, you can contact them through the Amazon message center. There is 8ft of military drop protection. When your phone drops 5000 times from 8 feet, it's time to get a TORRAS compatiable case for it. It comes with all-around patented dispersion airbags and upgraded X-SHOCK impact-resistant technology. There is a dual-assured reliable protection. The 13 Pro Max Case is shockproof. It was made with tough polycarbonate and has a soft rubber bumper to protect your phone from all the wear and tear. The multi-color button has a dull touch. The strong grip on the iPhone 13 Pro Max Case makes it shockproof. It personalizes your phone in 3 colors with buttons that come with the package. 2.5 MM camera and 1.5 MM screenLIPS: The shockproof compatiable for the iPhone 13 Pro Max Case has 2.5mm camera Lipps and 1.5mm screen lips, which will protect you from accidental drops.

Brand: Torras

👤The first case I ordered did not protect my phone. I have owned some of the cases and have been satisfied with them. The case is a little thicker than the first one, but it still offers more protection. The raised edges will provide more protection for the camera lens and screen. My only request would be to add a grippier design. There is a Yes, but this case!

👤It feels really nice, and I like a few things about it. The material is very smooth. It is a little slippery to hold. It is raised above the camera and screen so it won't scratch it. It has power buttons so you can change the color. I have never seen that before. The sides are a little lighter than the back. The contrast is nice. It fits. Nice case!

👤This screen protectors comes with a case that fits over your phone, so you can place it in the right place. Follow the instructions and clean your screen first. My protectors were installed with no bubbles at all. This was the first time I had ever done that. These are privacy protectors so no one can see your screen. I don't think I'll ever buy a different kind of screen protectors. Give this one a 10.

👤I am in love with the material of the case after removing it from the package. It feels great in the hand. The design is simple but focused on details. I'm waiting to order the iPhone 13 Pro Max early in the morning of September 17th, so I tried to put it in it. The case fit my new phone, the one I am looking for, so I can see that it will protect it. The bottom side of the phone is protected. The camera hole is raised high. The case lip is raised so that the screen won't get scratched when laying face down. It does not affect my privacy glass screen protectors. The side buttons are firm and not hard to push. If I want to change the look of the case slightly, it comes with 2 extra yellow and red buttons. The speaker, lightning port and mute switch holes are all cutout. There is a subtle logo on the side. There are two small holes on the button on the right side of the case, I believe they allow you to use the case with a lanyard. Not sure how strong it would be. I will have to try that later. I always look for a case that is not too thick and not too slippery. The lagging of magnetic will cause my MagSafe accessories to not stay on the case. The flaw is not the case. I am looking forward to seeing when the MagSafe case will be released. There is a I will give this case 5 out of 5 if you don't care about MagSafe and are looking for a simple case that provides good protection and soft touch.

👤I was searching for an Apple case that supported MagSafe when I found this one. The product does not support MagSafe and Qi wireless charging. Several reviews indicated that the issue was not compatible with the MagSafe function, so I was initially against the purchase. I asked the question to the community to confirm and only one person said it worked for them. I made the purchase. I can confirm that the MagSafe case on the iPhone 13 Pro Max does not function. There is no wireless charging capability. I would confirm that the product description is not accurate.

9. Compatible Shockproof Protective Durable Aluminum

Compatible Shockproof Protective Durable Aluminum

It is compatible with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro only. The case for the iPhone 13 Pro is shockproof. The military grade drop was tested. The shockproof and rugged iPhone 13 Pro phone case is certified to survive drops up to 10 feet. The metal frame is machine-made. This rugged iPhone case is made of a hard shell wrapped with aluminum and a bubble pattern rubber interior lining. I was raised to be wary of Bozel. The raised lip protects the screen from scratches. The front cover and 13 Pro screen protectors are not included. There is a wireless clustering company. Shield cases work with wireless charging. It works with MagSafe chargers at 15W rate, but not MagSafe accessories.

Brand: Raptic

👤It isn't worthy. It feels cheap. The first day was scratched in the pocket. I could have gotten better.

👤The case was very good. Raptic was ordered to be checked out by us because we were trying to find cases for company phones. I was most impressed with how rigid and sturdy the case was, it was on its own. Very little flexibility. It seemed like the materials were decent. The corners were soft. We decided against it due to the multi layer of materials and the clear back part of the case which seemed more focused on protection. I gave it 4 out of 5 because it was a great case and probably one of the best choices available.

👤It feels like the case will protect the phone. The center back is clear. The magnetic phone stand will not work with it. It will charge with the magnetic charge, but not without the phone being holed in the stand.

👤The Raptic case I used for my phone was perfect. The button covers on this one are an annoyance, but it is a decent and sturdy one. They are too stiff, and don't stick out enough. The buttons are completely flush with the rest of the case and only distinguished by tiny finger dots and a couple of lines to separate them. I have a sore hand from having to press hard. When I want to take a bunch of pictures, I remove my phone from the case. I know this would be a non-issue for most people. I would like buttons that are easier to press.

👤I used this case on my phone and it only charged at 8.4W, not the 15W they claim. The Magsafe magnet I taped to the back of the case was supposed to make the charge connection stronger and charge faster, but it didn't work out that way. The back of the tape has scratch marks that are not durable. The back of Magsafe magnets cannot be added for better grip as the rear bevels block the area required for magnets. I contacted their support group and they were unwilling to do anything about the issues, instead stating to just return the product for a refund, which was terrible customer service and lack of caring for the customer.

👤Fit, form, and function. Rarely do you find a product that checks all the boxes. I must share my review with the world because of that. The fit of the case allows me to enjoy the streamlined feel of the iPhone and its features, while still being snug and protective. The case looks great! I got a shiny case that changes colors and I love it, but I only see 2 people per day at work, and I work from home. Isn't this why we want a case for our precious little metal and class investments? I have always looked for cases that are better for my phone, usually at the expense of form or fit. The days of brick cases protecting your phone are over. You can look good while protecting your phone with this rugged raptic phone case. In the last week, I have dropped my phone twice, once on its face and once on a corner, and there was no indication of a drop on the phone or case. I will definitely be buying a new phone after I found the raptic brand. Keep up the great work!

10. Compatible Shockproof Protective Protection Reinforced

Compatible Shockproof Protective Protection Reinforced

The phone cover is made of a high-quality material that is easy to clean. The UV coating base is scratch-resistant. The edges of the phone are made of soft TPU and metallic colors to make it more stylish and timeless. Military-Grade Shock Protection: 4 vacuum metallicing raised bumpers on the four corners and a large airbag design can protect your phone from dropping or other impact damage. All-round protection for the mobile phone is needed. The Screen and Camera Guard protects your phone against drops, shocks and scratches by raising the camera, raising the corners and adding a metallic bumper around the screen. You can take pictures from your pocket, and it's easy to slide in and out. Fit perfectly and cut with precision. The phone case's size is the same as the phone's. It is easy to install and take off. Dust from entering and scratching the phone's body can be prevented with easy access to the charging port, volume buttons and silent button. The design is compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro. Support wireless charging. The cute case for your phone is stylish and eye-catching. It was designed for women and girls. Enjoy colorful life by choosing your favorite colors.

Brand: Daviko

👤It looks expensive, but it is beautiful.

👤The case is very sturdy. It's easy to access all the buttons and they can charge as well. Friendly service and quick shipping.

👤I loved this case. It looks sturdy and looks great with my phone. It's perfect. The camera covering is well designed. It was made with love for women. The back and side of the cover have heart symbols. Definitely worth money.

👤Oh my! So in my new case! The pink is pretty, my phone feels protected, the case is not slippery, and the decorative imprints on the case are not too small. I might buy the other colors. Thank you!

👤I love this phone case, it is easy to hold, it is durable, and I will buy a different color when I can. It is very cute in person. If you are scared to get this case, don't worry, it's cute in person.

👤I know what I like and MzE The case was easy to put on my phone and I love the color. I put a ring on it to make it easier to hold. My senior friends compliment me.

👤I thought it was a hard cover. I wouldn't trust dropping my phone with this case. If you are looking for cute. Have at it, but not durable. This is not the case for you if you are looking for longevity. There were scratches on the case. Returned the case on its own.

👤The back side of the case did not align with the cameras. I don't understand how they show pictures of it being aligned to the pro version of the phone when it doesn't align with the dual cameras. I use it because it is cute and I am able to use the camera without any issues. If it fit like advertised, it would be better.

11. OTOFLY Protection Anti Scratch Microfiber Shockproof

OTOFLY Protection Anti Scratch Microfiber Shockproof

This Newly Released iPhone Case is compatible with the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, which will fit your phone perfectly. The Simple and elegant case has a shockproof design. The case for the phone is made from liquid Silicone Gel, which is safe and environmental friendly, and is resistant to turn yellow with the time. The design of fingerprints ensures a clean and natural display of your phone. The Soft Liquid Silicone iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case has a microfiber cushion that is shock and scratch resistant. The raised case edges of the camera and screen can provide reliable protection from bumps and hard-hits. The upgraded iPhone 13 Pro Max Case is better for women and men. The Ultra Slim Fit and Skin-Friendly Case is specially designed and will bring you a different using experience. The features of super thin and light are realized by the quick wireless charging. They aim to provide each customer with the highest standard of customer service. They will take care of all issues with a replacement or refund if you're not satisfied with their upgraded cases.

Brand: Otofly

👤Sometimes I just want to try a color they don't offer or have it next day from Amazon, and these cases are awesome, and I go through a lot of cases, and almost exclusively buy Apple brand Silicone cases. After buying a bunch to compare, I always look at the brands to see if OTOFLY makes what I'm looking for and go with that, right up until my current iPhone 13 Max Pro. They are soft and won't last forever, but they are the next best thing to an Apple case at a quarter of the price. OTOFLY is the best aftermarket there is, and that's before the interesting colors. I'm adding a photo of what sits on my shelf here so you can see this is a real review, the 3 cases in the front are actually genuine Apple cases, the rest are fake.

👤I bought an apple silicone case that is compatible with magsafe and it worked, I believe the case is too thick and it won't work with the wireless charging on the M3. It is a nice case if you don't need wireless charging or magsafe accessories.

👤This is the first third party case that fits my phone, and it's the only one I've bought so far. It's probably due to the extra soft and stretch-y bottom and volume button sections that allow it to slip on this phone, unlike all the other non-Apple cases that have failed so far. It has a good lip on the camera and front of the phone, so it gives the impression that the phone will be protected from scratches, if placed down on a table, but that remains to be seen. The colour is very white and looks great on my phone, but it also seems to be a huge dust magnet. I just finished dusting my office and put this case on the table to take photos, and I can feel the dust on the back of it. When the back is full of dust, it's more obvious that the case is soft. I will have to return it if this continues for more than a couple of days. If you place the phone on the charging port, it will work. The case is technically not a case because the Magsafe charge will fall off if you pick up the phone. Magsafe is compatible with wireless charging. The case goes on/off easily, so I'm not too concerned about this. Initiated a return. I don't like the feel of Silicone cases from the dust they attract. I don't think this case will protect my phone the way I need it to.

👤It's really light weight and it helps reduce my weight on my 13 Pro Max. The case is soft so it doesn't cause any problems. The back helps to protect the camera lens. The camera lens protectors were bought to prevent scratches. The case attracts a small amount of dust. It could be cheaper for the price.

👤I loved it! exceed my expectations! On the inside it is very soft and protective. The camera is protected. The quality and price are perfect. The color is gorgeous! I think it's a good idea.


What is the best product for best iphone 13 pro case for drop protection?

Best iphone 13 pro case for drop protection products from Casekoo. In this article about best iphone 13 pro case for drop protection you can see why people choose the product. Quikbee and Aicase are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone 13 pro case for drop protection.

What are the best brands for best iphone 13 pro case for drop protection?

Casekoo, Quikbee and Aicase are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone 13 pro case for drop protection. Find the detail in this article. Coolqo, Oterkin and Esr are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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