Best Best Iphone 11 Case with Stand

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1. LAUDTEC Kickstand Compatible Horizontal 1Kickstand

LAUDTEC Kickstand Compatible Horizontal 1Kickstand

The slim silicone gel stand case is compatible with the iPhone 11 and it fits over the buttons and curves, ensuring responsive touch and easy access. The microfiber cushion protects your phone well. The camera and screen are designed with 1mm raised edges. The impact of falling is reduced by all of these. Flexible phone stand. The Solid Phone Hand Strap with magnetic band can be used as a Kickstand. The stand case can be used on the mount. The Silicone Kickstand Case for iPhone 11 is made of high-quality liquid Silicone rubber, which is durable and comfortable. It's easy to clean. Dust and dirt can be wiped off with damp rags. Their Kickstand case is waterproof and anti-fingerprint. Your phone will be protected and kept clean.

Brand: Lt Laudtec

👤This little case is so cute. I feel like my phone would be protected if it were dropped. The magnetic flap on the back is the best feature. What a great invention. I like that it's easy to set your phone up, and it works with my car phone holder, because I have to do it often at work. I bought blue and pink for my dad. I really hope it holds up, that's my only concern. The fingers are crossing.

👤The best kickstand on Amazon is the product that takes care of your phone. It is easy to use. It is more durable than other plastic kickstands. It may feel slippery at first, but after a day or two of use, the Silicon gets broken in and gives you a really nice grip.

👤I liked this case. The stand was great for holding the phone in 888-349-8884 I liked sliding my hand through the strap to hold it. I had it for a while and thought it would be a 5 star product. The screen protectors broke. I replaced it twice and almost immediately got a crack in my screen protectors. Even though I don't remember dropping my phone, I deduced that the case wasn't impact resistant for just normal use. I put my old case back on for 2 weeks to see if it was the case, and I thought it was the case. I like the design and hope they can improve the case's sturdiness and offer more color choices. I will try it again if they do.

👤I have used standkick cell phone holders for years, but my favorite has developed a manufacturing flaw that has caused it to fail early and often. The company was good to replace them, but they were inconvenient. I have tried several brands and found one that was sturdy and had the possibility of longer service. My feelings have been confirmed in the few weeks of use. If you want a sturdy and flexible kickstand, give this one a try.

👤The strap broke after about 3-4 weeks of use. I picked up the phone and it broke. 2 stars are generous. The strap needs to be a hand held strap also, so when it is acting as a stand it is tipping over. Poor quality and design.

👤I like the idea of a product. I would put ridges on the sides since the phone case slips in my hand as I hold it. The kickstand/ handle is a little flimsy so I have to be extra gentle with it. It will last me longer. Overall, I like it. I was looking for a design that would allow me to view the phone face in landscape or portrait style. The phone can be either horizontal or vertical. There is no other way to tell how high or low the phone will stand.

2. Teelevo Wallet IPhone Integrated Kickstand

Teelevo Wallet IPhone Integrated Kickstand

It's compatible with the Apple iPhone 11. There are up to 2 cards in the hidden card slot. Integrated Kickstand for hands-free viewing. The PC and shock absorbing TPU are dual-layers. All ports, buttons, and camera are easy to access with precise cutouts.

Brand: Teelevo

👤I like this case. I haven't had any big drops with my phone yet, but it seems pretty secure. It is not a big rugged case, but it is secure. The card case can hold two cards. If I am careful, I cannot add a single folded bill with those cards. The cards are safe. I would recommend being gentle with the door to the card cover when using it as a kickstand. It works well as a kickstand, but it can be broken off easily. This case isn't a wallet case. The door to the card compartment is not loud enough to scream "here are my credit cards!" Like many other phone cases.

👤If the lip around the phone screen was higher, I would have kept this case on my phone for more than 5 minutes. It was pretty much flush with the screen and didn't offer much protection. I liked the case a lot. The opening to the card slot is on the bottom and not obvious. It was easy to open, but not so easy that I would fall open with a shake of the phone. I am returning the case because the lip around the screen is not high enough for my liking. I think you will like it if this is not important to you.

👤This is the second time I have bought this. Will always buy this brand and style of cell phone case. Teleevo is the only brand I use. I bought this years ago for a different cell brand, when I switched back to the iPhone, I bought another. The case protects you cell. So Well! It's amazing how strong it is. Fast it. Cell phones are an investment and you want to make them last as long as possible. To be able to carry my drivers license and a card is so simple, and the Teleevo protects you cell, looks amazing. This case will allow you to feel free from bags, purses, and extra baggage. You can take your cell phone and go shopping, explore, or just have a day out. This is a cell phone case that you cannot live without. It works great. All other cases fail, so just buy this and be happy.

👤I wanted to carry my cards in my phone case, so I bought this. It feels like a normal phone case, the compartment for cards doesn't feel bulky, and it fits great in hand. You can take out two cards at the same time, and it's very easy to fit them together. The handle can be used horizontally, but not vertically, which to me is not a big deal. I have had this for about 3 weeks and it has been amazing. There was nothing broken or malfunctioning.

👤There was a crack on the corner when the case arrived. That piece may have fallen off a month later. The door to the card slot won't stay closed after another piece fell off about 3 weeks after that. I didn't lose my card, but I was at home when it happened. The phone case is no longer usable as intended.

3. Lookstand Detach Adjustable Compatible Android

Lookstand Detach Adjustable Compatible Android

The kit includes a Detach Mount that allows you to detach from your phone. You can use it to charge your car. The customer satisfaction has increased when they use both Detach Mount and Lookstand. It is compatible with all phones. The Lookstand is attached to the back of the phone when not in use. You don't have to worry about carrying bulky gadgets that need assembly every time because they are lightweight at 1.58 ounce. LEISURE TIME BUDDY - The phonestand will help you go hands-free. Simply open up your Lookstand on any flat surface and you'll be able to surf the web at a cafe, watch a show in bed, or browse recipes in the kitchen. The Lookstand is a tripod that can be used to take selfies, record your own golf swing, and even vlogging on social media. There is a viewing angle available in both portrait and landscape modes. No more texting NECK. Text neck and text claw are some of the most common problems that arise from extensive smartphone use. The height of the Lookstand helps take the pressure off your neck and shoulders for the perfect ergonomics while using your phone and keeps your wrists from doing all the work. 841% of the money was raised on KICKSTARTER. This product was funded in less than 12 hours.

Brand: Lookshop

👤My friend bought this item and was very happy with it. I bought it immediately when I saw it here. This phonestand has to be 888-282-0465. I don't have to worry about an extra item because it stays attached to my phone case. I had it set up at my table while I was eating out and it was quite stylish with a metallic finish.

👤This product does what it says, it's a stand that you can attach to the back of your phone with some 3M glue, it's sturdy and decent to use. The weight of the phone hasn't been a problem unless I use a specific angle where the stand is under pressure. If you use the stand the way they do in the promo pictures, you will be fine since the different levels of the stand's height adjust have a clicky mechanism that keeps it from sliding back down. This isn't a 4 or 5 star review because the stand is as expensive as it is. I was expecting more from the flip out feet. They are a wobbly mess. I first saw this stand advertised on another site and the video was convincing in terms of the build quality, but the actor in the video held the stand from the bottom to adjust the phone The seller tried to assure the public that the stand was not indicative of its ability to stay upright. I now see a reason why they held the stand, it would show it wobbles. It seems like this has to be a known issue and for such an expensive stand it is not an optimal experience. If they can fix the feet or get better quality assurance in place, it is a unique product with some great potential if they can fix the phone stand.

👤A friend recommended this stand for my phone. It is worth every penny. It works for me because I have kids who love watching videos on my phone while I'm in a car or eating dinner. I like that I can match it to my kids and view. It is great to use for work as well. I have a sturdy stand that I can use to hold my phone while I'm on the phone. The stand is light. If I don't want the bulk in the back, I can demount it. I am very satisfied with my purchase and am buying more for my husband and parents. Great product!

👤I don't use the stand enough to justify the extra dimensions it adds to my phone. It is not easy to take it off of the mount. It won't be accidentally slipped off, which may be a plus for some. It is difficult for me to remove as I have larger hands, so it can be frustrating. I don't think it would be a problem if you don't chew your fingernails like I do, and you actually have fingernails, as you can press down the release tab with your fingernail. The way you remove it is a bit awkward, as the tab is already small and you have to slide the mount off to reach it. If they could take it off by sliding away from the tab, I wouldn't have mentioned it. I took the stand off the mount and now I wonder why I keep it on my phone. I'm considering removing it, but maybe not. I don't use it much, but I do want a phone stand. My phone case has a built-in kickstand, and I use it most of the time. The stand is better than the kickstand as you can angle the phone up or down, but I'm not sure I'll be using it in the future.

4. Military Protective Kickstand Wireless Compatible

Military Protective Kickstand Wireless Compatible

Heavy Duty slim hard TPU and PC with a soft rubber hybrid structure provides shockproof protection against accidental drops, shocks, and bumps. The raised front edge lips and lens lips on the case cover provide robust protection for your phone screen and camera lens when dropped. Keeps your device thin and form fitting to fit in your pocket and bag. It could be a perfect gift for someone who loves their phone. Wide cutouts and responsive press keys make it easy to access all ports, buttons, cameras, speakers, and mics. It is compatible with wireless charging. The wireless charging efficiency is up to 98%. It's compatible with MagSafe.

Brand: Kitoo

👤It fits my phone perfectly. It is thick enough to feel like it has great protection. Stand on the back is very easy to use. The case looks really cool. The case looks exactly like the photos they have for it, but my camera didn't do it justice. Love that this is a family company.

👤After 32 years in the military, I knew if this item was going to work, I had to drop it. I have many different phone brands. Each brand of phone will break when I drop it. I broke the case when I got my new phone. I was looking for a new case when I came across this one. Military people know how to drop things. Everyone that has seen the case tells me how great it looks. I told myself to wait until I dropped. I have lost count of how many times I dropped my phone. My phone has been undamaged because the case performed like the ad states. This case is recommended for all phones.

👤The case is a great case, my son loved it, but unfortunately we have to return it, because we got my son an ihome with a wireless charging stand, and it's a bit bulky to fit on the charger, and we gave him the case.

👤When I got my Iphone 11 I was very happy with the product, because it was very well protected and I would recommend it to anyone. My husband says your phone is hot. He is not an Apple guy so I keep my phone protected. If you see another product that is similar to this seller's, you won't be sorry.

👤This will be my third case in about 4 years, and it will protect my phone. They are simple and work as advertised. Occasionally, I drop my phone, but I have never had any damage. I like the extra protection at the corners, and my engineering degree shows that this is an excellent way to protect the phone from impact. It works well, but not fancy. The case back is flat, which allows me to attach a metal plate for magnetic car mount purposes, while the phone pops out of the case relatively easily for wireless charging.

👤I ordered this for my new phone. It was half the price of the Otterbox. The kickstand works well, it's heavy, and it looks cool. Red. It was too thick to charge through. The Chotech 5 coil wireless charger shoots through the case. I'm learning to lay it face down on my desk with the red back facing up. I don't misplace it on my desk, coffee table or bed stand. The back cover is red. How many times have you walked around the house looking for the phone, only to have it ring under your nose? No more. I always qualified things in high school.

👤In November of 2019. The case is exactly what it was advertised to be. Sometimes I am rough on phones. This thing has survived all the madness and abuse. Even after a year of heavy use, it is still in good condition. I had a small crack on the left side. I was climbing up the stairs with groceries when it fell out of my pocket. I am purchasing a replacement. Even if the case was lightly scratched, it still protected my phone from a hard drop. I am here to replace it, otherwise it would have held over for two years. Buy it. Now.

5. ArmadilloTek Vanguard Full Body Kickstand Protector

ArmadilloTek Vanguard Full Body Kickstand Protector

It's not compatible with the expensive iPhone 11 Pro version. Military-grade drop tested a heavy-duty full-body wrapped ultra protective case with a built-in kickstand, reliable in all conditions and kid-friendly. There is a front cover with a built-in screen protection. A raised lips and corners of the front hard frame and a built-in Japanese PET screen protectors will keep your screen safe and new without compromising sensitivity. The Unibody concept and One Piece Design combine the premium quality polycarbonate outer layer with an enhanced thermoplastic. Provide some of the best protection on the market while retaining a slim and sleek design. The kickstand sets your hands free while you watch. You can fully access all functions with precision-cut cutouts that align with all buttons. The phone is easy to hold. It works great with the wireless charging compatible. There are some wireless chargers that can charge 2 or more devices at the same time. Make sure to get a high-quality 10W charging station.

Brand: Armadillotek

👤This is the best 18 US Dollars you can spend for a tactical-grade case. Guys in battle fatigues are on the packaging. It is light. It's suitable for both righties and lefties. Drop tested it at the top of my garage. When it hit the ground, it cracked the pavement and yelled "You want more?" COME AT ME! It has a kickstand on the back that was strong enough to hold up my truck so I could change the oil and watch Duck Dynasty at the same time. That's Murcia made quality. It pairs with and to the style of any owner named Kyle, Gauge, orTravis. Every morning it wakes you up with a different patriotic message, and it also plays a song called "God Bless The USA." May you pass this along to your only son, in the spirit of our forefathers. And may the wings of freedom not fall down.

👤I used the case for my phone over the weekend. I definitely think this case will protect my phone. There is a back panel that protects the phone from bending. There is a I removed the thin plastic screen protectors because I already have a glass one. The included instructions recommend doing this. The amount of recess protects the screen. Also, etc. It has a flap for the accessory port to keep out debris, but not a cover for the silence switch. There are slots for the speakers. The kickstand was sturdy and I liked it. The sides were a bit too square for my liking, but hey, it is a phone. See the pictures. A good value.

👤They stopped making a screen protectors for the otter box defender. Had a big problem paying over $50 for something that didn't protect the screen. The case is a great alternative. When I saw my wife's, I had to have one of my own. Surrounded by a bouncy shell. It feels sturdy, grips well. There is a stand that is helpful. I've dropped my phone 5 or 6 times and the case isn't even scratched yet. I had a problem with air bubbles when I put the case on. They fixed my bubble issue after I contacted them. The case is well worth the price.

👤This case is great. I needed something that was tough for my new phone. When the previous phone fell in the basement it was old and bought the dust. I had this case yesterday. My phone has dropped before. My fears are gone. It's easy to put a case on the phone. Instructions were provided. The phone fit into the first part of the case. I like that. I added the outer part. I was certain that my phone was locked. I felt like dropping it from a plane. I am not doing that. That is stupid. The cut outs match the phone perfectly. There is a cover over the charge port. lint in the charge port was a frequent problem for me, so I like that. Screen protectors work as they should. The touch screen was responsive as if there was no case at all. The case is strong. It feels better than an otterbox. It is not overwhelming. I am already used to it. Kickstand is a big plus. I am washing dishes at night. I used to do the balancing act better. I don't actually need a belt clip so the added bulk will not be missed. Thank you for making a tank that fits in my pocket.

6. JAME Military Grade Protection Protective Shockproof

JAME Military Grade Protection Protective Shockproof

The JAME case is compatible with the 6.1 inch version of the phone. Easy access to all ports, speakers, cameras, buttons, and other functions can be achieved with care for every detail. The hybrid case for iPhone 11 is made of premium TPU and PC shell with rubber side, providing full protection from dust, dirt, scratches, drops or bumps. The premium metal ring kickstand is designed for the iPhone 11 case and has multiple angles. It's a perfect phone case for magnetic car mounts. The screen protectors have raised lips and edges around the display screen and the camera to avoid scratches when placed face down. JAME offers a Lifetime Free Replacement Case for the iPhone 11 Case, high quality phone cases with premium customer service ensure risk-free purchase. They are open to any questions or problems.

Brand: Jame

👤Everyone that has ever made online purchases has that "oh, drat" moment with one purchase or another. I have bought some products and gotten less or more than I thought, because the picture of them was not accurate. The dimensions listed in the product description were for the whole package, not the product within it. This is one of those times. I look through reviews to see if there are any hidden "gotchyas." This is a phone case. I like the idea of a flip out ring. That feature is very usable. I liked the idea of having a metal plate for magnetic phone mounts, and I was going to buy a few more. The case has two screen protectors. I was impressed that they included their own little install kits, which included a couple guide stickers, a dust grabbing sticker, an alcohol wipe, and a mini micro-fiber cleaning cloth. I have to give them a 5 out of 5 score for the price. There is no support for wireless charging in the product details. I had not read the reviews section of the Q&A write-ups. I can confirm that they are correct. The case is incompatible with my wireless charging system. I should have read through some Q&A and reviews where I could have learned this truth. C'est la vie. It should be a part of the product description. I think that there should be some kind of documentation on how the product designer intended the screen protectors to be installed. Even though I did not know how to use the guide stickers, I took a guess and it came out good. I have included a picture of the bag, alcohol wipe, cleaning cloth, and screen protectors in a protective foam rubber wrap/sleeve. I think the case would perform well. The package includes a case, two screen protectors and kits to install them. This case does not work for me, so I will be looking for a new one. The product details need to be aware that the case isn't compatible with wireless charging.

👤I bought it for my fiane after getting him a new phone for Father's Day, and I was looking for the perfect case since our almost 2 year old son takes our phones and bolts. I needed something that was durable. He had a case for his phone that was just like the one he had with his old phone, and it never cracked or damaged the phone. My 2 year old is comfortable with holding his new phone and I highly recommend it. That's a huge bonus because it comes with a screen protector. There is also a back up screen protectors.

👤The case fits my phone perfectly. It was easy to install. I love the built-in flip-up ring and metal plate for the magnet mount in my car. The opening for the charging port is large enough that my charging cables are not a problem. There is a It feels light and easy to hold, even though it looks a little bulkier than my previous slim case. The screen protectors that came with the case were easy to apply, but it would have been better if they had some basic instructions on how to do it. I have installed many screen protectors so I know what to do, but for some people it may be nice to have some instructions. I'm happy with my purchase so far.

7. ESR IPhone 11 Horizontal Reinforced

ESR IPhone 11 Horizontal Reinforced

Soft TPU is better protection than hard PC/PP for the glass back of the iPhone 11. The two-way stand design of the case lets you watch videos or use the app. The sturdy metal kickstand of the clear case provides a convenient viewing experience. The raised edge around the screen and camera helps protect your phone from scratches. No need to remove the stand case when using a wireless charging device. Also, note: It's not compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Brand: Esr

👤The case is sturdy and practical. The review talks about fake reviews. I went back to the seller's profile and found that they sell the same case for the iPhoneXR, and it had good reviews. It's a good idea to use it the same way in the picture and not the other way around.

👤Excellent product. The charging port has a wide berth. It's perfect for the phone. It's much easier to put on than other cases. The kickstand works both vertical and horizontal. Everything should be in the case.

👤I normally don't do reviews but this product is so improved over the last case I had for my phone, that I decided to do one. The stand was always catching on my pocket because it had bent. I ordered one for my new phone. It is perfect now. The stand clicks into the case to keep it in place. I like the clear because I can still see the color of my phone, and the stand works either vertical or horizontal.

👤I received the case in the mail yesterday. The kickstand is the best I've seen on a case like this, and I cannot wait to get my phone in it. I ordered a clear case from Apple that was twice as expensive as the one I found, and I canceled my order when I found this gem. Highly recommend this case!

👤The case doesn't get that dirty feeling after a few days of use. The phone is held perfectly by the stand. The phone is standing up and it is easy to text.

👤I bought this item on Amazon. The kickstand is made of metal. The bumper and corner are thick. I can use my phone to watch videos. I would recommend this to you.

👤I ordered this one for my phone. It has great quality and is amazing. The stand clicks into the case to keep it in place. I like the stand attached to it and use it to read, watch, and make video calls.

👤It was a snug fit. It's easy to put on and remove. It's not bulky because it's thick enough to protect my phone. When open, the kickstand stays the same. I like this case a lot.

👤I was not going to like this case. I find it hard to transition to a new phone when I have my last one. I bought this because it had a stand. I was used to standing up. This is better than my last case. The stand can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions. The phone is very slippery. I need a case and screen cover before I use it. I chose a clear cover because I liked the colour of the phone. No one should cover it up after. The case has a good grip. I feel very safe with it. I was sitting in the garden on a garden chair and the back just collapsed on me. The phone flew out of my hand when I went back. The case and screen cover make my phone completely protected from destruction. I am very happy with my purchase.

8. TORRAS MoonClimber Protective Shockproof Kickstand

TORRAS MoonClimber Protective Shockproof Kickstand

Sturdy yet flexible, the stand is made of high quality aluminum and will not get loose with time, supports in Landscape and portrait will not get loose with wobblies, and will not interfere with wireless charging. It's perfect for video chatting and watching. The X-SHOCK Cushioning design patent in 4 corners upgrade the shockproof performance up to 200%, extra 1.2mm lips lift screen and camera off surface protect against nicks, scratches, and the phone case was certified by the Military Grade Armor Protection. Germany imported high quality materials to ensure the long lasting clarity and scratch-resistant, and 100% Crystal Clear and Never Yellowing, for the iPhone 11 case. The minimalist design of the phone case adds no bulk and slides easily into the pocket, the case has a nice touch, and the edges make a good grip. Only compatible with the 6.1 inch clear case for the 11th iteration of the device. If you have any issues, please contact them.

Brand: Torras

👤I was given a free case to test because I am a loyalty member, and they upgraded me after I contacted them about the broken case. This case is excellent. It is made of quality materials. The kickstand feels sturdy and robust, unlike other cases with stands. I have not dropped my phone in the case, but it seems like it would be as protective as any thin material case, though I can't say for certain. The transparent effect is nice, with the phone clearly visible underneath without any dots or patterns that I've seen with other cases. I was surprised that wireless charging worked well, given the added bulk in the kickstand portion of the case. If I had to make a correction, I would say that I like to use magnetic phone holders in my car and around the house, and that the case should be modified to be more attractive to magnetic stands. There are more color options that would be great. The customer support of Torras is amazing. They said that they are working on them. One of the best customer service experiences I have ever had has been delivered by them.

👤I have looked for years and have found 50 cases for the iPhone. Looking for this one. 1) It is clear. If you cover it with a bleh color case, why get a fancy color phone? There are two more Protection Heavy around the edges and thick elsewhere to give my hands protection. The stand is either horizontal or vertical. This one does both. Really, it does both! What a novel idea. There are four The center can hit the sweet spot of the wireless charges if the stand is placed at one end. There you go, great cover.

👤Since I am a previous customer I was contacted by the company to try out a free case. This is my review. I upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro so this case wouldn't fit my phone, but I gave it to my daughter because she was skeptical. I asked her to give me her opinion on the case because she already liked it. She loves it! She said that having a flip out stand built in is useful. She likes to watch a lot of videos on the internet, so she is liking the stand. She said that she likes the clear color and that her stickers show through. They claim the case is clear and won't yellow. Time will tell. I have had great luck with the past cases of thetorras, so I think this one will hold up. It seems to be sturdy and well made. If you are looking for a clear case that is not too thick but not flimsy, I would give it a try. It is very nice!

👤I got this case for my fiancĂ©e, who has a red phone. He had no problem applying the clear case to his phone. He uses the stand to read or watch. My fiancĂ© is a color lab technician and he deals with paint and dark colors, so it's easy to clean the case when it gets dirty.

9. ESR IPhone 11 Pro Max

ESR IPhone 11 Pro Max

The glass back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is protected by Soft TPU. The design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max case allows you to watch videos or use the app. The sturdy metal kickstand and multiple viewing angles of the iPhone 11 Pro Max clear case make it convenient to view it. The raised edge around the screen and camera lens protects your phone from scratches. No need to remove the stand case when using a wireless charging device. Also, note: It's not compatible with the newer versions of the iPhone.

Brand: Esr

👤This has been the best case for what I needed. I usually go for a Spigen case that protects the device. This is a great buy because of the fit and finish and the quality of the stand. You are not going to get around this. If it gets too yellow, you just replace it for 16 bucks. Highly recommended!

👤This is my first case and if it lasts a long time it will be my last. My first clear case was also my first clear case. Buying a new phone and covering it with a solid case was not something I wanted to do. The clear case makes me appreciate my phone more. The kickstand is sturdy. Well done.

👤It was designed well. Love the kickstand. Doesn't affect wireless charging. The clear case has a textured grid pattern that I don't like. The product was great for the price.

👤The case is perfect. It is made from premium material. The metal kickstand is not like other brands where the plastic is painted in silver. The cameras in the back are protected by little lip. I am very happy with the purchase. 5 star product, very well built.

👤The metal stand is broken. Won't close.

👤A tight fit. Stand is stiff and nice. The stand is very functional and minimalist.

👤The green color of the new phone is shown in the fit.

👤Great case for the money. The kickstand is sturdy and smooth, and the case is pleasant to look at.

👤The case and phone look cheap and nasty because of the severe yellowing that occurs after just 6 months of use. Very disappointing.

👤I was surprised and disappointed that the stand was a lump at the back of the case, the photos don't show this in my opinion. I really like the fact that it has a lump. When I get my phone out of my pocket, I know where the bottom and top are, so I don't have to worry about rotating it. The sadness turned to joy. I believe my phone is well protected, as the case is solid, barely any dust creeps under it, and I dropped it this morning and it was fine. I used to have a spigen stand case for my phone, but it added a load of buttons, and they were hard to press. The case does not do that. It's great. The buttons are easy to press.

👤Someone in production hasn't used an Apple device that uses a motion called the "swipe motion" to use the function. It should be a useful piece of kit to protect the phone and serve as a stand. The design means that the plastic gets in the way when you use the phone. On the left of the photo is the case that was bought and on the right is my own stand. It means I can't use this, as it is designed, for daily use only when I'm on video calls and not using apps. This item is sturdy and easy to hold, but I can't recommend it. I will be looking for something that is more practical.

10. LeYi Tempered Protector Military Kickstand

LeYi Tempered Protector Military Kickstand

It is specially designed for the iPhone 11. Also come with a screen protectors. The built-in PC protects your phone from drops, scratches and bumps. Air-Cushion Technology for all corners and Military-Grade Protection with a slim design protect your device. The metal kickstand is easy to rotate and sturdy on the case. The kickstand gives you the convenience to watch videos and movies hands-free. The metal magnetic sheet can be directly adsorbed to the magnetic car mount holder. The magnetic car mount holder is not included. The buttons and interface design should be cut out. The cutouts for speakers, camera and charging hole make it easy to access all features without taking off the case. Their products have a 30 day warranty. If you have any questions, please contact them. You can get a solution from LeYi within 12 hours.

Brand: Leyi

👤Absolutely adore this case. Here is why. I needed something more sturdy for my new work phone. I got a different case for my phone. It fits well in your hand and is very sturdy. The case looks futuristic to me. There are rubber bumpers on the corners. I think the phone would have a good balance between strength and flexibility to prevent it from breaking if dropped. I haven't dropped it yet. 2. There are several good colors to choose from. I love the green color. It has a slight shimmer to it. 3. Kickstand: I was on the lookout for this because there were reviews about the kickstand breaking off easily. The kickstand is the issue. It is hard to explain, but does not flip up and down. As you pull it up, it has a stop point. To open it from a different side, you have to rotate it. In the dark, I can't always tell where the "stop" point is, so I have to push gently and then rotate it to where I can push the kickstand up/ down. I have had kickstands that are circular and now have one with beveled edges, which is life changing. It makes sense to have a flat surface. The kickstand has a stopping point, which limits the angle you can prop the phone up. 4. They provide two screen protectors, which was great because I ruined the first one. When done with a steady hand, the screen matches up perfectly. If you have never had one before, you need to be prepared to put it on the phone as soon as you peel off the cover. It is easiest to start at the top left corner and then lower it to the rest of the phone. It will take a second but it will fit on your screen. Lift it up and lay it down if you can catch it quickly. If you do this over and over you will get dust in the air and it will show up on your phone under the protection. I recommend cleaning the back of the phone, putting the case on, cleaning the front of the phone, and placing the screen protectors on. Hope this helps someone. Happy shopping!

👤I got a glass case for my new phone so I could use the wireless charging feature. The convenience of wireless charging didn't seem worth the dust and fingerprints on the back of the phone. The phone felt slippery and I was afraid if I dropped it, the glass wouldn't provide enough protection. I went to look at the cases on Amazon. The first case to pop up was this one. It got good reviews and the price was reasonable. I ordered it to try out because I thought it was worth the risk. I wouldn't like it and be out a few bucks. The new case I ordered felt better in my hand. The textured design made me feel like I had a good grip on it. The design is slim for the protection it provides, even though the pictures make it look bulky. I debated between the two cases. It was a matter of comfort in holding the phone and not having to worry about wireless charging. I would rather have a phone that doesn't feel like it's going to slip out of my fingers over the hassle of having to charge it. I don't miss the wireless charging. I ordered the red version. I was tired of having to mix up my phones with friends and co workers who all had black cases. In person the red is more subdued than in the pictures. I enjoy that a lot. It gives my phone a unique personality.

11. Poetic Dual Layer Shockproof Protective Revolution

Poetic Dual Layer Shockproof Protective Revolution

The Apple iPhone 11 RUGGED CASE is a Military grade drop test. Drop-proof, import resistant, and scratch-proof are some of the things that are Shockproof. Extra raised lips and corners of the front hard frame provide super protection from drops, keep your screen safe. The bumper is made of premium polycarbonate and shock absorbing TPU. A built-in screen protection adds a layer of protection without affecting screen responsiveness. Only the Apple iPhone 11 can be compatible.

Brand: Poetic

👤Not a bad thing. I was absent-minded Ku holding my phone under my arm as I picked up kid's mess on the landing of the second floor of my home. The hand railing that goes from the stairs to the loft is open. It fell between the railing and the wood on the floor. I knew from the sound of it that the device was safe. There was a crack on the edge of the case between the clear facing and the rubber bumper when I retrieved my device. My phone was not damaged. I ordered another case because I thought I should replace this one since it was in a bad spot. The case still works, do you know it? I waited until the replacement arrived to take off my original case. Nothing happened! It is still intact! I have a backup for this crazy case. BUY ONE! It's worth it. I use the kickstand all the time. Buy it.

👤The case is sturdy and feels like it would cost a small fortune, and the screen protectors fit nicely. The kickstand is hard for me to put down. I feel like I will break it because closing it is hard, but I can get it to stand well. The front and back of the case should be separate. I had to use a screwdriver to get it back, a coin is useless. I bought it because it was cheap, but the stand is not user friendly, so I will keep it for a while.

👤It was pretty good for the price. I like the kickstand and cumpers. The phone is covered nicely. From time to time, debris gets under the protective screen cover. I have had this happen with other cases. This is a better choice than a 40 or 80 dollar case. Also, works with a wireless charge.

👤At first, I loved it. Solid feel, rugged, sturdy, nice optics. The design flaw that may be impossible became obvious in 2 days. The built-in screen cover has a few holes at the top to give clear viewing of the face recognition and another sensor cameras. The problem is that when you hold the phone to your face and hold it to your ear and hold it to your face, the screen cover will come into contact with your ear and face and small amounts of skin oil or other contaminates will move underneath it. The screen cover built into the case distracts from the clean look of the screen. The case failed in a core function test, which is clear visibility of the screen through the built-in screen cover.

👤Love the bumpers around the edges, the integrated stand, and the plugs that protect the charging port from debris. I know it won't open if it gets bumped because it is a snug fit. The included screen protectors don't adhere to the phone screen, so dirt, dust and grit get in through the holes for sound. I opened the case a few times a week to brush it out since it affects the performance of the phone and will scratch the screen. I'm trying to protect my phone from being scratched, so I'm not going to risk getting it out with a screwdriver. Can't beat the price. I paid a lot for the screen protectors I ordered, but I still feel good about it.


What is the best product for best iphone 11 case with stand?

Best iphone 11 case with stand products from Lt Laudtec. In this article about best iphone 11 case with stand you can see why people choose the product. Teelevo and Lookshop are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone 11 case with stand.

What are the best brands for best iphone 11 case with stand?

Lt Laudtec, Teelevo and Lookshop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone 11 case with stand. Find the detail in this article. Kitoo, Armadillotek and Jame are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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