Best Best Iphone 11 Case with Screen Protector

Case 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. TOCOL IPhone 11 Shockproof Anti Scratch

TOCOL IPhone 11 Shockproof Anti Scratch

Premium pure Liquid Silicone improves the grip of the case 100 times. It has a sleek but not slippery grip and a soft handle that never breaks. There is a new layer of anti-adhesive on the back. 99% of sticky dust and hair problems can be resisted. The 2 pack screen protectors are designed to protect your phone screen from accidental drops. The glass has a 99.99% response sensitivity and never scratches. Full body protection is provided by the 1.5mm over the screen. The HD camera lens protectors are designed to bring the original of beauty to every photo and video. Light transmittance can be up to 99.99% if you don't affect the flash. 1.3mm lips over the camera. Provide long- lasting clarity and keep the image bright. Soft Silicone case wraps around your phone. Microfiber lining protects the back of your phone. It's super thin to protect the phone. The lightly design realized the quick wireless charging. Customer-first is always their principle. It's important to provide a fast and relaxing shopping experience. You can help solve the matching and selection problems by offering a Lifetime Replacement for your Silicone Case. Please contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Tocol

👤I installed a front screen protector after watching the video and seeing a bubble under the glass. That will be annoying. The whole kit is less expensive than what Apple would provide. I don't want to use the second screen to fix the bubble because I don't want to live with it. I think having the phone in my pocket helped squeeze it out. All is well.

👤I thought this was a good deal, screen protectors for under $16 and good reviews. That was a mistake. I ordered three for my family. The case colors are the same as pictured. Dirt, dust, and everything else is collected in the case. The case edges are flimsy. The phone can't be put in any pocket. I only have two hands to hold the phone in my pocket. There were two screen shields, two camera shields, and some cute stickers on the glass shield. They are on the cheaper side. Don't waste your money. I bought new cases for all of my phones.

👤It is great quality and comes with a warranty. My kids loved the cute stickers they received. I work for a cellular company and these are definitely worth the purchase.

👤It arrives in a very basic box, with a case and screen protectors, but also cute stickers. I thought that was very sweet. The Midnight Green color is the same as the product image. I am not sure how well it would absorb shock if dropped, but it definitely looks nice. The camera and screen protectors seem to be very good quality and you get two of them. I like my case. I attached a wallet holder to the case to make it seem like it was part of the product, but I didn't want people to think it was a part of the product.

👤The case fits great but it needs some texture to help it feel so slick.

👤The lip of the cover over the screen provides great protection for your phone. The cover is soft to the touch, which makes it comfortable to hold. This doesn't mean it's slippery. The inside of the cover has some felt that can be used for additional protection. The whole package is excellent value for money because of the quality of the screen protectors and camera lense covers. Thanks!

👤The screen protectors for the regular screen and the camera were included in the case, so I decided to use it for my work phone. The case is sleek and does not feel slippery. The cute stickers and thank you note from Tocol made me smile. I would buy this case.

👤I thought I was getting a phone case when I read the product. I got more. I had a cleaning kit and screen protectors for my camera and front. I put them on just so they would be new. I am shocked that the camera can't tell you anything. I thought it would fog up my photos, but nothing has come out clear. I just put these on so I don't know how effective they are against damage, but hopefully I won't have to. The price is a great deal.

2. I Blason IPhone Release Protector Metallic

I Blason IPhone Release Protector Metallic

The materials provide protection from dust, dirt, drops, or falls. The drop was tested at 20 feet. The transparent back of your phone protects it against scratches. The built-in screen protectors prevent scratches and cracks. The cutouts allow easy access to the ports and function while the elevated bezels keep the camera lens free of damaging surfaces. It's compatible with the new iPhone 11.

Brand: I-blason

👤I just bought a new Iphone 11, and this case shows it off nicely. I put screen protectors on the front and back of the phone, and the case still fits perfectly, without having to remove the plastic screen protectors that came attached to the case. I feel like my phone is protected. I have not had any damage to my phone since I got this case and screen protectors.

👤I have not tested the case's resilience yet, but I am very happy with my purchase. I have been using the Defenders for a long time, and they have done a good job of protecting my phone, but I always felt like they were too expensive for just a little plastic and rubber. When the new iPhone 11 models came out this year with no screen protection, I decided I was done with them and started looking for cases with screen protectors on Amazon. The Ares fit my new 11 perfectly, the plastic/rubber are just as solid as the Defender, and for 1/3 the price, it was a great review. I would recommend this case to anyone who is looking for a solid case that protects the screen, and I feel like my phone is well protected. 2 thumbs up.

👤I like the fact that this case has full coverage as a posed to thebumper and then has to buy a screen protectors. It has a good vibe.

👤I wanted to do a review on this case even before I owned it because I was impressed with it so far. It is comparable to an otterbox defender. It feels like it would provide the same kind of protection. The phone is tight. It is easy to install but it is difficult to remove. It feels like the phone and case are one complete device once the phone is in the case. The form fit is very good. The phone is easy to hold and I don't feel like I'm about to drop it. The touch screen functions are easy to use, the buttons are easy to press, and the cutouts for microphones, cameras, and speakers are all aligned. The cameras are not large enough to make contact when laid on a flat surface. The case does not cover the exposed lens, so you may want to add a camera protection. I think a black tinted one would look great. It feels like any other case I have had before in that area, but I did not rate scratch resistance due to owning it so quickly. I think that car keys will take their toll in my pocket, but it is not a Defender so cost wise. I could replace it twice and still save money, but the Defender wouldn't be scratch resistant anymore. I have had the case for a couple of weeks now. I carry my phone in my front pocket of my jeans on average 5 days a week, but it also shares that pocket with another company's phone in a Defenders case. Nothing else goes in that pocket. I have an active job, and the phones go in and out of my pocket a lot, and see their share of bumps and shocks, even when in my pocket. The phone has taken a few minor falls, but no serious damage has been done, and the case has a few light scratches. There is a small scratch on the back of my hand. I am not sure how that happened, but I know it happened before the first fall. There are light scratches on the front of the phone from the finger sliding on the surface. This is normal and insignificant. I only mentioned it to acknowledge that it has happened, but I expected this from the beginning. The phone case shows fingerprints so be aware of that. I am adding a few new pics to this review to show these things, and just for the fun of it, and I will also continue to update it as needed. I am completely satisfied with the case and my 5 star rating is still the same. The case has survived two falls so far, one landing on concrete from a height where I had the phone propped up and it accidentally got knocked off. The case saved the phone and only shows a small spot on one corner of the rubber where it hit the floor. I am a heavy user of my phone so it sees a lot of contact, and no further scratching has appeared on the clear front or back. It has been 2 months since I received this case. The polished spot on the rubber from the fall has faded so that it doesn't even show anything. Maybe self healing. I clean my case with the phone in it every few days by spraying the front and back with eye glass cleaner and wiping with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints and oils. The clear surfaces are resistant to scratching and look new again once they are cleaned. I don't see any scratching other than that. The case has 5 holes on the top front where the phone's notch can be used to allow proper use of the camera and speaker. This could allow dirt to enter the case. It doesn't seem to be happening so far. My wife got a different case for her phone at the same time I got this one, so she has a splattered look of dirt on the inside. I can tell you from experience that dirt like that will scratch the screen of your phone. It's good that doesn't seem to be happening with this case. The cover is flat enough against the screen that dirt doesn't seem to be a problem. The inside of the front cover had a slight tackiness to it, and at first I thought that it would help it to lay flat by adhering to the screen, but as I have removed the case to clean it a time or two, I noticed that the tackiness itself had a tendency The tackiness was hard to remove because of the dust. I think the tackiness was left over when I put the phone inside, as the case still lays flat after I put the phone back in. Wireless charging is not covered. I don't know if it would work due to the lack of metals and clear back panel, but I charge with a wall brick and cord so I don't know. After 2 months, the phone is in excellent condition and the case is mostly new. A 5 star rating is well deserved, considering the cost and performance.

3. TAURI IPhone 11 Not Yellowing Protection

TAURI IPhone 11 Not Yellowing Protection

There is a soft bumper and a transparent hard PC back. New materials from Germany make it difficult to make yellow. Restore bare Phone touch is good protection while not bulky. The color of the phone won't be affected by the 100% transparency back. It still looks elegant, no cheap feeling. The high quality 9H glass protects your phone screen against scratches and shatterproof. The screen protector film is very thin and comfortable. Make it. You don't feel anything on the screen. It's anti-fingerprint and dirt- proof, making it the best bare-screen touch and the best visual feast. They provide advanced Camera Screen Protector that won't affect the photo quality, because the iphone 11 6.1 inch has an expensive camera. If the case turns yellow, you can contact them at any time. They will reply in 12 hours.

Brand: Tauri

👤The product has been in my possession for 11 days and the sides are already starting to oxidize. I had a phone case less than 2 months and it has yellowed worse than any other phone case I have ever had. Terrible case of anti-yellowing.

👤Make sure you put the back camera protection on correctly or you will leave a mess. I messed up the first time but it came off the second time. The first pic is after the flash is on. The packaging is cute. It was worth the money.

👤After a few weeks of use, it turned yellow and became like a phone case. It states that this wouldn't happen. The phone was free of scratches and dents. It's definitely a finger print magnet. N picks up oils. It's okay, but I wish it would have kept it's clear color. It looks like it's permanently dirty now.

👤I got a case and screen protectors. The guide frame and supplies made it easy for me to put the screen protectors on. The clear case is strong. The quality and value are great. I have never had protection for the camera. This is a good idea. The camera is expensive but good quality. Better pictures can only be achieved by keeping it feee from scratches. Great idea. Great product! Two of the protectors will last the life of the phone.

👤Extra screen and camera protectors are appreciated. I wish the screen cover was bigger. There is a small crack in one corner after a few months. I might use the fun stickers in the future.

👤The camera protectors, screen protectors, and case look great. After 3-4 months, my case started to yellow and I have a red phone. I contacted Tauri and she sent a full replacement for the camera and screen protectors. The case is a great value, even though it is not ground-breaking. I'll be buying these for as long as I need a phone case if I add the positive customer service interaction.

👤This was the easiest cover I have ever used. The screen protecter fit perfectly after they added a frame. The suggested video was helpful to me. The case is clear and I like it.

👤Product was secure. Each piece was well packaged. It was easy to set up. I suggest you watch a video if you don't know how to put on screens. The phone is locked inside the case. There is a second screen protector. People like me who drop their phones often.

4. GiiKa Protector Protective Shockproof Flowers

GiiKa Protector Protective Shockproof Flowers

The package includes a 6.1 inch iPhone 11 case and a glass screen protectors. Heavy Duty Protection features a Shock-Absorbent Flexible TPU Bumper with a Durable Hard PC Back with Design, Very Sturdy and High Level Scratch Resistant. Extra protection for screen and camera is offered by raised bezels. The buttons are easy to feel and Press, and the large cutouts fit most charging cables. Life-Time Customer Service for any Quality Problem is only compatible with the new iPhone 11.

Brand: Giika

👤I have to share a story, but I don't normally write reviews. I like this type of case because of how well it grips. I haven't dropped a phone since I bought this type, but I used to knock my phone off things all the time. It is cute, but it is also functional. I drove over two miles with it on top of my car. I was not sure if I could believe it. I told my husband that I had to write a review. I am a happy customer.

👤So far, so good. I have only had the case for a few days, but it seems very sturdy. It is not too heavy or bulky because all the holes align as they should. It pairs well with the pretty pastels on the phone. I am happy with my purchase so far.

👤I like the way this case looks. It is beautiful. The screen is great for falls, but it is not as sturdy as the one on this one. The design is falling off. The flowers are not placed correctly on the cover, which causes them to peel off. There are a couple flowers on the screen. I got this case because of how it looks. The flowers are peeling off slowly. I wouldn't have gotten it if I'd known.

👤I bought this case for my mom and she loved it. The case is light and has a floral design. The phone is protected all the way through the screen. She has a screen protector that looks very durable, and she also has a wireless charging station that she uses to charge her phone. The price is worth it for everyone who has this phone.

👤I was a little skeptical about this case since it was hard to find good cases for the new phone. This case exceeded my expectations. It seems to be very durable so far and the screen protectors went on without a hitch. If you follow directions, you should not have any problems. I have dropped the phone once and it has not been damaged.

👤The case is sturdy. Looks great, feels good in hand and not bulky. The phone is well displayed. I was 100% happy with my purchase. It came with a free glass screen protectors that worked well and didn't have a single bubble. When I am ready for a new case, I will definitely buy another color.

👤After placing my new phone in a protective case and properly installing the front coating, it slipped off the kitchen counter and onto the wood floor. The glass on my phone broke. This is not tile or cement. The phone was still usable despite my disappointment. The phone was knocked out of my hand by my neighbor's 2 year old and the rest of the glass was thrown. Grass! Come on, really? The phone is no longer usable. If you value your phone, I wouldn't give this product a try.

👤This item is fine. It's not as thin as the case I bought for my phone, which is disappointing since it creates more bulk in my pocket. I don't know if this one is thicker than usual or if it's extra thin, I haven't had other phones. The design is my main problem. The rose image seems to be graining/low resolution in person. The pattern is printed on the back of the case without any kind of finish to make it smooth. The back of the phone feels rough, it doesn't have the same sheen as the rest of the case, and I think it will start to chip off or fade with time. I'm not sure if the last point is true, but I'm not surprised that other reviews mention it. The appearance and texture of the design is enough for me to return it.

5. FlexGear Clear IPhone Screen Protectors

FlexGear Clear IPhone Screen Protectors

The 6.1 inch screen size is only for the iPhone 11. The kit includes a clear case, 2 glass screen protectors, and an alignment tool. The case has a shock-absorbing bumper and crystal clear back cover. The screen and camera are lifted off the ground. It is compatible with wireless charging. The Aura shield protects your screen against damage. The alignment tool is included with the installation. The glass screen protectors do not cover the entire screen due to the rounded design. Manufacturing defects and installations errors are covered by the lifetime warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with the products you receive from them, you will get a full refund.

Brand: Flexgear

👤This is a great purchase for your phone. You can't pass up this great deal if you factor in the ease of installation. If you purchase this product, you should visit the installation video website. It will help you understand the instructions. It comes with an alignment tool, as you can see from my photo. It was easy to install the glass screen protectors. The product comes with two glass screen protectors in case something happens to the first one and you don't have to wait for a replacement. This shows a company that is trying to cover all contingencies. It means that their product must also be thought out. I like the look and feel of the case. I like that the case is clear and doesn't cover up the phone's color. The case is perfect and does not interfere with button usage. Will it protect the phone? It's better to install this on your phone than not. The cost of this product is well worth it. I would recommend this product because of its price, looks, ease of installation and the fact that the company cares about its customer.

👤I liked the convenience of having a case and screen protectors together. The case feels like any other clear case. There is nothing wrong with that. The guide frame made the install very easy. The terrible quality of screen protectors is the reason I gave it one star. I put it in for her on Friday. It was broken on Sunday evening. I asked if she dropped it, but she said no. I gave the protection a moderate flick with my bare finger and saw that there was another crack in it. This cannot possibly be touched. Not terrible for the price. You are buying a case and two screen protectors. Don't trust the screen protectors for your $800 device. There are good cheap screen protectors. Customer service stood by their product and offered a replacement or refund. I admit that I may have written them off hastily because a shoddy company wouldn't do that. I asked for a 50% refund since the case is fine, but I already purchased a new screen protectors. From 1 to 3 stars. I was impressed.

👤Installation was my biggest fear when purchasing this screen protector. I've messed up my screen protectors many times, resulting in bubbles and dust under the surface. The FlexGear protectors were easy to install with clear instructions and all the parts and pieces needed. I got a small bubble on my screen after installing my wife's screen. The bubble was pushed to the edge of the screen protectors by the squeegee. Both screens look great. Once the screen protectors are in place, the case is easy to pop on. The case and protectors are packaged as one deal, rather than having to buy them separately.

👤I've been looking for a case for my phone, but most of them were soft rubber. I don't like those. I was happy to find a hard clear case and screen protectors. It is very easy to use. Thank you! STANAB6IX

6. COOLQO Compatible Protector Protective Shockproof

COOLQO Compatible Protector Protective Shockproof

Military grade protection is provided by a 3in1 dual-layer case. Premium hybrid hard Polycarbonate (PC) + soft thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU/Silicone) + Tempered Glass screen protectors. Meeting Military Standard MIL-STD-810G protects your phone against high drops. Camera and screen protection include a raised lip for your camera, a raised lip for your screen, and a shield against drops and cracks. All of the raw materials for COOLQO PC and TPU are from Germany, which provides long- lasting clarity to show the original beauty of your phone. The Arc edge design of the Screen Protector from COOLQO features an Oleophobic coating that resists oils, Bubble-free during application, and easy to install and remove. 90 days warranty is provided for compatible with: iPhone 11. They will fix your issue within 24 hours if you have a question. Also, note: If you are looking for the same case of other models, you can find it in their store.

Brand: Coolqo

👤We wanted a clear case so we could see the new colors. I have always been a fan of the box. I did not like the chunkiness of their case. If we didn't like them, we would return them. We kept them, and I am so happy we did. My daughter's clear otterbox is very attractive and when you put them side-by-side, it is just as elegant. Does it protect the phone? I am a professional phone dropper. I would be rich if someone paid me for it. I drop it on the ground in the car, in the kitchen, and everywhere else. There is a lip around the edge of the screen protection, but the screen is protected. I am very happy with this case.

👤This case is very similar to what I was looking for. I wanted a crystal clear case to show off the color of my new phone, but I didn't want to spend nearly $40 on an Apple branded case. I have had Apple cases in the past that didn't protect my phone very well, but this one offers protection and crystal clearness. This case doesn't have raised corners on the backside, which is something I didn't want. It comes with a bumper, full body case, and two screen protectors. I didn't use a protection because I have one coming in the mail, but I put one on my screen to show you how well it fits. It is designed for you to put the case and the protectors on it. It feels like it protects my phone well, but is not too bulky. This case is very good. It doesn't fit with my ZAGG screen protectors. This is the only downside to the case.

👤My daughter has a phone in her pocket. The phone fell out of her pocket as she crouched down. The entire back glass of her new phone shattered despite being in this case.

👤This case is very chic. It is clear. The screen protectors went on without bubbles. This phone has no part of the phone that isn't covered aside from the speaker ear piece. It's also a great value as you get 2 screen protectors. I will definitely use the vendor for my phone protection needs. The value cannot be beaten.

👤It is hard to say how much I love this case. I hate finding a case that slides in and out of my back pocket without getting caught up, but it isn't so slim and slick that I'm constantly dropping it, as I do when there is no case on my phone. The case is perfect. The front ridged bumper piece and the slightly more flexible back cover piece are both very sturdy and crystal clear. I had no issues with the case being installed or the screen protectors functioning. This is huge for a person with massive OCD. It comes with 2. I can be a snob if I can type with the screen protectors on. I have a card holder on the back of the case, which seems to be working well. Overall, I am impressed. If this god worthy case takes a crazy turn for the worst, I will only review it again.

7. YOUMAKER Metallic Protector Protection Shockproof

YOUMAKER Metallic Protector Protection Shockproof

The premium case for the iPhone 11 works well with wireless charging. The triple layer design of the case protects the phone from drops and scratches. Their exquisite case for iPhone 11 has cutout and sensitive buttons, which offer improved user experience. You can choose between vivid metallic painting with different color for your choice. They made sure that the case was compatible with the 6.1 inch version of the phone.

Brand: Youmaker

👤I have had a Youmaker for the last 4 years and they are amazing. I don't like to use my phones. I dropped it down a flight of stairs, onto concrete, and onto hardwoods from multiple feet up. These cases are strong. I got a new one for my phone after I got a new one. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because the color was not advertised as advertised. The outer layer is not rose gold but a pink one with a reflective rose gold hard shell. I think the colors look terrible together. I would like to get a new one with better colors. The case is the wrong color and I can not recommend them enough.

👤This case is perfect for the phone. I drop this phone many times and it never has a crack or damage because it is in a case. It is an excellent phone case.

👤I bought an expensive phone and thought I needed to protect it. I had just bought a holster and was hoping that this case would fit in it. The case was easy to put together because I followed the instructions in the video. It's a good fit because it feels sturdy and tight against the phone. There were no bubbles. It doesn't feel slippery and you get a good grip. The buttons and holes were lined up perfectly. I didn't have to put more pressure on the phone after the case was installed. It fit into the holster I bought to carry the phone. I don't have to worry about the phone slipping out of my pocket because it clips onto the slacks or belts that I wear. Flying Horse Technology sells holsters on Amazon. It is very sturdy and made of faux leather.

👤I ordered a black case with a metal backplate. I like the way it looks and the texture of the case. A protective seal is provided by the rubber case that integrates into a grooves around the edge of the faceplate. The hard backplate is easy to put in place. It makes me feel like the case was designed to protect the phone and not just look pretty. It really feels like it was made to protect the phone, even though it will take time to see how it performs. One item is not the same. There is a hole at the center of the back of the case that shows the iPhone icon. The hole doesn't allow the placement of a Popsocket where it can be used to prop up the phone on a surface to watch it. A Popsocket can only be attached to the bottom of the phone, and that's what the picture shows. The Popsocket is far enough away from the phone's center of gravity that the phone topples. Attaching one above the hole would affect the camera. I give the case 5 stars.

👤I forgot to put my phone on the roof of my car. I asked my wife to call my phone since I didn't know where it was. When we heard my phone ring, I sighed in relief because I thought my phone was safe inside. Something fell off the roof of my car. We were on a busy street in Phoenix. I ran towards the parking lot after pulling into the parking lot because I thought my phone was in the parking lot. There is a After a long time of searching, with the help of a confused yet concerned citizen, I was able to find my way home. I found my phone. It was in the middle of an intersection and had been run over many times. I woke my phone up by pressing the side button, and it was undamaged. Not even a scratch. The case did its job despite being ruined. There is a I bought this case again.

8. Sansunto IPhone Shockproof Protective Silicone

Sansunto IPhone Shockproof Protective Silicone

Only the new version of the iPhone 11 will be compatible. There is no built in screen protection. High-quality materials. The outer layer is soft Silicone and the inner layer is hard PC cover gives your phone a full sense of security. Full body protection is what it is. Cell phones are protected from scratches and drops with a multi-layer design. The hard back can help reduce the impact of a dropped phone. Extra protection for the screen and camera is provided by the raised edge. Perfect cutouts for speakers, camera, and other ports. It's easy to get to all the buttons, controls and ports without the case. The warranty is free. Lifetime customer service and 6 months warranty are offered by them. If you have a question about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Sansunto

👤I am very pleased with this phone case, it is very smooth and grippable, and I love the feel of it. The port covers keep out dust and debris. I suggest that you add a screen cover first before putting your phone in it. The three pieces of the case are easy to separate, just pay attention to the helpful arrows on the back of the outer case. The two final steps are pieces 2 and 3. I ordered two cases, and that is fine with me. I discovered the Two Ports on each side of the middle were Audio Ports, when I updated my phone. I said, " Awesome!!". They have grey, but sound flows out from them.

👤I like the color. It is a soft purple. Not those loud ones. The back of the phone is very soft. The material feels nice. The double case feature makes buttons work great. The bottom flap on mine does not open. I need to pull the bottom part of the case out so that the flap can open. The case is good. The flap issue can be an isolated problem, not something that all cases have.

👤I was expecting more than that. It looked like it had an outer screen protection. The reviews should have been better for me. I had some protectors stashed away. It would have been nice if it came with instructions. It comes apart in layers. There is a I like the colorlavender one. I like how it feels. It will be nice to have my phone in one place when I need it. The edges are raised. I think it will help with protection.

👤I ordered a black case, but be aware that the cover will have fingerprints on it, it has full protection front and back, no doubt! The front is raised high enough that if placed face down even the screen protectors wont touch the surface, but because of my full screen protectors this case will not close all the way in the hard plastic part. I don't want to use any other type of screen protectors because they leave a gap on the screen and don't cover the front camera. It can easily slide off your hands. I wanted to like the case. I'm returning it.

👤The design protects the phone from dropping. The purple 11 is almost perfect. I only had the case on the phone for 24 hours and it is already chipping off on the tops and bottoms. It would have been nice to have lasted. I might be returning it.

👤It is easy to hold. The edges started chipping off in the first month. It is durable. I have two cracks that are almost unnoticeable after a few dropped. It's a beautiful color and doesn't have that dirty smell.

👤I like how the case is affordable and durable, and it will keep the power ports safe when I have my phone in my pocket. My phone case didn't protect it from lint.

9. Waterproof Protector Shockproof Dustproof Dirtproof

Waterproof Protector Shockproof Dustproof Dirtproof

Easy access to all buttons, speaker, camera, and charging is included in the price. The professional waterproof grade is safe underwater up to 6.6ft/1h and provides great protection for any underwater activities. Even after 1000 time drops from 6.6ft/2m height, the phone is still intact. It is rugged to adapt to all harsh environments. Ultra-Slim & Support Wireless Charging: Tough but slim material that is easy to grip and handle. Working with the wireless charger without taking off the case provides more convenience. They provide a 6-month after-sales service. If there is a problem with your use, you can always contact them.

Brand: Zwwadr

👤I ordered this case because it was the only one that covered the phone. The plastic case was for the glass. We were surprised by all the extras that I missed. It is waterproof. This is a big deal for us because we go to Cancun every year. It has a little know how to adjust volume. It is clear! The sheerness, resilience, and sturdiness are unbeatable for the price. A cousin bought a similar one for over $60. I would buy again.

👤The design of this case is terrible. 1. The phone won't stay on if the back of the case is sealed. When I put the back of the case on, sit it down and watch it open. The locking design is poor. 2. The thin plastic that is used for the screen protectors is easy to scratch. When I type on it, it makes a clicking sound. 3. The screen protectors are very shiny and have bad glare. If you can't read your phone outside before the screen protects it, it's worse with the cover on. glair is bad even under fluorescent lights. 4. The silence switch has a rotating device that is hard to turn. 5. The ability of people to hear me is diminished. The microphone was reduced by the case. It makes people sound like they are talking in a can. A very poor case. This design is not going to last.

👤I ordered this for my husband because he is a rough guy in his phones. It works well because it is sturdy, clear and durable. The reason I give it 3 stars is because when he closes the flap on the bottom to the charging port, you can't hear him. It is low and muffled. It gets annoying when you have to always plug the flap of your phone. He has had issues with me hearing him since I got this for him. He can not use speaker mode. I'm buying him another case because he's so annoyed by it. It seems to do what it said it would.

👤I like this case. The sides are black, but the back is clear so you can see the phone's color. It seems well built. I bought this for my wife because she loves it. She used to have lifeproof cases and otter boxes. I am glad I did. I think the touch screen still has its touch. I don't have a problem with the buttons. I would recommend this case to anyone who wants a good case that protects their phone and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

👤This case is strong. I drop my phone a lot. The case seems to protect against damage. It is difficult to control the side buttons on my phone. The volume button covers on my phone are thick and hard to press, so I turn my phone off when I try to take a picture. I'm satisfied with the protection, but I'm frustrated with how hard it is to use the side buttons. I'm hoping that the buttons will loosen over time, so that I can purchase a new case.

10. Ruky Protector Floating Shockproof Protective

Ruky Protector Floating Shockproof Protective

The full body case for the Apple iPhone 11 is specially designed with cutouts for all buttons and ports. Not compatible with standard phones. The built-in screen protectors on the front cover of the phone case prevent scratches and cracks on the screen. The raised lip protects your screen from scratches and drops. The bumpers absorb damage during falls. The impact of the case will prevent your phone from cracking. The bling love heart sequin design of the iphone 11 case glitter liquid design is more interesting to play, it can flow freely inside and change its color with floating up and down, giving your loved one a big smile on her face. They provide Lifetime Friendly Customer Service. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact them.

Brand: Ruky

👤Oh. Em. It's good. I love this case. I hate that apple makes these ridiculously priced NECESSITIES that lose value within the first two years of their existence. I had to buy a new one because my Audio card went out in my new phone, which is made out of glass. I'm happy. The search for a case that would protect my phone and look like an accessory a woman of my caliber would possess began. I came across this while searching for Amazon. Look at how magnificent it is. The plastic and hard binding make the look and feel so sturdy and cute, and there is more than enough glitter to pass the "everything is wonderful" test. It's perfect. Someone who spends hours reviewing pics, reviews and other models before pulling any financial Trigger is the one who is giving this. This case is worth a lot. I haven't dropped my phone yet, so I can't give you a full review, but this case is so cute, protective, and is from someone who has gone through the ringer with phone drops and spills. My boyfriend, who hates feminine things, said it's probably the best case he's seen in a while. Oh my gosh?! Hah! This case is so cute, it feels sturdy in your hands, and there's so much glitter that the ombré purp accents the new purple iPhone, that it's hard to believe! Oh my! My favorite phone/case combination. BUY IT! You're welcome.

👤This case is amazing, as someone who had previously only bought otter box cases because they were supposedly the best, I can tell you that. I came back to write this review because I have been so impressed with this case. It has held up better than my otter box cases, where the outer shell was always torn or warped by the time I got a new one. After a year, this one has no visible signs of wear and is still in great shape. It was much cheaper than a silly otter box. I appreciate reviews that attest to how something has held up over time when I buy a product. I hope this helps someone.

👤This cover was bought for our daughter. It is perfect. It feels secure and not too bulky. She likes the design. We are happy with this purchase.

👤Don't be stupid like me, I covered my phone after I took off the clear wrap, but the front screen was blurry. I thought it was because the plastic was coming over the camera. There was a clear wrap under the top part of the case that I didn't remove. Everything is okay now. The fit is perfect. Click together perfectly. The case is cute and I have no problem using my phone.

👤I'm going to change my review. I didn't like the pink one when I bought it. I used it and then it grew on me, because the phone case broke. The phone case did scratch easily, but only if you keep it in your purse, with things that could scratch it up. I think a lot of people don't know how to put the case on because it does fit perfectly. I celebrated hard on new years. I was dancing with my drink. I heard a crack as the phone flew up in the air. The frame of the case broke, but my phone was in top shape. The phone did not break. The case broke into pieces because of the impact. It's probably due to the alcohol. The liquid in the case was still in tact even though the case was cracked into pieces. I bought a purple and blue case to replace the pink one I had. This is my second purchase. It was scratched when it arrived. I ordered a new one and it's good. It fits my phone perfectly and it is pretty. The case is recommended by me. A plus.

11. JAME Military Grade Protection Protective Shockproof

JAME Military Grade Protection Protective Shockproof

The JAME case is compatible with the 6.1 inch version of the phone. Easy access to all ports, speakers, cameras, buttons, and other functions can be achieved with care for every detail. The hybrid case for iPhone 11 is made of premium TPU and PC shell with rubber side, providing full protection from dust, dirt, scratches, drops or bumps. The premium metal ring kickstand is designed for the iPhone 11 case and has multiple angles. It's a perfect phone case for magnetic car mounts. The screen protectors have raised lips and edges around the display screen and the camera to avoid scratches when placed face down. JAME offers a Lifetime Free Replacement Case for the iPhone 11 Case, high quality phone cases with premium customer service ensure risk-free purchase. They are open to any questions or problems.

Brand: Jame

👤Everyone that has ever made online purchases has that "oh, drat" moment with one purchase or another. I have bought some products and gotten less or more than I thought, because the picture of them was not accurate. The dimensions listed in the product description were for the whole package, not the product within it. This is one of those times. I look through reviews to see if there are any hidden "gotchyas." This is a phone case. I like the idea of a flip out ring. That feature is very usable. I liked the idea of having a metal plate for magnetic phone mounts, and I was going to buy a few more. The case has two screen protectors. I was impressed that they included their own little install kits, which included a couple guide stickers, a dust grabbing sticker, an alcohol wipe, and a mini micro-fiber cleaning cloth. I have to give them a 5 out of 5 score for the price. There is no support for wireless charging in the product details. I had not read the reviews section of the Q&A write-ups. I can confirm that they are correct. The case is incompatible with my wireless charging system. I should have read through some Q&A and reviews where I could have learned this truth. C'est la vie. It should be a part of the product description. I think that there should be some kind of documentation on how the product designer intended the screen protectors to be installed. Even though I did not know how to use the guide stickers, I took a guess and it came out good. I have included a picture of the bag, alcohol wipe, cleaning cloth, and screen protectors in a protective foam rubber wrap/sleeve. I think the case would perform well. The package includes a case, two screen protectors and kits to install them. This case does not work for me, so I will be looking for a new one. The product details need to be aware that the case isn't compatible with wireless charging.

👤I bought it for my fiane after getting him a new phone for Father's Day, and I was looking for the perfect case since our almost 2 year old son takes our phones and bolts. I needed something that was durable. He had a case for his phone that was just like the one he had with his old phone, and it never cracked or damaged the phone. My 2 year old is comfortable with holding his new phone and I highly recommend it. That's a huge bonus because it comes with a screen protector. There is also a back up screen protectors.

👤The case fits my phone perfectly. It was easy to install. I love the built-in flip-up ring and metal plate for the magnet mount in my car. The opening for the charging port is large enough that my charging cables are not a problem. There is a It feels light and easy to hold, even though it looks a little bulkier than my previous slim case. The screen protectors that came with the case were easy to apply, but it would have been better if they had some basic instructions on how to do it. I have installed many screen protectors so I know what to do, but for some people it may be nice to have some instructions. I'm happy with my purchase so far.


What is the best product for best iphone 11 case with screen protector?

Best iphone 11 case with screen protector products from Tocol. In this article about best iphone 11 case with screen protector you can see why people choose the product. I-blason and Tauri are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone 11 case with screen protector.

What are the best brands for best iphone 11 case with screen protector?

Tocol, I-blason and Tauri are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone 11 case with screen protector. Find the detail in this article. Giika, Flexgear and Coolqo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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