Best Best Iphone 11 Case with Card Holder

Case 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. LAMEEKU Protection Kickstand Protective 6 1inch Mint

LAMEEKU Protection Kickstand Protective 6 1inch Mint

The model number is A2111/A2223/A2221 and it is only compatible with the iPhone 11. The hidden card slot makes it easy to take out your cards. The lining is designed to keep your vital information safe. Be safe from electronic pick pocketing. It's convenient to watch videos or watch a video with a ring holder. Extra grip on the ring holder reduces the chance of dropping your phone. The raised edges and a TPU lip are used to protect the screen from scratching or touching the ground. The soft-touch cover protects your phone from drops on all 4 corners. The customer team would try to win 100% customer satisfaction. They will fix your issue if you contact them.

Brand: Lameeku

👤I received a package from Amazon and was surprised to receive another case. I was surprised that I received a replacement. I hope my first order was just a bad one, and this one will do the job. Customer service will go a long way for me. Thank you! The presentation was great. I loved that it had a ring and was able to use it as a stand. The ring holder came off on the second day, so I give it a 3.

👤It is a lot more handier than I first thought. The back that holds the credit cards is very secure. The mint green is ugly. The color of the phone is a lot softer than the case, and it's mint green. The function is good and it is holding up.

👤I like the color of the case. I think it is sturdy and practical. The placement of the ring is something I dislike. It isn't where I need it to be to comfortably hold my phone for long periods of time. It is the only one of its kind. I think they should put a strap on the back so that you can have your hand placement wherever you need it.

👤As soon as you get out of the package, fall apart. This product has not been used as it is beoken right out of the packsge.

👤The metal ring and the case have a different color after less than two months. There is a stray thread. I am afraid to pull. It can hold 4 cards and have a small amount of cash. The ring is in a weird spot but it does its job.

👤I love this phone case. I'm thinking about getting the black one as well. The snaps that hold the cards are very strong.

👤I haven't used this case in 10 days. The snap that closes the wallet is broken. I don't know if I can return it. Don't waste your money.

👤The case is holding up well so far. The finger thingy won't hold my phone up when I try to sit my phone straight up, but it works fine on its side.

2. Spigen Armor Designed Apple IPhone

Spigen Armor Designed Apple IPhone

It's called absolute protection. Air Cushion Technology is combined with dual layers. The card slot can hold up to 2 cards. The interior and exterior are shock-absorbing. The design is sleek and slim. The case for the Apple iPhone 11 is compatible.

Brand: Spigen

👤I got the new iPhone 11 after I got this case for my old one. I had a version of the case that locked the cards into the compartment. When you close the card slot, my last case still clicks closed. The case opens the card compartment with barely any resistance. I can see my case opening and cards falling out when I put my phone in my pocket. This case came with some of it not fully attached so it is likely to break sooner than later. I think the card slot issue is not a defect, so I will be returning.

👤I dropped my phone about 3 feet and the back shattered. It didn't protect my phone at all. I will never buy from this brand again.

👤The door that holds the credit cards is not locked. I believe this is a design defect, as I had purchased the same case for an iPhone 7, and for that case there was a 'click' when the door was slid to the fully closed position, resulting in the door staying firmly in place. I returned the case because I was worried that the door would open unexpectedly and cause lost credit cards. The Spigen Tough Armor doesn't hold credit cards, but it seems to work well for my phone. The problem with Spigen cases is a design defect in the Slim Armor case for iPhone 11.

👤I have had this case for my phone twice, once when I dropped it and the other time when I upgraded my phone to the 11. I wanted a case that was clear to showcase my phone, but I had to think about the protection it would give my cards as well. Anything that showed my cards was out of the question. Spigen's built in card storage option was the only one that was affordable and easy to use. I've bought this case for the third time and will probably buy it again for future phones. There were some complaints about the loose doors for the card slots, but mine was fine. The matt black tends to attract more smudge than the colored cases. If Spigen made a clear option, I would love it.

👤When I discovered this case a few years ago, it was my favorite phone case. There is a case on the right side of the picture that I had for the past 2 years. I've recently upgraded to the newest version of the phone and I'm glad this company makes cases for that size. I carry my ID and credit card with me. I love how convenient it is. I attach the magnet on the back side to my car magnet holder to use for the map app when I'm on the road. There is no problem to fit 2 cards inside. It holds pretty well overtime, as you can see from my old case. It looks pretty good after 2 years, despite some scratches.

👤The reason I bought this product again was because it worked well for my previous phone. Spigen cases have decreased in quality since I upgraded to an Apple device. The back of the case has a slider. It would click with my previous case. The new one just slides closed without a hitch. Very disappointed with this. I hope I got a faulty product. I put my popsocket on the back so I can't return it. I hope I can put it on a replacement, but who knows. I might be out money.

3. LakiBeibi Holders Lightweight Magnetic Protective

LakiBeibi Holders Lightweight Magnetic Protective

Only compatible with the 6.1 inch version of the phone. The hidden card slots in the wallet case can hold 6 cards. It is easy to take out. The leather texture and shock absorption of the bumper make the phone look good. The magnetic snaps on the Double Magnetic Closure can confirm your cards. Anti-scratch and drop protection can be achieved by raising the corners of the phone.

Brand: Lakibeibi

👤This phone case is very good. If you don't want to carry a wallet like me, it's perfect for holding your cards. It is soft on the back cover and not flimsy like most cases. Thank you so much, I am very happy with my purchase. Guys and ladies, get yours today, you won't regret it. I think that's true.

👤This cover is awesome! It is not too heavy. There are about 8 cards on each side. I still have it in my pocket. If it does fall apart, I will buy it again.

👤I have ordered a lot of phone cases. I had a perfect case from Amazon for my phone 8 but upgraded to 11 and had to buy another one. This one is perfect for plastic and paper cards. I tried opening it and using it for a stand and it worked great. This case is in line with my expectations and it was easy to get cards in and out.

👤I have had this case for about 10 months and it is holding up great. I don't need a purse because this holds so much. Definitely recommend this wallet case.

👤I am using a phone case. I think it was a great buy. I thought it wasn't possible to fit my phone, but it is. I lost my credit and debit cards. I would place small cash and sticky notes in the case and wrap it up. The color wasn't quite right. The case color is still white. I have dropped my phone a number of times. The edges are still in the air. I would recommend this product. It was cheap.

👤I am very excited about my case. I don't have to go through my purse to get my main debit card when I use it. The case is very nice and the leather feels good. So it protects that as well! It's a good thing.

👤I like my new case. It can hold up to 3 cards without being bulky and can hold a bill as well. Light weight and good hold. It was good for 2 months. I bought white expecting it to be dirty, but I love the color. It is easy to clean with wipes, but not sure if it will damage the case. So far, I love it. In comparison to similar products, the price is very low.

👤This case is what I needed. It is stylish in white. I have 4 cards and cash in it and it is not bulky. I can put it in my pocket. Magnets are strong. The buttons are hard to push but you get used to them quickly. I didn't hesitate, I'd but this again. It is the best wallet case I have ever had.

4. OT ONETOP Kickstand Magnetic Shockproof

OT ONETOP Kickstand Magnetic Shockproof

A practical card holder has 3 card slots for ID card, credit card or cash. The Wallet Card Case is only for the iPhone 11. Premium PU Leather: OT Onetop use high-quality durable material for the service life, soft PU material brings very comfortable touch feel. Stand feature that is convenient. The Stand can be turned into a multi-angle comfortable view for reading, watching videos or facetime. All-round protection is a full-scale covering design. For convenience, precise cutouts for speakers, charging ports, audio ports and buttons are used.

Brand: Ot Onetop

👤I've had the case for a couple of weeks. It's nice to study and it protects my phone. The phone isn't touching the table because the lip of the case extends beyond the phone by a millimeter or two. I put a few cards in the case. I think it might make the case too thick if I stop putting it now. The magnetic part is strong and when I shut it, the magnets close it tightly and I don't have to guide it. The pleather feels good and I hope it lasts a long time. My mom's case has lasted at least a year.

👤There is a wireless charging point. The phone won't charge on the pad. I don't want to have to take the case off every night.

👤My husband is very fond of this case. He loved his previous phone so much that he wanted the same case for his new one. He was forgetting his wallet places because it felt too heavy in his pocket. This was a great solution for him. You can't fit a lot of cards or cash in it, that's the only negative. Maybe 3 cards and one bill. If you added more space, it would get bulky. The snaps on this version are better than his older one.

👤If you want to use more than four cards inside it is going to be thicker.

👤I wasn't sure about the purchase at first, but I'm glad I got it. It is perfect for carrying your ID, a credit card, and a few bills of cash. There is a Since I always have my phone with me, it makes it so nice that I don't have to worry about forgetting my wallet when I leave the house. It is one of the few cases that snap shut at the top and bottom. The cases like this have snapped shut before. This is very secure, and has never opened up on me when I didn't want it to. Great purchase.

👤I like this wallet case but it doesn't hold enough cards for me and I can't use it. I can usually carry more than the description says, but because the closure is with two snaps rather than a flap, it doesn't have enough give to keep it closed. The case has a bulge in the middle that prevents the snaps from reaching each other. This didn't work out for me. I tried hard. This is a great case if you don't have to carry a lot.

👤The texture of the product is soft, but once you fill all of the slots it becomes very bulky. It is not comfortable to hold in your hand. Currently in the process of returning. If you don't mind bulk, that's fine.

👤My favorite case so far. I got the rose gold and it is very nice and comfortable to hold. I like that the wallet portion is not as easily recognizable as other wallet style cases, so I feel safer carrying this one around. The wallet flap can double as a stand to prop it up on a table and it withstood quite a few drops. I exceeded my expectations.

5. Teelevo Wallet IPhone Integrated Kickstand

Teelevo Wallet IPhone Integrated Kickstand

It's compatible with the Apple iPhone 11. There are up to 2 cards in the hidden card slot. Integrated Kickstand for hands-free viewing. The PC and shock absorbing TPU are dual-layers. All ports, buttons, and camera are easy to access with precise cutouts.

Brand: Teelevo

👤I like this case. I haven't had any big drops with my phone yet, but it seems pretty secure. It is not a big rugged case, but it is secure. The card case can hold two cards. If I am careful, I cannot add a single folded bill with those cards. The cards are safe. I would recommend being gentle with the door to the card cover when using it as a kickstand. It works well as a kickstand, but it can be broken off easily. This case isn't a wallet case. The door to the card compartment is not loud enough to scream "here are my credit cards!" Like many other phone cases.

👤If the lip around the phone screen was higher, I would have kept this case on my phone for more than 5 minutes. It was pretty much flush with the screen and didn't offer much protection. I liked the case a lot. The opening to the card slot is on the bottom and not obvious. It was easy to open, but not so easy that I would fall open with a shake of the phone. I am returning the case because the lip around the screen is not high enough for my liking. I think you will like it if this is not important to you.

👤This is the second time I have bought this. Will always buy this brand and style of cell phone case. Teleevo is the only brand I use. I bought this years ago for a different cell brand, when I switched back to the iPhone, I bought another. The case protects you cell. So Well! It's amazing how strong it is. Fast it. Cell phones are an investment and you want to make them last as long as possible. To be able to carry my drivers license and a card is so simple, and the Teleevo protects you cell, looks amazing. This case will allow you to feel free from bags, purses, and extra baggage. You can take your cell phone and go shopping, explore, or just have a day out. This is a cell phone case that you cannot live without. It works great. All other cases fail, so just buy this and be happy.

👤I wanted to carry my cards in my phone case, so I bought this. It feels like a normal phone case, the compartment for cards doesn't feel bulky, and it fits great in hand. You can take out two cards at the same time, and it's very easy to fit them together. The handle can be used horizontally, but not vertically, which to me is not a big deal. I have had this for about 3 weeks and it has been amazing. There was nothing broken or malfunctioning.

👤There was a crack on the corner when the case arrived. That piece may have fallen off a month later. The door to the card slot won't stay closed after another piece fell off about 3 weeks after that. I didn't lose my card, but I was at home when it happened. The phone case is no longer usable as intended.

6. WeLoveCase Shockproof Protection All Round Protective

WeLoveCase Shockproof Protection All Round Protective

Only a wallet design that is compatible with Apple iPhone 11 will be used, defender wallet case made of high quality shockproof TPU and hard PC materials will protect Apple iPhone 11. A hidden wallet compartment that holds up to 2 cards and a hidden mirror are included in the case. 3 in 1 hybrid shockproof scratch-resistant front PC defender and soft TPU rubber bumper and impact resistant hard PC cover full-body protects your phone from shock, drops, and scratches. Responsive control buttons and precise cut holes for speakers, charging port and camera are included in the case raised edges. The raised lip protects the screen and camera. The compartment flip is made to function as a kickstand, which is convenient for movie-watching or video-chatting.

Brand: Welovecase

👤I love the color. The case is very strong and protects my phone from being dropped and damaged. I can fit my license, 2 credit cards, and Kaiser card in a compartment which is very secure. I wanted to wait before I reviewed the product to see if it worked for me, but so far I am pleased with the look, the color, the convenience, and the fact that I don't need a purse.

👤I wanted a cell phone cover that would allow me to keep my ID and credit card in the back for convenience. I have kept a couple of bills in there as well. It is heavier than I wanted, but I have dropped the phone at least twice without any damage, so it gets 5 stars. It arrived quicker than expected, which was nice. There is a mirror inside the door. I would recommend this cover to anyone.

👤The case is easy to use. I can't say how well it holds up, but it looks sturdy. It's much thicker than I anticipated. I didn't bother to look for dimensions or try and see how thick it would be based on the picture, but as a warning to anyone who doesn't like bulky cases, this may not be for you. This would be a good choice if you prefer your case to be strong.

👤I don't carry a lot of stuff, so my phone and wallet are the only things I typically have on me. My son has a phone case that holds his cards, but it leaves his cards exposed, so it wasn't an option for me. I needed a new case, so I scrolled and found this one. It sounded like you could fit a few cards and cash in your wallet. I can make that happen. This case can hold 4 cards and a bill or two. The door has a bulge that makes it difficult to open and get your cards out. I can easily get the cards in and out after removing one card. 3 cards and $21 is a long way from me. There is a I am not sure if you can squeeze in another card if you remove the mirror. There is a If you like a slim phone case, this one is not for you. Imagine you have a phone that is double the thickness. This case will do that. It is possible to double. It makes up for the fact that I no longer carry my wallet, because I used to tuck my phone into my clutch wallet. There is a The case is two pieces. It had a tool to separate the two pieces. I saved the tool because I don't know if I'll be able to get it off of my phone. The case is very tight. Maybe a letter opener can be wedged in there, but he won't be able to scratch my phone. I kept the tool. If you are a person that easily loses things like this, or know you won't hang onto it, then maybe you should pass on this case. This case is not non-slip. When you hit your brakes, it will slide off of your center console. There is a I was able to charge my phone with 4 cards and $21 inside the case. I had to change the phone's location on the charging port. I was impressed by that after reading some other reviews. There is a The case/phone line up has all the buttons and cut outs. There is a Sturdy. I don't think I'll break this anytime soon. If that changes, I will update my review. I thought I would hate this case, but I wanted to try anyway. I am kind of happy. For the size, it replaces my clutch and keeps my phone protected. If that changes, I will update my review.

7. LUPA IPhone Leather Magnetic Closure

LUPA IPhone Leather Magnetic Closure

Leave your wallet or purse at home. The ultra- slim phone wallet for women and men is here to help you carry your credit cards, your ID card, up to 4 bills, parking cards, and your iPhone 11 in style. Spoil your loved ones with a great gift. A premium faux leather iPhone 11 wallet case with card holder is a great gift for your wife, girlfriend, husband's, boyfriend's or kid's day. The wallet case for iPhone 11 protects the screen and protects the phone from accidents. The classic iPhone 11 wallet case is made from soft and eco-friendly PU leather that will not stain or fade, so you can impress your friends and co-workers. They will issue a full refund on-the-spot if you don't like your wallet case for your phone. No questions were asked. What are you waiting for?

Brand: Lupa Legacy

👤I bought this case a month ago. I was looking for a slim wallet case. The wallet case is very small. I can hold 3 cards in each slot, but anything beyond that looks bulky and compromises the screen saving aspect of the case. I've had no issues with the phone being charged without a cable. The leather feels good and has held up well. I've dropped it a few times and it's been fine except for yesterday, when I dropped it on my driveway from waist height and it hit the top corner. The function of the phone is not affected by the cracked corner and scratched exposed top side.

👤This is a great wallet/cellphone case if you are going without cash. It is sturdy and attractive, with a clasp that holds the phone and credit cards together. It protects the phone from drops. I have a phone, license, two credit cards, and a few bills. I was expecting it to be a bit bigger, but now that I've downsized and pay by credit card, it's all I need. It's hard to believe it's not real leather. This is my second purchase of the case, and I like the look of my new case better, which is navy with a strip of faux leather at the base. It's easy to fit the case in your pocket.

👤Great case. It came in a nice box, it looks better than I expected. It is not bulky and closes perfectly over the phone.

👤My son likes it. The magnetic closure works great and it fits his phone great. He doesn't need a wallet and he holds everything he needs.

👤I was very happy with the fast service on the wallet case for my Iphone 11 when it arrived. It arrived in a very sturdy box. I received a note from the owner of the business asking if I was satisfied with the product. I'm very pleased with the product. I've bought from Lupa before.

👤I was looking for a case that would protect my phone and allow me to use it as my primary wallet. I have enough room in my front pocket for my credit cards, ID cards and other things. I was happy that it worked with my wireless charging device.

👤The customer service for this company is one of the best I have ever dealt with, and the case is beautiful and not bulky. Sheiva kept me up to date with my purchase. They get 5 stars from me.

👤The case doesn't offer any protection to your phone. For the last 6-7 years, I have been using wallet cases. It is convenient and 2. Whenever I drop my phone, the wallet part acts as a screen buffer. I have not had a cracked screen since I bought this phone case. The problem with this case is that the magnet is unreliable. When I knocked my 3-week old off of my couch, the billfold flung open, exposing my screen to the floor. The amount of impact sustained was accelerated by the added weight of the bulky case. I was shocked and sad to see that my screen was cracked and that half of the screen was black, when I picked up my phone. The corners of the phone are still vulnerable to damage even if the wallet stays closed, because the case doesn't fully cover the edges. The bottom right corner of my phone is damaged, even though my screen has been replaced. The low price is not worth it. This cheap wallet case is different from all of the other cheap wallet cases I have used because of the covered corners. You can find a cheap wallet case that you have to click into place to close, or a elastic band. Magnet bolts are not fool proof. Your phone and bank account will appreciate you. You have been warned.

8. Smartish IPhone Wallet Case Protective

Smartish IPhone Wallet Case Protective

When it's time to pay, don't hold up the line, easy access to 3 cards and cash. Air-POCKET CORNERS are similar to air bags. You don't drop it like it's hot. The construction is ultra-light anddurable. Is it thin and protected? It needs a life-coach. There are charges through the case. It was approved by the person!

Brand: Smartish

👤I am a convenience nerd. I have been using this brand for a while and I love it. I got the new phones for work. I decided to give the 12 cases a chance. The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol.1 is the one I am sticking with. It is better than their second volume. There are no moving pieces that will break on you and the cards are hand feel.

👤I'm a long time Silk card case user. This case is just as good as previous models. It has a nice textured side. It has a lip that extends past the screen for protection. I am able to squeeze 4 cards in there. I think you could do 3 cards and a few folded bills. It's a great case. It is more blue in the pictures than it is in the stock photos, so do check them out.

👤It was Tuesday. I just left the gym. My habit is to stretch by the side of my car so the next person can get in the studio. I started her up in my car. The audiobook came on. I backed up and drove on the Pennsylvania road. I heard a noise. The phone was on the roof. My phone was on the roof. It was chaotic over time. I jumped out of my car and waved down the oncoming traffic to avoid my phone. I picked it up without looking down after jogging over to get it. I didn't want to see the shattered screen. I just got a new phone. I get back to my car. I take a look at it. It is. Was. Absolutely fine. The phone was scratch free and the Smartish case had a few scratches. This is the fourth case I've bought from Smartish.

👤This is the last case I have for my phone. The name has changed, but the case is still the same. Almost every other case has at least one card and a bill of cash. Since most cards no longer have raised numbers and are thinner, this one can hold a bill or two of cash, and it's 888-282-0465. The back is smooth so that it will slip into your pocket without sticking. Good design. I would have given 5-stars, but it says you can use wireless charging through the case, which may not be true if you have a charging pad in or out. I have never been able to use my Case Mate charging pad with this case.

👤The case is very strong and it is very stable. I have two cards in the back and it is possible I could fit a third. I was fine after I charged myself. The case is good, but I have a concern. The cutout of the camera is very thin. I worry that one drop at the correct angle would crush the camera, and it gives very little protection. I am used to card cases that have protection around the whole camera area, but this one doesn't seem to have it.

9. Protector Tempered SUPBEC Shockproof Anti Scratch

Protector Tempered SUPBEC Shockproof Anti Scratch

A beautifully hand-burnished iPhone 11 case wallet shell, with sliding hidden Slot, allows you to store cash and 2 cards with your phone. If you want to keep your valuables together, you should replace your wallet with a single SUPBEC case. The Shockproof Case for iPhone 11 is made with dual layers of rigid Germany-Armor PC and shock-Absorbent TPU. The case can hold up to a fall of up to 60", based on test results. Your phone will always be by your side with the SUPBEC iPhone 11 case. The form of the Silicone case is snug over the buttons and curves of the device, without adding bulk. The button covers are easy to access. The case for the iPhone 11 is shockproof. There is a screen protector inside. This phone cover protects your screen and camera lens from scratches. The Germany PC protects your iPhone finish from scratches and dust. The corner is protected by this case. Customer care is provided by SUPBEC on Amazon. If you have any additional questions, please contact them through Amazon, they are making the SUPBEC you love even lovelier.

Brand: Supbec

👤I ordered three phone cases before I found one and I am happy that I kept looking. The case is made of sturdy materials and has an anti-slip finish. I can leave my wallet at home with the slide open door in the back, it's perfect for holding a license, credit card and a few bills. The quality is very good and this was the least expensive. You want your phone to look good when you pay over $1,000 for it. 2 high quality screen protectors came with the case. I was not in the market for these, but I am glad to be using one to protect my screen. I was happy to see that the phone was protected and the case still looked good after I dropped my phone a couple times. This was a good purchase and I would definitely buy it again if the need arises.

👤I ordered 2 cases for my two phones, in different colors. Both black and blue. One of the box's screen protectors was broken. I used the screen protector that was in the other box. The finish on the black one is hard to clean. The blue one has fingerprints but it is hard to see. I put 2 cards in one of the pockets. I put one card in the other and the door opens. You have to use two cards. I was disappointed because I loved the Spigen case. It is easy to clean. These seem to be cheap and not worth the money.

👤The spigen case was the same style as my previous phone. I should have bought that one. The quality is terrible. The slide that holds the credit cards is likely to loose cards because it pops open easily. The paint can be easily peeled. This image is only after 2 months of use and I am not very rough on my case.

👤I have been using this case for at least 6 months. My phone is undamaged despite the fact that it did not come with screen protectors. It has done a great job. There is a The card slot has worked well for me. It is the perfect size for my drivers license, credit card, and medical insurance card. When you zoom in on your camera to take a wide-angle photo, you can see the edge of the phone case in the shot. Attach a photo for reference and the case is shown in the top right corner.

👤The credit card compartment broke three days after use. I thought it would get me through three days. I like being able to discreetly carry my ID and credit cards. This case is a steal because it comes with two screen protectors. I added a Lovehandle Phone grip to the back for $10 and it seems to be durable. If the credit card compartment breaks, I will update the review.

👤I would like to say that I have things that I like and things that I don't. I like the fact that I was able to put two cards in my case. I feel like my phone is protected because it has a hard shell for the exterior and soft gel for the interior. I feel like the bad outweighs the good for me. Since I tend to loose a lot of things, I was worried that it would get loose after sliding the tiny card compartment door. It was difficult to get my cards out of the case, I would need to pick them up by the corner with my nail. The buttons for the power and volume were hard to press down because of the design. It was difficult to flip the button on and off because of the thickness of the case. These are just my observations and I think they may outweigh the bad. The hard shell is plastic, so when you drop it a few times it will get scratched up. I know I'm bad. I have a perfect score because it did the job it was supposed to do. At least the job was done, but did it do it effectively?

10. GOOSPERY IPhone Wallet Protective IP11 MDB PPL

GOOSPERY IPhone Wallet Protective IP11 MDB PPL

The curve of the card storage part makes it easy to store 2 cards from the bottom to the top. The dual layers hybrid case can protect your device more firmly from external impact. The mirror can be hidden by attaching it to the back cover. Remove the scratch resistant film before use. The magnetic door makes it easier to open and close the back cover. Video watching and games can be enjoyed if you hold back cover with your card. The case for the Apple iPhone 11 is 6.1 inches.

Brand: Goospery

👤On my phone. I had a case with a slot for cards. I needed a new case when I upgraded my phone to an 11. I would not want to get a case without the option to carry cards. I really like this case. I am happy that I found it and got it. The door is very easy to open and close. The purple color is feminine but the black around the phone makes it look sporty-girly which is me. Tomboy likes some pop of color. I don't use the mirror very often. It's nice to have a plan in case. Not too heavy either. A good grip is possible. I can only fit 2 cards if I try to put 3 at the same time and it looks like the cards may fall out. It's something to think about if you need to carry more than one card. My license is very thick. Maybe that is the reason I can't fit 3. I don't know if all the DL's are thick or not. This case was only meant to carry 2 anyways. I think so. I would have to read it again.

👤Let's get right to it. The case is very cute. No idea how many cards they are shoving. It has 2. Just carry 2. The door on the back seems to be able to hold up over time. For the price. I would be willing to replace it in a few months. It is stylish and functional. You look like a funhouse with the mirror you attach yourself to. Still would buy. It has some quirks, but I love it. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤The case is very sturdy and protects two cards. It has a lip above the screen to help prevent a cracked screen if you drop it. The red color is so vibrant. The magnetic closer is very easy to open and close. I have not had a problem with someone having issues with the wallet opening/closing when they tried to use their popsocket, even though I read a review about that. The lock/volume buttons are easy to push and the case is not too thick. I like that the cards are secured by a rivet so you have to slide them out of the wallet if you fall out, this can be seen in one of the pictures I attached. I don't mind that the mirror is warped, I will just use it to see if my mascara is smudged and it will do the trick. The case came in two days and is worth the price.

👤The case is nice. The case "door" comes off and isn't easy to put back on, but this doesn't happen often. I think it may have demagnetized one of my cards, but I don't know. I haven't had any more issues with my cards yet, I turned them to where the magnetic strip is furthest away from the magnet.

👤The product has a strong magnet. A slim hand. It's just so you know. If you have a ring on the back of your phone, but don't hold it down, it will work, but the magnet is not strong enough to hold it. It can work, but not recommend. It can fit a drivers license and a credit card. That is all about it. The mirror in the case you stick on works, but scratches and you must hold it close to your face so you can see tour self clearly.

11. ANHONG Upgrade IPhone Protective Shock Absorbing

ANHONG Upgrade IPhone Protective Shock Absorbing

It was designed for the iPhone 11. The cutouts fit the buttons, ports, cameras, mics, and speakers. It supports wireless charging. Carrying your most important cards or cash is possible with the minimalist card slot design. The lightweight design adds minimal bulk to your phone. Adopted the world's leading TPU material,clearer and more anti-yellow than other ordinary clear cases and can keep a long-lasting clarity. The built-in air pocket anti-shock system in 4 Air Cushion corners reduce the damage risks of accidental falls, and Rised lips and hightened corners to avoid scratches and direct impact, give your camera and screen full protection. There is a 12-month warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Anhong

👤I bought a second one for another family member because I loved this so much. It holds two cards, but if you put your two cards together, it will solve the problem. I think it would make it tighter. There is a hole at the bottom where you can push the card up. The quality is flexible, not hard, but its corners are reinforced and should work just fine. The clear plastic is nice and I use a ring holder to hide information from the card. The magnetic side of the card can be scanned.

👤My case arrived before the phone. The case protects a phone. I am not sure if the card pocket can hold cards safely. I'm happy that my four cards can fit in the new one because I can fit up to four cards from my phone protectors. Good buy for the price.

👤The case is okay. I am not going to use it. It's advertised that it fits up to two cards, but it's very tight. It fits a single card and a few dollars. It is hard to take out the cards if you put two in there. I thought the card pocket was going to be a pocket. The case has a slit where the cards are supposed to go, so they are right against the phone. The material is flexible and the four corners are raised in case you drop your phone.

👤This case is perfect for the fact that I have to show a physical card on the train every day. When the conductor comes by, no need to reach for a wallet or other area while playing candy crush. It shows a lot of dirt, dust, and grime, but you can't have everything. I really like the textured surface on the sides. It is very slim, the camera will make contact with the surface, but it has little nubs that will keep the screen above the ground. It is good for me because I am a slim case guy.

👤The case has a slit in it. It's not a separate addition to the case, but it has kept my thin metro card out of harms way. I can fit up to 2 cards in the slit. I recommend keeping two so they are secured. The case is flexible and not rigid. The edges of the screen don't protect it from being damaged. The camera lens is not kept off flat surfaces by the case. I added a pop sockets to do that.

👤This is the best thing I have ever bought for myself. I don't like purses, I don't like wallet, and I need to carry my drivers license. I can still have my pop sockets even though this fits both. I struggle to get the cards out because they are slim and not bulky. I am in love.

👤This is a smart product. People put their phones in pockets. The clear case on your phone lets your phone color shine, and your cards are securely attached to it. We added a bling accessory to the pocket. I love it!


What is the best product for best iphone 11 case with card holder?

Best iphone 11 case with card holder products from Lameeku. In this article about best iphone 11 case with card holder you can see why people choose the product. Spigen and Lakibeibi are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone 11 case with card holder.

What are the best brands for best iphone 11 case with card holder?

Lameeku, Spigen and Lakibeibi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone 11 case with card holder. Find the detail in this article. Ot Onetop, Teelevo and Welovecase are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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