Best Best Iphone 11 Case for Boys

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1. Military Protective Kickstand Wireless Compatible

Military Protective Kickstand Wireless Compatible

Heavy Duty slim hard TPU and PC with a soft rubber hybrid structure provides shockproof protection against accidental drops, shocks, and bumps. The raised front edge lips and lens lips on the case cover provide robust protection for your phone screen and camera lens when dropped. Keeps your device thin and form fitting to fit in your pocket and bag. It could be a perfect gift for someone who loves their phone. Wide cutouts and responsive press keys make it easy to access all ports, buttons, cameras, speakers, and mics. It is compatible with wireless charging. The wireless charging efficiency is up to 98%. It's compatible with MagSafe.

Brand: Kitoo

👤It fits my phone perfectly. It is thick enough to feel like it has great protection. Stand on the back is very easy to use. The case looks really cool. The case looks exactly like the photos they have for it, but my camera didn't do it justice. Love that this is a family company.

👤After 32 years in the military, I knew if this item was going to work, I had to drop it. I have many different phone brands. Each brand of phone will break when I drop it. I broke the case when I got my new phone. I was looking for a new case when I came across this one. Military people know how to drop things. Everyone that has seen the case tells me how great it looks. I told myself to wait until I dropped. I have lost count of how many times I dropped my phone. My phone has been undamaged because the case performed like the ad states. This case is recommended for all phones.

👤The case is a great case, my son loved it, but unfortunately we have to return it, because we got my son an ihome with a wireless charging stand, and it's a bit bulky to fit on the charger, and we gave him the case.

👤When I got my Iphone 11 I was very happy with the product, because it was very well protected and I would recommend it to anyone. My husband says your phone is hot. He is not an Apple guy so I keep my phone protected. If you see another product that is similar to this seller's, you won't be sorry.

👤This will be my third case in about 4 years, and it will protect my phone. They are simple and work as advertised. Occasionally, I drop my phone, but I have never had any damage. I like the extra protection at the corners, and my engineering degree shows that this is an excellent way to protect the phone from impact. It works well, but not fancy. The case back is flat, which allows me to attach a metal plate for magnetic car mount purposes, while the phone pops out of the case relatively easily for wireless charging.

👤I ordered this for my new phone. It was half the price of the Otterbox. The kickstand works well, it's heavy, and it looks cool. Red. It was too thick to charge through. The Chotech 5 coil wireless charger shoots through the case. I'm learning to lay it face down on my desk with the red back facing up. I don't misplace it on my desk, coffee table or bed stand. The back cover is red. How many times have you walked around the house looking for the phone, only to have it ring under your nose? No more. I always qualified things in high school.

👤In November of 2019. The case is exactly what it was advertised to be. Sometimes I am rough on phones. This thing has survived all the madness and abuse. Even after a year of heavy use, it is still in good condition. I had a small crack on the left side. I was climbing up the stairs with groceries when it fell out of my pocket. I am purchasing a replacement. Even if the case was lightly scratched, it still protected my phone from a hard drop. I am here to replace it, otherwise it would have held over for two years. Buy it. Now.

2. IPhone Street Fashion Shockproof Full Body

IPhone Street Fashion Shockproof Full Body

This is a compatible design for the Apple iPhone 11. If you don't follow the instructions, please contact them. Premium hybrid hard PC back cover + flexible Silicone TPU frame which has a built-in hard bumper provide solid texture. Provide full body protection for your phone. The raised lip for the lens will protect it from scratches. Firm grip is made by the rugged edge. This stunning case is a unique and best gift. The case can be presented to a loved one. Everyone will love it. Tactile buttons with precise cutouts are easy to use. Without removing the case, support wireless charging. Also, note: Without a built-in screen protection.

Brand: Gugu6ji

👤The broken plastic piece at the bottom did not do anything to brake like that.

👤The picture is the same and strong.

👤I wrote a previous review that was not correct. I didn't know that it came apart into pieces. I would like to change the review because once we realized how to open it and install the telephone it works great.

👤It was kind of annoying that ours came with a small crack. It has a good feel if it is not great. It should not be cracked upon arrival.

👤This is the case that you can use if you need a protective case but don't like bulky cases. I don't see myself taking it off anytime soon.

3. BENTOBEN IPhone Shockproof Non Slip Protective

BENTOBEN IPhone Shockproof Non Slip Protective

This cute phone case is not compatible with any other phone models. No screen protectors are included. The soft TPU bumper and high quality PC back cover provide great protection against shocks, drops, impacts, scratches or dusts. On a daily basis, keep your phone safe and secure. It's easy to carry with you by putting it in your pocket and bag. It's a nice gift for your family and friends to have a stylish and cute purple/green rugged case for your phone. The responsive press buttons and accurate cutouts make it easy to get access to all the ports, cameras, speakers and mics on your phone. The buttons are responsive and you can feel them. It's convenient and practical for your daily use. The smart phone case cover has raised edge lips and is strong enough to protect your phone's screen and camera lens. You will love this case.

Brand: Bentoben

👤The buttons don't click when you put your phone in the case. It doesn't fit as well as it should and wouldn't recommend wasting your money.

👤The color is the same as the picture shows. It is easy to put on and hold.

👤I got the wrong size. It was nice, but I couldn't use it.

4. Shockproof Anti Scratch Silicone Backplane Protection

Shockproof Anti Scratch Silicone Backplane Protection

The compatible model supports wireless charging for the iPhone 11. Hard PC backs can cover strong strike and shock from outside, and never fade. The anti-slip textured design provides better grip. The screen and camera have raised edges to provide a perfect protection against accidental drops, bumps, and other daily damage. Access to all the functions of your phone can be freely obtained with precise and respectful openings. The cover of the buttons brings a responsive touch experience. GlASS TEXTURE There is a pattern inside the PC. The light reflected by the PC backplane is like a piece of glass. The PC backplane won't break like glass. Is protecting your phone the best option?

Brand: Fjyuanqi

👤I feel like my phone is protected by the case.

👤The tiger shark case is grey and black. It is light weight and fits well. I dropped my phone many times and it was protected by phone.

5. Compatible Silicone Shockproof Protection Camouflage

Compatible Silicone Shockproof Protection Camouflage

Model The case is compatible with the phone. The phone case cover with the cartoon 3D bear camo ArmyGreen pattern is very stylish and unique. Street trend and fashion lovers need an item. The design is easy to install and remove, without damaging the phone. The phone case is lightweight and thin. A protective design allowed for a naked look. A semi-gloss finish with unparalleled graphic printing technology and bright design print technology will not fade. The raised edges for extra protection of screen and camera are slim fit with sleek design.

Brand: Jeriwell

👤The case looks amazing but the 3D bear is peeling off, I might glue it back on.

👤We started looking for cases for the phone after my son got it. He saw this one and wanted it. He took the one he already had on his phone off when he got it. The case was the same as pictured. The case is light and doesn't make the phone feel heavy. The camo colors and the 3D image on the back of the case are very realistic. The image is striking. I love it and he loves it.

👤If it wasn't for the "kaws" style bear on the back, it would be too slick to hold onto. It doesn't really take a drop in the front, but it is nice and far in the back.

👤My boyfriend likes it. It looks cool and is well made.

👤It was a perfect fit. It's cute and sturdy for teenagers. Highly recommended for the price.

👤The camera area broke. My son threw the case away.

👤A gift for my daughter. She likes it.

6. Shockproof Protective Anti Yellowing Technology Iridescent

Shockproof Protective Anti Yellowing Technology Iridescent

It is compatible with the only iPhone 11 that has a 6.1 inch screen. The military grade drop was tested. It is certified to survive drops of up to 10 feet. I was raised to be wary of Bozel. Your screen is protected from drops and scratches. The case does not come with a cover. The soft rubber INTERIOR is used. When your phone experiences impact, it is combined with hard polycarbonate to absorb shock. Sound Channels: The audio channel has a sound amplification feature.

Brand: X-doria

👤I've used this phone case for a week now. It is getting very cloudy and very easy to scratch from normal use. There is a cotton ball and a small amount of water on the back of it. I can't get rid of it because it looks very dirty, and I have not dropped it. I don't like the phone case.

👤I am terrified of taking my phone off because this case nearly bent my phone when I tried to get it on. There is a The plastic backing is cheap. Within minutes of taking it out of the box, it had scratches. I got the same case for my phone as the one that was sold to me as new, and it felt much heftier in my hand. There is a The Product RED iPhone 11 has a different color than the red anodized aluminum.

👤The case covers one of the speakers. I returned it.

👤I don't write reviews for items but I have to for this one. My husband is a fire fighter and recently lost his phone while running to the rig to make a call. They ran over his phone when they got back to the station. The case never changed despite the phone being destroyed. It looks like it did before the fire truck ran it over. This case is verydurable. We will only buy this case.

👤I rated it 4 stars because I had to fight to get this phone into the case. The phone would snap in two. I needed to take a breath and give it some attention. This case is very protective for your phone. The edges are made for a nice hand feel. The speaker is not a big deal. I think the case could have done without it. The back of the phone is transparent. I haven't experienced that cloudiness in other reviews. The privacy screen was installed with the phone still in the case. Before putting the phone in the case, wipe the back of the phone clean of the apple logo. An excellent case and definitely worth the money.

👤The cheaper plastic imitations are not as durable as the great phone case. The snug fit of the I-phone 11 feels comfortable in your hand and it performs very well. It was worth the price. Highly recommended.

👤I received the case the day after I received the red model. I have multiple red devices and am obsessed with the Product Red Line from Apple. The red aluminum is the same color as the rings surrounding the camera lens on the 11 and the case is slim and protective. I liked the construction of the case, which was made of aluminum, hard clear plastic, and rubber-like material. It seems silly to pay $45 for a standard one-piece snap on case. The sound directing channel is a great feature that I wasn't sure I'd like, but it doesn't distort music at all, even with volume maxed out. I don't like screen protectors that come between my thumb and the glass. After seeing my case, my husband wanted to get the same one, but he found a different type since there isn't a yellow colored one as of now. As soon as the next shipment arrives, I will put a PopSocket on the back.

7. Sansunto IPhone Shockproof Protective Silicone

Sansunto IPhone Shockproof Protective Silicone

Only the new version of the iPhone 11 will be compatible. There is no built in screen protection. High-quality materials. The outer layer is soft Silicone and the inner layer is hard PC cover gives your phone a full sense of security. Full body protection is what it is. Cell phones are protected from scratches and drops with a multi-layer design. The hard back can help reduce the impact of a dropped phone. Extra protection for the screen and camera is provided by the raised edge. Perfect cutouts for speakers, camera, and other ports. It's easy to get to all the buttons, controls and ports without the case. The warranty is free. Lifetime customer service and 6 months warranty are offered by them. If you have a question about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Sansunto

👤I am very pleased with this phone case, it is very smooth and grippable, and I love the feel of it. The port covers keep out dust and debris. I suggest that you add a screen cover first before putting your phone in it. The three pieces of the case are easy to separate, just pay attention to the helpful arrows on the back of the outer case. The two final steps are pieces 2 and 3. I ordered two cases, and that is fine with me. I discovered the Two Ports on each side of the middle were Audio Ports, when I updated my phone. I said, " Awesome!!". They have grey, but sound flows out from them.

👤I like the color. It is a soft purple. Not those loud ones. The back of the phone is very soft. The material feels nice. The double case feature makes buttons work great. The bottom flap on mine does not open. I need to pull the bottom part of the case out so that the flap can open. The case is good. The flap issue can be an isolated problem, not something that all cases have.

👤I was expecting more than that. It looked like it had an outer screen protection. The reviews should have been better for me. I had some protectors stashed away. It would have been nice if it came with instructions. It comes apart in layers. There is a I like the colorlavender one. I like how it feels. It will be nice to have my phone in one place when I need it. The edges are raised. I think it will help with protection.

👤I ordered a black case, but be aware that the cover will have fingerprints on it, it has full protection front and back, no doubt! The front is raised high enough that if placed face down even the screen protectors wont touch the surface, but because of my full screen protectors this case will not close all the way in the hard plastic part. I don't want to use any other type of screen protectors because they leave a gap on the screen and don't cover the front camera. It can easily slide off your hands. I wanted to like the case. I'm returning it.

👤The design protects the phone from dropping. The purple 11 is almost perfect. I only had the case on the phone for 24 hours and it is already chipping off on the tops and bottoms. It would have been nice to have lasted. I might be returning it.

👤It is easy to hold. The edges started chipping off in the first month. It is durable. I have two cracks that are almost unnoticeable after a few dropped. It's a beautiful color and doesn't have that dirty smell.

👤I like how the case is affordable and durable, and it will keep the power ports safe when I have my phone in my pocket. My phone case didn't protect it from lint.

8. IPhone Shark Shockproof Anti Scratch 6 1 Inch

IPhone Shark Shockproof Anti Scratch 6 1 Inch

The elegant pattern on the back of the iPhone 11 brings you a beautiful feeling. The case for the iPhone 11 is made of high-quality materials. The phone shell is light and durable, and it has a corrugated anti-skid design. It is very suitable for your phone. The design of the device allows you to easily access all the buttons and ports. The edges of the phone are protected from dirt and scratches with high-quality soft edges. The bars on the sides of the phone are non-slip and prevent it from sliding down. They strive to provide customers with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Please send them an email if you have a question.

Brand: Goodsprout

👤The product fits perfectly on my son's phone.

👤Our oldest child picked this up. He was carrying his big bulky case and he wanted it. He likes loud things. This was the perfect case for him. I have been dropped a lot and haven't broken or scratched at all, that's all that matters to him.

9. IPhone Classic Shockproof Rugged Bumper

IPhone Classic Shockproof Rugged Bumper

Advanced printing technology can last for a long time. The vibrant pattern of the case makes your phone look different. The Air-Guard corners help protect your phone from drops and other impacts. The raised lip and camera cutout offer screen protection. The phone case has a tire texture non-slip design, and the lines provide additional grip and can prevent accidental drops for additional peace of mind. Precise hole positions make it easy to press phone buttons. It's easy to install and remove, and won't scratch your phone. It's the best gift for family and friends for Birthday, Father's Day, Valentine's Day,Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

Brand: Djsok

👤My boyfriend loves it. It feels like it can take a lot of hits. The quality of the picture is what matters. It is a printed image of wood. It looks stupid up close, but from a distance it is not bad. Not a bad case. Don't let anyone look at it.

👤I haven't dropped my phone yet, but it seems strong. Looks good. The rubber guard around it makes it easy to hold and it doesn't get stuck in your pocket like most do. It is well worth it for me.

👤The bumpers help with drops. It feels good and has.

👤The picture on the back is not as thick as it looked in the pictures, but the price does the job.

👤This is a great honor for my son. He was both love and basketball.

👤It was great for Grandson's new phone.

10. Hitaoyou IPhone Rugged Shockproof Protective

Hitaoyou IPhone Rugged Shockproof Protective

Only the 6.1" version of the iPhone 11 is compatible with the case. The kickstand is sturdy and allows you to watch videos or use it for other purposes. It is easier to hold and grip your phone with the rotating ring. A heavy duty shockproof iphone se case made with soft Silicone and hard PC, with 4 corner bumpers, provides full body protection for your phone against any scratches, bumps, finger marks, and dirt. Screen and Camera ProtectionRaised lips to protect your screen and camera from accidental scratching, bumping, and dropping. The cutouts make it easy to access ports, speaker, camera and other keys. Being simple and classy, it doesn't take away from the actual design of your phone, showing off the beauty of the phone while offering certain protection. It's a perfect gift for wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend, and friends on any day. You will not miss it!

Brand: Hitaoyou

👤I needed a strong case for my kids and their new phone, but it was also affordable and they have dropped their phone many times. A very strong case! This is an update. The metal stand device on the back broke on 2 of the 3 cases I purchased, it was a shame and weak for the company to make them so weak. Overall a very strong case.

👤I have had this product for less than a week and it has already broken and I don't think it's worth the money.

👤The color is the same as the picture. It's easy to grip because of the rubberized exterior. I have a sturdy phone case with the ring on the back. I love it! It should come in more colors.

👤This item is nice, but it should say no shield. The item gives the impression that the top side has a screen, but that is not the case.

👤The kickstand broke off quickly. The case seems to be strong.

👤I think it's pretty and strong.

👤The case is very good... the clip on the back breaks. I don't want to buy this case again.

11. Mkeke Compatible IPhone 11 Clear

Mkeke Compatible IPhone 11 Clear

The special was released in 2019. The lens protection lips raised 3.5mm on the back provides extra protection, it prevents the camera lens and screen from breaking and scratching. The cutout fits the curves of your device without adding bulk. Extra protection is provided by the transparent material that makes you enjoy the look of your phone. A firm and comfortable grip for your phone is provided by the gracefully curved design.

Brand: Mkeke

👤This was bought for the new phone. The case fits perfectly. The case is flexible and sturdy at the same time. The bumper guards on the corners help if you accidentally drop your phone. The raised edge protects the screen and camera lens. If necessary, I would buy this again. The case at the Apple store was not as high-quality as the one pictured.

👤It covers the back and corners of the phone well, but it doesn't protect the front of the phone at all. If you drop your phone face first, I don't think this will help you at all. I have a screen protection on my phone, but I don't like to double-up on it, and this case is not doing that.

👤I bought this case for my phone, but I didn't know if it would fit. Was worried that the cameras would stick out. It is great that they don't. The case is very sturdy, great for the price.

👤I like that it is clear so I can see my phone, but still have it protected. The buttons are easy to use and are protected from dirt and dust. The camera has a cut out so that it doesn't block the view. You can't ask for more for the price.

👤I picked out my new phone at the T-Mobile store but didn't like the cases they had in the store I woke the next morning and tried to remove my phone from the charging stand but it fell out of my hand and hit the floor. I was relieved to see that it landed on the edge of my bedroom rug. I went to Amazon and found a clear case to show off my purple. There is an Apple device called the iPhone 11. I ordered the case based on their experience and knowledge and it arrived the next day. I don't think I ever dropped it. I have dropped the 11 four times in the short time I have owned it. Thanks to this case, there has been no issues. The corners have padding to help protect them from impact. It is thick enough to protect the cameras from the back. There is a lip on the display side to keep it from being scratched or damaged when laid face down. It doesn't feel bulky and adds a lot of weight to the phone, like the expensive cases they sell in the carrier store. This is a great case. I can recommend this case without any doubts.

👤Not an anti shock risistance case.

👤It's a simple clear case that protects the phone from drops. I dropped my phone on concrete and the case did its job without damaging it. I am still able to see the beautiful design of the phone, without putting it at risk.

👤The front screen is protected and the logo is small.


What is the best product for best iphone 11 case for boys?

Best iphone 11 case for boys products from Kitoo. In this article about best iphone 11 case for boys you can see why people choose the product. Gugu6ji and Bentoben are also good brands to look for when you are finding best iphone 11 case for boys.

What are the best brands for best iphone 11 case for boys?

Kitoo, Gugu6ji and Bentoben are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best iphone 11 case for boys. Find the detail in this article. Fjyuanqi, Jeriwell and X-doria are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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