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1. Antenna Digital Indoor Reversible 11264

Antenna Digital Indoor Reversible 11264

Absolutely free HD brides. If you want to watch your favorite shows in Full HD without paying a monthly bill, you can switch to a service that gives you access to all the channels you want. Their indoor TV antenna has a superior reception for both VHF and UHF signals. The black or white sides of the antenna can be used to display a variety of options, including flat or mounted on the wall. Universal viewing works with all brands of TVs and boxes with superior signal and outstanding picture quality.

Brand: Ge Home Electrical

👤The GE Ultra Edge Indoor TV Antenna slim was compared against a bigger and more traditional antenna. What I expected was not surprising. People who live close to the broadcast site should use the flat paper antennas. The reception on a few channels was marginal, but it was terrible compared to the traditional antenna. I don't like to bash products, especially USA companies, but this product is not great if you want to receive all the channels available over the air. My statements and opinions are based on facts. 25 miles NE of downtown Dallas.

👤I plugged my address into the reception site to see if this antenna would work for me. I would have strong coverage for all local channels according to the FCC site. I decided to get the GE Pro Antenna Amplifier just in case. The antenna and amplifier are easy to use. I ran a channel Scan after installing both. I had no interest in any of the channels it picked up. CBS and PBS were noticeably missing. I disconnected the amplifier to see how effective it was. The new scans only came up with 20 channels, missing a few obscure channels. Will this work for you? Maybe. Maybe not. I would recommend testing it out. I'm returning the antenna and amplifier to look for something stronger.

👤The antenna's cord is too short. My other antennas allow me to place the device in the window for better reception if I hook it in tv. The tv cord is barely extended from one end to the other. It's a 50" tv. I wouldn't recommend this device for other reasons.

👤I followed all of the instructions that were given to me. I bought this to watch the Superbowl. I tried to turn it on each way to see if it helped, and also tried to test it on multiple spots on my wall and windows. It did not. This antenna picked up a few channels, which is why I gave it 2 stars. The channels that were picked up were either in another language or local. The big channels were not picked up by this antenna. It was not worth the money and it might work well at someone else's house.

👤It was packaged in a padded envelope. It seemed to arrive in good condition. 35 miles north of Detroit, we couldn't get a single channel. Not a Canadian one. Amazon issued a full refund after the returned item was returned. If you live close to a big city, it might work.

👤The tiny antenna that came with my TV stick picks up a lot of channels, but it doesn't have a drop off in signal. You have a choice of which color blends in more with whatever you post it against, because of the different colors on each side. I put it against the wall because it wouldn't stay on the window since the sunlight melted the glue on it. It's been pretty durable as I've dropped it plenty and creased it in a few places when I accidentally jammed my sliding window into it, and it still works fine.

2. HIDB Magnetic Digital Antenna Miles

HIDB Magnetic Digital Antenna Miles

Don't pay more than a month's bill to watch free HD channels and enjoy Major Networks like CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, CW, PBS, ION, UniVISION, TELEMUNDO, and so much more. You don't have to shell out extra cash or lose your favorite local TV channels if you stay on top of live local programming. Their smart 4K HDTV antennas are protected by their double PC soft material, which is Eco-friendly flame retardant. The Plastic Shell is the only one of its kind and all the accessories are pure copper. You can enjoy your favorite shows without worry. reception and magnetic You can receive the crystal clear picture with the indoor HDTV antenna. The magnetic base is easy to install. You can get your TV signals in a matter of minutes with the magnetic base. Don't let the size discourage you! It's small but mighty and easy to be hidden, it doesn't take up a lot of space. Do re-scan after moving the antenna. SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. If your new TV antenna doesn't turn out to be what you were hoping for, don't worry, they will make up for it. Contact them and they will give you a 30-Day Money back Guarantee, hassle-free and with no questions asked.

Brand: Hidb

👤I bought this because I wanted to use it at my mother's house, but AT&T doubled the price of DIRECTV and I had the bare minimum package. How much do you have to pay to watch Two and a Half Men? It wasn't worth $130 a month to me. While I do mostly stream at my home, I noticed the antenna I brought in for one station in a large metropolitan area, which was about 5 feet long. The thing was leaning against the railing of my loft. That may be three or four stations. The smaller antenna was supposed to be tacked to the wall. Do you know about the 12” x 8” antenna? I left it on the floor because I didn't want to put it on a wall. That is the antenna that was used to get one digital station. The package is small when I received it an hour ago. Look at their specifications for the size of the antenna. I think it's 3 inches or 4 inches tall. It is small. I just plugged it in and set the little antenna on the TV stand behind the TV, because it was not powered amplification. I was surprised by the reception. I was shocked. Our main Broadcasting antenna is about 30 miles away and I am getting all the digital stations offered by our local broadcasters. I am getting exactly 30 stations as opposed to one with the old antenna. Being digital they are clear. It is the best fifteen I have spent in a while. I just spent $11 on a nice German beer, but it wasn't as good as the reception I got from this investment. I ordered another antenna for my mother's house.

👤It works as advertised. I have trouble picking up one channel that I was previously able to get with a different antenna, however I am able to pick up one channel that I wasn't able to pick up before. I am happy with the purchase. It performs better than expected for the price.

👤The antenna needs to be connected to tv. Scan for channels 3 and 4. It was very easy to enjoy tv. I did everything in less than 5 minutes.

👤I've tried several times before this one. This one seems to be the best. Excellent reception. I don't watch a lot of TV these days because of all the commercials and noise. I need to see what's happening in the world now and then. This antenna provides an excellent picture and amazing performance for the price. The magnetic base is very nice.

👤It's easy to install. It was helped to move to a higher position by the magnetic base. First try, got 51 channels. Higher position gave me 64. It's not a satallite dish so keep that in mind. Your home location is important, as you get regulated over the air channels. Value for money is correct. I'm very happy right now. I think an amplifier will help to get more channels, but I don't think it's enough for us all. Trying to reach for things that are not available is pointless. It is digital and the tv you have helps the picture quality. I still have cable wire reception. I am completely satisfied with the purchase.

3. Antenna Amplified Digital Support Television

Antenna Amplified Digital Support Television

A new type switch control amplifier booster for more channels is included in the 380+ Miles Long Range Antenna. Clear pictures, low noise and access to broadcast signals are some of the benefits of the new technology. The antenna can't receive channel or receive less channels with current range, please turn the amplifier to another range, and you should have to search again after changing. The HD indoor antenna can receive absolutely no cost channels including a ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox. The portable antsena is portable. On The Go, portable anenna can be used everywhere. You can use their antenna in your bedroom, living room, or game room. It can be used as a portable HD antenna on your next trip. You can connect it to the 17 cable and watch many of the free local channels. Black classic and trendy tones can be matched with your decor and surroundings. Soft ultra thing design is more delicate and lightweight, which makes it easier to hide. It's easy to install antenna. You can power the antennae by plugging in a power port on the HDTV or into an outlet with a power adapter. Their indoor antenna is easy to install. HD free unlimited antenna gives you your favorite channels at no cost.

Brand: Usyolitv

👤We own another brand of amplified antenna. We jumped on it when we saw it, it has a 250+ mile range. After trying to work with it for a couple of days, it went back. The 60 mile Mohu Curve antenna had the number of channels programmed multiple times to ensure this. The Mohu Curve is what we are sticking with. Save money. I wouldn't recommend this one.

👤I switched to AT&T Fiber Internet after more than a decade and needed a simple solution to get the local news. I wanted to have an option to watch live TV. My antenna experience was a decade ago. The antenna had great reviews. The window position gave the best results, with superb picture quality and audio, even though I tried several positions on the wall and lying face down. I think the quality is even better than the HD, since they come without a monthly payment. The reception in your area is more important than the antenna reception. I need an amplifier to get most channels in the San Francisco Bay Area. The window position was easy to mount with the provided tape and cable. I am very happy with the purchase, as it will allow me to watch all the local news over the weekend. We mostly watch streaming content on Fire Cube. And it reduces the amount of stuff on the remote. It's a great antenna, but you will experience it differently in the area. If you are able to get the channels you care about, this antenna can give you the best experience.

👤We were skeptical that we could receive any signals. The hook-up is very easy. We hung up the antenna after cleaning the window. Outside of the small cost for the antenna, 74 over the air channels are free. We just wanted our 3 or 4 local channels, but also all these other channels as well.

👤Great antenna. The results were impressive after I replaced a non powered antenna. I was able to pull in more stations than before. The reception was outstanding. There are no reception issues. I was able to place the antenna low on the window to keep the visual distraction to a minimum and the included cable was long enough to reach the tv without issues. The long distance setting was used to maximize the number of channels. I'm very pleased with the device and I recommend it to anyone. I only pay for internet and no other cable costs are needed.

👤The cheap antenna I bought from Big Lots worked great. I thought I would buy a nicer powered antenna to get more channels. Wrong. The channels are not strong enough to watch. There was no good signal when moving the antenna. I will stick with my Big Lots antenna.

👤I decided to try this antenna because I was done with paying for cable. I was so glad I did. We ran a channel Scan from your tv remote after it was hooked up. 67 channels were picked up by us. It was clear and HD. We get all these for free now. It works better by the window.

4. HDTV Antenna Amplified Television Detachable

HDTV Antenna Amplified Television Detachable

Local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports, educational programs, and more can be accessed through the Vansky HD TV Antenna. HD TV antenna can reach up to 250 miles and can be placed almost everywhere at home. You can place the indoor antenna with the extra long cable. It's easier to get a reception for TVs that are far away from windows. If you're far away from broadcast towers, the HD antenna amplifier is included to provide more channels. This is a TV antenna. Remove the antenna amplifier if the signal cannot be received with the external amplifier. The 250 miles TV antenna is weather resistant. HD Antenna indoor is lightning protected, durable, and doesn't get struck out by bad weather. The 250 miles TV antenna is weather resistant. HD Antenna indoor is lightning protected, durable, and doesn't get struck out by bad weather.

Brand: Vansky

👤I bought one of these because I was poor to pay for cable and my rabbit ears just weren't cutting it anymore. I was skeptical and did a lot of research, but this thing is awesome. It's not the most attractive thing to have in my window. I have more channels than I thought. I don't feel guilty because Amazon had a sale. Definitely a good purchase. There is a website that you can check to see if it will work in your area. I was going to buy my sister one as well. They don't get reception where she is.

👤The antenna is a great option. I initially bought just one to test it out, but after testing it, I bought 2 more. There are a couple of tips for best use. If the broadcast signal is within 50 miles of where it will be mounted, this is good. You can find out how far away the broadcast antenna is by entering your zip code. 2. If you want to get the best results, you should mount on a wall or window that faces the direction the broadcast is coming from. 3. If you want to do your initial mounting with Scotch tape, do it off the 3M stickers. The reason is that radio waves travel differently at different times of the day and even standing next to the antenna while mounting can affect the signal strength when mounted, so it's a good idea to leave yourself the opportunity to adjust its position over the first couple of days before mounting permanently to ensure

👤It doesn't include a stand. It is on the wall. I had to point the antenna in the direction of the tower to get all the channels in the 50 to 80 mile range. I can't put it on the wall as shown in the picture. Without a stand, I had to prop it up in a corner. This needs a stand to be able to move it in the direction you need it to go to get all the channels. The picture shows how I have it.

👤I decided to order 4 similar HDTV Indoor Antennas with a 60 mile plus range, all with amplifier, the paper-thin type that you can easily hang in a window, because I didn't know which reviews to believe. I tested them against each other. This information may or may not be useful because antennas work differently in every location. The Vansky Digital HDTV Antenna had an overall rating that was very poor, and the Wsky Mult-Directional Long Range Digital HDTV Antenna had an overall rating that was below average. Testing each antenna in the exact same position, both with and without an amplifier. Wsky Antenna received 4 clear signals and added an amplifier, but only 5 were clear. I'm still looking for the best antenna or solution, just antenna received 5 clear signals with added amplifier picked up 8 signals but only 1 was clear. It seems that the signal picked-up on one antenna can be canceled by the signal picked-up from another antenna, if I use a "Combiner/Slitter" with no success. I will try an amplifier that adjusts from 15db to 30db to see if that will solve my problem.

5. Antenna Amplifier Channels Television Performance

Antenna Amplifier Channels Television Performance

Enjoy a lifetime of 4k HD channels with a TV indoor antenna. You can save $1020 per year if you pick up most broadcasting signals in your area. A new type switch control amplifier booster is equiped with a 130 mile long range antenna. Go to the short range side below 35 miles. The green light should be turned on above 35 miles. 10ft long cable makes it easy to place the antenna in the best reception spot in your home, and setup is easy, you just have to install it. The portable pole design of the HDTV antenna ensures that it is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. The magnetic bottom of the antenna can be used to remove metal. Their team of TV tech professionals is ready to help you. If you have a problem with their antenna, they will give you a full replacement or a refund. Enjoy a high-quality product with confidence if you click "Buy it now".

Brand: Joinus

👤I ordered this antenna because I thought it would pick up more channels. I paid under $10 for an older model that I already had. If I relocated the antenna, I would pick up more stations but I still get the same station, I just use the longer cord and the extra extension for my tv amplifier. I don't return many items if they are broken or not used. I'm going to try different areas of my room. Maybe I will be happy. It was only $20 and I was happy. This product is rated 3-4 by me.

👤The Antenna worked well because it was sunny and daytime and nighttime. When it was raining or windy, no signal was picked up. I would not have known if I hadn't been able to test it within the return period. The buyer should beware.

👤A picture of all the parts. It was easy to assemble. It picks up local broadcasts as well as Digital broadcasts. Local news and all the news channels. It is a good price. I will tell my neighbor about the antenna.

👤I did not find any channels. The window has an antenna by it. The money was wasted. Don't buy.

👤It feels cheap. Doesn't get any more channels with unpowered versions.

👤The product arrived on time.

👤It works well in our area. It is easy to use and inexpensive.

6. Upgraded 1byone Amplified Amplifier Freeview

Upgraded 1byone Amplified Amplifier Freeview

Light and flat design, beautiful enough and easy to install, you can hide it behind the TV set or stick it on the window wall, of course, TV signals must be accepted there. It is easier to amplify the antenna to get the best reception when you put it anywhere in your home, since it is large enough to receive TV signals up to 200 miles. The cable is made of solid center conductor, dielectric insulation, three aluminum shielding layers and durable outer layer. Even in bad weather, you will never lose signal or suffer distortion. The interference is from the radio and electromagnetic frequencies. The Extra-long 17ft coaxial cable provides lots of flexibility to place your antenna on.

Brand: 1 By One

👤There are so many antennas being sold for which you can't tell if the reviews are real or not. Many sound were preproduced. After seeing a good review for a different model on another site, I decided to go with 1byone, and noticed that some of the reviews on Amazon seemed to be from actual users. I got my antenna today. I mounted it in a window on the first floor. I was a little worried that some channels might not work out in my home. I had done a TV signal analysis on and it suggested I might get 15 stations well enough to watch. I used my TV's automatic channel finder to find channels with good enough signal to save when I was closest to any transmitter. 40 channels were saved. I think about 15 of those were not good enough to be watched. The local CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, and CW channels were all excellent, and the tvfool report had suggested that a couple of those would be unwatchable. I discovered a local UHF subsidiary that shows the "Me TV" network, which is fun. Several Spanish-language channels were also present. I'm very pleased with the antenna. I use an online streaming network to watch sports because there is almost no delay compared to streaming over the internet. PBS isn't on any streaming packages, so that's a bonus as well. Buy with confidence!

👤The cutting of cord is of the highest caliber. Installation and set up is easy. Great picture and sound quality. I already have prime, hulu, tubitv, imdbtv, and soon to be sling for 15.00 a month after 3 months free, totaling $50-55.00 I pay high cable bills so I can't enjoy them at home. You should cut your cable cord at the 5th power as well.

👤Wow! The picture is amazing. If I want HD, I have to pay another 10 dlls for regular cable. This antenna is easy to install and put together. Put it on the window. Sleak and easy. It's a BOM! The reception of channels was amazing. I was not expecting that many. Bye cable, never again! Get this and save money.

👤It works like a charm. Since cutting the cable company out, I have received a total of 54 channels. Some of them are in other languages. Awesome product!

👤I got 42. I wanted to stop paying for cable. We decided to pay for sling tv and cut the cord. I live in a town where sling doesn't offer local channels. I bought this antenna to watch a bunch of TV. I got a lot of channels. According to the map, the tower was only about 10 miles away. I moved the antenna to the wall to fix it instead of sitting on top of the DVD player.

👤I bought two of them. The channels that came in came in good, but I was missing a few. I was able to find a pattern about the channels it wasn't picking up by using and comparing that to the specifications of the product. It was picking up signals around me, but not the 47-230MHz signals. If only one of them wasn't picking up this range, I could understand, but I don't think this product picks up signals in that range. I will return the product.

7. Antenna Amplifier Antennas Supports Designed

Antenna Amplifier Antennas Supports Designed

You can receive FULL HD channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and more with their new TV antenna. All the news, sitcoms, kids, and sports programs can be accessed with an amplified tv antenna. Their smart tv antenna has been upgraded with a new type of smart switch control and crystal clear tv. The new technology filters out cellular and FM signals, resulting in clearer picture, low noise, and access to more broadcast TV signals. The indoor antenna can reach up to 200 miles and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. New channels are made available for broadcast. Hang the indoor antenna on a window or wall that has better reception. After moving the antenna, always re-scanning for channels. It is easier to place an amplified antenna in your house if you have a television that is far away from windows. If your TV has nousb output for connecting the antenna to the power supply, you should use a smart IC power amplifier. If your house is close to the broadcast tower, please switch the amplifier to short range. Their team of TV tech professionals are available to help you with any problem. If you have a problem with the antenna, they will give you a replacement.

Brand: To Be #1

👤The buyer should beware. Does not work as claimed. A false claim of 120 miles. The best distance is 40-50 miles. I was not able to pick up one channel. I bought a small digital antenna from Big Lots for $10 and it works just as well. The amplifier doesn't do much to improve signal. The packaging doesn't mention distance capability, but the seller claims 120 miles.

👤Ignore the bad reviews! The larger white face of one of these was used for temporary testing, so I posted an image with the black face of my old MOHU in front of it. It worked well. The package also comes with an amplifier, a power cable, a wall plug, and a set of sticky-mounts that the original MOHU did not include. This item is a Directional InDOOR antenna, not a magic wand. It's an aesthetically better and more consistent INDOOR digital receiver than the old "rabbit ears." There is a reason why fringe and other distant users don't use indoor antennas. There is a hint for those looking at the poor reviews. Did I mention that they are also directional? They work better when positioned correctly. No need to reply, just thinking out loud.

👤I paid less than $11 for it and it was brought to me a day after I ordered it. It works well. I get 30ish digital channels with clear pictures. The directions are pretty sparse, but the ones that were there were translated into English. I am not sure if more woulda helped. Plug it in, even though the box says it doesn't have a plug-in power block for theusb, or just plug it into the TV'susb slot if it's available. Scan the TV's setup menu for TV antenna channels. It takes a few minutes for it to do its job. Make sure the input source for the TV is changed to "antenna" once it's finished scanning, and voila! Digital channels are a buncha free, clear picture.

👤I wanted to get local channels that I could not get with the fire stick. I wanted to put it in a window, but I have awnings so it wouldn't work. I can get 19 additional channels because it is midway up an inside wall and the white side is not noticeable. Very happy. According to the directions, a metal roof won't work.

👤I hung the tv on the wall as close to the window as possible. My son-in-law downloaded an app that helped me get it to work, but I was going to return it. Fast delivery, great seller.

👤I don't think you'll find a better solution for the money. Great product! The product was easy to install and I am a satisfied customer.

👤The reception distance is less than advertised. The distance from the tower to the house is 89 miles in one direction and 131 in the other. The antenna was placed in a window to get the best reception. 4 PBS channels were received from either direction. The antenna was reversed from the black side to the white side. Decided to use the supplied in line amplifier. The PBS channels were clear. The design of the antenna is simple. This might be the antenna for you if you live close to a tower. Keep looking.

8. TV Antenna Amplified Reception Amplifier

TV Antenna Amplified Reception Amplifier

Amplifier signal booster can be up to 330 miles long range. The signal reception range is 330 miles. The amplifier signal controller has a smart IC chip. Clear pictures, low noise and access to broadcast signals are some of the benefits of the new technology. The antenna can't receive channel or receive less channels with current range, please turn the amplifier to another range, and you should have to search again after changing. The portable indoor TV antenna can receive signals from any direction. This means you will get a clear picture even if you attach the antenna to the TV stand or wall. Save money by watching full HD channels. Don't pay expensive cable or satellite fees again! The HD indoor antenna can receive absolutely no cost channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, univision and more. The long cable makes it easy to place the antenna in the best reception spot. In your bedroom, living room, or game room, you can use an antenna with 17ft cable. The portable HD antenna can be used in a tractor-trailer, RV, or tent on your next trip. You can get dozens of free local channels with the antenna. Black classic and trendy tones can be matched with your decor and surroundings. Soft ultra thing design is more delicate and lightweight, which makes it easier to hide. It's easy to install antenna. You can power the antennae by plugging in a power port on the HDTV or into an outlet with a power adapter.

Brand: Jm Nexlov

👤We have a lot of big ones in the house that are too big to fit in the port. Don't buy this because the price is a lie and you have to pay more for the right power adapter.

👤I said yes when my son asked if I wanted his old TV. I wanted to put it in my living room but there was no cable access. I wanted to see how this antenna worked. It works great. I thought I made a mistake buying it because I couldn't get any channels. My son asked if I scanned for channels, but I didn't. A quick Scan shows a channel. Even though I live in the wild west, I can get quite a few channels even though the picture is very clear and crisp. I can get PBS, Buzzer, Movies and more. The antenna was easy to install and once you find the right position for the receiver you will be watching free TV in no time at all. I would have had to get a power adaptor if my TV had not had ausb port, luckily my TV had one. One of the best buys I've ever made was the reception.

👤I wanted to eliminate paying $85 a month for basic channels. I was connected to 103 channels in the Los Angeles area with this antenna. The quality is good. I would like to see a short video about the installation. Some people like myself are not that tech. savvy It would have been a great help. I called my TV manufacturer customer service and they helped me put it together.

👤We live in a suburb south of Disney World that is 35 miles from the city center. When I bought this antennae, I didn't have high expectations. Attach the cable to the back of the TV and plug the cable into the charging port. The green light setting is used for distant channels. I had about 18 clear stations after scanning for digital over the air channels. I could get more or less depending on the placement of my antennae. It is important to make sure your SmartTV is connected to the internet. Some channels would not be affected by the product. Some stations are further north or east towards the coast and may not be captured. In the old rabbit ears era, you could settle for a hazy fringe channel. You can either capture the signal or not. The product is a great one. Excellent and satisfied. Would buy again from a SmartTV.

👤The instructions are very bad and would like some help. They were great with a full refund. I would like to pay for the item if I could get it to work.

👤I followed the directions and tried it in different places and positions. It only picked up a few channels on one of my three TVs. Disappointing. I will return it for a refund.

👤This antenna is great. It is large and flat. It has both short range and long range reception. It has an amplifier on the cord. We can now pick up 40 channels, up from 11. I received it in 24 hours.

9. Philips HD Loop Passive Antenna

Philips HD Loop Passive Antenna

This Tv Antenna has a great reception up to a 30 mile range for both Vhf and Uhf signals. Local Tv is free and you don't have to pay for cable or satellite. Continue watching your favorite local tv shows. Making it the ideal counterpart to your favorite digital content. Universal viewing works with all brands of tvs with a superior signal and outstanding picture quality. The Weighted Base and Rubber Feet keep the antenna secure. Scratches can be prevented at your table. The Weighted Base and Rubber Feet keep the antenna secure. Scratches can be prevented at your table.

Brand: Philips Accessories

👤I started my investigation after buying many higher priced indoor antenna and not being able to pick up many local channels. The other Antennas were not UHF-VHF. I connected Phillip's Indoor Rabbit Ear Antenna, which was scanned and placed in the right position. I INRDeals Don't let the price fool you. This is the best purchase I have ever made. Hopefully it works for everyone that reads my Review. Thanks to Amazon andPhillips for the indoor antenna. A happy customer. Jetson was named after her.

👤bam scanned 52 channels with it sitting behind the tv next to the wall, I was hesitant buying one so cheap. There aren't any windows near. I am happy with this product.

👤I like this antenna more than those flat ones which don't work. You can move around the ears to find better channel quality with this one. It works well. The ears don't move as much as they should, they only move side to side, and I'm not sure why they designed it this way. The price is great, and the picture quality is the absolute best. I am very happy with the antenna.

👤I dropped my cable company and bought myself an indoor antenna to use for my Sony Bravia. I used to get Fox, but not anymore. My friend gave me her old car when she was moving. I don't have cable so I couldn't get HD channels. I found this antenna on Amazon and it is cheap. I might buy one again and replace the antenna on my Sony Bravia. I took pictures with my phone.

👤I went back to rabbit ears because I threw away a lot of money on worthless antennae. The antenna works well. The channels that I'm not getting clearly are probably more of a location issue than the antenna's fault. I wonder if a TV's tuner plays a role in how well channels come in. I bought a Sylvania for around $100 and used this antenna on my small TV. The Sony Bravia which has the best reception is 10X more expensive than my big TV. The TV quality has to be taken into account. I am happy with this purchase. The small item can be hidden behind the TV when not in use.

👤It may not be the sleekest looking antenna out there, but it works! I ordered a portable tv a month ago. It had two different antennas. I would say that the one was a total miss and the other a hit and miss. When you scanned your tv, you felt like you were playing slots. The tv had other issues, too, so it was returned. I ordered a portable tv. I ordered this one since the reviews were so positive, even though they didn't recommend the antenna that came with the tv. I connected the antenna to the start-up. Wow! Did I say that? The cheap antenna kept almost every station. When I turned the tv back on, they were still there. You can't expect more from an antenna at a low price. I may have to turn it a bit to get a clearer reception. A great find!



No more need to pay a huge bill for TV with their upgraded antenna. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, Fox and so much more can be seen on their HD antenna. All of the news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs can be accessed with an amplified tv antenna. It is possible to receive the cocaine without a monthly bill. HD CRYSTAL-CLEAR TV & HD SOUND QUALITY: The smart tv antenna has a Powerful signal booster with built-in smart IC chip and Crystal clear filter technology to pick up signals within 250 miles. A clearer picture, low noise and access to more free broadcast TV signals can be achieved with the new technology. Up to 250 miles range. The indoor antenna can reach up to 250 miles and can be placed almost anywhere in the house. As new channels are made available for broadcast, the digital antenna scans for them. Hang the indoor antenna on a window or wall that has better reception. It's easier to place an amplified antenna in your house if you have a TV that's far away from windows. If there is nousb output in your TV, you can use the smart ICusb power adapter to connect the dTV antenna to the power supply. Their team of TV tech professionals is ready to help. Enjoy a high-quality product. If you have a problem with their antenna, you can contact them at any time and they will give you a full replacement or refund. After moving the Antenna, always re-scan for channels. The information is useful. If your house is very close to the broadcast tower, please switch the amplifier to short range.

Brand: U Must Have

👤I love my antenna. I had to cancel my cable because my household was reduced to a one-income household and I couldn't afford monthly cable bills. The picture is clear and I can see the local stations. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I live in the Atlanta area. I was able to get 2 channels even though I could only get one in a window, because I tried 4 different positions. The 2 channels were not good enough to watch. The seller contacted me via email after I said that reviews like mine were killing his business. My reviews are honest and fair, and my good ones can't be bought.

👤I bought 2 of these from Amazon because I couldn't afford cable. I have told my friends and family about the product, I am very happy with it. My aunt told me that she ordered one. She absolutely loves it. I need to buy 3 more for my kids rooms before my next paycheque. All of the channels are clear. This is worth every penny.

👤This is the third type of antenna I've purchased. The previous two pulled in channels. The antenna takes about 5 minutes to install. I get channels from 50 miles to 60 miles a day. I had to install this because of the dispute with my local nbc provider. The antenna is near a window.

👤I gave up on buying this antenna because I've tried so many from other stores in the past. My window is far away from the TV, so none of them worked for me. While browsing on Amazon for ways to cut the cord. The antenna kept coming up. I decided to buy it because of the reviews. I was surprised it works great. I see why you named it. It really works. I don't normally give reviews but this one is worth it. I can cut it.

👤I installed your antenna today. The installation was easy. The product was easy to install. I will cut the cord on all TVs after installing these. Thank you!

👤This is a good replacement for my cable. I used a different brand before this and the picture quality was not as bright. I don't have to pay for cable anymore.

👤This is a great product. I bought a smart TV for my kitchen. I was able to watch a lot of shows, but I could not watch live TV because the TV does not have an antenna. The HD Digital TV antenna is needed. Installation was easy and I get 50 channels with no cable bill. The slim profile makes it easy to install. Even after I moved the location to get better reception, the mounting adhesives are still very secure. The second photo shows the antenna is not visible from the side. The price is reasonable and you can save money on cable. I recommend this item to friends and family who are looking to cut cable.

👤Le installation is simple. A reois pas beaucoup de Channel. es installement sur un mur. Aussi, le produit doit tre installer. J'arrive capter 12 Channel sans problme. I arrive qu'il y ait beaucoup d'Interférence. Noovo, tva, radio canada, zone, squat, ici, citytv, et d'autre poste anglophone...

11. GE 29884 Outdoor Attic Antenna

GE 29884 Outdoor Attic Antenna

It's possible for rural and suburban areas. You can get reception up to 70 miles from the broadcast signal with a weather resistant antenna. Receive free local news, severe weather, and sports broadcasts along with HD channels like NBC, ABC, PBS, and Fox while cutting out that expensive cable or satellite bill. It's necessary to have a splitter and coax cable in your home to support multiple TVs. The included components include a mounting bracket, J-mount, VHF dipoles, UHF elements, signal enhancing reflector rods and a simple to follow instructions for assembly and installation. The included components include a mounting bracket, J-mount, VHF dipoles, UHF elements, signal enhancing reflector rods and a simple to follow instructions for assembly and installation.

Brand: Ge

👤I live in a suburb that is far away from the city. The GE 29884 antenna was purchased from Amazon. I purchased a 4 Port cable TV/HDTV/Internet amplifier just in case I need it. I've been trying to cut the cable and stop paying cable TV fees. My cable company switched to a system that requires you to rent cable TV boxes for $6 a month. I have had bad experiences with other powered indoor antennas. In the daytime hours, the picture quality was dismal and heavily pixelated. The stations that I could pick up were often unwatchable. I went back to cable. The GE 29884 antenna was reviewed on Amazon and I decided to try it. The antenna comes in a small box. The installation booklet is small. To zoom in on the text and illustrations, you need to use the booklet. The parts are nicely packaged and can be found in the instruction manual. It helps to layout all the parts prior to installation, a count of each part type is given. The installation can be difficult if you follow the manual. You can find videos on the internet that simplify the assembly process if you do a search on "GE 29884 antenna assembly". I had to assemble the antenna in about half an hour. rubber end caps were provided to cap off the dipole rods. The antenna seems to be of good quality. I mounted the antenna in the attic using the provided J-mount mounting hardware and M5 bolts and nuts. I connected the cable TV provider's cable to the main mast's antenna's connection point. I used a bedroom TV and selected "antenna" as the input. There were 106 channels scanned. Most were clear. Maybe 3 or 4 were not normal. Many of the channels are trash or uninteresting to me, but there are many great channels that came in, including all the local channels and sub- channels, movie channels, retro, public, etc. A few audio-only channels were picked up. I didn't have the amplifier connected. The signal from the antenna is reduced when you feed it to multiple TVs. The signal to each TV is boosted by the 4-port amplifier. I have had the antenna for a week and I have not been disappointed. "bye bye cable TV company" is all I can say. The cable needs to be cut. The amplifier and antenna will pay for themselves in a month or two. The antenna works like a charm. I have cut the cable bill in half, and I am very happy.

👤The antenna is easy to assemble. The two antennas I purchased differed greatly in their frequencies. The two diagrams show the return loss of the two antenna's. I made sure they were assembled the same, because if you compare them you can see they are quite different. The response between the low and high frequencies varies a lot. The first antenna has a maximum gain of 15 - 16 dB. The 2nd antenna has a maximum of 594 MHz. I can still use them, but most people don't have access to a spectrum analyzer, a tracking generator, or a return loss bridge. I wouldn't recommend them except for reception distances of less than 35 miles.


What is the best product for best indoor tv antenna hdmi?

Best indoor tv antenna hdmi products from Ge Home Electrical. In this article about best indoor tv antenna hdmi you can see why people choose the product. Hidb and Usyolitv are also good brands to look for when you are finding best indoor tv antenna hdmi.

What are the best brands for best indoor tv antenna hdmi?

Ge Home Electrical, Hidb and Usyolitv are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best indoor tv antenna hdmi. Find the detail in this article. Vansky, Joinus and 1 By One are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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