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1. LUJII Hummingbird Stations Decorative Containing

LUJII Hummingbird Stations Decorative Containing

The materials of the base are strong. It is recommended to clean the saucer feeders at least once a week. You can clean the feeders more frequently if the weather is warm. There is an attempt toTRACT more hummingbirds. The bright color and style of the glass bottle make the hummingbird feeders more attractive for hummingbirds. Handmade bong glassware. Each product is hand finished. The glass contains the pigment and it won't fade or damage. It is easy to clean. It's easy to clean the clear glass bottlefeeder, just remove the bottle from the base. It is easy to fill NECTAR. It's easy to see and refill the wide-mouth and two-part base. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a question, you can email them through the seller's LUJII information page. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Lujii

👤This is a beautiful structure. If it is hand blown as advertised and priced accordingly, why is there a seam in the middle?

👤A piece of art. It was well made. The bottom pan is the best of all the brands I own and has never leaked. There is no rubber gasket between the plastic bottom pan and the metal perch which is a nice feature. I bought the red one after I saw how beautiful the blue one was. I dropped the red one and it hit the pan on the deck, causing a hole. I asked if it was possible to purchase just the bottom pan. They said they would send me one for free. I talked about great customer service after I received the part.

👤I bought 2 feeders in April. I noticed a problem that I thought was leaking as the summer went on. I have a balcony with these hanging on it. I kept seeing spills on my railing that were much more significant than I had thought. I couldn't figure it out. I am in love with the feeders. I came outside to water my flowers a week ago. This was at 4pm. It was 90 degrees. I discovered the problem with my feeders when I went to refill my watering cup. The food was pouring onto my railing from the feeders that were overheating because of the hot afternoon sun. They act like an 'oven' if they are glass. If you have a protected area, please get these. I will have to take them down. Maybe this was your answer, because the culprit is direct, hot, sunlight.

👤This is the first time that I've ever seen a Hummer touch the wall of a glass container with its beak looking into the red glass while sitting on its perch ready to feed. He looked like he was trying to figure out if it was a big flower or if he was worshiping it. I liked seeing that. I make a fifty-fifty mix of sugar and water and they drink it quickly. They love that too! The glass is heavy, looks hand blown, and the area that they drink from with their perches and has the flower petals is a solid metal with a plastic under it. The metal hook is heavy duty. We'll have to see how well the metal part holds up against the sea salt air, because I live five blocks from the beach. I love it, so I'm hoping for the best. I will contact the manufacturer to see if I can get that one part. I will update later.

👤I dropped my rating to two stars. I could make a way to keep the bottom portion from leaking. I tried a lot of things. The fit of the two bottom pieces is too tight to allow the caulk to form a seal. I tried a lot of things and it started dripping again, leaving a sticky puddle on my patio. I still love the looks of the glass, but I'm working too hard to make this a working product. The design on the bottom was poor. Either has an effective gasket to seal the parts together or is uni-body. I bought both a red and blue one, and I still love the looks of it. They both have a lot of hummingbird food. If I could, I would give it 6 stars. The rating is dragged down by two issues. The rubber gasket should be on the non-glass part. After I added water, both of them leaked. I had to make a seal to stop the leaking. The second issue may be for some buyers. There is a barely visible seam in the glass. It doesn't seem like blown glass has a seam. I love net-net but they have some problems.

2. More Birds Hummingbird Stations 10 Ounce

More Birds Hummingbird Stations 10 Ounce

We believe looking good and doing good go hand-in-hand. It's more than just a hair product. Whatever they do must be good for the planet. The container holds 10 fluid ounces of hummingbird nectar. Four flower-shaped feeding ports allow for multiple hummingbirds. ants are stopped in their tracks by a built-in ant moat. Red is a hummingbird's favorite color, so attract more of them with the red top and base. They recommend washing your hummingbird feeders by hand with warm soapy water, but you should not put your feeders in the dishwasher.

Brand: More Birds

👤Are you buying bags of sugar? Are you surrounded by little animals when you go outside? Have they stared into your windows and chirped angrily when supplies were low? This is the one you want. I have tried every major brand out there and this one is worth the money. The little wire hook is the only thing that can go into the dishwasher. There are plastic parts on the top rack. Sanitation is essential if you want to feed Hummingbirds. If birds catch black mold, they die a slow death because their throats swell up and they can't eat or drink. If you don't clean your feeders, it's better not to feed them. It is possible to clean the feeders in the dishwasher so that you don't have to scrub them. The glass is fastened to the top of the feeder. This is design genius. Most feeders are attached to a metal cage, which means they can't go in the dishwasher. It also means that the glue will fail and your feeders will fall off the hook, which will cause a mess on your lawn or patio. You don't need a separate ant moat for the Feeder top because it has a space that doubles as one. The heavy duty glass feeder weighs about 9 lbs when filled with sugar water. It's important to hold it from the top and bottom, and to have a sturdy place to hang it. The wire hook that comes with it is strong. Carefully guard it. Good luck trying to contact the company about a replacement, the opening in the top of the feeder is small, and you should probably use a zip tie.

👤I like the fact that this one is built to last, as I was wasting a lot of time on a different one that looked like it was built to last. 1) The materials are thinner, but this one is still pretty. I no longer dread cleaning my feeders as they can be done so fast, I no longer risk sugar water spilling on my balcony, and I no longer risk it because it's constructed in a way that prevents that. There are four The flowers are permanent, yet the birds still find their way to them without an elaborate artificial flower. There's a protection against ants on the top of the building. 6) I can fill the bottle with slightly warm water even during the night, and the next day the bottle is not foggy. I always know it's assembled correctly because of the small amount of parts and one twisting action. The design of the feeders lets the birds get every last drop.

👤I've tried a variety of hummingbird feeders and they all seem to have their strengths and weaknesses. I prefer to stay away from the all plastic type of bird feeders, and this one has a glass holder with a solid plastic bottom, so I usually look for a style such as this one. The glass ones seem to crack and break after a couple of years of use, which has happened to me the last three from different brands I have purchased. This is the first brand I have tried and it is not known how long this particular brand will last. The thick glass top under the top moat/hanging area is where the chip came from. I don't know how the damage happened or if it was a defect that was overlooked. I filled the feeder with water and it didn't leak, so it doesn't seem to affect it. I decided to keep the chip since it is at the top. The plastic base is ok and gives the birds a place to sit, but the yellow flowers seem to be easy to fall out of. It makes them easy to clean, but I would have liked them to have a locking mechanism to keep them in place. The yellow flowers seem to attract birds. The base is easy to disassemble and clean, which is important to keep mold andbacteria out of the feeders. I like the fact that the solution is smaller because it keeps it fresh. The opening is large and easy to fill. This is the first time I have ever gotten one that has an ant moat in top, which is a bowl like feature in the top that you fill with water. It seems to help prevent ants from getting to the solution. I use a boiled sugar water solution that seems to work as well as the store-bought stuff and the hummers love it. The glass seems to be of decent quality. It will be interesting to see if it can hold up to the hot summers here. The metal hanging hook is sturdy and small. The small chip is the only thing that I dislike about the feeder, it has no leaks and seems to work well so far. If there are any issues with the feeder, I will update my review. 4 stars.

3. Perky Pet 9111 2 Cactus Top Fill Hummingbird

Perky Pet 9111 2 Cactus Top Fill Hummingbird

The dimensions are 6.50(L) x 6.25(W) x 1.25(D) It's easy to fill with the Wide-mouth, Top-Fill design. Feeding ports inspired by hollyhock are soft and flexible. Feeding stations have perches. Feeding ports are designed to keep bees out of the water. The gasket creates a seal around the base. The entire feeder has to be cleaned. Holds up to 32 ounces of liquid.

Brand: Perky-pet

👤I like the looks of the glass. The lid is not tight and can be easily removed. The plastic around the inside lip doesn't keep the lip clean. I sent an email to the company but haven't heard back yet. Will update if they follow through.

👤I have a second one from the same brand. I didn't catch it until later, because one of the flowers was messed up and all the feed poured out of it. If it's going to leak out of one of the flowers, then test it out first. The glass is very thin. Something to think about, not the end of the world.

👤There is a foam floater with this Perky Pet hummingbird feeders. Definitely not the norm. I wrote Perky Pet because I couldn't figure out how to take it apart to clean it. There is no way that the apparatus can be completely cleaned. They said to use their own foam brush, but it couldn't fit under the float or inside the valve. The brush wouldn't fit under the floater and you can't see it. There is sugar water that can mold. You can't see inside the valve. This design is dangerous for hummingbirds. If they thought this was acceptable to market, I would return it. It was cute, but flawed.

👤This thing stopped holding water after a month. Slowly runs out... Drat. I love this feeder. It's super cute because it's open from the top for easy filling and cleaning. It holds a lot of food. It arrived a week before the expected date. It's easy to take it apart and clean it. Very nice structure!

👤These are cute and easy to fill and clean, but they are a thin glass and so easy to break, which is a problem with most feeders, but I have far fewer ants which is a problem with most feeders.

👤The lid's gasket doesn't hold the plastic lid in place, I just love the Cactus. I'm afraid to put it out because it's so open. I wouldn't purchase until they improved the design.

👤The hummingbirds refuse to drink from it. I don't know why they drink from the red and blue feeders. Maybe they don't care about the color green. It looks cute and is easy to fill. I am keeping it. I put it in the location of the red and colbalt feeders, but they didn't like it. The manufacturer wants a happy customer. They are sending me something different. I kept it too long trying to get the hummers used to it, so I didn't get the chance to return it through Amazon. Great customer service.

👤I replaced a cheapo glass/red plastic HB feeder that rotted away in less than 2 years and the HBs emptied it in under 4 days. This hangs from a window hanger that the cheapo did and it holds it just fine, which was my biggest concern. It holds 32oz of liquid and that lasts 3-4 times longer than the cheapo did, since I get HBirds stopping by every 10 minutes, 2 guys and 3 people, from mid-March until late fall every year. I moved to FL because AZ was my home for decades. If you like the style, buy one. It is easy to clean. The top-fill feature is something I like. You can't hang it and get solution all over your hands anymore. I don't know why they are asking about the power of suction in the review line.

4. Upgraded Hummingbird Outdoors Hummingbirds Decorative

Upgraded Hummingbird Outdoors Hummingbirds Decorative

The materials are recycled. The item is made from recycled materials. The larger the hummingbird feeders, the greater the supply and the less refilling chores. A more robust rubber O ring gasket that fits over the bottom for a tighter leak-proof seal, which features a better thermal shrinkage effect, full of elasticity, and resilience, is what the upgrade leakproof design entails. Add 3-4 drops of oil to the ant moat to help it resist rust. The bottom was treated with a powder coating. The attractive colors of hummingbirds make this feeders irresistible to them. The GAISTEN hummingbird feeders are hand blown by an experienced craftsman, making them a unique piece of art.

Brand: Gaisten

👤I liked these feeders. They are lively and colorful. The hummers were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- were 888-609- They both leaked. The seal that leaks is addressed in the advertising. Each feeding port has a small grommet that holds the "flower" onto the base. One of the ports had 2 leaks, but the other only had one leak. I found that the grommets were not set in place. The base cap is shown in the photo. The crunched grommets are easy to see. The video and photo show the actual leak. There was a mess below the feeders within an hour. It was almost gone. I thought about trying to seal the grommets, but found a previous review that said they failed. I thought about contacting the seller, but found no help or response in the reviews. I tried another brand from Amazon with the same look. It came and worked perfectly. I turned over the lid and found four clean, evenly set grommets. What a surprise. I returned the original 2. I don't know if the quality of the setting process is at fault, but from my perspective, it doesn't matter. It doesn't work and isn't worth much.

👤The crack developed in the glass. I don't know how it is hung up and unable to touch anything. The crack causes the fluid to deep out at a slow rate. Total waste of money. This isn't hand blown glass. This is a pair of pieces of clear glass, molded together and painted. The colors are not on the glass. You can scratch them off.

👤Got a great deal on this. I love hummingbird feeders. I posted a photo showing my other feeder as a comparison, not a size comparison. I put this one up the same day I cleaned and refilled my old one. I have seen a lot of hummingbirds with the new feeders since then. I have watched the hummingbirds come to both feeders and go back to the same one multiple times, sitting on the perches and even a pair coming at the same time. This morning was all that was left. If you enjoy nature watching like I do, you will appreciate it. I wasn't sure how to use the different ones. I used the string and one of the hooks. I will have to check that again. The last photo was taken this morning. The hummingbird is perching.

👤The glass hummingbird feeders are beautiful. I have a lot of hummers all day. They hang out at the feeding spots with little seats. At one time, I had 3 hummers at the same time. My cats and I watch the hummers. It holds about 4 cups. I have 3 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar. There is a recipe in the box for 4 cups of water mixed with 4 cups of sugar, but the sugar adds 1 cup volume, and my measuring glass only holds 4 cups. Everything you need to hang the feeder is in the package. I like it. The cats like it. Great purchase.

5. ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeder Yellow

ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeder Yellow

SecuringHANGING: No tools are required. A hummingbird feeders is placed on a tree. The feeder should be hung from a height of 5 feet. Enjoy watching the birds. Feed Hummingbirds. There are two types of resistance to the chemicalBPA: free and fade resistant. The top shelf dishwasher is safe. There are seven brilliant colors.

Brand: Zummr

👤The ring part was not included in the product. This item is a scam because it is not eligible for return or replacement.

👤I ordered two of them and one was broken. I can not return. It is difficult to fill the item with nectar and replace it without spilling it all over. Cute idea, but not worth the money when I can't get the broken one replaced.

👤The ring is cheap and flimsy. It's like a ring you would get in a bubble gum machine. The top doesn't snap on. It's not good. I should have taken my eight bucks and thrown it out of the window as I was flying down the freeway. I would have gotten more satisfaction.

👤The top doesn't stay on the one I received, so they are not eligible for returns. I ordered a gift set. There was nothing in the second set.

👤The ring is large for me. I added yarn to make it fit. The Hummingbirds seem to like it.

👤I ordered a ring and only the red portion arrived. I let this be known and it was made right. I received a box yesterday which included a missing ring portion, a gift box, gift bag, and 2 info brochures which were great and helpful. I would definitely recommend this product from this supplier. Well Done, and thanks a lot!

👤I'd say I'm unhappy after being broken up and not getting any returns.

👤I thought this would be fun until I realized that hummingbirds are like heroin addicts. If you don't have it, they are not happy, and they expect their fix when they see you. When guests are over, they need to be prepared to provide their fix or suffer the consequences. They are fast and will follow you everywhere. Work, shopping, nightmares!

👤It is a neat hummingbird feeders. The ring is large enough for a man's hand and not adjusted so it can be awkward for women or children to wear. I prefer to hold it. The stiff plastic of the flower makes it difficult to snap it on without spilling liquid inside. Kids like it for the price. I would definitely recommend it.

👤This was a gift. The amount is small, but the person has tried for weeks to get the hummingbirds to use it. There are plenty of window feeders and hanging feeders that are used by many different hummingbirds at a time. Not bad for a gift, but not very useful. I didn't spend a lot on this.

👤I bought this as a gift and it came in the mail today, very disappointed to see that it was just too cheap to hold together with a tag. There is no packaging, a box or plastic wrap. It looks like it came from the dollar store for 50 bucks.

👤My mother likes to watch birds. This was a great idea and allows her to watch her back. You can't assume they'll come right away. They should put a feeder in the area so they can see it. She likes it. It's difficult to put on the ring but with patience and skill, you can do it.

6. Juegoal Hummingbird Feeders Outdoors Feeding

Juegoal Hummingbird Feeders Outdoors Feeding

The materials are recycled. The item is made from recycled materials. A large hummingbird feeders features a glass container with a red base and flower-shaped feeding ports. The flower-shaped feeding ports allow hungry hummingbirds to perch and feed at the same time. The built-in ant moat was designed to not allow crawling insects to pollute the water. It is easy to install a metal hanger on the bottom of a glass container. Attached instruction paper will help with addition help. The hummingbird feeders could be hung on a tree. It's easy to refill and clean with the bcontainer off the base. You are ready to feed the birds. The glass container can be washed in the dishwasher, but I recommend cleaning it by hand.

Brand: Juegoal

👤The feeding ports are not new. There are some areas that are showing rust. I'm going to ask the seller for a replacement part. I was hoping that the metal piece would be more resistant to damage than the plastic perches I've used before. If this is resolved, will update review. A replacement was received. This one will rust as well. I used a primer hoping it would fix the problem. Customer service from the seller was excellent.

👤The center piece of the flower that was yellow is no longer yellow after about a week of using the feeders. I would have to sand these eyelets and paint them with nail polish or something to protect the humming birds from injury or rust. I will return it! Don't waste your money.

👤Have had multiple feeders before. The hummingbirds were returning to the same place. This was the first thing they used.

👤We need large feeders for our hummingbirds. This one is pretty as well. It holds a lot of food. Some of the wood peckers are enjoying the food.

👤The feeder is easy to clean. Straight lines can fit inside.

👤The pink/ purple color in the picture is not what this feeder is. It looks great in the backyard.

👤It is beautiful! It holds a lot. We don't have to refill every day.

👤I thought it was red glass when I bought it. It is clear glass with a red film. I soaked my feeders in a solution of water and vinegar because it was hot and I saw some evidence of mold. The film started to come off when I rubbed the top of the glass feeder with my hands. It's only going to get worse over time, I've been really happy with it up until now.

7. Muse Garden Hummingbird Outdoors Containing

Muse Garden Hummingbird Outdoors Containing

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a question, you can email them through the seller's LUJII information page. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, they will give you a full refund. There are wonderful colors that attract hummingbirds. The spirals, crystal and warm are outlined by red and yellow. Each product is handmade and unique, which can be proved by the small bubbles on its surface. All-round care for birds. The base has perch for hummingbirds to rest and ant moats that are lead-free. The base is leak-proof and easy to assemble, fill, and clean. The materials are recycled. The item is made from recycled materials.

Brand: Muse Garden

👤What a beautiful hummingbird feeders! The end of January is here in California. We probably won't have any hummingbirds for another couple of months. I have this ready for when they arrive so that we can use the hummers to eat the mosquitoes that have taken over our patio. I docked two starts because this is clearly advertised as "hand blown glass" which it is not. There is a clear seam with a hand blown item. This is definitely made using a mold. False advertisements always get docked stars. Will update once the hummers show up!

👤We bought a similar one last year from another supplier and it was hand blown colored glass, nice perches, and ant moat. Both are attractive to hummingbirds and we enjoy watching them. hummers are often aggressive and chase off others trying to visit their feeders, so get more than one. Birds don't see the other feeders on the other side of the breakfast Nook, so we put two on different sides. The water quickly evaporates in the hot sun. Red-dyed premix food should not be used. Either make your own or buy premium nectar.

👤I almost didn't buy it because I thought it was a little pricey, but I'm very glad I did. It is beautiful. I would not hesitate to give this as a gift, it comes in a box and is surrounded by styrofoam. There are 3 different ways to hang, including an ant moat. I almost threw them out with the box because I wasn't paying attention. Instructions are included on when to change the parakeet. I live in Las Vegas and it must be changed daily in the heat. Most people are unaware of this. You have an affinity for hummingbirds if you buy a feeders. If mold is allowed to grow, it can kill birds. The fact that this information is included with the product speaks to the company's responsibility. The tiny brush that's included to clean the holes is what I forgot. That's Ringo on the feeders. He lives in the backyard.

👤There are reasons not to bother with this particular feeder. It is already beginning to rust after less than a few months of use. The ports/flowers are made of metal and are showing signs of wear and tear, as well as the fact that the entire section of the ports/flowers are also made of metal. The feeding station area is showing signs of rust both inside and outside. There are two more The seal on this is not good. Slippage can cause leaks and spills. The seal is made of cheap rubber that expands and contracts with heat, which causes it to leak. This attracts a lot of issues like ants and bees. It becomes a mess to flip this back right side up. You should be prepared to spill the solution all along the outside, including the feeding station. Another way to get lots of bees and ants. There are five The hand blown glass they brag about is not of top quality and has defects in it. The quality is greatly affected by the cost of what I paid. Very disappointed and frustrated.

8. Aspects HummZinger HighView Hanging Hummingbird

Aspects HummZinger HighView Hanging Hummingbird

It holds 32 ounces of nectar. The high view perch of the feeders invites hummingbirds to rest comfortably as they drink from any of the four feeding ports while also offering an unobstructed view of the birds. The bowl can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly if the cover is removed. It is made of polycarbonate.

Brand: Aspects

👤We had been using the typical hummingbird feeders, but they were difficult to clean. They were attracted to them because they could easily eat from them. We didn't think much of the bees and the wasp until we saw the little hummingbirds being attacked. The wasp can kill the birds easily as they are small and possessive over the feeders. We ordered a HummZinger and have been very pleased with it. It is very easy to clean. You can wash the entire thing if the top lifts off. The wasp can't get to the nectar. There is a handy "ant moat" in the center of the feeder that can be filled with water if you have the problem of ants crawling down the hanger. The hummingbirds in our little mill village are very happy and they've thought of everything with this feeder. Thank you for the great product! I like to help others make informed decisions by taking the time to review purchases, and I know that I rely on them myself. If my review helped you, please click theHelpful button.

👤The reply I got from the Aspects company was about a number of feeders that broke. Thank you for taking the time to write. I am so sorry to hear of the problems you are having. We have heard from many consumers who have purchased through Amazon and are having issues. We can't guarantee authenticity of the feeders they are selling under the Aspects logo because we don't sell our products directly to Amazon. Any Birding or Lawn & Garden store that sells direct would carry authentic Aspects products, with a Lifetime Guarantee.

👤The bees took over my hummingbird feeders. Try to get rid of the bees by avoiding feeders with the color yellow, use a moreDiluted 1:5 sugar/water blend, give bees their own nearby feeders with yellow accents, and hang hummingbird feeders in the shade. Nothing worked. The "bee-proof" feeders from First Nature attracted more bees than the standard First Nature feeders. They were piled high around the feeders. I bought a Perky Pet feeders with bee guards and thought it would do the trick. Nope. I went to a hummingbird forum for help after I realized that the inverted-style feeders with the center reservoir can't be considered bee-proof, especially when it's hot. They said to use saucer-style feeders, especially the HummZinger line. I chose the 12 oz HighView feeders because it has a decent capacity and I was interested in the fact that it is one of their bigger feeders. The feeders are compatible with Aspects tips that are designed to keep flying insects out of the feeders. I decided to try the feeders without the guards first, but I would be happy to add them in the future. The HummZinger High View feeders are easy to use, with a clear plastic bowl and a red cover that pops on and off. It's made of unbreakable polycarbonate and comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can either mount it on a post/pole, or screw the included brass hanger rod into the center of the clear bowl and hang it. I hung the First Nature feeders from the same shepherd's hook that I hung the other one from, because I wanted to make sure bees wouldn't get to them. I was curious how the bees would respond to the new style of feeders. Our hummingbirds are always out and about before the bees, and they immediately took to the new feeders. They seem to prefer the First Nature feeders during the times when they're not covered in bees, but that could be because they've been drinking from them longer and are used to them. They appreciate the hummzinger feeders when the bees are in the yard. The bees were ready to eat their usual breakfast. When they couldn't access the sugar, they decided to look for another source of sugar. How does the HummZinger feeders keep bees out? Simple. There are no bee guards and the feeding ports are standard. The bees can't drink the nectar because of the distance between the feeding port and the nectar. The bees won't be able to reach the 12 oz line if you fill the nectar all the way to it. The hummingbirds have long tongues that can reach even to the bottom of the bowl. If you only have a couple of hummingbirds and don't want to throw away a lot of food, you can fill the bowl with just the 4 oz or 6 oz line. Even though the bees can't access the nectar, nothing can stop them from trying. If there are a few drops of nectar around the feeding port openings, they will be motivated to try. When the hummingbirds pull their beaks out of the feeding ports after drinking, a drop or two of their saliva will fall out and attract bees and other insects. I usually don't bother with that because there's nothing to be done except to wipe the outside of the feeders clean with a wet cloth or paper towel. When the bees discover they can't access the nectar, they give up and just a few bees will keep the hummingbirds away. Mineral oil or non-stick cooking spray are not recommended as they could harm the hummingbirds and are not recommended for feeding ports. While bees can't access the nectar, little flies and other flying insects can fit through the feeding port openings and drown in it. That's an issue with every hummingbird feeders I have. That's where the tips could be useful. The inverted-style feeders have to be emptied, but this one can be opened and closed without having to do that. If you see an insect swimming in the clear bowl, you can open the feeders and catch it. It's possible to add or remove nectar without having to empty and clean the feeders. When the hummingbirds drink from the clear bowl, you can see the ripples in the nectar, which is pretty cool. If you want to prevent the growth of mold andbacteria, you should replace the nectar every three days and clean the feeder every two days. There are only two pieces and no hidden crevices to trap mold or intricate flower-shaped feeding ports. You just rinse with hot water. There is no need to remove the brass hanger rod. You can put this one in the dishwasher.

9. Hummingbird Feeders 16 Ounce Set Bundled

Hummingbird Feeders 16 Ounce Set Bundled

The Feeder base is easy to clean. The bright red hummingbird feeders have 16 ounces of nectar in them. The feeding ports and perches are arranged in a way that makes it easy for birds to feed at the same time. It was made in the USA. There is a roof resale. The base of the bird feeders is sealed by the mouth of the reservoir. After flipping the container over, the feeder won't leak even if it's upside down. Hard plastic is used in the design of the base and reservoir. The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and fill. The 2-part base is easy to twist apart for a thorough cleaning job. Only hand-wash, not dishwasher safe. There is a clearSERVOIR. The transparent exterior of the container allows you to monitor the levels of the liquid. Simple filling and cleaning can be achieved with the wide mouth. SecuringHANGING: No tools are required. A hummingbird feeders is placed on a tree. The feeder should be hung from a height of 5 feet. Enjoy watching the birds.

Brand: Sewanta

👤I have bought many that didn't work out. I have had more hummingbirds this year than ever before. It is small. I like the fact that I can keep the solution fresh. I boiled 4 cups of water and used a solution of 1 cup of sugar to make a syrup. This is a winner at my house. It doesn't leak which is a real plus.

👤I have been feeding the birds on my patio for 3 years. I tried a lot of feeders this year. I have purchased other feeders but this one has attracted more bees. I finally bought a feeder that has rounded casing and so far it's been great. Unless you want your patio full of bees, don't by.

👤These feeders are the same as described. They come assembled, are easy to fill, and the included chains mean you can use them right out of the box. I used a mixture of water and sugar to fill them. Within an hour of hanging them up, there were hummers feeding. They are easy to clean. It's very hot and humid in south-eastern Texas, which can cause mold to develop quickly. The only thing required to clean them is a quick twist to the part that holds the feeders. It's a good product.

👤I had to put them away. I had swarms of bees on them, but they worked well for some time. Happy to help the bees, but not what I want on my patio. These are perfect! I wanted to get some fancy feeders but thought I would try something simple and inexpensive. I will order another pair for myself and some for my mom. These are easy to use and do a great job of attracting hummingbirds.

👤These feeders are the best I have ever had. The hummers love these because they are easy to clean and fill. The Orioles come daily to use the feeders. Just ordered 2 more and was very happy.

👤The only thing wrong with this feeder was not recognized by me. The little beak ports don't have rubber guard tips. Those stop insects from entering. They reduce the amount of water in the nectar. Both are important. The holes are large enough for another small bird to get his beak into it. I would have returned the unit even though it works well and is easy to clean.

👤Large birds can perch on the perch and drink all of the nectar in a single afternoon, but the perch placement is too far back from the openings for that to happen. The Orioles chased away any hummingbird that approached. I love the Orioles in my garden, but this is for the hummers. I returned it because I was so disappointed in the results. I recommend a perchless feeders, hummingbirds don't need a perch to feed.

👤I only have a few hummers. One of them would stand guard so no other hummer could feed. I now have two smaller feeders that allow the others to feed. Bruno gets a lot of exercise flying between the two and it is trying to keep them all fed. Hummers were able to adapt to the new feeders. I can keep the nectar fresh without pouring it down the drain.

10. Perky Pet 204CP 4 Favored Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet 204CP 4 Favored Hummingbird Feeder

The large parakeet caPACITY is large. The hummingbird feeders can hold up to 11 ounces of hummingbird nectar. It is easy to fill and clean the wide-mouth opening. There is a built-in ant moat and bee guards. The Feeder base is easy to clean. The base of the feeder needs to be secured to the glass bottle. There are five flower-shaped feeding ports. Holds up to 16 ounces of liquid.

Brand: Perky-pet

👤We had been using a very similar one that I bought to replace this one. The plastic on that old one started to crack. There are some differences that are worth commenting on. I had bought this one before, and now Amazon says I had done so before. Our birds who come and sit on our feeders for a while seem to prefer to take a drink instead of landing. The design of the perch was changed and it appears to be inconveniently close to the drinking flower. I could change the shape by squeezing the loops, but there is something different to the birds. This is a disappointment. I thought that the parts would be interchangeable with my older one so I could use one glass in the dishwasher while the other was not. I didn't think to check the size reference when I bought the first time, since this was the feeder that Amazon said I had bought. The parts from the previous feeder were not worth keeping. The larger size is not a benefit. The bottle over the port orientation of the designs uses vacuum to keep the liquid out of the water. That is science. During the day, the sun heats the bottle and the air inside expands. Also science. A lot of dripping is caused by the push out of the nectar. It almost squirts at times with the new feeders. The ants who congregate below the feeders eventually work their way to the source. At night the air inside cools and more air is drawn in. You will get a bubble when birds drink. The next day is the same. I think this action is more harmful to my birds than it is to me. Maybe not a bad thing. I don't like filling the feeders completely since the nectar can get bad in the heat if it sits too long. Even if there are no birds, it won't sit in there long. I am going to try a design where the birds can feed from above the container. The "moat" for ants isn't very effective. It is small and the water quickly evaporates. You have to add water frequently. The ants get across once it dries. They learn that the goal is to get across. They swim but not well. They enter the water at a single point. They can easily make it to the large portion of the moat by swimming. The probability is in favor of a successful voyage. I don't use a built-in moat. I have a large bucket filled with water with a pipe coming out of it, which I hang the feeder from, and it's perfect in the center of some old plastic dumbbell weights. If ants want to enter from the large circumference, they will have a hard time finding the small pipe in the center. This holds a lot more water. I add bleach to the water to keep it from becoming a breeding ground. The feeders are likely to be completely ant-free. They made the top of the moat flat so that you can pour the nectar from the counter. The old one wouldn't fit in with the other ones. It is easier to clean a filling. I couldn't tighten the base without dislodging the flower shields. You can easily hold the base and tighten it on this one. There is more than one port. Our birds have to defend themselves from other birds who appear to be playing King of the Feeder, so it's not useful. The four ports were enough. The bee shields are different. It seems that the flower has a pool of liquid in it. The birds drink from this pool instead of reaching through the bee shields. The old design did not allow that. The bees will be appeased by this pool of nectar. At this point, it is not a problem. I am disappointed in this as a replacement for the prior design which doesn't appear to be available. The result of a redesign loses some of the original intelligent thought. Think about that. It is true. This is another example. There were improvements. Some of the value is questionable. Perches changed without knowing the rationale behind the earlier choices. My 3-start rating is what it is.

11. Perky Pet 209B Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet 209B Glass Hummingbird Feeder

The materials are recycled. The item is made from recycled materials. It's easy to fill and clean the wide-mouth opening. There are six flower shaped-feeding ports. The entire feeder has to be cleaned. Bee guards and ant moat provide insect defense. It's easy to monitor the levels of a flower. It can hold up to 30 ounces of nectar.

Brand: Perky-pet

👤This product is leaking. There is a solution. I gave it three stars because of that. I found a solution that has been successful for months. I bought a second one because I like the way it is: large perches and bee guarding, so I can take off to allow orioles to join the party. To get a bombproof non-leaking feeder, you need a rubber band that holds your broccoli in place when you buy it from the store. Put the rubber band around the rim of the inner, lower plastic part. It is a one time effort. I clean the rubber in my feeders and then use it again. I hope my photos are self explanatory.

👤I have fed hummers for 40 years using the old style Perky-Pet glass feeders. Glass is the best for cleaning and sterilizing. We used the Perky-Pet 209B Hummingbird Feeder for a while. The base of the old version was sealed so you had to use a bottle brush to clean it, but with this version the base is separated so the inside is easier to access. The large filling-mouth is. The wide mouth makes it easier to fill the bottle. When you remove the bottom section, pour from your container into a wide opening. The old version had a flexible wire hanger, but this version only has a steel "S" shaped hook that is about 2 inches long. The flexible wire allows me to hang the feeders without a step stool. I used the wires from the original feeders instead of the S hook. The leash section. I was initially concerned that the sea wouldn't be good because the top of the feeder section doesn't snap securely. The top and bottom of the bottle are compressed when you screw it on. ANT MOTE is great. The ant mote at the top is a great addition. I've been fighting ants for years by coating the hanging wires with a product like Vaseline or ant killer and now just a small amount of water will keep the ants off or even the plastic walls of the mote along. The feeders are different than the old ones. The new version has raised nipples that make it hard for bees to get to the nectar. The old version without the nipples did a good job, but the new ones slam the door on the bees. This is important since we have two bee colonies nearby. I replaced the old style feeders with 888-282-0465 and within seconds the birds were using 888-282-0465. There were no issues with the nipples. Good attraction colors: The hummers have become accustomed to the yellow flower on red base theme over the years, so I'm happy Perky Pet keeps it. I like feeders that have perches and this one does. The birds can hang out on the perches. It's another way to keep the birds around. Conclusions: A big step in cleaning and filling convenience and ant and bee protection.


What is the best product for best hummingbird feeder yellow?

Best hummingbird feeder yellow products from Lujii. In this article about best hummingbird feeder yellow you can see why people choose the product. More Birds and Perky-pet are also good brands to look for when you are finding best hummingbird feeder yellow.

What are the best brands for best hummingbird feeder yellow?

Lujii, More Birds and Perky-pet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best hummingbird feeder yellow. Find the detail in this article. Gaisten, Zummr and Juegoal are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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