Best Best Hummingbird Feeder Stand for Outdoors

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1. More Birds 13 Inch Feeders Windchimes

More Birds 13 Inch Feeders Windchimes

You can watch bird activity in your yard. The bird lovers will love receiving the bird feeding station kit. Premium quality. A hanger is made of powder coated rust proof and weather proof metal. It'sTILE: Bird feeders, lanterns, flower baskets, and wind chime are all hung. If you want to view the deck from a different angle, position your feeders away from the railing. Clean. The bird feeders keep bird poop off your deck. You can protect the birds by donating a portion of your Stokes Select proceeds. Highly rated. The name of the company is called "Stokes Select" because it is a common household name.

Brand: More Birds

👤I thought these would be flimsy, but we were hanging hummingbird feeders, so that's ok. They are heavy gauge sturdy steel. The deck railing is secured very well. They look good and are finished. I would be comfortable hanging any plant or bird from these. Highly recommended.

👤It's perfect for my balcony. I bought a birdfeeder because I noticed birds in the neighborhood, but I didn't know how difficult it would be to hang it. This hook worked perfectly for my balcony railing. The construction is sturdy and classy. It's easy to screw on.

👤The top rail of our balcony is curved, so I was hesitant to order this. If I couldn't get it to stay on, I could always return it. I made sure it was tight before I added the bird feeders. It has been three weeks since it was installed and it is holding up quite well. I check it from time to time to make sure it hasn't loosened and it's still just as tight as when it was first put up. Very happy with it.

👤I ordered three and two of them were perfect. The third hole was tapped at an angle. I didn't notice until I tightened it up, but it was clear since the knob was only flush in one position. As I tightened it up, it would flush. It wouldn't be flush after another turn. I got some vice grips and used them to really crank down on it, because it seemed like a pain to return one of them. The photo shows how it is positioned. If you want to fill the 1/2 inch gap that the clamp doesn't close all the way, you'll need something. I used some wood. The plants are just right to hang off my fire escape.

👤The hook has worked well on my balcony deck. I needed something that was easy to assemble and strong. I bought it a year ago and it has held up well over the years. I took it down a few times for powerful storms with wind and hail, but there were also storms where I forgot about it and it withstood the weather very well. One of the best purchases during the Pandemic was the addition of a bird feeders to our deck. In a dark time, seeing birds at the feeders in the morning has brought me joy. Thanks for the hook! Purchasing another for a second feeding station is a must.

👤It can hold a lot of weight. I bought it to hold the hummingbird feeders. I don't have a lot of overhang to attach it to, so it was difficult to get it on my deck railing. We were able to get it to work. My cat loves to sit and wait for the birds. No birds were harmed when the feeder was moved. I have to figure out something else to hang from the hook.

👤This is not a lightweight hook. When I opened the box, I was so impressed that I put it on my deck. The hook is sturdy, well designed and the best part! It is virtually impossible to fall down because of a hole in the brackets. I have a planter on my petunias. You can't get a decent Shepard's hook for this price. I will probably buy another one, I love it. I will buy another one because it has more security than the one I already have. The hook is not moving. No. I was not bribed to write this, but when I find a good buy? I am sharing a review.

2. Muse Garden Hummingbird Outdoors Containing

Muse Garden Hummingbird Outdoors Containing

The product includes a hummingbird feeders. The material is high- impact and has a red base. The rich colors of the sky draw hummingbirds to it. Each product is handmade and unique, which can be proved by the small bubbles on its surface. All-round care for birds. The base has perch for hummingbirds to rest and ant moats that are lead-free. The base is leak-proof and easy to assemble, fill, and clean. The materials are recycled. The item is made from recycled materials.

Brand: Muse Garden

👤The gasket on the bottom plastic tray is the most important thing about these, it stops the drips that can leak and make a mess, it also attracts ants and bees. The plastic bottom of the globe allows it to be virtually empty without overflow or being burped. The vacuum of air trapped at the top of the globe causes fluid to be subjected to it. If you need to burp it just thump the bottom of the plastic lightly with your finger, and you'll see air bubbles go up. My birds were too high and too close to the flower as a result of the landing perches being supplied at a 45 angle. I had to bend each of these perches down slowly so as not to break the weld. The picture shows them in a different position than they were before. The birds had to use the lowered perches because they couldn't land and feed. Don't try to screw on the metal ring and the plastic base at the same time, it will cause a problem. Put the inverted bulb metal ring down first, then add the plastic base, and tighten the plastic base to the globe's threads, and as it snugs up to the globe, the metal feeder will fall. If you try to twist the bottom pair concurrently, you risk cross threading the plastic base on the harder globe or an ill-seated gasket, which will result in a major fail. It came with two sizes of hooks and an ant guard. A brush, rope, and a tree limb are included to help clean the holes in the flower. The 32oz capacity stopped the need for daily re-loads like the flat top/bottom glass feeders do and definitely reduced the need for burping. The top half of visible fluid will deplete faster than the volume that's left when it gets to the half-way mark in the globe. The hook on the top was the only thing I wanted another design for. I could pour from a funnel with one hand and set the bottles down with the other. I have to hold the globe in my arm at the elbow and hold the funnel in the small amount of space I was used to, and pour with the other hand. I thought I would need a container of sand to hold the globe when I first saw it. I had both hands free, but it worked out, and I wouldn't wish the dimple away. I will try to buy replacements from the Muse seller if these seals/gaskets wear out, they haven't said they would sell gasket replacements yet. The globes with care will last longer than the gasket. My wife and the birds love globe colors.

👤The glass feeders are sturdy and beautiful. I was surprised by the quality and thickness. I did not experience rough edges, but I will check it every time I clean it. There is only one hummingbird in my yard. It stopped by my baskets a few times. Within a day, it came to drink several times. When we are outside, the bird will not come when we are talking near the windows. We have observed the solo bird daily in the morning and evening. I have been waiting for a photo for a long time. I have not had a problem with animals near the feeders. I put cooking oil in the water. It is very stable even on very windy days. I added a lot of weight and stabilization by filling it with the nectar. I am very happy with the purchase. Adding the hummingbird to our feeders has been a wonderful experience. I hope they show up. I have read that it's okay to leave the feeders out. The water and sugar mixture will freeze at a lower temperature than water alone. I will bring it when the temperature is forecast to dip into the low 30s. The Audubon site answered the question of when to take down my feeders. You can leave your feeders out for as long as you want. After your hummingbirds disappear, you can continue to provide the feeders. There is an update. It is a serious concern to clean and wipe all surfaces dry. There are two feathers stuck to the metal perch area. The bird is so small that it must have had to pull free. I found that the base was sticky. I had filled the feeders before. The base was reset and I washed it off. I should have wiped it dry. It hangs in the sun and may have left a sticky film. I used oil in that area. There was a lot of rain. Maybe the oil flowed out of the moat, over the surface onto the base and dried in the sun. The metal parts of the feeder were sticky as I cleaned them. I don't know which variable caused the sticky base. It's very dangerous to birds. I haven't seen the hummingbird since. This is preventable with careful handling, cleaning, and drying of all parts. I don't recommend using oil in the moat. Gloves and fingers are used to hold two of the feeding holes.

3. Nature Anywhere Hummingbird Interchangeable Hummingbirds

Nature Anywhere Hummingbird Interchangeable Hummingbirds

You can watch bird activity in your yard. This is the best gift for nature lovers. Maintaining a feeding rack and making sure there are enough seeds in it can be a fun activity for older people or younger children. You can bring hummingbird birds to your house with a window feeder. You can see close ups of your garden. The hummingbird window is patent pending. As seen on NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and many more. Nature. Anywhere is a premium brand of bird feeders. The best hummingbird feeders in town. 100% proof! All of their feeders are now offered with no-leak gasket. The only bird feeders on Amazon that are guaranteed to not leak. LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you don't like your humming bird feeders, you will get a full refund. 3 hummingbird feeders with glass cups with industrial strength cups make sure that the feeders never fall. Ever. Click the yellow ADD TO CART BUTTON to get free customer service. You can scroll through their reviews. They will usually solve the issue in less than 24 hours.

Brand: Nature Anywhere

👤I put up the feeders three weeks ago and have enjoyed seeing the hummers. There are people who are used to me looking out the kitchen window. So much fun! The feeder is easy to put up, take down, and clean. I didn't give it five stars because it didn't have an ant moat. The ants climbed up the outside wall and into the feeders. The ant moats were designed for hanging feeders. I found "Nectar Fortress Natural Ant Repellant" at Lowe's. It works and is a gel.

👤The hummingbirds love it when I hold it twice as much as my last one. I have had a lot of hummingbirds at the same time, I have 2 feeders that are 3 feet apart, and it's amazing, as soon as I put them up the birds were on it.

👤I used to watch the humming birds at my grandparents house for hours, so I am absolutely in love but... The little guys who use it are very happy with it. It took about an hour for them to stop by and I have seen some hummingbirds fighting already. If you are purchasing a product, make sure you read about the dangers of red dye for birds and the dangers of nectures being sold on Amazon, because some of them are actually killing the hummingbirds.

👤Large hummingbird feeders are good quality. You don't have to refill it everyday, because it's large enough to attach to a window.

👤This is a great company with great packaging and paper work. You get what you pay for and you will be happy when you open the box. Thank you for buying from this seller. I just bought two more feeders. This company takes pride in every aspect, and I would like to thank you for selling a quality product that my birds love. Dr.

👤This is a great place to put food. The suctions stay put and are very sturdy. Within minutes of it being up, the hummingbirds were using it. It was fun to see them close.

👤I was amazed at how strong the hold was. It did not fall. It took me a while to remove because of the angle I was working at. The feeder held up to what was advertised. They said it was easy to clean, good suction and a great feeder for your money. I have never had any hummingbirds that I am aware of. I took down because I was tired of the cleaning process and wanted to avoid hurting birds. It is said that feeders that are cloudy or have bugs inside can cause the hummingbird to die.

👤We are excited to get the Hummingbird feeders from Nature Anywhere because we have enjoyed the Bird House feeders. The quality is the same as the other one. It was easy to use.

👤Me gusto la fijacin. Atrae a los colibres.

4. Perky Pet 785 Mason Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet 785 Mason Hummingbird Feeder

The materials are recycled. The item is made from recycled materials. The blue glass mason jar has details. There are metal flower feeding ports. A base with circular perch is galvanized metal. It holds 32 ounces of nectar.

Brand: Perky-pet

👤The galvanized metal makes it easier for birds to eat it. I'm taking mine down because it's too late to come back. The Hummingbirds don't like it very much. Thank you for your review of metal base to hummingbirds. I would not recommend purchasing this product. The base of the pan appears to be galvanized, which means it is covered with zinc to prevent it from rusting. If that is the case, that zinc will be toxic to birds. I returned mine because of this. Birds are prone to toxicity from feeders containing copper. Red dye in hummingbird food is associated with birth defects. The same thing as using a mixture of sugar and water without the harmful dye, but with a 1:4 mixture of sugar. Since you probably don't intend to harm the birds you are trying to help, I would advise choosing different products. If you've already purchased these products, I would recommend throwing them away. You won't see the dead hummingbirds, but you may be killing them off without realizing it. It wouldn't last long enough to prevent the hazard if they put a clear coating over the metal. It's a bad material for a nice feeder. 35 of 36 people found this review helpful.

👤Shame on you, Perky-Pet. Be careful! The feeders can kill hummingbirds. I bought the feeders this summer after reading positive reviews. I missed the warnings about the issue of the galvanized steel base or these reviews weren't posted back then. The metal base has an adverse reaction with hummingbirds and other people have had the issue. When I dropped it, I bought this particular feeder to replace it. The metal base looked better than the plastic one and I was drawn to it. The large-mouthed mason jar is easy to clean. The feeders attracted the same number of hummingbirds but they flew away when they tasted the food. I use the standard 4:1 water to sugar ratio and have always attracted a large number of hummingbirds. The hummingbirds never fed from the feeders when I tried changing my recipe and method. I discovered a dead hummingbird beneath the feeders last week. I went back to read the warnings of other owners. If hummingbirds aren't feeding, I want to warn others that they shouldn't use this feeders. Some of us may have gotten a bad production run as other reviewers really like the feeder. I think Perky-Pet owes it's customers an explanation and a warning. Pros Attractive - clean lines, not too ornate, contemporary look Durable - metal base won't crack or break if dropped during cleaning Easy to clean Capacity - jar holds large quantity of nectar Cons Toxic - metal base creates zinc poisoning resulting in nectar that is Death can be caused by too much zinc poisoning.

👤I was happy to see a hummingbird feeders. Couldn't wait to set it up because of its looks and capacity. After watching my hummers try to feed from it, I found out that I was avoiding it. I thought it was the color of the flowers white and yellow but when I looked more closely, it was made of galvanized metal and it tasted funny when added to the base. I was surprised that the pet came out with a galvanized base, it was a sensitive hummer. I think the base would be better if it were painted, powder coated or plastic. The pet was contacted via email and phone and left a review. The pictures were sent to the galvanizing. The review was not allowed on the web sight. It didn't seem to care about the problem. I had as many as a dozen hummers coming to my two other feeders, which I left in place. I have about 3 to 4 left. I am not saying that this chemical reaction had anything to do with this. I still have MIA hummers. Update: 2-2-15... You can see on the comments that the pet was concerned about the customer. After speaking with them 3 times, I reluctantly sent the feeders back to them, but it cost me a lot of money and time to box it up and drive it to the store, so I told them to ship it back to me. It was several months ago. I haven't recried an email, exchange, or phone call yet. Beware of a dog. They don't care about the product they sell. There is an update of 2-7-14. I told the customer service rep that I had explained the situation in my review. They let me pick out afeeder that was the same price and would ship it asap. The feeder came low and behold. They wanted me to take down my negative post. It took nearly 8 months to resolve this issue, so I think it's time to leave it up.

5. Perky Pet 8108 2 Antique 10 Ounce Hummingbird

Perky Pet 8108 2 Antique 10 Ounce Hummingbird

It is recommended to clean at least twice a week. The green glass bottle looks gorgeous. Four red, flower-shaped feeding ports attract hummingbirds. The brushed nickel base is durable. The base separates for easy cleaning. It holds up to 10 ounces of nectar.

Brand: Perky-pet

👤I have several hummingbird feeders and this one is their favorite, you can see that in two ways, when I'm watching there are always more birds at this feeders than at the others and more objectively it gets drained faster than the others. When I put up a few regular bird feeders, the hummingbirds sent a representative to ask me to put up a feeder for them as well. I'm not saying that's true. A hummingbird came to my back door and said "hey what about us?". That's when I got my first hummingbird feeders. This one is my third and it's the bird's clear favorite.

👤The hummingbirds like to sit while they drink and this is my third Perky-Pet bottle feeders. After feeding them for a year, I have learned a few things, like mold in the bottle and the fact that store bought nectars, no matter what brand, make for a messy and unnecessary clean up. I tried a homemade syrup last month and it was so good that the birds liked it so much that it disappeared within two days. One part sugar to four parts water, boil for two minutes, cool. I use 12 ounces of water and 3 ounces of sugar for this bottle, they are harmful for the birds to consume. I wish Amazon would put on Prime a cleaner that is safe for the birds.

👤This is an affordable glass feeders for Hummingbirds that is easy to clean, fill and bring to your garden a tasty treat, but for you and your family years of enjoyment watching them suspended in midair as those tiny wings are in a blurr beating frantically. I bought a brush set on Amazon that I could use to clean down the center of each flower. These flowers from past cheaper plastic feeders don't serve much of a purpose other than to "dress up" the feeders. If there is a hole to get the nectar out, is all the Hummy cares about. They don't care about color at all. They go by "smell/scent". If you've put out a Hummingbird Feeder for several years, you can put out any color you want, as long as it has sugar water and flowers that appeal to them. It's like the grapevine of the Hummingbird world gets out when a few start to visit your feeders. You'll find yourself needing to add more feeders over time. As Hummers flock to your yard, another will follow. I keep mine up until they migrate Southwest. You don't have to worry about the crazy idea that you have to put it up sooner. That's not true. If you do that, you will have some hummers that are dependent on you, and they will be injured, and they will starve, if they are dependent on you. They are not overly dependent. If they are camping out in your yard because they can't travel far due to an injury and you still see them visit your feeders, don't remove it yet! As long as possible, replenish it as normal. I use a bottle brush. I don't use any soap at all because it's impossible to get soap out completely and it's toxic to the creatures. If there is any dirt, I use hot water and use extra coarse salt to scrub first, then rinse with hot water. As needed, repeat. The salt is not toxic. Make sure you rinse. When I refill with fresh food, I don't have many problems because I clean really good. It's easy to clean with glass. It is a little harder with plastic. During the winter, glass feeders should never be left outside. Take them apart and clean them. Before you reassemble, let the parts air dry. If possible, repackage it in the original box it came in, and include any care instructions or documentation that came with it if you saved it. Carefully package in a different box and wrap it up in bubble wrap. Put the label away until the next season.

6. Natures Rhythm Plastic Feeding Hummingbird

Natures Rhythm Plastic Feeding Hummingbird

Home Right products provide 3-year quality assurance and 100% customer satisfaction. Their shepherd hooks are strong and tall, and are used in a lot of different scenarios. If you have a question about the plant stand, please contact them. 8.25”x8.25” The overall size can hold 12oz of food. There are feeding ports in the red flower shape. The bottle is wide for easy refill. The ant lid and bee guard feeding ports are used to protect the nectar. The Feeder base is easy to clean.

Brand: Nature's Rhythm

👤I would like to change my review. I have had the feeder outside for a week. There were no bees for a few days. They found it on the third day. I don't know if they are getting any juice, but they stay on the feeders all day long. The hummingbirds can't compete with the bees and they can't land on it. The bees are trapped in between the red petals and the bee guard and they die. I picked off 11 bees. bees are beneficial to us and it breaks my heart. I am giving this feeder a 1 because there is no zero. They have a very bad defect. I will throw it in the trash. Don't buy this feeder until the problem is fixed. Thank you!

👤These are plastic bottles. Beware. I ordered two. Four of the eight bee guards weren't there. The bottles leaked from the same defect when they were blow molded. When my wife turned them over, the air leaked through the defect and the flowers came out like a shower head. The bottle was in the sink in about 10 seconds. These are not usable. If I had one bad one, I might give them a break, but two for two with the same defects, that is systemic failure. I bought two glass ones to match my other ones.

👤It works. It has perches that are different from the wide mouth jar type glass feeders. The bee is working. The bottle is glass and I don't care for plastic. I saw a little fluorescent green Hummingbird perching and resting on one of the perches so that is a great plus. The other one was close to being as easy to fill and clean as the one I bought. Totally will make your Hummingbirds happy. I make my own food. The Audubon Society does not recommend adding red dye to our own. When it comes to a rolling boil, just 1 part sugar to 3 parts water, stir, and add liquid to feeders. It's cheap and easy. I keep the excess in my fridge. You can do it! The Hummingbirds love it!

👤The hummingbirds can't get it because the bees scare them and they won't go to any of the other feeders where the bees aren't. I'm returning these because I won't attempt to remove them with lots of bees on them, and I submitted to Amazon to return them. AWFUL! I was excited when they came because they looked well-made and the container was sturdy, but I was disappointed with the bees. I've been feeding hummingbirds for 5 years and have never seen anything like this before.

👤I was happy to purchase this. I needed to replace a broken one because I use this style all the time. I didn't want the bottle to be plastic, but I thought it would work until I found something better. I was very happy when I opened the box and saw the glass bottle. This style is easy to clean and is sturdy at a decent price. This is the bottle that I would want if I were you.

7. Hummingbird Feeder Plastic Feeders Outdoors

Hummingbird Feeder Plastic Feeders Outdoors

Click the yellow ADD TO CART BUTTON to get free customer service. You can scroll through their reviews. They will usually solve the issue in less than 24 hours. ATRACTIVE FEEDER: A bright red hummingbird feeder with 10 ounces of nectar attracts a lot of hummingbirds to your backyard. The feeding ports and perches are arranged in a way that makes it easy for birds to find them. There is a roof resale. The base of the bird feeders is sealed by the mouth of the reservoir. After flipping the container over, the feeder won't leak even if it's upside down. An animal guard is needed for hummingbird feeders. An ant moat is attached to the top of the feeders. If you fill it with water, you can drive away bugs. The hummingbird's food should be pure and free of any bugs. The endocannabinoid design is ERGONOMIC. The wide mouth and 2-part base make it easy to clean and fill. You can always know when to refill with clear hard plastic. Not dishwasher safe, hand-wash only. SecuringHANGING: No tools are required. The hummingbird feeders are attached to a tree with a loop rope. Both are included. The feeder should be hung from a height of 5 feet. Enjoy watching the birds.

Brand: Sewanta

👤2 of the 8 perches I ordered had a broken perch, they are of a soft plastic that is easy to tear off. I would have given them a full 5 stars because they are very nice, easy to fill, easy to clean, and the humming birds love them. I have had expensive glass feeders and they flock to them. I'm very happy with them and have ordered more as backups.

👤The feeders are large. I don't feel like I'm wasting a lot of time when I clean it once or twice a week. It's easy to take apart for cleaning. On the windiest days, these don't leak.

👤It was hard for me to throw my old feeders away because they were bad. I know that these feeders won't rust and the hummingbirds love them, even though they aren't as fancy as my other ones. My other ones didn't have a perch, so they sat on it. The feeders are easy to clean and I am very pleased with them. The price for a set of 2 was fair.

👤These are very good quality for the price, I love that there are 2, they come with hanging accessories and perches for the birds to sit on. We are lucky to have so many hummingbirds around where we live and now that I have feeders they come all day in groups, but they stay and drink since they have perches. I like these feeders, but when I refill them, I put them over the sink or bucket because a lot of fluid stays in the base, and I had a lot of ants where I spilled the liquid.

👤I tried different feeders for the hummingbirds. It was amazing to see that they preferred something. They didn't like the first two but they loved this one. There has been a steady stream of birds. I can't separate the bottom piece to give it a good cleaning. The bottom should twist off, but I can't figure it out. I will keep trying. The humming birds prefer this one.

👤Over the years, I have purchased a lot of hummer feeders, and this one is the most enjoyable. The yellow flowers are easy to clean and do not fall out like other feeders.

👤I was skeptical about the size of the feeder. It is not good to have food sit in the sun for a long time, so I liked the size when I received it. The bee guards are great. I bought an additional pack of 2 because I liked the feeders so much.

👤No drips ever! It's a good thing. We used to have a lot of ants from our previous, drippy feeders. The multiple flowers and the perches for the birds are great, and the ants that used to come to the feeders stopped coming because of the ant moat. I love it! It's easy to clean and a great value.

8. Spriland Premium Feeding Watching Birdfeeder

Spriland Premium Feeding Watching Birdfeeder

Juegoal wild bird feeders have a quality guarantee. A bird feeding station is an area of your yard where you have bird feeders. The Bird Station is made from heavy-duty material and features a screw-together pole. All in one package includes a bathing solution and watering solution for garden birds. The contents of feeders are not included. 5 Prongs for more stability is a great design. The bonus metal stake base adds stability. You could hang large bird feeders and solar lanterns with the help of the twin top level hooks. The large water dish and seed tray are easy to clean. You can watch bird activity in your yard. The bird lovers will love receiving the bird feeding station kit.

Brand: Yosager

👤The screw together tubing that makes the bird feeders is inherently weak from any force that pulls it to the side. It broke when I was installing it into my lawn. Don't buy it. One that is made from solid single piece construction is a good choice. The seller is harassing me via email to remove the review. If I do that, they will give me a refund. It is very annoying that they have contacted me from multiple e-mail accounts. Do not buy anything from this seller. The person should not be selling on Amazon.

👤The pole is great in theory, but they skimped on the joints for the three pieces. The pole bends at those connection points when the plastic connector is threaded between each section. I have tried moving the piece up or down, but it still wants to bend at the joints. The poles should have been threaded to screw into each other.

👤It is safe and fast to order from Amazon. Everyone is enjoying bird watching with this item. We made 5 stars for it. The good reasons are as follows: Solid metal construction. No fear of strong wind with 5 prong base. The pole is twice as large as the shepherd's hook. It will take a long time to use. 2. It is very easy to install. I put them together in a few minutes. 3. Bird feeders, flower baskets, and others could be hung with four hooks. The water dish could be used for a bird bath. 4. I love to watch the birds in my garden.

👤I'm obsessed with feeding the wildlife in my yard and this was the newest addition to my buffet, I love it! It only took a few minutes to set it up. It is strong enough to hold planters, and it stays sturdy in the ground, so I have a couple hanging flower pots. The birds seem to like being higher up than they were before. I would recommend it.

👤The gray squirrels were robbing me of my sight. I bought this with a squirrel baffle. I used landscaping pins to push it in the ground. I didn't use the water bowl and some of the other stuff that came with it. I was worried that I might be creating a step ladder for the squirrels if I put those items below the baffle. I have enough hooks for three feeders, but only one. I might add a second hummingbird or suet feeders this spring. For a week or so, no birds came near it, but today, I saw a bluebird feast on meal worms. It's a good thing.

👤Excellent purchase. Put it together and put it in the ground. Birds like it. Squirrels do the same. The little crooks are not going to be deterred. Any advice?

👤I love how tall it is because my daughter likes to watch the birds and I have one heavy bird feeders that leans a little, but it's easy to put together and stake in the ground. Happy to tell them.

9. Hummingbird Feeders 32 Ounce Set Bundled

Hummingbird Feeders 32 Ounce Set Bundled

Holds up to 32 ounces of liquid. The bright red hummingbird feeders have 32 ounces of hummingbird food in them. The red feeding ports and perches are arranged in a way that makes it easy for birds to feed at the same time. It was made in the USA. There is a roof resale. The base of the bird feeders is sealed by the mouth of the reservoir. After flipping the container over, the feeder won't leak even if it's upside down. Hard plastic is used in the design of the base and reservoir. The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and fill. The 2-part base is easy to twist apart for a thorough cleaning job. Only hand-wash, not dishwasher safe. There is a clearSERVOIR. The transparent exterior of the container allows you to monitor the levels of the liquid. Simple filling and cleaning can be achieved with the wide mouth. SecuringHANGING: No tools are required. A hummingbird feeders is placed on a tree. The feeder should be hung from a height of 5 feet. Enjoy watching the birds.

Brand: Sewanta

👤Two days ago, we put out our hummingbird feeders. They did a great job. The hummingbirds fought for control on the first day. They were joined for breakfast by a bear. The bear jumped on the feeders after it knocked them from the stand. The bear devoured the contents of the opened one. I did not want to follow him into the woods. The abandoned feeder will be returned to service after an inspection found no serious damage. We will return to the hummingbird fight. The bear said that their mother never taught them to share.

👤It was made in the USA. That made me pay attention. It is easy to fill and clean. Better than feeders without perches. The ring around the feeders allows Hummingbirds to take a seat once in a while. When I replaced the smaller perch-less feeders with two new ones, my birds took to them. The mix is made with 4 cups of hot water and 1 cup of sugar. There was no need for red coloring. The container is red.

👤I was very excited when I received this. The top red portion separated from the clear portion when I filled the feeder. The outer part of the bottle is pulled away by the weight of the feeder. It is two separate pieces. It is a terrible design. I had to put clear tape on the seam to keep it from falling. It was a disappointment. Don't put your money in a bag. There are better products for less.

👤The hummingbird feeders are easy to use and keep clean. I have been using the 16 ounce version for a long time, and they have been wonderful. I needed to buy larger feeders because I didn't have to refill them as often. These are perfect! The set of 2 feeders I picked out were offered with chains to hang them. This is a great addition. There was only one chain included. The seller immediately responded that they would send one out. I appreciated the great customer service since it was likely the mistake of the puller. I am pleased with the feeders, but also the company that sold them, and this is why.

👤I was amused that it asked me to rate the thickness, but I guess that's something that you look for in a feeder. I think it's thick. I don't have anything else to compare it to. It can hold up to 32 ounces, but unless you drink like a fish, you should only fill it half way. I have three of these on my front porch, but only one on the right. I will rearrange them to see if they still follow the one on the right or if they go to the one on the right. Messing with hummers is what I do now.

👤This item is for a hummingbird enthusiast. I love these feeders. I thought the bigger holes would pose a wasp and ant problem, but my smaller feeders have had more issues than these. It is very easy to wash and refill. They have a lot of nectar. I love the four I have and will order more as my needs grow.

10. Urban Deco Hummingbird Feeders Hanging

Urban Deco Hummingbird Feeders Hanging

SecuringHANGING: No tools are required. The hummingbird feeders are attached to a tree with a loop rope. Both are included. The feeder should be hung from a height of 5 feet. Enjoy watching the birds. They've found that red attracts more hummingbirds. They used hummingbirds' favorite colors to create a natural hummingbird feeders for hanging outdoors. There are five bird feeding stations. The humming bird feeders can be used to perch and feed hummingbird. Bird feeders are great for hummingbird festivals. Adding 5 flower feeding station outlets will allow more hungry hummingbirds to rest and feed at the same time. The flower's shape could attract Hummingbirds. The perch around the glass hummingbird feeders creates a larger resting area than other bird feeders. Their outdoor humming bird feeders are designed to be more accurate for the base, which is why they are not used for hummingbird feeders outside. Red glass bottle bird feeders attractumming birds. The base is made of red quality imported plastic with 5 flower-shaped feeding station ports. The bird feeders are made of high quality plastic that will not break or be harmed by the weather. The glass bird feeders are covered with black paint to protect them from harm. Large capacity glass bird feeders with 30 ounces of hummingbird nectar are not required to refill regularly. Birds can dine and rest on the perch. There are a variety of ways in which the metal hanger can be used. The removal of the bottom cap by pushing through the connection hole on the base makes it easy to clean. The hummingbird feeders can be hung on the tree or hanger. The glass bird feeders are weather resistant and do not get affected by rain, heat, or any other weather conditions. Even the bottom is made of high-quality plastic, so that it remains damage-free even in the most severe rainstorms. They are confident in the quality of their items. If you are dissatisfied with their bird feeders, please contact them first. They will give you a solution.

Brand: Urban Deco

👤The size is large. The time of year when the adolescent hummers and mature adults are preparing for their long trip to South America is in the southeast USA. They can drain my 8 and 12 ounce feeders in a day or two. The hummers love the size. The cons are 1. The base is made out of cheap plastic that splinters and gets damaged before it falls apart. I would not have purchased it if I had known that. It won't make it to the next season. It might not finish the season. The plastic is too low quality to handle because of the heat. I have no other base that will fit this jar. I had it for 2 or 3 weeks and it no longer screws on properly. If you don't turn it barely, it will pop off. I thought the chain was cute in the picture, but it doesn't hang right. When I put it on my hook, it's resting on a link and will eventually find a comfortable place between two links, which causes the bottle to tilt left and right. The wind pushes it to one side or the other. I'm thinking of threading some wire through a link or two so I can make a hook out of it. The links are small so an ant moat hook won't work. I don't want to have to change my feeders or give them new ones because I don't want to encourage fire ants, bees, and wasp colonies. It's not the worst feeder I've had, but it's not great. I have had cheap Dollar Tree feeders. I think the glass bottle feeders will last as long as the one dollar feeders. The hummers love it and that's one thing in its favor. I wish it was better made. I would buy it back if it was true.

👤The most important issues are Hummers and bees. The color was the only thing that could be better. It is not a bright red, and it fades in the sun. Some of the feeders I have are made of glass. They never go away. They are not bee proof. I would rather pay twice as much for a glass that lasts forever.

👤They are easy to clean and fill, and they are the perfect price. We will order more in the spring. I've ordered many different types of feeders that claim to be the best, but end up with a design flaw. These feeders are good for hummingbirds, but they are too small for bees.

👤I didn't like to refill the hummingbird feeders until I cleaned them. The plastic bottoms on the bottle were broken. The plastic bottom was cheap and fragile. I would love to get a replacement bottom, but can't find one. I haven't had them hanging in a while. Hate to lose money. I did that.

👤These feeders are beautiful. They are fun and sturdy. The ants liked it more than the humming birds. The previous hummer feeders were cheap and plastic, but they were more productive. Not an ant to be seen. I ordered a glass set to upgrade the feeders. My feeders was full of ants for four days. The little buggers were swimming in the bottle. Not a humming bird to be found. This happened twice before I gave up and reverted back to my "el cheapo" plastic feeders. The hummers are happy again. Don't let my experience deter you. The location of my feeders could cause trouble. Sometimes Less is more.

11. LUJII Hummingbird Stations Decorative Containing

LUJII Hummingbird Stations Decorative Containing

The materials of the base are strong. It is recommended to clean the saucer feeders at least once a week. You can clean the feeders more frequently if the weather is warm. There is an attempt toTRACT more hummingbirds. The bright color and style of the glass bottle make the hummingbird feeders more attractive for hummingbirds. Handmade bong glassware. Each product is hand finished. The glass contains the pigment and it won't fade or damage. It is easy to clean. It's easy to clean the clear glass bottlefeeder, just remove the bottle from the base. It is easy to fill NECTAR. It's easy to see and refill the wide-mouth and two-part base. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a question, you can email them through the seller's LUJII information page. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Lujii

👤This is a beautiful structure. If it is hand blown as advertised and priced accordingly, why is there a seam in the middle?

👤A piece of art. It was well made. The bottom pan is the best of all the brands I own and has never leaked. There is no rubber gasket between the plastic bottom pan and the metal perch which is a nice feature. I bought the red one after I saw how beautiful the blue one was. I dropped the red one and it hit the pan on the deck, causing a hole. I asked if it was possible to purchase just the bottom pan. They said they would send me one for free. I talked about great customer service after I received the part.

👤I bought 2 feeders in April. I noticed a problem that I thought was leaking as the summer went on. I have a balcony with these hanging on it. I kept seeing spills on my railing that were much more significant than I had thought. I couldn't figure it out. I am in love with the feeders. I came outside to water my flowers a week ago. This was at 4pm. It was 90 degrees. I discovered the problem with my feeders when I went to refill my watering cup. The food was pouring onto my railing from the feeders that were overheating because of the hot afternoon sun. They act like an 'oven' if they are glass. If you have a protected area, please get these. I will have to take them down. Maybe this was your answer, because the culprit is direct, hot, sunlight.

👤This is the first time that I've ever seen a Hummer touch the wall of a glass container with its beak looking into the red glass while sitting on its perch ready to feed. He looked like he was trying to figure out if it was a big flower or if he was worshiping it. I liked seeing that. I make a fifty-fifty mix of sugar and water and they drink it quickly. They love that too! The glass is heavy, looks hand blown, and the area that they drink from with their perches and has the flower petals is a solid metal with a plastic under it. The metal hook is heavy duty. We'll have to see how well the metal part holds up against the sea salt air, because I live five blocks from the beach. I love it, so I'm hoping for the best. I will contact the manufacturer to see if I can get that one part. I will update later.

👤I dropped my rating to two stars. I could make a way to keep the bottom portion from leaking. I tried a lot of things. The fit of the two bottom pieces is too tight to allow the caulk to form a seal. I tried a lot of things and it started dripping again, leaving a sticky puddle on my patio. I still love the looks of the glass, but I'm working too hard to make this a working product. The design on the bottom was poor. Either has an effective gasket to seal the parts together or is uni-body. I bought both a red and blue one, and I still love the looks of it. They both have a lot of hummingbird food. If I could, I would give it 6 stars. The rating is dragged down by two issues. The rubber gasket should be on the non-glass part. After I added water, both of them leaked. I had to make a seal to stop the leaking. The second issue may be for some buyers. There is a barely visible seam in the glass. It doesn't seem like blown glass has a seam. I love net-net but they have some problems.


What is the best product for best hummingbird feeder stand for outdoors?

Best hummingbird feeder stand for outdoors products from More Birds. In this article about best hummingbird feeder stand for outdoors you can see why people choose the product. Muse Garden and Nature Anywhere are also good brands to look for when you are finding best hummingbird feeder stand for outdoors.

What are the best brands for best hummingbird feeder stand for outdoors?

More Birds, Muse Garden and Nature Anywhere are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best hummingbird feeder stand for outdoors. Find the detail in this article. Perky-pet, Perky-pet and Nature's Rhythm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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