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1. Perky Pet 209B Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet 209B Glass Hummingbird Feeder

The materials are recycled. The item is made from recycled materials. It's easy to fill and clean the wide-mouth opening. There are six flower shaped-feeding ports. The entire feeder has to be cleaned. Bee guards and ant moat provide insect defense. It's easy to monitor the levels of a flower. It can hold up to 30 ounces of nectar.

Brand: Perky-pet

👤This product is leaking. There is a solution. I gave it three stars because of that. I found a solution that has been successful for months. I bought a second one because I like the way it is: large perches and bee guarding, so I can take off to allow orioles to join the party. To get a bombproof non-leaking feeder, you need a rubber band that holds your broccoli in place when you buy it from the store. Put the rubber band around the rim of the inner, lower plastic part. It is a one time effort. I clean the rubber in my feeders and then use it again. I hope my photos are self explanatory.

👤I have fed hummers for 40 years using the old style Perky-Pet glass feeders. Glass is the best for cleaning and sterilizing. We used the Perky-Pet 209B Hummingbird Feeder for a while. The base of the old version was sealed so you had to use a bottle brush to clean it, but with this version the base is separated so the inside is easier to access. The large filling-mouth is. The wide mouth makes it easier to fill the bottle. When you remove the bottom section, pour from your container into a wide opening. The old version had a flexible wire hanger, but this version only has a steel "S" shaped hook that is about 2 inches long. The flexible wire allows me to hang the feeders without a step stool. I used the wires from the original feeders instead of the S hook. The leash section. I was initially concerned that the sea wouldn't be good because the top of the feeder section doesn't snap securely. The top and bottom of the bottle are compressed when you screw it on. ANT MOTE is great. The ant mote at the top is a great addition. I've been fighting ants for years by coating the hanging wires with a product like Vaseline or ant killer and now just a small amount of water will keep the ants off or even the plastic walls of the mote along. The feeders are different than the old ones. The new version has raised nipples that make it hard for bees to get to the nectar. The old version without the nipples did a good job, but the new ones slam the door on the bees. This is important since we have two bee colonies nearby. I replaced the old style feeders with 888-282-0465 and within seconds the birds were using 888-282-0465. There were no issues with the nipples. Good attraction colors: The hummers have become accustomed to the yellow flower on red base theme over the years, so I'm happy Perky Pet keeps it. I like feeders that have perches and this one does. The birds can hang out on the perches. It's another way to keep the birds around. Conclusions: A big step in cleaning and filling convenience and ant and bee protection.

2. REZIPO Hummingbird Feeder Perch Capacity

REZIPO Hummingbird Feeder Perch Capacity

We recommend washing your hummingbird feeders by hand. Don't put your food in the dishwasher. It is easy to clean. The clear glass makes it easy to see a hummingbird. It is easy to see and refill the NECTAR with the clear glass, Wide-mouth and two-part base. The hummingbird is an attraction. The hummingbird feeders are made of brushed copper glass and bright colors. Reliable material. Hand Blown Glass is sturdy and durable. There is a package that includes a glass hummingbird feeder, ant moat, metal hook, cotton lanyard, and a small brush.

Brand: Rezipo

👤After the first one was broken, this is the second one for me. The birds love it. There are reports that this is not glass. I have been in contact with the seller and the manufacturer and they both told me that this is hand blown glass which is made with a multipart mold into which the glass is blown. There are mold marks on the glass. The spherical shape is created by the molten glass on the blow pipe being put into the mold. It requires a two part mold to release the glass because it is a sphere. I don't have a relationship with either the seller or the manufacturer. I don't want people to reject the product because of misinformation. It's a nice product.

👤I ordered a Humming birdfeeder and they either sent me a wood pecker or the largest Humming Bird I've ever seen. He has both hands on the steering wheel, but can't reach the pedal unless he lays down. Proper perch manners 101. When he's not raping on my chimney, Wood peckers. I have a lot of humming birds and plan to have more. I haven't seen them in the yard since I hung. I think they will spot it. We know it works. I like the colors. Clear fluid is the best because they don't know how dyes affect birds. I need a second one for the back yard.

👤The Hummingbirds seem to like it. I had an old ugly plastic one that I wanted to replace. The Hummingbirds accepted it immediately. I like to see them sitting on the little perches. I didn't use the butterflies because they seem to collect dirt when I wash the feeders. Someone else said that it is not sure if it is blown glass because it is seamed together. It would have been better if the bottom was made of metal. It's easy to clean and fill. The sun is shining on it. The butterflies love it.

👤This is a beautiful feeder. I love the blue glass. The heavy glass reduces movement/swinging from the wind and is attractive to hummers, as well as being easy to clean, assemble, and disassemble. The attached perches are great and the hummers love to rest on them. Other reviewers stated that it does leak. The red rubber seal doesn't really help and I didn't find the included rope helpful, so I bought a metal hanging chain for the feeders. Since it's glass, it gets pretty warm in the sun, so make sure you change your flowers out regularly, and hang your feeders in a shady spot, if you have to. I like Birds Choice. There is an easy solution for those who have the leaking problem. All you have to do is wrap a thick rubber band around the outside of the red rubber seal and screw it all together. See the pictures I have attached. It is worth the purchase because this stopped the leaking.

👤I hung this feeder this morning after receiving it yesterday. It is pretty and doesn't seem to leak so far. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because of the false advertising. This is not glass. It is molded in two pieces and then heated to form a single piece. There are grooves where the pieces were put together.

3. Shrdaepe Hummingbird Feeder Feeders Feeding

Shrdaepe Hummingbird Feeder Feeders Feeding

SecuringHANGING: No tools are required. A hummingbird feeders is placed on a tree. The feeder should be hung from a height of 5 feet. Enjoy watching the birds. The top double lid should be filled with water to protect the sweet nectar. There are hummingbird feeders in different dimensions. The hummingbird feeders is 9 in height and 6.5 in diameter. It is easy to clean and fill the bottle. Knowing when to refill the hummingbird feeders is made possible by clear glass. The design is classic. The glass bottle hummingbird feeders have a red plastic top and yellow base. The large parakeet caPACITY is large. The hummingbird feeders can hold up to 11 ounces of hummingbird nectar.

Brand: Shrdaepe

👤The design is that there are 2 pieces that are not connected. The liquid drips from the 2 parts of the feeder. A large amount pours out of the sides when the feeder is hanging. Poor design wouldn't recommend.

👤I've been through 4 feeders trying to find one. It doesn't leak 2. attracts birds. I just cleaned it and put it out, and a hummingbird appeared and took a drink. That's amazing. The bird came to the feeders so quickly that this is an early review. I have only 1 or 2 birds so far this season. I like the feel of the glass container and the plastic bottom. The perches are large. I think it's the best quality feeder I've found, but it's still not certain if it will leak. I'll see if I get a wasp or ant in the openings. It has a little ant moat built into the top, but the size of the openings to the water are large. I'm for certain ordering a second one if this one attracts more birds. It's not huge, but it's enough for the number of birds I see each day. The size is perfect, smaller is better, and there are 5 ports for the birds.

👤Not bee-proof. It might be a bee feeders. I got this as a replacement for my old hummingbird feeders that had bee issues. The bees are chasing the hummingbirds. It's so ridiculous. I will be back. My husband told me that the bees can fit their heads in the hole to get the sugar water after spraying the bees with a water hose. A dumb design flaw.

👤The feeders don't come with a gasket to seal the base. Unless they are perfectly level, they leak like a sieve. It doesn't seem like a big deal until you see them sway and leak. ants are brought by the leaking nectar. The feeding holes are large. I have seen hummingbirds unable to feed because bees are blocking the feeding ports.

👤The glass bottle is nice. That is all about it. I made the mistake of ordering without reading reviews first. If they put a rubber gasket between the tray and cover, it could be a great product. It was tried with water. Picked up to walk outside and the water was all over the place. Video shows tilt spilling liquid. I can't imagine people putting syrup in there and then cleaning it up afterwards. The box was also beaten up. The sticker on the box says "inspected and repackaged." I thought I was buying something new.

👤There are leaks! There was sugar water leaking all the way from my kitchen through the living room and out the front door. There is a huge mess. Plastic does not fit in a glass bottle. Don't buy this, it's very cheap.

👤I needed a new hummingbirdfeeder after my one broke. I was happy when it arrived early. The hummers were wondering what happened so I filled it and replaced it. It is easy to clean. Birds love the perches.

4. Perky Pet 203CPBR Pinchwaist Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet 203CPBR Pinchwaist Hummingbird Feeder

We recommend washing your hummingbird feeders by hand with warm soapy water, but you should not put your feeders in the dishwasher. It is easy to fill and clean the wide-mouth opening. A red glass bottle attracts hummingbirds. There are four flower-shaped feeding ports. There is a built-in ant moat and bee guards. The Feeder base is easy to clean.

Brand: Perky-pet

👤The design is not good with the new wide mouth. The seal between the bottle and base is not very good. If it doesn't leak first, it will later. I just ordered 3 more. I went to the hardware store to buy an o-ring for the bottle. The bottle and base are sealed. I did a lot of tests to find out why it was leaking. The poor seal allows air to leak into the bottle and relieve the air/vacuum that holds the water in. The seal is complete with the o-ring.

👤This is the best hummingbird feeders I have ever owned. I now have three. The ant trap is easy to clean and it works. I'm buying more for next season and giving as gifts. I do not use the enclosed "nectar". It's not necessary. To get a cup of warm water, use four cups of sugar. No coloring needed. No more than half the size of the feeders. If you fill it to the max, you can get leaks. This is important information to know if you get a hummingbird feeders. 1. You have to refill with a new solution every three days. The solution will ferment and cause injury to the hummingbirds. Don't reuse any solution. It's cheap to throw it away. 2. You have to clean your feeders each time you refill. I use hot water and a bristle brush. Even though your solution doesn't reach the top, you need to clean from top to bottom. If you see black mold, there's unseen mold waiting. If you don't do those two simple steps, you don't need a hummingbird feeders and won't help. The model is the easiest to clean of hummingbird feeds. The bee guards need to be cleaned. Forget the fancy hummingbird feeders that cost a lot of money, leak and are hard to clean. You don't need them. You can get the best hummingbird feeders for ten bucks.

👤This thing is leaking. Don't buy. The new design had me excited as I had only one complaint about the previous design. Perky-Pet wasn't careful enough in the mold. It's frustrating because the flaw is easy to fix. The small opening in the bottle's neck reduced the amount of pressure that it took to stop the flow of the liquid into the base. It was possible to have 1 cm of nectar in the base at all times. With the new model, the pressure of the nectar coming out of the larger neck is higher, so it takes more of the base to stop the flow of the liquid out of the bottle. This results in there being more of a base. The stems of the four flowers sit above the base level of the nectar, which causes overflow. Perky-Pet could have easily fixed this problem by raising the level of the stems and not having them come out of the bottom, which is a carry-over from the previous model. It was very frustrating. The designers should be fired. I'm not an engineer. I can figure it out.

5. MEKKAPRO Outdoor Hummingbird Hanging Stations

MEKKAPRO Outdoor Hummingbird Hanging Stations

The glass container can be washed in the dishwasher, but I recommend cleaning it by hand. A hummingbird is a favorite. It is easy to say that it is the best and most charming hummingbird feeders there is. It can hold 20 ounces and the clear glass body can easily track when to refill. The hummingbird feeders for the outdoors have five feeding stations that are perfect for a hummingbird party. It's very easy for hummingbirds to flock to your backyard with 5 accompanying perches. A gift for bird watchers. There is no fear for ants or bees since their red hummingbird feeder has a built-in ant moat. Only hummingbirds! The clear container makes it easy to decide when to refill so you don't leave your hummingbird friends hanging. It is easy to fill and clean their large hummingbird feeders since it has a wide mouth opening that can fit a hand.

Brand: Mekkapro

👤Although I like the design and size of the feeders, I have to return them because they leak. I have read that the container for the syrup is too small. The 10 oz container is a perfect size if you have 5 hummingbirds feeding all day. The maximum amount of time to leave the syrup unRefrigerated is 3-4 days. It is very harmful to hummingbirds if there is any time beyond that when mold and other pathogens grow. I prefer glass containers because they are easier to clean. The feeders should be washed with hot water and soap. I wash and rinse the feeders about every 3rd time. Before adding more syrup, flush it well.

👤The feeders are easy to use and load. The cable is on the top. The feed-holes are my issue with the feeders. I stopped using it because of the design and ordered a different model, one that I already use. The hummingbird pinchwaist feeders are red glass.

👤The feeders are beautiful and the hummingbirds love them, glass bottle is easy to clean and durable, and the long hanging string looks very graceful when in the weather. I would definitely buy from this vendor again because of the price and the way it came. I'm very happy with the hummingbird feeders, they are in my backyard.

👤I was excited about the glass hummingbird feeders, but they were in the garbage within a week. I hung it the first time, but it came apart after I threaded the wire back into its brackets and squeezed it tight with pliers. While I was refilling it, a third of the red top that screws on to keep ants out broke as I touched it. I was holding the bottom part under the water when one of the red plastic loops came off. The bowl did not screw tightly to the glass container from the beginning. The bottom bowl thread was spinning freely on the glass container thread. After the third refill, the bottom fell off, spilling the liquid from the bowl and the glass container on the floor, and I had to throw the feeder in the garbage.

👤This is the third one of my style. The bees don't bother them, the glass is more durable than the plastic, and the clear red plastic parts are pretty in the sun. I only give this one three stars because of the design problem with the ant moat. The water goes out of the hole. My other people don't have that hole. I will find a way to block it, but it is useless on this feeder.

👤The feeders are easy to clean and refill. I replaced my other brands with these glass units when I purchased my first one. The best refill is 1/2 cup white sugar.

👤The design and angle of the feeding ports made it hard for smaller hummingbirds to get their beak inside. Most feeding ports have a small hole, but the ports have a stem that sticks up. Please watch my short video and photos. Some of our backyard hummers went to my other feeders because of these two things. I used to worry that if the wind hit the feeders hard, the little beaks could be injured while they're slid into the stem of the port to feed. I broke the glass bottle because I was not careful enough. I replaced the feeder with a safer style.

6. Perky Pet 8117 2 Cobalt Antique Hummingbird

Perky Pet 8117 2 Cobalt Antique Hummingbird

It is easy to fill and clean their large hummingbird feeders since it has a wide mouth opening that can fit a hand. The 16-Ounce capacity of the nectar. The bottle is a blue hardened square glass. There are 4 feeding ports. The base is easy to clean.

Brand: Perky-pet

👤These things look great at first, but then they look terrible after a while. It's just cheap painted glass and not actually blue blue. I bought 3 blue and 1 red without knowing better. It wasn't long before the paint began to chip off and leave a mess in my garden. The glass cracked when I poured hot humming bird nectar and it wasn't even boiling. The cheap metal used immediately begins to oxidize and decay.

👤I wish they would only sell the metal disk near the bottom of the feeders. The metal piece won't seal anymore if the feeder is knocked off. I just bought a new one and have all of the parts, except for the metal piece that got knocked off the hook. I don't know what to do with that. I just bought 2 more and one of the metal bases was bent, so it won't seal. I'm waiting for a response from the company because I don't want to waste time and money shipping the whole thing back and forth for something that's less than an ounce. There is a picture of the base. The top and bottom are made of metal. The metal needs to be a perfect fit in order to not leak. You can see a small dents in the side of this one. You can't bend it back. I tried that with a damaged one. This metal piece is the only thing that has ever gone wrong with me, and the company has replacement parts for everything.

👤I wanted to put bottles of different colors in my backyard, but I'm not sure. The hummingbirds like the cheapo feeders. The water doesn't squirt upward and I don't have to tilt it to remove air bubbles make this one nice. I have to tilt the cheapo ones to get rid of the bubbles. I don't know how they work. I wonder if they're spitting air bubbles into the feeders in exchange for sugar water. I haven't figured out how to get them to switch to this feeders. The hummingbird is now checking out the feeders next to them. I'm not currently using the ant moat, so it hangs higher. I saw the hummingbird looking at the flowers before it flew away, but it had found the feeders yesterday. The hummingbirds go to the other cheapo feeders first and then come to this one as a last resort.

👤My son and I bought hummingbird feeders. They are hanging between our plants on the porch. The hummingbirds love them. We need at least 2 dozen hummingbirds. They prefer the blue feeders over the red ones. They go for the blue ones the most.

👤I love this brand of hummingbird feeders. When the sun shines through the blue, it is absolutely stunning. The hummingbirds are in my kitchen. I'm not sure if the glass is painted or blue, but it looks nice. The bottom is made of plastic and metal, and if you turn it sideways all the nectar will spill out. It does not leak if you hang it upright. I use a funnel to fill the bottle because the top is narrow. These feeders are perfect for the hummingbirds. The male and female hummingbird seem to prefer the same color.

7. Muse Garden Hummingbird Outdoors Containing

Muse Garden Hummingbird Outdoors Containing

We recommend washing your hummingbird feeders by hand. Don't put your food in the dishwasher. There are wonderful colors that attract hummingbirds. The feathers are covered in green and have a peacock-like glow. Each product is handmade and unique, which can be proved by the small bubbles on its surface. All-round care for birds. The base has perch for hummingbirds to rest and ant moats that are lead-free. The base is leak-proof and easy to assemble, fill, and clean. The materials are recycled. The item is made from recycled materials.

Brand: Muse Garden

👤What a beautiful hummingbird feeders! The end of January is here in California. We probably won't have any hummingbirds for another couple of months. I have this ready for when they arrive so that we can use the hummers to eat the mosquitoes that have taken over our patio. I docked two starts because this is clearly advertised as "hand blown glass" which it is not. There is a clear seam with a hand blown item. This is definitely made using a mold. False advertisements always get docked stars. Will update once the hummers show up!

👤We bought a similar one last year from another supplier and it was hand blown colored glass, nice perches, and ant moat. Both are attractive to hummingbirds and we enjoy watching them. hummers are often aggressive and chase off others trying to visit their feeders, so get more than one. Birds don't see the other feeders on the other side of the breakfast Nook, so we put two on different sides. The water quickly evaporates in the hot sun. Red-dyed premix food should not be used. Either make your own or buy premium nectar.

👤I almost didn't buy it because I thought it was a little pricey, but I'm very glad I did. It is beautiful. I would not hesitate to give this as a gift, it comes in a box and is surrounded by styrofoam. There are 3 different ways to hang, including an ant moat. I almost threw them out with the box because I wasn't paying attention. Instructions are included on when to change the parakeet. I live in Las Vegas and it must be changed daily in the heat. Most people are unaware of this. You have an affinity for hummingbirds if you buy a feeders. If mold is allowed to grow, it can kill birds. The fact that this information is included with the product speaks to the company's responsibility. The tiny brush that's included to clean the holes is what I forgot. That's Ringo on the feeders. He lives in the backyard.

👤There are reasons not to bother with this particular feeder. It is already beginning to rust after less than a few months of use. The ports/flowers are made of metal and are showing signs of wear and tear, as well as the fact that the entire section of the ports/flowers are also made of metal. The feeding station area is showing signs of rust both inside and outside. There are two more The seal on this is not good. Slippage can cause leaks and spills. The seal is made of cheap rubber that expands and contracts with heat, which causes it to leak. This attracts a lot of issues like ants and bees. It becomes a mess to flip this back right side up. You should be prepared to spill the solution all along the outside, including the feeding station. Another way to get lots of bees and ants. There are five The hand blown glass they brag about is not of top quality and has defects in it. The quality is greatly affected by the cost of what I paid. Very disappointed and frustrated.

8. Natures Way Bird Products MHF4

Natures Way Bird Products MHF4

The base is easy to clean. Beautiful, thick, hand blown glass. The extra wide opening makes filling and cleaning easier. Silicone gasket on lid and flowers. The hanging basket with perching rings allows hummingbirds to perch.

Brand: Nature's Way Bird Products

👤It's easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and one of the birds' favorites no leaking, even when it's windy. It's not a Con in my case, but for some people. It can be frustrating if the chain doesn't come unhooked from the frame when you're setting it up after cleaning. This model is ideal for the West Coast, where year-round resident Annas' hummingbirds need supplemental food all winter, and rarely share feeders, and giant feeders are a waste. I appreciate all the Pros, but most of all, that the birds really use it, and even pass up other feeders to get possessive over this one. I'm replacing my other feeders with this one.

👤Over the past 10 years, I have owned over 15 different hummingbird feeds. The way it is made is the reason I have purchased four of them. The glass hummingbird feeders are one of the better types of feeders. The glass is not as thick as some feeders. It will last forever if it isn't dropped. UV damage tends to crack plastic, but the glass feeder is not susceptible to that. The colored glass is not a color coating on the outside. The color cannot come off because there is no coating. The glass has many colors in it. The birds can't sit on the perches. The birds like to rest. Birds like the red feed tubes. The feed tubes are made of metal and coated with plastic. The feed tubes are small so they are not easy to crawl into. The feed tubes are large enough to hold hummingbird beaks. There is a The port is easy to fill. The port is large enough to allow access to clean the glass. There is a The rubber cover on top is lined so it won't vibrate in the wind. There is no metal inside the reservoir. I have purchased feeders that have metal on the inside. Birds can be harmed by the rust.

👤I have been using a hummingbird feeders from Nature's Way for over a year. I have given two more of them to my family members after buying the first one. I would buy a dozen more if they were more affordable. I can clean them all. The hanging frame and chains have held up through a storm and the bowl barely swayed, and I never worry that the bottom will fall off. I don't end up with a parade of ants when I use this design of hummingbird feeders because ants drown and don't get back to tell their nest about the sugar source they found. An occasional wasp gets in and drowns, but again, since they cannot get out, it doesn't create an attraction and a swarm of stinging insects. The depth of the feeders makes it easier to wash out insects that get into them. I mix my own syrup so it doesn't bother me. These feeders never lag. The insects love the design of the feeders, they start to release their saliva onto the railing. I don't like it. There are no openings, joins or seams in this design. If you tilt it or crack it, it will not leak, unless you fill it below the hummingbird flower holes. It's pretty and the hummingbirds love it. The little guys will hang out drinking for minutes at a time if you line up the perches with the flowers. That is a long time for a hummer to rest. So. Yes. This is by far the best design of a hummingbird feeders I've seen, and I just wish they'd make more of it and lower the price. I would give more of them as gifts and hang them all around my property.

9. Juegoal Hummingbird Feeders Outdoors Decoration

Juegoal Hummingbird Feeders Outdoors Decoration

The hanging basket with perching rings allows hummingbirds to perch. The Large Capacity Hummingbird Feeder has a glass container, plastic base, and red flower-shaped feeding ports. The flower-shaped feeding ports allow hungry hummingbirds to perch and feed at the same time. It is easy to install a glass container into a base. The hummingbird feeders could be hung on a tree. Simply screw the container off the base for cleaning or refilling. You are ready to feed the birds. The glass container can be washed in the dishwasher, but they recommend cleaning it by hand.

Brand: Juegoal

👤I had a problem with the wasp taking over my feeders. They were chasing the hummers when they came to eat. I was reading articles about how others have kept the wasp away. I found one that said bees are attracted to yellow. The flowers on the feeders were yellow. hummers are attracted to red and bees see black as a danger. I found this one with a black base and red floral ports that I was looking for. I work! Since I hung it outside, the wasp haven't stopped to land on it. The large opening of the feeder is easy to clean. It's pretty to look at! I would recommend it to anyone.

👤We hung this on a Friday evening in August. We had our first customer within 30 minutes. We took a little video of the hummingbirds after we watched them. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I live in Arizona. The metal part of the feeders is where the hummingbirds are supposed to land. The metal gets so hot that it won't land. It was disappointing.

👤It's nice. The bottle has red glass on it. The bottom is made of metal and plastic and held together by screws. It has the wire to hang it. I have not had any bees. It is easy to assemble and refill. Good purchase. Got here fast.

👤The base I was sent did not fit, so everything leaked when tipped upright, but the glass part was easy to clean, as there were no little crevices. I tried to contact the seller. I tried the phone after sending an email. The number was not a working one and there was no reply to the email. I returned the item to Amazon and suggested that you reconsider your purchase from this seller. Have not had any other dealings with them. I was unable to use it and it looked okay, but I can't answer to the sturdiness.

👤Theflat top rests upside down while filling and hummingbird found it faster than any new feeders I've put up. The opening of the bottle is so narrow you need a bottle brush to clean it, and the base is not clip together, the top one is floating between the bottle and the lower base. It takes me more tries to get this one reassembled than the other 6 feeders combined.

👤There are 5 places for the hummingbird to drink from this hummingbird feeders. The colored glass is not painted. It's not a bright red but a reddish one. The black handle has a lot of room to hold a hook or shepherds hook. There is a standing place for the hummer's in the black metal bottom. Someone else said that they saw the birds fall backwards. This isn't the case with ours. Some sit and drink. I have seen 2 on at the same time. The bottle bottom has screws on it. I am hoping that the metal won't have a rust issue because it faces the sugar water. Due to hot temperatures, we need to change more often. If more than half full, another review said that theirs leaked. They probably didn't have the bottom screwed on correctly, as we have had no leaks, so this is not our experience. It will have to be reviewed again after it's been used to show that it's not rusting. Some reviews said they didn't have a problem with theirs. Some people said they did. The metal is strong. We boiled the water to make sure it would last longer or prevent a rust issue. Considering the price,hoping there is no rust issue.

10. More Birds Hummingbird Stations 20 Ounce

More Birds Hummingbird Stations 20 Ounce

There are seven brilliant colors. The container holds 20 fluid ounces of hummingbird nectar. Five flower-shaped feeding ports can accommodate multiple hummingbirds. The vintage bottle design has a burnt penny plastic base to extend the life of your feeders. Red is a hummingbird's favorite color, so it's important to attract more of them. They recommend washing your hummingbird feeders by hand. Don't put your food in the dishwasher.

Brand: More Birds

👤The hummers in our area don't like to share feeders, so I bought three of them. The birds like them but they have a manufacturing flaw that makes it hard to join the top and the glass jar. When the first one snapped off, I thought I had done something wrong, water too hot or bumped it, but when the second one did the same thing, I could see that they were just poorly made and weak at that joint. Life and Home, also known as More Birds, hides behind their 30 day limit on returns in spite of the fact that they are selling a faulty product.

👤Many people have reported a defect that causes the top of the feeder to detach. The manufacturer responded by putting a band aid on the problem. The hummingbird feeders arrived this week with a jury-rig. The zip-tie is attached to hold the top in place when the seal fails. This was without instructions or explanation. I read the reviews on Amazon and knew about it. When I ordered it, it took one or two days to be delivered, but the Amazon listing now says it will take one to two months. It makes sense that the manufacturer is trying to return with an improved design. They happily shipped faulty feeders with a quick and dirty patch because they didn't want to lose out on any revenue. There is no explanation for the white zip tie. I would have removed the problem if I had not read about it. More Birds Corporation is very classy.

👤I bought this a month ago. I washed it to make sure it was ready to refill it. The water was warm. I put the hummingbird solution in the container after taking it out of the refrigerator. The base of the jar broke off as I was about to attach the plastic pieces. The sink has glass in it. There is a sugar solution everywhere. What a mess. The glass can't hold up to mild thermal stress. Very disappointing. Don't waste your money.

👤We had about 4 hummingbirds a few months ago. They like the one we have the best. Check out the video. It's easy to clean, but you have to wait until it's completely empty to fill it.

👤I discovered a dangerous flaw after a few weeks of using it. There is a hollow "lip" on the inside of the glass feeder body that is needed to hold the wire in place. This is a design flaw because unless you are very careful when cleaning this part of the bottle, it will start to grow mold. The growth of mold is accelerated by warm days. I couldn't keep up with the mold growth inside the bottle when I changed the nectar every day or two. If there is a small amount of mold that you missed while cleaning the bottle, the fresh nectar will come into contact with it and make it potentially harmful for the hummingbirds. It makes the nectar go bad faster. It's not worth the risk of making the hummingbirds sick to use this feeder. This is going to have to be replaced with something with no interior areas that are very difficult to clean. If you're a crafter, you could fill the interior "lip" area with a food-safe epoxy resin and fill in the problem area. I might give it a try when I have time. The bottle will be replaced with a safer one for birds to drink from.

11. Sallia Hummingbird Feeders Outdoors Upgraded

Sallia Hummingbird Feeders Outdoors Upgraded

Holds up to 32 ounces of liquid. The plastic base of this feeder has four flower-shaped feeding ports, which can hold up to 28 ounces of nectar. It has a perch around the base where birds can rest as they feed and an upgraded rubber seal that prevents leaking. The design of the blown-glass reservoir features attractive yellow and red coloring that will draw in the hummingbirds. They like red and yellow more than any other color. The hummingbird feeders are individually blown and hand-made by a skilled craftsman. The jar is made of glass. This container is strong enough to hold the nectar. The bottle won't crack easily. Its bright red color can bring birds. The wide fill-mouth makes it easy to clean, and the feeding stations feature small red flower designs to attract the hummingbirds. The wide mouth seals the frame with a leakproof rubber O-ring and a wire perch. They provide a 1-year warranty on this hummingbird feeders. If there is a problem with their hummingbird feeders, please contact them to get a replacement or refund.

Brand: Sallia

👤I love it! Both Hummingbird and small finches like pretty. I had a cheap bird feeders that only hummingbird would stop by and it would not stay long but with this one, different birds would stop by and stay for a while.

👤I have used a variety of hummingbird feeders. This is my favorite. First of all, it's beautiful. It's a work of art that hangs from my house. It's very easy to clean. It holds over four cups of nectar. It seems like it would be vulnerable, but it's not. The hook is strong and the glass is thick. The rubber fitting that you can use to seal the hummingbird feeders is one of the reasons I like it. If you get too many bees at a later date, you will be grateful you still have them, because you don't need to use the bee guards. It has fewer places to drink from than most feeders. This location only has one bird dominating the entire feeders, so it's not a problem for me. If you need a lot of places to drink from, it might not be the right choice. I would recommend it to anyone who is on the fence. It would be a nice gift to other hummingbird fans.

👤Thank you for making a feeding port that is not made of metal. I threw out my last glass feeding port because it had a metal feeding port. I didn't want my hummingbirds drinking from a rusty feeders because of the metal base's signs of rust. It is my opinion that no metal base should be used in a hummingbird feeders. The feeder is easy to clean. Most times my hummingbirds sit on the little perches while drinking or just to rest. I love this feeder. Thank you for the quality and safe feeder.

👤The hummingbirds love it and fight over it. This is the best feeder I have ever purchased, it is easy to clean and fill, and I like the rubber seal on the bottom to keep it from leaking. It took me a while to figure out how to screw the bottom on so that the perch stays by the flower, but you just have to hold both parts at the same time. I will buy another one for my mother for her birthday. It is perfect.

👤The plastic feeder that goes on the bottom was ok. I contacted the seller but did not hear back. The glass part is nice, but useless without the feeder.

👤People complained about the plastic melting in the reviews. They were impatient and didn't wait for the hot sugar water to cool down. I waited until it was warm enough to pour. The recommended amount is 1 part sugar and 4 parts water, which is perfect for the size of this feeder. Within a day or two. The hummingbirds showed up. I was very excited. I love this thing. It is easy to clean. I use the same thing as you do for a humidifier, white vinegar and water, with a disposable mascara brush or a brush for my metal straws to clean the holes where the birds feed. To remove the vinegar, rinse well.


What is the best product for best hummingbird feeder glass?

Best hummingbird feeder glass products from Perky-pet. In this article about best hummingbird feeder glass you can see why people choose the product. Rezipo and Shrdaepe are also good brands to look for when you are finding best hummingbird feeder glass.

What are the best brands for best hummingbird feeder glass?

Perky-pet, Rezipo and Shrdaepe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best hummingbird feeder glass. Find the detail in this article. Perky-pet, Mekkapro and Perky-pet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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