Best Best Home Printer Scanner Copier Compact

Copier 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Canon Wireless Supertank Megatank 4468C002

Canon Wireless Supertank Megatank 4468C002

Get better range and more reliable connections using dual-band wi-fi with self-reset. The Canon Pixma Wireless Printer can help you with a wide range of tasks. You can get more done in your home office with the Canon TR8520, which prints stunning photos with its 5-ink system and can also copy, Scan and fax. It's easy to do everyday tasks with the ability to connect. The Canon photo printer can do a lot. You can print from virtually anywhere with wireless technology. The printer is connected to your network. Up to 15 ppm in black and up to 10 ppm in color can be printed.

Brand: Canon

👤The color prints of photos were pale and I was ready to throw this printer out the window. I've had bad prints from printers. I had to disabling the ICM for my PC running Windows 7, and another PC running Windows 10. This program is used by Windows to get the colors right for printers and other devices. It is not possible to turn it off. I've given you directions on how to find it. I have attached a photo of the box you need to find. You don't have to do it again once it's turned off. I attached a photo of my cat, printed before I disabled the ICM, and after I disabled it. I would give this printer a five star rating, but I'm not sure how to fix it. The steps to follow are listed here. Start printing. On the first page, select Options, when you get the "Print settings" pop-up box, you can choose the link "Printer properties" Under the photo printing section, select the size and paper type you want to use. Under the page setup tab, you can choose the page orientation, layout and size. Don't press OK yet. 5. Click the button at the bottom of the page to print it. All the options are not selected in the pop-up box. The only change you can make is to turn off ICM. A check mark will appear if you click on the little box. If you want to read more about this item, click the Help button. Since I made that change, prints are beautiful. Good luck!

👤I really care. This is an auto duplex printer. Has that maturity? I got the wrong answer after asking the question. I don't care if there are two sides of stethoscopes. I didn't buy a printer with the ADF. I was concerned about where the paper ended. It is not included in theRITE UP. I asked a question and was told the wrong answer. The bottom of the scalpel holds 350 sheets. Speciality papers like photo paper, card stock, and ENVELOPES are covered by the rear tarp. It won't stay open all the time. I wish people wouldn't answer questions if they didn't know. They are talking about something. I haven't used any of the other features yet. I didn't mention it. Canon already figured that out.

👤I may never know if it is a great printer after struggling to set it up for 5 hours. The setup process is the worst I've ever had. Automatic set up will not connect to your wi-fi because it doesn't know the password, and it won't allow you to enter the password. The keyboard on the printer doesn't allow you to write capital letters, so it's impossible to enter our password. It recommends connecting your computer to the printer with a cable that isn't provided. I'm sure I'll sort everything out once I find a cable, but it shouldn't be that hard. It's like the 90s all over again, not the simple intuitive set up that most of today's products provide.

2. Canon TS3520 Compact Wireless Printer

Canon TS3520 Compact Wireless Printer

You can get Original HP 67 Ink or HP Instant Ink Delivery Service, which will deliver your ink to your door at a lower price. The settings on the screen can be adjusted. It is possible to fit a design in either black or white. The quality of the document and photo print is great. It's easy to set up for a hassle-free printing experience. Load plain or photo paper with the REAR PAPER TRAY.

Brand: Canon

👤I'm sick of bad printers. The first modern printer that works with no issues was used. It was up and printing in 5 minutes. The back loaded paper tray is 1000 times better than flimsy bottom loaded trays.

👤The best way to get a laptop with Windows 10 is to download the setup and drivers from the Canon website. Follow instructions. Instructions will be used to setup a temporary login. Instructions for wired connection can be found on the Canon printer website. There is a Canon Printer Service is available for tablets and mobile devices. Then you need to setup a temporary network to connect to your own network. Hated the SETUP. It is not easy. They lied. The manual was useless. The download setup is more user friendly. App setup is horrible. It is very time consuming. Will make you crazy. The network for printing and the network for phone are separate. It's crazy. It would be easy.

👤I bought this printer yesterday and tried to install it, but was met with an error message from the start, I had to purchase windows 10 home,tech support notified me.

👤Wow. I didn't know printers were that bad. It took 4 minutes to print 2 pages. What? This is why it takes so long to print. I was willing to deal with the issue until I had to reestablish the connection. I was never able to connect it to my phone. Too much trouble. Not worth the hassle.

👤When I buy a new item, I need to send it into the cannon for service, because the box didn't work out.

👤We will be an awful printer. When activated remotely, it doesn't turn on. All the time, connections are loosened and restart. It doesn't work from the printer. If the time is right, scanning from the computer doesn't work very well. It was very annoying to set up.

👤I use this printer for shipping labels and connect it to my phone. I haven't been able to connect my phone to my laptop. Downloads from the Canon site did not work. I use my phone the majority of the time. Not bad for the price.

👤I am angry. I was very happy when I ordered this printer and I thought it was only 3 lbs, but it was important for me that it was only 10 bucks for each pound, because I am overseas and it costs me around 10 bucks for each pound. The printer weighed in at around 12 pounds, but I ended up paying more for it than I would have paid for a good printer. The quality is average.

3. HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Printer

HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Printer

6 months of instant ink with HP+ and you can print up to 700 pages a month. You never run out of ink. You will save up to 50% on ink if you cancel the monthly fee after 6 months. HP+ makes it easy to print from any device or app with advanced features. Requires an HP account, internet connection, and use of Original HP Ink for the life of the printer. Basic color documents are the best for printing. Print, copy and Scan in color, plus mobile and wireless printing. The HP Smart app can help you set up on any device. You can print, copy and Scan from your phone with the HP SMART APP. HP+ gives you advanced features for 24 months. Get better range and more reliable connections using dual-band wi-fi with self-reset.

Brand: Hp

👤The HP Ritual is flawed. The go-to page for setting up an account was not accessible. When I tried to set up an account with HP, I was not allowed to change my email address, so I used their Virtual Assistant, which had me going in circles for an hour, all the while refusing to connect me to a real person. I found an HP number, but the guy told me I had to sign in before they could talk to me. After 3 hours of trying to get my new printer to work, I packed it up and returned it. I don't like how HP spies on how I use my printers. Who knows what else they put in their nose. The change to Canon.

👤The seller and shipping were great, and the printer is junk. I had everything set up and was ready to go. The first thing I tried to print was bright blue. I found that the printer wouldn't work in black ink when I tried to fix it. The cartridge was new. I cleaned the printhead 5 times. It didn't help. I spent 90 minutes with HP's tech support and nothing helped. The copy function didn't work in that process. The picture shows that it only printed about 5% of the page it scanned. The HP tech told me to return the printer. I regret buying it.

👤I have had a printer for a couple of weeks. The printer was over priced but it was the lowest priced HP printer I could find. The HP Envy 4500 model lasted three years before I replaced it with the HP 2755e. The HP 2755e doesn't stay connected to the internet. The printer needs to be reset daily. I'm not sure what's causing the problem, but my other wireless products are still connected. I like the ink re-order plan of HP printers and they keep me from going to the Office Depot a lot. I would probably not use this ink plan for another printer brand. I wouldn't recommend the HP 2755e as a home printer.

👤Not compatible with Windows 10, they will not help you, so you might as well go with a diff printer or maybe an entire different brand. It is horrible. The quality is okay when it decides to print. Each time, there is one page per 2 hours of work. I was able to return outside of a typical window with a fee due to all the trouble HP gave and causing the window to return to close. It's the worst piece of equipment ever.

👤I had to reject some of the bad reviews after reading them. I was worried about purchasing because of the comments about connecting to the printer. I decided to take a chance because I am not allowed to spend a lot of money. It was a challenge to get my old laptop to work. I sell things on Poshmark. It is so easy to do it from my phone or wait to do it at work, because I am always having to print mailing labels. I own an Apple phone. I was prepared to spend the entire afternoon on tech support to get this thing going. It's easy! I downloaded the app, followed the directions in the box, and had the mailing label ready to go. I have the worst luck, so let's see if it keeps going smoothly. So far, it's been smooth and easy.

4. Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer

Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer

Fine hybrid ink system for detailed documents. The rear paper tray can be used to refill paper. The PixmaTS202 is a great size and can be used almost anywhere. OS compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7SP1; Mac 6 Mac OS X v10.10.5, macOS v10.12 (Sierra); ink compatibility: Ink tank & fill volume. 60 sheets of plain paper or 20 sheets of 4 x 6 / 10 sheets of 5 x 7 photo paper can be put in the rear paper tray.

Brand: Canon

👤I don't know the print quality because I'm not able to install the printer. It's necessary to set up the printer without theusb cable. I'm so angry. The instructions for the printer tell you to use the cable found in the pack with the instructions, but the box tells you that it's not included.

👤The Canon Pixma MG7120 stopped printing, but still scans. I didn't need the feature. All I needed was to print it. My need was filled perfectly by this. Yesterday it arrived. I did the set up with the included CD. It does not come with ausb port. I used the other printer. You can get them for less at Amazon. The only things this printer has is a printer. It prints very well. The text is sharper than the expensive one. I printed an 8 x 10 photo on Canon Pro Luster photo paper, which is a matt photo paper with a bit of glossiness to it. I set it to print on paper because it didn't want to print when I chose to use any of the photo paper options. I loaded the photo paper and it printed the photo out beautifully. If you don't need a printer, I would recommend this one. I don't need to copy because the scanner on my other Canon works. I only use printing for my own needs.

👤It is a bit noisy due to the fact that it is lightweight, but so far it does the job. I didn't expect much from the printer, but it's much faster than my old one. Will return to edit, but cannot comment on ink usage yet. The copies are clean. I needed a new printer in a hurry and this one was priced right, so I didn't invest in a combo yet.

👤It was easy to set up and I like that it's not wireless. I was discouraged from all the bad reviews but I want to try it out.

👤It does what it says and it's ok. You're paying $30 for a printer so you can't expect much. When it prints, it takes up more desk space than I thought. I had to replace the ink. I wasn't printing anything heavy. If you have to, you can either get another printer or buy a set of ink to use. The ink was barely half full when I received it. I ran out of ink and the printer refused to print even when a small amount remained in the container, so I stopped using it for a few days. Thanks Canon. #sarcasm

👤It's easy to install. Took me a while. Did not use the disk. It's easier to plug and play. The paper looks good. I don't print a lot. I need to print stuff occasionally. She is a little noisy. My last printer was an HP 1512 all-in-one and it lasted 3 years before she bought the farm. This is a basic printer. It works for me.

👤It wouldn't print anything because it didn't set up properly. I returned it the same day I received it. When I spoke to a person at Amazon, she said that it was delivered by USPS. I had to drive out of my way to return to the store where the returns had to go. I spoke to a kind man in the Electronics Dept and he showed me the printer he owned. I bought it right away. I set it up quickly and it made copies and was printed from my computer. The INK is not a printer. The printer cost $35. The Canon combo savings pack costs $53. The man at Walmart said the best Canon ink was black and one color. The amount of copies that the printer will make is dependent on the Cartridges that came with it. I am surprised that Amazon doesn't carry this computer. They sell Canon ink, not the printer. Sometimes Wal-mart is better than Amazon, who sometimes treats its employees and clients poorly. The printer and ink cost less than $100 dollars. Cheap ink replacements make the printers crash before their time, so I recommend Canon ink. The man at Walmart told me that HP printers are the worst and to avoid them at all costs. I have had Canon personal printers for over 20 years and they seem to last a few years, so hopefully this will be my last.

5. Epson Expression XP 5100 Wireless Printer

Epson Expression XP 5100 Wireless Printer

When the printer is powered down, the output tray will automatically extend, even if you press Print. The low energy version of the wireless communication device, called the "BLE", is known as the "low energy" version. The printer is designed for use with only the original Epson ink. It is possible that the Cartridges described as compatible, re- refilled, and refillable may not work at all. See the product description for more details. Save time and paper with auto 2-sided printing. Fast print speeds up to 14 ISO ppm and 7. 5 ISO ppm are available. You can print stacks of documents with a 150-sheet tray. It is easy to print, copy or Scan with the 2. 4 color display. No network is required for printing from your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Brand: Epson

👤I bought this printer to use at home. The issue is that you can't print when the cartridge isn't full, but it's nice that you can. I ran out of black ink after a few printings, but ordered another and replaced it. I know I can't print without color ink. Even if I change it to black and white only printing. I'm not buying color ink to print black and white since I never printed in color with this. Guess it's a scanning device now. It's a word. If you want to print black and white, you have to buy color ink. It runs out of ink fast. Money and time are wasted.

👤The printer has a capacity of about ten percent of its original capacity, and it keeps saying that the printer is low in ink. Unless it is printing the alignment check page, it won't print any color.

👤I have had a printer for several years and finally had to replace it. I bought the Expression Home after a lot of research. It was not set up on my wireless network. I had to add it to my approved apps. Business cards, graphs, pictures, and more are all printed. I love it! Another reviewer had said that you should buy a new printer because the old one doesn't last long.

👤It didn't work. The black ink didn't show up at all and you can't see the color. It's on its way back.

👤I have always had an Epson printer, and this one is great. It was easy to set up. The copies are clear and fast. It's perfect for small spaces. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap printer.

👤I was able to fix the printer in a few seconds after it jammed. Since then, it has not jammed. I like this epson because it's small and fits where I want it to be. The job I expect printing to do is what its performance is about. This is my third epson. I am having trouble with the machine. I couldn't enlarge my picture to the size I wanted because I saved one of my pictures. I am using a process to get the picture size. I am still learning about the printer.

👤I was disappointed when I purchased the printer. It was difficult to set up the printer and the internet connection on my computer. The price for an All-in-One Printer is good, however the mechanisms to use the printer are outdated. I've had many printers in the past and I rate theEpson Xp-5100 at the least in features and use. I returned the printer because it didn't work as it should have and I was sent another one by the manufacturer. Don't buy this printer!

👤I ordered this product in the spring to help print off information for my track practices. This was going to be perfect for me, as I am the head boys coach at the local middle school. I didn't get a piece of paper to print correctly. I bought new ink, but it didn't work, so I called again. They told me to try the more expensive cartiage. A chunk of my track check went out the window as I was $300 in the hole from this printer. Thanks for the thanks.

6. HP DeskJet Wireless Printing 8RK11A

HP DeskJet Wireless Printing 8RK11A

OS Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7SP1, Windows VistaSP1, Windows XPSP3 32-bit and Mac. This printer is made from up to 20% recycled plastic and is all-in-one versatile. This printer is made from up to 20% recycled plastic and is all-in-one versatile. Get started quickly with easy setup that guides you, step by step, and you can connect to the HP Smart app to share your printer across all your devices. With dual-band wi-fi with self-reset, you can get better range and more reliable connections, plus, you can start printing quickly. Quality is what you can count on, original HP ink can deliver sharp text and vibrant graphics for all your documents and photos. High-yield cartridges have a better value for printing. You can get Original HP 67 Ink or HP Instant Ink Delivery Service, which will deliver your ink to your door at a lower price.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤Once it is working, the printer is ok. The setup is hard to set up. It is even harder to setup when it is disconnected from the internet. You don't know why the buttons are flashing. You try to get the information sheet. It is a mess. I am still enjoying using the printer. The internet still gets silly but I love it. You can fax from your phone.

👤Had to buy new ink after opening the package. There is a discount. Hard to setup the tech support. If I need more help, I'll get 15 dollars.

👤There were no instructions for the product. Two days to connect to the network. Go through the manufacturer if you spend the money.

👤I called tech support and they wanted another $100 to fix it, but they weren't sure if they could.

👤It's a great printer for home, but not able to make several copies at once, so it's not worth it. This is a great value for the price. The ink isn't very expensive. You think you could just buy another printer. The quality and ease of set up is worth the money.

👤I have never bought a printer online. The ink was black and color. I was like, so far so good. I spend 3-4 hours trying to get it to connect to my computer after I plug it in. It's AWFUL. The HP Smart app only prints out papers the size of your device, so I used my Iphone 11. The paper would be printed out as the screen size of my phone. After trying with a port, it never connected to my laptop. I.P address said it was not registered. Not found. Several friends tried to help me. I was lucky to have another friend who was giving away their old printer. I give this printer a one star because I am enamored with it. Total waste of money.

👤I had trouble putting the computer online with the code. I went for help and lost them, but tried again. You can use your phone to print from the printer when you are on the same network.

👤I use a printer for set up for small jobs and it was not bad. I needed to watch the video on how to set it up. Set up works well. If you do a lot of color printing, you use a lot of ink. So be aware.

7. Canon TR4520 Wireless Printer Printing

Canon TR4520 Wireless Printer Printing

You can use your phone to quickly and easily set up your printer and print from your device. It's easy to see why Pixma printers are so easy to use. There is a technology for connecting to the internet. The printer technology is Inkjet. Fire OS is a mobile operating system. Dash Replenishment will save you 10 percentage on all ink reorders, and you can Cancel anytime. Works with ALEXA. To set up, say "Alexa, discover my printer" and then ask to print your shopping list, to-do list, crosswords, coloring pages, and more. Restrictions may apply, and you can save 10 percentage on all ink or toner smart reorders.

Brand: Canon

👤I was skeptical of getting this printer because of all the bad reviews. I am so happy I purchased this printer. I use it to print artwork for my shop and the quality is great. This printer has many different features, from fax, scanning, copying, and so on. The wireless aspect of it is great. It makes for less cord on my floor. The wireless connection part of the printer was the worst part, but I was able to set my printer up quickly. You just have to know how to use technology. The latest driver for the printer can be downloaded from Canon's website. It helped me a lot. The printer was connected to my computer without any issues. My iPad was connected to it. Ignore the reviews and go for it. I have had a great experience with this printer. Highly recommend it!

👤I've been a fan of Canon printers for almost 20 years and most of them have been wonderful. This one... Less so. Canon used to have separate color tanks, one of their differentiating features. The only Canon printers that don't work this way are their ultraportables. You get a black and tri-color combo. If you use up all of your cyan when you print links, you'll have to replace the blue one. The tricolor tank is 25% of the printer's MSRP. Canon is selling this printer for 40% off its retail price. The front panel is where the replacement of the cartridges is done, unlike most Canon printers where it is through the hood. It's hard to see, and it's not very easy to remove it. The old panel won't help here. If you don't have the right ones, it will spit out a cryptic error number for you to look up. The printer still fails once it is set up. Print output is not very good. I was surprised they called it a PIXMA, instead of giving it a different branding. It's fine for small projects, but the quality isn't close to what I'd use for a presentation, and you'll burn through the tricolor ink so quickly, nobody who values time or money would ever use this for printing more than one or two photos a year Another disappointment is the lack of internet. Canon refuses to acknowledge that 5 GHz wireless networks exist. If you aren't running dual-band, you can't use this printer on a wireless network. Can anyone honestly say that they've seen a bad scanner in the past decade or so, when you're shopping for a Scan quality is fine? The build quality is terrible. I think it's a decent printer for that price, since so many places are selling it for 40% off right now. You can get a printer for your child to print out school reports or for your grandmother to print out her e-mail. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone else.

👤You are not looking at this printer because you have a special job. You need to get a piece of paper and put your screen on it so that you can turn it over. You've found it. The printer that checks the box prints color, black and white. No one outside of the photography business will be aware of an emergency photo on glossy paper. Want to know why I'm here? I'm here because when the Cyan is empty, the black and white will not be printed. I found a printer for $50. I was not going to spend that amount to refill my black+color emery ink cartridges, I was not sure what it was for the endearing reader of this review. I don't know if the printer will print in black and white with a depleted color cartridge. I have had cannon printers before. When black ran out, I was able to print my documents in color. I'll let you know when the time comes. Let's boil it down. If you want an Office printer, get any Laser Printer and you'll be fine. It gets the job done quickly and reliably.

8. Canon MG3620 Wireless Printer Printing

Canon MG3620 Wireless Printer Printing

You can print from your mobile device. The setup is quick and easy. Airprint, Canon Print, and Mopria are some of the powerful printing options. The design is compact and space-saving. Print on both sides of the page. The form factor is Print, copy, and Scan. The max print speed is 16.

Brand: Canon

👤JUNK! The reviews should have been listened to. I was prepared for the fact that the initial setup wouldn't connect, based on the reviews. I used the cable twice before it stopped connecting. I tried to use it again today but it wouldn't print because it kept saying it was out of paper. The entire stack was pulled in when I got the paper feed. It is jammed. JUNK!

👤We are living in a bedroom with our daughter. We are looking for a house and our daughter has no printer. We needed a printer and a scanner after we arrived. The Canon Office and Business are owned by us. It is in storage. I didn't need a heavy duty printer so I bought this one. The purchase was fine but noisy. It became a group effort after it stopped feeding paper alone. I put a bit of pressure on the paper as I walked over to the printer. No problem. It decided to feed 20 sheets at once. There was a big jam. It took a while to clear that. No problem. The print was blurry, double lines, and a mess when I went to print today. When I open the Canon maintenance area, I select "Print Head Alignment" and it goes away, then stops, then shuts off. I took a break, unplugged and started again. I cleaned the heads and tried again, but the print head alignment said it couldn't continue, so I put it in the scanner. The procedure for cleaning the head was printed on the page. There is a lot of noise. I started computers in the days of DOS 5. The printer took at least 2 hours of my time. This one is for you if you like wasting a lot of time on the printer. I wouldn't buy this if I could go back.

👤I thought this printer would be good enough for a student, but it turned out to be better than my old one. Good snapshots on photo paper can be used when needed. Everything I need in a compact printer is at less than forty bucks. Yes. They always charge you more for replacement ink. I don't print that much. The setup was easy for me, but I can see where some low-tech people might be frustrated because the instructions aren't user-friendly. All I had to do was install the app on my iPad and follow the instructions. Everyone can print with no problem with our permanent setup, which is wireless with a variety of devices. If you anticipate situations where wireless isn't an option, buy a cable for direct connection. I have had issues with connecting other brands of printers before, so I am aware that some people might have problems with this one, but I got lucky with installation. There are some annoyances. The paper tray isn't completely enclosed, it hangs out the front, and dust-o-phobes could only load paper when they were ready to print. You have to use an app or online to get a paper manual for error messages. If the power cord jiggles loose, you can't really reach around to get it back in. The printer makes weird noises before and after printing. I haven't read about any of the issues in other reviews. I don't usually have paper jams, but I do sometimes have single sheets or a few. When a job is sent, the printer wakes up. The use of black and color ink is better than the use of my Epson. Other printers have dropped off my wireless home network. There are no major complaints yet. I knocked off another star because it is very hard to deal with problems when they do occur. Since there is no display screen on the printer itself, you have to rely on the app and online manual to decipher the flashes/error. Canon should have at least a small display screen for numerical codes to show so you can easily look them up, or have the app check status and then specifically say what the problem is. This printer isn't a good choice for people who want simple printing. The printer has been great, but it's too bad. I originally intended to send this printer to college with my kid, but now I'm keeping it at home and researching other options, so I don't have to get late-night tech support calls!

9. Canon MG2525 Inkjet Printer Scanner

Canon MG2525 Inkjet Printer Scanner

The Pixma MG2525 is an all in one printer that has all the right features and is just the right size. The paper sizes are 4 x 6, 5 x 7, Legal. The all in one printer is affordable. OS Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7SP1, Windows VistaSP1, Windows XPSP3 32-bit and Mac.

Brand: Canon

👤There is one review that is wrong and a question that is answered wrong. This printer doesn't need internet or a modem. The person is reviewing the wrong product. I hate Printers that need to be connected to the internet, so I get his frustration, but he's totally reviewing the wrong product. The internet is not required for the PIXMA MG2525. There is not a wireless option. Someone asked if this prints envelopes. That is not true, they said no. It does! Most expensive printers are slow to print envelopes, so I only use this printer to print envelopes. The cheap printers that grab them from the back are my trick for envelope printing.

👤I made it clear at the store where I bought the machine that I didn't want to be connected to the internet since I would use it to do taxes, scans, and other things. I was assured that I only needed to connect it. They told me that I would not be able to get new ink as needed, which was a selling point of the machine. I told them I didn't care, that I didn't want a link to the internet, and that the item was cheap. The ink was not an issue. I used it for about a month, but then I used the machine. I was told that it would no longer function. Why? I didn't hook it up to the internet. When you buy something from the company that makes it, they have complete control over it and if you don't follow their instructions, they will shut it down.

👤I bought an all-in-one printer for less than $50. It accepts both regular paper and card stock. It takes up very little space, is easy to set up, and produces a quality image. It plugs into any port on the computer. In the event that I run out, I purchased black and color recycled cartridges online. I have had a good experience with recycled and new toners. This Canon printer is very good.

👤It is a good printer, especially for the price. The printer is not wireless and the cable for it is not in the box. Make sure you pick up one of the readily available ones before purchasing this. I was able to locate this cable from my previous printer. The box has color and black/white ink in it, which is a huge plus. I would recommend others to try it because everything is in order.

👤I don't have any real issues with the printer yet, but I want to warn anyone that buys it to be careful where they download the drivers from. You have to go online to get the cdroms on most laptops. I should have been suspicious immediately, instead of a booklet or quality sheet with a cannon logo, it was very cheap paper with no cannon logo on it, that told me to go to a website. I would include the URL if I threw it out. I typed the URL into the URL bar, and no page came up, but on the search results page, there was an almost identical URL with the heading "Cannon drivers". I didn't pay much attention until I saw the URL and realized it was the driver download page for my model. I should have known better, the page said cannon in regular type, not the logo, and it was poorly designed. I hit download when I wasn't thinking. I was getting an error that I needed to call a number. I called the number and it was obvious that it was an attempt to hack into my laptop. The man said that the error meant that I had a virus on my network and that he could fix it. This is a common scam where hackers get your information and then get you to download software that will allow them to take over. I went back to the paper and checked the URL multiple times, but it didn't work. I don't think cannon would take down a page that had its printer drivers because I don't know how the paper got into the box. The cannon website was where I found the right page. There is a fake cannon driver site aimed at hacking into people's laptops, but I didn't catch it earlier. Please be careful.

10. Canon PIXMA TR4527 Wireless Printer

Canon PIXMA TR4527 Wireless Printer

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows VistaSP1, VistaSP2, Windows server 2012 R218, Windows server 2008 R218 are computer operating systems. The printing of workplace documents is easy with a inkjet printer. All your office tasks can be handled with ease with the Print, Scan, fax, and copy functions. Black prints are generated at 8. The color prints are at 4. 4 parts per million. Usb and 802. Both wired and wireless options are available with 11B/g/N capabilities. A 1200dpi and a black one. 600 x 1200dpi scans and print resolution quality.

Brand: Canon

👤The reviews should be read. Do not deposit your money on this cannon. Go with another company if you want to. I wish the instructions manual was more helpful because I am not that techavy. You have to download an app on your phone to use it. The set up is okay. If you have a problem, they are not able to help you. The paper is printed all the time. I was able to pull out the first 3 papers, but now the paper is jammed and I can't reach it. The fax is also annoying. It doesn't tell you if it arrived. I'm annoyed by this. I went with the reviews that said they had a good experience. A waist of money.

👤I rarely write reviews but I want to warn others because I am so frustrated with this printer. I have to restart my computer every time I try to print because the printer is unplugged at the power source. This is not necessary. I bought this printer at my brother's recommendation, but I will never buy a Canon device again.

👤This is the worst resolution printing ever. The resolution is not as described. The tray feed and start button are garbage. Returning.

👤The ink on the cannon printers is cheap. I check this before I buy, but I didn't this time. The printer is easy to install. The display is small and dark, and the ink replacement is more expensive than in the past, but I like all of them.

👤I have had a Canon printer for a long time. When the old model wore out, I bought this new one. It took hours of phone calls and trial and error before I was able to connect it to our laptops. I don't like the bottom of the paper tray. The old one fed from the back. The paper will not feed until you play with it for a while, if the tray is bumped or moved. The old model was certainly not an improvement. It works fine once you connect it and the paper is fed.

👤The printer does a great job. The ink does not last long. My biggest project is making a calendar. I ran off 22 of them. It would cost me about $100 to use my old Canon printer. This year it's almost $300. The ink is hard to find.

👤I got this for a cheap price so I don't have a lot of skin on my back. This uses a lot of ink. The paper gets jammed if it is off by a short time. I am good at fixing things, but this could make someone else not want to do it. It is very delicate. You could break it and move it around. I love canon and you can find a better printer somewhere else.

👤Please don't buy this printer. I needed a printer asap and saw that it was cheap. After I tried to register the product with the model number on the printer, I found out that it was a product of Canada, not the box. It came out wet like it used too much ink if I tried to print a photo or schoolwork with colored ink. The ink doesn't last long. I have to pay another$40 for another set of ink cartilages, which is over $100 a montj for ink alone. I will be buying a new printer soon.

11. HP 3755 Wireless Printing Replenishment

HP 3755 Wireless Printing Replenishment

Refer to the PDF attached for the Technical Specification for Specification Sheet and User Guide. The main functions of the HP DeskJet 3755 are copy, scanning, wireless printing, AirPrint, and Instant Ink ready so you'll never run out of ink. The HP Smart app allows you to easily set up your printer, print from the cloud, and Scan from your phone, all from the palm of your hand. You can get your first 4 months free when you enroll in HP Instant Ink during the printer set up, and you can also get a 0.99 dollar per month plan after the trial period. The world's smallest all-in-one for home is designed to fit your space and life, and it has a vibrant blue color. OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X v10.9 Mavericks, OS X v10.10 Yosemite are compatible operating systems. HP Scroll Scan is an easy way to handle most scans from plain paper. The ultra compact all-in-one is designed to fit where you need it. There are various sizes of paper from 3x5 in to 8.5x14 in, including letter, legal, 4x6 in, 5x7 in, 8x10 in and No 10 envelopes. There is a one-year limited hardware warranty.

Brand: Hp

👤The product looks great, but it's only good if you buy more because it will waste your ink. I can't figure out how to stop the printer from printing a page with an update after my computer downloads an automatic update, instead of sending me an email or a notification on my computer, it prints the update... waste of ink and paper. If there is an issue with the printer, instead of communicating it to you on your computer, it makes you print an info page in color, to know the issue, again, why are we being forced to print instead of receiving this information via email or notification? I was forced to print again because of an issue that I received a notification about. Does HP think we're smart enough to know that they're wasting ink? I've only had this computer for a day or two, but I've already had to print 10 pages of things which have eaten into my ink stores. Unless HP can offer a solution, I will return.

👤If you want this printer for wireless connection, you should run away from something else. I will spare you the details of the hours I spent with HP's useless instructions, trying to fix the problem, and trying other solutions to no avail. The short version is here. The printer was connected to my internet. It was supposed to print out a claim code, but instead it printed out a sheet of instructions. I followed 888-739-5110 There are no instructions on how to overcome that. I turned off my computer. The website of HP was not helpful. They don't have tech support. The automated "chat" is a loop. I enlisted my husband to help me with a computer and web browser if I needed it. Same results. I used theusb connection to get it to print. I bought the printer for its wireless capabilities. I will return it. Major failure. If you find my review helpful, I would appreciate if you would click theHelpful button. Thank you so much for reading! Liz is a woman.

👤It was a problem from the first time you opened the box. The printer wouldn't connect to a 5G network, which I use for my home computer. If I want to print, I had to switch my home computer to another network. The printer had a hard time finding my network. It took about a half a dozen times. The color ink cartridge that was included with the computer didn't work after the issues were solved. Spending at least 20 minutes on the phone with HP support with someone who doesn't speak English is the next step. .... I was told to buy a new color cartridge after a 30 minute call. When I told the person that I didn't want to buy a new $25 color printer when I had just bought one, they told me that it was because they didn't know if the printer was good or bad. That was HP's help. I will not buy an HP product in the future because of that crappy customer service. I had the printer less than 2 hours before I had to return it. I want to print out some documents over my home network. I didn't think that would be a problem.


What is the best product for best home printer scanner copier compact?

Best home printer scanner copier compact products from Canon. In this article about best home printer scanner copier compact you can see why people choose the product. Hp and Epson are also good brands to look for when you are finding best home printer scanner copier compact.

What are the best brands for best home printer scanner copier compact?

Canon, Hp and Epson are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best home printer scanner copier compact. Find the detail in this article.

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