Best Best Hiking Boots for Women Summer

Women 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Merrell Siren Edge Rock Bluestone

Merrell Siren Edge Rock Bluestone

The lace is traditional. The tongue keeps out debris. The mesh lining is Breathable. The base of the Kinetic Fit isremovable.

Brand: Merrell

👤I've been looking for the perfect shoes for a long time. Every shoe was uncomfortable, cheap, and didn't fit right. I don't want something that will stand out, I love the black and purple color. I have been searching for a long time for a shoe that would fit my foot. There was no break needed. I have high arches and my feet ache at the end of 1 hour walking but no longer. I was skeptical about spending this amount of money on shoes that I could not try on first. I have become a believer in the Merrell brand.

👤My review will be upgraded to 5 stars. They are more supportive than Moab. They are much lighter and make my hiking experiences more enjoyable. I have been wearing power step insoles for years in my everyday shoes. I shop in these shoes when I walk, hike, bike, and hike. I expect a lot from this Merrell, especially the wide-width options. I avoid leather since I am now vegan. The Siren are at least 1/2 inch narrower than the Moab 6W. They are snugger than Moab. I like that they are less bulky and lighter than Moab, but still have the same supportive, protective sole. I need a good sole to relieve the pain in my feet. They will do it.

👤I decided to give them a chance despite the fact that they felt weird around my heel. I wore them around the house for a day and then went on several hikes in a row. They hold my foot in place and have great traction. No need for a break-in. I don't think you can expect hiking shoes to be as good as they are. Love the colors!

👤I'm a big fan of Merrell. They make hiking shoes that are comfortable and functional. I'm a size 9 in most shoe brands, from casual flats to hiking boots. My hikers are a size 9. The tips of my toes are touched by these. They were returned for a 9.5. The model is a lot lighter due to the center material surrounding the foot. This is an incredibly lightweight and functional model for mild to moderate difficulty hikes, so if you want a stiffer upper, go for a different model. The traction on these is achieved by the Vibram sole, which is not the highest, and not the highest on these. You can check out other models if you want more traction. These are light and stylish, but capable of being used as a street shoe, and also as hikers, especially in the more expensive waterproof model. I haven't tried them in cold weather, but they seem to be most suited for warm weather hikes. Great way to vent.

👤The color and fit of the product were not right for me. When I ordered this product, I assumed it was from Amazon in the United States. When I want to return these shoes, I have to send them via mail. I have to pay postage to the Netherlands. I am less inclined to order other products from Amazon.

2. Targhee Cascade Golden Yellow Hiking

Targhee Cascade Golden Yellow Hiking

KEEN.DRY is a waterproof, breathable membrane that lets water out without letting it in. The KEEN ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole provides high-traction grip in muddy environments and on rocky surfaces, while the non-marking rubber outsoles leaves no trace when walking indoors. External stability shanks offer lightweight support for improved mobility and control on even surfaces, a cushion collar reduces irritation and a mesh lining helps keep feet cool in warmer environments. The fit and corset are related. The internal support mechanism is designed to provide excellent arch support and cradle the original form of the foot; this style runs a 1/2 size small and they suggest ordering a 1/2 size larger than your usual size. To treat wear and tear on lighter color leathers, they recommend using a leather cleaner and conditioner, found at most footwear dealers and shoe repair shops.

Brand: Keen

👤Where have you gone? I have been buying Keen's for years and this is my 4th pair. I wear them 40 to 50 hours a week walking on concrete because they are built poorly. I think we can call it Globalization because of something that happened to my beloved Keen. When I ordered my new pair, I simply rearranged my previous order. I could not even get them on when they arrived. I wear a size 13 and they were about a half inch shorter. I held them up to my old shoes sole and the toe did not come close. So disappointed. Most of the Keens are made in China, but a few are made in Oregon. The shoe lace loop broke the first time I put them on, but they were the proper size, but that was over 2 years ago. I ordered a size 14 after returning them. They are narrow, but they fit. The wide toe is supposed to give a comfortable fit, but these are so narrow that I don't think I'll be able to keep them. I've heard horror stories about the sole being cut rate, but that doesn't seem to be the case with these. Arch support is still good, but it's much to narrow for a shoe that used to pride itself on its comfort. Amazon was fantastic, but they don't seem to differentiate between made in USA and China. You can find out which shoes are still made in the USA and which are not by reading the return policy. If you're afraid that you may have to wear your shoes for a month or two to have them break, you may want to check out REI. You can buy them in the USA. It's sad but I might have to say goodbye to him.

👤This pair was bought in July and no one complained about size, fit, color, or style. I put them aside after a month of wearing them. They were brought to Nepal for my Annapurna Base Camp trek. The trek is relatively easy, no climbing, no extreme terrain, and yet, the sole became unglued from both sides on the first day. I brought with me some plastic glue, which I used to glue them back together. I had to walk gingerly for 8 hours a day, terrified that they would fall apart. I was away from civilization for days without any way to repair or replace them. They had to be re-glued every night. On the last day back to town, I'd have to walk bare foot because of my cheap flip flop. Better quality control is needed. It was sad and angry.

👤I've been a fan of Keen for a long time. Over the years, I've had a number of pairs. I've loved them all but now. The Targhee IIs are completely different in fit, feel, and construction than the last 3 pairs I've had. They're not made in Oregon anymore, but they're made in Thailand. I have wide feet and have always had a great fit with these, now they're almost a size too small and far too narrow. It was very uncomfortable, but I could put them on and be good to go. I'm so sorry to see that they lost the quality and fit that they used to have. It's time to start looking for a new brand. They are going back.

3. Columbia Crestwood Waterproof Truffle Regular

Columbia Crestwood Waterproof Truffle Regular

The shaft is from the arch. It's called OMNI-GRIP. The multi-terrain traction system matches compounds and treads to environments. Solid footing is ensured on ice and snow with a dual-zone winter tread pattern. There areANDY features. The waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction of this boot makes it comfortable and worry-free to savesay is comfortable and worry-free savesay is waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction There are adjusted features. The lace-up closure of the Crestwood Mid waterproof hiking boot allows for a secure fit.

Brand: Columbia

👤They fit the bill. It's fine now, but in the beginning it was bothering me, but it's normal now. It's a 4 star, but they are not waterproof. I wasn't walking in the rain. My socks were wet, but only on wet grass. A perfect place... It was ripped after 2 months. Won't buy again.

👤Hiker botas para hiking. Tal dicen las opiniones. Mi talla normal, me toco cambiarlas porque se sentan estrechas. Compre el color café con cordones, tienes de hermosas, buen material, and adems de ello son cmodas. No, he inconvenientes. Resisten el agua, lodo, no tienes metas, ya por dentro obviamente se humedecen. Las volvera a comprar.

👤I bought for my sister. She is a size 7 and has very narrow feet. I ordered size 8 and they were too small. We don't have time to wait for a return and reorder, so we probably would be a better fit for 8.5.

👤Absolutely love these boots. They are comfortable. It's super lightweight. I wore them for the first time on a hike and was able to jog in them without any problems. I usually wear a size 7.5 but bought a 8 because I wear thick socks during hikes. It was a perfect fit. Will buy again.

👤The boots are great! I love them, they feel great, and light! I had to return the size I ordered because it was too small. I ordered a half size bigger and they fit better.

👤The shoes are heavy. I thought they would be lighter.

👤I love these! It was comfortable, warm, and waterproof. I have tried them on two muddy, wet walks through the creek hikes and so far they are great.

👤The boots were a perfect fit. My feet were protected on the snowy hike. I did not have any issues with blisters or rubbing. I highly recommend them.

4. KEEN Terradora Magnet Ocean Wave

KEEN Terradora Magnet Ocean Wave

The shaft is from the arch. The opening of the boot is around 5 inches. KEEN.DRY is a waterproof, breathable membrane that provides a waterproof without sacrificing comfort. 4 millimeter multi-directional lugs for increased traction on and off the trails, and KEEN.ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole for higher-traction grip when you need it Support and comfort are offered by the Breathable mesh lining and the dual-density EVA footbed with arch support.

Brand: Keen

👤I love these boots! I wore them for the first time when I hiked the Green Mountains in Vermont. They held up well and were comfortable right away. I have long feet. They didn't bother me at all. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤Absolutely love these shoes. I work for the post office so I need waterproof clothing. I no longer have sore feet. I forget to take them off when I get home because they are so comfortable. It was perfect!

👤I bought these to replace my first generation Terradora hiking shoes which have held up for 3 years. I was excited to try the new Terradora 2's. The regular wider width KEEN was changed to a more narrow width in this shoe. The Terradora 1's were excellent, but the Terradora 2's are tight both width and length. My first pair was 8.5. I am exchanging these for a size 9 and hoping that will work. The 9's were much better for toe spread, but after walking up and down the stairs in my house I realized they felt clunky, not a lot, but, enough to make me feel uncomfortable to wear this shoe on slippery rocks. I returned the 9's because I didn't want to hike in what felt like a gym. I found two pairs of the old Terradora at two different stores. You backtracked with this shoe!

👤I have short feet. I like the amount of room for toe movement. The boot was great for me. I have run for a mile in these boots. I have also hiked in them. They don't hurt or rub me. If you want your feet to have a little breathing room, tie them a little loose. This works for my feet. Everyone is different. My new go to are flexible, slender feet.

👤The right foot boot created pain in the toe box and on the outside of my big toe when I wore it. There is a stitch that rubs my toe the wrong way. I ordered an 8.5 in the boots and they were delivered today. I'll see if a larger boot fit will help the pain. I am a fan of the boots. Service was great for the pair. The larger boot did the trick.

👤These are high quality boots. When my wife received them as a birthday gift, I was not disappointed. She was very appreciative of the boots, she made her appreciation known to me that evening. My wife is deserving of nice things.

👤I wore them for the first time on a 6 mile hike on The Crow Hill Ledges and they felt great, no problems with pressure spots or tightness in the toe area. The boot is very comfortable. I would recommend them to friends.

👤I have an earlier version of the KEEN Terradora boot. It is comfortable. I needed a brown hiking boot. I wanted the same style, but it wasn't available. I got these boots in the canteen using the Prime Wardrobe. The mesh looks pink on my screen, so I was not sure about the color. I found the same boots online from many different vendors. The boot did not look pink in any of their pictures. I took the chance and the boots are brown. The heel pad is dull and darker than it looks on the internet. The best thing about these boots is their arch support. It's more comfortable than the one in my boots. I hope that their promise of "long- lasting comfort and support" comes true on my travels next fall, assuming that actually happens. I wear a size 10.

5. Clorts Leather Waterproof Backpacking HKM 823F

Clorts Leather Waterproof Backpacking HKM 823F

Waterproof and fireproof. Clorts women hiking boots are made for hiking on rocky terrain. The Uneebtex waterproof, breathable, impermeable membrane protects your feet from the elements and keeps them dry. Clorts Hike technology keeps your foot stable. It's convenient and light. The mid-cut height increases ankle support. The leather and mesh upper is very strong. The mesh lining has a great feel. The tongue and collar are padded. A snug fit is offered by the lace-up closure. It is easy to enter with the help of the Heel pull. No one broke in. It's easy to walk in. The Clorts women hiking boot has all-day comfort and support. The shank is for lightweight stability. There is a protective toe cap. A spring is put in your step with theremovable dual-density sockliner. The eva footbed has heel and arch support. Stable comfort is provided by the EVA midsole. Clorts is a high- performance outsole. Clorts hiking boots have a structure for long distance endeavors. There is a description of the situation. It's ideal for hiking, backpacking trip, trekking, rocky trail, camping outdoor sports, urban leisure, city walking, travelling and day hikes. It is also great for daily wear and work boots. Clorts hiking boot is a great choice for a fun day on the trail. Before placing an order, please measure your foot length.

Brand: Clorts

👤I bought these for my trip. I hiked 7 miles a day over rocky, icy terrain. The weather was rainy and snowy. The lava cave was great because of the shoes. The cave was wet and the entrance was steep. I did not fall as many of the other people did, because the shoes held me tight to the ground. We hiked through the snow and hot spring areas. I was the only one with dry feet. I like these shoes. I'm way over the hill in my 90's. The over-the-hill gang likes this shoe.

👤I had never heard of this brand, but I found them in my usual search. I thought I would give them a try. The fit is perfect! It was nice to have support around the foot. It's a nice room in the toebox when you need to accommodate a little bigger feet. Lacing up is easy. They were the best boots I've ever tried. It is waterproof for the waterfall hikes. The rock scramble hikes have toe and heal protection. NY husband is going to get a pair of shoes to replace his Ariat because he heard so much about me talking about them.

👤If I could, I would give this boot zero stars. I wore these for the first time on the plane to Iceland after having them for a week. Not walking much on the plane. The sole of the shoe was not the same as the heel. I have no hiking boot and am waiting for a glacier hike. I don't have to buy expensive boots here but I have to bring the faulty ones to 2 other countries so I can get my money back when I return to the States. I would leave them in the trash, but bring them back to their original principles. It's not a good way to start a vacation. Very disappointed.

👤I wore the boots for a week. My feet stayed dry, felt solid, and they looked cute as we went on beaches, snow, rain, and streams. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I received these shoes about a month ago. I use mine as barn work shoes because they are sturdy enough to walk on rough terrain, and I am on my feet all day. Finding comfortable shoes is hard for me because of my bad feet. The memory foam in the insoles keep my feet from getting sore. They may not be the most waterproof shoes, but a lil spray does the trick. I had to order a bigger size to fit my feet. I needed a bigger footbal to help with my bunion. I had enough support for my ankle to not fall, even though I was secure and roomy for my toes. I had some issues with my shoes. Things were not right anymore. I contacted Clorts directly and was able to email Wendy about what was happening with my shoes. She was able to send me a new pair after only 24 hours of contact. She was responsive to my email and was able to get me a new pair. I will be getting a new pair of shoes. Thank you Clorts and Wendy for making a pleasant experience.

6. Columbia Redmond Waterproof Daredevil Regular

Columbia Redmond Waterproof Daredevil Regular

The shaft is from the arch. The technology is advanced. The Redmond V2 waterproof mid boot is made with their Omni-TECH seam-sealed bootie construction and their TECHLITE lightweight midsole for long- lasting comfort and high energy return. DURABLE HIKING: A hiker that provides traction and comfort. The Columbia boot will deliver reliable service. The reaction is all terrain. Their signature Omni-GRIP traction rubber is non-marking and provides high grip across a wide variety of terrain. There areANDY features. The mid hiking boot's waterproof and breathable combination of rubber, mesh, and suede make it comfortable and worry-free to hike the trail. They've reinforced the toe and heel barriers and extended the toe overwrap to guard against wear points.

Brand: Columbia

👤I liked the fit. I don't like waterproof shoes that absorb water like sponges. Really? Who thought of this? They get wet, heavy and cold when snow or rain soaks the exterior.

👤I've made footwear purchases from shoes to hiking boots and they have always run true to size and fit well. Not these, unfortunately. The lack of arch support was the first thing I noticed. It's pretty much flat when I put my hand inside. That won't work for me on long hikes. They ran very narrow through the front half of the boot, which is not an issue I've ever encountered with Columbia's. They fit perfectly around the ankle and heel, so I don't want to go up a size. I believe that if they fit me, they would have held up well, because they are well-made and sturdy, they seat around the ankle bone nicely, and have nice tread.

👤The boots were advertised as waterproof. They're not. The first time I walked through wet undergrowth, my feet were soaked. They make a loud noise when they walk. I thought the noise would go away after the boots were broken in, but six months later they are still as noisy as ever. The boots are very comfortable, but I rarely wear them because of the noisiness and damp feet.

👤The shoes look good. They are not water proof. After a rain, my feet get wet. After only 4 months, the soles have come loose. I expected better shoes from this brand.

👤I would give these more than 5 stars. The waterproof hiking boots I bought off Amazon were the best choice. They are very comfortable. The fit is perfect, they are snug around the center of the foot, but give the perfect room in the toe box. The ankle and heel area is padded for comfort. The shoe has a but of flex, which makes it very comfortable to hike in. It's a huge plus that they claim to be waterproof. I tried a lot of hiking boots and these were the most comfortable. I would definitely recommend these!

👤I have an older model that fits my feet like a glove and it must have been a design change. These pinched my toes even with thin hiking socks on. I have flat feet and need some support. There are not many models of boots in women's size 12. I know I can fit mens sizes easily. It's nice to not have to order the more manly color schemes all the time.

👤I decided on these after trying 6 pairs of hiking shoes. I ordered a half size up because my feet are more on the narrow side and I don't wear thick socks. This was extremely comfortable. I hiked for 10 miles up a mountain in the rain and it felt great. I don't know if my feet are too warm for summer, they were kept warm and the temperature was in the 30's.

👤These are perfect! I needed something with more support and I couldn't find it. I found these after hiking for 2mi.

7. Salomon Outline Mid Hiking Shoes

Salomon Outline Mid Hiking Shoes

The waterproof hiking shoe features a durable GORE-TEX to keep your feet dry and a pattern that works well on both hard and smooth surfaces. Outline GORE-TEX has the flexibility of a running shoe with enough grip and protection for any trail, whether you're trail running, hiking, or just exploring outdoors. Salomon makes shoes that make you have a smooth ride on any and all terrain, whether you love road running in your neighborhood, an escape to a local trail, or something more rugged. Salomon has shoes and gear for kids, men and women to help you conquer a new distance, personal record, or event. Salomon has created innovative outdoor sports gear since 1947, from running and hiking to backpacking, skiing and more, their shoes, boots, bags, apparel and accessories help make any path your own.

Brand: Salomon

👤I am very happy with my hiking shoes. I did research and review many brands before buying shoes online. The fit is perfect. I wear a size 10 and it fits perfectly. I have a flat foot and these are the correct size. The toe box does not rub on the toes. I bought these for ankle support. I used to hike with these and they stood up well, even though I went on a short hike. No blisters or rubbing to report. I get blisters with new shoes. They are cute and do not make my feet look big for a hiking shoe, which is an added bonus when you wear a size 10. I highly recommend it. There are no cons to report at this time. It was worth the money.

👤The hiking boots my son in law recommended were on the Journey More site. I have tried hiking boots that are too heavy and make my feet sweat, but they don't work for me. He explained that the Salomon Women's OUTline Mid GTX W Hiking boots were light weight and allowed air to keep them cool. When my husband saw them, he ordered a pair as well. These are the best hiking boots. I am 56 years old and foot care is important to me. I am able to walk for hours without foot pain and sweaty feet. These boots are very good.

👤I bought these hoping that they would feel like my Salomon Speed Cross 4 running shoes, but with a bit more ankle support for our trail runs. I was sad to find out that the same size in the same brand is vastly different. They have zero arch support, and the heel was loose. If the bottom of your foot is shaped like a frying pan, go ahead and try these, but I have an arch. They were rubbing my ankle skin through my hiking socks while I wore them around the living room. No go!

👤I was so in love with this shoe that I ordered from different places to try and find a better quality pair, but all the pairs I received had the same thing. Not the quality I would expect from Salomon. I killed my previous Salomon hikers after many years, but I don't trust them to stay together after a few hikes.

👤Wow! These boots are amazing. I completed several tough, wet, muddy hikes and never felt wet in the shoe. The shoe didn't make my feet sweat too much. The traction and height gave me strength. A trip to Hawaii in December 2020. I ordered 5 pairs of boots to try on. I ordered these in a larger size, but they ended up being too small in the toe box. The 7 fit perfectly.

👤These are cute but don't hold up for long hikes. They gave me blisters on my toes and pinched at the ankle while I was hiking in Glacier National Park. They look tired after this trip. My old Anhu lasted for 3 years with over 30 miles of hiking on them. Pros: - waterproof - great traction - blisters by the toes are manageable - had to add additional support on the ankle

8. Outdoor Resistant Backpacking Trekking Trails(G Black US11)

Outdoor Resistant Backpacking Trekking Trails%EF%BC%88G Black US11%EF%BC%89

The women's hiking boot has a rubber sole for slip-free movement on rough ground and a durable midsole for long lasting comfort. Mid-top hiking shoes help stabilizing, while the streamlined patch on heel provides great support, reducing outdoors risk. There is no more slipping and falling on wet or muddy surfaces. Good arch and ankle support can be used for a better posture and balance. The women's hiking boots are designed with lacing, which will not be easy to loosen in the outdoors. Even if they wear very thick socks, they have prepared long shoelaces that can be adjusted by ourselves. The hiking boots are suitable for hiking, walking, travelling, fishing, trekking, urban leisure, family outings and camping outdoors. The color contrast design is very suitable for outdoor sports use. They hope that every customer has a wonderful experience. You can send them your thoughts at any time. Customer opinions are always valued and solved. They can improve and better serve those who like them with your help.

Brand: Hash Bubbie

👤Good hiking boot for the price. The first time I took the shoes out in the trails, it was the day after a big rainstorm. They have good traction. I was climbing boulders without problems. They are lightweight and make for great endurance hikes. I usually order a 6 and a 6.5 Women's. They fit like a 7. I wear thick socks to hike regardless of the temp, and they will be perfect for cold weather hikes when I double up on socks.

👤My wife liked them. She wants hiking shoes that look cute and keep her feet warm. These were perfect for her. She loved hiking in New Hampshire. She is really picky.

👤Excellent hiking boots! They are light and comfortable, and they keep me on the trails. It's cute, too. I haven't encountered water with them yet, but I will add more comments as necessary.

👤The hiking boots are cheap, but after a camping trip and a trip to Utah the boots have worn down. I had to buy inserts for my boots because they hurt my feet. These boots are not going to last very long.

👤These boots are not for people with wide feet. They are very nice. I usually wear a size 10 and they were a little tight but after breaking them in, they are perfect. Has some support. We will see how they hold up over the next couple of weeks, I only wore them once on a mile and half hike. They seem to be water resistant and I like them.

👤Absolutely love these boots! It's so comfortable. There is a lot of room for toes. No pinching or pain during the hike. I was so happy to buy them.

👤They were given to another daughter who loved them because the toe narrows down and pinched hers. They are good at making large feet look smaller. The rocks and other items on the ground don't bother you. The insert solved the problem of the heel needing padding. We will see how they work on the trail. They are great around a college campus.

👤They wear nice. When I'm with my husband, I purchase them for him. I haven't been wearing the boot for more than 3 hours, but it's good for the price.

9. Columbia Crestwood Waterproof Truffle Regular

Columbia Crestwood Waterproof Truffle Regular

The shaft is from the arch. It's called OMNI-GRIP. The multi-terrain traction system matches compounds and treads to environments. Solid footing is ensured on ice and snow with a dual-zone winter tread pattern. There areANDY features. The waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction of this boot makes it comfortable and worry-free to savesay is comfortable and worry-free savesay is waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction There are adjusted features. The lace-up closure of the Crestwood Mid waterproof hiking boot allows for a secure fit. FEMININE STYLE: The women's waterproof hiking boot has contrasting color combinations and soft mesh exterior. The technology is advanced. Columbia Women's Crestwood Mid waterproof hiking boot features a lightweight, durable, and high energy return, as well as an advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on rough ground.

Brand: Columbia

👤The shoes were shipped from another company. They offer free shipping and returns. They charge a $6 restocking fee, but I think it means free. This upsets me because I didn't know where it said this when I ordered them. I won't order from them again. I ordered a half size larger than normal because the fit was too narrow. These shoes are not for people with wide feet.

👤I have always ordered my athletic shoe size and have always worn Columbia hiking boots. I ordered a pair ofNewton Ridge hiking boots and they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I wanted a leather and mesh look and ordered the Crestwood in a 9.5. I couldn't get the boots on with my wool socks. I had trouble getting them on after changing to a thinner sock. They were so uncomfortable when I finally got them on. I couldn't walk in the boot because my foot was crammed into it. I would have ordered in the next larger size but the seller charged me $6 shipping to return the boots and I didn't want to pay shipping on another return if they didn't fit. The seller didn't mention that they would charge for shipping on returns. I went to a store to try on boots. The women's boots had different sizes. I tried on many pairs of boots. The other three were mesh and suede and one was all leather. The first pair I tried were all leather. The next three pairs were small. I couldn't get my foot into the boot because of everything from my toe hitting the end of the boot. I tried on the boots the day I was wearing no show socks. The all leather boots like theNewton Ridge tend to fit true to size while the mesh and suede boots like the Crestwood tend to run small.

👤The first hiking shoes that I have ever worn, I did a 5 hour hike with it. No blisters after. It was very Breathable. Most of the waterproof hiking shoes I have tried are heavy and hot, so I was skeptical at first. It is a perfect sole even when it is wet. The shoes have ankle support. P.S. It is most likely because of the socks that they got blisters. I useWOOL SOCKS to regulate temperature so your feet won't be sweaty and it also provides cushion.

👤I am a beginner hiker and was looking for inexpensive boots. They are very comfortable but a little hard to break in after a few hikes. The sole of the boots I tried on was cushier than the one on the soles of the Maddsen and Columbia boots. The tie doesn't stay tight so the ankle feels loose when I walk, which is the only issue I have with them. I've tried a number of things, including double knotting, wrapping it around the back, and so on. No luck so far! Otherwise a good boot. I'm happy with them.

👤I bought these for my 11 year old daughter, who has big feet, and they fit her well. I'm happy to report that she was able to continue with no problems the rest of the day after slipping on a rock and dunking her foot in water during the field test. The colors are great. I'm happy that the waterproof boots worked well. The shoe did not warp after drying.

10. JABASIC Lightweight Waterproof Outdoor Trekking

JABASIC Lightweight Waterproof Outdoor Trekking

Women hiking boots are waterproof and Breathable. Sturdy and good abrasive resistance, the boots will protect your feet, and provide stable comfort in outdoor outings. The lace up design of the to cap can give your foot a nice feeling. In the outdoors. Mid top boots deliver all day comfort and support It is suitable for hiking, trekking, climbing, camping and other outdoor sports.

Brand: Jabasic

👤I ordered a size 7 because one of the reviews said they don't have 1/2 sizes, so I ordered a bigger one. I usually wear a 7.5 so I was expecting them to be fine. They were big. I ordered a size 6. They fit perfectly. These are too stylish for the price.

👤I don't get to hike much. I bought these for the winter because I needed a good traction so I wouldn't slip and fall. These shoes were perfect for my needs. They were a style that was very affordable. I love them!

👤The bottom of the boot isn't padded.

👤Very light, not much support. The product is visually pleasing but not great for hiking. This is not the boot or shoe you are looking for.

👤I returned them as soon as I received them. It was horrible quality. They looked like they were together. They wouldn't keep feet warm or protected. I didn't use them. They aren't supportive at all. It was very uncomfortable.

👤I have never purchased hiking boots before. I had planned a vacation to the canyons out west, but I am not a hiker. I wore these boots a lot. I have been wearing them for a long time. I was comfortable climbing on rocks, pebbles, and up steep slopes. I would recommend them to everyone. They fit well and received good support.

👤This is not a hiking boot, but more of a shoe/sneaker type as it does not have the support of a hiking boot. The tag says it's a trail running shoe, but it has the lightest sole of any running shoe I've ever tried on. I don't like hiking with thick soles because I want to feel the ground. I put my feet under my feet to prevent mistakes. The shoe is not good for walking on concrete. If you put in a thicker insole, it would be another expense on a shoe that is not worth it's money to begin with. It's one of the worst shoes I've ever tried on, but I didn't expect it to be good for the price. This shoe was unfinished and thus unraveling. The shoe does run large, but not so much that it warrants a smaller size. I am a true size 9 and ordered a size 8 based on the reviews. The toe box was very narrow and I barely fit into the shoe. I ordered a size 9 and it is big, but a thick pair of socks couldn't handle it. The lack of quality and the missing sole is a deal breaker for me. The shoe would not be worth the money. I cannot recommend this shoe at all.

👤I read the reviews and thought they would work well for me. They are very comfortable. I'm a size 8 1/2 and they fit well with thick socks. I don't think they would work well for serious hiking, but for day hikes around the neighborhood they would be fine. They are nice and light, which is a plus, and the price is right.


What is the best product for best hiking boots for women summer?

Best hiking boots for women summer products from Merrell. In this article about best hiking boots for women summer you can see why people choose the product. Keen and Columbia are also good brands to look for when you are finding best hiking boots for women summer.

What are the best brands for best hiking boots for women summer?

Merrell, Keen and Columbia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best hiking boots for women summer. Find the detail in this article. Keen, Clorts and Salomon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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