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1. AIHOOR Headphones Cancelling Microphone Ultra Low

AIHOOR Headphones Cancelling Microphone Ultra Low

The noise cancellation is active. The 8090T comes with advanced built-in Active Noise Cancellation technology. ANC technology can be used to block out noise in environments such as Air Travel, Subway and Bus Commutes, giving you more peace and quiet. Multi-Platform Compatibility - 7.1 surround sound gaming headset supports PC, Win 7, Win 8, Win10, PS4 and other devices. You need to plug the PS4 console into theusb port while connecting to PS4. The PC gaming headset has a built-in audio chip with 7.1 surround sound. The large 50mm magnetic neodymium driver built into the headset creates an experience with stereo surround sound in the game. It can give you the location of the enemy in a second. The noise canceling mic has a noise canceling tech that can transmit high-quality communication. To make sure your clear voice can be transmitted to teammates in games or online chat, you need to remove most environmental noise around you. The G10P gaming headset is comfortable and can reduce hearing impairment and sweat. The ear cushions and headband can be adjusted to fit your ears. The weight is suitable for both kids and adults. The earmuffs are designed to maximizely blast the atmosphere of the game, which is why they have gorgeous Led lights and Effortlessly Volume Control. The 3.5mm braided wire has high strength and anti-winding, making it easy to control the volume.

Brand: Aihoor

👤It is nice to look at and comfortable. It works for me.

👤It's a good set for my grandson.

👤The sound quality is great if I keep it off, but there is a buzzing sound when the lighting is on. My friend says the mic quality is good.

2. Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Multipoint Playtime

Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Multipoint Playtime

COMFORTABLE WEARING STYLE Earbay wireless headphones with microphone have comfortable ear cushions. The microphone and headband can be adjusted for the best fit. If you have any questions, please contact their support. You can connect to your PC, Mac, mobile and more with a dual connection. Plug-in with the included 3.5mm cable. You can connect to any two devices at the same time. Transition from a mobile device to a laptop. C3 calling uses dual microphones that pick up your voice and eliminate the sounds of the environment so that your voice remains crystal clear. You will get a full 45+ hour work week on one charge, and all day comfort with Cloud Foam earcups. Back down to take a call or video conference if you want to listen only. The headset has multi-functional buttons that allow you to play/pause, answer/reject, volume, mute and track control. Choose between the two settings: work or music mode. The controls on the headset allow you to quickly turn on the mute function. The end of the boom mic has a red light on it. There is no longer a fear of being muted on video conferences. Also included: JLab Two Year Warranty on GO Work Wireless On-Ear Headset, Type-C Charging Cable, and 3.5mm AUX Cable.

Brand: Jlab

👤I use them for work. They work well. I bought them to replace my previous ones that were plastic and broke after 8 months, but they looked almost the same. I was looking for a microphone. These are great for the price, but slightly more expensive. I don't use themute button since the video app has their own, but it works, it feels cheap. They charge with a cable that lasts longer than my set. There is an audio about the battery charge level when they start, which is a great reminder that they should be charged. I hope they last until we get back to the office. I paid full price for these on Amazon.

👤This is a great headset for working at home. It's not perfect, but it's close. I'm only one day in and I'd be happy to update if anything changes, but my first day was 8 hours straight meetings, so it was a bit of a torture test. It's easy to setup battery life and it's half the price of wired options of the big names offices. It's ridiculous that companies aren't actually issuing these. These are as light as wired options. The design of the mute button feels cheap and it's debatable if it's a good button, but I assume if there's a failure point with it, it's the mute button. These headphones are very good at the average joes price range.

👤When I bought these, I was hoping they would last for an entire week. The setup was easy, the headphones were comfortable, and the microphone boom is far enough away that it doesn't stick in your mouth when you talk. It took several seconds for a call to connect. After a couple of days of continuous use, the connection time was reduced until it was almost seamless. I loved it! I picked up the headphones after lunch and noticed a red light on the end of the microphone, which signaled the button to be turned off. It was stuck. I couldn't use them. I didn't use them for a couple of days because I let the battery drain. I charged them again today and the button was stuck. I was depressed and got this horrible noise in my ear and just got a refund. I am very disappointed. I liked those headphones.

👤These are great for the money. Clear calls for teams and zooms meetings have a long battery life. I use them for 8 hours a day without having to pay. The speakers are very soft and can be adjusted to your liking. I have used these for a week straight and am very happy with my purchase.

👤Sound quality is not good. The bass needs a lot of help and the sound is not clear. The sound quality is good for virtual meetings, but the mic is spotty. The mic is two inches away from you. The headset is comfortable. The build quality is on point. The headset works well for telework. It's not acceptable for music.

3. Plantronics CS540 HL10 Headset Lifter

Plantronics CS540 HL10 Headset Lifter

The desk phones can be connected via cable. It's ideal for office and desk workers who need a remote answer solution. A noise-canceling microphone can be used to keep background noise out of your call. Talk all day with up to 7 hours of talk time per charge.

Brand: Poly (plantronics + Polycom)

👤I ordered it for work. I work in a pharmacy and the phones are ringing a lot. My job involves a lot of multitasking, which means that while I am ringing up customers in-store and in the drive-thru, printing labels, pulling drugs, counting drugs, restocking drugs, typing script, processing faxes and e-scripts, and delegating my team, I'm also I couldn't do anything with my phone when I picked it up and held it against my ear. I developed serious shoulder and neck issues after trying to hold the phone with my shoulder, which made matters worse. My doctor told me to look into headsets. My customers would always be able to hear me if I had a reliable one that wasn't too clunky. The reviews helped me make my decision, even though this product was expensive. I am glad I did because it has helped a lot. It wasn't easy to install. The plug being in two pieces made it difficult to use. The headset took 1-2 hours to charge, not 20 minutes as the instructions said. It was easy to use after that. I have had to get used to it, but now that I have, I am able to use it more efficiently and I have less tension in my shoulders. This product is very good.

👤I bought a Plantronics headset back in 2007, and the battery will wear out after 7 years, so I looked into buying another headset. After reading about all their headsets, I decided to use the same one as my old one. I ordered it after reading all the information and reviews. We tried to hook it up to my system but couldn't. I told the customer service person that I had a desk phone and that it would work on my system, but the lady said it wouldn't work on the cordless system. The desk phone is attached to the base unit on page 3 of the owners manual. I went to Walmart and bought a desk phone that was similar to one on page 3 of the manual, but it still didn't work. They said that the brand of phone was not compatible with the headset, so I asked what phone worked, they could not tell me. They said you can buy a desk phone. I asked if the VVX300 would work with the headset and they said no, you need a new cable to make it work. You need an extra special cable if you want the headset to work on certain phones. I really wanted this one. I never got to use it so I can't give it a five star rating. I ordered a battery for my old reliable battery that hooks up to anyone's phone. It should only fit on certain types of phones, that's what Plantronics says in their brochures. I hope this helps other buyers.

👤This unit was purchased by me in 2013. I can't work in the pharmacy without this headset. If you work in a retail pharmacy, it is a life changing product. tethering to the corded phone all day is not a good idea because the phone rings constantly and you can't keep it off. You'll have a lot of freedom of movement if you're stuck on hold with a doctor or talking to a patient. The range on this headset is not very far. I can walk from the pharmacy into the aisles while still maintaining connection. If you use a headset, you will be more productive. While I'm on hold with doctors or insurance, I can check my prescriptions. I convinced several of my partners to get this because it works so well. Most of us use these headsets everyday. A quick 15-20 min charge in the middle of the day during a small break will help the battery last the whole day. For anyone who works with a lot of phone calls and doesn't want to be tied up, get this! I recommend this headset to any pharmacy worker. If you find this review helpful, you can click the helpful button at the end of the review. Thanks!

4. Jabra Evolve Wireless Headset Headphones

Jabra Evolve Wireless Headset Headphones

The Jabra Evolve 65 Wireless Headset is an industry leading performance. You can work away from your desk with a range of up to 30 meters. The integrated busy light that acts as a do-not-disturb sign for colleagues can be used to increase agent focus. The ear cushions eliminate high-frequency noise. Get up to 14 hours of talk time with the Jabra Evolve 65. You can use the office headset and connect the charge and theusb to it. You can connect directly using theUSB cable or via a wireless connection. You can take calls on your preferred device if you connect your PC and other devices at the same time. All leading UC platforms work with this pro headset. Certified for more than one company. It is compatible with all of the popular online voice call services. Universal devices are compatible. There are phone models that are compatible.

Brand: Jabra

👤I had high hopes for these phones before I bought them. I think they should have stood up to my expectations, considering the price. The sound quality is 100%. They were easy to install, and I think they sound great. The first reason I give 3 stars is that I use them for work to be wireless. I can roam around my office and into the other rooms upstairs without being able to stop and listen, but I don't want that to happen because I want to be able to quiet down. I don't have the ability to answer calls that come through. If I want to make a smoothie between calls I can't make it because I can't keep my phone off. They are not as snug as I 888-276-5932 They fall off my head if I look down for a long time. Maybe I have a small head. Who knows? These will probably be the last pair of this model I own. That makes me sad.

👤A previous employer gave me a headset that I use to work as a SW consultant. I bought a corded system for myself after leaving the company and returning the headset, even though I had a corded system that worked well. It's worth it to be able to turn around in your chair and put stuff in a cabinet, stand up and stretch, walk to break room and grab a coffee, or even plug in the headset and charge it with out dropping the connection. It's fantastic that this is connected to your phone and your company computer so that you can switch between playing music on your phone and taking a conference call with out touching your headset or the computer. Long term use comfort is the only downside. The 75 has more padding on the head strap and larger ear cups. If you can swing $200 in an "open office" environment, I strongly urge you to go for the 75. I stayed with the 65 because I ran out of tech budget. It is not getting as much as it should.

👤I pause and resume videos frequently. When you pause the audio, the receiver goes into a state of inactiveness less than a minute later. It takes approximately 4 seconds for audio to resume. Do you know how long it takes to miss a word? The poor design of the unit is confirmed by Amazon support and Jabra support. I spent a lot of money on a useless product. Unless you don't care about what you're listening to, avoid this.

👤I liked the sound of these. I expected them to last longer than 4 months. The earpiece snapped off. The earpieces are attached to the headband by a small piece of plastic. I paid a lot for these. You can return them for 30 days on Amazon. We will see how the company backs their product after I email them. If I get a resolution, I will update.

5. Bluetooth LEVN Microphone Cancelling Headphones

Bluetooth LEVN Microphone Cancelling Headphones

This headset works with all leading UC platforms, it's perfect for online courses, recordings, and more. There is a noise cancellation function. The environmental noise cancellation technology is used in this headset. It is possible to prevent the listener from hearing background noise by calculating the environmental noise's Frequency Band in advance. The microphone can be turned on and off with the mute function. The LEVN on ear headphones use two methods to connect with computers, cell phones, telephone, and other devices. You can use the device to connect with the USB dongle if it doesn't have a function. It will be more stable and there will be no transmission delay to connect this PC headset to the computer. A 350-mwh battery and exclusive charging base allow the trucker headset to provide up to 35+ hours of continuous work time. It has long-term service for call center agents and remote workers. You can use the POGO charging base or the Type C charging cable to charge the headset, it comes with a plug and play charging base. It has a comfortable earmuffs and a 270 microphone, which makes it all day comfortable. The microphone can be used on the right or left side and will not be damaged even if it is changed thousands of times. With just one click, you can make your own calls. Long-distance working range and hands-free calls. Even if you leave your connected device for a short time, the call quality will not be affected, perfect for call center, office, remote work, home, classroom, Skype, and truckers. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, their professional customer service team will provide you with solutions.

Brand: Levn

👤If the headset broke in a month, I would probably buy it again. The battery, comfort, and most of all the noise cancelation is fantastic. The people on the other end couldn't hear my dogs barking because they were next to me. This is the most important part of a work from home headset and it is the best I have had in a long time.

👤I am very pleased with this purchase. The call quality is very good and the headset is lightweight. It seems to have a good battery life after being hooked up. It seems to be enough to get me through a day. Charging can be a bit of a trick. It is possible to make it to where there is only one practical way to place the headset on the charge. If you place the headset on the wrong spot, it won't charge. The earpiece has two contacts on the underside that are supposed to line up with two prongs. It is very easy to put the headset down, think it is charging, and dump it the next day. There is no charge indicator that is easy to see or that shows that it is charging. The red charge light is at about 4:00 when the headset is on the charge. It can be difficult to make sure that the device is charging. The battery status does not show, but it could be a Windows 10 thing. I am not going to lose sleep over this, I have not looked into it. There is a Overall, a solid performer. If the charging problem is solved, I would consider buying V2 and making the indicator bigger and brighter. If I had to run a quick charge, there is a port for that, but that isn't the point.

👤It is really sleek. I like the look of it and it is wireless. I want to use this in a different way. I wanted to be able to move around with this while on zoom calls. Guess what? I can't unmute this thing when I'm not at my desk. I have to unmute myself. I have to manually unmute myself when I use a zoom call because it has a button that mutes. You would think that the function would connect the computer to the meeting I am attending. I am scared because I don't know how I'll be able to unmute this thing or if it will work with Genesis, I haven't taken calls with this yet. The mic works well and the sound quality is good. It is the unmuting and muting that irritates me. You would think this would work better than the cheaper ones. The seller reached out to me and apologized. If you buy these headphones, you will have to use your computer to make noise. The headphones are not compatible with all laptops. It is meant for cellphone usage, so it would be a great headset for a truck driver. It has a good battery life and is comfortable. If you work from home, you will be able to use a wireless device.

6. Plantronics VOYAGER 5200 UC 206110 01 Advanced Bluetooth

Plantronics VOYAGER 5200 UC 206110 01 Advanced Bluetooth

For a professional who needs to connect to a PC/Mac, use a mobile phone. It is compatible with Microsoft Teams and other leading collaboration and voice platforms. It's ideal for mobile and office professionals who use their PC/Mac and/or mobile phone for on-the-go communication. Audio performance includes clear, crystal clear audio with triple-mic active Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Up to 7 hours of talk time is available. You can go up to 98 feet (30 meters).

Brand: Poly (plantronics + Polycom)

👤I really like this earpiece. There are a couple of areas the manufacturer could improve upon, but I recommend this device. It is large, which will make it harder to lose it or leave it in your pocket and wash it. Several smaller units lost money over the years before I bought this one. It's clear that anyone with this device is wearing it and possibly talking on it. When I was talking on the phone with smaller, less noticeable devices, people were not sure what I was doing. This isn't a device for people looking for a small device. There is a It has held up well. I own 2 of these and one of them has been in my pocket for a year or more. I recommend getting the charge case as I don't want to damage the earpiece, but I try not to do that. It protects the earpiece and also charges it when you're not using it. It's a huge help for me since I can't use my hands to push the call answer button, but you can tell the device to answer or ignore the call. You have it in your ear. I have never had this unit fall out. It is very comfortable. The app has some advance customizing and location finding. You can easily modify the device with the downloaded app, to do things like change the behavior of picking up the device, sensor behavior, and also locate the device should you lose it in the room you are in, as long as the blue tooth is connected. There is a map pin for the last blue tooth connection event. You should be able to see where that was if you disconnected it. The positives: I don't believe it can define a particular device as the priority device over all others. I have two primary phones that I use throughout the day, and they do a good job of staying connected. The voice assistant button is malfunctioning. I can't have phone 1 stay phone one as I connect and connect again. Sometimes the voice assistant button will work on the wrong phone. The app should allow you to define which phones and devices you want to be priority, or keep a persistent device ID for each device. There is a The Sensor/Charger is a Sensor/Charger. The earpiece has a sensor that can tell when it's in your ear or not. It is very frustrating when it fails. I don't know if I have enough time to fool with the reset method when I am on a call. I don't have my hands free. I used the app to turn off the sensor. I don't have to worry about the earpiece being disconnected. I have to remember to turn off the device when I remove it. The earpiece should be disconnected when put into the charging case. Oh well.

👤The included charging box wouldn't charge the product. The "UC" version of the device has a charging box that is a combination storage box and charging battery that can be used as a small battery pack for the device. It wouldn't charge the device either inside or outside. About 20% of the time, the on/off switch wouldn't turn the device on. To turn the slide on, I would have to turn it off and back on. It seems like a brand new $100 device shouldn't have two different problems. Returned the first purchase and ordered a second. The second one is not better than the first. You will never convince me that this is a real headset. I've had the Plantronics Legend before, and it worked better than this product. The on/off button only turns on the product about 1/3 of the time. I am not told how many hours of charge I have, nor am I told that my connection has been made. I would be embarrassed if I was an Amazon.

7. Avantree Bluetooth Lightweight Headphone Microphone

Avantree Bluetooth Lightweight Headphone Microphone

There is a strong guarantee. The equipment has been tested and found to work. Giveet gives 60 days money back and a 2-year replacement warranty on all headsets, you never have to worry about the quality of your headset. The plush padding on the headband provides a comfortable fit. The earpads have the same soft cushions, but with holes to keep your ears cool. Light weight design means less pressure on your head so you can use them all day. The included omnidirectional boom microphone isdetachable and can be used with either the built-in microphone in the earphones or the included microphone. If you want to improve your voice quality by moving the mic position closer to your mouth, attach the boom microphone. It is easy to use buttons, whether you are using voice assistant for commands or adjusting the volume for your music. Their design has a dedicated voice assistant button, music controls and volume wheel. The Hi-Res Audio drivers deliver rich and powerful audio that is great for both music and voice calls. You can enjoy up to 22 hours of playtime in either wired or wireless mode, or you can use the 3.5mm audio cable to switch to wired mode. Their headphones are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides improved speed, range, stability and a more seamless connection, while significantly enhances the battery life with low energy consumption for an extended playtime.

Brand: Avantree

👤The Pros are 1) I have packed it to be sent back for reasons mentioned below, as I am not sure if the battery life is good. Cons 1 The boom mic shown in the picture is larger than it is in the picture. It is difficult to look at the laptop screen without the mic brushing my shirt. There are 3 more The mic's button doesn't work so it's upsetting. It was tested on a regular phone call. I packed it up to be sent back. There are four The wireless operation is limited. The receiver gave up on taking 7 to 8 steps with a fully charged battery. There are five The base is compromised if you want to use this as a headset and headphones. It will not take long for you to notice that your wait to hear a base in a song becomes endless. This headset would be great for this price if the boom mic was a bit longer and the base sound was decent. I am not sure if there will be a notification if the mic is silenced after clicking the mute button, since the button never worked. Is there any other headset in your product base that matches the criteria that I have stated? I already have a lot of products from the company, but I was disappointed. I hope my experience can help you with your product designs.

👤I am 50 years old and am struggling to keep up with the rapid changes of technology. I have a brand new high end computer. I decided to try voice to text because I am tired of typing poorly. If there was a suggestion about theusb bluetooth for my computer, I would have been able to find headphones with mic's. I assumed it came with the headset I bought. I bought this set because they have a hard wire to keep you going. I thought I would use the headset cable until thingy arrived. It seems the cable is for headphones, but the mic needs its own cable to work. No worries... The thingy is coming.

👤They are great headphones. They don't work with it in the mode of bluetooth. I am an IT guy. I know about all of that, but I have a technical issue with Skype that is not related to the headphones. I use this for work every day. There is a reason why headphones are labeled as certified for business. You will see that the logo is not on the box. No matter what you read here they will not work. If you don't use Skype, then these headphones are perfect. They work with many services. The sound of music is comforting. I would recommend a Home user or a work user that doesn't use Skype.

👤The set was working when I wrote this. I bought it in November and it died in April. I was sent a new headset free of charge after I contacted Avantree. Hopefully, the new one will last. The headset is good. I am sure some of the sound perfectionists will notice that it may not be the best quality. The reason I bought it is that it is the only wireless headset that works on the PC, and it has a physical mute button. All of the others have buttons that don't work in Teams, Zoom, and other programs. I initially gave 2 stars to this headset, but I kept it because it is not as big of a problem as I thought. I use the soft mute in the app. When I step away from the PC, I only use the hard mute. The sound isn't as disruptive to me as I thought. Great buy in every way. Everything is great, the battery lasts a long time.

8. Avantree Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Charging

Avantree Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Charging

It's ideal for hybrid workers who need an affordable solution to connect at home and in the office, and for truck drivers who need a noise-canceling mic for communication on the road. The Aria 8090T's mic was designed to be close to your mouth, catching only your voice. The built-in mic mute switch allows you to keep your mic private, without showing it on the app. When you have the background music playing while you chat, the audio quality drops. The 8090T will sound great even when you chat, thanks to the special Bluetooth codec from Avantree. The in-game music is playing. Do you know if other people on the call can hear your voice? The Sidetone feature of the headphones lets you hear your own voice through the microphone while you speak. If you accidentally muted yourself or if your voice is not clear enough, you would know immediately. The 8090T headphones will connect to your phone and the adapter at the same time. Is it possible that you might miss a food delivery call? When a call comes in, the Multi-Point Connection feature will auto-switch onto your mobile device so you won't miss anything. The noise cancellation is active. The 8090T comes with advanced built-in Active Noise Cancellation technology. ANC technology can be used to block out noise in environments such as Air Travel, Subway and Bus Commutes, giving you more peace and quiet.

Brand: Avantree

👤It's worth the purchase and just what I need, so make sure you check the specifications to make sure you fit. I'm a virtual trainer for newly hired employees for a well known contact center on my desk talking toMS Teams and I'm also actively engaged in taking customer service calls on the phone using CISCO and i3 system with VPN connections - this headset rocks! I enjoy working from home and it gives me freedom. My review is based on my experience and what I need.

👤The headphones were easy to install. I wear them all day for work. The sound quality is great and it has a mic. When I first started using it, I heard a constant beep on my first call, even though it was fully charged. I figured out that if I unplugged the computer'susb from the computer then I could replug theusb and do a reset, which would prevent the constant beep. It's definitely recommended for those working from home.

👤I use them for work calls and web conferences. Sometimes the microphone will drop one of the devices. It's easy to connect but can be hard to end a call on one device and another on another. The previous version of this headset came unglued after about 6 months, and the Ear pads and headband are better built than that. The charging stand and transmitter work well. If you are an audio engineer, the sound quality is decent but you are not looking for a headset.

👤I bought these for someone who was having trouble hearing. I didn't know if I needed the transmitter or if it would work with a TV. The smart TV isn't connected to the transmitter. The headset will work with the TV without it. There had been no complaints. I think it is a success.

👤I have one of the best headphones I have yet. The noise cancellation is on point. The phone calls are clear and the sound is great. You can connect to the PC, Xbox and mic is compatible.

👤I bought it for work. I need to turn them off after shutting down the computer and restarting it. There were no issues. I believe that range is learning.

👤I bought these headphones because they were the only ones that had a 'aptx low latency' feature. It is comparable to gaming wireless headphones but without the lighting or kid designs. I can use the headphones with my phone and iPad. Two simultaneous connections is great. I enjoy sound quality, I'm not a audiofile, but enough bass and clarity for me to enjoy movies. When I use aptx HD on my phone, the sound quality is much better than from PC. There is a The microphone quality is very good and the headset works well. I get a low battery signal when I forget to charge after a full day of usage. It's good to go for another few hours after charging 30 minutes. The charging stand makes it easy to charge, but the port on the port makes it easy to charge anywhere. I had a damaged earphone and after talking to the support team at Avantree they immediately sent a new one and gave me free shipping to return the damaged earphone. The support was fast and quality was good. Overall very happy.

9. Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cancelling Handsfree

Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cancelling Handsfree

Plug in and play is easy to use. Office supplies for the home office or the office are essential. Cyber Acoustics AC-5812 Stereo Headset with 5 ft cable and User Guide are included. The warranty is hassle free. EarbayBT782 wireless headset is equipped with powerful bluetooth and sound processing chips which are made in latest tech. You can connect the headset with the mic in a few seconds. In open area, the range is up to 130 feet. One charge for 26 hours, thanks to low power consumption bluetooth headset chips. The cell phones headset with soft ear pads and head bends will make you feel better all day. The sound performance is great in movie/music/chatting online with outstanding 40mm drivers with internal chips. Most of the background noises and echo can be eliminated with the headphones. Wide Compatibility On Devices. The headphones are designed to work from home and can be used with any device that has a built-in bluetooth function. Also compatible with mainstream OS and APPs, ideal for online conference, class, and other video calls apps. Easy control and muting. The headphones with microphone can be controlled with few buttons. It is possible that this is not +/-. For volume and music track control, a multi function button, and a button for your phone call microphone mute. The user manual also shows how to get a 24-MONTH warranty.

Brand: Earbay

👤What a surprise! I returned several high end blue tooth headsets I bought in the last few months because they did not match the sound quality I expected, but this time I am amazed. The sound quality at this price was completely unexpected. I checked the calls and they worked. When the red light came up, it was due to the fact that the button was located at the end of the extension. You will be sure that you aren't heard by the other side when you use the headset because it's not obvious in other headsets. If I sound a bit loud, I want to make sure my review is not a paid or promotional one. I will suggest to check it on your own. If you think it's not worth the price, you can always come back. Do not spend a lot of money on high end headsets when you get this.

👤The sound quality is acceptable for my job. The callers stated that they could hear all of the background noise, including my keyboard and cat meowing, so noise canceling appears to be minimal to non-existent. The button did not work with my phone system. The fit was the worst. The headset was too tight on my head and I had to switch to my old headset mid shift. The seller does not accept returns and only offers refunds for broken or malfunctioning headsets. I paid for a headset that I can't use. The seller of the headset offered to exchange it for a new one, but Amazon wouldn't accept a return or refund. Communication was prompt and the service was great.

👤The headset is incompatible with Microsoft Teams. It worked for about an hour this morning, but then it wouldn't work with hardware settings in Windows or in teams.

👤The button doesn't work. I did not want to return it. If the button worked, I would keep it. It doesn't. Total BS! Don't purchase again!

👤I have been using it. I like the sound quality clear and the band volume control is excellent. It sounds like bigger speakers. I would purchase this again because of the price.

👤I can't return them because they weren't used on my computer. The first item I ever bought from Amazon was not able to be returned.

👤They work just like they say, but they are amazing in every way.

👤My husband is a dump truck driver. He said the headset was the best he had ever used.

👤If you intend on wearing these for longer than an hour at a time, I would advise against them. The positioning on your ears is not comfortable and you have to wear it on your face.

👤It was much better than I expected.

👤The mute button only works when the call goes through your mobile phone, not a laptop.

👤It was great for work and easy to use.

10. EKSA Canceling Bluetooth Microphone Headphones

EKSA Canceling Bluetooth Microphone Headphones

There is a built-in card slot. You can use the headphones as a mp3 player and enjoy the loaded music directly if you have a 32G card. The over ear headphones are compatible with a lot of devices. The H1 headset is specially designed for call centers, construction sites and warehouses. The noise-cancelling microphone in this headphones has an ultra-long wireless operating range up to 99 feet/30 meters away for better communication and better stability. If there are no obstacles, the distance can be even longer. The world-class environmental noise cancelling headset. You can make calls with the wireless headphones. The adaptive environmental noise-canceling technology in the trucker headset instantly produces an opposite signal, eliminating up to 99.6% of unwanted disruptive noise. The headset is very comfortable. It is very easy to clean and has an ultra-large soft earmuff. You can wear it all day and use it for truck drivers. The headband can be adjusted to help you with the pressure on your head. The EKSA H1 headset can pair with 2 devices at the same time, which is ideal for listening to music and clear calls. You can talk all you want with a large battery. A battery that's built to go the distance will keep you talking all day. The battery can support up to 30 hours of talk time and 57 hours of music time, and it can be charged in 1.5 hours. You can use your phone to monitor the battery level in your headset. If you feel the need, you can quickly mute your voice by pressing the button on the microphone. The mic can be used to use the truck driver headset on your left or right ear. You can easily adjust the microphone to the perfect angle with the flexible microphone stalks. If you have a problem with the EKSA wireless headset, please contact them at any time. A pleasant shopping experience can be had with a 24 month service.

Brand: Eksa

👤I bought these for my fiancĂ©e because I was so sick of the truck noises and the dying of his Pod that I wanted to give him a present. I couldn't hear anything but his voice after testing these out.

👤These work well. There were no problems with connecting. They have a long battery life, charge quickly, and the sound quality is good enough for web conferences and phone calls. The boom mic is loud and clear on the other end of the call. They don't fit me securely because they don't adjust small. The frame rests on the top of my other ear if the earcup is positioned over one ear. It's not comfortable. If I put it behind my ear, the whole thing moves around. I taped the headband because it wouldn't stay. They are too big. I could make them fit if they had more adjustment.

👤I work at home for a call center and this headset is great.

👤Now? They are comfortable, and they did work. The sound of the "General" was ok. But! We were confident they would work in the environment they were intended for because they worked on the first day. So in the beginning of the second day of testing. They were charged fully. "OK, some Minor off the wall signal loss?" It worked but it was hard for us to understand what was being said so we had to endure a hard torture to make sure we understood what was being said. They did not work. I'm sure others have had better success, as for general they did work. Was the "Pair" what we got? We went with the "Reliable" set of Eartec for there price, it was second to none. We had hoped. They would work? For other situations? I'm sure they would. But again? For us, did they not? For some hands free type things? Maybe a less critical environment. They would be better. They went "Distorted" and sounded like a guitar amplifier. They stopped working?

👤I bought the headphones because I sometimes have to use them in the car. Clients would sometimes complain about not being able to hear me. The headphones do the trick. I would give them all five stars if the volume couldn't go up a little louder.

👤I absolutely love this headset. Especially for the price. I have had this for a week. I am a local truck driver and everyone I talk to on this headset has no idea I am doing 65mph down the highway. The microphone is very sensitive. I am a lot person. I have to remember not to shout in my environment.

👤Poor audio. All of the complaints were from all of the people listening.

👤Various Headsets over the years have met and exceeded my expectations. Fast connection on/off and quick to call from phone. Truck B/T would take a long time to disengage from the headset. The headset connects on the first try. The over the ear is large and I don't like ear bud types. The music and sound from the other party is clear. Highly recommend and was listed as a top choice on an Independant review listing of B/T Headsets.

11. Avantree Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Replaceable

Avantree Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Replaceable

The 3.5mm connection is wide compatible and can be used to plug into a phone or a device. You can control the volume of PC/MAC calls with ease with the inline controls. The 40mm Hi-fi stereo drivers deliver a well-balanced sound profile with an emphasis on clarity and rich bass. Active Noise Canceling technology reduces background noise so you can focus on your music, watch movies or make phone calls. You can enjoy up to 35 hours of playtime using the two modes, or up to 21 hours with ANC on. The design is ultra comfortable. The combination of soft, plush leather earpads, an optimal clamping force structure, and a fully adjusted headband provides for a comfortable fit. Listen to your music for extended periods without compromising on your comfort. They are foldable and perfect for traveling. The boom mic and extra features make it possible to enhance mic pickup and ensure crystal clear voice quality for all of your calls. There is a dedicated button and multimedia controls for volume or skipping tracks. There is a 24 month warranty upon product registration. There is a video User Guide on the website. Life Time Technical Support has an 8 hour response time.

Brand: Avantree

👤I ordered the unit because it advertised a boom mic. The picture shows a boom mic. The unit does not have a boom mic. The website costs an extra fifteen dollars. I just needed the mic and I don't care about the cost. The website is broken and won't process credit cards, but I tried many times to order one. I wanted a mic for my phone calls, and I was willing to put up with the poor sound quality from the headphones. I threw everything in the trash. You should save yourself from the grief.

👤I started testing them after receiving them. I've owned a few music systems, listened to some expensive ones, and have developed my hearing, because of it. I love music. Why is the rating low? I'm not sure if it's too low, but I'm pretty sure about it. Why? The sound is not natural. The lows are tight and crisp. At first listen, they are detailed. I noticed the sound was muffled. Most of the music is here. It was true on both of my devices. It was the same with ANC on as well as off. My music sounded off. It was not as fast as my Plantronics cans, which are around five years old. There are two more issues that worry me. The unit is manufactured by a company called Avantree, and I own a similar device for my PC, but there was no music. The headphones are advertised on Amazon as 40mm drivers. I fear that the drivers will give me the same bad response because they are all manufactured by the same company. That doesn't mean that all of the other circuitry is made for the same company. The bottom line is to look elsewhere.

👤You may not receive a boom mic even if it is listed. Average noise canceling headphones are what they are. There is no excuse for lying about the boom mic.

👤I replaced my Logitech H 800 headset with these headphones, I wear my headset all day long for phone calls and voice recognition. The noise cancellation helps when making calls. The sound quality is mediocre when listening to music. If you're looking for a decent quality headset at a great price that's comfortable and great for making phone calls, this is a good solution. These are probably not the headphones for you if you're looking for high quality sound when listening to music.

👤The sound quality is marginal, however the headphones were easy to pair with. The clarity is not good. These headphones are better than the others. I wonder how bad the headphones are. I was given the option to swap these headphones with another model, but the reviews on that model were not very good, and they did not have ANC which is a feature I wanted. I got a small credit from Avantree. I increased my rating from 2 to 3 stars because of that gesture. I was reassured by the help of Avantree. The ARIA headphones were replaced with the Audition Pro. There were some initial problems and they replaced them with another pair of headphones. The ARIA's are not as nice as the Pro's. It's easier to control and more comfortable. I am very satisfied with their headphones. Their customer service is good.


What is the best product for best headset to work from home wireless?

Best headset to work from home wireless products from Aihoor. In this article about best headset to work from home wireless you can see why people choose the product. Jlab and Poly (plantronics + Polycom) are also good brands to look for when you are finding best headset to work from home wireless.

What are the best brands for best headset to work from home wireless?

Aihoor, Jlab and Poly (plantronics + Polycom) are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best headset to work from home wireless. Find the detail in this article. Jabra, Levn and Poly (plantronics + Polycom) are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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