Best Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair

Dryer 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. REVLON One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush

REVLON One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush

SLIMMER & SLEEKER HANDLE: plus. It has a design that makes it easier to store and control. A bigger head size, style closer to the root, and more styling options are included. Adding additional heat setting is included. Tailoring your hair needs with less damage and less heat exposure has been added. A combination of titanium technology and capillary. The charcoal activated bristles are great for 2nd day hair freshness, as they help reduce heat damage. The Volumizer 2.0 Plus is a safety plug that complies with U.S. safety requirements. The unit is only for 120 Volt USA outlets. Do not use a transformer as it will damage it. You should care for your vehicle. After every use, remove hair from the brush and clean the air inlet. Let the unit cool before storing.

Brand: Revlon

👤I bought the original One Step hair dryer a year ago. I liked how it blew my hair out. The barrel was too big, the handle was too thick, and it was too heavy. The new version was reviewed on the tube. The new model was improved by them. The old one weighed more. The handle is not as large. There are 3 settings. The head has been removed. The brush head is smaller. Still does a great blow out. I have long hair that works well with the length. Absolutely love this appliance.

👤I have owned the original One Step Styler for a long time. It was starting to show. The age. I ordered the new one. I was so glad I did. The smaller barrel is great for shorter hair and comes apart for travel or storage. The bristles are not as good as the ones on the original. I really like the new version.

👤I have long hair that is bra strap length. I let it air dry and then used hot rollers to iron it. The flat iron never got the ends super strait unless I cooked them and a round brush was not an option. I stumbled upon this product while watching a video about the Dyson version. The price tag is ridiculous. I looked up videos on the dryer after someone mentioned it in the comments. The price didn't break the bank and I was very shocked. The fact that the 2.0 version improved some flaws from the original version was a huge deciding factor. I let my hair air dry before I used it. The head attachment can be removed if you need to dry it a bit first. How cool is that? Some people complain that if you have to dry it first, it's pointless. Everyone that has had a professional blow up knows that it's a standard procedure to remove excess water first. I started with a small area of hair and smoothed it out. I had to turn it off to get more hair. I realized that sectioning the hair first is more efficient than releasing it with clips. I couldn't believe how smooth my mop was after I zip through my sections quicker than ever. I can't believe how I went without this. It's amazing! It really depends on your desired results, and there is a learning curve. I got some body but not much. I didn't use the techniques that would produce more body like leaving it in place and then using a cool shot or heating up a section and putting in a roller. YT videos are very useful here. I got wonderful smoothness. Without being familiar with the tool, there was some body. The power/ change of temperature is a rotating knob at the bottom of the barrell, which I really don't like, but that may get better as I practice. You can't use the hand held the dryer to change settings or turn it off like on a rocker switch. It's very awkward. You have to take the brush out of your hair, look at the settings and then resume. If you put the brush in place as you are drying, you can have the settings memorised so you can use your free hand. The cool shot should have been located where you can get it quickly. This is a game change. I would buy it again if I needed to. The traditional dryer has been moved to a drawer. I can't imagine ever using it again. That's a good thing.

2. Remington Protection Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

Remington Protection Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

Hair dryer for shiny hair. More protection with advanced coating technology. Healthier hair with proprietary technology. The power for fast drying is 1875 watt. The ceramic ionized Tourmaline Grill is for faster drying. 60 watt power; 125 watt power.

Brand: Remington

👤I noticed that the hair dryer started to melt after a while. This is a fire hazard. I will get a better hair dryer.

👤Update! Ignore my review. The dryer is sparking. It lasted 6 months. I don't recommend. My teen loves this dryer. It blows well. Not weak. If you are funny about the power and heat, you will understand what I am talking about. We like hot heat and a strong flow. My other brand just went out so I'm thinking of buying one for myself.

👤After 5 years of daily use, the dryer I had from Remington died. I thought I'd give it a try. It is a bit lighter than the one I had before. It doesn't get as hot when I turn it to the highest heat setting as my old one does. My hair is wavy and fine so it works out for me. The attachment snapped onto the end of the dryer with a satisfying click. It seems like it will continue. The sound is not loud. If you have long or thick hair, you might need a more powerful dryer. I decided to order a different dryer after using this for a week. This thing doesn't get hot enough. I'm spending more time drying my hair than I would with my old dryer, and I'm still walking around the bathroom with my head almost wet. The temperature switch doesn't do anything between hot and cool. The fan speed is too low. My hair has been weird all week. I'm going to keep this as a backup dryer because I only spent $11 on it.

👤I have been using this hair blower for about a year. I love the purple color and the multiple fan and heat speeds make it easy to get what I need. It falls off very easily. It was _____________ This is a great hair blower. I wouldn't buy this hair blower again. I need a good diffuser. My old blower's diffuser slid on with about an inch of overlap, so I would look for a stronger one.

👤The cord seems to be faulty since we first purchased it. The blow dryer will turn off if I don't adjust the cord, even though it is plugged in to a good outlet. I wrote a review because I was unsure if we got a lemon but since we first purchased it the cord seems faulty. The blow dryer will turn off if I don't adjust the cord, even though it is plugged in to a good outlet. I wrote a review because I heard a zap sound and then looked at the plug and saw that some of the plastic had melted. I am not sure if the blow dryer shorted. It will turn on if I plug it back in. I don't want to start a fire in my house with a faulty cord and plug, so I am going to get a new one.

👤If you are buying this to use the attachment, you should put your money towards a better hair dryer. I was excited to try out the hair dryer because of the description and previous reviews. It came with a diffuser attachment. There is a The plastic on the attachment breaks when you put it on and take it off the dryer. After a small piece broke off, I thought I could use the attachment, but it no longer works. I tried to use it, but it fell off. The hair dryer is not very strong compared to my old one. It takes forever to dry my hair. Again, save your money and pay a higher price for a better dryer.

3. Conair Vagabond Compact Folding Handle

Conair Vagabond Compact Folding Handle

The Compact Travel Hair Dryer is a lightweight blow dryer that is easy to pack in a suitcase or carry in a bag, and it only weighs 1 pound. The hair dryer is powered by 1600 watt for quick and easy styling of all hair types, and it's perfect for worldwide travel. The styler has plenty of power and dual voltage conversion folded into its stylish and ergonomics, which makes it easy to use. Conair has a great selection of hair dryers for every hair type and every hair style. Conair Hair Care has been making innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more since 1959.

Brand: Conair

👤The hair dryer is small. Enough power to style my hair in a straight style and remove some waves. I don't know if I will need to travel with it, I purchased it to take to the gym. It will take a screwdriver or dime to turn the screw when you switch from 125 to 250 volts. The painted arrow indicates that the voltage could wear off. The slot for the screwdriver points away from the voltage being used.

👤I needed a hair dryer that I could travel with. It was easy to pack because it was foldable. The pros end there. It's worse than a hotel hair dryer, it doesn't blow air hot enough to round brush your hair, the high setting barely blew enough warm air to dry my hair, it look almost 20 minutes. I returned the hair dryer because it was useless. I will use a normal hair dryer for my travel needs.

👤I used to use a blow dryer when I traveled through Europe and other places. My daughter is going to Europe for the first time this summer and I found the same blow dryer I used to use. It is small, but powerful. I can still use my European plug-in on the end and it doesn't change the speed or cause any power problems because it folds up. This is one of the best blow dryers I have ever owned. The only thing next to me was a size reference and I used a highlighter to highlight it.

👤The rating is still a 5 stars. It has been over a year since the original review. Still alive and kicking! We spent the entire summer on the beach because my aunt used it over there. -- This was bought for my wife to take with her on the trip to Lebanon. That thing is so powerful that it is compact. My wife was surprised that it did better than her hair dryer. We used it every day for 15 days because we were on the water and had to style up for the night. I bought a second one for our guest bathroom when I left it there. This little guy did a great job. Buy it, try it, and thank me later.

👤Don't buy this product! It does not have a safety design. The end of the blow dryer has a barrier. The hair can get caught in the fan. I didn't learn my lesson until recently, but some of my hair got burned on a few occasions. I couldn't get my hair out even after I turned it off. I cut some hair. The blow dryer wouldn't start again. It stopped working. If you have long hair, I wouldn't recommend this product. I only had this blow dryer for a short time. I missed the return window and wanted to return it.

👤I bought this for my mother-in-law. If it was less than perfect, I would not have heard about it.

👤Conair has made this hair dryer for as long as I have been using it. A long time. Over the past few years, I have bought another brand to see if I could find a better blow dry, but the answer has always been no. About six months ago, I bought a more expensive ionic hair dryer from another brand, but I have grown to dislike it. I just bought another Conair Vagabond Compact dryer and I am happy. The heat level is stable and it is as light and compact as can be. I keep one of them in my suitcase for when I travel. They last for a long time. What else could you ask for?

4. Professional Tourmaline Negative Diffuser Concentrator(Blue Black)

Professional Tourmaline Negative Diffuser Concentrator%EF%BC%88Blue Black%EF%BC%89

Powerful salon motor for drying quickly. Negative ion and tourmaline technology help to reduce static and hair loss. 2 speed and 3 heat settings, plus a cool shot button for complete drying and styling with flexibility. 2 Attachments are included to give you maximum precision and styling variety. The design and quality of the material make it more comfortable to hold.

Brand: Jinri

👤I have previously used GHD and Babyliss blow dryers and was pleasantly surprised by this one. It is lightweight, buttons are easy to use, and my hair stayed dry during the drying process, something that I struggle with on inexpensive blow dryers. I have not tried the attachment yet. If this dryer doesn't hold up well over time, I'll come back later with another update. I've only used it once. I have been using this blow dryer for 3 weeks and haven't touched my GHD blow dryer since I got it. It is so lightweight and comfortable. My hair is smooth and fast drying.

👤I bought a hair dryer before Christmas last year. I was impressed with how well it did. It cut my drying time by at least a third. It began making some motor noises in the past month. The motor sounded like a jet plane taking off and then started smoking. It's not even three months old. I don't use it often. I will not purchase this brand again. Customer service reached out to me to give me a refund, new dryer, or under $50 purchase on Amazon. I sent them a link of what I wanted to get and waited for it to arrive. The effort to set things right was appreciated by me.

👤I am picky on hair products because I grew up in a salon, and this hair dryer is really good, but it isn't easy to say it is good. I want to let you know that I have long hair and that I like this hair dryer, but I think it's too light and loud. The power outlet extension fixes the issue for me. I will recommend this hair dryer to others.

👤I needed a fast replacement for my old dryer. I had never heard of Jinri before, but the reviews seemed to think so. I decided to try it. This dryer is very effective. My hair dried in less time than it took with my old dryer. I think it is the same weight as my old one, but has more features. My old one was off and high. This one has multiple heat levels as well as a cold shot button, which is a big improvement. My old one didn't come with a diffuser so I added one that didn't fit. It's a pleasure to have a diffuser that clicks on and off. You have to get used to where the buttons are, but I don't think that will be a problem. It is easy to hold. It's pretty. It was a good purchase.

👤The hair dryer seems to be quieter than most others. I have long hair that takes 10 minutes to dry. I did not see a reduction in drying time. This one gets very hot. There is a The reason for a 3/6 star overall rating is the fact that the concentrator pops off while in use. The concentrator pops right off if I lightly touch the attachment on my hair. It's very annoying when that piece is too hot to put back on. I have to use a towel to pick it up off the floor. I would give it a 5 out of 5 if it were better made so that the attachment stayed in place. It's too much of a hassle to get ready when the concentrator pops off several times. I would recommend this product to you if you don't use a concentrator when drying your hair.

5. Revlon 1875W Booster Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Booster Hair Dryer

The volume boiler has a volumizing finger diffuser that makes it easier to define natural waves. IONIC TECHNOLOGY: Keep a neutral charge on the hair's surface. It is possible to achieve dependability. It helps reduce static and frizz in hair. A cool shot button that releases cool air is included. The 1875 watt hair dryer has 3 heat/2 speed settings for complete drying and styling flexibility. Lift and body. The hair styler has a volumizing finger, smoothing concentrator, andremovable end cap for easy cleaning.

Brand: Revlon

👤So far, so good. I have never had a hair dryer with a diffusing attachment. It works well. The color is pretty and the price is good. There are 3 heat settings that are useful. I had a dryer that was better for less money. Win.

👤The power and heat are both good. The black fitted parts and nozzle keep coming off when used. It's frustrating to stop and fix them back and again, and to keep doing it. It rates poorly for design and function. The nozzle is designed to stay in one place. It doesn't offer flexibility to direct the air flow in a certain direction. The hair dryer needs to be moved around the head at different angles so it is necessary to have some manual flexibility. I was able to turn the nozzle and direct the air in my old hair dryer because I use different angles around my head to dry my own hair. If someone else is drying your hair, this dryer will work best.

👤The blow dryer is amazing because my hair is curly.

👤It's not as nice as the original but it works. The lettering came off when the back popped off. Three months have passed. My last hair dryer was from Revlon. This isn't worth it.

👤I love the fact that I got a cool and cool shot setting, it's highly recommendable.

👤So far, so good, I was looking for a cheap but reliable hair dryer. I've only used it a couple times, and it seems like other hair dryers give up the ghost after a couple months or so, so we'll see. The hair dryer is easy to use and works well. I'm happy with the temperature of the air, it doesn't seem to get warm. The color shown on Amazon is accurate. The attachment tends to fall off easily, but I haven't seen that happen for me. I'm satisfied with my purchase, but I wish the cord was a bit longer.

👤No complaints! I used it right away and it was a good drying blow. Thank you so much!

👤This is a cheap hair dryer. It's not great, but it's not terrible. I wish it had a boost button. It is not loud according to other reviews. Every other hairdryer has the same sound.

👤No me maltratara el cabello, pero no me fue una buena opcin. Es fcil de usar. Si la recomiendo.

👤Perfecto para chinos, Tiene Secado Fro.

👤I comentamente, el producto tiene un cabello, pero tiene memoria, eficaz, and las bolsas. En resumen buen producto, efectivo y relativamente barato.

👤The blow dryer is light and works great on my hair. The power cord is short and I have to stand very close to the wall to see what I am doing when I blow dry my hair. I don't have the option of blow drying my hair in the bathroom where the plug in is higher up on the wall. The black vent cover is falling off and I know one day the dryer is going to eat my hair because the vent cover is constantly falling off. It's a pity. The cover on the blow dryer started to pop off after a couple of weeks of use. I don't think the diffuser will be any better than it is now.

6. Yiiho Ionic Hair Dryer Professional

Yiiho Ionic Hair Dryer Professional

The Yiiho hair dryer uses a dual ionic system that harnesses both negative and positive ion to eliminate static and frizz. The hair dryer only works in the US. The portable hair dryer has a 1800W motor that can ensure fast-drying performance, and without damaging your hair, in comparison to traditional hair dryers. The Yiiho blow dryer has innovative design that allows the wind to blow vertically from the outlet, reducing noise, increasing wind speed, and drying efficiency without affecting your hair. The dual ionic hair dryer has 3 smart heating functions that keep the temperature constant and ensure uniform drying to prevent hair damage. Choose between cool air, warm air, or hot air levels combined with powerful wind speeds and plasma hair care for a quick and easy drying and styling. This hair blow dryer has a sleek design and is portable, which makes it a great choice for those who want a superior styling experience in the comfort of their own home. The hair dryer is lightweight and compact, so you can use it at home, travel, holiday, or vacation.

Brand: Yiiho

👤I am glad I took the risk. It took a while to get used to. I started liking it after I did. The air is moving fast. I thought the setting was not very hot, but then I realized it took several seconds to get there. I like how light it is and it seems quieter than most blow dryers. I only used it for a week. I will probably order a second one if it maintains this quality. I have long, straight hair. I mean nothing when I say straight. I rely on my blow dryer and product to keep my hair healthy. This seems to work so far.

👤I thought this hair dryer was unique when I bought it on Amazon. I wondered if the hair dryer would dry my hair in a reasonable amount of time when I opened the box. I was surprised. The hair dryer is powerful. My hair was dry in a few minutes. It's easy to hold and comes with a diffuser and a concentrator as well. It is easy to travel with this hair dryer. It takes up less space than a traditional hair dryer. The hair dryer is extraordinary. A must have.

👤I am very happy with my purchase of the hair dryer. It is lightweight and can dry the hair. I decided to buy this one because of the attached diffuser, I have seen similar ones on the market. The dryer is what I needed.

👤The air is powerful. It dries your hair with hot and cool air. The design of the hair dryer is slim. The defuser keeps my hair straight. Excellent hair dryer!

👤I like the weight and feel of the hairdryer in my hand. I almost wish it came with a lower power setting because I was surprised by the drying power. There is no option to change the force of air. The attachment is helpful for more specific styling.

👤Love the color, the power, and the portableness! I like the fact that this works better than my styling dryer for dry hair, since I tend to need to dry my hair quickly. It is powerful, but not so hot that it burns. The attachment come off easily. It is not a magnetic connection, and I don't think there is need for it to be. The only improvements I would make to this would be the ability to control air speed and a way to hang or store it. It is a pretty hair dryer that can be packed easily and efficiently.

👤I bought a portable dryer for my fiancée. She is a live performer and often has to get ready while on the go. She needs this dryer for her on-the-go career. It's small and lightweight, making it very convenient for her. It's shape makes it easy to pack in a bag. It doesn't use heat so her hair stays silky smooth and damage-free, and it's powerful for how small it is. Would buy again.

👤This hair dryer has a lot of power. It didn't take up a lot of space in my suitcase. I decided to give it a try. The attachment is great for keeping my hair wavy. It was packaged securely and arrived very quickly. It was a great hairdryer, especially for the price.

7. Skin Research Institute Salon Dry

Skin Research Institute Salon Dry

Promotes healthy styling with the latest technology. The traditional hair dryer can create dry, coarse strands of hair, but the SRI Dry Pro helps strengthen as you style. The heat from the inside out of your hair seals in your hair's natural hydration. This will help you reduce the amount of time you spend getting ready. The Dry Pro uses negative ion technology to help break down water particles. This makes your hair lustrous and soft. Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on a professional hair cut? You can get a gorgeous hair cut at home with the Dry Pro. The 5 year warranty on your SRI Dry Pro purchase is something you will not find anywhere else. They are confident that you will love the SRI Dry Pro as much as they do, so they provide a product guarantee.

Brand: Skin Research Institute

👤The thing cost me $160. It makes my hair look dry on the ends within 2 days of using it. It makes my hair dry, and it stays damp no matter how long I use it. The high speed tears up my light natural curls rather than helping them form. It makes my hair look wilder than ever. The light is a way to charge the device. It makes the dryer heavy because it doesn't speed drying. It is. The attachment are hard to put away. It seems strong. I'm giving it to my husband because he doesn't have curly hair. I will replace it with a cheaper dryer.

👤My hair is just right in the middle. My hair is not damaged. The length is close to my shoulders. It took me about 6 or 7 minutes to dry my hair. My hormones are out of balance and my hair falls out. I'm hoping the red light will help. I took my ponytail out before I went to bed for the first time after the blow dry. My hair comes out with my ponytail. I'm hoping the red light strengthens it.

👤I spent $150 on a dryer that broke when I turned it on. A piece of plastic popped out after I heard something snap inside. It's too heavy, too loud, and makes me angry because it's too powerful. It takes forever to dry my hair and it leaves my hair flat. I don't like this dryer. I've used better ones. This was a waste and you should save your money.

👤You would expect the item to last at least a year. After 6 months, the low setting stopped working for me. The high setting damages her hair. Poor quality. I would look at another hair dryer.

👤My hair is not damaged. I loved this product and swore by it, but it died on me this morning. Now outside of the window. It lasted less than a regular dryer because of the amount of money spent.

👤I was overwhelmed by the choices after my blow dryer broke. I had six at home. They all had the same handling, weight, and drying time. I returned this model because it was easy to change a setting. I think they are all the same. You could only determine if one is better than the other by using it for a long time.

👤I debated for 6 months about buying this blow dryer. It is not better than any other dryer. I don't think it makes my hair softer or smoother. I have fine hair and after using a dryer it is more flat. I didn't know how to attach the attachment to stay on. It's a good product, but not as good as it used to be. I wouldn't spend that much money on it again.

👤I don't know why this hair dryer has good reviews. It is the worst I have ever used. If you have any hair or use a round brush while drying you will have a sore arm. The high mode is like standing in a wind tunnel. It was way too much. The low is very low. It makes no sense that the high heat gets cooler on the low air mode. It is loud. Thank goodness for Amazon.

8. INFINITIPRO CONAIR Titanium Ceramic Styling

INFINITIPRO CONAIR Titanium Ceramic Styling

The 1 inch Hot Air Brush is an easy way to style damp hair and create a salon worthy blow out in your own home. The advanced ion technology gives you 2 times the shine and 3 times the frizz control, and the Titanium Ceramic Barrel gives even heat with less damage. The hot air styler's outer surface should be wiped clean with a cloth. A large titanium ceramic barrel gives fullness and body as you style, while soft bristles create ultimate shine and smoothness. Use a damp cloth to clean. Conair makes high quality styling tools for all hair types. Conair Hair Care has been making innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more since 1959.

Brand: Conair

👤I like the way it makes my hair look, but my arms get tired from time to time. I use a regular blow dryer to dry my hair, but I also use it to dry when it's just damp. My rating was a 5 before my Hot Air Brush died after less than 4 months. I have changed my rating to one star. One day it was working and the next it was dead. I tried several wall sockets to make sure it wasn't an electrical problem. I was late for the dinner party because I had to use an old curling brush to finish my hair. I will send it back as per the instructions.

👤It cannot be returned and that is not mentioned on the product description page. I was not impressed with the performance. It took me forever to dry my hair. The cord is too short for me to use comfortably. I am really annoyed that I can not return it.

👤I received a used brush in the mail after I ordered the new option. This is unsanitary and disappointing.

👤I don't have time to do my hair every day, but this blow dryer curling brush makes getting ready so much easier. It's easy to use. The cooling button should be separated from the heating button to make it easier to switch from cold to warm, but other than that, I've had no issues with using this wonderful tool. This look is easy to achieve because I like my hair to have a lot of volume and my layers to show. I curled my hair up from the tip to the roots, using the tool from my roots to the tip, and then rolled the brush around and out to keep the curl. A nice wave was added to the tips. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy blow up. John Frieda Volumizing spray was used to get this look.

👤I ordered the barrel with the thought that it included both blower and bristles. Nope. It was a full 2 inches in diameter with the bristles, so it was a massive 6 inches in length. I returned the 1.5 and ordered the one that is actually 1.5, if you include the bristles. Perfect! And. What a tool! I can dump the traditional hair dryer and round brush and use only one tool to dry and style my hair. Since my hair is thin and fine, it gives wonderful volume, and the ion technology provides more shine than I've had in years. The bristles are not harsh to the hair. If I could, I would give more stars to this product. It's a good thing.

👤It has finally been done. A dryer brush that works the same as my old one. I got this today and am going to try it out. The reviews said that it was worth the purchase. The old conair dryer brush fell apart. I've been through 3 dryer brushes since then, none of which worked at all, and I didn't hold out much hope of finding one that would work with my long hair. I get my hair done at the salon and it looks terrible. No one at the salon listens to me or does my hair the way I like it. Don't worry about that anymore. I can go back to doing it myself. My hair is curly and when I leave it to air dry, it gets frizzy and if they don't dry it completely at the salon, it gets frizzy. I dry it until it slips through the bristles. I know it's perfect. The bristles on this brush are very strong. Most of the ones I've tried in the past few years have hair type bristles that don't go all the way through my hair and are a real pain. The bristles on this are made of plastic and hair and work great. I didn't find the controls to be a problem for me. I can easily slide it from low to high, or from cool to high. I usually only use high, but I didn't think it was an issue. When I have time, I will post a video review. This product is amazing! January 15, 2015: I am still using the dryer brush and I love it! I am buying one for my mom. I would love to add a few before and after pics, but I can't figure out how to do that. This is the only drying tool I use, and 98% of the time, except for heat protectant, it's always perfect.

9. INFINITIPRO CONAIR SmoothWrap Hair Dryer


The SmoothWrap Hair Dryer is a treatment for all hair types that reduces frizz and maximizes body for a new hair drying experience. SmoothWrap has a dual ion therapy that leaves your hair feeling hydrated and conditioned, and a hair dryer that creates heat to protect hair from damage. 3 heat and 2 speed settings can be used to modify your style. Conair has a great selection of hair dryers for every hair type and every hair style. Conair Hair Care has been making innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more since 1959.

Brand: Conair

👤I have been spending a lot of money trying to find the right blow dryer. Not to spend $400 plus on the Dyson. This is the best blow dryer I have ever used. The buttons are in a convenient spot and it is light. My hair does not fall out. It's lucky I found this one since we are not all the same.

👤After only two months of use, the skin of the dryer is peeling off. I noticed that there were scratches on the skin and this morning I realized that the skin is down to the plastic. I had used other hair dryers but this one was more expensive and had good write-ups. It seems like the cost was cut by putting on a cheap protective layer. Won't buy again.

👤I keep seeing people write in reviews that the paint on the dryer comes off. Maybe there was a bunch of them like that. I bought one after taking the chance. As you can see from the picture, the paint does come off, but it gets all over my skin, hair, and floors in my bathroom. The picture is getting worse after being taken 4 times. I am going to research my hair dryer again. I really like it but it's hard to clean up because of the paint.

👤I blow dry my hair and use 2 round brushes to make it straight. I read the reviews and thought the dryer would be perfect for smoothing my hair. The dryer is easy to hold and cute. Attachments stay on. The blow dryer doesn't have the best drying power. It took me twice as long to blow dry my hair as it did my other blow dryer. I use two different size round brushes to blow out my roots. I have no issues with my other dryer so this blow dryer must not get hot enough. Within 15 minutes after drying, my hair started curling up. I had to blow dry it a few more times to get it straightened, and use my mini flat iron to help get the roots. After 10 minutes of drying my daughter's hair, it still wasn't dried all the way. If your hair is naturally curly and you're trying to blow dry it straight, I wouldn't recommend this dryer.

👤It's lightweight. That is all. The drying power was weak. Cool option didn't work. The air is warm or cold. This is the first time that hair has been this messy. Quickly returning.

👤The attachment is large for people with thick or wavy hair. I recommend very highly. It was faster than expected. Very nice. It was little to no friz.

👤I love my hair dryer. It is cheap, light, quiet, quick, and cuts down on frizz. I want to order another one. Definitely recommend.

👤This is the best hair dryer I have ever owned. It dries my hair quickly and on the lowest heat setting. It's light and easy to travel with.

👤La potencia de Secado es una, pero no tienes diferencia.

10. Professional Tourmaline Negative Concentrator Certified

Professional Tourmaline Negative Concentrator Certified

The professional DC motor has an ultra strong wind that will let your hair dry in a few minutes. Negative Ion function Tourmaline protects against heat damage. It helps to create smooth, silky hair. The Cool Shot Button and 3 heat/ 2 speed settings allow for complete drying and styling flexibility. The design and quality of the material make it more comfortable to hold. The JINRI Hair Dryer is ETL certified and is only available in the US. The diffuser/concentrator is included to meet your varied needs.

Brand: Jinri

👤The dryer met my expectations. I am picky with my hair tools. It is well balanced and won't strain the wrist after a day's work. The design is very minimalist. Three heat level setting and a cool shot are great features. We only see high or low temperatures. You have high and low speeds. The unit's attachment are sturdy and secure. I didn't have any issues with them coming off. The thing that stood out to me was the diffuser. My hair was dry and had a lot of volume in just a few minutes. This is an excellent model for a new personal hairdryer or one for work.

👤I am not one to get excited about a product, but I am. After taking a shower, I plugged in my new dryer. It dried my hair. The water was gone. I almost didn't believe it. I decided to do a study of the dryer the next day. I only used half of it. In my picture, you can see that half of my head is dry. There was no water at all. If you want to get dry hair, this bad boy is for you. Don't walk, run. Get yourself one. I did the other side of my head in order to complete the study. It worked again. My head is dry. This thing is not true. I am sold.

👤The hair dryer blew up after 6 months of use. I was drying my hair when it blew out. Thankfully my hairbrush stopped it from hitting my face. I have never had a blow dryer go out so quickly. It was not worth it for only 6 months.

👤I blow my hair out every now and then. I decided to spend more on the hair dryer because they just dried my hair when I tried several hair dryers. I feel better this time. The machine is not loud and the heat is not too hot, but the wind makes my hair dry fast, so it can keep some water. I used to be as fluffy as possible. I like the hair dryer.

👤I am a cosmetologist and like a hair dryer with some power and a strong wind behind it, I was really excited about this one because of the reviews. My walmart hair dryer has more power than this one. The heat is great, but it's not enough. I am very disappointed with this purchase.

👤This blow dryer is very nice. It is less noise than my last one. I don't know why my hair looks shiny when I dry it. The blow dryer takes less time to dry my hair. I highly recommend it.

👤I've been looking for a new hair dryer for a while. It has been bad for a while. I needed a new one because it started sparking. I was very excited to get this. The texture is nice. It's like a feeling of Silicone. It isn't shiny and slippery, so it's a little easier to hold on to. The buttons are labeled so that it's easy to know what they do. It has a 9 ft cord that makes it easier to blow dry your hair when the outlet is far away. It was difficult for my blow dryer to reach my head before this one. It has a piece of Velcro to keep it from getting lost. I don't think I need a diffuser, but it's nice that it's included for curly haired girls. It dried my hair without hurting it or starting a fire, and that's all I ask for in a blow dryer.

11. Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Dryer

Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Dryer

Dry, style and go are salon-style hair accessories. Light weight: The cap has aremovable end for easy cleaning and maintenance. And lightweight design. It is possible to quickly dry and style your hair with 2 heat/speed settings to suit your personal needs and use the cool shot setting to set the style. 120 volts outlets only. Will need a transformer. There was a Watts in 1875. The location of use may affect the Wattage of this appliance.

Brand: Revlon

👤It almost set my T-shirt ablaze. The room was filled with smoke and the black plastic was dripping off the drier.

👤This was used for the pinewood derby outlaw car.

👤The hair dryer is like holding your head over a volcano and letting the flames of hell blow up to give you a sleek blow out. The unit gets so hot that it makes its own plastic. It hurts your hand to hold it. It will leave little fried places on your hair if that weren't bad enough. The hair falls out. You can do a full hair cut in less than 20 minutes with a bottle of heat protectant. Your house might be destroyed by 10/10. Will cause your hair to fall off.

👤It smells like it's burning when I turn it on. It burned me when I tried it the first time, it was so hot. It will catch on fire if I use it. It's clean and brand new, so it's not hair that makes the smell. My outlets are working. I don't think it was a good idea. Would not recommend it.

👤The hair dryer is malfunctioning. It blew out both hot and cold air. I was afraid it would blow a circuit or start a fire when I looked into the vent. The dryer was cheap. I know why. The regular sized dryer I bought worked normally.

👤Due to size and reviews, it was bought for my 11 year old daughter. The barrel and handle got very hot after we tried it out on Christmas night. It got super hot and started to smell, so I turned it off and went to a different outlet. I was the one drying her hair and she might not have known. I have a Revlon hairdryer that I love and I will keep looking for it.

👤I didn't expect much when I bought this hair dryer. I didn't think it was that great of a product, it was less than 10 bucks. I needed a hair dryer that was cheap. I was surprised by how effective the hair dryer was. I just wanted this hair dryer to dry my hair after I shower, I'm very low maintenance with my hair. This hair dryer was able to do that. It's not a big dryer, so it can be very travel friendly. It has no bad hair drying smells that come out of it, which is even better. I would recommend this product.

👤This is a step up from my old hair dryer that was starting to spark. It's a good size for storing things and it dries quickly. It's powerful for a small dryer. It gets hot but not too hot.

👤Comprehending the secadora, secar mascotas al darles un bao. Dado tienes bastante econmica, funciona a la perfeccin, andres. No tiene problema alguno. La potencia de aire y temperatura de secado is perfect. No es incmodo para mis perritos. No tienes pero lastima. El cordn es relativamente. Estoy contento con la compra.


What is the best product for best hair dryer for fine hair?

Best hair dryer for fine hair products from Revlon. In this article about best hair dryer for fine hair you can see why people choose the product. Remington and Conair are also good brands to look for when you are finding best hair dryer for fine hair.

What are the best brands for best hair dryer for fine hair?

Revlon, Remington and Conair are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best hair dryer for fine hair. Find the detail in this article. Jinri, Revlon and Yiiho are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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