Best Best Hair Dryer Brush

Dryer 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. INFINITIPRO CONAIR Titanium Ceramic Styling

INFINITIPRO CONAIR Titanium Ceramic Styling

The 1.5 inch Hot Air Brush is an easy to use tool that will help you style damp hair in one easy step. The advanced ion technology gives you 2 times the shine and 3 times the frizz control, and the titanium ceramic barrel gives even heat with less damage. A large titanium ceramic barrel gives fullness and body as you style, while soft bristles create ultimate shine and smoothness, and nylon and ball tipped bristles provide gentle detangling. Conair makes high quality styling tools for all hair types. Conair Hair Care has been making innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more since 1959.

Brand: Conair

👤I like the way it makes my hair look, but my arms get tired from time to time. I use a regular blow dryer to dry my hair, but I also use it to dry when it's just damp. My rating was a 5 before my Hot Air Brush died after less than 4 months. I have changed my rating to one star. One day it was working and the next it was dead. I tried several wall sockets to make sure it wasn't an electrical problem. I was late for the dinner party because I had to use an old curling brush to finish my hair. I will send it back as per the instructions.

👤It cannot be returned and that is not mentioned on the product description page. I was not impressed with the performance. It took me forever to dry my hair. The cord is too short for me to use comfortably. I am really annoyed that I can not return it.

👤I received a used brush in the mail after I ordered the new option. This is unsanitary and disappointing.

👤I don't have time to do my hair every day, but this blow dryer curling brush makes getting ready so much easier. It's easy to use. The cooling button should be separated from the heating button to make it easier to switch from cold to warm, but other than that, I've had no issues with using this wonderful tool. This look is easy to achieve because I like my hair to have a lot of volume and my layers to show. I curled my hair up from the tip to the roots, using the tool from my roots to the tip, and then rolled the brush around and out to keep the curl. A nice wave was added to the tips. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy blow up. John Frieda Volumizing spray was used to get this look.

👤I ordered the barrel with the thought that it included both blower and bristles. Nope. It was a full 2 inches in diameter with the bristles, so it was a massive 6 inches in length. I returned the 1.5 and ordered the one that is actually 1.5, if you include the bristles. Perfect! And. What a tool! I can dump the traditional hair dryer and round brush and use only one tool to dry and style my hair. Since my hair is thin and fine, it gives wonderful volume, and the ion technology provides more shine than I've had in years. The bristles are not harsh to the hair. If I could, I would give more stars to this product. It's a good thing.

👤It has finally been done. A dryer brush that works the same as my old one. I got this today and am going to try it out. The reviews said that it was worth the purchase. The old conair dryer brush fell apart. I've been through 3 dryer brushes since then, none of which worked at all, and I didn't hold out much hope of finding one that would work with my long hair. I get my hair done at the salon and it looks terrible. No one at the salon listens to me or does my hair the way I like it. Don't worry about that anymore. I can go back to doing it myself. My hair is curly and when I leave it to air dry, it gets frizzy and if they don't dry it completely at the salon, it gets frizzy. I dry it until it slips through the bristles. I know it's perfect. The bristles on this brush are very strong. Most of the ones I've tried in the past few years have hair type bristles that don't go all the way through my hair and are a real pain. The bristles on this are made of plastic and hair and work great. I didn't find the controls to be a problem for me. I can easily slide it from low to high, or from cool to high. I usually only use high, but I didn't think it was an issue. When I have time, I will post a video review. This product is amazing! January 15, 2015: I am still using the dryer brush and I love it! I am buying one for my mom. I would love to add a few before and after pics, but I can't figure out how to do that. This is the only drying tool I use, and 98% of the time, except for heat protectant, it's always perfect.

2. Revlon Dryer Volumizer Brush Turquoise

Revlon Dryer Volumizer Brush Turquoise

Style and dry in one step. It is possible to style, dry and volumize your hair in one step. IONIC and ceramic technology are related. The round edges of the Oval brush create volume. It was designed with nylon pin and bicstles for detangling. There are 3 heat/speed settings with a cool option for styling flexibility. The Volumizer 1.0 Original is designed for 120 Volt USA outlets only. Do not use a transformer as it will damage it. You should care for your vehicle. After every use, remove hair from the brush and clean the air inlet. Let the unit cool before storing.

Brand: Revlon

👤I can't make it up. I don't like styling my hair because it's so long. It takes me over an hour with a normal hairdryer to dry and style my hair, which isn't often. Ponytails were my go-to for most of the time. 20 minutes. That is how long it takes me to get my hair done from the shower to straight and sleek locks. This is the best purchase I have made this year.

👤I used this for a month to review, and I still love it. I let my hair air dry before I use the dryer or straightener. It leaves my hair soft and silky. I say, "BUY!" You are at the fence. This thing is great and has cut my preparation time in half.

👤I hated this hairdryer because you have to learn how to use it before you can use it well. My hair is not thick and it will take a lifetime to dry. It works great if you towel dry your hair until it's mostly damp. It doesn't matter how wet your hair is before you start, since you're not putting the thing against your hair. It is easier to use two things at once. There are pros and cons. It is also loud. I don't like that and buzzes strange. It requires frequent hair removal.

👤I am old. I was skeptical because I always get my hair stuck with round hairbrush.

👤Blow-out at home. This gave me salon-quality results on my own. I have thick hair. In the past I had to use a hot roller and a straightener to get my hair back in. The tool did it all in 25 minutes. Highly recommended.

👤This did an ok job. I had to use my straightener when I was done with it. I was able to use the brush with the blow drying power all in one, because I am not good at holding a round brush and blow drying with 2 tools. It made my hair straighter and less messy than if I had dried it with a blow dryer. I gave it 4 stars because I didn't get a perfect blow out style. The brush part is very hot so be careful not to touch it. I got burned when I accidentally touched it. The top and handle of the brush did not get hot while I was using it. I was not sure what to expect when I turned it on. I like it. I will keep it because it was easy to use and it made my hair more manageable.

👤I rarely blow dry my hair because it takes so long. Not with this bad boy! I can get my hair straight and dry in 20 minutes. This thing is heavy, so it is a bit of a work out, but not as tiring as having to hold a brush and blow dryer. I bought this thing for my mom because I love it so much and she thinks it's a game-changer. This size is great for long hair, but it doesn't come in a smaller barrel size.

3. INFINITIPRO Volumizer Flexalite Bristles Detangling

INFINITIPRO Volumizer Flexalite Bristles Detangling

One styling tool is all you need to style your hair. The Knot Dr. All-In-One Dryer Brush is all you need to create salon-quality styles. This lightweight brush is ideal for all hair types and has a volumizing attachment. Volume and shine are added by ceramic coated barrel and ionic generator. The technology for less hair is ion. Flexalite nylon bristles are easy to use and help with hair care. The right number of Flexalite bristles help smooth out knots and tangles. Conair makes high-quality styling tools for all hair types. Conair has made innovative hair care products since 1959. The hair care line includes hair dryers, brushes, styling tools, and hair accessories.

Brand: Conair

👤I spent a lot of time looking at reviews and the price and thought this would be a good fit for me. I had to have a blow dryer for myself because I have been watching so many videos about this all in one blow dryer. It is a little bit of a learning curve, but don't worry, you will get the hang of it. I chose this one because I loved the color. I liked that this one had all the settings on the handle. The brush is ideal for all hair types and features two heat settings and a cool setting. You can detach the head and use a volumizing pick or dry your hair with the end. I think this gave my short hair some volume, and made my hair more shiny. Wait until your hair is 80% dry before using the brush to style. This would be a great gift for your girlfriend or wife on her birthday or for a special occasion. This would be a great way to celebrate Mother's Day. I have chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more, and this helped me personally be able to get that salon blow out without the pain of holding a brush and a hair dryer. This was very helpful. I am trying to take better care of myself and this makes it easy to do. I recommend getting a heat protectant for styling products. You can use this on days when you don't have time to wash your hair. I have had this for about a month or so now and so far it has been great.

👤I've never been able to use blow dryers or curling thingys because they hurt so much that I dropped and broke them. The way I do my hair is different because of this baby. It was easy to put it together. It has a cool vent that will give your hair a boost. I won't be needing that cumbersome garbage blow dryer anymore. This baby is my new favorite. It gave my hair a lovely sheen, and made styling my hair hard to do, a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of spending money on things that don't work. This is a keeper and I love it.

👤My friend bought a similar brand and raves about it. Some people said to buy this over the revelon after reading the reviews. I could not be happier. This is amazing. My hair is not damaged. On top of that it is damaged. I used this and my hair had a lot of volume and that was with out using any other products. My hair is sleek and smooth. There was no damage showing. This brand offers a cooling setting, which is better than other brands. You need that if you have hair like mine. Don't hesitate to purchase this! You will not be sorry.

👤Buy this instead of Revlon. There is a cold shot button and three different heat settings. The cooler settings are ideal for me because I have thin hair. I had to return the Revlon one I ordered because it got so hot. I couldn't touch my hair because it burned my fingers. I ordered this one because I was afraid it would singe my hair. I think this is a great idea.

4. Volumizer Negative Anti Frizz Blowout Straightening

Volumizer Negative Anti Frizz Blowout Straightening

Advanced Ionic Technology The hair dryer brush can help to lock in the hair'sMoisture, nourish damaged hair and reduce frizz and static, it can be used with the ion generator. The ceramic coating barrel is used to help reduce damage from over- styling with even heat distribution. It can prevent hair tangles and help your hair become fluffier, smoother and shiner. The blow dryer brush is safe for use with the ALCI plug. The unit is only designed for 120 Volt USA outlets and requires a test button on the plug. The unit will be damaged by a voltage conversion or an accessory. There are multiple settings for styling flexibility and great results for different hair types. The 1000W powerful motor can dry wet hair without damaging it. The Cool Tip can help to lift up when blow dry, it is designed to meet temperature requirements for comfortable styling. The professional 3 in1 hair dryer brush combines the features of a hair dryer, styler, straightener and curling iron, it allows you to easily, comfortably and efficiently complete the exquisite and outstanding salon Blowout results in a shorter time. The election of a new president.

Brand: Lschien

👤I don't pay name brand hype prices, but I still think these dryer brushes have more value than I expected. This one works well. It didn't get 5 stars because it didn't have a power/temp adjustment button. I hit it all the time. It turns up down or off in a wrong way. It's difficult to see where you're going and what you've accomplished. I listen to the fan. It works but the design is not good. Is it possible that it affects the dryer functions? Maybe. It still drives me crazy. Look for one that has the controls on the bottom by the cord. The temperature and variability are other comments. The "low" gets hot. It's like the same setting as high with less air. Wasn't expecting it. It needs to be warm to dry. It could use 3 chili peppers instead of 5. I would expect the temp to be low. Again, just thinking of the long term use. I was expecting a cool air setting. My hair is straighter and smoother than my ceramic round brush and hair dryer. The plastic brush parts have long term heat damage and survival concerns, but we'll see. The results are great. Would I buy it again? No. Because of the power/settings button. It's annoying to me.

👤This is my first brush. I usually let my hair air dry and then run a straightener through it, but it flattens it out. If I let my hair go, it will be wavy. The blow dryer brush is awesome. It only takes 10 minutes to dry my hair and it doesn't make it flat like a straightener. Since I got it, I've been using it every day. I recommend!

👤My hair is very long and thick so using a dryer and a brush is crazy. I got a hair dryer a year ago, but now I don't use it. It will take 45 minutes to dry my hair, but using this brush takes 15 minutes. It is just great. I don't feel like a witch if I dry my hair. It helps me to give my hair a dry effect. The color is cute and great. I am pretty sure it works better with shorter hair. I love it! I bought something for my hair and am happy with it.

👤Excellent quality and easy to use blow dryer. I start drying my hair from the bottom up when I pin up sections because I have thick hair. I have found that using a comb and holding it agains your hair, holding it down onto the dryer, makes it less fuzzy and more manageable. Excellent price and I would recommend it!

👤This is a nice barrel. I usually have to dry my hair completely with a blow dryer and then use hot rollers to get the look I want. You can get out the door much faster with this brush. It is sturdy and easy to pack for the road, as I said, not a lightweight product.

5. Brightup Volumizer Straightener Detachable Interchangeable

Brightup Volumizer Straightener Detachable Interchangeable

The kit includes a blow dryer head, styling hair brush head, and curly hair brush heads. They can be used to accommodate all your styling needs. It's easy to change brush heads. Are you worried about getting burned? The heat-resistant glove keeps you out of trouble. 4 in 1 The Brightup multi-functional hot air brush is perfect for drying, curling, and volumizing. The nylon pin and tufted bristles on the brush help add volume to hair. The handle and cord are easy to use. The hair dryer brush creates volume in your hair. You can save time and money by owning a mini hair salon at home. The technology is upgraded. Negative ion can be generated by the hair volumizer styler brush. The electric blow dryer comb will make your hair shiny and smooth. 3 temperature and 2 speed settings It is suitable for summer use for dry hair and fine hair. There are two lights on. Medium temperature, low wind speed, suitable for styling semi-dry hair. There are three lights on. It is suitable for winter use, dry hair quickly. There are four lights on. Be the most shining queen, meet all your style needs. Double temperature protection and ceramic coating technologies can keep your hair from getting damaged. The curling dryer brush volumizer is in compliance with US safety requirements. Low noise can be provided using improved noise reduction design.

Brand: Brightup

👤I love this thing. The larger brush was too big for me. I did a lot of research and decided to use this brush. I was very nervous about it, but I am so happy I got it. This is the first time I've ever liked blow drying my hair. I was able to create a good amount of volume with the smaller brush attachment. This is the first time I have not sweat while blow drying my hair. That is a huge bonus. I have a lot of hair, but this was easy to blow dry, so I could enjoy a smooth, shiny finish. I know I can do better to get even better results, but this is amazing. Attachments get really hot, that's the only negative I have seen so far. I nearly burned myself when I changed the brush attachment. They stay super hot because they get really hot. If you can grab a towel or something, I would advise you to change the brush attachment.

👤The blow dryer does the trick. I was worried that my hair would get caught in the brush, but it was just like using a regular blow out brush. I don't have a problem with my hair getting caught. The blow out style results in about half the time. It comes with a lot of different things that are easy to use. I only use the regular blow dryer and large blow out brush for what I need. The regular blow dryer attachment does a good job at diffuse curls. I like the different heat options.

👤I've been using the John Freida brand for a long time. I thought I'd try this because I needed to replace. The price was much less. It had three different sizes of heads. I tried it late afternoon after it arrived. I love it! One thing that is better is the design, where there is a tip on the end that you can hold on to. I can use both hands and my arms don't get tired. The packaging was heavy duty and seems to be great quality. Very impressive.

👤I can't imagine my life without this air brush, my hair is curly and very long, and I used to spend an hour and a half just drying my hair and doing a flat iron, but with it, I reduced my time and was able to dry my hair. The air brush is light and easy to use. It was my best purchase of the year.

👤The handle is large, the controls on the bottom are awkward, and the biggest problem is the large brush that pops off when you are drying your hair and twisting it toward the lock icon. It pops over and over again. To bad! I will be replacing the poor design with one that does not have a changeable brush. They don't seem to understand that I tried contacting them.

👤I am happy with the job this one does. It gives my hair volume. It's easy to change the brushes. It was difficult to turn on the first time. It almost didn't want to move. I get around that by just using the medium setting. If you could make the tip longer, it would help with styling. You have to be careful not to touch the hot part, and sometimes you need a little more grip. I wasn't going to come back, but I was thinking about finding a different one for my mom.

6. Revlon One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush

Revlon One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush

Style and dry in one step. It is possible to style, dry and volumize your hair in one step. IONIC and ceramic technology are related. The round edges of the Oval brush create volume. It was designed with nylon pin and bicstles for detangling. There are 3 heat/speed settings with a cool option for styling flexibility. The Volumizer 1.0 Original is designed for 120 Volt USA outlets only. Do not use a transformer as it will damage it. You should care for your vehicle. After every use, remove hair from the brush and clean the air inlet. Let the unit cool before storing.

Brand: Revlon

👤I'm late for the party on this one. I was skeptical about the ability of this dryer to make my hair straight. I am not a licensed cosmetologist for tools. I'm in love. I need something more ergonomics because my hands are weak and I can't use a pistol style dryer to do my own hair. This dryer is an alternative to a regular blow dryer. It gets hot enough to get the job done.

👤I didn't like it at first. I used a normal blowdryer and my hair looked the same as when I did the bottom layer. It looked amazing when I did all my hair. It looked like I spent hours blow drying and smoothing my hair. It works great! It will take hours if you do it right after the shower. Before you do it, let your hair dry. The second section of my hair went quicker because I spent so much time using this on the first section. It's big, but not heavy. The brush works well, but it's hard to get the roots of your hair with this machine. I had to get my roots with this brush. They should make a mini one for babyhairs and roots.

👤Oh. My. Goodness. I received a blow dryer and brush yesterday and it has changed my hair game a lot. I have given up on using a brush in one hand and a dryer in the other because I am so uncoordinated with them. It is dry, straight, and polished after 20 minutes. The barrel is large and it grabs a lot of hair. The only negative to this is that it is a little loud, but it is completely intolerable.

👤I was excited to try this because I thought it would take me a long time to dry my hair with a traditional hair dryer. I was surprised at how big the handle is. It is not bad. I can hold on to it. That is the only good thing about this. The bristles are strong. There is a The part that sucks. It takes forever to dry my hair. I have blonde hair. I timed myself from start to finish and it took me about 15 minutes. I did not finish at 15. The roots of my hair were still wet. This thing is not good at drying your roots. You have to hold it on your head. If you want some volume, you have to grab the hair strand and put it over the top of the dryer. I had to remove my other brush to do my hair. I tried flipping my hair upside down, but it was not possible to dry the roots. I used my traditional dryer and it dried my hair in 7 minutes. It gives me more volume because of my roots. My hair was left flat by the brush dryer. I am very disappointed. I was going to use it a lot before I wrote a review. I don't want to use it anymore. It blows very hot air and is not malfunctioning. I don't know why it doesn't dry very well. I will give this away to someone who might want it.

7. APOKE Straightener Professional Powerful Tourmaline

APOKE Straightener Professional Powerful Tourmaline

The 1200W one-step hair dryer and styler volumizer combines hair dryer, hair straightener and hair comb together, dry while smoothing your hair in one step, reduce heat damage to your hair and save styling time. The Ceramic and Tourmaline heating teeth of the hot air hair brush provide even heat distribution without damaging your hair. The brush hair dryer has an ionic generator that makes your hair shiny and smooth. You can change the heat and speed to achieve natural lustrous looks according to your hair type. The nylon pin with ball-tips can massage your hair. The handle is designed to be easy to use. The power cord can be used to style without being damaged. The hair dryer and styler brush have passed US safety requirements. The air brush hair dryer has a protective system that can prevent you from being hurt in case of over heat. APOKE guarantees a 1-year replacement and a 2-year warranty. They will reply to your questions in 24 hours.

Brand: Apoke

👤African American FEMALE HERE! When some products say it is for all hair texture, that is a lie. This is the truth. I have true 4C hair. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but my 4C girls know how to wash. I have tried so many things and I have cut it off before. This product is great. I put my hair in the shower and washed it. I went through each section twice. I feel great, but I didn't have as much. I was texting for 20 minutes. I feel great because my hair is dry and easy to use. I said I feel great. I don't know how many different things I've tried. For someone with 4C coily hair who has been there for 25 years, this is a must.

👤It's easy to use. I have 4c hair and I give you a yaki look.

👤Okay... I was very nervous to try this product. My hair is curly and frizzy. No matter what. If I blow dry it, it tames it a bit. It is super curly, anyways... I let you know that I used them. I should have sectioned it off, I have long hair. I did it to see how long it would take if I rushed it. This thing is the best thing ever. I did one side in 3 minutes. What the hell! I am obsessed with this. I did the other side in less than 3 minutes, I have a blow dryer. It takes me 45 minutes to do my hair from being wet to being blow dried. This took less than 6 minutes and my hair looks great. I am obsessed! My mom was horrified. She just ordered one as well. Just buy it. It's the best thing ever. I am sure if I took my time and did sections my hairs would be amazing, but I just did it quickly.

👤My daughters hair is thick and coiled. Each strand loves the other and they want to stay connected and love on each other. The sections of this dryer were straighter and smoother than with other dryers. I like it so far.

👤I ordered based on some of the reviews and am happy I did. Works well. I just need to put it on the low setting. My Red by Kiss comb attachment dryer dries my hair quicker. I don't have to worry about the comb attachment falling off. There is a cool setting that will seal your cuticles with a cool temperature. The low setting gets hotter the longer it is used, but it is not an issue because the drying time is so quick.

👤It was easy to use. Moderate volume and sleek. I have long hair and it took close to 10 minutes to dry and grow it out.

👤The Hot Tools Signature Series Volumizer is on the left side and costs $75 with a paddle attachment. No contest. I am very pleased with this product.

👤I can't rate it because I never got to use it because it came with a two pin plug, but I am sure it is brilliant. I was very disappointed and my hair is still bad. I was able to return it and get a refund, which was great. Thank you.

8. REVLON 500W Curl Volumize All

REVLON 500W Curl Volumize All

The Thermal Barrel styling Attachments are included. 1 inch for soft curls and 1 inch for volume. It's great for 2nd day hair styling. Ceramic barrels can be used to reduce hair damage. The style can be set with 2 heat/speed settings. The hair styling brush won't dry your hair. It's best to use on dry hair.

Brand: Revlon

👤I have been a hairdresser for 27 years. Many of my clients are getting older and having a harder time holding the round brush and hairdryer, especially when trying to do the top and crown areas. I don't allow them to use the button that allows the brush to roll. The hair is too tangled up. There is a 2- The handle is small enough for small hands and arthritic ones to grip, without being heavy or bulky. There is a The brushes have cool touch tips that allow them to be used for stability. Medium to thin hair types are well suited for the long bristles. There is a 4- The settings for multiple heat are not too many. I have never had a client who couldn't use it or couldn't get their desired results. I was pleasantly surprised that my client, who has very curly hair, wanted a tool that she could use to dry and straightened her hair in one unit. She is able to achieve the goals we set by using the proper styling products and using a larger brush. She is able to get the volume at the crown with a bit of bend and eliminate the frizz from having naturally curly hair. She is able to dry her hair with a hot setting and then use it to make her hair shiny. Every client who is thinking about it uses it with me during their appointment. I don't think it's the best tool for long hair. It's a great tool for long hair that was pre-dried, straightened earlier and you now want to dress it up a bit after work. Hopefully this will be helpful.

👤I don't have a picture of my hair completely flat, but I have all that volume and there's no product in my hair. NONE, NADA. I am blown away. No pun intended. I've never been coordinated enough to use a normal dryer and a round brush, so this is a lifesaver. I was dependent on the product to get this lift. I don't think it will. What do you have to lose?

👤I've purchased this product before. The first lasted at least 7 years and was careless. It does a nice job of curling and smoothing hair. A curling iron doesn't hold my hair well, but this does. It's very easy to use. The larger piece is good for body and is good for flipping.

👤There are holes in the small roller brush that let the hot air out before it reaches the brush portion, the only issue so far with this one is that. The older version has the area closed so the hot air goes out through the brush and it dries and Curls at the same time. The small brush doesn't work because it doesn't have the curl feature. I would not recommend this for that reason.

👤I've been using the styling brushes from Revlon. The model has a new design that allows you to change the brush attachment. The brush is hard to pull off if you change during styling. The bristles on the large brush came out in irritation. I missed the blow drying attachment. The air was not as hot as older models. Changing the product didn't make it better. The "older" model has the three attachment.

9. Professional Blowout Dryer Brush Volumizer

Professional Blowout Dryer Brush Volumizer

We care for your hair. The dryers can burn your hair. This is how they do it better. The Dryer & Volumizer has a unique 3 feature combination that will help your hair. The hair dryer they designed has a safety plug. IONIC technology and ceramic bladders are designed to support the nylon pin and bictles made for detangling, improved volume and control. The device has a unique Oval Brush Design for smoothing the hair, and the Round Edges create Volume +3 Temperature Control with 2-speed settings to provide styling flexibility and great results for all hair types. They have a 1 year warranty. You must register on their website within the first 30 days after your purchase.

Brand: Omo Team

👤I have been using the One Step Blowout brush dryer from Revlon for 2.5 years and it is still the same tool. I decided to try another brand and compare it to my previous one. It takes me less than 5 minutes to get through my thick long curly hair, and I use my Revlon brush dryer to dry it, instead of letting it dry curly. I washed my hair, let it dry and did a side job with the new Revlon blow-dry brush, but it left my hair a bit course and not as shinny. The Professional dryer brush leaves my hair soft, silky and shinny. I can't say I won't use my Revlon anymore, I'll still use both, and maybe my results are a bit askew since my professional one is brand new. I'd probably spend the extra $20 on this one for my next tool, because my hair looks great with the new tool.

👤I have been using my new brush. I was worried that this would be a pointless gimmick, since I have been wanting a product like this for a long time. This is definitely not. It's convenient because I don't have to use a hair dryer in one hand and a hair brush in the other, and I can brush and dry my hair at the same time. It's strong but not too hot and it's not painful. I like how it can be used to dry, Curl, or Straighten your hair. I've only used it to make my hair straight, but I've tried curling the edges of my hair and it looks really nice. The product arrived in great condition and the owner sent me an email saying they were there for me and that they cared about my purchase. It is a great purchase that does everything it is supposed to do.

👤I don't know why I didn't get a hot air brush a long time ago. Flat irons ruined my hair because I used them for so long. My boyfriend said my hair is softer now that I have used this product. This is a great and easy way to blow out my hair. My hair looked great after a few minutes of use. The safety plug is very important and I loved it. I'm going to recommend this product to all my friends because of you.

👤I think I have hair. I have a hair cut that removes half of my hair. I took a shower before I tried out this hair dryer hair brush and it was so easy. I love it! I am a wash and wear gal and this product was easy to use. My hair took some time to dry, but with less thick hair than mine, I would think this would be very fast. I have ever had the fastest hair drying experience. It turned out nice and shiny. thick hair life with thick humidity for me.

👤The hair dryer brush will dry your hair without problems. You can choose between high, medium, or low heat and blower force. The brush is too big for my hair. It is slightly harder for me to maneuver with the bigger brush. The wide blower brush is great for drying hair quickly. This is the one that will give you volume.

10. CHI Volumizer Blowout Advanced Generator

CHI Volumizer Blowout Advanced Generator

China is the country of origin. The package has a dimensions of 12.4 L x 9.06 H x 3.94 W. The package weight is 2.0 pounds.

Brand: Chi

👤There is a small gap between the dryer and the brush attachment that catches my hair and makes it hard to use. It is very painful.

👤I love it. The flat head attachment has no problem with the bristles coming out. You can't put them back in. I have only used it a few times in the past three weeks, but 4 of the bristles have already popped out, and I have to brush out my hair before I use it. There will be no left within a month or two. I am not sure if it is a design flaw or if they are not staying in the rubber strip. It is the best attachment that serves me and I wish it was better. Blow dries faster than a traditional, which suits my busy schedule. Hope this helps.

👤I liked the Chi blow dry brush. It is a bit smaller than some of the other brands out there and is easy to maneuver. I dried my hair quickly, but it was a bit frizzy. I think it's because of my naturally curly hair and not using the right blow dry styling product more. The location of the off, cool, low, and high is the only downside. I would prefer the buttons on the side to the rotating selector at the bottom for easier access while drying my hair. Really like the additional replacement heads.

👤I bought this because I was exhausted after drying my hair for over an hour. I have a medical condition that makes normal daily task much more difficult so the ease of having a dryer and round brush in one sounded great but it didn't work out for me. I cut my long hair for a shoulder length cut, but it took a lot of time and was not smooth, even with a heat protectant and smoothing cream, it was not smooth. I had to use a flat iron after my short hair dried because it didn't give a smooth finish. It does dry but not as fast as my regular dryer. It is lightweight and would travel well. The hair did not smooth or fluffy. I use a chi flat iron and they have a heat protectant and shine spray. This was a no for me. I don't recommend this for people with thin or fine hair as it can get hot and burn you. I don't recommend trying to get from end to end. It's best to section hair close to the skin. This won't work for thick hair. The ideal person for this product will have medium density hair with a slight wave. I have a lot of curly hair that is enough for two people according to my hairdresser. If you just use a hair dryer and a ceramic brush, you won't get as smooth a hair.

👤This chi option is completely worth the extra coin, as I previously owned a cheap off-brand volumizer. It dries the hair quicker with less heat, and it gives several options for use. It is very well made. There are no regrets.

11. INFINITIPRO CONAIR Brush 2 Inch Black


The Hot Air SpinBrush is a multi-dimensional brush that rotates in both directions to maximize volume and Curls. Frizz and Tangle Free Volume and Luster have been proven to reduce frizz and add luster. The brush has a cool setting and two heat settings, which allow for curl customization. For added root lift, hold the brush in place for a few seconds. Without the spin function, use for less volume. Conair makes high quality styling tools for all hair types. Conair Hair Care has been making innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more since 1959.

Brand: Conair

👤This product is a bargain. This is the third one I have purchased. The first two I bought had a permanently attached brush. I wore out the brushes. This version has two rushes. The smaller one has more strength. I was looking for a brand that had a longer lasting brush after I wore out the first two. The Hot Revolver was found by me. The product was very poor and overpriced. The brush was useless for smoothing my hair. The brush wouldn't spin in my hair when it clicked. Terrible product. For the first time, I saw that this product had two different sized brushes that could be changed. I have medium length hair and a small amount of body. I don't think it's a good idea to dry hair from a completely wet state. I usually dry my hair with a regular blow dryer and then use this brush to finish styling it. Once you get used to it, you will be flipping from right to left with ease. I clip up my head and then style it. My hair has become unruly because of the gray in my hair but this tool does an exceptional job smoothing it. I can do this with one arm. I have had shoulder surgeries and it's hard to raise my arm over my head. I can dry and style my hair with this brush. I think for people who have a hard time keeping their arm raised by using a round brush and a standard dryer, this tool will be great. My hair is very shiny because of this dryer. You can't turn the brush in the cool setting. If I want to "lock in" my hair, I use the cool setting. In the final phase of styling, I use the brush to roll hair onto it and then flip it to the cool setting. Once the hair is cool, the curl will be locked in and I will have to manually unroll from my hair. I only use this setting when I want a lot more curl. The key to getting the most out of this brush is to only do small sections at a time. I can get professional results without straining with this brush. It's time for a new brush when it stops grabbing your hair. My brushes have been used for 3-4 years.

👤I had a rotating brush. It stopped rotating after several years of daily use. I bought the Conair as a replacement. It's the worst thing I've ever purchased off of Amazon. The bristles on the brush are the same consistency as a newborn baby brush. The brush pulls hair even if you hold it in a different way. If you have hair around the brush, it will fall off at the top and start knitting your hair to the scalp. It wraps the brush around the handle to keep it from moving. The brush won't rotation when it is bound up to the point. It is almost impossible to stop it at times. I tried putting the hair on the brush but it wasn't successful. I use brushes like these to add volume to my hair but they damage it more than it is worth. I used another brand of rotating brush for a long time with no problems. I don't think this brush deserves 1 star. The brush is in my garbage can.


What is the best product for best hair dryer brush?

Best hair dryer brush products from Conair. In this article about best hair dryer brush you can see why people choose the product. Revlon and Lschien are also good brands to look for when you are finding best hair dryer brush.

What are the best brands for best hair dryer brush?

Conair, Revlon and Lschien are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best hair dryer brush. Find the detail in this article. Brightup, Revlon and Apoke are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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