Best Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girl Under 20

Girl 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. VTech Learn Flashlight Amazon Exclusive

VTech Learn Flashlight Amazon Exclusive

Minimum 0 months and maximum 36 months. The educational kids toy has exciting songs and music that teach about animals, colors and numbers. The kids flashlight has over 50 sing-along songs, music, sounds and fun phrases, while the children's toy has five different light colors. A toy flashlight is a great toy for your toddler. The interactive toy features on and off switch and two different volume controls. The flashlight toy will turn off after 45 seconds of being inactive.

Brand: Vtech

👤This is not a flash light. Yes, it lights up, but it doesn't have an option to use it as a flash light. It's frustrating for my toddler, who loves using the flashlight in the dark and to look into dark places. The toy is too busy talking and lighting it up to stay lit for a while. I don't understand why they wouldn't make this with the option to turn the light on and use it as a flash light. It would be bad if a young child had sphenomendala. I would not have purchased this product if I had known that it didn't offer the option to be an actual flash light.

👤The flashlight was adorable. Our daughter can't stand it. You can't have light if there is an obnoxious song playing. It's bad that sounds and voices aren't optional. Mom got it wrong this time.

👤I bought this flashlight for my daughter when she was a year old. She loved looking at the lights and the sounds of the flashlight. The flashlight is sturdy. Around the 200th time she presses one of the buttons, there are two volume options. She loves to stare into the light when she comes back to this toy. I'm glad the lights aren't very strong, she would have been blinded by now.

👤My child loved this light. They found it fun to play with it from time to time. It is fun for them to know that it is a flashlight. The music and noises annoy me as an adult, but I think they're intended to be used for something. Sometimes this toy goes off at night when I pass by. It can be a bit spooky when one of those noise-making toys goes off unexpectedly, but I assume my kid just tossed it in the toy box and it landed on one of the many buttons. When the pieces are put back, the animal shapes puzzles make noises. When the light is blocked by a puzzle piece, they have photoreceptors that cause the sun to go down. Every evening, I hear crocodiles or monkeys shriek from the toy bin.

👤I wanted a flashlight for my toddler who loves making forts, the goal was to find a flashlight that we could use to read books in the dark. I thought he would like the different colored lights. It turns out not to be a flashlight. It makes a lot of sounds and plays music, but there is no option for light to be on without sound. The light is not just "glowing", all colors flash.

👤A good flashlight for learning. When you turn the orange top on, it will list off colors, animals and other things. When you press the lady bug, it says "I'm a lady bug!" A happy voice. The light is bright. A fun flashlight and learning toy for forts. We've had this for over a year and haven't changed the batteries.

👤The first night our two year old twins loved it and wanted to go to bed, the second day they both ignored it and have since. It kept our 2 year olds attention for a day. I don't think there is much to it. As a flashlight it's useless and learning is limited. I can't tell if the light stays on. Our kids have thrown it. It would be great if there was a way to turn off the volume and still use the lights. Maybe they will pick it up again. They have been getting a gift every night during Chanukah.

2. Nuby Floating Purple Octopus Interactive

Nuby Floating Purple Octopus Interactive

Your little one should be allowed to bath for ten minutes. Getting clean with Nuby's Hoopla has never been more enjoyable. Your child will be wrapped up in fun for hours, or at least until bath time is over, with the floating bath toy, the Octopus Hoopla. Care and cleaning with soap and water. Helping your child grow and learn is rewarding as a parent, give them a toy that stimulates their senses and helps develop hand-eye coordination. The vibrant colors and different texture of the bath toy help your child to recognize shapes, while friendly characters help them learn to recognize shapes. mold can become an issue with so many bath toys, and The Octopus Hoopla is designed to help avoid mold issues and keep your child happy. Nuby is always aware of your family's safety and that's why they made this cheerful octopus. For kids ages 18 months to 18 years old. For kids ages 18 months to 18 years old.

Brand: Nuby

👤A cute toy. My 6 month old loves to chew on the rings and loves bath time. Not very big. It is a good size for younger babies. I don't think it's a choking hazard for a 6 month old because the rings are small and she can't get them in her mouth. It does say Octopus. It only has 6 arms and that makes me cringe. When you teach a kid about animals, you teach them to have 8 arms, but apparently someone missed that lesson.

👤The rings are small and could be a choking hazard.

👤The item is a waste of money. I bought two of them for my great nieces and they were so small that the picture size was almost a baseball size.

👤It looks like there are no holes in this product. We don't have to worry about mold getting inside. Our 9 month old stopped liking baths. I have been looking for ways to make it fun. He is happy again.

👤The cute octopus. I'm concerned about the size of the rings. The whole ring could fit in the mouth.

👤The toy is great for bath time. My baby likes it. It doesn't allow water to get in it, so it doesn't get mold. The material is similar to silicone, so it's easy on baby's gums when he chews it, and no risk of it hurting him when he kicks around in the tub! Absolutely recommend!

👤I ordered this for my daughter. When I bathe her, I was excited to have this toy. She likes to chew on the rings. She doesn't understand the idea of putting the rings on an animal. I am sure she will get that soon. I like that it is on the small side since my baby is in a small bathtub. I like that it's delicate and won't hurt my baby if she punches it.

👤I got it for my daughter's 1st birthday and she loves Bath time. She was very happy with her new bath time friend.

👤How am I supposed to teach my 3 year old Latin and Greek numbers with an ant with the wrong amount of legs? It's size is fine and it has enough entertainment. If you are expecting a giant animal, this is not for you.

👤There is no place for water to go into the toy. This toy topples over in the water. It is nearly impossible to throw a ring around the tentacles. The baby loves to play with the rings. Let us know if this review was helpful.

👤The baby likes it. I bought it because it is one of the few toys that does not get moldy inside. It is not possible to use a ring toss game for an adult or a baby. The size is good. It is odd that the octopus only comes with 3 rings, but this is clear from the product description. It's a decent edition to our bath toy collection.

👤I was surprised at how small it was, as it looked bigger in the picture.

3. Learning Resources Spike Hedgehog Sensory

Learning Resources Spike Hedgehog Sensory

There are fine motor games for kids. The back of this friendly hedgehog has pieces that fit to the back of fine motor skills. Spike can be used for occupational therapy exercises. DEVELOP: Fine motor skill games help kids build their skills. Spike is a great toy for children who are blind. ToDDLER TOYS come with easy to grasp pieces that are just the right size for little toddler and preschool hands to hold. A fine motor set includes a 6-piece hedgehog. It's easy to steal. When playing over the quills. Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school.

Brand: Learning Resources

👤I love this product. It says 18 months. It was enjoyable for my kids. It is meant to help with fine motor skills. The spikes are rubber with different colors and you can take them out of the holes in the hedgehog. You can store all the spikes in there so they don't get lost when they're done playing the hedgehog. Definitely recommend this product.

👤This is a great toy. My kids and their kids played with it in different ways. The oldest made color patterns, the middle pulled out the holes, and the youngest was able to grab thequills. It is easy to store when the pieces fit inside. Learning Resources toys are designed thoughtfully and are well made.

👤I bought this because I was looking for another toy from Learning Resources. My baby was 6 months old when I had her, and she loved it immediately, and it's still a favorite almost a year later. I don't know what makes it so attractive, but any baby who comes over wants to play with it and becomes obsessed with the pegs. The pegs are numbered so babies can learn numbers and work on their fine motor skills, and they fit it for neat storage and easy travel. Highly recommend! If they ever bring back the Learning Resources heart box of chocolates, buy it!

👤I was unsure when I ordered this toy, but I love it for my kids. Well made, for 3 and under, is a plus.

👤It's perfect for little hands. My 20 month old is obsessed with this toy. Great for fine motor skills, direction following, color and number recognition.

👤It's entertaining and great for motor skills. My son loves putting his toys in containers. I had to keep an eye on him as he would love to color my walls and furniture and he has been obsessed with putting his crayons through holes. I found this toy while looking for a toy and thought I would be perfect, but he loves it. It is a great travel toy as you can store the quills inside the shell. We take it with us to keep him entertained.

👤This toy is very well made. My kids were fighting over toys. It is portable and can be taken on trips or on the go to grandma's house. It builds fine motor skills for my three year old. The colors are beautiful. Won't regret buying it!

👤My child loves this. He loves chewing on spikes. Fine motor skills can eventually be put in by us. He keeps his attention for a while. He likes the feel of the spikes on his teeth.

👤I was excited to get this for my kids. The reviews were great, but they are not. 3 year old had no interest. 2 year old bit them and squash them so they wouldn't fit in the holes. It's used for opening and throwing. She almost had the whole peg down her neck if I hadn't turned my back with this toy. It's something to be very cautious about.

4. LeapFrog Violet Bilingual Amazon Exclusive

LeapFrog Violet Bilingual Amazon Exclusive

Clean with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Do not use a washing machine or dryer in the sun for long periods of time. It is designed for barefoot exercise. The mat may be torn by your shoes or paws. Scout and violet will introduce more than 100 age-appropriate words. Animals, food, colors, activities, opposites, and more are included in the word categories. Touching the words on the pages will play the words, sound effects and fun facts, while pressing the light-up star button will play the Learning Friends theme song. For a bilingual experience, words, songs and instructions can be heard in both English and Spanish. Requires 2 AA batteries, demo batteries only, and new batteries recommended for regular use. The product is 9.2" wide, 9.2" tall, and 1.9" deep.

Brand: Leapfrog

👤Our daughter is 20 months old. I feel that this book has three issues. If your toddler is still learning how to turn thin pages in books, this book might be a little difficult at first. The book's pages are made of a matt material. The pages will be able to handle toddler drooling and sticky fingers, but they are a little slick for a toddler to turn. It is easy to touch objects near the edge of a page without even trying. The tabs on the side can be a challenge. This book would be awesome if the pages were a tad thicker and the page tabs were a little wider. There are two categories of objects for toddlers to touch. Touching each object invokes a spoken word. The book is very responsive to touch and accommodates even the most delicate toddler touch, which is a catch-22. A toddler can touch multiple objects at the same time if they are using two fingers. We sometimes have to remind her to touch one spot at a time when she breaks this book out, because she is not touching multiple objects. The book is loud even on the low setting. My husband tried to cover the speaker with some cardboard, but the sound escapes through the holes in the back of the unit and the cardboard doesn't make a difference. The low volume sounds the same as the high volume after a few minutes.

👤We are minimalist people. Most of the plastic is repulsive. The repetition of most kids toys makes me crazy. I am not sure what the one star review is talking about, but it does not need a computer to work. The review can be updated for its endurance. My kids are 3 and 1 and one is talking and the other is learning a language. This things are awesome. It's easy for the kids to learn on their own. The screen is responsive but sensitive. It seems like a silly thing to complain about. The kids can easily check their knowledge. I want to buy one for every niece, nephew, and friend with a toddler. It was a great find from my mother. The device reads when you turn the page and announces a new topic. My doubtful man was impressed immediately. It does the whole thing in Spanish too. It is a winner. Well done LeapFrog!

👤The LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book was reviewed by me. I have bought a couple of books. Once my kids abused it and destroyed it through Amazon, they used it as a weapon. The best feedback I can give is that after the first one broke, I bought it again. Two volume settings, three play modes, and two languages are available. My kids love this book so much that they wouldn't re-buying it. The images are bright and colorful and the words are age appropriate. The design was not the smartest. I think the plastic covers have sensors that look at one of eight positions. By flipping through the pages, you can see which page you are on. The front cover is made in a way that it hangs in the air when open, so if a toddler puts their weight on it, it could damage the connectors. Half of the book isn't going to work. The sensors are sensitive to a lot of pages, so they are sensitive when there are not many pages between your fingers and the cover. There are more negatives in the translations. Most of the words in Spanish are correct, and the sentences and song are enunciated correctly. They were lazy in finding a word that made sense. They have a piece of clothing that is translated aslos shorts. Really. They did that many times. I couldn't give it five stars because of the issues. A bilingual toy is great for toddlers. There are lots of phrases, songs, words and sentences. There are three play modes and two languages. Durability is an issue, as the front cover hangs in the air, which leads to the sensors being damaged. - The sensors are very sensitive to the point where you point at something in the book. Most of the translations are good.

5. ALASOU Cartoon Toddler Birthday Forest

ALASOU Cartoon Toddler Birthday Forest

Balance bikes have passed security testing and are safe for kids. The first bike for a birthday, Christmas, or New Year is in the gift box. Safe Toy Cars are made of non-toxic material. Smooth edge makes it a perfect size for baby's hands. There are four cute animals: calf, dog, squirrel and cat. The design is amazing. The toy cars set has 4 bright colors and cute cartoon characters, which will attract kids and help stimulates their imagination, improve color recognition and practical ability. No batterie is required. The tail wagging while the car is running is great for kids ages 2 and up. It is a perfect gift for toddlers and babies. It's a nice gift package for kids' birthday gift, Christmas gift and early education toys.

Brand: Alasou

👤I bought this for our grandson. He loves them. His mom did the same. The faces work well.

👤The little cars are durable and colorful. It will be a most interesting gift for a 1 year old. Push the top off and they will go with their tails.

👤These are a lot smaller than they look, which is fine, baby sized is good enough. One fell off the table while he was playing with it and the gears inside didn't roll, it's not great. It's a good cheap gift for 20 bucks.

👤It's adorable... It's easy to play with 2 and 1 year olds. They love them.

👤It was very bright and sturdy. It's right for little hands. Cars are very fast.

👤If you plan to use this product as a gift, I don't recommend it, since I bought it as a gift. The general appearance of the box is puzzling. A gift is not a good one.

👤They lived them and were a gift for the grandchildren. It was very entertaining. It is durable.

👤Cars went really fast because they were well made. Our 2 grandsons enjoyed playing with each other.

6. Baby Stacking Rings Educational Developmental

Baby Stacking Rings Educational Developmental

We will try their best to make it right for you if anything goes wrong with baby sensory tissue box toys. Join their game now if you add the cart. The cute appearance can attract baby's attention, also can be preschool learning. They are soft, non-toxic and chewable. Children's hand-eye coordination, initial contact with letters, shapes, numbers and other elements can be trained with stacked toys. Babies can stack the towers as they wish to encourage creativity and imagination. A great gift for children and toddlers is stacking circles, which are cute in shape, rich in color, design and safe in material, making them a great gift choice.

Brand: Majobee

👤One of the things I get for my aunts is educational toys. This covers both categories. The stacking rings are better than the typical ones. A set of rings are placed on a stick. The stick can be a problem for kids who like to throw things. The disks stack on top of each other to form a tower. They are made out of a soft material so they won't hurt anyone if thrown. They are safe for teething. The disks have letters, numbers, shapes, etc printed on them. You can learn while they play and practice their fine motor skills.

👤I got this for my neice's birthday present. The material feels nice and looks nice, it has an air hole at the bottom like a rubber duck toy, and it's squishy like one. To my own stupidity... I didn't read the dimensions when I looked at the pictures, but I thought it would be twice the size of my hand. My fault. I think my neice will like it.

👤My kids loved it. I have three children, a 5 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old. They are good for chewing on. The pyramid is held together by the connector pieces. My kids like a cute baby toy.

7. Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy

Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy

Knit binding, jersey-lined hoodies.

Brand: Nuby

👤My child loves this toy. Good size. See the picture. Put a toilet paper roll next to it.

👤This is a great toy. When our daughter was 10 months old, my wife and I got this for her, and she still loves it four months later. She enjoys taking the rings off and playing with them alone. She'll bring some of the rings with her after bathing and play with them as we dry and dress her. We liked that there was no opening for water to get in and cause mold. I'm sure our daughter will enjoy it for a long time.

👤This is my first review. I don't wish this on anyone, so I want people to know my experience. I put the toy on the edge of the bathtub but my 10 month old grabbed it and pulled it into the tub. She stood up and fell, not going to elaborate. She was traumatizing when she was bleeding. It could have been a lot worse if the bleeding had not subsided quickly. The toy will be thrown away. If you buy this toy, please be careful with it, and please do yourself and your child a favor.

👤This toy is great for my great-grandbabies. They seem to like it as well. We've taken the sets to the ocean, the pool, the Gulf Coast, and even where there isn't water. It's a great toy for the tub or the play room. All of the pieces are colorful and easy to grasp for a baby up to 5 years old, even though I have purchased more than one. They enjoy it all the time. The 5 year old uses his Jaws/Coast Guard boat set in the tub. I think that the proportion aids in developing his imagination. Again, a great toy set!

👤It smells like shower curtains. Yuck. I didn't give it to my son until he stopped chewing everything, because I had to let it air out for days. We only use it for a short time in the bath. I should have gotten a toy that was more natural. The small rings are not large enough to be considered a choking hazard. This is used with links for babies.

👤The floats are great in the bath.

👤My 19 month old daughter takes a bath with this sea creature every night. I gave it 4 and not 5 stars because it was smaller than I anticipated, and I think it should come with more than 3 rings. I took a picture of it next to the coke to show it's size. It is a cute toy. I'm glad I bought it.

👤My 6 month old grandson became a fan of this little creature. He likes to remove the rings and shapes from the octopus's arms and put them on again. Good teethers can be made by the smaller pieces. It was large enough to not be a choking hazard, but small enough to handle easily. He plays with this in the bath and in his play area. The toy is made from a hard plastic and can pose a hazard to young children. It's a toy that should only be played with. If a baby loses their balance and faces plants, they can be a danger to their eyes and faces. My grandson had a close call when trying to reach for this from his hands and knees. We don't leave this toy in his play area unless one of us is with him and the toy. Someone's baby was seriously injured when they fell on the octopus in the bathtub.

8. First Years Disney Shoot Mickey

First Years Disney Shoot Mickey

Motor skills are promoted by skill development. It is easy to use because of the cups which help the hoop stick to the wall. This bath toy has Disney floating balls. When not in use, the balls can be stored in the net hoop. It is suitable for ages 18 months and up. It is suitable for ages 18 months and up.

Brand: The First Years

👤My nephew is 2 years old. He played with it. It was a huge hit. He flushed the balls down the toilet because he didn't like that his mom made him keep the wet bath toy in the tub. I'm sure there are other balls that will work, it's not my plumbing to worry about. The product was a big hit.

👤I bought this for my 2 year old's 1st birthday and another little boy's 1st birthday. It has 2 cups so it doesn't get wet in the bathtub. When my little guy pulls on it, it stays in place. It is very hard to break. My little guy is very rough with toys, and has folded the hoop part all the way up, and slammed it all the way down, but it has remained in tact and is able to snap back into the original position. 10-5-20 update. We still have this! Sometimes the hoop pops off, but it still pops back in. Our 4 year old loves it and so does her baby sister.

👤It doesn't stick for more than 90 seconds. I have tried on a variety of surfaces, including a bathtub, shower wall, fridge, mirror, and just fell off. I was frustrated and disappointed with my kids.

👤The first time he played with it, the ball split open and he had a sharp edge on it. I am very disappointed that the item was easy to damage and that Amazon is replacing it. It doesn't stay in place very well. My son loves Mickey Mouse and I guess his happiness is all that matters.

👤This is the perfect toy for a child that has grown out of baby bath toys but not quite ready for a bath with fun. I bought this for my nephew. It was perfect that he loves anything to do with Mickey. This is fun for him. He doesn't like baby toys because he is no longer a toddler and he doesn't like GI Joe dolls because he is not grown up enough. This was perfect because he loves to play plastic bowling and throw a basket ball. It showed up two days before its scheduled time, even during the busy Christmas season. It was the perfect size, not to large where it could be a problem for people, but not to large where it would take up a lot of space. Yes! The balls came with it. I think this is a great toy for the parent to play with their child while giving them a bath.

👤I do not stay on the wall. Within a minute, the falls off. Terrible. I'm not sure how many positive reviews there are.

👤My son likes this toy. Older babies and toddlers will love the size. It has held up nicely despite being in use for months. The net is a good quality material that is not easily ripped and we haven't had any issues with the suction falling off. The net is enclosed so it holds the balls when not in use. There is a loud snapping noise when you fold the net into the downward or upward position. When my son was 10 months old, he was scared of this but now that he's older, it doesn't bother him anymore.

9. SANMERSEN Musical Keyboard Electronic Toddlers

SANMERSEN Musical Keyboard Electronic Toddlers

For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. Kids piano mat with 8 piano function keys and 8 different animals sound and pronunciation, the sweet music can mimic the children's hearing. The sound of the foldable keyboard play mat is clear with flashing light effect, and can be adjusted to fit your child's needs. The M Sanmersen musical piano mat is tasteless and non-toxic. It is easy to clean fabrics that are high quality. Even children who don't touch the target can be recognized by the electronic music carpet. It's easy to converse. The dance mat is easy to carry. It's easy to use when you're at home or traveling. It's more convenient than a piano. It's suitable for kids over 3 years. The M Sanmersen portable piano play mat has rich colors that can help children identify colors. Children who hear music will sing and dance, which will inspire them in their language and coordination skills. Piano music playmat is a great gift for kids, friends or family members. Birthday gifts, festivals and visiting gifts. The 3-6 year old kids would love it.

Brand: M Sanmersen

👤The mat is fun for both children and adults. It was fun to play it before giving it to my niece. I uploaded a video of my own. Have a look!

👤My granddaughter has a lot of energy and this was perfect, I put some hot glue under it to prevent it from sliding from tile floor to rug.

👤I bought this for a one year old. My son loved it so much that he had a similar one. I like the size and how colorful it is. It is definitely a great value.

👤My niece received it as a Christmas gift. The keys make noise and the animals pictured do the same. She likes to stomp on things. She tripped over the sound and battery portion of it while playing a few times, so only warm and be careful where you place it. She wasn't hurt, but if it were near a wall or coffee table she could have been in trouble.

👤I tried to give it a chance. After putting batteries into it, it failed, making loud chaotic sounds. I contacted the seller and was sent another. The old one stopped working as well. It's really slippery on wood floors. I wanted my little girl to be able to play with it.

👤We received this product for our baby. She was confused at first, but after we showed her how to play the notes, she loved it! She likes the animal sounds. The sound of a donkey was made when stepping on the pad. There is no donkey on the pad. The keypad is easy to fold and store away.

👤The piano mat is very popular with my toddlers. The piano mat is fun and educational. The sounds are great. It has a volume control. We can put it away quickly when not in use. It slides on the floor. You should use the mat for safety. Our family loves this piano mat.

👤My 16 month old was ordered for Christmas. He likes the sounds of animals. He makes music and sounds by crawling, walking, and tapping the keys and pictures. The animal makes sounds when he listens. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It is not giftable. It is not giftable. 1 year old wouldn't do anything. The gift looks cheap. I thought it would be a great gift if it was in a box, but the packaging was terrible. For this money, we get bigger and more significant gifts in the market. The packaging is good. I don't think it's worth it to give someone a gift. Its just a waste of money. It's very ordinary without a packaging.

👤This product wakes up the creative side of kids. The product has lots of exercise and listening. There is a I think it's driving their grandpa crazy. That's right!

👤My son loves dancing on the music mat. It helps with creativity and dance moves. The toddler loves the music mat. He will sing a few words with the music.

10. Disney W000970 Frozen Queen Watch

Disney W000970 Frozen Queen Watch

The Disney characters Anna and Elsa are on the watch. All US government requirements and regulations for Children's watches are met or exceeded. It is recommended for 3-7 year olds. A clock for parents to teach their children. Accurate Japanese Quartz movement, scratch resistant mineral crystal, Hook and loop nylon strap. Water resistant to 99 feet is impervious to rain and splashes of water. The department name is Girls.

Brand: Disney

👤The watch didn't keep time. It was difficult to teach my daughter how to tell time.

👤The watch is broken after being in use for less than 48 hours. My 1st grade daughter took off her watch to wash her hands so that the band wouldn't get wet. She dropped it from 1st graders waist-height on the tiled floor of the school bathroom and the glass broke. There is a scratch on her thumb. There is a blood stain on the shirt that was ruined. The phone call from the school. The school had to complete the incident report. I had to sign it. Who in their right mind would make a child's watch with real, breakable glass? The feature needs to be prominently displayed in the description. Almost all of the five star reviews seem to be based on "I'm sure she will love it" or something similar. Do not review functional products until you have actually used them or seen them use them. You may be doing your fellow buyers a disservice by rating a product based on how it looks in a box. If you found this review helpful, please click the "Yes" button. It will help others sift through the reviews based on how something looks.

👤I only gave this to my 3 year old yesterday because she loves it and can't speak for itsDurability. It seems to be worth the money spent on child happiness alone. It's not so expensive that you don't mind it breaking. It should last at least 3 months.

👤This was a present for my granddaughter. She loves "Frozen" and is learning to tell time. She told me that it was for a favorite present this year. She received more expensive toys. She can know how long she can play after the hour with the help of the outside bezel, which helps her know how long she can stay. Nice quality band too.

👤We couldn't decide what to get our granddaughter. She loves it! The extended warranty was bought just in case. She likes this watch.

👤The watch broke and I feel bad. Only one week. The watch had a needle in it. It was a birthday gift from me and my granddaughter is disappointed that it was poorly manufactured. Can we send it back?

👤The face of the watch is definitely Disney Frozen, but the band is not as good as expected. The watchband is secured with the same material as a belt. The idea is great, but the Velcro is not very good. The watch will fall off due to the poor quality of the Velcro. The watchband is a bit smaller than I 888-276-5932s I was surprised that the dial is not stationary. I don't see how the outer dial can be used to teach a child to tell time. Maybe I should have let it go or sent it back. I can't recommend this watch.

👤The wristband on the watch was rubbing on my granddaughters wrist, which made her not wear it. We did not test it in the water. I think it is water resistance.

11. NARRIO Educational Interactive Alphabet Christmas

NARRIO Educational Interactive Alphabet Christmas

Buy it now and get a wooden toy set andWorry free after-sales service. If you are dissatisfied in the first 30 days, you can get a full refund. An interactive ABC poster with colorful attractive design is one of the best early educational toys. A toddler can learn alphabets, words, spelling and numbers, but also have wonderful music waiting for them, which is an indispensable learning tool for kids. Join them now! Where is the dog? You are right, and where is the T? Children will benefit from taking quizzes of music posters. Listening to an ABC poster will improve a child's development. Enjoy the joy of learning. Do you still worry about children not being interested in learning? The design of intelligent point-reading cultivates toddler's independent learning ability from an early age. The baby learns happily when the parents take a nap. There will be more surprises around you. You can put the talking poster on the table for study, but it's convenient to hang it wherever you want. The upgraded waterproof surface allows you to use it without worry. It's easy to operate, your first choice for kids. Are you looking for a gift for your toddlers? This is the top toys gifts for kids that are suitable for any situation, such as birthday gifts, holiday presents, daily toys. There are great preschool alphabet game gifts for boys and girls. Don't miss the chance to surprise your children.

Brand: Narrio

👤This was a joke. I ordered this for my toddler to learn from. I pulled it out early to help her learn. It claims to teach with sound. I was surprised to find a flimsy little mat that could do all that it claimed to do. As my daughter sat there excited to try it, I laughed and said, "Let's try batteries." I can't return it because I waited too long to open it and it was a Christmas gift.

👤The photos of the product made it look larger than it really is. It is almost wafer thin. I don't think the person that was recorded spoke English very well. The letters sound like a person speaks with an accent. We are sending this back because we are not impressed with the four we got.

👤I have been looking for posters to put on the walls for my two year old to learn from, but this is the first interactive one I have bought. We have a lot of fun playing with it. I think her only complaint is that I hung it a little high. She can't get to the top letters. It looks great in the playroom and is great for younger kids. It's recommended to a few of my friends with younger kids.

👤The product works. I gave it as a gift. The wording is cheap and the picture is large. You have to press the pad very hard and it has to be on a hard surface.

👤The wall chart is great. You can spell it with letters and numbers. I really like it, it's not easy to scratch, it's waterproof, it's easy to clean, and it has a clear spelling. It turns off automatically.

👤The product photos used to sell the item were small. It is very effective marketing. Two adults had a hard time getting the wrinkled plastic mat to fit in a flat spot to function. The woman who narrates for this toy is not English. Junk is junk. I wouldn't have paid that much for it. If you still insist, check the measurements. Had to spend $6 to get this junk back. Shame on this company for making false claims.

👤The mat is very small. I thought it was larger than pictured. "word" and "w" are things it says is wrong. The bottoms are very small and in the corner. This is for older kids because of that. You can't just touch a letter and then repeat it.

👤The product pictures are misleading. Very small. It is paper thin because it is cheap. It smells funny. Remove batteries after each use. To prevent overheating. It's not safe for the age group. Don't waste time or money.


What is the best product for best gifts for 1 year old girl under 20?

Best gifts for 1 year old girl under 20 products from Vtech. In this article about best gifts for 1 year old girl under 20 you can see why people choose the product. Nuby and Learning Resources are also good brands to look for when you are finding best gifts for 1 year old girl under 20.

What are the best brands for best gifts for 1 year old girl under 20?

Vtech, Nuby and Learning Resources are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gifts for 1 year old girl under 20. Find the detail in this article. Leapfrog, Alasou and Majobee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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