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1. Dinosaur Projection Chirstmas Birthday Children

Dinosaur Projection Chirstmas Birthday Children

The Dinosaur toys are made with a dinosaur theme and car theme to create a gorgeous optical illusion with a realistic Triceratops Pterosaur T-Rex and More shape design, which is novelty and charming. It will impress your kids and guests. Birthday, Christmas or Easter gifts are unique. There are educational toys for little babies. Dinosaur toys projection LAMP The night light comes with a touch control to adjust 16 different colors as you please. The Dinosaur toys night light can be fixed in Dynamic or gradient color to decorate a room. The Dinosaur toys projector can be powered by either 4 AA batteries or a 5V cable. It is very easy and convenient. It is a great decorative light for children bedroom, living room,dinning room and outdoor decoration. The Dinosaur toy is made from safe approved eco-friendly material and is harmless to the human body. The night light is soft and non-flicker, making it safe for your kids to sleep in. The kids night lights are practical and human. This is a great gift idea for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, dinosaur themed party supplies, or party favors and will make you the favorite parent, aunt, uncle or grandma.

Brand: Hongid

👤My middle child wanted to give this to her brother who is on the spectrum. I ordered it. He opened it and left me to set it up. After set up, hours passed. I realized I wasn't seeing anything. The middle kid got angry when he saw airplanes and buses. I came here to warn buyers that the one they get may be different than the one they ordered. I did not look at the pictures when ordering, but I saw that the planes and buses cover has to be removed and the dinosaur is underneath. I feel like an ass for those who are wondering.

👤I bought this lamp for my son after he got a broken one at Christmas. I was happy to find a replacement that was almost half the price of the original. This lamp has a projector that shows images of dinosaurs or construction vehicles. You just swap out the stencil. We are currently on dinosaurs and I have included a short video and a close-up picture. The little boy loves it.

👤This was bought for a 2 year old who loves dinosaurs. It blew his mind. A lot of people complain about how the projections look. There are two layers of graphics on it. It works great if you take the clear dome and one of the domes with the graphics off. See the picture. I agree with others that the cord is too short, and it doesn't come with a power brick. I used an old one and it works.

👤The product is great for the little ones. I bought this for my nephew and he loves it. My advice is to keep it in a high place because the top will pop off easily if kids try to play with it. If you don't have a convenient outlet for the DC plug in, you can use theAAA battery option, which allows you to have it in the center of a room. The batteries are the best option because the cord is not long enough to reach an outlet on a dresser.

👤My son likes it. He loves dinosaurs and is about to be two. It looks a little crazy because I had it close to the wall in the video. That's right.

👤My child is impressed. It's a great way to start a routine. It took me a while to figure out how to change the lens, but once I did it a few times it was easy. It is toddler proof, at least stands up to my little one toting it around and even dropping it a few times. The images are striking. I love the settings.

👤The light turned out to be cute. The light fills the entire room when it's turned on, but it was much smaller than I thought. The size of the toy is fine. I would recommend this to someone who is considering buying it. The price makes it worth it.

2. BestJoy Bubble Machine Kids Rechargeable

BestJoy Bubble Machine Kids Rechargeable

The Afranti baby balance bike is easy to assemble. The package includes the tools that you might need to adjust the height of the saddle or handlebars. You can put it in the trunk of the car to use in parks, malls or wherever toddlers would ride. Don't ride the mini bike on slopes, streets, roads, bumps, muddy and wet roads. Leave your baby alone while you play with it. The bubble machine can blow bubbles in a 90 & 360 rotation, as well as blowing bubbles at a standstill. The electric bubble machine is no longer blowing in one direction. The bubble machine will be an outdoor play center for kids birthday parties and outdoor activities. The BestJOY bubble machine may be the first bubble toy that can spin 90 and 180, and it will make little boy, little girl, and teens go crazy with joy. This is the best birthday gift for toddlers 1 2 3 4 5 years old, a great gift for a loved one, a fun Easter gift, and a perfect Christmas gift. Bubbles can play for up to 5 hours with a large-capacity battery. Bigger bubble tank and more powerful motor make this bubble machine produce tons of bubbles, instantly fill the whole party with colorful bubbles and super excited for kids. The bubble maker will satisfy children until they are tired. It's easy to carry, it comes with multiple packs of bubble concentrate, just add a box of water to one pack. The orange handle is eye-catching. Kids can run all the way to play with the bubble machine, sprinkle happy bubbles along the road, and worry about the bubble liquid being spilled. They offer 30 days 100% money back or free exchange for high-quality after-sales. A bubble machine toy that your kids can play with when they are outside is a better professional bubble machine toy.

Brand: Bestjoy

👤This is great fun. I gave it to some friends of mine who have small children, and they love it. You get 5 hours of bubbles once you fill it up. The quality is good. It has 2 packs of bubble solution. Absolutely recommend!

3. Toys Toddlers Friction Christmas Festival

Toys Toddlers Friction Christmas Festival

Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school. The toddler toys set is more suitable for small hands. There are 5 colorful transport toy trucks, including a big transporter, a mini airplane, a small Taxi, a small bus and a middle bus. Colored toy cars with cute expressions, cartoon drawings and other things make kids curious and give them a happy world. Toddler toys for ages 2 to 4. These transportation car toys are made of soft plastic and have high quality. The outline of each toy car is designed to be very friendly for children. The Colorful toy trucks set is suitable for kids age 1-6. Kids gift for car lovers. It's easy to play for toddlers. There are two inertias. 3 pull back cars are toys. Push the toy truck forward, they will run by themselves. It will carry four mini toy vehicles. You can separate the truck cab from the trailer and open the tailgate to load the mini vehicle. Pull the small car back, then let go of your hand. It is easy to play toys for a baby. You can see the flashing lights and hear the realistic sound of the sirens if you press the button on the top of the cab. The colorful toys car is a great way to introduce children to the world of transportation. Toddler boys toys are young. It is designed for kids. Happy toys and games for toddlers. All Nicmore toys are in a beautifully designed gift box. A highly recommended birthday present, gift ideas for kids, home decoration, travel toys, party favors, festival gifts, Christmas gifts for 1 2 3 4 5 6 year old boys girls toddlers. If you're looking for a gift for your kids, you're in the right place. This will be a great gift for someone. It must be a hit with kids.

Brand: Nicmore

👤I was very happy to get a simple toy that would encourage play because of the addictiveness of screen time on phones and tablets. The kit has a button that can make sounds, a liftgate that can allow you to load or unload smaller vehicles from the larger truck, and a lot of opportunities for toddlers to take interest in all the little vehicles. I'm very happy with the kit. My son will get months of play out of it.

👤I got this for my nephew as a birthday gift, but my own child has taken over, she cries if we don't. The packaging was correct, the toy is motorized, and the battery is included, but I didn't realize it. The push button makes sounds. I got this because of its appearance. I thought it was safe for a toddler to play with, but I found out it was better than I thought. This is an excellent gift for Christmas and I will need to buy more of these.

👤This product is dangerous and should be deleted by Amazon. The wheel came off when my grandson opened the bag. These could be swallowed or used to pierce your eyes. My brother pierced his eardrum when he was a child.

👤I am a toddler teacher and I was looking for toys that were appropriate for my toddler class. The truck was made with heavy plastic, colorful and detailed painted designs, it was perfect for them. My boys like to hear the sound of the truck, see the lights and hear the horn. I am happy that the hauler came apart so that my children can have the one part they want. The cute little vehicles are perfect for small hands. Will be buying another one soon. Thank you Nicmore!

👤This item is for my nephew. He loved it. I like that you can store the smaller toys in the big truck, it saves up space around the home. A great gift.

👤My grandson is only two years old, so I had reservations when unpacking the truck ensemble. The vehicles that come in the package are very sturdy. He was kept occupied longer than the Disney car ramp he got the other day, but was thrown to the side after only 5 minutes because of the toy he received. It is easier for him to grasp and hold on to this toy. I think it's more toddler friendly. The toy rolls a little ways after you push it, and I would describe it as friction. This was a good buy so far. I wish the hauler was long enough for all the smaller vehicles to fit inside. Two fit on top and two fit inside as shown on the product page.

👤I bought this for my son and he loved it the first time, but it was easy to detach the head from the body, so I just ignore it and connect them back together. It is too late to return water near the small cars.

4. TEKFUN Writing Tablet Colorful Drawing

TEKFUN Writing Tablet Colorful Drawing

I can make a sky in dark night. Kids can fall into it and sleep. Bring me to your home and I will make a sky for the little one. Don't hesitate to choose me and take me away, I will launch the moon and many stars to show your love for your baby. Free child's imagination 10 inches of space for kid's writing and drawing, free children's imagination, is provided by the LCD writing tablet. The screen of the doodle board protects the eyes from long-term use. The built-in battery has 6 months lifespan, 100,000 times more writing and drawing on the writing tablets, can be replaced and used continuously, and farewell to the traditional painting mode. No mess at home. It is easy to use the drawing tablet, it can create lines with a stylus or hard object. To clear the screen in one second, click the erase button on the drawing board. The screen can be erased when the writing pad is unlocked. The lightweight and portable is made of high-quality plastic material and weighs only 150 grams, it is easy to carry and place in travel bags and schoolbags, suitable for multiple occasions. The writing tablets are waterproof and anti-fall, so no need to worry about accidentally dropping or liquid pouring on the screen. The multi-functional writing tablets is a perfect gift for kids of all ages. It is an educational toy. It can be a travel toy. A parent-pick gift for 3 4 5 6 7 8 year old girls and boys on any occasion, including back to school, birthday, Easter, Children's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and any occasions! The multi-functional doodle board is a good educational learning toy, which allows kids' imagination and creativity. It is the best toys for boys and girls. Kids can practice writing on it. Since it's erasable, there's no waste or mess. The package includes a 10" writing tablet with a battery inside, a string, a stylus, a screwdriver, and a product warranty.

Brand: Tekfun

👤This is great for kids. The colors are great. This product is very good. You can use this to teach kids how to write, and kids can use this to amuse themselves during long drives, at restaurants, etc. This is an inexpensive alternative to iPad.

👤My grand daughter absolutely loves it. This is perfect for her because she loves to draw. It's even better because it comes out in rainbow colors. She always has the stylus with her when she is. It's portable, it's nice, and I would rather see her doing this than always playing video games. 5*s.

👤I had to try it out before I wrapped it for my 6 year old, but I purchased it as a gift. I bought a two-pack of another brand for myself and my 3 year old, because I liked the concept so much. The frame is sturdy, the colors are vibrant, and the stylus is compatible with the cable. It comes with a spare battery. It's a simple idea that keeps my kids entertained. My oldest hates messes up on paper because she is perfect. She knows that the device can be wiped away with a press of a button, so she doesn't have that problem. My girls take their drawing boards with them wherever they go. It's great for drawing pictures and messages in the car. I use mine to keep track of things I need to remember. I can think of many uses for this.

👤I bought this product for my niece and nephew's birthday, and I really like it. I took them from the box to make sure they worked. The blue one worked right out of the box. I was very pleased. They are light and easy to use. Writing on the colors is enjoyable. The screen leaves no resistance so you can see clearly. Since they came from the box, I can't speak about battery life or durability. It will be hours of fun and educational use. My 11 year old stole it to play with. The pink one had me confused because it wouldn't work like the blue one. There is a lock screen button. Try the lock screen button before calling. It worked as advertised after that. My 11 year old is begging for one of the great products. I want to get one for my little one to help with her writing.

👤A 6 year old was given a gift. The erase feature stopped working within 10 minutes. It's disappointing when a child is wondering why you gave them a cheap gift.

👤I ordered two tablets. One is for my son and the other is a gift. The product was received sooner than expected. The tablet was well packaged and came with a cute thank you card and a note to introduce it. The owner cares about their presentation and customer satisfaction. My son loves playing with the tablets. It's easy to use and it comes with a battery as well.

👤This is the best thing I've bought for my kids all year. The tablet is perfect. I bought it for my son who hates drawing and coloring and doesn't like using paper. The pen is attached, the writing is full of color, and the screen is erased with one push of a button. It will be perfect to send with to school or car rides. The lines are smaller and lighter with a light touch, and get bigger and more vibrant when he draws harder. I will probably buy more for other kids at Christmas.

5. Toy Rocket Launcher Kids Colorful

Toy Rocket Launcher Kids Colorful

A Sturdy and eye-catching workbench play set is the perfect gift for every little engineer. The package does not include a "CifToys branded box, user manual or workbench toy". The product size is small. There is a fun toy rocket launcher. Jump. It's launch! Kids will love playing with this foam toy rocket launcher. It is reliably built to endure endless hours of jumping, stomp and playtime. It's safe for ages 1-8. The hours of outdoor excitement is an awesome kids toy that lets kids burn up all that extra energy while having the time of their lives. The set includes foam rockets in three fun colors. Up to 100 Ft. High! The rockets are capable of flying up to 100 feet in the air. The MotoWorx toy rockets are safe for kids to play with and won't shoot so far that they lose track of them. There are many places to have fun in the yard, park or playground. The easy assembly and storage feature of the toy rocket launcher makes it easy to store it in small spaces. It is easy to assemble the launcher. It's perfect for a birthday or holiday gift. Children will engage their minds and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through play when they enjoy hours of energetic outdoor fun. Do you have an issue with your order? Don't worry! The 30 day money back guarantee is for every purchase.

Brand: Motoworx

👤The rocket launcher was one of the best purchases I've ever made. I have 5 kids and they all loved it. My kids were thrilled that they were able to launch in different directions after assembling it on their own. We played indoors because it's cold here. I can imagine the thrill outdoors. I have had other brands in the past that would often tip, and I am a preschool teacher. The base of the launcher is way study is unique to this one. My kids had the launcher shoot straight up when they put it up. My baby loved it too. I was able to leave them playing since it was foam and safe. Since they were all fighting over it, they only needed help making sure they were taking turns. I would recommend it from 9 months onwards since every age can enjoy it. The baby crawled every time the rocket flew. My 3yr. The girls ages 6, 8 and 10 were shooting for targets and the old boy couldn't get enough of it.

👤This was a present for my grandson. He was so excited to play with it that he stopped opening other gifts. We put it up. It was used for an hour. The air pump tube popped a hole. We tried closing it. About 10 more minutes later. The best birthday gift was a total flop within an hour and a half. We have begun to authorize a return. This toy should be used by children who are playing with it. It needs to be strong.

👤The seller offered to send us a whole other set after my review. The new set seems to suggest that the original was just a dud. We've only used it once and nothing has broken off. We didn't ask for a replacement but the seller offered to send one for free. I'm hopeful that we can get a few more uses out of this before it starts to fall apart. I will update about it. Thank you for your kind words to the conscientious seller. The rockets lost the fins and the tip the first time we used them, but we were excited to get them. We have 2 rockets. Will try to fix them with hot glue, but the extra weight will make them not fly as far.

👤Kids enjoyed this for a while. The rockets were not usable because the wings came off within that time. I would recommend another brand. The money was wasted. The company that sent this has great customer service. The first item didn't hold up, so they called me directly and offered to send a replacement. I updated my review because they were willing to make it right for me.

👤I bought these for my grandson. He loves them. Make sure to have a big open space because they do fly far just as described. This should last because the launcher is heavy duty.

👤I wanted to like it. One of the side wings would come off when we shot a missile. It's rubbish and you'll get one good 5 minute play out of it. My kid wanted it to work because all the wings fell off of the rockets, so I bought foam, a glue gun, and glue sticks. It functions by shooting up about 4 ft after spending an additional $20 for all these parts.

6. YOHE Toddlers Basketball Educational Birthday

YOHE Toddlers Basketball Educational Birthday

Little Tikes' basketball hoop for toddlers is water resistant. Kids can use it indoors. 18 months to 5 years. Everything is possible for a child if they start playing basketball. He might fall in love with sport because of this entry-level basketball set. This is a very important thing for the child. The center pole fixture can be adjusted to four heights of 18.6in, 27.9in, 36.2in, and 45.2in. For a perfect shooting, you can make height stands for your kids. Before using, please read the left picture carefully and follow the steps to install the basketball equipment and inflate the basketball to a suitable size. Safety and Environmental is a topic. It is made from environmental protection material. The pieces have a nice smell. The smooth surface won't hurt the baby's delicate skin. The ideal gift for kids is a toy. It's a perfect birthday holiday Christmas Halloween Thanks giving season gift for both boys and girls.

Brand: Yohe

👤This thing is not worth much. I am not happy. Positive reviews are not a sign of weakness. I was putting it together when it fell apart. If you look at the picture, you can see that they didn't have the decency to keep the red thread consistent. They tied a piece of white to it because it must have been too short. The backing is cardboard. It was 20 bucks. I think this thing could be purchased at the one dollar store. I will return it. My son was disappointed by my response on his birthday.

👤Don't waste your money. The pictures are not what they appear to be. The ball is small. The backboard was thinner than the box it came in. Everything else is made of thin plastic and won't last long around a child. It would leak out of the cheap cap if you filled the base with water. The worst item I've ever purchased on Amazon.

👤This is terrible. It is made for a kid to throw things at it, so if anyone touches it it will fall over. I returned it because I was shocked that they charged this much for thin plastic and a paper basketball backboard. My advice is to not purchase this.

👤I bought this for my grandson and it is a cheap version of a basketball hoop, but the basketball is the size of a grapefruit, and I am returning it.

👤The toy is not worth $20 to my 2yr old. It looks like it came from the 5 and below. It is like a $5 or less toy. It doesn't like to stay together or straight. It is easy to put together, it is 4 plastic hollow pipes with ridges. It is straight up ridiculous. The most sturdy items in the box are the 3 balls. I love that it came with 3 balls, but that is the only thing I like about it. Not worth $20

👤I am very tolerant, but this is very flimsy. My 1y/o takes it apart when I put it together. He understood the concept of putting the ball in the hoop which made me purchase it. It could be worth $5. I have begun taping it to keep it together. Will end up in the trash.

👤My one year old is cheap. It would cause it to fall apart. The ball hit the backboard. A piece of junk. I didn't collect them and send them back because I was busy with other things.

👤I am incredibly disappointed. The tubes are very flimsy, the net never stayed on, and the base leaks. Within 20 minutes of using it, it was destroyed. My son is not aggressive. He doesn't play rough so for this to break so easily was disappointing. The little cap on the end of the carpet doesn't seal it, so it's now soaked in his bedroom. The tubes are made of plastic. I mean thin! They will bend if you don't squeeze them. Trying to get them attached is ridiculous. It is a waste of money. The small pump that comes with it is the only good thing. That was the only thing that didn't make me cringe.

7. Threeking Control Rotating Outdoor Present

Threeking Control Rotating Outdoor Present

It is suitable for 3 years and up. In addition to the basic skills that ordinary remote control cars should have, the car can also roll and rotate in situ at a certain angle and drive on double sided. When the toy car encounters a small obstacle, use the remote control to roll or double-sided drive, and at the same time, reverse the function to make the toy car turn into a dance car. Powerful controls; long-distance and anti- interference. Multiple sets of toy cars can compete, and these cars will go their own way. Children can harvest their happiness. Off-road. The car has powerful electric motors. It is equipped with high-quality soft and elastic rubber tires, shock absorption, strong grip, anti-skid, and not afraid of slippery roads. You can easily break through on land, Stone road, beaches, and grassland. The car will make your child feel like a driver. To make sure the material is safe, use high-quality plastic and spray painting. The structure was fixed with high-class electronic elements and dozens of screws. The car is suitable for kids. ATTERY: Children's hands-on ability is enhanced by the design of installation and disassembly. The previous NI-CD 700mAh battery was larger and harder to install, but the new rechargeable battery has a smaller size and is easier to install. The battery of the remote is not included.

Brand: Threeking

👤I bought this for my grandson. I spent several hours last night making sure the battery operated toys worked correctly, and I was ready for him to open his gifts when he did. I had the units up and running in a reasonable amount of time and played with them long enough to feel that my hopes for this toy had been fulfilled and that I could share my thoughts for others considering buying this for a child. If you watch the video for the product, it makes the toy look fun and sturdy. I'm happy to report that all three impressions are true. These cars are made of heavy duty materials that should last a long time for kids. My grandson could use this toy year round, and that was one of the reasons I bought it. They are easy to reverse out of tight spaces and are great indoors, low enough to shoot under most furniture. They are pretty quiet, so if you knocked down something noisy or kids yelling with joy, you wouldn't know they were in the house. I don't see a problem with outdoor play with this toy. Rocks, branches, and undulating ground should be easy to avoid. Since these motor operate independently, you won't hear a lot of calls from your child to extricate this car from any accidents. I can't speak about the batteries' endurance yet. A terrific toy for the young person in your life, great construction, good overall design, and a great toy for the young person in your life. One tip: buy at least two from the beginning; you'll be wanting to play too. Very fast. Seeing this car speed along and almost instantly reverse and head in the opposite direction is a blast. The car can do some amazing acrobatics in independent carriages. A lot of fun! To charge the battery pack, you have to remove the battery cover door and plug it into a computer. It would have been better if an external port could have been created. This isn't a flaw, and I realize a lot of toys work this way. The compartment for the battery pack is so tight that you can't fit the pack, cord and connector inside to screw down the cover. I'm worried that the cord and/or connection will be damaged eventually by all the compression. We'll see. The handles on the remote are very twitchy. A lower intensity setting for the car's acceleration would be great. My grandson's reflexes are so fast that he probably won't even notice, and it's not a flaw. I wanted to include a lot of pictures to clear up some questions I had about this unit before I bought it myself. I hope this review helps you make a decision. I'm happy that I did.

👤My strong advice is to improve this product. The remote control battery should also be rechargeable for the rechargeable battery version. The designers should go back to the drawing board and make a new car battery that can be removed and connected to the rechargedr. The battery should be set up to be charged in the car. There are 3 more The battery should be fully charged so that kids don't feel disappointed. Amazon only delivers physical addresses to those who have concerns about the mail.

8. Toddler Fishing Game Gifts Birthday

Toddler Fishing Game Gifts Birthday

Best Christmas gift choice for kids boys girls toddlers teens can be used as girl friend gifts. The dart board kit can be used to reward good behavior. The best gifts for boys and girls are toys. If you give them a try, your baby girls boys will be away from TV, mobile phone game, tablets screens for hours, best for their health. The toddler fishing game is a great way to develop cognitive development. The fishing game for 2 year olds includes 26 wooden fish puzzles which are patterned with alphabet, numbers and cute ocean creatures, making it a great teaching tool to develop their hand and eye coordination as well as their motor skills. It is never too early to start using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educational techniques. How to play a game. The aim of the fishing game is to catch 26 wooden fish. Your kids can play with an adult or a friend as they follow their natural instincts and explore the fun of a pretend play game while learning to play fairly and share. It is a must have for a two year old boy to play with someone else. The games for 2 year olds are bright, colorful and fun and are made from high quality natural solid wood. It is completely safe to play with as all edges have been smooth and no rough surfaces have been made. It's catch and count. The toddler birthday gift is all about fun and educational, which is why they have developed this 2 year old boy birthday gift. Each fish puzzle has a different number. Add the numbers to the fishing poles. Kid who has higher result wins. There are gifts for 2 year olds. The perfect fishing game for 2 year olds who love to learn. The kids fishing game is built to last and will provide years of fun. Their toddler birthday gift with robust design is great for children's parties and play dates.

Brand: Top Bright

👤It's a beautiful set. The quality of the fishing rods is good and they're a good size for children's hands. The A-Z pieces are colorful, the magnets are set in each piece, and they all work. There are numbers on the back of each piece so children can fish and count or have an adult count up the points to see who wins. The name of the animal is on the front side, but the letter is on the back side with the magnet. The cardboard tackle box is sturdy and holds all of the items of the game. It comes with a soft cloth and a pond. The reason for not giving it five stars is that it had two of the same letter. I'm pretty sure it was a quality control problem. Don't order the game when you need it, inspect it when it arrives, and don't order it when you don't need it.

👤I bought this for my grandson's birthday and he loves it. The fish are easy to catch and a little one can do it. The "water" is small, perhaps 15 inches in diameter, but we think it's a plus because he likes to lay it out himself. He knows how to put the fish on the water. I like to put the fish in the bucket and then dump them out. He needs help opening the bucket and putting the handles on the poles, but he plays with it for a long time. It is an important caution. The bucket has a cord handle. He put the bucket on his head, and it slipped to the back of his head with the handle cord around his neck. If one of the magnets came loose, it would be a hazard.

👤There is an update. I originally gave this 2 stars because the handles wouldn't fit into the fishing poles. The company wanted to make sure I received handles that worked, so they sent me another set with handles that didn't fit. My kids love this game since they are able to use it correctly with the fishing poles, and I am very impressed with the customer service. My kids love the magnetic fishing aspect of this game, but we ran into a manufacturing flaw that prevented the wooden handles from attaching to the plastic poles. The plastic pole and wood handle don't match up. I tried twisting it in both directions, but nothing caught the threads. My kids have to play with the pole by dangling it over the fish because the wooden handles won't stay attached. The idea of fishing with a fishing pole is still something they enjoy, but the handle flaw takes away a lot of convenience and the basic idea of fishing. I expect the game to work well when I get it. The wooden fish are made well and the container it came in is sturdy, but I would be hesitant to purchase again for fear the handles still wouldn't attach. Hopefully we just got faulty handles. The picture is of the handle being pushed in as far as it will go, it falls back out since the thread inside of it doesn't catch, and will just spin in circles.

9. TOLOLO Montessori Educational Learning Recognition

TOLOLO Montessori Educational Learning Recognition

Outstanding toys for 1 2 3 years old boy, light weight, easy to carry, great as a toddler travel toy, are ideal for Best Kids Gifts. A toy car for 1 years old is perfect as a preschool toy, teaching aids, Birthday gifts, Valentine gifts, toddler Easter gifts, Christmas gifts, and Thanksgiving Day gifts for 1 2 3 years old boys and girls. The wooden sorting and stacking puzzle has 16 pieces and contains blocks of 4 colors and 4 geometric shapes. A great shape sorter Montessori toy for 1 2 3 year old boys and girls is a great way to teach your baby numbers, colors, and shapes. Product size is 5.3*5.3*2.3 in and shape pieces are 2*2 in. The toddler Montessori toy is small enough for 1-2 toddlers but not big enough to cause a problem. Montessori toys can help your child's brain development by helping them to learn shape and geometry, build color recognition, and exercise their space concept. A great educational toy for 1 2 3 year old boys and girls helps to give your child a workout while they play it. They insist on using high-quality crafts to make safe and delicate products for toddlers. The test was approved by the two organizations. The wooden toy is made from natural pine wood with non-toxic water-based paint, and they have sealed varnish on the surface, to reduce the risk of wood chips and smell, and the smooth edge won't hurt your boys and girls' skin. The shape sorter toy is a great gift for toddlers. It's a great choice as travel toys. The bright colors, geometric shapes, and engaging design will make your child happy. The wooden puzzles fit nicely into their small hands. The stacking toy is a perfect gift for young children. Pick your shape sorter harvest, invite parents or childhood friends, start usingHappiness Harvest Time as a matching game. Sometimes you need a wooden preschool board. It is nice to have a wooden puzzle educational toy that allows imagination. Your baby will spend a lot of time playing on them.

Brand: Tololo

👤It was much smaller than I expected. The description should have been better. It's definitely not for a year to small. I have been giving for almost 3 years now. It will help with shapes and colors.

👤This product is very small and a choking hazard for even a 3 year old, and they make it seem like it is a descent size, but it is not. The price was over priced for the size. Save money and time by going with a similar item.

👤My 18 month old daughter is a little advanced for her age, but she quickly grasped the idea of the 1 peg, and understands the other pieces, but she doesn't have the dexterity yet. I'm sure it will come quickly. I am very pleased with the purchase and I expect to have it for a long time. I wouldn't just give it to a child, but I would supervise the use.

👤My daughter loves to play. This is a very high quality toy that is very similar to a toy we have. It works great with all the toys she already has. We will buy from this brand again.

👤I know it has a picture with dimensions, but I didn't read them. I took the picture of the boy with the toy. It was not as large as I wanted. It's my fault that I didn't pay attention, but I'm not sure many people would notice a picture of a child playing with it that makes it look bigger.

👤My baby loves it! It works perfectly because it is easy to take when we are on the go. She likes to sort the shapes. Great find!

👤It's a great Montessori toy. It is a lovely piece that has a lot of sensory activities. I'm glad I bought this.

👤It was bought for my grandson. Some of the shapes could be a hazard to him. Would not recommend it.

10. LEGO DUPLO Airport Building Blocks

LEGO DUPLO Airport Building Blocks

The kids will be surprised by the upright running and rotating stunt. The hot rotating wheel trick can be seen when the wheels are shifted and the vehicle is upright. There are amazing designs for boys and girls. It can be played on any ground with ease and confidence. It's weather-proof. It's suitable for kids or toy car lovers. This LEGO DUPLO airport playset has a toy plane in it. The airport toy set includes an airport building with luggage slide, suitcase, boarding gate and revolving air traffic control tower, as well as a buildable airplane toy for toddlers. Use the modern characters, accessories and decorated bricks to have fun while playing a role-playing game at the airport for your toddler. The plane measures over 7” (18 cm) long and 6” (17 cm) wide. There are 29 pieces of a preschool toy for boys and girls.

Brand: Lego

👤For Christmas we decided to get our 16 month old son Lego Duplo sets and set up a large Lego table made out of Foremost modular cubes/shelving with Lego Duplo building bases glue to the wood so he can have his little Lego town. We already have a ton of Lego vehicles and the other kit comes with a red airplane, so I chose this one over the other popular Lego Duplo Airport because we liked the tower/luggage slide on this one. The Lego Duplo kits are designed for toddlers that are just getting started with Legos and then move on to the sets with smaller pieces or more complex designs. The kit only has 29 pieces, but you have enough to keep a toddler entertained. You have an airplane that's easy to open up and add passengers to, you have a tower with a door and a slide, and you have 3 Lego people. We are happy with our purchase, my son loves it, and the item arrived exactly as described.

👤The newer version of the duplo airport set is really nice. My daughter has a collection of duplo town. We didn't need anything more elaborate, so I'm happy with the size. There is a yellow airplane with wheels that fits all 3 duplo figures in it, orange luggage, a brick and brown crate, yellow luggage slide, yellow gate and chair, and a buildable airport and tower. It's a great set for the price. I was happy to see that they made the female duplo figure the pilot. It would be a good idea for children ages 3-6.

👤This set is limited in terms of opportunities it offers to my child, unlike other sets I have. My 2.5 year old is obsessed with blocks, so I bought this set to add to his existing duplo sets. He doesn't have to stick to the picture on the box or the booklet in the box with other sets. He got bored very quickly with this one.

👤My toddler loves this LEGO set. The passenger plane is the best thing about it because it is easy to fit three people, luggage, and the present inside. I like that the pilot is a woman, and that the dad is traveling with his child. The terminal can be built in many different ways. My daughter has already put the slide piece in several other scenarios, so it's a good addition to your collection. Awesome purchase.

👤My 3.5 year old niece loved it. I had to make it for her. I had to read the directions but she loved it. The plane was her favorite part.

👤My son loves to play with Legos, he can make many amazing creations with Lego duplo. The set is the same. It was fun!

👤The 3 year old grandson put it together with his dad. He took it apart and rebuilt it many times. He loved flying the little people. It's great for learning and playing.

👤He tore it open when he saw it. My nephew loves Legos. They are the right size for little hands and easy to stack and build.

11. Educational Insights Design Buddies │Perfect

Educational Insights Design Buddies %E2%94%82Perfect

The perfect gift for kids is the ToyVelt's Toy Trucks Set, which is sure to make them happy when they receive it on their birthday, Christmas, Holidays, or any other occasion. The drilling construction set is a fun way for kids to build a rocket and play with it. Tools to design and build are a great way to introduce early science. Little ones learn the basics of construction and engineering with tools designed for little hands. Eco-friendly packing! Don't throw the box away, it's part of the play. Bolt Buddies packages become fun play sets, a step towards being sustainable and eco-friendly. There is a kid-friendly power drill toy, rocket with 6 parts, 7 bolts, and two Bolt Buddy figures. The drill requires 3 batteries. The drill patent was granted. US D 9500. The Educational Insights Brand Store has more Design & Drill fun.

Brand: Educational Insights

👤The idea is great. The fabrication problem is not the fact that it was assembled by a three year old and 40 year old woman who barely passed 6th grade woodshop. The first problem is that the screws keep falling out even when the screws are turned well. It could be a plus since it gives more opportunities to use the screw gun. Is it possible to put a screw in the astronauts head if it doesn't keep them on? I'm pretty sure I'm going to be the one swallowing the part. Not necessarily a dealbreaker either. A toddler with a low level of frustration could set something on fire. The door will not stay attached to the rocketship because the plastic is warped. After we took it out of the box, it fell off. I thought it was part of the assembly process. This door has fallen off many times since we put this product together. The manufacturers need to know that small children are frightened. No one has enough. If the door to their hangar falls off, the apocalypse won't happen. This toy may teach my daughter some skills, but it also makes her lose her mind when it breaks. Which is a lot. I appreciate the thought that went into this toy. It was supposed to be a good thing. The manufacturing reduces the ship to a failboat. I'm sending my daughter to the SATs if tech for kids is going to be this bad.

👤My 5 year old son loves this toy. He got the hang of drilling right away. He loves that the drill is very similar to his father's big drill. This has provided hours of entertainment, and he keeps going back to it, which says something for it to capture a 5 year olds interest! Highly recommended!

👤We love the design and drill sets. I knew my kids would love this one. The drill is a great way to work on fine motor skills and my kids love using it to put the rocket ship and astronauts together. They can use the box as a play set when they are done playing with it, but they can also use it as a storage box when they play with it. The little space dog and astronaut buddy fit in the rocket ship. This set is a great way to teach simple construction skills. We will be buying this set for future birthday gifts for our friends who are obsessed with rocket ships, because it is an adorable set. We got the race car and the truck because we love these bolt buddies.

👤My 3yo son asked for a new drill after his old one stopped working. I bought this set because it caught my eye. They put a window on the side of the drill to show the gears spinning. Nice touch to show how these things work. Since we got it, he's been assembling and dismantling it at least a couple times a day. The astronauts can lock into spots inside the rocket. The box that the set comes in doubles as a space backdrop to play with or display on a bookshelf or table is a nice touch. The screws and the drill bit are clear, so they can be hard to find if the rocket is disassembled or the drill bit falls out.


What is the best product for best gifts 2 year old boy space?

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What are the best brands for best gifts 2 year old boy space?

Hongid, Bestjoy and Nicmore are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gifts 2 year old boy space. Find the detail in this article. Tekfun, Motoworx and Yohe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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