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1. TOP BRIGHT Toddler Gifts Wooden

TOP BRIGHT Toddler Gifts Wooden

The baby toy comes with volume control and auto shut-off and is for toddlers 1 to 3 years old. Mom's priority choice. The toddler ramp race track toy is made of high quality wood and stained with bright non-toxic water-based paint. The toy was fully tested to the highest standards. The wheels can not be pulled out without violent destruction, and the vehicles passed the tests of ASTM. There are no concerns about wheels falling off or pieces coming apart. The car is large enough not to be a risk for a young child. The rainbow toddler race track is located in the unique top parking lot, where 4 bright ramp racers set off from the top parking lot and then slide down the track, bringing the toddlers pleasure in racing and improving their visuals tracking ability. The toddlers can collect the cars in the top parking lot by themselves, improving their sense of storage, and preventing the cars from getting lost. The toddler festival gift is about 2 pounds and has 4 toddler ramp racers. The box is very sturdy. The piece needs to be attached to the parking lot. The toddler race track toy can be easily stored in a small room. The best gift for a boy and girl's birthday is a toddler playing at home. The toddler race track is a simple and well-built toy. Your toddler's hand eye coordination and attention span will be encouraged by this. Encourages toddlers to cooperate and take turns to play their own race cars on a toddler race track. A 1 2 year old boy and girl learn dexterity and repetition through playing. They will love playing with their parents or friends. Unique design for toddlers. The width of the car ramp is only used for one toy car to run through. A gift for a one year old boy is not suitable anymore. Toddler's safety and your satisfaction are their main concerns.

Brand: Top Bright

👤A well-designed game for a toddler. The cars are bright. Everything is made from wood. The cars are very fast. The small cars may pose a swallowing hazard for younger children, as they are small enough to fit inside a baby's mouth. This is a good activity for older toddlers.

👤The toys are good and the cars go down the track well. It's a little deceptive to call it wooden, the track pieces are plastic, the cars are wooden except for the wheels, and the outer shell is wood, but it's a little small for my one. The cars could be put in a mouth.

👤My video is available to watch. This is what I paid for. Garbage! There is a The little cars fall down because of the poor quality of the wood. The paths are not designed to keep cars out. It is hard for me to track the little cars that are rolling down the path because it is so tight and compact. I was contacted by the seller to remove the video, but I think other buyers should know.

👤It was a disappointment. The photos make it look like wood, but it is mostly plastic. The cars get stuck. One of our cars had a split in it. I would not buy this product.

👤My 18 month old granddaughter loves it.

👤My 2 year old granddaughter is having fun at the race track. It was very well made.

👤The toy arrived on time and was nicely packaged in a box. My husband opened the box to see if the ramp worked. Beautifully! Will be giving it to our grandson in the next week. We anticipate a great reaction.

👤All cars are smooth and don't get stuck. I can't complain. All cars have a number on them. It helps my child learn.

👤I opened it to make sure everything was okay, it was bought for a friend's baby. This is a good quality wood and plastic toy.

👤It is a great toy for little ones, it is the right size for them to hold and play without. My little girl loves to play with it. Good for their development.

👤We really like the wooden toy, it works perfectly and is exactly what we expected.

👤Them ist besteht hauptschlich aus Plastik. There is a Is toll aus. Ausgepackt is es richtige. Sohn zum Geburtstag ist es aber sofort. Da ist das Geld doch tollere!

👤The box was damaged.

2. Outdoor Sprinkler Kids Backyard Splashing

Outdoor Sprinkler Kids Backyard Splashing

The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details. The hose should be connected to the turtle sprinkler toy. When the water is turned on, the cute turtle shape will make your children want to play in it. It brings a lot of fun as the water squirts and the pendulum tubes spin. It evoke the passion of summer. Children can have fun with their parents. The Spin the turtle spray water toy can take away the heat of summer, lawn irrigation and water the flowers, if the children are playing with it. The product is made of high-quality plastic and non-toxic. The spray of the rotating turtle sprinkler can splash up to 8 feet. The turtle sprinkler is safe for your children and pets to play with. The size is 10 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. There is a water outlet and wiggle tubes. The toy is suitable for children over three years old. Water spray games are popular with the children. This is the best choice for toys outdoors. It's suitable for birthday parties. It can bring joy. It's suitable for many places, such as the lawn, swimming pool, backyard, etc.

Brand: Sprinkleplay

👤The little turtle sprinkler is awesome. I have three kids and they all love it. I was worried that the tubes would get stuck together, like my parents did when they came over. The little turtle did not do that. It works like it is supposed to. It's worth it. Hope this helps.

👤It is very cute, but we want to wait a few days for the weather to warm up. It comes with a quick connect attachment that makes it easy to connect to a hose. You can remove the quick connect and just screw it to the garden hose end. When the kids visit us, we will buy another one.

👤The sprinkler was given to our 4 year old for Easter. It is small but similar to the picture. We have only used it twice and it's not because it's wrong. My child doesn't like water in her eyes. Kids roll their eyes. You can change how much the hoses are flung around by adjusting how much you turn the hose on. I think it's a good idea. She loved that it was a cute little turtle. My daughter will enjoy the idea of the water being sprayed everywhere.

👤I bought this for my niece a week ago and she loved it. The water pressure was great, it did not come out to be hard or soft. My niece was yanking on the tubes and none broke unlike other products I have bought. I would recommend it for toddlers.

👤It's very easy to use and perfect for hot weather. My kids liked it. You can make the water flow small or large. The water is pretty far. It was a fun summer.

👤Our toddler was a little freaked out at first, but soon realized he loved playing with this. The hoses sometimes get stuck spraying in one direction, rather than all over, which is the reason it's 4/5 stars. We had a lot of fun.

👤I bought this for my grand daughter. Colorful design and fun colors make for an enjoyable time outdoors. It was easy to hook up and has survived being trampled.

👤My kids enjoy the sprinkler a lot. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is connect a water hose. I highly recommend this seller.

3. Britik Arrow Outdoor Indoor Birthday

Britik Arrow Outdoor Indoor Birthday

The ideal gift for kids from 3 to 10 is the rocket launcher toy. It's a perfect present for kids, boys and girls for their birthday, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year. A bow and arrow set with 20 foam blaster darts, 2 wrist bands, 1 bow and arrow, and a bull's eye target is available for kids. It's ideal for play indoors or outdoors. For the holidays, you can get more for other family members. Even 4 year old kids can shoot an arrow with the upgraded bow and arrow. This greatly improves the game experience so that kids can have a good time. Their kids archery set for girls and boys is fun and exciting. Your kids should practice at an early age. They would practice their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, accuracy skills, and collaboration skills. This is a unique gift idea. The toy bow and arrow set is made of high-quality plastic which is very sturdy and long- lasting. Meet the US toy standard. The safety test was approved. Britik is devoted to provide best-in-class products and excellent service to the customers. If you have a problem or need help, please contact them and they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Britik

👤The Bow and arrow set is the best for more than 6 years. It has a wrest band and a Target thing. I bought it for my son to keep him busy. He liked it. The material and quality of the product are very good. It's worth it. One happy buyer. If you want your kids to learn something new at the same time, please recommend this.

👤This looks flimsy when you take it out of the box. It's not. My five year old turns into a Hawkeye when he uses this thing. You're convinced the nerf bullet things will go through whatever he's shooting at, because they go about 800mph.

👤Not strong. It was accidental to be dropped on the carpet floor. Had to glue it back together.

👤The toy gets 5 stars because my son didn't bother me once to help him with it. It's easy for your child to manage and aim.

👤It was a Christmas gift. It will be a great gift.

👤This was a Christmas present for our grandson. It was a hit with all of the kids and his cousins wanted to shoot it. After 2 months of heavy use, it is still one of his favorites.

👤My 6 year old nephew loves this kit and I bought it for him. It is very durable and comes with a target. There is endless play!

👤My 4 year old girl wanted to be like Hawkeye and use her bow and arrow. She has liked it. I like the soft nerf.

4. HITOP Sprinklers Outside Toddlers Mermaid

HITOP Sprinklers Outside Toddlers Mermaid

The product dimensions are 22.05” L x 13.78” W x 24.8” H. For ages 1 to 4 years. Cool summer. It's summer! The Splash Pad is here to cool you off. It is a great way to beat the heat. During the special summer of 2021, your kids can still enjoy the water play center in the backyard. The HITOP splash pad is a family favorite. The 60 inch sprinkler pad is a great toy for families and friends to have fun with. A toddler up to 12 months can have fun crawling and playing with water streams, this will allow them to be more active by a healthy lifestyle. The sprinkler mat is a learning pool. Your child can learn to count and play in the water. It will help little child get excited about learning. Bring out the magic on this summer dance with your child. It's safe and hardy. It is safe for all age groups. It's a good gift for kids from 1 to 10 years old. This will last for years because it is made of environmental material and is CPC certified. The strength of the water spray can be adjusted by adjusting the garden hose. Three month warranty is the best service. The goal is to provide the best user experience. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact their customer service. It is their pleasure to make things right.

Brand: Hitop

👤We immediately set it up next to the pool to try out before our big pool party on Friday. The kids are happy and playing in the spray. My youngest is 1.5 years old and has no trouble getting in and out of the pool. It is a bit slippery, so just be careful, and wear some soft-soled water shoes. You can see some side holes in my video. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it doesn't bother me at the moment. I will update if they get worse.

👤My son loved it. The pool in the middle is shallow enough for him to kick/splash water, but deep enough that he won't get hurt. The height of the water that comes out can be adjusted simply by adjusting the faucet, so even small kids can enjoy it. The only problem we had is the pad's connection to the waterholes, but that doesn't affect what the product do. We loved it. It is a great activity for kids to do in a sunny day when the parks are closed.

👤The splash pad is in a nice box. I got this for my friend and babysat for me. He was in heaven after we opened it a few days ago. The weather just got warm where I am and my friend doesn't have a pool so this is a nice alternative for her. My daughter is 3 years old and was able to jump around the splash pad. The amount of water that comes out depends on how high of a water pressure you set.

👤For our son's second birthday, we bought this. He likes the water. He loved playing on this. The third time we let him use it, it started filling up and spraying out, then the side split open. He was so angry. It did not hold more than once with a young child. The seller is constantly trying to get me to remove the review, offering me different amounts of money each day. I don't want someone else to have the same experience. I want to report this seller as reviews are necessary.

👤This is a good product so far. We only used it once and the kids loved it. They loved to sit in the shallow pool in the middle part. The plastic seems a little thinner than I would expect, so it could rip easily, but it hasn't yet. I took it out of the package and it didn't smell bad after I washed it. The smell will go away after a couple uses. The directions don't say anything about the fact that a normal hose doesn't need a adapter. It is a good product.

👤The splash pad is very fun. My children enjoyed playing in it for hours and it was great to set it on a flat area of your yard. We added it to the end of the slide for added fun.

👤It's great for kids. When my kids were small, I wish I'd gotten this earlier. Attach the hose and turn on, it's very easy to assemble. The higher the water sprinkles, the more you turn the hose up. There is a Water leaking out of the hose attachment was the only issue I had. It's not sure if that is a manufacturing defect or how it is supposed to be. Good communication with seller and gave me some tips on handling, but that doesn't really impact the usage.

5. Little Tikes T Ball Set Balls

Little Tikes T Ball Set Balls

If you have a problem with these wooden puzzles toddler toys, please contact them. Totsport's T-Ball Set is a game that will teach your child how to play baseball, softball, or Wiffle ball. The baseball toys are a good start for your kids to learn about sports. The tball set has an "T" which adjusts to a child's developing motor skills, batting skills, and hand-eye coordination. Adding this to your toddler sports toys will help your kids become pro athletes. A toddler can play with their playmates or alone. At their age, experience success. Adding excitement to your normal bat n ball activity can be done by swinging, batting, and hitting tee baseball. The set is easy to use, it has 5 plastic tee balls and an oversized plastic baseball bat, so everyone can hit out of their backyard. The batting tee ball action can be enjoyed by boys and girls. The storage is CONVENIENT. When home runs are over and everyone is out, you can keep your baseball toy in a safe place. The hang-on-the-wall design of the plastic t ball set makes it easy to store small items indoors or outdoors.

Brand: Little Tikes

👤I bought this for my nephew who is 1.5 years old and I wanted to give him a toy that would adjust as he grows. The maximum that it can extend is 1 inch. This is done by removing it as far as possible without it falling out. I apologize, but 1 inch seems useless.

👤Our children are still not tired of it and have improved greatly with their coordination. Our 18-month-old seems to be very interested in anything with a ball. He's having fun and hasn't stopped giving it a try. It's difficult for him to hold the bat, but we're happy with the purchase.

👤I bought this for my son's birthday. My son loves it and I'm very satisfied with it. He swings at the ball and it stays up even though it is made of plastic. It came with 5 balls, which gives him an opportunity to take multiple swings before having to collect them. The bat is lightweight so he can hold it up and swing, but it is made of strong material so he can't damage it, even hitting it against the brick house!

👤This was given to my grandson for his 2nd birthday. It's a great way to teach your child how to play baseball. It doesn't come with bases, but you can use your imagination to make the game more realistic for your child. I wanted something other than cars or trucks to occupy his time and with this toy he's learning how to hold the bat properly, hit the ball, or pitch a ball. Even the big kids have fun. Batter up!

👤Twins are going to be 3 and 18 months old in November. They were happy with this. I was asked if I would find a metal one that was used in T-ball. Little Tikes brand always has excellent products, as I have been told. The extra balls are a bonus, as the 18 month old ends up being the fielder, so he doesn't have to run so much! Highly recommended.

👤This is the perfect Christmas present for my 2 year old son. The bat is thick and he loves it. It was very easy to put it together for him. The box it was sent in was damaged. The items inside were fine but the damaged box he was sent in took away from the excitement of seeing him open it. It's possible that this is the tip. When I opened the box, I thought of everyone who said they only received 2 balls, because 2 would have been enough. I opened the opposite end of the box first to find the 3 balls in there. I am not sure what the reasoning is for this. The T-Ball set has a divider that hides the balls. If you purchase this, make sure to open both ends of the boxes in order to get everything included.

👤My son got this for his third birthday. This setup is nice and comes with everything you need, but he may need to figure out how to weight it down with a bag of sand or something so it doesn't fall over when he hits the ball, but he loves it.

6. IPlay ILearn Development Birthday Children

IPlay ILearn Development Birthday Children

Safety is the top priority. They put the children's safety in top priority as a parent. The harmless and safety toy is what they hold in their hearts. The bowling set was made from high grade foam. Under adult supervision, please play. The bowling ball toys have 10 foam pins and 2 foam bowling balls. It is easy to play with. The foam design of Safe to Play is safe for children to play with. It's great for toddlers and preschoolers. It is suitable to play indoors. Promotes gross motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination. The perfect game for them is Gifts Choice. All of the risk of going to the alley is gone if they go bowling with a foam ball and pins.

Brand: Iplay, Ilearn

👤The colors are bright. I had a problem with one of the pins that was not level on the bottom. It makes for a great hall way bowling. My teens love it.

👤Kids went nuts when they opened the bowling set.

👤It was purchased for a young child. It's a great way to learn numbers, colors, and set up objects. All items are light and soft. It was fun to play with for several hours. It kept our family busy for a while.

👤We use a bowling pin set with a two year old so we have to watch him, it's not entirely indestructible and he is ground zero. The set is very strong and has survived his punishment so far. The pins and balls are very heavy and feel good. They are vulnerable to toddler bites.

👤These are great. We love them! The customer service is great. My son broke a pin and they offered to replace it for free. Excellent quality and colors.

👤The pins are sturdy enough to stand on their own, and the whole set is nice.

👤It's adorable! The adults loved it.

👤Delivery is fast to buy Hood item.

7. CubicFun Adventure Engineering Vehicles Playsets

CubicFun Adventure Engineering Vehicles Playsets

This is a great gift idea for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, dinosaur themed party supplies, or party favors and will make you the favorite parent, aunt, uncle or grandma. There is hours of fun and skill development. The toy cars can be guided through an obstacle and pass 8 challenges, which are great for training and improving kids' motor skills. Kids learn cause and effect through the use of 6 buttons to guide the car. No batteries are required for the built-in mechanical linkage track. Kids can play in the mini cars that are included in the package. It is the perfect solution for when toddlers start throwing things around, because it is made of high quality and durable plastic. Smooth edges and corners are used for securely. The track table vehicle set is designed with a unique color matching to stimulation kids' color perception. It's a good option for kids aged 1-8 playing at home. They are great Christmas Birthday Gifts for Kids. If you have a concern about missing parts, broken parts, not working or any other concern, please contact them on Amazon. They will come up with a solution that is special for you. Hope their products will make you happy. You can contact them on Amazon. You can find the product listing on Amazon. 2. Under the cart, click the name of the game. 3. Click on the button to ask a question.

Brand: Cubicfun

👤The whole family will enjoy this game. A few minutes after we showed her how to play, she learned how to play this. It is a great way to develop kids' motor skills. It was packaged nicely, almost fully assembled, and can be done without any instruction. It is good quality and doesn't require batteries. There is a I really wanted to get one after seeing an ad for it online, it is now available on Amazon. My kids have been playing with this everyday, and my husband and I watch who gets the cars to go all around faster. We all like this toy. Thanks.

👤I saw this toy on a Facebook ad and knew my son would love it. It was so expensive, it was like $70bucks. I came up here and found this. My son has a lot of cars. It is special because it combines tracks and motor. I recommend this toy because you don't have to buy a track that takes up so much space at home.

👤The toy caught the attention of my nephew, right from the beginning. He played with it for 3 hours on the first day. The pieces fit well, the cars run smoothly on the track, and all the motion buttons work. I'm hoping it will last for a long time because he plays it nonstop. I love that he is so focused on it that he tries out different ideas to make the track work differently than it was designed to do, and that he is using his fine motor skills to test the different changes he wants to make. It's a great toy. I hope it can last so long.

👤The box states that this is a toddler toy. The box warns that it's not for children under 3 years old because of the small parts. That's a problem since the age definition for a toddler is 12 - 36 months. A toddler would not be allowed to access this. A young child may be 4 or 5 years old. I think they would get bored. It's very flimsy. The instructions are incomplete so it's hard to put it together. The helicopter that is supposed to pick up the car has no magnetic pull. I'm not sure if it would work because it doesn't go down low enough to connect to the car. It would run into the barrier if it were to get down that low. The stations that rotation the cars don't work because the cars aren't heavy enough to move on their own to the next station.

👤I love this! I gave this to my 4 and 6 year olds and they are 888-349-8884 He loves being able to drive a car without batteries. The toy gets them away from their tablets. I highly recommend!

👤The mail slip was put on the box and the tape was cut open, so it was sent to us. It would have looked horrible if we had given it. All of the pieces were packed so there was nothing missing. My three year old son liked it, it is a neat toy. He liked it because he could figure everything out. You can only use the three cars that are included if you have a helicopter. Since three year olds are great at not losing toys, this thing should be good for a day or two. I had to help him hold it while he played with it because it kept sliding. It is easy to assemble.

8. BestJoy Bubble Machine Kids Rechargeable

BestJoy Bubble Machine Kids Rechargeable

The Afranti baby balance bike is easy to assemble. The package includes the tools that you might need to adjust the height of the saddle or handlebars. You can put it in the trunk of the car to use in parks, malls or wherever toddlers would ride. Don't ride the mini bike on slopes, streets, roads, bumps, muddy and wet roads. Leave your baby alone while you play with it. The bubble machine can blow bubbles in a 90 & 360 rotation, as well as blowing bubbles at a standstill. The electric bubble machine is no longer blowing in one direction. The bubble machine will be an outdoor play center for kids birthday parties and outdoor activities. The BestJOY bubble machine may be the first bubble toy that can spin 90 and 180, and it will make little boy, little girl, and teens go crazy with joy. This is the best birthday gift for toddlers 1 2 3 4 5 years old, a great gift for a loved one, a fun Easter gift, and a perfect Christmas gift. Bubbles can play for up to 5 hours with a large-capacity battery. Bigger bubble tank and more powerful motor make this bubble machine produce tons of bubbles, instantly fill the whole party with colorful bubbles and super excited for kids. The bubble maker will satisfy children until they are tired. It's easy to carry, it comes with multiple packs of bubble concentrate, just add a box of water to one pack. The orange handle is eye-catching. Kids can run all the way to play with the bubble machine, sprinkle happy bubbles along the road, and worry about the bubble liquid being spilled. They offer 30 days 100% money back or free exchange for high-quality after-sales. A bubble machine toy that your kids can play with when they are outside is a better professional bubble machine toy.

Brand: Bestjoy

👤This is great fun. I gave it to some friends of mine who have small children, and they love it. You get 5 hours of bubbles once you fill it up. The quality is good. It has 2 packs of bubble solution. Absolutely recommend!

9. Airplane Throwing Flight Outdoor Birthday

Airplane Throwing Flight Outdoor Birthday

The squishy toys are made from safe and non-toxic soft rubber material and are suited for toddlers and 3 years and up children. It can be washed with water. The throwing foam airplane glider pack contains two colorful airplanes. The throwing plane is easy to install and disassemble, just insert the wing and tail to the right place, you will be allowed to enjoy the flying game immediately. The foam plane can fly in two different modes when you install it. There are two holes in the plane. The plane will fly in glider mode if the tail wing is inserted. The plane will fly in reverse mode if the tail wing is put to the upper hole. The plane has a bright light that makes it beautiful and can fly at night, which will bring a lot of fun to the kids. The foam aircraft toys are safe and fun to play with. Round edges are suitable for your kids to play with. Even if the foam glider hits your kids, they won't be harmed. They are tested to make sure they are safe. The Interactive Toy is beneficial to cultivate children's practical, observation ability and sense of direction. Children's ability to manipulate is improved by jumping and throwing. It can relax people and release stress. It is a perfect gift for an interactive toy outdoors. The ideal kids gifts. A wind glider airplane is a great party favor. The best flying plane toys for kids include aviation and airplane theme parties. Good behavior is rewarded at home with glider planes. Birthday Christmas gift for boys and girls.

Brand: Cuku

👤I bought these for my son. Good thing there are two, I don't want to share. These are fun. I thought so too. The price is great. I bought a bunch more for everyone. You get a plane! In my best Oprah voice, I said, "And you get a plane..."

👤I received these planes in the mail today and was excited to give them to my kids. I gave the blue one to my son and the orange one to my girl. I put them together. It was easy and they were sturdy. They looked the same. My kids could tell there was something different between the 2 after a few minutes of play. My daughter's plane is not very good. My son's plane can do half of what it can. All of us have tried it and all agree that it is more than just her flying skills. If both planes worked the same, I would give this product 5 stars, but after contacting the company, they sent 2 replacements almost the next day! We only needed to replace one. The customer service was great. The blue out performed the orange plane on the second set of planes. We didn't report anything because we had 2 good flying planes.

👤I read some reviews that said the plane broke or lights didn't work after the first impact. My 3, 4, and 5 year old grandsons played with them at the park. They used the planes for hours and the lights worked. What are you talking about? This plane is very sturdy, unless your kid decides to destroy it. I highly recommend. Especially after seeing how happy they were. Will buy more when necessary.

👤The kids love planes. When we first assembled them and took them outside, we thought they were a little weird, but once we learned how to fly them, they became instant hits! If you throw them correctly, they'll loop several times and smooth land. The plastic cover on the top of the planes is67531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 I'm buying more.

👤My grandson loved playing with them.

👤These were sturdy and had lots of fun with my grandson.

👤Boys are 3 and 5 years old. They like the size and flys.

👤My kids play with them.

10. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr Kidnoculars

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr Kidnoculars

Recommended for ages 1-8. Kid-sized binoculars are focus-free and feature large comfy eyepieces, which are 3 times the size of ordinary eyepieces. The kid was designed to last for a long time. Kidnoculars are made for kids and are easy to use. Introduce toddlers and preschoolers to a scientific tool to view and explore their environment. It's perfect for outdoor play. Kids should be outside to explore the world. Kidnoculars are great to take to the park, beach, or anywhere. No batteries are required. Keep the fun and learn! The teachers at Educational Insights have created free activities.

Brand: Educational Insights

👤Kidnoculars don't function as binoculars, so they are more of a play. Not worth the money.

👤I regret purchasing these binoculars because I thought they would be great for three year olds. The objects viewed through the binoculars are not noticeably bigger or clearer than without them. They were fun for a short time, but quickly became boring since they don't work, and are too heavy for a small child to wear. I didn't like the feeling when I tried them on. I don't blame my kids for not wanting to wear them. The neck strap is just a thin nylon cord. It is not pleasant. Being massive makes it difficult to store and transport. They take up a lot of space and I can't just throw them in the diaper bag. I am looking for a mini travel sized binoculars that would be easier to carry around in case we need them, but there are two spots on the cord that are not ideal for safety, and the middle piece of the cord just falls off all the time. We lost one to the vacuum cleaner. The most fun my kids have had with these things is swinging the piece of cord around. There is a These things seem pretty durable, they are like the tanks of binoculars, but what is the point if they are too annoying to carry around and not do anything? If you want to get binoculars for a kid, just look into getting a small pair that works.

👤I bought these for my sons. Since the magnification is weak, I was tempted to buy a better one. These are less than 8 ounces. They are very safe and unbreakable. My two and six year olds must have found the strap comfortable because they wore them all over the place. The safety snap opened so the child didn't hurt his neck when one pulled on them too hard. I was glad the magnification wasn't good because they might have been dangerous if they looked too close to the sun. We had a stronger pair with us that they used occasionally under supervision, but they loved them. There is something.

👤Little number three wasn't going to be happy when he was given two toilet paper rolls with the Kidwinz binoculars. Maybe he would have been, but then we found a terrific value alternative. The binoculars are pretty large but not heavy. Nothing is flimsy. There are no moving parts, no knobs and no diopters. The large eyecup has a place for your nose, so if a kid can find it, he can hold it up to his eyes. The soft plastic eyecup is very comfortable and won't poke your birder in the face. 2x magnification doesn't sound like much, but it's enough that you can tell that things are closer, and at that low magnification shaking isn't an issue. It's easy to aim the binocs at what you want to see because the field of view is decent. Kids with glasses may have a problem if they need a lot of correction or if their glasses square with the eyepiece. The binocs look and feel sharp. We were very happy with this find, because there are many more expensive plastiky/cheesy binoculars around that don't work as well as these, and these are super kid friendly.

11. Kids Play Camping Outdoor Tools

Kids Play Camping Outdoor Tools

The storage is CONVENIENT. When home runs are over and everyone is out, you can keep your baseball toy in a safe place. The hang-on-the-wall design of the plastic t ball set makes it easy to store small items indoors or outdoors. 18 camping essentials are needed by little campers/hikers to set up their camping adventures. Includes a battery-powered gas stove and oil lamp, binoculars, utility knife, plates, shovel, pop-up tent, and more. Kids play a toy. The pop up play tent is easy to set up. It is portable and collapsible. There is a mini-play space. The popup tent is a great place for young kids to play, sleep, or read. There is fun and active. When the button is pressed, the oil lamp toy lights up. The pretend gas stove is glowing. The whistle has a flashlight, compass, and a temperature. 2 AA batteries are required for the lantern and gas stove. Recommended for ages 1-8.

Brand: Fun Little Toys

👤My kids love this tent with camping toys. They learn about camping with the great quality toys. It fits two kids nicely.

👤Awesome set! Our son did not want to leave the tent after we opened it. I didn't want anyone to be involved in his play. It was a great way to keep him busy. His interest is still there but he is willing to share with us and play along. For the price, what it comes with, and to see how much fun our son was having.

👤It is great! The tent is made of mesh so it feels safe. You can see to watch the child. Breathing will be safe if a child collapses it. It pops up very quickly. The additional items are also great. My son likes the lantern and pretend cooking stove. He is excited about the watch and it works. Our 2 year old was very happy with this present. It has a lot of little toys that go with it, which is a real concern for parents of a toddler, as it can be hard to clean up toys. We had a small orange basket that held the toys well. He had a chair and a horse.

👤It was worth every penny. My niece and her sister love this set. You can tell campfire stories by the light of the lantern. It is awesome. Every piece has more than one use.

👤This is a good choice for the price. The tent is flimsy, but it creates a little space for my toddler to sit in and I appreciate that two of the sides are mesh for air flow, even though the tent gets really hot and humid. My child likes to fling herself around in the tent and it needs to be in an open space with padded floors since it flips over easily. It folds up nicely and doesn't use a lot of space. The camping gear is ok, fake food is not very good, the compass is a cool idea, but the tag to pull out to start the battery is not very good. The lantern is a big hit, lots of fun pressing the button to turn it on and off. It's not as satisfying to turn on a stove.

👤My grandsons are around the age of 2. Both love the tent. The grand dogs like hanging out in the tent. They like the camping accessories that came with them.

👤The box looks like it has been in a war. It was a gift. The toys don't do much.

👤The tent was small and cute and perfect for a young child. My 3 1/2 year old grandson enjoyed pretending he was camping.

👤My boys love camping.


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