Best Best Gifts 2 Year Old Boy Montessori

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1. Junyobee Montessori Educational Learning Games

Junyobee Montessori Educational Learning Games

HopeRock hover soccer ball hockey bowling set is a good gift for boys and girls, it is a good choice for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, their customer service team will answer for you the first time, there is no risk in buying. The toy that looks like a car is actually an unlocks toy. Montessori toys have a lock-shaped car with English numbers and countable dots. Kids can improve their motor skills through hands on matching. Babies can start playing with a simple push car game, and then choose to try the more difficult unlocking game. The unsharp shape is very suitable for small hands and is made of safe material. The package includes 6 different cars and 6 keys.

Brand: Junyobee

👤If you have a toddler who is always stealing your keys and trying to figure out how things work, this is for you. It came on time, no flaws, and they all work great! They have little dots in them to help your toddler understand numbers. This store is a great place to buy from.

👤These cute little lock cars have rounded edges. They are easy to hold and play with. The locks are easy to open. The older grandkids like to match the keys to the lock cars. We got everything we should have, plus a bonus key. These would make a great gift. They feel strong.

👤I wanted to buy this toy for my son. The idea is that locks can run as cars. It is difficult to put the keys in them. Some got stuck. The child was confused when he tried to put the key back in the lock, because it didn't snap back after being opened. It is a good product.

👤Two 1s and two 5s were present. There were no 4 and 6 keys. My son received a Christmas gift from his grandma. Returning it.

👤It was very difficult to get the key in the lock. The keys should match the cars. It is difficult to read the numbers for that age of child. Not a good design.

👤I thought these were cool and a gift for my 3 year old, however due to the pour quality of the product, the keys break easy and the car/locks are useless.

👤Is great that I was not given a #3 key. Will be coming back.

👤This is a great toy for a toddler. My niece is almost 2 years old. She likes trying to open and lock toy cars. They are helpful with teaching counting and fine motor skills. It is very sturdy and durable. They are fun and can learn. The price and value are great. Definitely recommend these toys.

2. HahaGift Stacking Dinosaur Childrens Christmas

HahaGift Stacking Dinosaur Childrens Christmas

You can use these magnetic toys to help develop visual spatial skills, counting, and color recognition. The cute dinosaur shape blocks are popular among children. It's easy to play and helps kids with their imagination. The game is about early learning. The wooden dinosaur stacking game requires great patience and may lead to failure if not careful. It is designed to improve children's concentration, thinking skills, logic, hands-on skills, and emotional control through the process of play. The Fun Animal Balance Stacking toys focus on the science of color matching to develop children's keen color perception, and the colors are very eye-catching. There is a black base, 10 colorful dinosaur blocks. The health of their children comes first. They apply water paint that is safe and non-toxic for the kid's enlightenment color. An interesting toy to keep kids focused is a game that focuses on balancing skills, and only the determined will succeed, enough to keep kids entertained for hours, and away from the electronic screen. Perfect gifts for young kids.

Brand: Hahagift

👤My classroom has a new addition called the Haha Stacking Dinosaurs. I need my toy purchases to be used with multiple children. The dinosaur pieces are large enough for children to manipulate. The stacking helps the children develop eye and hand coordination. The dinosaurs are being used to learn color identification, sorting and matching skills. I am able to mix the dinosaurs with wooden blocks. The dinosaurs are being used to help the children use their imaginations. The Haha Stacking Dinosaurs are a great value to purchase for any school or household.

👤The product states it is more than 3 years old. There are two small wooden pieces that could be a hazard for little ones and a 3 year old can't do this balancing act. I am 51 and I do lots of puzzles, but this one was very hard for me. I run an in home daycare. They are 3 years old and they do a lot of puzzles. They were angry with the puzzle. It would be better for a young child.

👤I bought this to keep in the toy cabinet for the children who visit. The grandkids are over the suggested ages, but they have been enjoying this game and it still challenges their stacking ability and patience. They are very nice. The paint is smooth. The colors are engaging. The dinosaurs are adorable. Once they have finished a game, they will play with the dinosaurs. It would be fun to purchase another set and allow them to work on their own. A fun stacking game. Great for eye coordination and hand coordination. All ages.

👤These are cheap and not as described. They are useless and kids can't balance them. Pieces are difficult to handle. Junk is overpriced. Should have been concerned about the number of positive purchasers rating 5 states. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The item was damaged when it arrived. Several pieces were missing from the box it came in. The envelope had been taped up. I called Amazon to get a refund but they didn't reply. Disappointing. The blocks are small and not suitable for a toddler, as they pose a choking hazard. The pictures make the blocks look bigger than the child's hands in the photo. The child is photoshopped into the picture. Would not recommend it. Finally, I got a refund.

👤I got this from my son, who has an illness, and I thought it would be great to teach him something, but it was not worth it. It is very tedious since it is a small toy and not for us.

👤I thought the box was small for what I was buying. I am impressed with the quality. The real test is if the nephews will like them. It's a little pricey for what the toy is. I bought two for each nephew. Four stars is a good mark. There are ten dinosaurs and the balance. Maybe 12 dinosaurs? Dinosaurs and balance? A few dollars cheaper?

👤Cute item... The photo makes it seem bigger than it actually is. Please use an accurate photo, it's ok. My son liked it, but because it's so small he has a hard time stacking them his sister (9), if they were a little bigger, it would be better concept for a toy. Probably not.

3. Toddler Montessori Preschool Educational Developing

Toddler Montessori Preschool Educational Developing

Silicone is safe and non-toxic. The busy book has 16 different kinds of sensory toys, including soft-mirror, zipper, and shoe tie. Sensory experiences are provided by observing and touching. Their hand-eye coordination is developed by pulling, poking and spinning. The variety of items make them easy to notice. Toddler toys are ideal for toddler activities. The preschool learning toys are an ideal toy to improve kid's fine motor skills, basic skills and develop logical thinking. Dinosaur jigsaw board exercises kid's logical ability; different buckles promote toddler's fine motor skills and build the fingers' strength; zippers, shoelaces, and clothes buttons allow preschool to learn and practise essential dressing skills at their own pace while playing. Dressing toys for kids is a good way to learn. Montessori sensory toys can help develop basic life skills like getting dressed and self-confidence, which can be learned through playing. This busy board toddler toys age 2-4 is an ideal bag to improve fine motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination and develop creative and critical thinking. The toddler learning toys are portable to put in a backpack. It's only 0.36 pound in weight, which is very light for a toddler to carry. Sewing tight and firm accessories prevent small pieces from being lost. There is a hidden pocket for toys. The car seat toys keep young kids busy and quiet in the car. The perfect travel boards for road trips for kids. The ideal gift for a toddler is a sensory book, preschool toys, and home educational toys. A truly wow-worthy gift for toddlers and children with special needs for birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving day, and Children's day.

Brand: Opqjbk

👤My 1 year old was somewhat entertained. It's still a great item. It was ok to travel with it.

👤The 18 month old twins and their 4 year old brother loved it. Lots to do!

👤It was a good toy to get but it was very cheap. The pieces are falling off and being used very minimally. There are small pieces that could cause a choking hazard if this falls apart.

👤The toddler loves using it. A great toy for travel as well.

👤A nice activity book keeps my child busy. It's nice to have time to travel.

👤The puzzle in the back pieces is not sticking well and it has only been a few weeks.

👤The book is cheap and dull, not appealing to children or adults. Not worth a single star. That is as low as I could go.

👤My 3 year old loves it.

4. Toddlers Patterns Preschool Educational Montessori Christmas

Toddlers Patterns Preschool Educational Montessori Christmas

Please wipe this toy clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Don't soak it in the water. Don't put it under the sun for a long time to prevent it from getting discolored. The wooden puzzles for toddlers are made of natural wood that is not easy to crack under normal maintenance. The edges and corners of their toddler puzzles are smoothed without burr, so they won't hurt your child's skin. The toddler puzzles are perfect for boys and girls. Crab,duck,Frog,Zebra,owl and elephant are some of the colorful animal jigsaw puzzles for kids. The toddler puzzles are made with safe water-based paints and display bright colors to catch children's attention. The toddler puzzles are 5.9 5.90.4 inches. The baby puzzle pieces are small enough to fit nicely into the little hands of kids, but also too big to swallow, making them ideal educational toys. Their wooden puzzles for toddlers are an interactive learning game that helps kids recognize colors, learn about appearances and structures of animals. As montessori toys for toddlers, these puzzles help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, andimagination. Their wood animal peg puzzles are great for toddlers. Your kids can play anywhere, anytime, and they can do it at any age. This toddler puzzles set is great for gifts on holidays,birthdays,parties,back to school season,Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year.

Brand: Wosaang

👤My daughter got a splinter. The wood isn't smooth. Some parts have rough edges. The concept was great. There were colors that popped. It's small to travel with. They were thrown out because they weren't safe enough.

👤Cute puzzles! They are perfect for my kids. They don't need help doing them and playing with them.

👤There are some nice puzzles for my nephew. They seem strong.

👤This is perfect for my daughter who loves puzzles. Some of the puzzles had paint on them.

👤This is a present for my daughter. They look great and can't wait for her to open them. I will have to update after we play with them.

👤They are the perfect size for toddlers to learn from.

👤These are cute and high quality.

👤A very simple puzzle for children.

5. Spunky Kinder Wooden Kids Activity

Spunky Kinder Wooden Kids Activity

Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school. Best gifts for one year old boy and gifts for 2 year old boy come in cute blue packaging and are included with toddler activity play cube, bonus stacking cups and essential words board book. The wooden toys are perfect for a one year old boy. An ideal choice for holiday and a 1st birthday boy gifts, it is educational, fun, safe and parent approved. The fun learning toys for 1 and 2 year olds are designed to promote counting and math skills while also developing color, pattern and shape recognition in an engaging, fun and interactive way. The Play ideas e-book will help you teach and have fun with your baby. The boy toddler toys will be passed down and become the favorite learning toys for older kids. There is aLIGHT and COMPACT. The bead cube's top and bottom can be played separately. The top flips over and fits inside the box for easy storage. The wooden toy is portable and excellent for toddler travel. The activity cube has a size of 7.08 x d and h. Sturdy wooden construction, premium craftsmanship, painted with water based non-toxic paint, makes it a good choice for educational toys for 2 year olds and 1 year olds. The toddler toys have passed the highest toy safety standards. A group of parents and teachers voted on the top 10 wooden toys for one year olds. 5 TOYS IN 1 is a collection of activities. The baby development toy will keep your toddler busy for hours. It includes a wooden bead maze, a learning clock, and a shape sorter. You can get all of the toys in one place. Save money and reduce the amount of stuff.

Brand: Toyventive

👤The activity block was fun for my son to play with. The blocks are dangerous. My 15 month old son had a block in his mouth. Don't buy the blocks if you have a child. He likes the toy more than the danger.

👤The screws came off when my daughter dismantled the clock. I found a screw in her mouth. A one year old shouldn't be able to take it apart so quickly. It's a safety hazard!

👤I was looking for a simple toy set to give my friend's daughter. This set is perfect. It fits together nicely for compact storage and keeps her entertained.

👤My daughter was 14 months when I bought this. She is 21 months old and still playing with it, although she is dragging it around but it seems to hold up to it. I would recommend someone to get a small activity cube to start with. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a big clounky one that takes up a lot of space. I like that you can store it inside when you child is grown up, and that the top can be flipped over for good storage. The top bead maze part can be used on a table. There are so many uses. It comes with a set of cups and a book. It is made of wood. If you have a younger child who is still putting toys in their mouth, it's a problem. Is it possible that a small wood chip came off of one of the shapes my daughter was playing with? She is a chewer so it isn't the fault of the seller, just be cautious with this for your little one. Don't leave your child with it. This isn't good enough for a knock off of a star. I think this thing is adorable and I have been playing with it.

👤This purchase was very disappointing. It is not as large as expected. Shapes fall to the floor when you put them in the shape holes because it doesn't have a bottom. You can't keep the shapes inside the box. It's not convenient. My toddler seems to like it, so I give it two stars. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤My daughter is one year old. All of it! She plays with it everyday after her 1st birthday. She likes to look at the book and the different pictures make her happy. I can see that she wants to learn and explore, but I can not understand her yet, but this whole package has helped with that desire. It is fascinating to watch her play with the different pieces, and see her little wheels spinning as she tries to figure it out.

👤My son is 2 years old and he loves this toy. It keeps him entertained while I clean up the house, and it has helped him learn and improve on letters and numbers. This toy has been the best learning tool so far because we have been working on colors a lot. He loves the silly face on the clock. The best part is that we don't lose the pieces that go with it because they are inside the box. This is a toy that all mothers should have.

6. SKYFIELD Toddler Educational Patterns Customize

SKYFIELD Toddler Educational Patterns Customize

Keep fun on-the-go. Stacking pieces together makes it easy to clean up messes in your kids room. The portable pouch is perfect for carrying on-the-go and is especially useful for keeping kids occupied on road trips. Mom's choice is to make toddlers safe first. The animal wooden puzzles are rigorously tested for safety by an international laboratory. The smooth edge keeps your kids safe. Learning through playing with cute animals helps your boys and girls learn while playing. These brain building puzzles help to improve your boys and girls' concentration and solve puzzles. Encourage the development of your toddler's hand eye coordination and attention span. The attractive bright colors and cute animal shapes are designed to encourage children to learn colors and to be curious about animals. Each puzzle is 5.8 x 5.8 x 0.6 in. The puzzle pieces are thick enough for your kids to pick and place easily. The toddler puzzles are big enough for your baby to not like them. The 4 animal wooden toddler puzzles are packed in a cute carrying pouch bag and are perfect for boys and girls. And wrapped in a gorgeous Skyfield gift box. The present is beautiful. Perfect gifts for toddlers. The puzzles can be played at home by toddlers.

Brand: Skyfield

👤This product is not appropriate for young people. The pieces can get inside the toddler's mouth. I like the puzzles, the packaging is nice, and the storage bag is wonderful. We keep it for our granddaughter.

👤The puzzles are so large that my fingers are spread apart. I assumed they would be larger but they are small. Children under 6 must be supervised while playing with the puzzles because they are a choking hazard. I search for gifts for 18 month old boys and this is definitely not one of them.

👤Good quality paint doesn't chip off, some pieces are dangerous for a 1yo who mouths everything. There is a The pieces don't fit together. It is challenging. The picture on the board will help a puzzle enthusiast match the pieces.

👤I bought these for my two year old grandson, but his six year old sister was too excited to jump in. They are perfect. They are not thick or thin. I don't expect any problems with these. They are a nice gift.

👤Shame on me for not paying attention to all the details. The description says for children over the age of 12 months. The product does not warn of a hazard for children under six. These are wood. There is a The puzzles are 6” x 6” x 3” There are bright and colorful pieces.

👤The wooden puzzle set is great for young children. The puzzles are in a sturdy box. Colorful pieces.

👤These puzzles are very cute. The pieces are colorful. They are in a box. If you like, you can get a cloth sack to keep them in. A 12 month old child would need some help putting together a puzzle that has more than a few pieces. The pieces fit in a frame. The puzzles are a nice toy for a child.

👤I had to number each puzzle and the back of each piece to make sure I didn't mix them with Fish 1. The pieces are on the back. All the pieces! It was easier for everyone. The kids liked them.

7. Dinosaur Building Montessori Educational Stacking

Dinosaur Building Montessori Educational Stacking

A very good gift for children aged 1-2. Give it to boys or girls as a birthday or Christmas gift and they will love you more. Dinosaur building blocks for boys and girls, colorful stacking toys for kids, 10 colorful dinosaur blocks, and a balance wooden base are available. Creative early learning skills. Dinosaur building block toys can help train children's concentration, thinking skills, logic, hands-on skills, and improve learning skills. Colorful dinosaur building blocks sets can help kids grow color perception, eye-catching and colorful block design can enrich their color knowledge. The Dinosaur building block were made from water paint and are safe and non-toxic. The most important thing for kids is health. Dinosaur building block could be a good gift for kids 3-7 years old. This could be a good birthday holiday gift for you and your kids.

Brand: Fronor

👤I like the idea of these. I wanted to get my 3-year-old something that she could concentrate on. Good for eye coordination. We struggled with it at first. Neither of us could stack the dinosaurs. We tried it without the balancing half circle that comes with it. I wouldn't recommend it because it's so difficult to stack. We've had a lot of playtimes where we stack dinosaurs high. We stack them on a flat surface. As she stacks one on the other, my daughter does focus and concentrate. I would recommend it.

👤I had to laugh at the ages listed for the toy after I couldn't balance it. I decided to give the dinosaurs to the great-grandson without the balance beam. He would like them because they are colorful wooden pieces. I gave the toy to the little one's uncle to balance the dinosaurs, and he did a great job. He is young. When his nephew is big enough to try it, I'd let him help. The little guy likes playing with dinosaurs.

👤We love playing with this toy. My daughter flips the base of the balancer upside down and I balance it on a solid surface as shown in the picture. It's fun for all ages. Good product! Highly recommended!

👤My children enjoy playing with this toy. They like to challenge each other to see who can do it faster. My son likes to play with the dinosaurs and mix them with Legos and other animals to create a dinosaur world. The dinosaurs are used to practice naming different colors. They like to trace each dinosaur and draw an environment around them to make up a story. The purchase turned out to be more interesting than I anticipated.

👤They are well made and painted. The paint is non toxic, so we chose these ones.

👤We bought this toy for our neighbor who just turned 3. It works well as a child/adult together activity and we were a little concerned that it might be difficult for her. This is a great toy that will challenge her as she grows. Too many children grow out of toys quickly, so I like that aspect of the toy. I think she will like this toy for a long time.

👤This was a gift for a friend. He liked the bright colors of dinosaurs. He enjoys playing with them. He likes to sort them by shape or color. It's a fun find on Amazon. Well made and bright colors.

👤The dinosaurs are small but well made. It was difficult to balance all the pieces because my 3 year old grand children were busy lining up the dinosaurs. Don't think that it is possible for 3-4 year olds.

8. SKYFIELD Toddler Learning Educational Montessori

SKYFIELD Toddler Learning Educational Montessori

Are you looking for a gift for your baby? This is the top toys gifts for infants that are suitable for any situation, such as birthday gifts, Easter gifts, holiday presents, daily toys. You have a chance to surprise your baby. The wood in MOM'S CHOICE is rigorously tested for safety by an international laboratory. The smooth edge keeps your kids safe. 6 packs of cute Vehicle will help your boys and girls learn Vehicle while playing. Help to improve your boys and girls' concentration and solve puzzles. Encourage the development of your toddler's hand eye coordination and attention span. The bright vibrant colors and cute Vehicle shapes are designed for enriching children's capacities of learning colors and the curiosity of recognizing Vehicle- encourage sensory stimulation and brain development. Each puzzle is 5.8 x 5.8 x 0.6 in. The puzzle pieces are thick enough for your kids to pick and place easily. The toddler puzzles are big enough for your baby to not like them. Perfect gift idea for toddlers. The wooden toddler puzzles are packed in a cute carrying pouch bag. Skyfield gift box is also wrapped. The present is beautiful. Perfect gifts for toddlers. The puzzles can be played at home by toddlers.

Brand: Skyfield

👤I took a look at puzzles while getting ready for Christmas. The picture of the train shows a quarter by a smokestack. There is a notice on the side of the box about the dangers of choking. A kid can stick something in their mouth very fast. My grandson will not be going under the tree this year if adult supervision is not present.

👤Once the pieces are removed, the pattern is not outlined. An infant wouldn't know where to put the pieces. The pieces are hard for my 18 month old to piece together. A terrible design concept for an infant.

👤I liked the box it came in, the size of each puzzle, the sturdiness of the pieces, the brightness of the colors, and the storage bag. I didn't dislike anything.

👤I bought these puzzles for my nephew for Christmas so he can play with them, but I am not sure if he will like them or not, but looking at them before they are wrapped, they appear to be sturdy and appropriate for a young child. It was shipped quickly and packaged well. The puzzles were bright in color. Hopefully he will enjoy them.

👤When I selected the one box of vehicles, I received two of the same box of puzzles. I gave the duplicate. There are some nice puzzles for beginners.

👤I expected it to be bigger. It looks small and fragile. Overall it is nice. There is a little bag.

👤The puzzles are colorful and will fit in my hand. I'm looking forward to hearing how the receiver enjoys puzzles. Also, mom and dad!

👤My grandson was able to put together the puzzles. The farm equipment was easy to use. The product is good for the price.

9. Montessori Learning Educational Christmas Birthday

Montessori Learning Educational Christmas Birthday

If you have a problem with this board, please contact them. These animal wooden puzzles are made of high quality environmental wood. Toddler puzzles are perfect for toddlers because they are smooth and won't hurt the kid's delicate skin. The wooden toddler puzzles contain 6 pack of animal jigsaws, which help boys and girls aged 1 2 3 to develop toddler's patience, imagination, concentration, colors and shapes recognition. Each animal wooden puzzle is 5.8 x 5.8 x 0.4 in. Toddler puzzles are thick enough for your kids to pick up and place easily. The toddler puzzles are too large for toddlers to swallow, so don't worry. There are great gifts. When your child plays with wooden puzzles, you can join him. Bright and beautiful colors and cute animal shapes can attract your child's attention, and can encourage sensory stimulation and brain development. Wooden toddler puzzles are great gifts for girls and boys. If you have a problem with these wooden puzzles toddler toys, please contact them.

Brand: Bekayshad

👤I bought this for a friend's son who just turned 1 because it says it is appropriate for ages 1 to 3. The box clearly states it is for ages 1-8. I told the mother that I didn't have time to buy another gift before the party and that she might have to put it back. She said it would be fine. The puzzles are cute, but if you are ordering for a younger child, they should have adult supervision, as most of the pieces are small enough to not cause issues.

👤I gave these to my grandson for his first birthday. My son's daddy was able to do simple puzzles at that age, so I'm hoping my grandson will too. The puzzles are cute, but the advertisement says they are for ages 1-2. The box says they are for ages 3 and up. Younger toddlers would like the pictures and colors, and some would be able to put the pieces together. The pieces are large enough and sturdy enough that I think they'd be okay for a young child. The age recommendation discrepancy is what determines my rating.

👤My 1 year old granddaughter is very interested in learning how to play with wooden puzzles. She likes the visual and is learning to place the pieces below. It will be too confusing for a toddler to have all of the pieces in one place. When she gets older, it's a challenge.

👤I am a degreed early childhood educator and owning a state licensed, professional NAEYC accredited preschool for 18 years, and I was concerned that they would market this for 1 year old's. It is not appropriate for toddlers or younger. If it can fit in a toilet paper tube, it's too small and a choking hazard. I looked at the sizes of the pieces after I received it. I'm putting this in a closet to make it safe for my children's generation to play with these puzzles. They are great puzzles, but should not be advertised as appropriate for under 3. Safety is the top priority.

👤We were impressed with the puzzles. They are heavy pieces which are perfect for a toddler who is just as likely to try to bite a piece as a piece in a puzzle. These will last a long time and look new in a few years when the little brother is ready to play. Would definitely do it again.

👤My granddaughter loves puzzles. She loves handling the pieces and isn't able to put the puzzles together yet. The colors are bright and happy. As she grows she will be using the pieces in age appropriate ways and this is a great value.

👤The puzzles are challenging. It is easy for a younger child. The age should be 3 or older. The pieces are small enough for a child to eat them. I took the feet of the owl and frog from the play area. The package says a year.

👤There are some puzzles from the dollar spot at Target. My kids love them in their quiet bags. I thought I would get a few more for variety. I was very impressed with the quality of this pack. They were wrapped individually and put in a box. They are very sturdy and well made once we unwrapped them. Even though they are simple, my 3 year old was still challenged putting them together. Definitely recommend!

10. Magnetic Building Learning Montessori Toddlers

Magnetic Building Learning Montessori Toddlers

If you have a quality problem, feel free to contact them. If you click on the "add to cart" button, you will be taken to a page where you can place your order. A starter set of 52PCS total. The package has a storage bag and an idea booklet. The small castle kit is for beginners who want to try it out for the first time. More possibilities. Play with toys that are safe. Round edge geometry shapes without sharpness, no harm to skin, and no swallow mistake, are high-quality plastic. Feel free to challenge! A great montessori toy gift for toddlers. LEARNING WITH CREATIVE FUN The rainbow magnet toy set is an educational toy that helps build kid's sense of creativity and understanding of color, geometry and motor skills. It's great for spacial reasoning. PerfECT BOREDOM BUSTERS. Keep the magnetic tiles in the boredom buster cabinet. When your toddler says he's bored, take them out and then he/she will pick an activity to do for hours. On weekends, they highly recommend parent-to- kid bonding. Keep fun on-the-go. Stacking pieces together makes it easy to clean up messes in your kids room. The portable pouch is perfect for carrying on-the-go and is especially useful for keeping kids occupied on road trips.

Brand: Soyee

👤It is like the full house episode when a woman sends off for an action rigby and she gets it and it is ten times smaller. The castle pictured on the Amazon page is not large enough to fit in a small box. My son will hopefully still like it.

👤When I ordered this, I was expecting to receive the same amount of pieces as the item was advertised with. There is no description of how much it is. My child is going to be very disappointed. I'm angry. What a scam. I paid for something that I didn't get. My review will warn you before you get fleeced.

👤I bought my child toys from the magnate brand. She and my son would fight over pieces because they didn't have enough to build together. I found this set at a fraction of the price and it has a larger assortment of shapes to use. The magnate brand toy is compatible with these.

👤My 4 year old plays with them a lot. Quiet play is good for calming. You don't get enough to build something as large as pictured. I would order at least 2. Three will get you to the picture.

👤This is a good set of tiles. There are squares, triangles, windows, doors, and they are all put together with strong Magnets. My grandson and I make things. Cars and dinosaurs are used to enhance the fun. The tiles would be a great gift.

👤I didn't want to spend $70 on a product that my kid wouldn't like, so this was a great alternative. My kids could spend an hour or two a day building with them for the first month. My kids still play with them for about half an hour a day, and they have stood the test of a toddler's destruction well. Many different structures can be built with this package. Highly recommended!

👤My kids could sit and play with these tiles for hours, they have a wonderful magnet and are the best magna tiles. It's great for girls and boys.

👤What you see is not what you get. The pictures show you are not getting your money's worth. The magnets are weak and it is difficult to build without falling apart. Will return and find a better set. I'm surprised this has any reviews.

11. Preschool Learning Teasers Logic Montessori Educational

Preschool Learning Teasers Logic Montessori Educational

Magnetic tiles toys are a great birthday gift. Easter basket or any other occasion has gift toys for kids. Kids will love to play with this toy. Bring joy and fun to your kids and let them play with magnetic tiles. The fun brain game is a game where you choose a card and set up an object. You have to move in a certain way so that the puzzle goes where you want it to go. Every game player is nervous. Everyone can play this game that stimulates the brain. The preschool learning toys allow for complete color or shape matching. The toddler kids are learing colors and shapes and increasing their observation and logic ability. There are four bright colors on the double side wooden puzzle board. There are four different shapes: square, round, triangle and five-pointed star. It helps the toddler to see the shape. There are Montessori toys for toddlers. You could put all accessories in the box after playing, it's easy to store. It is easy to store and take outside. Also good as travel toys. Good quality wooden toys are made of good quality wood and are non-toxic. The surface is safe for kids to play on.

Brand: Augtoy

👤I wanted to like this product. The puzzle will never match because I have only two green pegs and four teal pegs, which is why I was excited to use it with my son. Not worth anything. It's a shame.

👤I brought this toy to keep mom's mind sharp. She got the hang of it fairly quickly, even though I thought it was too difficult. After a few more times of playing, I will add the timer. She loves it!

👤My 5 year old loves it. It's a really good puzzle for early learners, and it's fun to play until you get it. The cards have color matching and also shape matching to begin with, but they are two sides and one without. I sat with my daughter for a while and it was fun, educational and confidence-building for her. Lots of high fives. It's a good gift for people of all ages, but 5 would be a good time for it.

👤I rarely write reviews, but today I realized that we have had this toy for a year and all four of my children have used it and loved it, so it deserves a review! The kids were interested when we first received it. It's best for the 4-7 crowd, but even my 8 year old will do it occasionally and my 2 year old can do it with a hint. The toy has held up well and has been used a lot. I think it is sturdy. We bought another as a gift and they loved it. It's a great toy that is fun and easy to play with for caregivers.

👤We wanted to find a toy that would keep my 4yo occupied during school closings. I think 3yo would do well with this as it seems easy for him.

👤The game is simple and easy to use. The board is upright in the case and can be flipped over to make a puzzle. It has a timer and a set of sequence cards that fit into a wooden holder. I will be giving this to my granddaughter as a gift.

👤I have been playing with it since I was three years old. She loves it! It keeps her interested. grandma has to help her a bit here and there. She will be able to get a lot of good at it for a long time.

👤Excellent exercise for critical thinking. My 4 year old loves this and is challenged but is able to get it on his own. He will sit and do puzzles.


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Junyobee, Hahagift and Opqjbk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gifts 2 year old boy montessori. Find the detail in this article. Wosaang, Toyventive and Skyfield are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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