Best Best Gifts 2 Year Old Boy Firetruck

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1. Green Toys Fire Truck Imaginative

Green Toys Fire Truck Imaginative

The WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy is a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions for both boys and girls. The indoor and outdoor fire truck will help improve the gross motor and fine motor skills of your child. The fingers will help develop the pincers grip. The safe fire toy truck is made from earth-friendly materials. The toy truck is safe for your child. This toy is safe for the environment. The Green Toys Fire Truck is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The roof ladder has two side ladders that can be removed. The play toy truck is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. If your child wants to play with the fire truck, you can wash it with mild soaps or baby washes. It's easy to carry a fire truck with a weight of just over one pound. The body of the truck features molded details, including hatchets, compartments, and dials, as well as a GTFD shield for the safety of your child.

Brand: Green Toys

👤A 26 month old toddler will love playing with this fire truck. My child loves ramming trucks together and doing all sorts of toddler boy stuff and this truck barely has a scratch on it after a year of this type of play. There are two ladders on it that are difficult for a toddler to remove and put back on, but to me that is great. They aren't fussing with the ladders constantly and it helps boost fine motor skills. My child loves the cherry picker ladder in the truck. This product is much more stable than other similar items and it doesn't play loud music. You don't get an annoying song stuck in your head when you play open ended play. The manufacturer cares about the environment.

👤There are a lot of good things about this toy. We bought this for our daughter because she is obsessed with fire trucks and we are obsessed with keeping harmful chemicals out of our home. We were looking for a fire truck that had lights and noise makers, but it wasn't there. When we found a product that was green and made in the USA, we were overjoyed. The toy is simple and durable. The plastic is thick and has a nice feel to it. The truck rolls quickly and straight. Our daughter received a very fancy fire truck with many moving parts, flashing lights, sounds, and more. She plays with the fire truck more. I think she is favoring the simpler truck because she is using her imagination. The fancy truck is too realistic. She can play with the fire truck. We bought the pink dump truck for our daughter's 1yr old cousin because we were impressed with the toy and the company that made it, and we wanted to spread the word that safe, high quality, durable, well made, non toxic toys are available at a very reasonable price. They are perfect for gifts, toy drives, grab bags or rewards, and are under $20 for many of the toys. We would like to know about Green Toys sooner. We filled the shopping cart with future purchases because we were spreading the word.

👤The truck is outstanding. My kid likes it. It's very safe. There are no sharp edges on the truck. I bought four more of their toys because I liked it so much. A durable piece. Kids can be hard on toys, so you want them to last. This is built to last.

👤I gave this to my daughter for her birthday. She loves it! It's sturdy and nice. There are two small ladder on each side of the big ladder. She can slide these out and put them back in herself. She puts little plastic animals into the cab to be the fire fighters. She is taking a nap with the truck.

👤Green toys is always up to date. We absolutely love this brand of toys and I have bought more of them than any other person. I have never had a toy break on us and we have had some for over two years. The fire truck is fun to drive. The side ladders add a fun element to the toy. The top ladder can be placed against a building or laid flat on a truck. I'm very happy with my purchase and recommend this brand and product to everyone with small kids. It was more special for me to be 3 years old.

2. Nickelodeon Toddler Character Hoodies Marshall

Nickelodeon Toddler Character Hoodies Marshall

Cotton is 60 percent and Polyester is 40 percent. Toddler costume hoodie is soft.

Brand: Paw Patrol

👤You can't just replace the item that is advertised with a different one. The mesh faced hood is cheap and looks nothing like what is pictured. I'm not happy. I would prefer the one pictured on Amazon. I would like a refund if it was not.

👤I ordered the hoodie because it looked so cute online and most of the reviews were positive. I was worried because of the bad reviews. This came in today. I was so excited to let my son try it on. There were long loose threads. The ZIPPER on the bottom had two inches. Really? It should be easy to catch something sewn so recklessly that it gets shipped out. This is very unfortunate as this hoodie is adorable. I'm scared to return the product because I'm not sure if the next one will be sewed correctly. I most likely will go to Walmart instead of reordering. This is ridiculous.

👤This is so cute! There were a lot of threads that I had to cut off. Large chunks are not just small single threads. I had to cut off some of the outside. I had to sew the hole that formed from the one under the arm after trimming it. The stitching was so bad that patchwork was needed to fix it.

👤My three year old son is a fan of Paw Patrol. He saw the page on my computer and was really excited about the hoodies, so I saved a couple to my cart to keep an eye on the pricing. I grabbed the Chase and Rubble versions when the price dropped. Some reviewers say it runs small and others say it runs large, so I wasn't sure of the sizes. I decided to go with a larger size since I wanted to use them for the following spring and fall. My three year old is able to wear them with room to grow because I purchased the size 5 in both designs. The quality of the product is what I would expect from a product of this type. It doesn't look or feel cheap, but is not the highest of quality. If you're unsure or in between sizes, I would recommend getting a size up.

👤My god son loves paw patrol. I got him this for Christmas and he was annoyed because it is covered in lint. The sweater material is rubbing off the navy blue lint. This sweater jacket is covered in a dark navy link even on the print! I can not wash it before wrapping it. I don't have time to do a return and reorder, so I ended up wrapping. The jacket is very stiff and I am hoping that after my sister in law washes it the link will go away for good. I would not want others to buy it if it was not good. I can't say I would recommend it, but I will update this RV after Christmas.

👤The chase dog is upside down when the jacket shows up. Quality control should have caught this. It will be better if I return it for a new one.

3. Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor

Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor

Dinosaur cars are great toys for boys or girls. Dinosaur toys are a great birthday gift or a special toy to give to a child who loves dinosaurs. Roll the tractor forward or backward to turn the lights on. Big and durable tires are made for all terrains. There are games for kids to play. The tractor toy is easy to play with. It is suitable for 3 years and up.

Brand: John Deere

👤My nephew is a big fan of cars. This was a big hit. He is a very aggressive player. Not much holds up with him. The tractor is still rolling tough after months of hard play. It has been thrown, left outside, rode on, smashed into brick walls, kicked my cows, etc.

👤My son loves monster trucks. The light up wheels feature is awesome! It was worth every penny.

👤The truck I bought for my grandson was a success. The size is perfect, the wheel lights are easy to use, and the product is very good quality and safe for a child of 10 months.

👤Hit of my grandson's birthday. It was big and bright. If your child likes monster trucks, that's great. The first thing my son-in-law said was how happy he was that it was not something to do. grandson just got it last night and it feels sturdy, he doesn't know about durability. I was happy to get it for him.

👤My son is 2 years old. He was excited when he saw it and the wheels lit up. The best reaction to a toy. He's a big baby and it's hard to find a toy he can destroy. It is worth its weight in gold.

👤When my grandson had to have surgery, the doctor told me not to play with him, not to play with his toys, and not to swim. Oh my. He's very active. He was able to go back to full activity after sitting on the floor and playing with this, but he still loves it and took it to bed with him a couple of times. I got a hug from my son and it does not make noise.

👤The 2 year old was at his birthday party and liked this. It came with batteries so that the lights could be tried out. It arrived with a red pull-tab in place, so the batteries were fresh and ready to go, which was great considering a 2 year old's patience level.

4. Dinosaur 156pcs Create Flexible Playset

Dinosaur 156pcs Create Flexible Playset

It is easy to use and takes less space than you might think. There are no messy learning toys. Comes with batteries that automatically shut off. There are four tree pieces, two dinosaur cars, 1 door, 2 bridge, 8 traffic signs, and four car tires. A dinosaur themed race track is created. A good toy for interacting with other people. It's easy to assemble or take down to store. When the entire track is pieced together, the track pieces can twist left or right, which makes it possible to make a new track layout for different variations. 2 dinosaur cars and 2 dinosaur molds make the game more interesting. To cooperate, learn to do it. Hand-eye coordination and color perception are things to work on. A perfect gift is a packing box with a Dinosaur theme. It is safe and non-toxic. No harm to kids. The best gift for kids is Birthday gift.

Brand: Toyk

👤Don't buy! I stand by my poor review, but I have been receiving emails daily asking me to change my review to a more favorable one for payment. The company doesn't want to fix the issue with their product, but they do want to pay me to say something good. The products and seller are only interested in making money. I like how easy it is to assemble, and how it can be put together in a variety of configurations. One of the dinosaur cars had a wheel fall off in less than 2 hours, and the next morning one of the cars stopped. The battery wouldn't go after we changed it. The wheels wouldn't move, but the eyes were glowing. We need to buy replacement dinosaur cars that cost half as much as the entire set because both cars were broken in less than 24 hours. My 5 year old son was very disappointed when he received this.

👤Any kid would enjoy this track. The toy track stays together and doesn't break. The dino cars travel around it with ease, and do not get hung up or jump the track. The grandson loved it.

👤My grandsons love this. They had a hard time not ripping the tracks apart but they were clipped back in place. The three year old was able to reassemble it himself. The ideal age is 3-9 years old. Our 2 year old is young enough to not destroy it.

👤My son received a gift card for his birthday. The dino racetrack seemed very cool to him after we clicked around. It was well-packaged and arrived two days later. There is no need for an instruction manual because this can be put together in many ways. Just click it together. The track sections are very flexible and seem to be in the product video ad. My eight year old son said "I love this!" It's worth the money. I enjoy the sound of it. Their eyes are blue and red. It's not in the video, but you can make it into a curved inward circle, and when you put the car inside, it will run and make the track spin, just like a tire rolling down a hill, or a hamster in a hamster ball. It's so cool! I would like to get more track pieces for Christmas. It is one of the best toys. You should get it. You will be happy with it. This was not part of a review promotion. We are not getting any compensation. My little man likes this.

👤The $20 reward for turning in a 5 star rating was the most upsetting. That is not correct. I'm keeping it because I will use it in a new dinosaur set that comes with a mat, better trees and really cool dinosaurs. I will update my rating if it entertains our grandson for more than 5 minutes. It's difficult to put together if you don't concentrate. I am happy with the set. I would like to get more track. January 26, 2022. It entertained our grandson. The cars held up well for two months. It is worth it. I would like to buy more track without the other stuff. I would recommend it.

5. WolVol Electric Stunning Changes Directions

WolVol Electric Stunning Changes Directions

Matchbox encourages kids to be everyday heroes with replicas of real world vehicles that can get the job done. Children can watch the fire truck move forward, backward and spin around on any flat surface if it crashes into a wall or object. Kids will love being called to an emergency to save the day, and inspired to role-play, their creativity and imagination spark as they imitate their favorite firefighter role model bravely racing in the fire truck to extinguish the flames. The truck has beautiful, flashing lights and will deliver a spectrum of multi-colored 3D effects that can be seen on the top and through the windows. Children love toys with bright colors and sound effects, and there is a fire engine red with flashing lights, sirens and beeping sounds that alert others that there is a fire in progress. The WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy is a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions for both boys and girls.

Brand: Wolvolk

👤A nice toy for the kids. I like how it moves and how it will turn around when it bumps into something. The lights are bright. This thing is loud. There is no way to turn the sound off or down. I was going to make sure this thing was lost in the future. I found a nice fix. I was thinking about taking the speaker apart and connecting it to another device, but I didn't want to do that. I put some wax from the babybel cheese into the speaker grills. Problem solved. The sound is loud enough to keep the kid's attention, but comfortable.

👤The fire truck is awesome. Even for adults. I bought it because of the negative reviews. There was no way adults would ruin this fun for my son by complaining about a loud toy. It is loud, what toy isn't? We turn it off with our TVs anyways. If the fire truck runs into something, it will back up and keep going. My son loves this.

👤I was a little disappointed when I saw how small the truck was compared to the other gifts. My brother sent me a video of my nephew playing with a truck. It was driving all over with bright lights and great sirens. It was his favorite toy, and we were all amazed by it. I was pleasantly surprised by this, as was my nephew. What a great truck.

👤I had this for about six months now and it's still doing well. My son has thrown it on the ground many times and despite it being made out of thin material, it still works. He likes the lights and the sirens. We use it on hard wood floors and have not had any issues so far. You turn it on, the lights and sirens go off, and it even says "fire alarm lets go" and "Get out of my way" until you turn it off again. It will auto correct if it bumps into something, by backing up and turning around. We love it!

👤I gave this to the son of a friend. He told me that it was his favorite present. He said that his son had been playing with it all day. I would recommend this gift to anyone that has a child that loves fire trucks. It makes a lot of noise, so be prepared to hear it. You will get a lot of smiles and laughter.

👤I bought this for my son who loves fire trucks. Kids love it because it is very eye catching. The company is great, great people to work with, they were able to help me with an issue with the truck, it was a pleasure to do business with a company who prided themselves on customer service. Thank you.

👤For Christmas, I bought this for my niece. It was a hit with her, but not with her parents. It's loud. It rolls well on wood and tile floors. It did not move on the carpet. The lights are bright. I showed the child how to turn it on, and she could do it herself after that. The batteries are in a compartment that requires a screwdriver to get to, so it has to be done by an adult. I was very happy with this purchase. I highly recommend it.

6. Toys Toddlers Friction Christmas Festival

Toys Toddlers Friction Christmas Festival

Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school. The toddler toys set is more suitable for small hands. There are 5 colorful transport toy trucks, including a big transporter, a mini airplane, a small Taxi, a small bus and a middle bus. Colored toy cars with cute expressions, cartoon drawings and other things make kids curious and give them a happy world. Toddler toys for ages 2 to 4. These transportation car toys are made of soft plastic and have high quality. The outline of each toy car is designed to be very friendly for children. The Colorful toy trucks set is suitable for kids age 1-6. Kids gift for car lovers. It's easy to play for toddlers. There are two inertias. 3 pull back cars are toys. Push the toy truck forward, they will run by themselves. It will carry four mini toy vehicles. You can separate the truck cab from the trailer and open the tailgate to load the mini vehicle. Pull the small car back, then let go of your hand. It is easy to play toys for a baby. You can see the flashing lights and hear the realistic sound of the sirens if you press the button on the top of the cab. The colorful toys car is a great way to introduce children to the world of transportation. Toddler boys toys are young. It is designed for kids. Happy toys and games for toddlers. All Nicmore toys are in a beautifully designed gift box. A highly recommended birthday present, gift ideas for kids, home decoration, travel toys, party favors, festival gifts, Christmas gifts for 1 2 3 4 5 6 year old boys girls toddlers. If you're looking for a gift for your kids, you're in the right place. This will be a great gift for someone. It must be a hit with kids.

Brand: Nicmore

👤I was very happy to get a simple toy that would encourage play because of the addictiveness of screen time on phones and tablets. The kit has a button that can make sounds, a liftgate that can allow you to load or unload smaller vehicles from the larger truck, and a lot of opportunities for toddlers to take interest in all the little vehicles. I'm very happy with the kit. My son will get months of play out of it.

👤I got this for my nephew as a birthday gift, but my own child has taken over, she cries if we don't. The packaging was correct, the toy is motorized, and the battery is included, but I didn't realize it. The push button makes sounds. I got this because of its appearance. I thought it was safe for a toddler to play with, but I found out it was better than I thought. This is an excellent gift for Christmas and I will need to buy more of these.

👤This product is dangerous and should be deleted by Amazon. The wheel came off when my grandson opened the bag. These could be swallowed or used to pierce your eyes. My brother pierced his eardrum when he was a child.

👤I am a toddler teacher and I was looking for toys that were appropriate for my toddler class. The truck was made with heavy plastic, colorful and detailed painted designs, it was perfect for them. My boys like to hear the sound of the truck, see the lights and hear the horn. I am happy that the hauler came apart so that my children can have the one part they want. The cute little vehicles are perfect for small hands. Will be buying another one soon. Thank you Nicmore!

👤This item is for my nephew. He loved it. I like that you can store the smaller toys in the big truck, it saves up space around the home. A great gift.

👤My grandson is only two years old, so I had reservations when unpacking the truck ensemble. The vehicles that come in the package are very sturdy. He was kept occupied longer than the Disney car ramp he got the other day, but was thrown to the side after only 5 minutes because of the toy he received. It is easier for him to grasp and hold on to this toy. I think it's more toddler friendly. The toy rolls a little ways after you push it, and I would describe it as friction. This was a good buy so far. I wish the hauler was long enough for all the smaller vehicles to fit inside. Two fit on top and two fit inside as shown on the product page.

👤I bought this for my son and he loved it the first time, but it was easy to detach the head from the body, so I just ignore it and connect them back together. It is too late to return water near the small cars.

7. Melissa Doug Frustration Free Packaging Childrens

Melissa Doug Frustration Free Packaging Childrens

There are 29 pieces of a preschool toy for boys and girls. High-QUALITY KIDS DRESS-UP COSTUME: The Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set includes everything a child needs to look like the Fire Chief. It is made from high-quality materials. The fire chiefs are real. The fire chief play set includes a jacket, helmet, Badge, bullhorn, and a name tag that your kids will love playing. Easy care. The firefighter outfit for kids is easy to clean. The jacket and accessories are made from materials that are easy to clean. Their costume set is a great addition to your bin of dress-up clothes for girls and boys, and is ideal for kids ages 3 to 6 years. The pretend play experience can be enhanced by the Classic Wooden Fire Truck Play Set. For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. There is a 100% happiness guarantee. They design toys to the highest standards and to nurture minds and hearts. Give them a call if your child isn't inspired. Every product has a phone number on it.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤My 3 year old was looking forward to this for a few days before it arrived. The night ended in tears for him and us. The inadequate hat insert has been commented on by others. This is a complete understatement. It is not possible to size the hat down. The pins are smooth cylinders, not t-shaped or nubed like a ball cal, and it looks like a similar ball cap with pins and holes. They don't snap into the holes. The hat adjustments are loose. The whole thing comes off. Some kids don't mind taking the insert out and the hat flopping around. All helmets and hats need to be snug because my son knows it's important to wear his bicycle helmet on snug. This hat ruins the whole experience and is not what we expect from a product like this.

👤I usually trust this brand. It's hard to believe that Mel and Doug put their names on this. The jacket is not bad. Everything else is just pieces of garbage. My hat is too small for my kids. He would never fit a 5 year old. There is a piece of shit. It was designed to fit in a small box for cheap shipping. Buy something else.

👤This is the first item that I have purchased that is not up to par. The helmet non-adjust is ridiculous, the fire extinguisher is plastic with no water holding feature, and I guess my bad. I didn't know the bullhorn needed batteries so I didn't know it was a bust. The coat is ok but not the quality of another brand I had purchased for another grandchild 6 years ago, and I could not remember the name of the child who received the item.

👤I bought this for my 2.5 year old to wear as a Halloween costume and he absolutely loved it. I was happy because it was one of the few fireman costumes that did not come with an ax. It was definitely a little big for an average toddler. He was able to wear a coat under the sleeves because I could roll them up. This is the quality you would expect from Doug and I would highly recommend it for Halloween.

👤Kid likes it, but helmet suspension doesn't adjust properly or fastened well with little push tabs like on back of cheap caps. The suspension only tightens in front and back, the sides are fixed, and it won't stay with only 2 tabs pushed in. I can't get it small for 3yo, but the helmet is sturdy and good for kids. It would be fine for bigger boys when my daughter is older. The jacket is great, but my 3yo knows how a megaphone works, and she still likes it. The extinguisher would be better if it had a hose to aim at. I'm going to modify it because a 9 inch piece of rubber tube would have made this magical for her.

👤It fits my 2.5yr old perfectly and has room to grow. The fire extinguisher is his favorite thing. He likes pouring water onto things. It was a fun surprise that it was able to be filled. If held down long enough, the bullhorn will play the fire truck sirens. The jacket is cute. We found boots at the store.

8. Prextex Cartoon Different Frequencies Together

Prextex Cartoon Different Frequencies Together

A set of 2 cartoon remote control car toys for toddlers with music and sound features. Sound Discrimination ability is helped by realistic police sirens, Honking Sounds, and Flashing Headlights. The cartoon car has a steering wheel shaped RC controller with only 2 buttons for easy control, it was designed as a child's first remote control toy car. Your toddler should be playing with both vehicles at the same time. 3 AA batteries are required for vehicles and 2 AA batteries for remotes. The batteries are not included. It's perfect for holiday gifts, Christmas gifts for toddlers, birthday gifts for boys, school classroom prizes, kids remote control cars, and more. The ideal remote control cars are for young children.

Brand: Prextex

👤I have a smart three year old who wanted a remote car for his birthday. We went for this one because it seemed to be a great price and it had good reviews. It's alright, but its function isn't great. You have to reverse the direction of the car. It makes the concept of direction really difficult because this is made for toddlers. My son was so disappointed that he didn't want to use it. I would look for something that moved in 888-349-8884

👤I bought this for my daughter's birthday. It was easy to handle. She can operate the cars from around corners and over 20 feet away. Each car makes different noises and plays a song. The little drivers can get out of their cars. On the box, it says each car has two drivers. This is not true. Two drivers are total. I don't really care about the 5 stars, but just something to keep in mind, because I think this is a mistake. Two drivers, two cars, and two remote controls. You will need 10 AA batteries to operate both cars.

👤One of the cars in this pack is a race-car driver, the other is a cop. They make their own sounds that match their car. The race-car makes a sound that raves the engine, while the police make a sound. My kid likes to loose figures like that, so it's great that each car has 2 people in it. The figure in the car makes a noise. There are buttons that make noise. There are three buttons on the hood and top of the car that make different noises. There are two buttons on the remote, one goes forward straight and the other goes backwards, but they curve a little, so it's like a turn. My daughter's last remote control toy did not work on carpet so she could not use it, so this car is a win for us because of that. This pack comes with two so it can be shared with someone. I really like this toy and it is expected of a young child who is learning how to control a remote control car. I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.

👤The best remote control cars. These are fun for the adults and my twins love them. They are very easy to use and get used to, they only go forward and the backward button makes it easy to get out of a location. These are cute and well made and the music is good. I will be buying another one for my daughter because she always steals her brothers. I will be buying these for any child that has a birthday. They are very enjoyable.

9. IHaHa Construction Flexible Playset Engineering

IHaHa Construction Flexible Playset Engineering

This flash cards set is a great gift for kids. It's well crafted and nontoxic, which makes it a great present for parents. It's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 200 PCS flexible track components, 2 race cars, 4 mini construction truck, 8 traffic signs, 2 trees, and a bridge are included in their construction toys. Advanced configuration for your kids to build their own kingdom. They have configured simulation engineering cars with unique designs and functions. There are haul truck, excavator, road roller, cement truck, and 2 racing cars. A perfect gift for a boy. The race car can cross the bridge and the track pieces can be snapped to form different shapes. The trucks have working arms. Children can play with construction trucks and pretend to work on construction jobs. The Y-shaped track, the arcs tracks, and the bridge help your kids fly their imaginations to build their own track world on their own, which helps them develop, limit screen time, and make time for. Conforms to US toy standards. Safety is always the first priority. Each construction track is portable to carry in a pocket and perfect for kids' hands.

Brand: Ihaha

👤So impressed! It works like a charm. Even with no instructions, it's easy to assemble. My grandson loved it. It runs very well on the tracks. Great purchase!

👤This is something to buy. You will not regret it. It is so cool. The cars are powerful and can go over the track. My kids are 2.5 and 14 months old. The track is so easy to make and the kids love it. I want to buy another one.

👤The track snapped so easily that I was reluctant to put it together. I like that it's so flexible, I can move it from place to place without fear of it breaking. I wish it was easier to find more tracks.

👤We had to get our money back from Amazon. The trucks that came with it were broken. Amazon did the right thing by refunding us, but this is cheap plastic from China. I'm not picky, but this is cheap, flimsy and doesn't feel sturdy at all. Don't waste your money.

👤My nephew is 3 and half years old. The box was a lot smaller than I expected and that was because everything is small. If you are buying this set for a toddler who may put things in his or her mouth, it is a good idea to be aware of that. There are some dangers in this set. My nephew is having fun playing with the track and he doesn't mouth things anymore. He gets bored of playing with this set after about 20 minutes, but that's a long time for him to stay focused on any one thing, unless what he is playing with is very stimulating. The price is fair for the amount of pieces you get. It would be more fun if there were more packs to add to the original set.

👤He enjoys it a lot. I noticed that the little one likes moving things around. The small car that goes up and down is very attractive to him. He tries to grab it. It is fun to watch. This small self-entertainment at home has a lot of his attention because we can't take him out to any play ground during this crona 19 period.

👤The cars don't allow for batteries, so this is a cheap race track. I spent 40 minutes. Two vehicles with no way to put batteries in them, and no instructions with the track. The item is anaggravating. I wouldn't buy again.

👤Both cars are useless. They never got to try them out. The screw that holds the batteries in the broken car is the one that you put new batteries in. There is a small piece in the package. I put new batteries in the other car, but it wouldn't work. It won't do anything at all because there are no batteries in it. I contacted the seller but he didn't reply. Very disappointing. It is a cute set. If it worked, my grandson would love it.

10. Paw Patrol Marshalls Transforming Extending

Paw Patrol Marshalls Transforming Extending

The truck is over 11 cm high, 14 cm long and 2 cm wide, and the excavator is over 12 cm high, 18 cm long and 2 cm wide. The fire truck is a hybrid. The PAW Patrol movie truck is just like the movie. Lift the top back, rotate and extend the ladder and press the button to launch the projectile. A woman isROTATING. The Transforming City Fire Truck has a ladder that is taller than ladders on other PAW Patrol toy cars. Water cannons are launched. Marshall's truck has a water cannon. The button is inside the truck. Press the button to launch the projectile. There is a damsel in distress and a rescue net. The slide toy figures are going to land on the rescue net. The truck has flashing lights and sound effects. PAW Patrol movie toys are perfect gifts for birthdays and your holiday toy list in 2021, for kids ages 3 and up, to create missions with their favorite pups. Includes a Marshall Transforming City Fire Truck, a figure, a rescue net trampoline, and a instruction sheet. The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details.

Brand: Paw Patrol

👤My daughter got this for her birthday, and it was a huge hit. My 5 year old loves it. They play with it a lot and it does a lot of things. There is a lot to do with the sound it makes, and it is not loud. It's a great fire truck, even if your child is not into paw patrol.

👤Good toy, lights and sounds. My grandson was my dearest friend.

👤The 2 1/2 year old grandson loves the fire truck. He puts it on the shelf next to his bed when he plays with it.

👤My son likes this toy. I was happy with the amount of features it had. There are two ladders on the sides that can be removed, there is a trampoline, and there is water cannons that shoot out. Very cool! There are more features than other paw patrol toys.

👤Lots of components make for long hours of play.

👤My 4 year old son loves paw patrol so I got this for him. He forgot about his other gifts after he got the truck. The balls are easy to load. The extra balls fit into a compartment under the top, which also lifts up to mimic a real fire truck extension. It was worth the purchase. Definitely recommend.

👤My grandson received this as a Christmas gift. It seems like a sturdy truck. I haven't removed it from the box. Sorry.

👤The only issue we have with it is the water cannon, my daughter has a hard time pushing the water ball into it and putting the ladders back in place when she's done, she loves it and I am playing with it every day. It is perfect, but we are loving it.

👤I was looking for a version of the fire truck for my toddler. You can only buy them at inflated prices now that it's no longer in stock. I decided to go with the newer version. The good points are that it looks big, with the full ladder extension it looks impressive, and that it has sound effects like the paw patrol theme tune, and the standard fire engine sounds. The plastic balls are a decent size so on the plus side, hopefully not too difficult to lose. You get a top heavy marshall, but he would be much easier to pose and position in the truck if they had just weighted his back legs, and you can detach the side ladders. I thought this was a bit much, given that the older model you get is a mini vehicle. The cheap wheel build is plastic with no grip. My main negative is that it's far inferior to the previous model which had more features, retractable hose, front plus back working water cannons, and I think that's the main reason why they wouldn't spin when pushed on our wooden floor. I think £50 would have been a better price point. This is only week 1 and I expect it to stand up to a childs rough play. My 3 year old is enjoying it.

11. LEGO Construction Excavator Building Toddlers

LEGO Construction Excavator Building Toddlers

Expect no parts falling off if you get your money back. The red truck fire engine is going to be loved by your little one for a long time. They will give you a 100% refund if you or your child are not happy with the toy. The LEGO DUPLO Truck & Tracked Excavator 10931 can be used by parents and preschoolers to act out construction-site stories. There are 2 contemporary construction-worker figures, a push-along truck with a tip function, a push-along excavator with a rotating digger, and a toy boulder that kids can open up. The parents and caregivers share their milestones with the little builder. Kids develop fine motor skills when they operate vehicles. If you are looking for a toy that stimulates and entertains the minds of kids aged 2 and up, this building-site set is for you. The truck is over 11 cm high, 14 cm long and 2 cm wide, and the excavator is over 12 cm high, 18 cm long and 2 cm wide.

Brand: Lego

👤I worked with my grandson to put together a Duplo set. It was appropriate for him. He was able to pick out the parts that were needed for each step in the instruction book. He loves trucks and heavy construction vehicles. He loved playing with them.

👤Every age from 1-6 is a hit in my home with Duplo blocks. The construction vehicles can be built in a variety of ways, as well as allow for their own wheeled creations, in this set. This set is a great gift option for the price. The boulder opens and closes.

👤My son is a big fan of trucks and Legos. He likes it. We got it for him when he was young. He is still interested in it. He is into this toy in a lot of ways. It is good quality.

👤We have been a fan of LEGO and DUPLO for more than 35 years. A gift for a young boy was a big hit. He loved grabbing the rock. The LEGO line has a great addition.

👤Duplo Legos and construction things are what our grandson loves. He plays with them for a long time. These are a great gift.

👤My nieces and I played with it, but we found a lot of things to pick up and play with. There were hours of fun.

👤When our son was two and a half years old, we purchased this as a gift and he has been a fan of it ever since. He is able to modify each vehicle by removing the back of the dump truck. He can reassemble each vehicle on his own. At the age of three and a half, he still prefers Duplo blocks over the smaller Lego sets because they are easier to build with. Highly recommended!

👤My son is a big fan of construction vehicles. The set is perfect. It is Lego. It is supposed to come apart and be reassembled. It is difficult to break compared to other excavator toys. The excavator turns. We are both very happy with the set.

👤The Lego Duplo set is great. My 2.5 year old loves it. He's a big fan of big machines. It's perfect. After showing him how, it's easy for him to put it together. It's still playing with all day long. The figures are small for toddlers. Great purchase.

👤Grandson had fun putting it together and enjoyed it.

👤Muy contento nuestro con su juguete.

👤The gift was loved by our Great Grandchild and he even takes it to bed with him.


What is the best product for best gifts 2 year old boy firetruck?

Best gifts 2 year old boy firetruck products from Green Toys. In this article about best gifts 2 year old boy firetruck you can see why people choose the product. Paw Patrol and John Deere are also good brands to look for when you are finding best gifts 2 year old boy firetruck.

What are the best brands for best gifts 2 year old boy firetruck?

Green Toys, Paw Patrol and John Deere are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gifts 2 year old boy firetruck. Find the detail in this article. Toyk, Wolvolk and Nicmore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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