Best Best Gifts 2 Year Old Boy Car

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1. BAODLON Interactive Light Up Pounding Developmental

BAODLON Interactive Light Up Pounding Developmental

The car ramp toy is made of high quality material and stained with bright non-toxic water-based paint. The vehicles have been fully tested to the highest U.S. toy safety standards. There are no concerns about wheels falling off or pieces coming apart. The assembly video is for your reference. The car is large enough not to be a suffocation risk, even if you buy it as a gift for 2 year old boys girls. The Pound-a-Mole is an excellent interactive toy that can be used to collect points. Help develop children's concentration and hand-eye coordination. You can interact with your kids to make them happy. The Pound-a-Mole game has 9 levels per speed. There are 36 different speed changing levels that will increase difficulty as you progress. Before the light goes out, pound them on the heads with soft hammers. Cooperate and play mole games with friends to see who gets the higher score. The pounding toddler toy is made of high quality plastic and is very safe. It comes with two soft hammers and smooth corners, which are totally safe for children. There is a cup on the back to keep it from sliding. The batteries are not included. Kids like it at first sight because of the bright colors and cute mole shape. The playing atmosphere is exciting and happy because you can hear scream sounds and see colorful flashing mole. English and Spanish are the two different language selections. This pounding kid toy is an ideal birthday gift for boys and girls of all ages, and is perfect for Children's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year. Birthday Parties, Family Gatherings, or Indoor Entertainment with Parents are ideal gifts.

Brand: Baodlon

👤We returned the toy. The toy is ok, but the computerized voice puts kids down if they miss. It was upsetting to hear how we treat our children. Not good.

👤It doesn't work. This was a birthday gift for my granddaughter, I put batteries in before I wrapped it, but it doesn't work. They were brand new. I'm angry. It is not possible for me to run to Target and buy something at the last minute. My family was sick for two weeks so we couldn't attend the party. This is garbage. What do I have to give her? Nothing! I am disgusted. Amazon can do better with their sellers vetting.

👤The photos show two kids playing with something that looks like it is a 12 x 15”ish size but it is not, it is a size of my iPad or an average hard cover book. I am pretty sure I will return it because I haven't put batteries in it, it is a birthday gift. The website says it is good for children 2, 3, 4, 5 years old, but on the box it says not for children under three because of a choking hazard.

👤I was disappointed with the purchase but it taught me to go to a local store and interact with the toys on the shelf. It looked fun online but the sound is hard to hear and I thought I would master it. I was told that I got it wrong. "Good job, you got it right!" I'm not going to recommend it.

👤It was broken. It was so cheaply made. They had no way to return the gift. The company would not do anything to help replace. Terrible customer service.

👤I am not sure who enjoys this game more, my husband or my toddler. The game is fun and offers a challenge. My husband and I both had similar games when we were kids so it is great that we can share that with our toddler. I didn't know that the bottom has pads that stop my toddler from being able to move it around. I would recommend it.

👤The game is easy to play for my toddlers. There are levels for the kids. The game ends when they miss. The design is easy to understand. I would like to see the kids play in the dark, but that is not the case. The material is vulnerable. After dropping it, it started acting up and there was a small crack. The sound from this toy is hard to understand. I can't imagine how the kids will know if I can't understand some things. The kids like it. I wouldn't say this is what I expected, but they had fun.

👤Didn't expect much from this game. My family was competing. My friend gave this to her son and he absolutely loves it. Highly recommended!

2. Prextex Cartoon Different Frequencies Together

Prextex Cartoon Different Frequencies Together

A set of 2 cartoon remote control car toys for toddlers with music and sound features. Sound Discrimination ability is helped by realistic police sirens, Honking Sounds, and Flashing Headlights. The cartoon car has a steering wheel shaped RC controller with only 2 buttons for easy control, it was designed as a child's first remote control toy car. Your toddler should be playing with both vehicles at the same time. 3 AA batteries are required for vehicles and 2 AA batteries for remotes. The batteries are not included. It's perfect for holiday gifts, Christmas gifts for toddlers, birthday gifts for boys, school classroom prizes, kids remote control cars, and more. The ideal remote control cars are for young children.

Brand: Prextex

👤I have a smart three year old who wanted a remote car for his birthday. We went for this one because it seemed to be a great price and it had good reviews. It's alright, but its function isn't great. You have to reverse the direction of the car. It makes the concept of direction really difficult because this is made for toddlers. My son was so disappointed that he didn't want to use it. I would look for something that moved in 888-349-8884

👤I bought this for my daughter's birthday. It was easy to handle. She can operate the cars from around corners and over 20 feet away. Each car makes different noises and plays a song. The little drivers can get out of their cars. On the box, it says each car has two drivers. This is not true. Two drivers are total. I don't really care about the 5 stars, but just something to keep in mind, because I think this is a mistake. Two drivers, two cars, and two remote controls. You will need 10 AA batteries to operate both cars.

👤One of the cars in this pack is a race-car driver, the other is a cop. They make their own sounds that match their car. The race-car makes a sound that raves the engine, while the police make a sound. My kid likes to loose figures like that, so it's great that each car has 2 people in it. The figure in the car makes a noise. There are buttons that make noise. There are three buttons on the hood and top of the car that make different noises. There are two buttons on the remote, one goes forward straight and the other goes backwards, but they curve a little, so it's like a turn. My daughter's last remote control toy did not work on carpet so she could not use it, so this car is a win for us because of that. This pack comes with two so it can be shared with someone. I really like this toy and it is expected of a young child who is learning how to control a remote control car. I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.

👤The best remote control cars. These are fun for the adults and my twins love them. They are very easy to use and get used to, they only go forward and the backward button makes it easy to get out of a location. These are cute and well made and the music is good. I will be buying another one for my daughter because she always steals her brothers. I will be buying these for any child that has a birthday. They are very enjoyable.

3. IHaHa Construction Flexible Playset Engineering

IHaHa Construction Flexible Playset Engineering

This flash cards set is a great gift for kids. It's well crafted and nontoxic, which makes it a great present for parents. It's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 200 PCS flexible track components, 2 race cars, 4 mini construction truck, 8 traffic signs, 2 trees, and a bridge are included in their construction toys. Advanced configuration for your kids to build their own kingdom. They have configured simulation engineering cars with unique designs and functions. There are haul truck, excavator, road roller, cement truck, and 2 racing cars. A perfect gift for a boy. The race car can cross the bridge and the track pieces can be snapped to form different shapes. The trucks have working arms. Children can play with construction trucks and pretend to work on construction jobs. The Y-shaped track, the arcs tracks, and the bridge help your kids fly their imaginations to build their own track world on their own, which helps them develop, limit screen time, and make time for. Conforms to US toy standards. Safety is always the first priority. Each construction track is portable to carry in a pocket and perfect for kids' hands.

Brand: Ihaha

👤So impressed! It works like a charm. Even with no instructions, it's easy to assemble. My grandson loved it. It runs very well on the tracks. Great purchase!

👤This is something to buy. You will not regret it. It is so cool. The cars are powerful and can go over the track. My kids are 2.5 and 14 months old. The track is so easy to make and the kids love it. I want to buy another one.

👤The track snapped so easily that I was reluctant to put it together. I like that it's so flexible, I can move it from place to place without fear of it breaking. I wish it was easier to find more tracks.

👤We had to get our money back from Amazon. The trucks that came with it were broken. Amazon did the right thing by refunding us, but this is cheap plastic from China. I'm not picky, but this is cheap, flimsy and doesn't feel sturdy at all. Don't waste your money.

👤My nephew is 3 and half years old. The box was a lot smaller than I expected and that was because everything is small. If you are buying this set for a toddler who may put things in his or her mouth, it is a good idea to be aware of that. There are some dangers in this set. My nephew is having fun playing with the track and he doesn't mouth things anymore. He gets bored of playing with this set after about 20 minutes, but that's a long time for him to stay focused on any one thing, unless what he is playing with is very stimulating. The price is fair for the amount of pieces you get. It would be more fun if there were more packs to add to the original set.

👤He enjoys it a lot. I noticed that the little one likes moving things around. The small car that goes up and down is very attractive to him. He tries to grab it. It is fun to watch. This small self-entertainment at home has a lot of his attention because we can't take him out to any play ground during this crona 19 period.

👤The cars don't allow for batteries, so this is a cheap race track. I spent 40 minutes. Two vehicles with no way to put batteries in them, and no instructions with the track. The item is anaggravating. I wouldn't buy again.

👤Both cars are useless. They never got to try them out. The screw that holds the batteries in the broken car is the one that you put new batteries in. There is a small piece in the package. I put new batteries in the other car, but it wouldn't work. It won't do anything at all because there are no batteries in it. I contacted the seller but he didn't reply. Very disappointing. It is a cute set. If it worked, my grandson would love it.

4. AUUGUU Dinosaur Birthday Jurassic Dinosaurs

AUUGUU Dinosaur Birthday Jurassic Dinosaurs

ATTERY: Children's hands-on ability is enhanced by the design of installation and disassembly. The previous NI-CD 700mAh battery was larger and harder to install, but the new rechargeable battery has a smaller size and is easier to install. The battery of the remote is not included. The dinosaur track set by Ugu is a great way to awaken their instincts. The kids are having a lot of fun at the racetrack with ramps, trees, a bridge and a gate. A 156-piece set includes a flexible track, 2 toy SUVs, 2 dinosaur figures, 2 ramps, a bridge, a gate and 4 plastic trees. Children learn to solve problems when they set up amazing dinosaur worlds indoors or outdoors. As they look at the realistic T-Rex and Triceratops figures, they will be curious about the world they grew up in. The dinosaurs can be seen menacing the passing cars and wreaking havoc on the tree-lined dinosaur car track. The dinosaur car race track is fun for all or just for 1 and includes 2 motorized cars that each require 1 AA battery. The set of dinosaur toys for 3-year-old boys and girls will teach children how to self-entertain. The plastic dinosaur toy is safe for children ages 3 and up. The Dinosaur Race Track has passed the highest US and European toy safety standards.

Brand: Auuguu

👤Not only my child. I started having fun with this toy. It is fun to run the car in the tack. The cars run well on the track. If it is played daily, you need to replace the battery every week. Excellent purchase.

👤My kids love this set. The cars are fun to watch. Sometimes the cars come off the track because they're so fast and powerful, but that makes it more fun for them because they have to catch it and put it back on track. The quality is great and the dinosaur theme is fun. The company helped us out after I had a very minor issue. I only have a warning if you have your hair down on the floor. My daughter's car has gotten stuck in her hair a few times. She can only play with it when her hair is up. It's worth the cost and would make a great gift for a young child.

👤My four year old great grandson received this as a birthday gift. He was very excited and able to put the track together himself. He loved the dinosaur cars. I would recommend this to a boy or girl.

👤My Great Grandson loves Dinosaurs and the tracks and doesn't want to stop to eat. I would recommend this toy to anyone else, even if it was a mediocre one. Thanks to BJ White.

👤My 3 year old grandson loves it and it is well made. The toy is even better than rxpected.

👤My three year old is going to love this. It reminds me of the car tracks they sell on tv. If we took away the dinosaurs, what would we have left in this house? This is an awesome set if your kid loves dinosaurs and action toys.

👤It is fun for kids. The 5 year old twins were building a track. It was hard for them to figure out the ramp. They got it eventually. The battery powered car is a plus.

5. GreenKidz Dinosaur Roadster Toddlers Velociraptor

GreenKidz Dinosaur Roadster Toddlers Velociraptor

There is a secret compartment under the seat. A collection of 6 carefully-crafted dinosaur pull back toy cars are perfect for 3 year old boys. Dinosaur toys include T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaur, Pterosaur, and Velociraptor. Small Size Dinosaur Pull Back Toy Cars are approximately 5 feet in length. The size of the toys makes them easy to hold and play with. There are recommended toys for boys. Pull back toy cars. Dinosaur cars are easy to play and fast. Children can learn about different dinosaurs with these dino toys. Pull it back and watch the dino cars race. Dinosaur cars are a great party favor or a winning prize at a dinosaur themed birthday party. The dino pull back toy cars are fun to play in. A child can learn about dinosaurs with their dino cars. Dinosaur cars are great toys for boys or girls. Dinosaur toys are a great birthday gift or a special toy to give to a child who loves dinosaurs.

Brand: Dinobros

👤I bought these cars for my grandson. He loved them. They are very cool. We had 2 faulty cars, but the customer service of this company was amazing. They told me that it wasn't necessary to send the cars back after I received a refund on my order. This isn't the norm in our society today. I was surprised and would order again from them. Thanks to Greenkidz, it's easy to get results and solutions to product issues.

👤The little guys are about 4 to 5 inches in length. It is incredibly detailed. They seem strong. At the moment, my kids are getting lots of entertainment. They are very good at going across smooth surfaces.

👤My child was happy to receive them. It takes off fast when you let go of the dinosaur.

👤These are both great for the kids. The pull back mechanism has excellent power and everyone loves them. They look better in person than the pictures on Amazon. I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend this to anyone who has kids who love dinosaurs and cars. I bought them for my youngest child, but they all love them.

👤These cars are loud. Better than the average car. It is made of very durable material that can easily be torn apart in a crash. They have a smooth glide and a short wind. The colors are very bright and cool. My grandson is a total Dinosaur FREAK and I got these for his birthday. He wanted to race the rest of the day. They work on both tile and concrete. I would definitely recommend the price to any Dinosaur enthusiast. Won't miss it!

👤I bought them for my class. Our adult children were excited to play with them.

👤These cars are cool. Excellent quality and detail. The pull back feels sturdy and has a strong launch. Very good recommendation!

👤My grandson loves cars and dinosaurs so you can't get any better than this. They seem to be well made.

👤3 6...





6. Fisher Price Harley Davidson Tough Amazon Exclusive

Fisher Price Harley Davidson Tough Amazon Exclusive

This puzzle set is an exceptional gift for Easter, kids ages 4 to 6. Give kids another option for screen-free fun by rounding out the hands-on play experience. A trike that has been tricked out. The Harley- Davidson styling is cool. It's easy for little riders to get rolling with pedal-powered foot pedals. Stable wheel base for added safety. There is a secret compartment under the seat.

Brand: Fisher-price

👤There is one thing to keep in mind while riding this bike. We ordered 3 of them. The seat is the most important thing to be aware of. The video I posted shows what I mean. The seat flips up is exciting for my kids because they want to keep opening and closing it and putting stuff in it to haul around. The seat is made so that it can break easily, and once the plastic pieces break off, it cannot be repaired. My kids don't have the seats. It doesn't bother them. I'm sure it will be more comfortable with it. You can secure the seat with a strong glue or you can be in the same situation. The child may still try to open it even if it breaks off. The seat breaking on all of them is the same issue we have had with many of these. If you plan to use outdoors, be aware that the decals will come off if it gets wet or cloudy. If it's a concern, best stored out of the weather or indoors. It's easy to clean, but be careful with using too much water or solution with the stickers. If they tip it over, it will be a safer place because the bike is low to the ground. It's not a heavy bike so it's good if it's tipped over. We have a metal trike that we love, but it is not as long-lived as the one we have, it has tipped over and fallen on top of my son, and is a little more dangerous due to the weight and material. This will help anyone looking to purchase this product. Overall pleased, but we experienced some ins and outs. The best review was given in July after the purchase in February.

👤This is the second tricycle I have purchased. This is one of the things the kids like to do. I didn't put the stickers on because they'll be ruined by the sun, but it still looks nice. It's easy to assemble, the directions are clear, and it's a solid trike. It is ridden by multiple kids every day and has held up well. The orange seat is the only thing that comes off. Sometimes the seat comes off when the kids open it too much and put things under the seat. They can't do it themselves, but it's easy for me to do. The tricycle for kids is very good.

👤It took about 30 minutes to assemble and feels good. It's too big for my little girl. We will probably have to wait at least another year before she's big enough to reach the pedals. Your child will probably need at least 20 inseam to reach the pedals. It was larger than I anticipated, but still happy with the purchase. The price is great and it looks good. I was looking for a small ride-on toy for my 2 year old and I hated that it was so big because she fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. I showed her how to swing her leg over the seat to get to it, but she realized it was too long to reach. My child is exactly the size the doctor says she should be, so it's not that she's small for her age. The seat doesn't sit flat, but this shouldn't be a problem since it will be easier for my child to grab the seat to lift it up for storing toys inside. The handlebars are wide, so wide that my child was grabbing the bar to try to steer, it's also worth noting. Some pictures have a tape measure in them. I wish manufacturers would do this so we could find out before buying.

7. Construction Trucks Friction Vehicles Toddlers

Construction Trucks Friction Vehicles Toddlers

We offer 30 days 100% money back or free exchange if you don't like their product. A dinosaur bubble blaster toy that your kids can play with and enjoy. The cute construction trucks set comes with a big carrier truck and 4 small construction trucks. The smaller vehicles can be loaded into the larger one. The working parts of 4 small trucks can be extended andROTATED to make your kids enjoy it more. There are awesome toy trucks for boys and girls. The large carrier truck has flashing lights and sounds like an engine. The kids will love hearing the sound of the truck and seeing the lights when you press the button on the cab. The batteries are installed. Pull the protective tab and you are ready to go. Quality toys for kids are made of premium material. The mini vehicle is designed for children's small hands. Also designed with soft wheels. It's recommended for boys and girls 3 years old and up. The toddler should play under adult supervision. The trucks are powered by a motor. Push and then release. It will be able to move. Kids are pretending to work on a construction project while the small vehicles are being unloaded. This will help to improve hand-eye coordination and attention span. The toys in the gift box are cute. The construction trucks will be a hit with boys and girls. Birthday parties, school prizes, Christmas or any other occasion are all highly recommended gifts.

Brand: Aotipol

👤When my son showed an interest in excavators and front-end loaders, I picked up this version of the truck that I already had another version of. I filmed a short video showing what you get with this set. The look, feel, and quality of the plastic materials are good. It's durable for my four-year old. I like that everything can be packed into the truck to be more compact. There are some electronic toys that have really annoying sounds. This one only has a short sound effect, so it won't drive parents crazy, but it's fun for the kid.

👤My three year old grandson loves playing with construction toys and diggers. He likes it because it is the right size for inside play. The push quality is really good, all the toys run and take off easily.

👤This is their new favorite toy and I just purchased it for my kids. I have a 6yo and a 1yo and they keep both ages entertained together. The toys are push style and can be revved up to make the truck travel by itself. A great toy all around.

👤My niece is able to play with trucks. I was very impressed with the quality. The audio from the large truck is not loud and with a steady push will continue to propel itself forward. Great product!

👤My 5 and 2 grandsons loved this. They played for hours after I bought it as a new toy. The older one played with the rest because the little one was content to have one vehicle to play with. My little one was not able to take anything apart, so it seems sturdy.

👤This is the best toy in the market, my neighbor son is a huge fan of construction toys, so he got this one, it is very durable, well worth the money to see the smile on his face.

👤I gave this to my kids for Christmas, they loved it and played with it for hours. The colors are happy. They have parts that can be moved. Great value!

👤We got this for our grandson because he loved it. I didn't know that all the trucks are on their own.

8. Amy Benton Toddler Birthday Cartoon

Amy Benton Toddler Birthday Cartoon

For racers ages 1 12 to 5 years. These toddler toy cars are attractive to young kids and great for early development. The material of the baby and toddlers cars is safe and non-toxic. The cartoon toy cars have four animals: calf, dog,squirrel and cat. There is no battery needed for press and go cars. Environmental friendly and energy saving. A good choice for a birthday gift is the high quality and beautiful box.

Brand: Amy & Benton

👤I ordered the cars for my toddler and baby. This is the only toy car that has a push option and it is easy for my baby to play with. They can push down on the knob and see the car drive off. The quality is good. It comes in a pack of four colors. A cute older sibling gift. I would recommend this item to others.

👤My son pulled the plastic character from the front of the car. His sister told me that he has something in his mouth. I pulled to the side to inspect his mouth. The piece is large enough to not choke on. It's a small plug cover, but still, made me worry. My boy loves them. He figured out how to make them go. This is his favorite toy when he comes home. We play back and forth, pressing it to go to each other. It can go far on the hardwood floor. All the way across the room. Light and easy to grab. He threw it down million of times onto the floor. It is strong. He is young.

👤These little cars are great. They are the right size for my grandson. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves them too. We had a great time zooming them across the living room. They are very sturdy and fun because they go fast. I would definitely recommend them.

👤A cute toy makes it easier for a toddler to zoom across the floor. One of the four came with a broken tail. The other three are moving quickly across the floor. The reason for four, not five, stars is not a big deal. This company cares about their products. The little guy had a tail that wouldn't wag. Will buy from them again. Five stars!

👤This was a great gift for our grandson. They are the right size for him to hold and carry. They are sturdy and safe to put in his mouth. They are easy to use and fun to watch, with colors and cute characters. When the top is pushed down, they go fast. Too hard for him to push down now, but he loves to carry them around and watch as an adult pushes the button. A safe gift for a one year old.

👤The cars are fun. Even my 9. A month old grandson can make them go by pushing a button. My 9 month old will chase them after my 3 year old granddaughter. They are playing with these cars. It was a good price for fun.

👤When my oldest son's family comes to visit from out of state, I bought these for our grandson to play with. I am putting a toy box together to play with him. He is. My 10 months old will learn how to use these in no time. You pull back on the truck and let go. It will go for about 6 feet. Great price as well. I would definitely recommend this product.

9. Toys Toddlers Friction Christmas Festival

Toys Toddlers Friction Christmas Festival

Give the gift of learning by giving Learning Resources toys, they help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Baskets, or even for a home school. The toddler toys set is more suitable for small hands. There are 5 colorful transport toy trucks, including a big transporter, a mini airplane, a small Taxi, a small bus and a middle bus. Colored toy cars with cute expressions, cartoon drawings and other things make kids curious and give them a happy world. Toddler toys for ages 2 to 4. These transportation car toys are made of soft plastic and have high quality. The outline of each toy car is designed to be very friendly for children. The Colorful toy trucks set is suitable for kids age 1-6. Kids gift for car lovers. It's easy to play for toddlers. There are two inertias. 3 pull back cars are toys. Push the toy truck forward, they will run by themselves. It will carry four mini toy vehicles. You can separate the truck cab from the trailer and open the tailgate to load the mini vehicle. Pull the small car back, then let go of your hand. It is easy to play toys for a baby. You can see the flashing lights and hear the realistic sound of the sirens if you press the button on the top of the cab. The colorful toys car is a great way to introduce children to the world of transportation. Toddler boys toys are young. It is designed for kids. Happy toys and games for toddlers. All Nicmore toys are in a beautifully designed gift box. A highly recommended birthday present, gift ideas for kids, home decoration, travel toys, party favors, festival gifts, Christmas gifts for 1 2 3 4 5 6 year old boys girls toddlers. If you're looking for a gift for your kids, you're in the right place. This will be a great gift for someone. It must be a hit with kids.

Brand: Nicmore

👤I was very happy to get a simple toy that would encourage play because of the addictiveness of screen time on phones and tablets. The kit has a button that can make sounds, a liftgate that can allow you to load or unload smaller vehicles from the larger truck, and a lot of opportunities for toddlers to take interest in all the little vehicles. I'm very happy with the kit. My son will get months of play out of it.

👤I got this for my nephew as a birthday gift, but my own child has taken over, she cries if we don't. The packaging was correct, the toy is motorized, and the battery is included, but I didn't realize it. The push button makes sounds. I got this because of its appearance. I thought it was safe for a toddler to play with, but I found out it was better than I thought. This is an excellent gift for Christmas and I will need to buy more of these.

👤This product is dangerous and should be deleted by Amazon. The wheel came off when my grandson opened the bag. These could be swallowed or used to pierce your eyes. My brother pierced his eardrum when he was a child.

👤I am a toddler teacher and I was looking for toys that were appropriate for my toddler class. The truck was made with heavy plastic, colorful and detailed painted designs, it was perfect for them. My boys like to hear the sound of the truck, see the lights and hear the horn. I am happy that the hauler came apart so that my children can have the one part they want. The cute little vehicles are perfect for small hands. Will be buying another one soon. Thank you Nicmore!

👤This item is for my nephew. He loved it. I like that you can store the smaller toys in the big truck, it saves up space around the home. A great gift.

👤My grandson is only two years old, so I had reservations when unpacking the truck ensemble. The vehicles that come in the package are very sturdy. He was kept occupied longer than the Disney car ramp he got the other day, but was thrown to the side after only 5 minutes because of the toy he received. It is easier for him to grasp and hold on to this toy. I think it's more toddler friendly. The toy rolls a little ways after you push it, and I would describe it as friction. This was a good buy so far. I wish the hauler was long enough for all the smaller vehicles to fit inside. Two fit on top and two fit inside as shown on the product page.

👤I bought this for my son and he loved it the first time, but it was easy to detach the head from the body, so I just ignore it and connect them back together. It is too late to return water near the small cars.

10. ALASOU Truck Playmat Storage Toddler

ALASOU Truck Playmat Storage Toddler

The transparent rainbow magnet toy set is the best gift for kids because it is educational and will make the child happy. Design for toddlers. Round edge design, no sharp parts. It's easy to clean and safe for baby kids to put it in their mouth. Well built and engineered, colorful and cute. High quality material. 100% safe for toddlers, using high quality ABS instead of cheap PP material. Learning how to push and pull small cars can help improve your ability.

Brand: Alasou

👤I received this item for my grandson. The box says it's not suitable for children under 3 years old. The description on Amazon states that it's ok for 1 year old and older. Which is correct? I don't want to give him a birthday gift if it's not safe. It was very disappointing!

👤Our grandson loved these cute cars, trucks and helicopter. There is a neat play-space because of the folding playmat. When playtime is over, the playmat has handles to store everything in one handy carry all. Well-made toys work.

👤A great gift for a busy grandmom. This was sent to our grandson who was 1 years old. He liked it. This toy gave a tote and mommie liked the easy pick up.

👤The box it comes in says it is 6+ months, and the title says it is 18 months. I bought this for a 1 year old and it could be me. I feel weird giving it to a young child. The toys are strong. The bag is clean.

👤My son could have been hurt when one of the trucks came apart while he was playing with it.

👤My son got these for his first birthday and they were amazing until the tires fell off and the gears on the inside started giving up. They are such cute little cars.

👤Our great grandson is 10 months old and this was a gift for him. He likes to play with cars. It is appropriate for him and he can enjoy playing with it.

👤I got these for my friend. She said her baby likes to play with them. I got a set of 6 pieces that gives the baby more options to play with. I am very happy with the purchase.

11. Threeking Control Rotating Outdoor Present

Threeking Control Rotating Outdoor Present

It is suitable for 3 years and up. In addition to the basic skills that ordinary remote control cars should have, the car can also roll and rotate in situ at a certain angle and drive on double sided. When the toy car encounters a small obstacle, use the remote control to roll or double-sided drive, and at the same time, reverse the function to make the toy car turn into a dance car. Powerful controls; long-distance and anti- interference. Multiple sets of toy cars can compete, and these cars will go their own way. Children can harvest their happiness. Off-road. The car has powerful electric motors. It is equipped with high-quality soft and elastic rubber tires, shock absorption, strong grip, anti-skid, and not afraid of slippery roads. You can easily break through on land, Stone road, beaches, and grassland. The car will make your child feel like a driver. To make sure the material is safe, use high-quality plastic and spray painting. The structure was fixed with high-class electronic elements and dozens of screws. The car is suitable for kids. ATTERY: Children's hands-on ability is enhanced by the design of installation and disassembly. The previous NI-CD 700mAh battery was larger and harder to install, but the new rechargeable battery has a smaller size and is easier to install. The battery of the remote is not included.

Brand: Threeking

👤I bought this for my grandson. I spent several hours last night making sure the battery operated toys worked correctly, and I was ready for him to open his gifts when he did. I had the units up and running in a reasonable amount of time and played with them long enough to feel that my hopes for this toy had been fulfilled and that I could share my thoughts for others considering buying this for a child. If you watch the video for the product, it makes the toy look fun and sturdy. I'm happy to report that all three impressions are true. These cars are made of heavy duty materials that should last a long time for kids. My grandson could use this toy year round, and that was one of the reasons I bought it. They are easy to reverse out of tight spaces and are great indoors, low enough to shoot under most furniture. They are pretty quiet, so if you knocked down something noisy or kids yelling with joy, you wouldn't know they were in the house. I don't see a problem with outdoor play with this toy. Rocks, branches, and undulating ground should be easy to avoid. Since these motor operate independently, you won't hear a lot of calls from your child to extricate this car from any accidents. I can't speak about the batteries' endurance yet. A terrific toy for the young person in your life, great construction, good overall design, and a great toy for the young person in your life. One tip: buy at least two from the beginning; you'll be wanting to play too. Very fast. Seeing this car speed along and almost instantly reverse and head in the opposite direction is a blast. The car can do some amazing acrobatics in independent carriages. A lot of fun! To charge the battery pack, you have to remove the battery cover door and plug it into a computer. It would have been better if an external port could have been created. This isn't a flaw, and I realize a lot of toys work this way. The compartment for the battery pack is so tight that you can't fit the pack, cord and connector inside to screw down the cover. I'm worried that the cord and/or connection will be damaged eventually by all the compression. We'll see. The handles on the remote are very twitchy. A lower intensity setting for the car's acceleration would be great. My grandson's reflexes are so fast that he probably won't even notice, and it's not a flaw. I wanted to include a lot of pictures to clear up some questions I had about this unit before I bought it myself. I hope this review helps you make a decision. I'm happy that I did.

👤My strong advice is to improve this product. The remote control battery should also be rechargeable for the rechargeable battery version. The designers should go back to the drawing board and make a new car battery that can be removed and connected to the rechargedr. The battery should be set up to be charged in the car. There are 3 more The battery should be fully charged so that kids don't feel disappointed. Amazon only delivers physical addresses to those who have concerns about the mail.


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