Best Best Gel Nail Polish Colors

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1. Polish Light Include Colors Manicure

Polish Light Include Colors Manicure

35 PCS Gel Nail Polish Set is a gel nail kit with multi-color gel nail polish. The nail set has all the colors you need, you don't. The 150W Super Fast Nail Lamp has 45 dual-light source lamp beads, which not only cures quickly but also cures nails without dead spots, and it has an LCD display and 4 timer buttons, which make it more convenient for you to use. It's suitable for professional salons and personal families. It is composed of 9 non-toxic formulas. It is healthy, low odor, high gloss, and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Black, white, nude, purple, blue, green, red, pink, yellow and other classic colors are included. The gel polish needs to be cured. It can last for more than 3 weeks if you use it correctly. The gel nail kit is a great gift for birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, or Christmas. Warm notice. Different light sources, displays, and colors of nail polish can be seen. The color card is covered with two layers of color gel. Before use, a skin test must be done. As soon as you feel uncomfortable, stop using it. If you have any problems, please contact Jodsone.

Brand: Jodsone

👤It also includes a powerful nail lamp and many tools. The drying effect of this nail lamp is much quicker than I anticipated. I only need 30 seconds to dry the nail polish. The color of the nail polish is different, there is no duplication, and you will get a variety of glitter and matt. The quality of nail polish is very good. There is a If you want to make your nails last longer, you should buy additional nail primer, nail prep dehydrator, or additional base coat.

👤I've done four manicures on myself with this kit and they chip or don't cure completely and come off. I tried different things to see if it was something I was doing, and it was definitely the product. This picture was taken two days ago. I'm very disappointed. It's easy to use and the colors are great, but I wish the polish would cure and stay on. Gel polish lasts longer than normal nail polish because of the whole point. I would really like to get my money back.

👤This is the first time I've ever used Amazon. The buying experience was very pleasant. The nail kit is very new to me. Some people said that the gel nail polish is easy to fall off, but in my opinion, the quality of the nail polish in this set is excellent. The nail polish can fall off. The base coat is not enough. The gel nail polish has nothing to do with it. It is hard to peel off the base coat. You only need to buy a base coat. I also like this lamp. The nail lamp is drying very fast. It takes less than 30 seconds to apply color gel. The drying time is related to the thickness of the colored gel. It will take longer if you apply too thickly. I recommend this set to everyone because you can't imagine that you can get so many nail products at this price, and the quality is still excellent.

👤I had my nails done a few days ago. The nail guy did a better job than uses a single coat. I am not a professional but I did a good job. When I took a shower, my nails stayed beautiful and I didn't have to wash them off. So happy! I am very happy with my purchase.

👤This comes with everything, even circle stickers to show the actual polish color, I have been having a lot of fun with it. The polish is very thin. After a few days, it started to peel and no need for two coats. Use a nail tool to remove acetone after soaking twice. I will not wear any of those green and others. I like the nude colors. It only comes with one bottle of base and top coat for the wide color selection it offers, which is a complaint like a previous review. This purchase was great for me because I hate waiting for nailpolish to dry.

2. Long Lasting Reinforce MidnightBlue Soak Off All Season

Long Lasting Reinforce MidnightBlue Soak Off All Season

The gel polishes and pure colors in the 20 colors formula could give your nails a beautiful, shiny, andmatte look that works for all occasions, all holidays, and daily routine life. Nude, solid, glitter, and shimmery colors can be applied to create a beautiful Manicure. The gel top coat can give you a really high-shine, ultra-glossy, and elegant look, while the base coat helps to keep a longer- lasting manicure. It can last up to 21 days with the proper application. First, apply a thin base coat, then apply a few thin color gels, and then apply a strengthener coat to make your gel manicure stronger. Keep a clean, dry, no oil nail surface, every coat should be thin, and cap the nail edge horizontally for each layer. Healthy Non-toxic Gel Nail Polish is free from toxic and odorless ingredients and has a health guarantee. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Anniversaries are perfect for beginners, and it's also perfect for manicure lovers. Store in a cool place. If stored for a long time, shake it. A IBRIT 20 color gorgeous shades of all-season Gel Nail Polish Set, and 3 x No Wipe Base Coat are included. All seasons and occasions can be colored with 4 glitters, light colors, nude colors, and dark colors. The colors are Peach Pink, Barbie Pink,Lemon Yellow,Fluorescent Yellow,Matcha Green,Sky Blue,Silver Glitter,Golden Glitter,Deep Pink Glitter, Pure White, Light Gray,Marine Blue,Dark Magenta.

Brand: Aibrit

👤I value a good product that is easy to use. A shiny base coat and a matt top coat. I love this gels! The pigmentations are there! Some of the with one coat is enough, but come on for that and it's more than enough!

👤I am forced to do my own nails because my nail tech is charging me more than I should for her work because of the Pandemic. It is easy to use and less expensive. You are good to go. I didn't report the leak because I was happy with the results.

👤I'm not sure if the pictures will show up in the right order, but this happened a week ago and it has progressed. I got a nasty chemical burn from using this polish. I tried to submit another review but it was not found. It hurts so bad. If you are buying this product, use caution.

👤It was easy to use. The first time I did it, they lasted a day. Remember to clean your nail. There is a The containers are half the size of a normal nail polish but there are 20 colors and two coats. It's definitely worth it. Clean your nail with acetone. There is a If you have primer, use it. The A or B coat should be applied. Use UV light for 20 seconds and then again for 45 seconds. Then apply the top coat. UV light lasts at least 2 weeks. The trick is to clean your nail and not apply nail paint to your skin as it will not last.

👤I spent a lot at the salon. I love doing this on my own. There were no issues with this kit. It took me a while to get used to it, but I allowed myself a little time to perfect it. It was worth it! It's perfect for me because I don't like spending money on things I can do myself. Comes with a base and top coat. Will be buying from this company again.

👤I wanted to use the actual colors shown on the pictures when I bought this set. When I opened the package, I found that almost all of the colors were off from what was shown on the sticker. A dark red is similar to a bright pink. Every time I try to apply a color, at least one nail will start peeling within 48 hours. There is a They are easy to take off, since the polish just peels off.

👤I don't like going to the nail salon and this gives me a salon look without the price. I am very happy with this nail polish.

👤This is a good product and I am always leery of ordering from non-national brand companies. You get a lot of money. I use my own bonding, base coat, and top coat. They are gelish and give the most shine and make the polish last at least 2 weeks. It is not good for you to soak your nails or any other part of your body in acetone. Simply peel the color off after 2 weeks. If your nails look rough and you won't be polishing them any time soon, you can lightly buff them with a white nail buffer. I use a sunblock stick to keep my nails from getting oily when I apply it to my hands. Before starting, make sure your nails are free of oil, wash them with Dawn and give a rub with alcohol. It will affect how long the polish lasts.

3. AIMEILI Polish Multicolor Color Combo

AIMEILI Polish Multicolor Color Combo

21 days of high-gloss wear. The finish is mirror shine. There are no chips or Nicks. Under the U V orLED lamp, it is necessary to dry. The polish should be applied in a thin coat. Thinner is stronger. The clear color is ideal for French manicure. You might need to apply over 2 coats for the best result. The lighting and screen setting can affect the color of the picture. Be careful if you have an allergic reaction. Before doing a manicure, please take a skin test.

Brand: Aimeili

👤Great colors! They are so natural looking that they are my most requested ones. You can only do 2 coats to make the color stand out. It is up to you. Great product.

👤I have been trying different brands of gel polish and haven't found one that I love yet, but now I have found one that I really like. The prettiest sheer pink that I have been looking for was obtained by following other reviews who used 2 coats of 065 on top of 022. Not sure about longevity yet. The quality seems good. I'll have an update in 2 weeks.

👤The price for 4 polishes is great. You have to figure out which thin coats of thick coats work best to avoid having little air bubbles occur. The other shades are more opaque but with a few coats will be a solid color. Wait a minute for the polish to level itself out before applying these colors, just a tip. This will make it look better. From the right to the left, watches are 065, 036, 022, and 019. I have a number on my nails.

👤My all time favorite color is OPI bubble bath, but it's more expensive here for almost the price of 1 you get 4. The colors are perf, they last a long time, and the gel colors don't have a funky smell. These are the colors I have purchased.

👤I have been looking for a pink color for a long time. These colors are great. I read that someone made a combo of 022 two coats then 064 on top of that, it's great and buildable. The hardest part of playing with other combinations is finding a great pink that compliment me. The colors are great.

👤I was looking for colors that were transparent. Application is going on smoothly. The picture shows two coats of gelish pink cover structure gel. I liked the result. Will buy again. Two weeks and no chips. Excellent longevity!

👤This and another brand were purchased by me. I am a freak about keeping things clean. It doesn't spread as it should. I put the product on and it came off, even after dehydrating and cleaning the surface, because it was difficult to work with. I have a UV light and follow the cycles. I was disappointed that I spent money on something that doesn't work. I have tried all of the colors and they are all fine, but I have bought other gels and they do not adhere, so it is this brand that has the issue, not my nails. When the gel comes back off, it seems to me something is wrong with the product. Maybe it was new.

👤I've only tried one color so far and I love it. It was easy to apply. The nails are beautiful. I have found that if you paint over the nail ends, your nails will last longer. I am not sure how long this polish will last. Gel nails only last about 1.5 weeks for me. I will be surprised if these last longer. The price for longer lasting polish at this point in the nail technology is higher than the price for removal.

4. Beetles Gel Polish Eucalyptus Manicure

Beetles Gel Polish Eucalyptus Manicure

Personal style: Beetles. Gel Nail Polish is suitable for all seasons and daily routine life. It has a low odor and is healthy. Good Tenacity and easy application. The application should last at least 3 weeks. It is possible to cause an allergic reaction by skin contact. Carefully read directions for use. Only used for nails. Don't touch eyes, mouth, and skin. In case of contact, rinse with water. Contact the doctor if there is an incident. If redness and itching develop, stop using the product. Don't allow children to reach you. You get gorgeous shades of Gel Polish, hassle-free and friendly customer service.

Brand: Beetles Gel Polish

👤I'm very impressed with the products of this company. These photos are for 14 days. Two house deep cleans later! I've been doing my nails with regular polish for over 8 years but decided to finally try gel for improved longevity and time saving. I decided to go for this brand because of the reviews and outstanding price, but I didn't want to risk a bunch of money if I didn't like it. I bought their base coat and top coat combo. I noticed a lot of people didn't have good results and wanted to share what I did. I made sure my nails were dry and clean before applying, but I didn't use a nail dryer. I gently rubbed the tops of my nails to create a bit of texture. I used thin coats to make sure the polish was smooth and not thick. I decided to use two coats as recommended, even though I could have just used one coat. I used a 54W light to cure between my coats and didn't feel any heat on my nail. I had to do 2 rounds of 120 seconds for the top coat because it felt a little tacky after the first round, but the second took care of that! Fourteen days later, here we are. It was relatively easy to remove, just buffing the top coat a little bit, wrapping my nails in acetone and foil, 15 minutes, and done! The nails were not damaged at all. I'm buying more colors because I'm impressed. I'm now a gel user. Highly recommend!

👤Ignore my nails. I have been at the nail salon for 3 weeks. This is what the color looks like on my nails. It is a tad lighter than advertised, but it is still a pretty color. It is a lighter olive color. I got a lot of praise for my nails. The price is great. I will be buying more colors from this company in the future when I need a color that the nail salon doesn't have.

👤I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't dry. My son read the box and discovered that I needed a curing UV light. I ordered a portable device for $9.99. I watched videos about the application and removal of gel polish. I have never smudged a professional manicure. The neutral is the Beetle tan polish. It took about 60 second intervals to cure the base coat. The portable and storage of the smaller UV light is worth the extra time. The hands have not yielded any chips in the polish.

👤The gel polish does not stay on for long. I use a lot of other gel polishes and they last for days before getting an edge that starts to lift. I had two nails come completely off in less than an hour after I applied the polish, and while I was fixing the other nail it started to have the polish lift. Half of my nails are peeling after I shower. I would never recommend this polish to anyone because the company seems to care about their consumer and the environment, but I wanted to love it. Unless you like to do your nails daily, it is not worth the effort.

5. Polish Glitter Starter Mothers Modelones

Polish Glitter Starter Mothers Modelones

What you get is what you get. The picture has a glossy effect. The top is not included. You have to buy it separately. A gift box with 36* 0.24oz rainbow gel colors is included in the Modelones gel polish kit. A wide selection of popular and beautiful colors will give you an attractive appearance, ideal as a wonderful holiday gift for her. Everyone will love this natural white blue green yellow purple glitter gel nail polish. MODELONES Gel nail polish set is long- lasting and chip resistant because of special gel formula and advanced manufacture skills. The gel polish set can keep the nail gel glossy and shiny for about 2 weeks. It is necessary to cure under the nail dryer light. MOOTH and easy to apply. The colors of 2021 pastel gel nail polish are easy to apply, smooth, and suitable for all kinds of nails. It's ideal for professionals and home users. Health and NAIL-FRIENDLY. The hot pink Summer gel nail polish is made with Toxin Free Ingredient. It has a low smell and is vegan. The nail gel polish set can be very bright. There is no harm to your nails. There is a WordARM notice. Different light sources, monitors and coating have different colors. It is necessary to have a skin test before using. The instructions for the Gel Polish Kit can be found here. You can contact them when you have a problem. Enjoy coloring with Modelones.

Brand: Modelones

👤These are my first gel polishes and they work well for the price. These colors can last for weeks with proper preparation. I have tried most of the colors and have not had a problem yet.

👤The gel polish starter set is the best I have tried. I was skeptical at first, but after reading some of the reviews, I realized that you get 33 bottles. Some colors will be used more than others, and some won't be used as often. Modelones sells full size gel polish. Bigger bottles are available if you use a lot of certain colors. The small bottles will last for the ones that don't use a lot. The variety of colors is great. You have all of your favorite colors such as black white red, pastels, nudes, and neons, which is wonderful. You have a beautiful nail and you have two coats of glitter. I only needed to use two for most colors. I have no problems curing the gel polish. For a low price, this is a high quality gel polish. The packing is cute and reminds me of packageing. Well packaged, none were broken. I have a driver who tosses stuff in front of my door. The base, top, and three piece set was purchased by me. I haven't used any other brands since. I highly recommend the Modelones 33 pc gel polish starter kit.

👤The glitter polishes are great, but it is not a blow to my mind that this is a good deal. The glitters on the swatch wheels are only on the half closest to the outer edge. The safe was packaged well and arrived intact. Some colors are not as bright as pictured. There is no dark green in the picture. I would have rather had the dark green instead of the bright blue. The orange is a yellow color. The 2 browns, numbers 17 and 29 are gross and should have been better colors in the fall. Number 3 and 18 are not included from 1 to 38.

👤I love it! I was very excited to try. I did my daughters toes first, they both love how it came out! I gave myself a mani pedi the next day and it came out perfect. I've gotten a lot of praise. When I tell them I did it myself, they are surprised. I usually spend $53 at the salon for a gel mani pedi. No sns have tips. I bought this for $30 and the light for $20, but I need to say more.

👤These colors are opaque and creamy. It has lasted a whole week without lifting or chipping on natural nails, and is long lasting and strong for the abuse I put my nails through.

👤I only had a few gel colors to use, so I bought this set. I love it. The glitter doesn't require a lot of coats. The color is bright. The quality is good and it lasts a while. The picture of my yellow nails is a few days after I painted them and the picture of the silver/orange nails is a few weeks later.

6. Ejiubas Nail Dehydrator Primer Kit

Ejiubas Nail Dehydrator Primer Kit

GEL NAIL POLISH KIT, Big Bunch 39 The set includes 36 * 5ML rainbow gel colors, 10ml top coat, 10ml base coat, 10ml nail strengthener and a gift box. A wide range of hot and beautiful colors will make you look good. You can find one gel polish to build your nails no matter what season you are in. It is possible to make a long-lasting nail beauty at home. The Ejiubas Gel nail polish set is chip resistant and has advanced manufacturing skills. They have a special nail strengthener that will keep the high gloss shine. The gel polish set can keep the nail gel glossy and shiny for about 3 weeks. It is necessary to cure under the nail dryer light. Healthy medicine, no odor, no sir. The gel polish set is non-toxic and has a low odor. The nail polish set can be very strong. Environment-friendly. The nail lamp is easy to use. Gel brushes are smooth and easy to apply, just need to cure and apply two color coats. Wears like gel, good tenacity, off in minutes. Different light sources, monitors and coating own different color shade. It is necessary to have a skin test before using. The user manual for the Gel Polish Kit can be found here. When you have a question, please contact them. All season color collection with Ejiubas!

Brand: Ejiubas

👤I did not like the at- home gel that I tried. I believe I tried the SensatioNail system, but it was so thin and sheer that it flooded my skin, took many coats, and caused a chip almost immediately. I was pleasantly surprised that they had improved over the years, and that I would give them another try. This system is great. I bought the Red Carpet Professional light a long time ago. The brushes are still regular size, which makes using them a breeze, but the colors are smaller. The color is very bright and not too dark. After two coats, I had no visible nail line. The top coat doesn't need any alcohol wiping once it's set, and the strengthener is just a clear gel layer to add thickness and durability, which is really nice. Make sure you apply thin coats so you don't get bubbling and cap your free edge with every layer to prolong the life of your mani. I have put them to the test this week because I have barely any wear to my free edge. I've been cleaning my house this weekend because I work in a chemistry lab. I'm very happy that I tried gels again. You can't go wrong with this kit.

👤The gels are easy to apply and the colors are vibrant. I wish they were in bigger bottles.

👤The bundle exceeded my expectations. I had no problems with chipping. The colors are bright. The strengthener adds volume to my nails. The Polish lasted about a month before I changed it. I don't like to see the plain nail bed because my nails grow fast. The first two pictures have 2 coats of #35 and #12. There are three pictures, the third is #19. The brush top makes it look more purple, but it is more of a ciel blue.

👤Absolutely love! I used the top coat to hold the rhinestones in place, and this is with 2 coats of the color. I painted them a week ago and they are still looking great. I am so happy that I waited so I could leave an honest review. If you do your own nails, you get so many options without having to buy huge bottles.

👤These bottles are very small. When placed on the nail, the product is very hard to put down. I have tried others that are better and don't need 20 coats to get the color across the nail. I had to use the glittery one on my nails just to make them look worse. The glittery ones do the job, I give it 2 stars.

👤Great product! The gel cures nicely and there is no big smell like some other brands. Instructions are easy to follow and the strengthener helps the gel last. I have been wearing no peel ups, no chips, and no cracks for a week and I am very strong on my nails.

👤This nail kit is very good. I don't do my own nails very well. I was very pleased with the results. I watched a video on the internet from a professional nail artist. I bought a 58w light and cured the nails for 70s instead of 60s. After curing my nails were not sticky. I would recommend this kit. The size of the polish is small. If you use it for personal use, it will last a while.

7. Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

The kit includes 6PCS colors gel polish and top coat base. 36W. Sun9C Plus Fast Curing Nail lamp and nail art tools are included in the first kit. Classic colors are suitable for any occassion, long wearing for 14 days, no smell, and mirror shine finish. All kinds of UV/LED gel nail polishes can be cured with a 36W SUN9C Plus UV LED lamp. No harm to skin or eyes is caused by taking about 60s to get a perfect finish. It's fun. The kit for a gel beginner will help you complete the process of your nail art and save money. The salon quality Gel Polish has 21 days of wear. There is a certification for the following: MSDS,FDA,SGS,CE.

Brand: Vishine

👤I love this item. The lamp works well. The curing was on point and everything was done smoothly. I loved the smell of the oil and felt great on my dry cuticles. The colors are a little off, so I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. The colors are still attractive, but buyer beware, they are less dark than advertised in the pictures. I recommend this product 99% of the time.

👤I thought I would buy a kit for the same price as a gel manicure and give it a try because I have been trying to find a good place to get my nails done around home. I like the kit because it has all the additional tools and gems. It works like a dream if you follow the directions on timing for using the light and thin coats. I bought a finishing solvent that takes tackiness off the nails at the end, but it hasn't been used. I would recommend this again and again.

👤Absolutely worth the money. Between salon visits, I bought this to use. No longer going to the salon. The key is to apply the gel thin.

👤I am very happy I bought this product. I am going on a week and a half of gel polish and it looks great. It works the same as the salon, but without all the noise, smells and waiting. I can now do a manicure and nail polish at home, since it costs me less than going to a salon. I would recommend anyone that doesn't want to go to a salon.

👤The first time I used this, I was disappointed. After sitting under the light for over 3 minutes, the base coat did not dry. It was sticky and made the coats stick. My first attempt was a complete failure. I only applied the color and top coat after skipping the base coat. The cotton ball/ aluminum foil method was not easy to remove. If you buy a professional grade acetone removal, it helps a lot. The base coat is a waste. My nails were nice for a few days.

👤Good products. When it arrived in the mail, I was surprised. I used it immediately and took a shower and they stayed on good, no chips or anything. So far, it's just like a salon nail. Excellent for price, would recommend. This one deserved a review.

👤This was bought for the light. The first one I received didn't work, but the company sent me a new one that was super fast. It works very well. I have done a few gel sets on myself and my friends and they last for two weeks. The quality of the gel is really good and I love everything that comes with it.

👤Doesn't turn on. It feels like a cheap piece of plastic. If that is any better, I will order a replacement.

👤This is a good product. If you do it right, it won't peel off. Before applying base coat, make sure to buff nail and file, as I learned in the nail course. You should wash your hands with water. After you buff and file, apply a base coat. Put under light for 2 minutes each hand and apply a thin coat, make sure not to apply thick amounts as this will cause it to peel off under the dryer. It's a good thing.

8. JODSONE Polish Manicure Glitters Rhinestones

JODSONE Polish Manicure Glitters Rhinestones

A gel nail kit includes 18 colors of nail polish set, a high-power nail lamp, base coat, top coat, a variety of nail art and jewelry kit, and a variety of manicure tools. A professional nail lamp with fast drying time is what you will get. It has 45 dual-light source lamp beads and a high power of 150W, which guarantees a fast drying time, and it also has a display screen, 4 Time control button, and auto-sensing function. It's suitable for professional and personal families. The new trend of gel nail polish is healthy, harmless, low odor, high gloss. Each bottle has 8 liters. The effect can be maintained for more than 21 days if you choose the color according to your skin color, occasion, season and preferences. Why choose it? There are 18 colors of gel nail polish and high-power nail lamps. There are a variety of nail accessories, including a variety of nail art glitter, a variety of nail design stickers, different colors of nail art diamonds, and different shapes of golden nail accessories. The gel nail polish set can be used to create many different nail styles. Jodsone is committed to providing better products and services to nail lovers. If you don't like their nail set within 30 days, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

Brand: Jodsone

👤I am in love with this set. It is a perfect set. It comes with everything you need. The instructions were easy to follow. You get the polish, top/ bottom coats, and lots of extra to do special accessories. The lamp cures the polish in half the time it took my last lamp. The quality of the polish is amazing. I only had 2 coats of nailpolish on my nails. They did not chip for over a week. The lamp will set the timer to the last setting when you stick your hand in. It would be a great gift for someone new. I don't go to the salon anymore because I always do my gel nails. I get a lot of praise.

👤Don't waste your money. It came with a lot of tools and colors. I wouldn't buy again, I go through the whole process of painting my nails, but the paint is very thick and just peels off. Doesn't last a day. I would not buy this product again. I bought more expensive paint and top coat, and the LEDs work well, so I can keep that paint in for a week. Don't waste your money on this kit. You should go with a kit that stays on.

👤I really wanted to like this, but it's on the cheaper side of nail products. The UV lamp doesn't dry immediately. The picture was taken a short time after the application. I will try other gel polish to see if it will last longer, but so far it has been disappointing. It looks better than regular nail Polish.

👤The gel nails tool kit is what I needed. It's definitely worth it over visiting the nail salon. I like mixing new colors and creating my own design. The box is easy to use. I did a lot of work after I found glitter. I have to learn how to use it. The nail kit became a nail pro. It's a good thing.

👤It was very easy to use. I love it! It made me feel like I was treating myself when I used it. It makes me feel like a professional. I only gave it 4 stars because the UV light was bigger than I thought. You can put both hands in at the same time. It was a great purchase. A nail polish bag that has a spot for a UV light is a good idea because it will keep you organised and it comes with a lot of stuff.

👤I read the reviews before buying. One review said to follow the instructions that they were given. The nail polish could have lasted for at least two weeks if I had done so. I didn't like the color orange. The instructions stated that the colors on the tape may be different than what is in the bottle. I was tempted to buy more nailpolish, but I don't like wasting money. I swatched each nail polish. I am happy I did. This kit has everything. You can play with the items. You might be surprised. The yellow nail art was great. The instructions state the final drying time should be 30 seconds. Click the 99 seconds and dry your nails for an additional 99 seconds or use the 60 and then the 30 seconds to wipe your nails with nail polish remover. This sets the nails. You paid less than $35 for this kit. It isn't high-quality nail polish or nail art. You would have been paid over $100. Some paints are thick and others are liquid. Some paints look like sticker colors. You should watch them to see which ones you'll use and which ones you don't want to use. Work with it. Take your time.

9. Beetles Holiday Gel Nail Polish

Beetles Holiday Gel Nail Polish

We put together the top 6trendiest christmas colors for the year of 2021. They studied the upcoming color trends closely so you could show off a colorful, stylish manicure every time. It comes with a Christmas gel polish kit that you can make at home. The 6pcs silver glitter burgandy red gel polish colors are made from a 9 Toxin FreeIngredient which makes them safe and has a low odor. There are no harsh ingredients that cause damaged nails. It is only used for nail and skin contact. If contact occurs, wash immediately. If you feel unwell, immediately stop using and seek medical attention. The products should be kept away from the pregnant and the kids. The gel nai polish kit needs to be cured under a light for 90 to 120 seconds. Base and top coat required. If the gel is tacky, place it in hot water for 1-2 minutes and shake it. The base and gel color polish are supposed to stay sticky which can help to adhere gel polish on nails for a long time. The top coat is hard. The snow white nude grey silver glitter gel nail polish set is long lasting for 21+ days with perfect shine under the full application process. Please note. Due to different monitor settings and electronic devices colors may differ slightly, they try to make their digital color swatch as accurate as possible. It is possible to cause an allergic reaction by skin contact. Carefully read directions for use. Only used for nails. Don't touch eyes, mouth, and skin. In case of contact, rinse with water. Contact the doctor if there is an incident. If redness and itching develop, stop using the product. Don't allow children to reach you.

Brand: Beetles Gel Polish

👤Absolutely love the colors. Exactly what I wanted. I see the negative reviews and they all say that the colors are too transparent. Next time, read the description. Will definitely buy again.

👤Here is the nail tech. I bought these a few weeks ago and did a few sets with them. The colors are great and they have lasted on the nails perfectly. I have seen some reviews that said the polishes peeled or bubbled. My experience as a nail tech says that this is not the product, it is an improper application. If not cured with the proper light, gel polish will bubble/wrinkle. It is easy to apply gel polish too thick, you need thin layers, as thin as you can get. I hope the reviewers who gave these poor ratings consider retrying while focusing on proper prep, application, and curing techniques. I ordered more of this gel. I love it!

👤It dries to a smooth finish beneath the lamp.

👤These gels are a great value. I've ordered over 5 collections from this brand and have never been dissatisfied. When applied correctly, it is a very thick and long lasting liquid. The picture is not exactly the color of the polishes. The sticker is not on the cap. I just bought a seat and put it on the bottles.

👤I love the fall colors. I have read that gel polish can cause issues with bubbling, chipping, and peeling, and I know I can't apply them to my natural nails as they won't last. Apply thin layers, cap the tips, and apply acrylic or plastic nails for longevity. I am happy with the results of my application of two layers on these samples.

👤I am in love with myself. This is the first day. It looks nice. The review will be updated if the gel lasts for a long time. The colors are the same. About 1.5-2 weeks for me. I use my hands a lot. It's hard labor, lifting weights, crafting, cleaning, and building things. Prepare well! 1. Before applying a base coat, file the nail. 2. If you have a small brush on hand, you can wipe off excess gel that gets onto the skin before you apply it. If there are some bumps before you apply the gel, wipe the gel off the gel brush and even it out. People think it doesn't fully dry after you have made the top coat. You have to apply the oil at the end. I use tea tree oil because I don't have cuticle oil. Rub it in and let it sit for about 2 minutes before rinsing it off. This makes the biggest difference. I had to learn the hard way. I apply hand cream. Like going to a salon.

👤I like the brand of gel called Beetles. This was the first thing I bought from them and I'm only reviewing it now. The silver color makes me feel like a snow fairy when I wear it. Two coats of each color, half coat of a glossy top. The best way to use beetles is to stick with their brand for top and base coat. Before applying base, dry out nail beds with acetone. As thin as possible. It's good if it goes on patchy. You have time to spread the gel around on the nail. Their lamp is made to work with their polish. 90 seconds to cure with minimal heat spikes. Your mileage will vary with lamps made for other brands. I was sure that mine did. My manicures last three weeks with barely any chipping, and I'm hard on my hands. I like this stuff.

10. Beetles Gel Polish Glossy Matte

Beetles Gel Polish Glossy Matte

What do you get? 20 x Mini Gel Polish colors (0.17oz/ 5ml each bottle) + 3 x No Wipe Base and Glossy & Matte Top Coat ( 0.25oz/ 7.5ml each bottle) 20 shades of popular and trendy colors are suitable for all seasons. Everyone will love this natural white blue green pink glitter gel polish set. Perfect gifts for women. The Beetles 20pcs solid glitter gel nail polish kit are made from 9 Toxin Free Ingredient which makes it safe and has low odor. Beetles premium gel material has a brilliant shine finish and is highly pigmented. Good Tenacity and easy application, last at least 3 weeks. The nail art set is perfect for birthday, holiday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and more. It is valid for 12 months after openning. The gel nail polish kit needs to be cured under a light. It is possible to cause an allergic reaction by skin contact. Carefully read directions for use. Only used for nails. Don't touch eyes, mouth, and skin. In case of contact, rinse with water. Contact the doctor if there is an incident. If redness and itching develop, stop using the product. Don't allow children to reach you.

Brand: Beetles Gel Polish

👤The details clearly state they are. The bottles are.25 ounces. I received all the bottles. If I knew they were going to be baby bottles, I wouldn't have ordered this brand. It's a pity.

👤I love Beetles gel polishes, but the higher the qty, the smaller the bottles, so I would give this product 5 stars. I wish they were bigger bottles, at least the 7.3ml and the 2 pks.

👤These are pretty. For some, you only need one coat, because they go on so smooth. They are very shiny even without the top coat. I wish they were in bigger bottles. I would pay double the price.

👤This is better than any other gel I have used. It is easy to apply, unlike some brands. The colors are very bright and last a long time. I chip my polish and break a nail in the dental field. This polish is a dream. I am buying all the colors. I painted my nails a week and a half ago and took some pictures of it. I will recommend this brand to everyone.

👤Beautiful colors! As advertised! People don't know how to read small bottles. Apparently, oz wants to complain about that. I only use Beatles gel on my dip powder. The application was smooth and all of them have the top coat but no base. Beautiful.

👤Highly recommended. The color is rich and easy to use. The value and color choices are amazing. It is already paid for by using this one time. The top coat is beautiful. The kit is amazing. I can't believe it was so cheap. Get this kit and do yourself a favor.

👤Although the colors are beautiful, I am disappointed that I have found tiny water bubbles or bumps on my fingers. I have read reviews that show that the issue is the nail polish. I felt relief on some fingers after peeling it off. Next time, I won't take a chance on beetles. It has let me down twice.

👤The colors and quality are great. The top coat has a shine. Polish applies well. Darker colors apply a transparent polish on the first coat and are opaque on the second coat.

11. GAOY Jelly Gel Nail Polish Set Transparent UV LED Soak Off Nail Polish

GAOY Jelly Gel Nail Polish Set Transparent UV LED Soak Off Nail Polish

There are 6 UV Gel Polish colors. The nail colors are professional and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Sheer colors are available. By applying different layers, you can build it up from a translucent finish to a opaque solid finish with a precise color label on the bottle. It's odorless and tasteless. The GAOY UV Gel source all ingredients from premium manufacturers to keep the products in strict compliance with the standards of the SGS. The long-lasting NAIL GEL is pictured. The GAOY Gel Polish can last up to 4 weeks. Send them any problems and they will fix them. Customer service is top-notch. Their professional after-sale service makes shopping hassle-free.

Brand: Gaoy

👤I ordered everything I needed from Amazon because I wanted to do my own nails at home. Before I tried this one, I looked through a lot of reviews on different brands of gel polish. The starter set had all of the basic colors I wear. I used 3/6 colors and they all cured perfectly. No chips at all. I will never use regular nail polish again. I used nude color in my attached photo, took 3 coats of color, and it looks very natural. The white and black polish is more opaque than the color that it is. I was very happy with my purchase on this one.

👤1. I think these are a good choice for beginners as I have never done gel nail polish before and my first time they came out great in under 15 minutes! 2. Thin layers are required for sure gel polish. I have had no issues with chipping or not curing correctly since I went up to 4 layers and my base and top coat was not opaque. Don't blame the polish for curing wrong. I had a lamp that I never used until I bought these polishes, and every time the edge of my thumb and pinky would not cure unless I positioned my fingers like I stuck them in a live blender, not easy and tiresome. The old lamp was removed in 15 minutes but there were no issues with the edges now. 4. The formula doesn't require you to wipe down with alcohol, once I'm done, I wash my hands and return to normal duties. 5. These are small bottles, but my last color lasted 4 weeks. I had to take off the color because of the growth and it will last a year. 6. You can't beat these prices, some of the sets are on sale for $6. 7. Check out my pics, they are exactly the same. There are 8. It was shiny! I have 2 kids. I did my own nails in under 15 minutes and it turned out great, I don't have to worry about messing up my nails. Don't know what else to say. Winning!

👤I was glad I didn't let the negative reviews stop me from buying this polish. If you use thin coats, cure in between coats, and prep your nails properly, you should get long wear from this product. The best color result was achieved by three thin coats. I have had my current polish on for over two weeks and the only reason I plan to change it is because of nail growth. The glitter polishes are packed with glitter and the colors are true to the photos. This is a steal.

👤The package comes with 6 Gel Nail polishes. They are transparent, sheer and buildable. You need a UV light to clean this gel polish. I saw that a lot of reviews mentioned that it was lifting and other problems when I purchased this nail polish set. The nail polishes are amazing, you will not regret it, I have the answer. The application process is the most important thing about gel polishes. I made a list of things I do when I do my nails with gel polishes. Lifting, chipping or anything will not happen again. 1. Sanitize hands 3. Cuticles should be removed 3. The nails are shaped. Remove nail shine with a buffing block. Apply the bond. Cure 7 with base coat. Apply desired Gel Polish as many times as needed. Apply top coat to finish. If using a non wipe top coat, remove tackiness with alcohol wipe from all nails. Do not wipe in between layers when applying a coat. 11. It will make manicure last longer if all layers adhere from beginning to end. There are 12. To avoid lifting or chipping, cap the free edge on every nail.


What is the best product for best gel nail polish colors?

Best gel nail polish colors products from Jodsone. In this article about best gel nail polish colors you can see why people choose the product. Aibrit and Aimeili are also good brands to look for when you are finding best gel nail polish colors.

What are the best brands for best gel nail polish colors?

Jodsone, Aibrit and Aimeili are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gel nail polish colors. Find the detail in this article. Beetles Gel Polish, Modelones and Ejiubas are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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