Best Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series X

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1. LG Electronics 27GN750 B Compatibility Adjustable

LG Electronics 27GN750 B Compatibility Adjustable

27” full HD display. The response time is 1ms and the refresh rate is 240Hz. It is compatible with the G-SYNC. The stand has tilt, height, and pivot options.

Brand: Lg

👤I was the former owner of 3 and one. I was drawn to this market because I don't think 4K displays are worth it at this point in time. The majority are compromises, but the bandwidth requirements for running 4:4:4 subsampling, an extended color gamut, and a refresh rate of 144 Hz and beyond will be much better served by DP. I believe the experience to be the most immersive until the price to performance ratio trend of the current is changed. I can state with confidence that I have found my perfect monitor in the form of the 27GL850 from LG. It has addressed all of the quality control concerns that I have had throughout my quest of trying to get a high refresh rate display. The monitor can be referred to as having an In-Plane Switching panel as this is their proprietary term for the technology that produces the wider color gamut and viewing angles. I did not buy this display because I am a hardcore game player, but because I wanted a quality monitor with good color reproduction, a uniform panel, and good response time. My purchase was based on the chance of a monitor being made by the company. I am proud to report that this monitor delivers. The display has excellent contrast and response time. White uniformity is present across the entire screen while the colors in the factory appear correct next to my Dell. Outside of sRGB mode, the colors come off as over-saturated, although some may prefer the added vibrancy of the NanoIPS technology. Black levels are on par with most other displays that I have used, despite the measurement coming in at a somewhat lower figure than similar displays. The monitor community accepts that the fast setting is adequate in preventing overshoot. coronas are undesirable artifacts that come from the faster and fastest settings. I have had no issues with gaming despite the monitor not having a variable overdrive, as I tend to binge on games like CS:GO. I will say that the strength of the presence of the glow on my display falls on the moderate end of the spectrum because this is a review where transparency informs prospective buyers. The panel is 27 inches, which is a decent amount of real estate for this phenomenon to occur. It is important to keep in mind that this varies on a per panel basis. It is a consequence of using anIPS panel for computing purposes. It's nothing new or anything that can't be fixed by adjusting the brightness level, viewing distance, height, and angle. Placing the monitor further away is one way to remedy the situation. One way to reduce the glow is to position the screen in such a way that one's gaze meets the center of the screen, as the height of the top bezel is in relation to one's eyes. The final tip is to tilt the screen so that it reduces the glow. I can easily say that this is the best monitor I have ever used. I will not bash the most recent iteration of the high refresh rate display, the PG279QZ, as one can refer to the top review of the display to see what types of problems plague those monitors. Quality control still exists in consumer grade monitors, that is what I will say, it is a breath of fresh air. This purchase has instilled confidence in me when it comes to the brand of monitors that I buy, because no manufacturing process is going to produce near perfect monitors all of the time. I think that this model will give all monitor buyers hope that they can get a quality monitor in this market. I've attached pictures of the monitor at different brightness levels. I posted the same array of shots for this sample because I found another monitor from Micro Center. There is a small area of bleed in the top left corner. It's not noticeable on a black screen unless I raise the stand's height. Please see the pictures without the headphones if you want to identify them. The photo uploader refused to retain the sequence in which I had ordered them. There is a new word for it.

2. Pixio Display FreeSync Esports Monitor

Pixio Display FreeSync Esports Monitor

Night Vision is a black tuning device that brings out the fine details in dark areas. The WQHD is a Wide Quad High Definition display. The ultimate gaming monitor. The dynamic range between black and white is increased to show incredible clarity and details. G-sync compatible with 165Hz refresh rate. The response time is 1ms. VESA 100x100, is a low blue light, with one x DisplayPort, two x HDMI, and one x audio out. It's compatible with PC platforms. Includes power cable and stand.

Brand: Pixio

👤It's great, but it doesn't have any buttons or a control panel to change the settings of the monitor such as brightness, color contrast, etc. It looks nice. It doesn't have an onboard control panel, that's what makes me take a star away. The screen is bright but hard to see at night. I still think this is a better buy than the sceptre monitor. The 144hz works well. It's great that they included the cable. I found a way to access the menu options with a button on the back of the monitor. I don't know why it took me so long to find this.

👤It was definitely noticeable to go from a standard definition to a high definition definition. For the better. I hope this helps some of you make a decision about whether or not this monitor is right for you, because I know average joe reviews help me throughout the buying process. I have had the same AOC G2590FX for about 1.5 years. I have a great monitor, but I started to have difficulty recognizing objects at a distance. It was time to increase the resolution to 1440p. I am very impressed. The current price, performance, and features make the PX277 Prime different from the rest. I was looking for a Viewsonic, but all of my orders fell through. I wanted the Prime but couldn't get it in stock in time. I initially chose the Prime because it was the best monitor that I could find, based off advertised statistics. The color out of the box was too warm, under saturated, and not bright enough. I made a few changes and had it where I wanted it. The settings are in the associated pics. All colors seem true, blacks and gray areas are very uniform, and the refresh rate/input response is more than adequate. I don't have any hardware that will give official results, but my average gaming eyes are very happy. I have the same reaction time and performance as I had when I was playing at1080p. My ability to see farther and identify objects at distance is enhanced by the clarity and fidelity of textures. This is a great option if you have a budget. I haven't tried any other 1440p monitors, but based on available reviews online for comparable monitors in this price range, the PX277 Prime's performance is top notch. The model as of September 2020.

👤It's pretty good for the price. A sturdy metal stand base is good for build quality. The top and side of the monitor are not visible. I would adjust the settings for the monitor once it is set up. The settings I found gave me the best experience. When playing games and consuming media, the display should be set to 50 ultra-sharp and 50 ultra-vivid.

👤I've tried three monitors in a week, trying to find an affordable option for desktop gaming on the new Xbox Series X that hits most of the top-end specifications. I knew I had to choose between models that offer 4K/60fps or 1440p/ 120fps, but this monitor supports both over the HDMI-1 connection. Series X can give you both worlds if you want to play them. The 27" ISP panel is easy to see and use for text/web work. The colors and sharpness are excellent. This model is a great choice for anyone looking at a console gaming monitor.

3. LG 27GL83A B Ultragear Compatible Monitor

LG 27GL83A B Ultragear Compatible Monitor

There is a dentist approved whitening gel that can be used with any teeth Whitening trays. 27 inch QHD. The display has anIPS display. The response time is 1ms and the refresh rate is 144Hz. It is compatible with the G-SYNC. Surface treatment 25%, 3H. The design has a side virtually borderless design. The stand can be tilt, height, and pivot. The dimensions without stand are 24.2 x 14.2 x 2.2 inches.

Brand: Lg

👤After 2 days of use, the monitor broke. It flickers every 6.5 seconds. I swapped cables. No one could get it to work. Different computers were put into it. Same result. I submitted an online support ticket. Bad things happen. The monitor broke, but I am not upset. The production process is not flawless. My concern is the support process. I received it on Friday. It malfunctioned on Sunday. I received an email almost immediately after submitting the online support request. We will call you as soon as possible. The word is "call." I received an email from "Arianne" on Monday reminding me of the ticket number and telling me to look for more correspondence with shipping labels and links to create support requests. I hate these emails. The automated response could have done that. Since I created the ticket which kicked off this process, I don't need instructions or links to accomplish what I've already done. These emails are designed to appease the individual. I find them condescending. I received the instructions to arrange a FedEx pick up on Tuesday night. The monitor was picked up by FedEx. It has been 7 days since the problem was reported, there is no mention of when I will get a replacement, no contact with any support professional, and no call. I called them. When I can expect a replacement was the question I asked. It broke after 2 days and is under warranty. The warranty can be a repair or replace warranty. They have 10 business days to try and fix it. If it is an easy fix, it could take a couple of days. If they determine that it is not repairable or cost effective to fix, I will get a replacement or a refund. I am told to allow 3-4 days shipping each way. For those keeping count, that means 3-4 days to them, 10 business days for assessment and repair, and 3-4 days return trip. I paid for a monitor, got 2 days of use out of it, and won't have it back in working order for up to 20 days if everything goes well. I will wait a full month for a monitor I already paid for, and then be given a refund, purchase a replacement, and wait another week for delivery if everything goes wrong. I expect something to work when I spend a few hundred dollars. I expect a replacement if it is faulty. They are promising more of the same, but nothing has been prompt thus far. Don't tell me you're going to call and then I'll have to reach out to you a full week later. I am not overjoyed at the prospect of doing business with the company in the future, so I hope it becomes a refund scenario. I called the support of the company again last week because they still seem unable to give me any guidance or information. I was told the monitor was still moving. It is now May 17th, 14 days since I submitted the support request. I called the support number to get an update. The support person told me that the repair team has not received the monitor yet, but he will contact me once they have it. He told me to keep my line clear and to expect a phone call. My email address was taken down because they will send periodic updates of repair progress. That part is concerning since that information is already in the system with the tick repair. I haven't received a call or email yet. Since I submitted the request 2 weeks ago, my repair status has been "Appointment Confirmation." There is a third update. It's May 31st. My monitor is still listed as being in repair. I have had contact with them twice since my last update. They called me when I was about to file a complaint on their website. This is their standard support process, all that person did was reiterate it. He told me that they would update me on a regular basis after taking down my number and email address. The only contact they have started is the call. I have not received any updates in any format. I called them again on the 26th to get a progress update and was told that it had not yet been repaired and parts had been ordered. He told me to expect the monitor between the 27th and 31st. We can all guess how accurate the information was, since how the ticket shows it still hasn't been repaired is obvious. June 1st is the fourth update. The support request has been submitted for 29 days. Yesterday was the deadline for them to complete repair, replacement, or refunds. The repair facility is waiting on parts which will not be available until next week. I requested that they escalate the call to a manager since they are in violation of their own terms. I was told that they would transfer the call but I would get the same information. They are past their own deadline and this is unacceptable. There needs to be a resolution today and I need to be transferred to someone who can make that happen. Please hold, he says. I was on hold for half an hour. June 1st update part 2. I spoke to a woman who explained the following to me after I had been on hold for over an hour. They should never have given me that. They can't guarantee those expectations. 2. She will initiate the process for me, but can't do it herself. The repair department is the only one who can initiate a replacement or refund request. She will send the email back to her. They should call me back in a few days to let me know what they say. " 3. The parts that are needed to fix my monitor are not in order. I am still losing. The department that has failed me repeatedly are the only ones who can resolve the issue. I should kiss my money goodbye. I have used the "Email the President" feature on the website, but I am not holding my breath. While I like the products of the company and have purchased many of them over the years, the support system is the worst I have ever encountered and I will not purchase any of their products in the future. June 8th is the sixth update. On June 1st, no one called me back. The original monitor was supposed to be repaired, but it showed up at my door yesterday. I set it up by biting my tongue. It seemed to work well last night. It is back to flickering, but only for 3 seconds this morning. The monitor is worse than when I sent it in. I called the support of the company and they said they would ask me to send the monitor back for more repairs. I said I want my money back. I'm on hold again to speak with someone. After speaking with "executive support" on the 8th, I was told they were going to submit a request for a refund and someone would call me back on the 10th or 11th. The 14th is now. I called the support desk again and was told that no request had been processed. I'm on hold again for executive support. This has moved from being frustrating to bordering on theft. I spoke to a woman who said she needed to put me on hold to find a co-worker I spoke to last week. She came back on the line and gave the same greeting. I told her I was waiting for her to find the co-worker. She hung up on me. The person from the executive support/ services team said the following: 1. The request for a refund was not submitted last week. I've been waiting for a week on a callback to see the status of something they never actually did. 2. They have a policy of getting two repair chances before they consider a refund. 3. I have not allowed them a second chance at repairs so they can't submit the refund request. I reached out to them via the president feature, but only received one response. I haven't heard from them since that person said they were my case manager. I have reached out via social media. I have tracked them down by phone on a regular basis because they never follow up on their promises. I know they don't call me back because they don't take the actions they tell me they will, and if I don't call them, I'll never know that I'm sitting with a broken monitor. This isn't customer support. Charlie is my case manager. The request for a refund has been submitted and forwarded to someone higher up. Sounds familiar, that takes 7 days. If it is approved, I will get a refund in 3-6 weeks. If it's rejected, I have to send the monitor in again, and if it works as it did before, I'll get it back in August. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. So lose. June 26th is the 11th update. There were 10 business days to review a refund request. I responded to Charlie's text message on the 14th. I received a text from Charlie that said, "This is Charlie from LG following up with you regarding your case." Until this is resolved, I will be your case manager. You will be receiving updates on your case. You don't need to call customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly. Is anyone surprised I haven't received any updates regarding my case? I was surprised that I did not get a response to my inquiry yesterday. Me not. The saga continues. I haven't updated this in a while because I thought I was done with it. I'm not. There is a I have to give them two repair attempts to get my refund. I sent it back. I received it on my doorstep. The case tracker says repairs haven't even been started, and no updates or notifications have been sent since I sent it back. It's on my doorstep, without a power cable. I explained the issue to the person who called in. I was put on hold while the rep went to investigate. He told me that he sent it to someone above him and that person would review it and get back to me. I asked for a time limit. He can't tell me when they'll have time to reach out. He hung up on me after I told him that was unacceptable. July 30th is the 13th update. I called the executive management hotline for two days and they are no longer taking my calls. I called the repair facility off of the shipping labels, not because they are a bad place to do repairs, but because they are a good place to do repairs. I was told that I could return the monitor for a third attempt at repairs. I explained that I didn't know if it needed repairs because I couldn't plug it in to check. She arranged to ship me a power cable after closing the return request. The Executive Support number sent a text message to me. Our service records show that you spoke with a Presidential Liaison, is that correct? Please let us know by selecting a number. 1) Yes 2. I did not speak to any presidential liaison and responded accordingly. I don't know what that question and response will lead to. The power cable arrived today, and it appears the monitor may be functioning properly. I will leave it running and re-verify tomorrow since the issue has never been presented. The guy who hung up on me on the 26th told me that they were doing their best to help me. I hope my experience isn't what they consider to be their best. I can confirm the monitor is working. I have been using it for a week now and the flickering has not returned. Since they sent the missing power cable, there has been no contact from them, and no follow-up on the text that I had received. I am not calling to let them know that they have fixed it because they don't really care. Beware of the support of the company. It took over 3 months to get the broken device fixed. Toodles.

4. G STORY Portable Monitor Included) Freesync

G STORY Portable Monitor Included%EF%BC%89 Freesync

The song is free-sync. FreeSync technology decreases lag and motion blur to create a stutter and tear free advantage in first person shooter, racers and real-time strategy games. The portable monitor is completely integrated with the Xbox Series X, so you can carry it everywhere with you. The G-STORY 4K portable monitor has native resolution. It can provide you with four times the resolution of FHD1080P. It is a perfect portable monitor. The portable gaming monitor is equipped with two HDMI ports, it works for your laptop, iPad, Nintendo Switch and so on. The resolution of the HDMI port 2 will drop to1080P if the refresh rate is increased to 120Hz, but the port 1 will still support 4K@30HZ. The portable gaming monitor is equipped with FreeSync technology, which helps eliminate image tearing and stuttering, and deliver better pictures to provide you an excellent gaming experience. If you have any questions about the monitor, please feel free to contact them. They will reply to you within 12 hours and give you a solution.

Brand: G-story

👤I've been looking for ways to make the Series X more portable. I got a G-Story portable monitor for my birthday last year, but something integrated would be better. There were some things that gave me pause. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get 4K 120 frames per second before I got the 12.5" screen. The monitor's size wasn't a source of disappointment for me. The Series X has a screen that is oriented horizontally. It would look ridiculous if it was any bigger, but it would end up in the path of the heat that blew out the console. The size is perfect for the integrated theme that G-Story is going for. It's all that's missing, even though the lack of 4K120 seems like a missed opportunity. A missed opportunity. If you're willing to go down to a lower resolution, you can still get 120 frames per second. If you're going for the quality performance with highest quality graphics and raytracing added in, you're still going to be getting roughly 60 frames per second, so a 4K60 screen is going to be just fine. The design of the laptop screen and the limitations on the number of frames per second are thought out to get the best possible visual quality. The picture quality is spot on for most media, though I would suggest changing the color temperature on the console when you power it up to warm it up. It makes the picture quality pop. The speakers are one thing that I have to mark as a surprise. You can get a bit of 3D sound design through the stereo speakers. I've been pleasantly surprised that I haven't increased the volume above the default 50% or any of the sound quality settings in the monitor's settings. The sound quality is good and the balance of bass and treble is very good, but the sound is a bit more realistic when it comes to echoes. There are probably ways that they could increase the function by adding at least one more speaker, but there is also a jack that you can use to add that in yourself. There are two extra jacks that you can use on this monitor. If you have two consoles, you could hook one up and the other up. You can set the settings for lower resolution if you want. I had to change the monitor output after my first test run to get the 4K60) because it wasn't clear which was which. I let G-Story know that there was a lack of clarity and that they might put more documentation on which port is which. This is a small issue, but it is still an issue. Attaching the monitor to the console can be a bit of work upon first installation. I let G-Story know. The reviewer had a little trouble attaching the console, so I shared that with them. They said that they would have their engineering team look into it, so this slight issue could be fixed as well.

5. ASUS VG27WQ1B Supports Adaptive Sync DisplayPort

ASUS VG27WQ1B Supports Adaptive Sync DisplayPort

2 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 port, 1 The WQHD is 2560x1440. The 1500R curved gaming monitor has an ultrafast 165Hz refresh rate and is designed for professional gaming. The Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology by the ASUS allows a 1ms response time and eliminates ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals. The FreeSync Premium technology is supported through the HDMI and DP ports. Shadow boost enhances image details in dark areas. There is a robust connection with HDMI x2. There is a DisplayPort 1.2. TUV Rheinland certification for low blue light and flicker-free eye care technology from ASUS ensures a comfortable viewing experience. The gaming experience is improved by support of HDR10

Brand: Asus

👤I am not sure if I got a bad unit or not, but this monitor was pretty bad. The response time was bad and I returned it. The ghosting effect was worse than my 6 year old Acer GN246HL 24" 144hz that I am trying to upgrade. The mode didn't make a difference and the brightness was reduced substantially. I don't understand how companies can charge so much for products in 2020. The user guide states that this is 4ms. The product description didn't mention 4ms. These companies need to be sued. Trust me, you don't want this monitor sitting on your desk.

👤It is amazing! I will be writing a review to answer my own questions. In the x tv resolution settings, it supports 4k at 60hz for certain apps, but it also supports 120hz for games. It is the perfect option for next generation consoles. It was very crisp.

👤The 1660 owner has a compatible monitor. The motion blur and stuttering that came with it was a little disappointing. It wasn't the card, it was the monitor. The "tweaking" you can do with this particular monitor is very minimal. elmb was disabled that didn't work. In amd software, freesync was enabled but disabled. It didn't work, but it might be due to the VA panel that you won't know until you do more research on it. Motion blur and stuttering are distraction in fast paced games, they don't smooth out my experience in game. I play on a monitor. You can't go back to full HD when you go to 1440p, so I'd have better time playing on higher resolutions. If you're looking for a good gaming monitor that's for fast paced games than this is not the one for you. I hope I can help you with the right monitor.

👤I'm in love with this monitor. The display is large and has a beautiful picture. Sometimes, I see a flicker around bright parts of the picture with some games. I'm not sure what's going on. I think it's something to do with some settings. Will look into it more. The flicker was caused by the freesync of theAMD.

👤This product is not user friendly. I couldn't get the settings out of Racing Mode. When I ran a movie, I noticed that some of the images weren't perfect. The tech support for the company did a reset, but nothing. Returned.

👤It's nice to look at. I am not experiencing the lack of brightness that others have mentioned. This is a great recommendation for gaming. The first monitor arrived damaged and was sent out by Asus.

👤It has been pretty good since it was upgraded from a1080 to this. It is not the best. I haven't messed with the setting yet. Came on time. I will make sure to change my post if something happens. Loving it so far! Would recommend.

👤Tena un monitor de 24 pulgadas, de 75 Hz, por lo tanto comentaré. Se ve raro, pero al mismo tiempo se siente. embargo a la hora de jugar te adentras en el juego, no te dascuenta, el monitor es cruvo. 7 modos de imagen, 3 de ellas, and 4 otras tienen algunas restricciones. No se nota en la noche, jugando no se nota, lo es el 70% del tiempo, solo. S t, a usar el monitor para verNetflix, etc, y conciertos de youtube quizs, s te investigar y optar por un monitor sin problemas de sangrado de luz. Con sangrado de luz me refiero, pero no muestra un nivel de negro uniforme. de arriba y de abajo de la pantalla ms brillantes. La resolucin y tamao tiene un grado de confort ideal. El monitor is compatible with Gsync and the display port. Hay videos en youtube, pero han comprobado, y ms rpido online. No aumenta mucho, ya se siente bastante fluido por lo, no se siente el cambio tan abismal, yo tengo una 2070 por lo Red Dead Redemption 2 has a 90 o 100 Hz and a 120 o 165 Hz. No hay mucha diferencia, pero el usar HDR con algn juego no se puede calibrar la imagen. El playstation con una TV Sony o SAMSUNG tienes mil veces, pero tienes configurar la imagen al gusto. En conclusin, creo that el monitor is excelente, estoy. No lo. He sentido a super revolucionario y super necesario. I am afecta porque real, para mostrar imgenes con un degradado de tonos. THe buscar un monitor tiene tenga calidad de imagen, sea 1440p. y 75 No tenga el sangrado de luz, son ms baratos, pero también puedas utilizarlo para ver pelculas y series. El monitor est excelente, la diferencia de costo No es tanta y aqu tienes a lot of things, including the doble de pixeles, a mouse, and a 60 Hz. The monitor ideal, por el problema del sangrado de luz ser molesto al ver pelculas y series. There is a change to be made. Para correrlo, lo tengo en Ventana Sin Bordes, con el V sync, a 140 hertz screen tearing gracias. A 140 hertz todo se ve super fludo, real, pero donde ms se nota el cambio de 60 hertz. A satisfecho con a monitor. Después de un par de meses de uso, ya estoy. He tiene un buen nivel de confort, pero a m. Con respecto al sangrado de luz, ya vi a qué se debe, al ser monitor, para ver todos los pixeles. Nos alejamos del monitor, pero nos volvemos acercar a 40 o 50 cm.

6. Sceptre 30 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 30 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

The technology is called HDMI. The monitor has a Full HD resolution. 5ms GTG is the response time. The refresh rate is up to 200Hz. The refresh rate is more than double the standard rate, giving the gaming community an edge in visibility as frames transition instantly, leaving behind no blurred images. The smooth video and seamless on the spot movement of the game players is thanks to the free sync feature. Due to the differences between a graphics card's frame rate and a monitor's refresh rate, Free Sync almost eliminates tearing and stuttering. Scepter's custom set display settings are built for an enhanced gaming experience. First person shooter, real-time strategy. Blue light can cause eye fatigue, irritation and strains. This will allow you to work on documents, watch movies, or play games longer. The VESA wall mount pattern makes it easy to mount the Scepter monitor on the wall. You will be able to save a lot of space and view the screen in a good position.

Brand: Sceptre

👤I upgraded to this from a 29 inchIPS Ultra Wide from the year before that died on me. I can see the difference between a VA and anIPS panel, as the colors have less pop, but that's to be expected. The features are great and the construction is nice. The iot feels like a much larger screen than the one I got from the company. Maybe that's the effect of the display being curved? It's interesting to me. I can clearly see the difference when playing games at high refresh rates, like Warframe, which has a 200hz refresh rate. Freesync is also great. I don't experience motion blur with VA panels with this high of a refresh rate. The PC I used with this is with a Ryzen 7 1700 at 3.8 GHz and a Radeon RX 580 8GB. This supports true Picture-in-Picture, which is something I didn't have when I had the LG monitor. I love this feature, as I have my PS4 hooked up to this monitor, and I also love that there is a spare HDMI connection to go. I'm happy to see that the monitor has a feature like this. It's a bit frustrating to use, for the biggest caveat of the display. 1. The screen is mounted on a stand. The included VESA wall mount adapter does not give proper clearance for the screw that some of these VESA wallmounts use, as was mentioned by another reviewer. I only have this screwed in at the four corners because it will flex against the middle screw. I don't think this will cause the display to fall, as it is light, but it would be nice if the adapter had a built in indent to compensate for that screw. 2. The most important is this one. When Freesync is enabled, the display will stretch the connection to the full size of the monitor. I was confused as to why my PS4 kept stretching its output to fill the screen even though I chose a different display setting. I was able to correct this by disabling Freesync. I like to switch between the two displays. If someone from Sceptre is reading these, please put in the time to correct this because I am sure it can be done via a firmware update. I am very happy with this monitor, but it is not perfect. This is a brand new monitor and I hope this review helps. Sceptre was one of the first screen manufacturers to make a high definition tv, and I was the first person to own a high definition tv. A friend of mine still uses the TV that I gave him, and it's not a problem. The display is great, outside of the glitch.

👤Coming down from a predator. So far, I'm impressed with what you get. The monitor was clean when it came in. The colors are vibrant, not as good as a predator, but more than good enough with the contrast, which knocked my xb271hu out of the water. I had no problem changing the settings in the osd. Freesync isn't as good as nvidia's proprietary hardware based gsync but it is more than good enough and you won't notice any difference unless you look for differences. The main reason for this was to look for a slight tearing at sub 60 frames per second range while moving back and forth and up and down rapidly. I was able to extend the freesync range slightly to 40-200hz with cru. The VA panel had an advertised 5ms response and was expected to have ghosting at higher refresh rates. Even though I took this up 150 to 200 frames in overwatch, there was no ghosting. There is no black desert online, no shadow of war, noRB Siege, no warframe, and nowitcher 3. My system was an rtx 2080/ r7 2700x 16gb of 3000mhz c16.

7. BenQ XL2746S Equalizer Competitive Adjustable

BenQ XL2746S Equalizer Competitive Adjustable

A smooth gaming experience can be achieved with a high refresh rate. 120hz compatible for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Dynamic Accuracy Plus technology provides clarity during fast motion. The advantage of the battlefield is given by the exclusive color vibrance and black equalizer technology. The optimal gaming experience is provided by the response time of 0.5ms. The shield helps players focus on the game. S - switch allows players to navigate the menu, save custom display profiles, and change monitor settings in an instant with the press of a button.

Brand: Benq

👤I bought a Benq monitor in May of last year and it was a nice one, but just today I was playing a game and the screen went blank, the audio was still on the ground. I thought the HDMI cord was faulty, but it wasn't. The 'White Screen of Death' was replaced with a new one. Hopefully, I will get a replacement for BenQ. I might change my rating if I reply back to this review. I tried my old monitor again and it worked. I had my computer back. I'm really upset that this could happen in less than a year. After speaking with BenQ Customer Service. They replaced my monitor without any hassle. It was good to have my monitor back. The customer service was responsive and fast. I have changed my rating to a 4-star. If my first gaming monitor didn't break on me, I would give this a 5 star rating.

👤First thing is, most gaming enthusiasts are wondering if a 240hz monitor is really better than a 144hz one. The answer is 100%. Yes! I could see the difference after I upgraded from an ASUS monitor. The old XL2540 does not allow 120hz on consoles, whereas the new one allows it. Zowie lowered the price on this by removing the S shield and the shields that go on the monitor, which was $400, compared to the old XL2540 which was $400. The S switch, monitor shields, and DYAC are included in the XL2546K. The monitor is much cheaper than the one in the XL2547K, and it's not used by many CSGO pros. I was surprised to see that the monitor was well priced at $329, but I was impressed that they removed the extra accessories to get the price down, since I don't need any of those things. The monitor I bought is amazing for my game, and the difference is so big that I am very satisfied with the purchase. Zowie support will help you with any questions or problems if you send them a message on social media.

👤Zowie frabrican los monitores gaming. es magnifico por su calidad de imagen. No se compara con the monitor. The modelo zl2540k recomiendo 100 %.

👤I returned both of my items. I decided to stay with TN, but my XL2546K is not the one. It's sharper than the ACER, but it has a lot of inverse ghosting even with OD gain on 0. The text looks bad while scrolling. I didn't like it at all. It added a little bit more lag. I noticed a lot of artifacts while browsing the internet. I've seen tests of the Xl2547K and the Xl2547S and they are both better than the other. The S has less artifacts and less overshoot. Benq discontinued the S, so I'm going to buy the XL2540K and the VG258QM. When you switch from 0 to 1 the light areas become darker and the black equalizer is bugged. I kept the VG258QM because going from 0 to 1 shouldn't change anything on this monitor.

8. BenQ XL2411K Ergonomic Customizable Compatible

BenQ XL2411K Ergonomic Customizable Compatible

A smooth gaming experience can be achieved with a 144Hz refresh rate. 120Hz gaming on consoles. Dynamic Accuracy technology makes vigorous in-game actions. Smaller base allows for more space in their set-up for in-game movements. The free tilt design and increased height adjustment range give you more flexibility. Share your settings and apply recommended color modes to your game title. Quick access menu can be modified.

Brand: Benq

👤The monitor broke after two months. I didn't hear back from them until the broken unit showed up on my doorstep, after I sent it back in via an RMA. They didn't even send a confirmation email. They said it wasn't covered by the warranty and that it was physical damage. I did not do anything to it. There was nothing else they could do after they offered a 20% discount on a refurbished one. This was a new monitor that was only two months old and broke down without my fault. I used to recommend this brand for gaming, but not anymore.

👤I had a Ben Q for a long time. The panel lottery is not good. I got a pretty good after getting a previous one. I wanted to upgrade the monitor because I needed a displayport for my new computer. I read that the Viewsonic XG2 was better than the XL 2411z. I got that as a replacement. I was not happy with the viewing angles to the point where you can't sit at the monitor and see it properly. The contrast ratio was not good. I decided to pay more for a better monitor. It doesn't seem to exist yet. I saw a list of the best monitors and the top one was the $500 Acer Nitro XV273IPS. The replacement monitor was terrible and the glow on it made me angry. You can see from a web search that the glow is normal. If you're willing to sacrifice ultimate response times for better image quality, VA is what you want. The VA I got (AOC C 27G1) was nice, but due to the slow response times, it has a noticeable smearing/flicker on high contrast areas, which ruins its prowess on darks/blacks. So back to BenQ? If I was happy with my life. XL 2411z. This newer monitor should be upgraded. Unfortunately not. It has the same bad viewing angles as the XG2928, yet it has worse response times and black/backlight uniformity. You can see the terrible viewing angles in the pictures. The Tomb Raider scene I loaded had a lot of overshoot on tree trunks. I didn't notice it in either game. I have a VA monitor. The issues with these other monitors are more serious than the high contrast issues. The motion blur on this TN is similar to the motion blur on the 240hzIPS, so maybe it nullifies the VA issue a bit. You don't need a monitor for competitive gaming. Black letters on a white background are only visible in some high contrast areas. You don't need a lot of power either. I could not tell the difference between them. There is no ideal monitor right now, you are sacrificing one thing for another. Some back light bleed on any type of monitor degrades black environments. The response times were the worst. The best VA I've been able to find is the one that has a smearing problem on high contrast areas like black text and white background. It can be seen on a dark fence or a book shelf. It's rare in games, but can contribute to ruining dark scenes and thus any VA-benefit to blacks is largely nullified. It made me want to try again. Blacks and image quality are worse than before. The response times are the best. I play casual games now that I have played competitive games. You could easily go pro with a VA monitor if you wanted to. Try to find the one with the best viewing angles and blacks, and least defects. I have no idea, but it's not the highly rated XG2 The response times are not much different for highly competitive games. It only matters when it manifest as obvious phenomena such as the high contrast areas being smeared on the VA monitor I tried. IPS is a scam. Only a small percentage of users should buy if they need accurate colors. 1/3 of their monitor will be inaccurate because of the glow in the IPS. My VA has a better viewing angle than my IPS, which has a worse one. I tried all of the monitors and they had the same levels of motion blur.

9. SAMSUNG 27 Inch Odyssey G7 Monitor

SAMSUNG 27 Inch Odyssey G7 Monitor

The ports include DisplayPort 1. There is an impressionist impressionist. The 1000R panel from Odyssey matches the curve of the human eye for maximum eye strain and immerses you in the game. The WQHD solution is to make your gaming world more realistic. WQHD resolution boasts incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images. With more space to take in all the action, you can see a full view. G-SYNC and freeSYNC are from the movie G-SYNC. Dropping frames means putting your opponent in the dirt. Odyssey matches every frame from your graphics card, so you are never caught short from moment to moment. The rate is rapid. Topping the charts never looked or felt so smooth. Odyssey has a rapid refresh rate that will give you up to four times the number of frames displayed on screen compared to a traditional screen. Odyssey's Infinite Core is a striking addition to any desktop, matching world firsts in technology, with stunning visual design. The lightening fast time is 1ms. The difference between your destruction and your enemy's can be a fraction of a second. You can be sure that you are getting information as fast as possible with Odyssey's grey to grey 1ms response time. The cutting edge QLED technology. The picture quality is perfect with every frame. The highest class of color reproduction can be achieved with 125% more color space compared to sRGB. Odyssey's HDR 600 brings incredible depth to the worlds you choose to explore, revealing the smallest hidden details so you don't miss a thing.

Brand: Samsung

👤It was turned on to find a dead object. No matter how good a monitor is, a single deadpixel makes it worthless.

👤First off, I'm playing this monitor with a 2080 Ti. I was looking for a monitor that could push it to the limit 99% of the time, but this thing is so fast that it can't. This thing is fantastic. The curve is very noticeable, unlike other monitors that I have owned in the past. It feels like you are more in the screen than before. I would give it a 5 star for the tech in the monitor. I don't like the stand that it is on, and I don't understand the light on the back of the monitor. The stand is shaking. It's annoying that this is a pretty spending monitor, and you can't see the lights, but it's also annoying that you can't see them. There is no reason to be there. I think it's strange for others to see it. I might have to get a new stand for it if I take the RGB off and give me a better stand for the same amount of money. I still love this monitor after trying a lot of games. The colors on this monitor are amazing. I don't use the g-sync because of two reasons, the first being that I get some weird screen flickering when I load screens and such, and the second being that I don't like it. I don't want to use it. The second reason is that it cuts the refresh down to 144, which I don't like. I am still looking for a solution to the screen shaking on my desk. It is very noticeable with a large monitor. If you want a monitor that looks good if not better, then you should get anIPS monitor with color. The fast response time is something you want. This is the monitor to use. But... I had to put it to the test. If you open the box, set it up, and then put it on faster response, it will blow your mind. It did for me, and the runs with my 2080 TI are amazing.

👤There are too many reviews with incorrect information. I'm going to break it down. If you want to get a 10 Bit color, you need a graphics card that can hold 8 bit. This has to be set manually in the control panels. If you plan to game with this, you will need a graphics card that is capable of achieving 240HZ. If you want to use as much as possible of the refresh rate advantage, you need a very high end graphics card. The ones it comes with are the proper display port cables. The latest firmware update completely solved the issue of flickering. The latest update contains a control that you have to set in the monitor menu. When the screen is completely black, the backlight is visible. It's not oled and it's not flannel. It has light zones. This should not be a problem for the reason to buy this monitor. I got a stuck pixels. It was many in different areas. I bought from Amazon. It was shipped back. There were no issues with the different one. There is an issue with the panels broken in shipping. The 1000R curves break at a high percentage. There is no way around this due to the curve and carrier handling. You can buy them from a big box store. They are usually shipped on a pallet together. My mac can't detect this all the time. This appears to be true at the moment, as I have to plug the cable back in. Since the 90s, windows has been doing this simple thing and apple can't seem to get it. A lot of monitors on the latest build of Big Sur are not compatible with the new apple silicone with their own cpu/gpu. I used the m1 PROC to observe it. It doesn't have the ultimate gysnc module. The BOM can be found on the internet. Would you pay double for this monitor to have that module? I can't tell you the difference between this and gysnc ultimate on a x 27 predator, I have no idea. In my opinion, the service from the company is terrible. I have read a lot of bad comments about interacting with them. I bought from Amazon and made sure everything was working. There are some vertical lines on broken rows. The VA panel may have them. They show up in certain colors on the monitor. I don't think most people will notice unless they are looking at quality and tight about it. If you think so, you'll get a high from ghosting. Youtuve has videos of the test. This thing has low response times. The gtg 1ms HDR has no FALD. They do not advertise it as FALD. Some games have a noticeable difference with the use of HDR. This isn't an issue with the monitor. I think that the level of work that HDR does is pretty much what you pay for. Why did the five star review come up? 1. The curve is 1000R. For me eye comfort is life changing. 2. A 10 Bit color. I have never seen a smoother game. The game is playing beautifully if you can run at a high frame rate. There is a huge difference between the two, but it is still awesome. The window movement and any motion that can take advantage is smooth. 4. The lighting is nice. The color is nice. The FALD 1000 NIT wow factor is not HDR. I think it's pretty good. 7. Overall design... Very nice. It stands out. There are 8. The power cable is long. I have a desk that is slightly higher than usual. This one did. There are 9. There are two displays, a dual display and a single display. The settings are adjusted for gaming, response, and performance. 11. The monitor button is on. It was nice to switch between computers. 12 Bezel... It's not a thing, but it's a part of the device which makes it look smaller. 13 There was a vesa mount plate in mine. There are 14. Is this monitor perfect? No, its not. Is this monitor for something really special? Yes, it is. I like this monitor. You can fix all the flaws. I don't want to ever use another x 27 predator or a asus pg 27uq because they are the best monitors ever made. Reality is my go to monitor.

10. ASUS VG289Q Monitor FreeSync DisplayPort

ASUS VG289Q Monitor FreeSync DisplayPort

KYY has an ultra-Slim high-quality portable external monitor that can work in both landscape and portrait mode, a stable foldable smart cover, 2 usb-c cable, mini-hdmi to hdmi cable, and a lot more. It has a black metal appearance, a friendly menu control wheel for setting, 2 built-in stereo speakers, and 3.5mm audio inputs to offer an enhanced entertainment experience when viewing videos and playing games. The 28-inch 4K gaming monitor has crisp and detailed visuals. It is compatible with the industry-standard high dynamic range for color and brightness levels that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors. The technology supports both adaptive-sync and freesync with the graphics cards. Shadow boost technology enhances image details in dark areas. There is a flexible connection with DisplayPort 1 2 and HDMI x2. The stand has a tilt pivot and height adjustments.

Brand: Asus

👤I'm very pleased with the ability of this monitor to display colors. Most other monitors have a sRGB color space, but at this price range, it's rare to see a 90% DCI-P3 color space. For those who think I'm speaking alien, you can see the movie in most newer phones and tablets. A simple test is to take a picture of my older DELL monitor and the new ASUS VG289Q. I can see the colors and details in the areas shown by DELL. I used the color sampler tool to make sure that the color in this shadow area is not black. The colors on the ASUS are more vivid in mid tones. If I need to print, I can switch to sRGB mode and check the colors there. The brightness can't be adjusted in the sRGB mode. It's too bright for the ambient light in my room. The movies are eye candy. The text looks sharp due to the high resolution. There are glowing technical reviews on Tomshardware.

👤There weren't many reviews for this particular monitor on Amazon. I love this monitor for my PS4 Pro. There are colors on the screen. This is the monitor that you need for PS4 Pro/Xbox One X. Even though it's only 60hz, it should be good for PS5/Xbox Series X. I'll be happy with this monitor for my PS5 if I see games use 120hz, but I'm not sure if that will be supported by the next-gen consoles.

👤The awful flicker that others are getting is what I got after two months. I would have liked to have seen that issue in the reviews. After about 3 or 4 minutes with the flicker, my monitor turned back on. It gave me an instant eye pain and would happen mostly in white background and RDP sessions. I will be without a monitor for weeks because I threw my box away, and I'm sure this will be a warranty hassle. I was in the demo mode and it would stop sometimes. I stopped it with a combo that was similar to Racing mode with blue light off. It seems that any other combo just starts to fade. I'm pretty sure this will end up being a warranty issue. I would steer clear of this monitor, even though it checks a lot of boxes. I was considering a long time with this and I probably should have gotten the DELL.

👤I finally found a great monitor. The black levels in this monitor are the best I have seen so far, and that is ok as it has some glow in the dark. Second of all, people are complaining about the fact that they're using HDR on non supported games. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a good example of a game that has terrible HDR implementation to begin with and is washed out when turned on. Spider man, God of war, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon zero of Dawn are games that I have tried on this monitor and it looks great with high Dynamic range for PS4 pro. I don't understand why this isn't vesa HDr certified, while the other series are. I have listed the monitors in the series that have the "400" HDr certification, but they do not exceed 350 nits, which is funny since the Asus TUF Gaming VG289 has a peak brightness of 350 nits. This is a great monitor that has the best black levels for anIPS monitor and it is of better quality than the more expensive UN series. Any game that has black levels is much more atmospheric and immersive regardless of the resolution. Cyberpunk on PC, set at1080p, looks great on this monitor due to the black levels. What are the cons? The buttons and the display options are not intuitive. You have to go into the OSD to turn your volume up or down, because there are no volume buttons or wheel. It only comes with a display port cable and does not have an HDMI cable. The wire connection locations are placed in the back rather than horizontally. There are no quick buttons for input changes. You have to go into the menu to change your input from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 to display port. The monitor performs very well in the image quality department, so it's a good thing that the cons don't have to do anything with that. I feel they skimped on these technical issues in order to give you an amazing display for this price, so the shortcuts that were made to offer such an amazing picture for this price, are mostly the cons I have listed, and it did not come at the expense of image quality which is There is no reason to think that 60hertz is a con for people who are not planning to play games higher than 60 frames per second. It is a con for people who care more about performance in games than image quality. Only a few games will run at 4k 120 hertz on the PS5 or the xbox series x, and they will not take advantage of the triple A monitors. You should not base your monitor shopping decision on that. Does the PS5 box state that games will run at 8k on PS5 and that you should buy an 8k TV to "future proof" yourself? Absolutely not. Advertising is something that children do.

11. GTEK F2740C Frameless FreeSync DisplayPort

GTEK F2740C Frameless FreeSync DisplayPort

The 27 inch Full HD 1920 x1080 display has a refresh rate of 240Hz and a response time of 1ms. Ultra-fast. Their ultra fast screens eliminate image tearing, motion blur, and other effects to create advantages for all players and allow for perfectly smooth game or picture motion; creating advantages for split second decisions when gaming. The perfect gaming platform with less wasted room from your monitor is Fiercely designed and constructed. Multi-monitor setup are connected with the ultra-thin design. Flexibility in communication. There are many connections for the gaming monitor. The wide range of connections allow for easy connection of laptops, computers and gaming consoles. The song is free-sync. FreeSync technology decreases lag and motion blur to create a stutter and tear free advantage in first person shooter, racers and real-time strategy games.

Brand: Gtek

👤Quality. The monitor looks amazing. After 15 minutes of unpacking, the monitor was installed. The monitor was thin and light when I installed it. It seems that the big box brands did not cheap out on the quality of the monitors. It was sturdy and well built. The images and movies were beautiful and crisp. I have noticed a huge difference in my signal. The flicks were a lot better after I upgraded to 240Hz. There is USABILITY. If you don't know, you have to go into your windows and set the refresh rate to either 120 or 60hz. I was able to use all the ports on the monitor. There is value. The most value monitor you can get is this one. The display ports are able to push a huge amount of power. The previous monitor was only able to display at a certain resolution. The frame is really good for my desk. I give it 10/10 for value. The best monitor I have ever purchased.

👤The first ever refresh rate gaming monitor. The difference is night and day. I put them side by side and you can see how smooth it is. The monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1200. I have always used it. The coloring was a little better than my old monitor, which makes sense. The VA is better in color. This is my first curved monitor and it is amazing. I have a window behind me that has some issues. The curved panel does help with the glare. It makes the screen easier to look at. I play a lot of games. It feels like I can see peaks around corners, it's a game-changer. When opponents peak out of corners, it gives me an edge. I couldn't complain, but after you switch to a higher speed, I won't be able to go back since your opponent moves like butter. The colors are a lot better. I use custom and prefer a little warmer, but it's night and day in my state. The coloring has made movies more enjoyable. It was very easy to change the resolution to 240hertz. Remember to do it! The refresh rate can be changed by going to the control panel. One of the best monitors I have ever purchased, never regretted it.

👤This video does not do it justice. It is a very good monitor. If you are hesitant about buying it, you will regret it. 10/10 The packaging is very presentable. Good value for money.

👤The monitor arrived in perfect condition, the box was small but it held the monitor from being damaged. Even though the box had some dents and scratches, they used styrofoam to hold the monitor in place. It was easy to set up the stand for the monitor, it reminded me of a giraffe. It took me about 5 minutes to install, but it was great because it tilts up and down. If you want the base to hold the monitor, you need to make sure you don't drop any screws inside the monitor, you may have some issues getting the screws out. It has every accessory that surprised me. It came with a screwdriver, power adapter, HDMI, displayport, and type C. I don't use the stand because I use VESA. The picture is The screen is very bright and the monitor has above average color quality. I think it's about 300cd. The smoothness was what caught my attention. If you don't have a monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate, you're missing out on something. I was getting high scores in both League of Legends and Valorant. The league was capped at a maximum of 120 frames per second. The control panel is easy to navigate once you get used to the buttons. The speakers on this unit are not the best. We all use headsets, but no real gaming uses speakers. The screen is very thin and sleek, but it feels really made. I have never heard of the brand GTEK, but everything seems to be beyond my expectations. Will update in a few months. // Service I contacted them about the version of their display ports, and they responded within 3 hours, and seemed quite nice about it. They are a California based company.


What is the best product for best gaming monitor for xbox series x?

Best gaming monitor for xbox series x products from Lg. In this article about best gaming monitor for xbox series x you can see why people choose the product. Pixio and Lg are also good brands to look for when you are finding best gaming monitor for xbox series x.

What are the best brands for best gaming monitor for xbox series x?

Lg, Pixio and Lg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gaming monitor for xbox series x. Find the detail in this article. G-story, Asus and Sceptre are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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