Best Best Gaming Monitor for Ps5

Monitor 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. ASUS Strix Gaming Monitor XG43UQ

ASUS Strix Gaming Monitor XG43UQ

Refer to the user manual before using. The 43-inch 4K is 3840 x 2160). The monitor has an ultra-fast refresh rate. Screen tearing and choppy frame rates can be eliminated with the help of FreeSync Premium Pro technology. The next generation consoles have mind-blowing performance, so make the most of it by using 4K at 120 Hz. GameFast Input Technology reduces input lag and provides much faster motion delivery from end devices to monitor. The high dynamic range technology with the DisplayHDR 1000 certification and the professional color gamut ensures exceptional contrast and color performance.

Brand: Asus

👤I received it today. I submitted for a return after using it for 3 hours. I've used the CHG90 and it's far superior. The quality of the build is terrible. cheap plastic is used to make the entire case. The screen is not uniform and feels wavy. There is a small area on the top left where the bezel is lifted up. Multiple backlight bleeds are also present. The screen flickers randomly as you top it off. Since I can't reproduce it using other monitors, it's not my graphics cards. I have other asus monitors and at least a few asus computers. I am a fan of the brand and I am typing this using my zenith extreme. I wouldn't use this monitor.

👤I am an avid fan of the brand, but the Strix XG49VQ is a mediocre product in a sea of otherwise stellar top-performing gaming monitors, peripherals, and devices from the Republic of Gamers brand. I noticed a few big problems that are worthy of calling out, even though my monitor did not have any noticeable physical defects. This monitor is technically an HDR display, but it's on the lower end of the clinical definition, and you will notice some challenges in achieving your targeted brightness because the range just isn't there. Most games that take advantage of HDR will benefit from the display that masquerades as something more sophisticated. The lows are dull and the brights are not good in this model. You can't adjust your GameDisplay settings if you have HDR on. 2. If you're used to gaming on 1440p or better, you're going to notice the downgrade because this is a FHD vertical display. You can see all of the images on this 49" monitor. This wouldn't be a huge deal, generally, but the monitor's rendering engine engages in some weird sharpening effects that make the text look aliased, regardless of your AA settings. The SDR calibration of this device looks like a hardware implementation rather than something you can adjust. 3. There are physical flaws. There was definitely a backlight bleed that contributes to the SDR over-aliasing that renders games at high resolution really jagged, and my device did not have strict "defects", but there was definitely a backlight bleed that contributes to the SDR over-aliasing that renders games at high The plastic on this monitor feels cheap, rushed, and likely to break or chip with typical wear-and-tear, according to other posters. 4. Non-premium. There is a spartan implementation for this monitor, with no AURA or LED lightning, and not even stylish or luxurious elements. A plain, black monitor implementation. There is a promotion on the right side of the monitor that says "Designed and Made by ASUS in Taiwan" in silver lettering. Who would like to see that? This monitor is not a bad one, especially for people who have never experienced variable refreshrates, and it only applies to the company that makes it, so as of the writing of this review, it only applies to the company that makes it. After just four days of use, I returned my monitor because of the physical flaws and other limitations of the panel. If you want to save money, use one of ASUS' excellent 1440p 34" Curved Panels instead.

2. BenQ XL2411K Ergonomic Customizable Compatible

BenQ XL2411K Ergonomic Customizable Compatible

A smooth gaming experience can be achieved with a 144Hz refresh rate. 120Hz gaming on consoles. Dynamic Accuracy technology makes vigorous in-game actions. Smaller base allows for more space in their set-up for in-game movements. The free tilt design and increased height adjustment range give you more flexibility. Share your settings and apply recommended color modes to your game title. Quick access menu can be modified.

Brand: Benq

👤The monitor broke after two months. I didn't hear back from them until the broken unit showed up on my doorstep, after I sent it back in via an RMA. They didn't even send a confirmation email. They said it wasn't covered by the warranty and that it was physical damage. I did not do anything to it. There was nothing else they could do after they offered a 20% discount on a refurbished one. This was a new monitor that was only two months old and broke down without my fault. I used to recommend this brand for gaming, but not anymore.

👤I had a Ben Q for a long time. The panel lottery is not good. I got a pretty good after getting a previous one. I wanted to upgrade the monitor because I needed a displayport for my new computer. I read that the Viewsonic XG2 was better than the XL 2411z. I got that as a replacement. I was not happy with the viewing angles to the point where you can't sit at the monitor and see it properly. The contrast ratio was not good. I decided to pay more for a better monitor. It doesn't seem to exist yet. I saw a list of the best monitors and the top one was the $500 Acer Nitro XV273IPS. The replacement monitor was terrible and the glow on it made me angry. You can see from a web search that the glow is normal. If you're willing to sacrifice ultimate response times for better image quality, VA is what you want. The VA I got (AOC C 27G1) was nice, but due to the slow response times, it has a noticeable smearing/flicker on high contrast areas, which ruins its prowess on darks/blacks. So back to BenQ? If I was happy with my life. XL 2411z. This newer monitor should be upgraded. Unfortunately not. It has the same bad viewing angles as the XG2928, yet it has worse response times and black/backlight uniformity. You can see the terrible viewing angles in the pictures. The Tomb Raider scene I loaded had a lot of overshoot on tree trunks. I didn't notice it in either game. I have a VA monitor. The issues with these other monitors are more serious than the high contrast issues. The motion blur on this TN is similar to the motion blur on the 240hzIPS, so maybe it nullifies the VA issue a bit. You don't need a monitor for competitive gaming. Black letters on a white background are only visible in some high contrast areas. You don't need a lot of power either. I could not tell the difference between them. There is no ideal monitor right now, you are sacrificing one thing for another. Some back light bleed on any type of monitor degrades black environments. The response times were the worst. The best VA I've been able to find is the one that has a smearing problem on high contrast areas like black text and white background. It can be seen on a dark fence or a book shelf. It's rare in games, but can contribute to ruining dark scenes and thus any VA-benefit to blacks is largely nullified. It made me want to try again. Blacks and image quality are worse than before. The response times are the best. I play casual games now that I have played competitive games. You could easily go pro with a VA monitor if you wanted to. Try to find the one with the best viewing angles and blacks, and least defects. I have no idea, but it's not the highly rated XG2 The response times are not much different for highly competitive games. It only matters when it manifest as obvious phenomena such as the high contrast areas being smeared on the VA monitor I tried. IPS is a scam. Only a small percentage of users should buy if they need accurate colors. 1/3 of their monitor will be inaccurate because of the glow in the IPS. My VA has a better viewing angle than my IPS, which has a worse one. I tried all of the monitors and they had the same levels of motion blur.

3. Sceptre DisplayPort Edge Less FreeSync C275B 1858RN

Sceptre DisplayPort Edge Less FreeSync C275B 1858RN

It is compatible with both the FreeSync with the Radeon graphics cards and the adaptive-sync with the NVIDIA graphics cards. The Slim 1800R Curved FHD display provides a great picture. A 165hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time will improve clarity in your picture. It will make your picture even better. All of your content will be shown with clarity and color accuracy. There are two HDMI, one DP, and 3.5mm Audio ports. You can connect whatever devices you need.

Brand: Sceptre

👤I've played with 60hz my entire life and this monitor is a beast and can definitely increase its frame rate to 185hz, only with a DP connection to your system. The box was opened and there was no dead person in it. I thought the color quality was poor at first, but there is a saturation configuration setting on the monitor itself, which is easy to fix, bright and vibrant colors, and that's something I need as a gaming enthusiast who plays a lot of games. If you are a competitive, you won't have to worry about your frame because I promise they will be through the roof. This monitor has allowed me to eliminate any mechanical problems that slowed down my game, and the only thing that will affect your frames is your internet connection strength. 10/10 would recommend this monitor to a gaming enthusiast.

👤I saw reviews on the issue I had. The monitor didn't work. The power supply was bad. You would never know unless you spent the time trying to figure it out for yourself. Please be warned, these power supplies are not working. The monitor is excellent and SCEPTRE owes me a power supply for it. I need the 12V power supply for my spare. Read the reviews of people. It makes a difference.

👤I plugged it in and it wouldn't turn on because it wasn't the power cable, but I need someone to help me figure out what it is.

👤The monitor turned on after I received it. There are no dead animals. I was hooking my ps4 to the panel so I needed a high definition one. The 60hz ps4 limit is great, but if you have a graphics card that has aDP on it, you will be in for a treat. I have tested all of my games on this gem and it does not disappoint. There is absolutely no screen tearing even though I tried hard. The VA panel has a high refresh rate.

👤I thought the monitor was too good to be true for the price when I got it. It turned off randomly one day. I unplugged it from the wall and plugged it back in after I thought it had died. The issue of randomly turning off did not go away. I can't use a monitor that turns off. Hopefully there is some way that this can be solved, but knowing how these things usually go was pointless. I will never buy another sceptre product. I was lucky that Sceptre was able to repair my monitor for free because my unit completely refused to power on after I wrote my initial review. I have been using it for about a week and I will write a thorough review. This is the first monitor that I have ever used that is compatible withDP. The included cable has not caused signal loss for me. If I turn on my PC, my monitor will show the windows login screen, but it will take about 3 seconds for it to boot up. The screen has a lot of colors. The RX 580 can handle a decent amount of titles. I can't play certain games at 60hz after playing with a higher refresh. For example, Killing Floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2 There is an option for 185 or 144hz in the windows settings, but not 165, which is what Sceptre advertises. I noticed a bit more ghosting when I tried 185hz. I'm sure this can be fixed in the drivers. I haven't thought about it because it looks great to me. I think there should be a variable setting for overdrive. The screen may look juttery if the content is playing at 60hz. It will still look a little juttery if the monitor is set to 60. It will be more noticeable if you are playing a game at 60hz and dropping frames. It's not that bad if you can live with it. The colors are good enough to keep playing games like Red Dead 2. If you are coming from a lower refresh rate monitor, you will see the extra movement. One thing to keep in mind is that with older cards you will probably need to lower your settings to keep a steady 144. I can see why 1440p is being phased out quickly, as it's more stable than1080p. Even though it's better than 720p, it's still possible to see the resolution from an optimal distance. Lower settings will make things worse, like aliasing. I feel like I got an upgrade for a decent price after buying this monitor. I will definitely want a 1440p setup in the future, but I need a new graphics card, computer, and monitor to do that. I had a rocky experience with this monitor, but hopefully it won't happen again. I will be buying from a different brand after my first Sceptre product failed. When it works, I like this monitor a lot. Thanks.

4. Acer Predator KVbmiipruzx Agile Splendor Compatible

Acer Predator KVbmiipruzx Agile Splendor Compatible

There are two HDMI, one DP, and 3.5mm Audio ports. You can connect whatever devices you need. The resolution is 3840 x 2160). The Widescreen Agile-Splendor is compatible with the FreeSync Premium Technology. The monitor is for gaming. VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 has a high contrast and high brightness. The response time was 1ms and the rate was 144hertz. TUV/ Eyesafe certification is done by the Acer VisionCare 3.0 Technologies. There are 1 xType-C port, 1 xDisplay port, 1 xHDMI port, and 1 xUSB 3.1 port.

Brand: Acer

👤You can't have them all at the same time. The system will automatically shut down other two if you turn 1ms VRB on. The company over promised.

👤You would be surprised how hard it is to check those 4 specifications without paying an obscene amount. The release of the 30 series of cards by Nvidia has made the monitor market very expensive. 4k 120hz is a reality. This monitor is expensive. You will be hard pressed to find it at that price. The difference between night and day is that I have gone from a 1440p panel to this monitor. You don't go back once you go 4k. You can achieve the same response times with the same panels, but with vastly improved color accuracy and image quality. I feel like the games I've been playing have had a new life breathed into them. There are three different versions of the Acer Predator XB273K. The original is called Pbmiphzx. The Pbmiphzx has a G-sync module. The only difference is that the monitor uses freesync technology to be G-sync compatible, but it lacks a G-sync module. This monitor is about $800 more expensive than the Sbmiprzx model on Amazon. The difference? The Sbmiprzx model has an actual G-sync module, but this monitor is G-sync compatible. G-sync is a technology that uses a variable refresh rate to prevent tearing in your image. If you do a bit of research on G-sync, you will find a module or monitor that will not tear up. I haven't experienced a single tear with a wide variety of games on this monitor. If G-sync's primary goal is to get rid of screen tearing, you can achieve that with this cheaper model. There are no noticeable differences between the two models. If a dedicated G-sync module is worth $400 more to you, be my guest.

👤If you get a monitor that works, it will be great. The Gsync bug from 2016 is still present in the one I received. This was supposed to be fixed a year ago. When buying a monitor, be aware that it could have gsync issues.

👤The base is a big problem for this monitor. It is too deep. It is deeper than it needs to be. The monitor takes a lot more space than it needs. If you don't have a deep desk, you might be stuck with a monitor. I assume that the idea that "gamer" products means "pointy things" is something that Acer subscribes to. I'm trying to find bootleg monitor bases and thinking about sawing it off. When I bought a $700 monitor, it wasn't what I expected. The VESA mount that I just bought works better than the original stand and takes less space. Everyone should recommend that.

👤I've read tons of pros and cons of this monitor, and was a bit skeptical at first, but in the end I just bought it and hoped for the best. It was supposed to be delivered, but when I got home from class, I couldn't see it. If you're coming from a panel that's washed out, you'll probably not like this right away, but once you adjust, you'll fall in love. I used the settings that someone posted on the internet and have no complaints. You have to download and use an ICM profile, but you can change the settings on your monitor. The default settings are as follows: Game Mode: ON, Input:DP, Output:DP, OD: Normal Wide, Power: Off, Auto off Deep Sleep.

5. LG 32GN650 B Ultragear Reduction FreeSync

LG 32GN650 B Ultragear Reduction FreeSync

The free Sync 2 technology provides smooth game play, low latency, and better brightness and contrast. Game fast input technology makes input lag much less and provides much faster motion delivery from connected devices to the monitor. The refresh rate is 165Hz. A Virtually Borderless display with tilt, height, and stand.

Brand: Lg

👤A lot of research went into this purchase. I had a 43" tv that I used for a long time. It was a smart TV that I bought. It has developed several problems recently, including intermittent internet disconnections, and color problems in the panel. I replaced this with a monitor to use with my gaming pc, XBOX Series X and PS 5. I realized that 43" is too big to use at an office desk after using the TV. I had access to a computer. This monitor has g-sync tech. I was using this exclusively for my PC. I bought a small avedio 4K hdmi switch to use it more, it only had one HDMI port and limited my console use. I realized that my desk is a great size for the resolution of 1440p, which is a perfect size for it. I have liked this new monitor so far. I have a new monitor that I am connected to via Display Port, as well as my other electronics, including my PC. The xbox series x, playstation 5 both output 4K and downscale to 1440p with absolutely no problems and the image is very satisfying. The free sync is working perfectly with my computer. I love the fact that I can turn on each device and the monitor will work. The panel is bright and colorful. I like the 32" size. There are conflicting reviews about what this monitor will do. It does everything I need it to. The image quality and price made me decide on the brand again. I got a monitor for $336. I've seen it on deals for $297 recently. I am impressed with the technology. It is my first time with a screen that shows high definition. You can spend more and get better. I decided against that. My other considerations were a better phone. I'm very impressed so far. You can ask questions about this. I will do my best to help.

👤I was surprised that this had no reviews when I bought it, but I'm usually more cautious about products with no reviews. I could not find anything on the monitor that said it had a 1.2DP. I didn't think 1.2 could hit 165hz, but I'm pretty sure it's 1.4. It has an option to use the 1.4 version in the settings. It does run at 165hz, so I'm not sure if that means anything. I don't recommend anyone else to buy the HDR because it's pretty worthless. If you're playing video games on a PS5 or Xbox, you shouldn't get this monitor because it won't give you all the features you're looking for. It's limited by the hardware you're using. I haven't found any dead pixels or image issues so far. The picture is okay out of the box but it's a little bright for my taste and the reds were a little more orange than I wanted but that's nothing to worry about. The stand is made of metal and solid. I don't have a wide desk. I'm happy with it.

6. Acer XV272U Pbmiiprzx Technology DisplayHDR400

Acer XV272U Pbmiiprzx Technology DisplayHDR400

There are 1 xType-C port, 1 xDisplay port, 1 xHDMI port, and 1 xUSB 3.1 port. 27" WQHD has a zero frame monitor with freesync technology. The response time was 1ms and the refresh rate was 144Hzz. The colour supported is 1.07 billion. 2 watt per speaker. 400 displays, low Delta e2 and DCI-P3 The ports include a display port, 2 x HDMI 2.0 and 4 xusb 3.0 ports. The screen can appear blurry and flickering if the resolution is incorrect. To fix the screen, restart the computer after adjusting to the correct resolution. Refer to the user manual before using.

Brand: Acer

👤You need to know that theHDR mode looks beautiful. This monitor is great because of it. The monitor is almost necessary with the increased brightness and contrast that comes from Dark Blacks. The settings in the factory are not as bright as I would like. Increasing brightness may increase the amount of backlight bleed. Some reviewers think that it does make a difference. I bet some people do custom color adjustments, including increasing brightness, and that will make the blacks less dark. If you don't want to mess with the settings, adjusting brightness/color settings is a good option, but I prefer the option of using the best picture on this and not having to mess with factory settings. Gsync. Capable with a refresh rate of up to 140 frames per second. Some users say that G-sync and HDR don't work together. I have my frame rate capped at 120 frames per second in the control panel. I can see that I am playing games that are getting 120FPS and can feel the difference between when Gsync is on or off, so I know it works with HDR, which I never turn off. Crisp pictures. You can see the difference between 2K and1080p. The average person will not see ghosting or screen-tearing in games with lots of action even if they have HDR enabled. The advertised 1ms does not apply to when any mode other than gaming/action mode are enabled. Windows10 has a built in feature that is buggy, especially with the cards. The colors of the monitor will be washed out and the blacks will be gray. It will look like a cheap panel. I didn't have a lot of issues with only one of these monitors, but having two of these 2K monitors hooked up to my RTX 3080 and suddenly having a monitor change to "washed out" when I start certain games or apps was a problem. If this happens to you, it's not the monarch. I believe some people who complain about picture quality caught the Windows bug and didn't know how to fix it. I minimized it by disabling the HDR in Windows and on the monitor, and choosing the limited option in the control panel. Unless you go to limited mode, you can only get an 8-bit option if you enable this. When enabling this, you will see a change in colors. Everything gets brighter and less subtle. For example, in Red Dead Redemption 2, you have to turn off Windows HDR for it to work. If a monitor suddenly becomes washed out while opening/closing apps, you can either turn it on or off in the display settings in Windows, or you can power it off and it will come back to it's full glory. It is not a monitor issue. You can find a lot of input on how to deal with this on the internet, but it's not the same as what I get in Windows. The cool thing about this monitor is that it has a superior picture that only anIPS panel can offer, and you can do it with features like Gsync enabled. The benefits of the panel are dependent on the ability to enable HDR. If your graphics card can't push the frames high enough in a competive shooter, you can have a TN-panel like performance with blazing fast response times and freesync. The result is that it is not as bright. This is where a person would want to increase contrast and brightness, and this will make your blacks become more dark gray. This monitor is a very good blend of many compromises. It is a cheap panel with a great picture, but it is not possible to get that perfect picture with high definition. That is fine. It has some moderate bleed, but it's usually not noticeable. It is a compromise in exchange for not paying $2K for a 2K monitor with fast refresh rates, and the backlight bleed is 50% more than a top-of-the-line panel. There is a The compromise is that the monitor has to be disabled (action-mode), but it will require giving up the IPS eye-candy while I play. I accept that I play Planet Coaster and RDR2 a lot, and that I don't need to turn off the high definition in those titles. If you know about monitor tech, you will see that there are some cons to it. Every monitor made has a backlight bleed guarantee. How much backlight bleed will you get is the only question. I have 2 of these and both bleed differently, and this model is middle of the road for backlight bleed. If you are playing a game in a dark room, you won't notice the bleed. Even though you can still get a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, and Gsync at the same time, you have to change to non-HDR modes to get the 1 ms response times, which is something I wouldn't want to do. If you want the fastest refresh rates while having deep blacks and bright whites, you should purchase a more expensive panel. Poor washed-out colors and relatively washed out viewing angles will be guaranteed by TN panels. There are pros and cons to different panel types. There is a high definition picture. Blacks and whites. Good refresh rates. The viewing angles are perfect. In a dark room on a dark game, the con- backlight bleed is noticeable. VA Panel can have good color accuracy and refresh rates. The viewing angles are not great. When viewing from angles, wash-out is not as bad. The ratios are usually between the two. Usually the backlight doesn't bleed. This is the ultimate "master-of-none" panel and is usually marketed as a gaming panel. There is nothing wrong with a VA panel. The panel has the best contrast ratios. There was no noticeable backlight bleed. The fastest response times and highest refresh-rates for competive gaming are tied with the latestIPS panel breakthrough. The CONS are not insignificant and can't be beat for having a combination of contrast ratios and refresh-rates. Poor viewing angles are still a problem for the most expensive panels. The edges and peripherals in the screen are washed out if you are straight in front of it. The ideal screen for pro-gaming is usually a 24 inch TN panel because it keeps the screen action in front of them and reduces the washout that happens as the edge of the screen gets further away. The poor color accuracy would never be used by creative professionals, and would make terrible screens for viewing movies and streaming services, due to the lesser color/ picture quality. These are screens for competitive gaming. It is a tool. This monitor looks and acts like a TN panel when in action mode. The rest of the time, you can get all the benefits of the panel. There is no right answer to user-preference, but I would never use a monitor if it was not for the fact that they have overcome the refresh-rate limits of the past. It is the most advanced monitor tech. This is a budget entry into the world of 2K.

7. SAMSUNG 32 Inch Odyssey FreeSync LC32G55TQWNXZA

SAMSUNG 32 Inch Odyssey FreeSync LC32G55TQWNXZA

Odyssey has a panel that matches the curve of the human eye for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain. Stunning WQHD. Your gaming world is now stunningly realistic. WQHD resolution has 1.7 times the density of Full HD and has pin-sharp images. You will never want to go back to a traditional screen with the Odyssey G5's Express 144hz refresh rate. The difference between your destruction or your enemy's is determined by a fraction of a second, with Odyssey's grey to grey 1ms response time, you can be sure that you're receiving information as fast as technologically possible. The FreeSync Premium has adaptive sync technology which reduces screen tearing, stutter, and input latency. The Graphics With HDR10 are awe-inspiring. A kaleidoscope of shades brings game scenes to life more vibrantly than ever before; uncover the secrets hiding in the shadows with deep dark blacks, Luminous whites, and outstandingly detailed resolution.

Brand: Samsung

👤The curve is one of the positives. I think that curve will make it hard to go back to a flat screen. It's bigger! It's perfect for a 1 person gaming setup. I have the 27 inch and it is perfect. Freesync works on my XBOX. The sound was -144hz. I'm not sure if it would work with my Series X, but I'm pretty sure it would. The picture is in quotes for a reason. Blacks are not good for a $300 monitor. The VA dark room performance is better than expected. The above all sounds good. It checks all the right features, and sounds like the perfect $300 monitor. It was wrong. Only one reason is listed. Negatives include: -GHOSTING. The response time is very slow. Everything in motion! The picture is in quotes. The screen looks great when a static image is displayed, but the second things are messy. It was instantly noticeable over my screen. The panel is freesync. Absolutely disgusting! There is no reason to own a monitor with features like this when ghosting is going to ruin them. I wouldn't recommend this monitor to anyone looking for picture quality or competitive edge. Unfortunately, the 1 con outweighs all of the monitors pros. Unless you're spending a lot of money on a monitor, I wouldn't buy one with VA panels.

👤I bought this in Sept 2020 before any reviews were posted. The monitor was the worst I've ever owned. Everything leaves trail when you scroll. You don't need to scroll quickly. This is bad with dark sites and programs. I have never owned a monitor that was that bad. The blur on the testufo/blur busters line was horrible. That doesn't happen on my other monitors. I tried to move the port on my graphics card, but it didn't work. The monitor is not good with the HDR. Everything is warm when it is turned on. It looks like you have a blue light filter on. Everything has a reddish hue. It causes all Windows text to be fuzzy. ClearText doesn't fix this. The text and everything else look worse if you turn up the brightness in Windows Color. It makes everything look normal again, but at a cost. There is a fair amount of backlight bleed on the monitor. Not the worst I've had with a monitor, but enough to notice. I don't like the extreme curvature either. It took about a week to get used to it. I found it to be a problem in games. The high of a curvature made it difficult to do any kind of photo or video editing, as the stretched out edges made it hard to see what you were doing. If the monitor was bigger, it would be better, but a 32" is too small to be that curved. I have a monitor that has a slight curve to it. The curve of the monitor causes it to be really deep. It sits much closer to you than a flat or slightly curved monitor because of the extra few inches of thickness. I returned this today after owning it for two weeks. I bought a different brand of monitor because no amount of messing with the settings could fix this. I hope it will be better. I couldn't recommend this to anyone, even if I just got a bad one. It's inexpensive, but also cheap. You're going to have a monitor for a while, so make sure you get a good one.

8. AOC C32G2ZE Frameless 1920x1080 Re Spawned

AOC C32G2ZE Frameless 1920x1080 Re Spawned

It is possible to adjust it fully. Stay in the game for longer periods due to a new monitor stand that adjusts to your ideal position. The AOC gaming monitor has a 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution and 1500R curvature to give you a realistic gaming experience. The super rapid is less than one millionth of a second. You can get ahead of the game by hitting moving targets with SmartResponse time and high refresh rate. The 48- to 240-hertz variable refresh rate with Low Framerate Compensation is supported by the FreeSync Premium. Low Latency reduces input lag and increases responsiveness to give you a competitive edge. The ultimate seamless multi-monitor setup can be achieved with a sleek 3-sided design. Enjoy millions of brilliant colors with over 123% sRGB and 95.6% DCI-P3 color gamut area coverage and 80,000,000:1 SmartContrast ratio to create vivid, life-like images. 3-year zero-bright-dot, 3-year advance replacement, and 1-year accidental damage are included in the resale warranty.

Brand: Aoc

👤Less than 12 hours of use and already has lines on it. Have to return it for a great present.

👤I will keep it short. The back screen is great. There was no dead color around the edges. If you don't care about 4k, this is a good budget monitor that will do the job and won't cost you an arm or a leg. How pretty is it? I look for function and quality. I haven't had any issues with this monitor, so I will leave it at that. If necessary, I will update the review.

👤The screen is good but it has a bit of ghosting. I have a alienware screen that is better than this one.

👤I mostly use for gaming. The price is not 4k. It's a good thing... I don't think 4k is needed in gaming. I like the highest number of frames per second in gaming. For a while, this will work for me. It's capable of over 200 frames per second. It has basic features you can control on the monitor, but you can download more enhanced features if you need them. The monitor does well on PC and the XBOX.

👤I know I did well when his face was covered in glue. He loves the gaming and said this is it. He is in love with someone.

👤I thought I had to wait for a new monitor, but it was worth it, the colors are great, no dead pixels, and the refresh rate is amazing. A picture on a video game is beautiful. If you want to make adjustments from your desktop, you can go to a website like AOC and download a app. All around a great monitor.

👤The monitor looks nice. It has some red accents, but they look nice. The screen is large and curved, that is always a bonus. Performance is the downfall. The picture on the 32in screen is not as good as you would like. The monitor does not show the beauty of the games I like to play. The other issue is color. You are unlikely to find one that looks great with the many color settings. The picture quality on this monitor is comparable to a $175 curved 27in SAMSUNG that is not made for gaming and is also brand new. The refresh rate works well for gaming, but I would recommend spending more money for a 4k picture. After less than 30 days of minimal use, the images are very visible. I would have purchased a more expensive monitor. The picture quality got worse. A monitor that was made a decade ago is just curved and bigger. Do yourself a favor by buying from another company.

👤This is the best price I've seen for this type of work. There was no dead color around the edges. I'm into function and quality. If necessary, I will update the review. My only complaint so far is that there should be 3 million power plugs in.

👤I'll keep this short, the WORST monitor I've ever seen is the one I'll keep. Motion Blur Reduction is a terrible way to reduce blur because it does a terrible job of blur reduction because of how low it takes the brightness. I've never seen anything like this before, and it's the blurriest, most ghosty/over, if you're sitting near the thing I bought for retro gaming. I dare you to take this for a drive and see how it looks in the refresh rates. The junk was sent back to the manufacturer.

9. Sceptre FreeSync Speakers Displayport C325B FWD240

Sceptre FreeSync Speakers Displayport C325B FWD240

The screen has a flicker-free feature. The Curvature is 1800R. The 1800R degree curved design immerses you into the action no matter where you sit in the room. Stay above the pack with the 240Hz refresh rate, which will give you an edge in performance as frames transition instantly. 1ms MPRT. Motion blur is eliminated and crisp imagery is visible in the midst of chaotic combat with 1ms MPRT. The smooth video and seamless movement of fast-paced games are enjoyed by the gaming community. The graphic card and monitor refresh rates are synchronized. The multiple ports of the DisplayPort and the HDMI1 give incredible visibility and agility to beat your standard player. The refresh rate for the HDMI 2 and 3 is impressive.

Brand: Sceptre

👤I wasted my money, don't waste your money.

👤I play a lot of high/ultra gaming. This was a big deal. The monitor is nice. You won't be disappointed. This is for people who need a high-definition television. I'm at between 250 and 260 frames per second with my i9-10900k and RX6900XT. This makes it possible for me to have an advantage. Just buy it.

👤I decided to purchase it after a while because I was nervous to get it. I own a PS5 and it works great. I wanted to write a review because the product's specifications are accurate. The picture quality is good. I had to increase my contrast to see more colors. It comes with a 4K cord, not a HDMI cord. You will need your own. It is easy to set up the power cord. The price point makes this the monitor to get. I can't express how much of a perfect fit this is for me, I'm currently using it to game and stream.

👤The screw holes for attaching the mount are not very good. You need to attach the monitor to the plate with 4 screws. You will need to re- screw 8 screws. Doing this multiple times increases the chance that the 8 screws will fall inside the monitor in the large hole which is inconveniently located in the recessed area. Maybe this will spare you the pain. If you don't put a piece of tape over this hole, you will be faced with a brand new monitor or risk an electrical fire. It is not ideal to have either choice.

👤If it wasn't for the color shifting, I would give it 5 stars. I've seen reviews on other monitors and they have quite a few, so it sketches me out to try out any more expensive brands if they have so many issues, so far sceptre has shown the least and at such an amazing price.

👤I'm not sure if I like the curved. There was a lot of light bleed. There is a photo on the left. Poor on contrast with high refresh. It looks great for gaming.

👤I just bought a new PC and said what the heck might as well go all out on the monitor. My kids play PC games and I wanted them to be jealous of our setup. The monitor has to be the best. They were hitting 600 frames per second in the lobby and 350 frames per second in the game. I don't know much but it's really good.

👤This was an upgrade from the viotek 32" monitor that I used to have. This one is so much softer on the eyes than the other one. Only one hdmi 2.0 port, but I still love it and it's light. My monitor arm holds it up.

👤No hay detalle monitor calidad-precio, pero me gusto mucho la calidad aunque es de 3ms.

👤No, tienes, pero no entra. Presin al cable para proyecte la imagen. The monitor est mal.

10. ASUS VG328H1B Supports Adaptive Sync FreeSync

ASUS VG328H1B Supports Adaptive Sync FreeSync

Both FreeSync and adaptive-sync are supported with both graphics cards. It's compatible with newer graphics cards. The 1500R curved gaming monitor has an ultrafast 165Hz refresh rate and is designed for professional gaming. The display colors are 16.7 million. The 1ms response time is achieved with the help of the Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology. The FreeSync Premium technology eliminates screen tearing and choppy frame rates. Shadow boost enhances image details in dark areas. It is compatible with both the FreeSync with the Radeon graphics cards and the adaptive-sync with the NVIDIA graphics cards.

Brand: Asus

👤I was excited to get this monitor. The drawbacks of losing variable refresh rate are not included in the benefits of ULMB. Sounds great! It's terrible in practice. There is artifacting around an object moving on the screen. If you want a reference, you can see the same problem for the monitor that has ELMB. I don't think trading motion blur for reduced brightness is worth the trade-off. The display settings are not nice. There is no normal display mode. All of the display modes are "game visual", except for sRGB, which has the setting of brightness, contrast, etc disabled. It is difficult to calibrate the display. The icing on the cake is that I am returning the monitor because of the deadpixel issue. I don't want to have a monitor that is not working because I don't want it to look like it's malfunctioning.

👤I was excited for this to come in, but I quickly realized how bad it is. The menu system is not working. I couldn't get the menu to show up even after I did something. The thumb stick on the back was able to scroll through the inputs. I followed the instructions in the manual in order to get the menu, but it never came up. There is no way to change the contrast. If you are building your own computer, do not get this monitor. If the monitor is running windows, it only gets a signal from the pc. There is no way to get the computer program to register. It will state that there is no signal. I haven't been able to get the monitor to work with my computer. Third. What monitor doesn't have a display port? It is outdated for gaming. I don't think one HDMI and one VGA port is good. If you're building your own pc, I wouldn't recommend this product. It seems overpriced for the quality.

👤I haven't seen my boyfriend in a week, he is staring at the screen and watching 4k videos, like a zombie. He won't eat, he barely sleeps, and he hasn't kissed our guinea pigs since the monitor came. He's in a sick state. Will I ever see my boyfriend again? Or will he be sucked into the lovecraftian horror of the monitor? At least he's got a good k/d in the game.

👤I think that ASUS added a lot of features that made up for it. I can't tell the difference between this and my other recently purchased monitor which is a higher resolution. This thing is an amazing buy at the price Amazon has it listed for. The menu has a button on the back, but it's not just buttons. The picture is clear even at the lower resolution, and the curve will draw you into the monitor and expand your vision range to the corners on the larger screen size. It has been a great upgrade over my last monitor and I have been using it for gaming and movies for several weeks now. The monitor has speakers, but it's not listed under the features. They are quiet, so unless you have $20 for some speakers at the moment, they will get the job done in a pinch. I'm glad I didn't compromise and drop down to a 27 inch over this one because I would absolutely buy this again. There is a Oh, and not a single dead person! Awesome!

11. Sceptre 30 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 30 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

The technology is called HDMI. The monitor has a Full HD resolution. 5ms GTG is the response time. The refresh rate is up to 200Hz. The refresh rate is more than double the standard rate, giving the gaming community an edge in visibility as frames transition instantly, leaving behind no blurred images. The smooth video and seamless on the spot movement of the game players is thanks to the free sync feature. Due to the differences between a graphics card's frame rate and a monitor's refresh rate, Free Sync almost eliminates tearing and stuttering. Scepter's custom set display settings are built for an enhanced gaming experience. First person shooter, real-time strategy. Blue light can cause eye fatigue, irritation and strains. This will allow you to work on documents, watch movies, or play games longer. The VESA wall mount pattern makes it easy to mount the Scepter monitor on the wall. You will be able to save a lot of space and view the screen in a good position.

Brand: Sceptre

👤I upgraded to this from a 29 inchIPS Ultra Wide from the year before that died on me. I can see the difference between a VA and anIPS panel, as the colors have less pop, but that's to be expected. The features are great and the construction is nice. The iot feels like a much larger screen than the one I got from the company. Maybe that's the effect of the display being curved? It's interesting to me. I can clearly see the difference when playing games at high refresh rates, like Warframe, which has a 200hz refresh rate. Freesync is also great. I don't experience motion blur with VA panels with this high of a refresh rate. The PC I used with this is with a Ryzen 7 1700 at 3.8 GHz and a Radeon RX 580 8GB. This supports true Picture-in-Picture, which is something I didn't have when I had the LG monitor. I love this feature, as I have my PS4 hooked up to this monitor, and I also love that there is a spare HDMI connection to go. I'm happy to see that the monitor has a feature like this. It's a bit frustrating to use, for the biggest caveat of the display. 1. The screen is mounted on a stand. The included VESA wall mount adapter does not give proper clearance for the screw that some of these VESA wallmounts use, as was mentioned by another reviewer. I only have this screwed in at the four corners because it will flex against the middle screw. I don't think this will cause the display to fall, as it is light, but it would be nice if the adapter had a built in indent to compensate for that screw. 2. The most important is this one. When Freesync is enabled, the display will stretch the connection to the full size of the monitor. I was confused as to why my PS4 kept stretching its output to fill the screen even though I chose a different display setting. I was able to correct this by disabling Freesync. I like to switch between the two displays. If someone from Sceptre is reading these, please put in the time to correct this because I am sure it can be done via a firmware update. I am very happy with this monitor, but it is not perfect. This is a brand new monitor and I hope this review helps. Sceptre was one of the first screen manufacturers to make a high definition tv, and I was the first person to own a high definition tv. A friend of mine still uses the TV that I gave him, and it's not a problem. The display is great, outside of the glitch.

👤Coming down from a predator. So far, I'm impressed with what you get. The monitor was clean when it came in. The colors are vibrant, not as good as a predator, but more than good enough with the contrast, which knocked my xb271hu out of the water. I had no problem changing the settings in the osd. Freesync isn't as good as nvidia's proprietary hardware based gsync but it is more than good enough and you won't notice any difference unless you look for differences. The main reason for this was to look for a slight tearing at sub 60 frames per second range while moving back and forth and up and down rapidly. I was able to extend the freesync range slightly to 40-200hz with cru. The VA panel had an advertised 5ms response and was expected to have ghosting at higher refresh rates. Even though I took this up 150 to 200 frames in overwatch, there was no ghosting. There is no black desert online, no shadow of war, noRB Siege, no warframe, and nowitcher 3. My system was an rtx 2080/ r7 2700x 16gb of 3000mhz c16.


What is the best product for best gaming monitor for ps5?

Best gaming monitor for ps5 products from Asus. In this article about best gaming monitor for ps5 you can see why people choose the product. Benq and Sceptre are also good brands to look for when you are finding best gaming monitor for ps5.

What are the best brands for best gaming monitor for ps5?

Asus, Benq and Sceptre are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gaming monitor for ps5. Find the detail in this article. Acer, Lg and Samsung are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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