Best Best Gaming Monitor 144hz

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1. ASUS VG32VQ1B Supports Adaptive Sync DisplayPort

ASUS VG32VQ1B Supports Adaptive Sync DisplayPort

The game is smooth. adaptive sync technology reduces screen tearing, stutter, and input lag. Every scene flows smoothly with low framerate compensation. The WQHD is 2560x1440. The 1500R gaming monitor has an ultrafast 165Hz refresh rate and is designed for professional gaming. The ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology enables a 1ms response time, eliminating ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates. FreeSync Premium technology is supported through the DisplayPort and HDMI ports. Shadow boost enhances image details in dark areas. The gaming experience is enhanced by using the HDR-10. There is a robust connection with HDMI x2. There is a DisplayPort 1.2.

Brand: Asus

👤I was excited to get this monitor. The drawbacks of losing variable refresh rate are not included in the benefits of ULMB. Sounds great! It's terrible in practice. There is artifacting around an object moving on the screen. If you want a reference, you can see the same problem for the monitor that has ELMB. I don't think trading motion blur for reduced brightness is worth the trade-off. The display settings are not nice. There is no normal display mode. All of the display modes are "game visual", except for sRGB, which has the setting of brightness, contrast, etc disabled. It is difficult to calibrate the display. The icing on the cake is that I am returning the monitor because of the deadpixel issue. I don't want to have a monitor that is not working because I don't want it to look like it's malfunctioning.

👤I was excited for this to come in, but I quickly realized how bad it is. The menu system is not working. I couldn't get the menu to show up even after I did something. The thumb stick on the back was able to scroll through the inputs. I followed the instructions in the manual in order to get the menu, but it never came up. There is no way to change the contrast. If you are building your own computer, do not get this monitor. If the monitor is running windows, it only gets a signal from the pc. There is no way to get the computer program to register. It will state that there is no signal. I haven't been able to get the monitor to work with my computer. Third. What monitor doesn't have a display port? It is outdated for gaming. I don't think one HDMI and one VGA port is good. If you're building your own pc, I wouldn't recommend this product. It seems overpriced for the quality.

👤I haven't seen my boyfriend in a week, he is staring at the screen and watching 4k videos, like a zombie. He won't eat, he barely sleeps, and he hasn't kissed our guinea pigs since the monitor came. He's in a sick state. Will I ever see my boyfriend again? Or will he be sucked into the lovecraftian horror of the monitor? At least he's got a good k/d in the game.

👤I think that ASUS added a lot of features that made up for it. I can't tell the difference between this and my other recently purchased monitor which is a higher resolution. This thing is an amazing buy at the price Amazon has it listed for. The menu has a button on the back, but it's not just buttons. The picture is clear even at the lower resolution, and the curve will draw you into the monitor and expand your vision range to the corners on the larger screen size. It has been a great upgrade over my last monitor and I have been using it for gaming and movies for several weeks now. The monitor has speakers, but it's not listed under the features. They are quiet, so unless you have $20 for some speakers at the moment, they will get the job done in a pinch. I'm glad I didn't compromise and drop down to a 27 inch over this one because I would absolutely buy this again. There is a Oh, and not a single dead person! Awesome!

2. SAMSUNG Border Less Compatible Adjustable LF27G35TFBNXZA

SAMSUNG Border Less Compatible Adjustable LF27G35TFBNXZA

Even at soaring speeds, conquer every enemy. The refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur. Every move counts with a 1ms response time. Stay ahead of enemies with precise mouse movements, as soon as you see them. Your on-screen performance is very fast. The game is smooth. adaptive sync technology reduces screen tearing, stutter, and input lag. Every scene flows smoothly with low framerate compensation. Reach the height of your victory. If you want to see all enemies in perfect view, tilt and adjust your monitor. You can find total gaming comfort if your display is moved freely. Your legacy has no boundaries. The borderless design gives maximum space for bigger, bolder games. Line up two displays in a dual-monitor setup so no enemies slip through the crack.

Brand: Samsung

👤I don't know how this monitor is made. Maybe it's because of the low price and bigger screen. The aspect for the screen size is not worth it. I would recommend 24 inch FHD instead of 27 inch. Monitors are mostly used for entertainment and gaming, but they are also used for work. This looks like an old TV with a reduced size. I need this for work in vertical as well. It's awful to read any text in this monitor. The text is blurry and weird. My eyes are hurting. I am not going to use a monitor from SAMSUNG again. I made a mistake buying a 4k monitor.

👤The monitor is unremarkable. There are better options around the same price that offer the latest port standards, brighter displays, and better acoustics than the one that is advertised as a gaming monitor. The Odyssey G3 does bring a high contrast, but without a brighter display it is wasted. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along... SPECS: FHD 1920x1080p resolution, VA led panel, 27 inch display diag. 250 cd/m2 is a lot. The refresh rate is 144Hz. The response time is 1ms and the stand is height adjusted. There is a contrast ratio with inputs and outputs. D-SUB, I'm pretty sure. The contrast ratio is 4x that seen in most monitors at this price. There is a * The stand has a stable base. The design is sleek and the display looks nice. * The response time was great. Nice color. It leaves quite a bit to be desired. If I were to buy a new monitor, I would cast aside this one. It's too big and too small for gaming at only 27 inches. It's not anything to write home about these days, for gaming or anything. The backlight blackened. We have to deal with brand new monitors having a lot of bleed around the edges. * You're stuck with ver 1.2, which doesn't support any of the incredible features that came with versions 1.4 and beyond. I haven't seen a gaming monitor with such an outdated version in a long time. Most of you don't know what that is. Exactly. * There were no outputs. This is an okay monitor. If you're looking for a gaming monitor in 2021, this one isn't an option. I'm not sure if there is a suitable use case for this thing at $250. Mediocre is outdated and not bright enough. The stand is nice. I can't think of a better price for this monitor than this one, and it's not hard to find better options at this price. It does technically fulfill its role as a monitor.

👤I'd forgotten that many monitors are built without speakers.

👤It does what it is supposed to, it shows moving pictures.

👤The colors of the monitor looked great, although mine had a motion issue, where it had excessive blur and it looked odd to the eye, I've been using 144. This one felt off to me, and I have been using hz monitors for a while now. Maybe I would have kept it if I'd gotten a better monitor.

3. Samsung LC24RG50FQNXZA Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung LC24RG50FQNXZA Curved Gaming Monitor

Designed for people who play multiple game modes. To plus 15.0 is a plus/minus 2.0. The curved gaming monitor has an 1800R curve. Even in the most demanding games, the 144HZ rate puts you ahead. No more boring game plays as the graphics are virtually eliminated for smooth, fast-action gaming. The advanced VA panel lets you see enemies even in darker scenes with greater accuracy. Eye Saver Mode can be used to reduce blue light emissions. The product dimensions are without a stand.

Brand: Samsung

👤You can't say anything else about the benefits. The setting is easy to chancing on the back of the monitor. I like the monitor but you can't mount it up. There are no holes on the back of the monitor.

👤I purchased this for approximately $180 as an Amazon Warehouse/ Refurbished deal, with "Like New" condition, and I'm happy with my purchase. I had the pleasure of peeling off the plastic that comes with new electronics after receiving the parcel. I bought this to use as a monitor. I have a gaming monitor on my desktop that has freesync and a 144hz panel. It's great for what it does, and as I have been getting more into streaming, with creating and editing pictures and video, I figured I would try having a second monitor. I did some research on the different panel types and their strengths and weaknesses, and when I saw this monitor, I thought I would pull the Trigger. The monitor has the same rich color contrast and even better viewing angles as the standard VA panel, but it uses an SVA panel, which is an improvement over standard VA panel technology. The colors look good to me, though I have no equipment to measure the accuracy of them, but the product is advertised as "Freesync 2 HDR", which I will take at face value. The contrast between the black and white is good, and the brightness is good. I've had the monitor for a while now, and I'm very happy with it. I still get a smooth experience when I watch shows or edit photos in 144hz, because I notice the difference in colors and contrast. The monitor has two freesync modes, "standard" and "ultimate". The ultimate allows up to the full 144hz and gave me noticeable "ghosting" issues, but the standard allows up to the full 85hz. The "Standard" setting capped itself at 85hz, and I was kind of disappointed to see that. I am disappointed by that more than the ghosting.

👤There are preset modes for many games, as well as great photo quality. I really appreciated the fact that I use a pc and a ps4 and that's why I appreciated the 2 hdmi slots. I had a 27 inch monitor that was on sale and I thought it was a 27 inch. Even though I got the wrong size, I really liked the new size of 24. It only takes 3 minutes to put it together.

👤My teenage son asked for a monitor. I searched for a long time and found this one. We all own cell phones and are happy with them. I thought about giving it a try. He loves the monitor and the size. Images are crisp and sharp. A good purchase.

👤I never tried a VA, but I guess this panel is a PVA panel by the company. I've played with panels before, but never a VA panel. The colors make up for the dark blacks in a game, and I like the dark run my monitors do. The stand is a deal-breaker for me because I like to move my monitors around so they don't get in the way of the stand. I put something on the bottom of my monitors. I own a Dell gaming panel that's 1440P and it would be an amazing monitor. The screen doesn't bother me while I'm playing a game. There are two display ports and two HDMI ports on the monitor. The colors of the monitor shine and the monitor doesn't look like it's been shrunk. If someone was sensitive, they would probably notice ghosting or flickers when I tried Metro Exodus with my 2080RTX. The monitor is freesync but it still works great with my card, maybe it will be Gsync in a few years. The power cable is not very sturdy and will fall out with the lightest movement, so I used a piece of gorilla tape to keep it in place. I would like to purchase another one.

4. Sceptre E255B 1658A Gaming Monitor DisplayPort

Sceptre E255B 1658A Gaming Monitor DisplayPort

The low input lag of the AOC makes it possible for video signals to have better picture quality and in-game responsiveness. The refresh rate is pushed beyond the standard rate, giving the gaming community an edge in visibility as frames transition instantly, leaving behind no blurred images. Fast action games and action adventure movies require fast and accurate response from an LEDs. The smooth video and seamless on the spot movement of the game players is a result of the FreeSync. The anti-flicker prevents the backlight from flickering. The power range is 100 to 120 VAC, 50 to 60 hertz and 1.1A. The power consumption is usually 27W. Sleep is 0.5W. Off is 0.5W. Easily delivering video and audio is what Displayport has become. The wall mount is ready.

Brand: Sceptre

👤I am not a professional in the field of gaming displays. I have been playing on an old school projector. For 9 years, 60hz tv. I bought this because I received advice from friends that I needed a display upgrade and that they recommended a monitor with a high refresh rate and low response time. I found this and it arrived today. The packaging was great, there wasn't a ton of small pieces that were a pain to install, the stand is very sturdy and the best part is that it's a metal stand. It came with a displayport cable. I immediately noticed the difference when I hooked this sucker up, and I could tell the difference in the quality of the game. This item took my breath away, it was so good. If you have more money, there are better products with better image quality, but for 1799.99, I think I got away with theft. I am very happy with this product. I think the only complaint would be the speakers, but who uses them for pc gaming? It's just so good, and the screwdriver that comes with it is a bossssssss.

👤The monitor's shape and screen to body ratio are good, but the display is mediocre. The one I received had poor viewing angles and a gap in the screen that let light in. There is a light bleed on the bottom.

👤If you have a high speed cable, you can get the 120h and 1440p on the xbox one, but only if you have a 2.1 cable. This moniter is amazing, as it is my first 4k tv, and I would recommend it. I feel it has made my gaming better, I play rainbow six siege too high hopes for the next generation of consoles, but you can message my xbox gt if you have questions.

👤I have the best monitor I have ever owned. The perfect size for a game is 24 inches. The monitor has a response time of 1ms and ahz 165. Not many monitors offer these things. I was surprised that they didn't need to adjust the color since they were tuned straight out of the box. No dull colors. The mount that comes with the monitor is not changeable, which is the only negative thing. At this price point, it is not a turn off. If the monitor is too low, I would suggest putting it on top of the box to raise it to a level that suits you. It has a strong build quality and comes with a display port cable. Highly recommended.

👤The picture quality and movement of the game is great. Coming from a 75hz monitor felt good. One of the best things about this monitor is the 3 frameless edges, I really wanted one of the other monitors that had this feature. I don't know if this monitor speakers sound like they do. I use external speakers and headphones all the time, so I haven't tried the sound yet. The monitor is very thin and feels nice. It looks sleek when I tilt it on the mount, but I am almost scared to break it. The only complaint I have is that after a day I noticed a dead screen. Which is not a big deal. Since I just bought it, it still sucks. If there are more than 3 adjacent to each other or more than 5 scattered about the screen, the warranty only covers dead pixels. I still like this monitor despite Sceptre's policy. I said it was the only monitor that I could find for under $300.

5. AOC G2490VX Frameless 1920x1080 Re Spawned

AOC G2490VX Frameless 1920x1080 Re Spawned

The monitor has a 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution VA Panel. Ultra-smooth competitive gaming can be achieved with a rapid 1ms response time and a fast refresh rate. For the ultimate seamless multi-monitor setup, there is a 3-sided design with ultra-narrow borders. 3-year zero-bright-dot, 3-year advance replacement, and 1-year accidental damage are re-swazed. The color gamut coverage is 125.95% sRGB and 92.85% DCI-P3. 1x display. Audio Line-out and HDMI for convenience. VESA mounting can be used for a variety of mounting options. During gaming sessions, the LowBlue Mode and FlickerFree are available.

Brand: Aoc

👤tl;dr. If you luck out in the panel lottery, or if you're willing to overlook dead subpixels and/or glaring uniformity issues for the cheap price tag, you'll love the AOC 24G2 monitor. tl;dr2 The sRGB color space has a "gamut coverage" of only 126%. The sRGB gamut coverage is 99.7%. Review Part 1. There is a lottery. You have a 1 in 5 chance of winning the lottery. The monitor was ordered on June 13, 2020. The prize. It had some issues with the white and backlights, but they were not significant at this price point. Fantastic. The second monitor was ordered on June 13, 2020. There is a green subpixel in the bottom right corner. The third monitor was ordered on June 19, 2020. Near the left edge is a dead green subpixel. The fourth monitor was ordered on June 22, 2020. The panel has a crack across it. I... The monitor was ordered on June 22, 2020. The panel had some serious issues. The white wasn't really white in the bottom left corner, and the backlight was bad enough that it was visible under the overhead light. I brought out my colorimeter and took some measurements. The whitepoint dE00 was verging on 3 in the bottom left corner while the static contrast at the bottom right corner was measured. About 45% of the value is measured at the center of the screen, and the rest is listed for the PANDA LC238LF1F panel. Part 2 should be reviewed. sRGB Gamut coverage. 24G2 is capable of displaying over 121% of the sRGB gamut. People believe that this monitor has 126% sRGB gamut coverage. The sRGB gamut coverage for 24G2 is about 99.7%, which is slightly short of the blue end of the color space. The data sheet for the PANDA LC238LF1F panel shows its sRGB gamut coverage at 99%. Where does that come from? The dlCtCp map shows that 24G2's gamut coverage on the red and green ends does extend a bit beyond the sRGB color space. 24G2 is capable of displaying reds and greens 121% beyond the sRGB color space. The actual sRGB gamut "coverage" is 99.7% if the monitor is capable of producing all colors of the sRGB color space. They are misleading at the least, but they aren't making false claims. I received a good 24G2 and the average dE00 for it is 0.17, which is nothing short of amazing. The monitor does have trouble showing dark colors accurately, but this is normal, and the dE00 for one of the darker blues is 1.38. A cheap gaming monitor. I'd be surprised if it could produce deep dark colors. Review Wrap Up. I've returned all but the first 24G2s and won't be purchasing more since my luck seems to have run out with the first 24G2. The one that I got is great. It is the best buck monitor on the market. Most people won't notice the problems since the features of AOC 24G2 are very good. If you are like most people, this monitor is a good choice. Good luck if you are like me.

6. LG 27GL83A B Ultragear Compatible Monitor

LG 27GL83A B Ultragear Compatible Monitor

There is a dentist approved whitening gel that can be used with any teeth Whitening trays. 27 inch QHD. The display has anIPS display. The response time is 1ms and the refresh rate is 144Hz. It is compatible with the G-SYNC. Surface treatment 25%, 3H. The design has a side virtually borderless design. The stand can be tilt, height, and pivot. The dimensions without stand are 24.2 x 14.2 x 2.2 inches.

Brand: Lg

👤After 2 days of use, the monitor broke. It flickers every 6.5 seconds. I swapped cables. No one could get it to work. Different computers were put into it. Same result. I submitted an online support ticket. Bad things happen. The monitor broke, but I am not upset. The production process is not flawless. My concern is the support process. I received it on Friday. It malfunctioned on Sunday. I received an email almost immediately after submitting the online support request. We will call you as soon as possible. The word is "call." I received an email from "Arianne" on Monday reminding me of the ticket number and telling me to look for more correspondence with shipping labels and links to create support requests. I hate these emails. The automated response could have done that. Since I created the ticket which kicked off this process, I don't need instructions or links to accomplish what I've already done. These emails are designed to appease the individual. I find them condescending. I received the instructions to arrange a FedEx pick up on Tuesday night. The monitor was picked up by FedEx. It has been 7 days since the problem was reported, there is no mention of when I will get a replacement, no contact with any support professional, and no call. I called them. When I can expect a replacement was the question I asked. It broke after 2 days and is under warranty. The warranty can be a repair or replace warranty. They have 10 business days to try and fix it. If it is an easy fix, it could take a couple of days. If they determine that it is not repairable or cost effective to fix, I will get a replacement or a refund. I am told to allow 3-4 days shipping each way. For those keeping count, that means 3-4 days to them, 10 business days for assessment and repair, and 3-4 days return trip. I paid for a monitor, got 2 days of use out of it, and won't have it back in working order for up to 20 days if everything goes well. I will wait a full month for a monitor I already paid for, and then be given a refund, purchase a replacement, and wait another week for delivery if everything goes wrong. I expect something to work when I spend a few hundred dollars. I expect a replacement if it is faulty. They are promising more of the same, but nothing has been prompt thus far. Don't tell me you're going to call and then I'll have to reach out to you a full week later. I am not overjoyed at the prospect of doing business with the company in the future, so I hope it becomes a refund scenario. I called the support of the company again last week because they still seem unable to give me any guidance or information. I was told the monitor was still moving. It is now May 17th, 14 days since I submitted the support request. I called the support number to get an update. The support person told me that the repair team has not received the monitor yet, but he will contact me once they have it. He told me to keep my line clear and to expect a phone call. My email address was taken down because they will send periodic updates of repair progress. That part is concerning since that information is already in the system with the tick repair. I haven't received a call or email yet. Since I submitted the request 2 weeks ago, my repair status has been "Appointment Confirmation." There is a third update. It's May 31st. My monitor is still listed as being in repair. I have had contact with them twice since my last update. They called me when I was about to file a complaint on their website. This is their standard support process, all that person did was reiterate it. He told me that they would update me on a regular basis after taking down my number and email address. The only contact they have started is the call. I have not received any updates in any format. I called them again on the 26th to get a progress update and was told that it had not yet been repaired and parts had been ordered. He told me to expect the monitor between the 27th and 31st. We can all guess how accurate the information was, since how the ticket shows it still hasn't been repaired is obvious. June 1st is the fourth update. The support request has been submitted for 29 days. Yesterday was the deadline for them to complete repair, replacement, or refunds. The repair facility is waiting on parts which will not be available until next week. I requested that they escalate the call to a manager since they are in violation of their own terms. I was told that they would transfer the call but I would get the same information. They are past their own deadline and this is unacceptable. There needs to be a resolution today and I need to be transferred to someone who can make that happen. Please hold, he says. I was on hold for half an hour. June 1st update part 2. I spoke to a woman who explained the following to me after I had been on hold for over an hour. They should never have given me that. They can't guarantee those expectations. 2. She will initiate the process for me, but can't do it herself. The repair department is the only one who can initiate a replacement or refund request. She will send the email back to her. They should call me back in a few days to let me know what they say. " 3. The parts that are needed to fix my monitor are not in order. I am still losing. The department that has failed me repeatedly are the only ones who can resolve the issue. I should kiss my money goodbye. I have used the "Email the President" feature on the website, but I am not holding my breath. While I like the products of the company and have purchased many of them over the years, the support system is the worst I have ever encountered and I will not purchase any of their products in the future. June 8th is the sixth update. On June 1st, no one called me back. The original monitor was supposed to be repaired, but it showed up at my door yesterday. I set it up by biting my tongue. It seemed to work well last night. It is back to flickering, but only for 3 seconds this morning. The monitor is worse than when I sent it in. I called the support of the company and they said they would ask me to send the monitor back for more repairs. I said I want my money back. I'm on hold again to speak with someone. After speaking with "executive support" on the 8th, I was told they were going to submit a request for a refund and someone would call me back on the 10th or 11th. The 14th is now. I called the support desk again and was told that no request had been processed. I'm on hold again for executive support. This has moved from being frustrating to bordering on theft. I spoke to a woman who said she needed to put me on hold to find a co-worker I spoke to last week. She came back on the line and gave the same greeting. I told her I was waiting for her to find the co-worker. She hung up on me. The person from the executive support/ services team said the following: 1. The request for a refund was not submitted last week. I've been waiting for a week on a callback to see the status of something they never actually did. 2. They have a policy of getting two repair chances before they consider a refund. 3. I have not allowed them a second chance at repairs so they can't submit the refund request. I reached out to them via the president feature, but only received one response. I haven't heard from them since that person said they were my case manager. I have reached out via social media. I have tracked them down by phone on a regular basis because they never follow up on their promises. I know they don't call me back because they don't take the actions they tell me they will, and if I don't call them, I'll never know that I'm sitting with a broken monitor. This isn't customer support. Charlie is my case manager. The request for a refund has been submitted and forwarded to someone higher up. Sounds familiar, that takes 7 days. If it is approved, I will get a refund in 3-6 weeks. If it's rejected, I have to send the monitor in again, and if it works as it did before, I'll get it back in August. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. So lose. June 26th is the 11th update. There were 10 business days to review a refund request. I responded to Charlie's text message on the 14th. I received a text from Charlie that said, "This is Charlie from LG following up with you regarding your case." Until this is resolved, I will be your case manager. You will be receiving updates on your case. You don't need to call customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly. Is anyone surprised I haven't received any updates regarding my case? I was surprised that I did not get a response to my inquiry yesterday. Me not. The saga continues. I haven't updated this in a while because I thought I was done with it. I'm not. There is a I have to give them two repair attempts to get my refund. I sent it back. I received it on my doorstep. The case tracker says repairs haven't even been started, and no updates or notifications have been sent since I sent it back. It's on my doorstep, without a power cable. I explained the issue to the person who called in. I was put on hold while the rep went to investigate. He told me that he sent it to someone above him and that person would review it and get back to me. I asked for a time limit. He can't tell me when they'll have time to reach out. He hung up on me after I told him that was unacceptable. July 30th is the 13th update. I called the executive management hotline for two days and they are no longer taking my calls. I called the repair facility off of the shipping labels, not because they are a bad place to do repairs, but because they are a good place to do repairs. I was told that I could return the monitor for a third attempt at repairs. I explained that I didn't know if it needed repairs because I couldn't plug it in to check. She arranged to ship me a power cable after closing the return request. The Executive Support number sent a text message to me. Our service records show that you spoke with a Presidential Liaison, is that correct? Please let us know by selecting a number. 1) Yes 2. I did not speak to any presidential liaison and responded accordingly. I don't know what that question and response will lead to. The power cable arrived today, and it appears the monitor may be functioning properly. I will leave it running and re-verify tomorrow since the issue has never been presented. The guy who hung up on me on the 26th told me that they were doing their best to help me. I hope my experience isn't what they consider to be their best. I can confirm the monitor is working. I have been using it for a week now and the flickering has not returned. Since they sent the missing power cable, there has been no contact from them, and no follow-up on the text that I had received. I am not calling to let them know that they have fixed it because they don't really care. Beware of the support of the company. It took over 3 months to get the broken device fixed. Toodles.

7. ASUS Gaming 1080P Monitor VG258QM

ASUS Gaming 1080P Monitor VG258QM

There is a robust connection with HDMI x2. There is a DisplayPort 1.2. The monitor has an ultrafast 280*Hz refresh rate and is designed for professional gaming. It can be used for high frame rates and sharp gaming visuals. G-SYNC compatible ready will deliver a seamless, tear-free gaming experience by enabling the variable refresh rate. ELMB and G-SYNC compatible technology eliminates ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates. High Dynamic Range technology with professional color gamut delivers contrast and color performance that meets the DisplayHDR 400 certification.

Brand: Asus

👤The box has good color accuracy. The monitor seems to come with obscenely high brightness, so I didn't have to adjust much. Even though it seems to lock the overdrive, ELMB is surprisingly good. Since it's the default setting of the monitor, it would be overdrive 60. I was glad to see that it's at least a little bit useful because I had only heard bad things about it. There were a couple of 24" models from the previous year that had issues with text. The menu is easy to navigate and the OSD joystick is of good quality. A really good heavy stand that can pivot, tilt, and rotate. - The speakers are soundproof. If you've heard monitor speakers, you've mostly heard them all. Can't imagine much from 2 watt. The option is there. I'm not sure if this is a feature on every monitor since this is my first one. I was surprised that Windows registered the panel as 10 bit color when it was below 240hz. Sorry for the people who were worried about the performance. I don't have the knowledge or equipment to give specific numbers. I didn't notice any excess input lag when I played on my PS4/Switch. If you're looking for a panel with a maximum speed of 240hz, I highly recommend the monitor. The price is really good when you take everything into account. I didn't think the performance hit was worth the fidelity gain on a 1440p monitor. If you're looking for a monitor that will only be used for gaming andbrowsing, I think you should stick with the tried and true. You can use higher frame rates and not have to worry about messing with Windows scaling to have readable text. Multi-monitor setup with smaller monitor sizes is easier to use. If you need more real estate for multitasking, then you already know what you want. Everyone has different needs. This is for the model "VG259QM", since reviews for this model seem to have been consolidated with other models. Above the review is what it should say. I want to point it out here to make sure there is no confusion.

👤I was looking for a monitor that would allow me to have my PC, PS4 and Switch all connected on the same screen, without having to move anything. It's the perfect size for single player gaming, it's 24.5in, and it has the perfect color production for it to like nice and crisp. You will have no compatibility issues when you swap platforms. The only thing that was good for single player gaming was the PG279Q, and the PS4 and Switch didn't support it. The colors look stunning out of the box, no calibration was necessary, and the game feels smooth even if you are below.

👤I got on my girlfriend's Amazon account to write this review because I was so pleased with the product, I ordered the monitor on her account. The difference in performance I got from this monitor to a 280 hz monitor was incredible, to the point that it appeared choppy to me. The machine is going to require some pretty decent hardware to achieve 280 frames per second, but if you reach it, it's insane. When I played OW competitively, I was t500 multiple seasons, Global Elite on CSGO, and now Diamond 2 in Valorant, which is still on that grind baby. If you play games that are very competitive, you will notice the monitor's screen tearing and the ability to perfectly track even during fast motions. Can't get past the price of the monitor? It's ok, the 24.5. The pixels are pretty tight in the version. You don't have to worry about the images being too small. I don't recommend buying this product if you're going to upgrade to this, since the monitor will be a huge leap. I had to write this review because I didn't see enough of them for peace. It's a good thing.

8. LG 34GL750 B Inch Ultragear Compatible

LG 34GL750 B Inch Ultragear Compatible

The refresh rate of your graphics card and ultrawide gaming monitor can be synchronized with the help of the freesync. Ultra wide 21: 9 Full HD displays. The refresh rate is 144hertz. 1ms motion blur reduction. The technology is called adaptive sync. The stand is height adjusted.

Brand: Lg

👤I already own a 34" 3440 x 1440 ultrawide, so I didn't want to spend the money on a new monitor since I already own a great one. I saw this monitor on sale for Prime Day, and I thought the price point made it worth the switch, even with the lower resolution, I didn't think it would be that noticeable. I was wrong. It's not a high enough screen resolution for a 34" monitor if you sit too far back from it. The resolution on this thing is just not as good as the 27" monitors I use at work. I found the gaps between individual pixels to be very noticeable, but not as bad as the "screen door effect" of using a first-generation virtual reality headset. The higher refresh rate and G-sync really make a difference for first-person shooters. I used to have a lot of trouble tracking moving targets in the game, and once I started shooting, I would lose track of what I was actually shooting at. I thought I was done with the game because of my age, but I'm doing more damage and getting more kills in every match, and the problem has been dramatically reduced. The picture quality is not good enough for me to recommend this monitor. I bought the Alienware AW3418DW instead of returning it because I couldn't go back to 60Hz. It's worth it for the higher screen resolution and improved picture quality, even though it's expensive and only goes up to 120Hz. If you must have ultrawide, save your money and get a 3440 x 1440 120Hz monitor. If you like the look of the monitor, you can get a 1440p monitor.

👤The picture became distorted after five weeks after the monitor worked well. I sent an e-mail to the company about my attempts to get the monitor fixed. At the end of August, I contacted the manufacturer of my new monitor to find out how to fix it. The screen became distorted after about five weeks of use, after I ordered it over Amazon. I was told by customer service that a technician could come to my house to fix the monitor. I waited for them to tell me to schedule an appointment. After a few days, I called to check in. There was no repair technician in my area. I would have to bring my monitor with me. They waited for me to call them back after they didn't call me to tell me this. I got a shipping label and sent the monitor to the company around the 5th of September. I received no more updates from them until I sent them an email. I was told that the repair was done and there was no further information. On the 9th of October, I was told that the repair was pending and that they were waiting for a part. I left my home for three weeks. On the 30th of October, I called again and was told the same thing. They were missing a part and the repair was pending. I called back every two days until I was told that the repair couldn't be completed and I'd be getting a replacement. The monitor was repaired and returned to me around the 7th of November. In September, I sent the power adapter to my monitor as recommended by the customer service. The monitor was not powered on. I called to tell them that I needed my adapter back. They agreed to do that. Today is November 15th. I received a package from the company. Not the accessory. It's easy to replace the chord. I would have bought a new one if I hadn't missed it. The specific and expensive accessory I needed. I called the company and was told I would get it in 10 days. I bought a monitor in July. I have been using it for five weeks. I have owned this monitor for 4 months and it has been damaged and unusable, it has been returned to me but without the power accessory. The repair experience has been disappointing. They have given me wrong information. They waited for me to call them and check for updates instead of giving me the updates. They only returned a part of the product. I don't know if the repair worked because I can't turn on the monitor. The technology customer service experience has been disappointing. I was very happy when I was told that I would get a refund and that I would use it to buy a new monitor from a different company. I want to see if the repair was a success. I will never purchase electronics from the company again, even though it is a nice monitor when it is working.

9. MSI Curvature Adjustment Optix G24C4

MSI Curvature Adjustment Optix G24C4

Blue light emissions are harmful for the eye and can be mitigated with Eye Saver Mode. The best gaming display is curved. The gaming experience is even better at the 144Hz refresh rate. Eliminate screen tearing and frame choppy rates with 1ms response time. The game colors and details will look more realistic and refined to push the game to its limits. FreeSync Premium Technology is Tear free, stutter free, fluid gaming.

Brand: Msi

👤The monitor is a big upgrade from what I had before. It is pretty good for a monitor under $200, but there are some quirks. I would like to know some of the things before purchasing it. These quirks may not mean anything to you. Pros: 120Hz over HDMI, 120Hz overDP, and full range of RGB. The box is easy to set up and the cable is inexpensive. When the current signal disappears, the monitor's firmware will start searching for another signal. It takes 5 seconds to do so, and there is no manual control. If you are using this to test a new build, you will see a blank screen. If the time it takes for this monitor to find your signal is too long, you will not be able to enter your BIOS, leaving you to do things like know which key to use. It's a big pain when trying to fix a build. The backlight flickers to the point of being noticable when using FreeSync in G-sync compatible mode. I can always see the backlight changing, so leaving the refresh rate at 144Hz is less distracting. There are 3 more The aspect ratio setting is global. You would have to change it back to shirteen for HDMI1 if you need it. There are four There is no way to change the "Screen Size" setting. There are five The end user can't updatable the firmware. There is a slight backlight bleeding, but it is noticable on the darkest of scenes and at unoptimal viewing angles. This is worth mentioning, as it is very subtle, but doesn't bother me at all.

👤Very nice picture of a great monitor. It doesn't come with display port cable. I changed it to: The picture is amazing. If you want that unlocked, it's highly recommended.

👤I wanted to get into the curved scene and look for anIPS monitor after years of using a TN ASUS 24". I came across this curved VA panel after searching for a long time. The VA is between the old technology panel and the high end monitors. The monitor is light and does not have a height adjustment. OSD is easy to use. If you want to use a 2.0 capable graphics card, you need to pick up an HDMI cable. At the click of a button, Freesync is available. It will work with G-SYNC as a G-SYNC compatible monitor. I use this with a 2060SUPER. Go to the control panel and enable G-sync compatible. The $179 I paid was well worth it, the picture quality is very good, crisp and clear, no issues with it.

👤I am very satisfied with the company that I bought this from, even though it took more time for it to be delivered, and even though other companies were double the price. After making adjustments to the moniter. I almost applied pressure to the back when I screwed in the monitor mount because of the curve.

👤There is too much ghosting and color smearing in gaming and even on websites. There will always be color smeared regardless of monitor response time settings. You think motion blur is on if you see inverse ghosting and normal results in 60hz. It looks like there is grease on your screen when the blacks are so dark. I bought an asus vg249q and immediately saw in the picture and quality of the game. I will avoid VA panels and stick toIPS ones. Save yourself some time and buy a better monitor. It's not that bad, it took about 2 or 3 days to get used to, but you can see a shadow in the middle of the curve on websites. It has a power brick, not a huge deal, but something else to consider.

10. AOC CU34G2X Frameless Immersive Adjustable

AOC CU34G2X Frameless Immersive Adjustable

A new slim, tapered stand with easy height adjustment was designed for COMFORT. A 34" class viewable monitor with a 2K resolution VA panel from the G2 Series. The pitch is 0.23175. The curve radius is 1500mm with a rapid 1ms response and a refresh rate of 144Hz. The design has a 1500R curvature for gaming and entertainment. The VA panel has a wide viewing angle and brilliant colors. AOC Re-Spawned 3-year zero-bright-dot 3-year advance replacement. A height-adjustable stand, low blue mode, and FlickerFree are VSEA compatible. 2x DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0, and 2x USB 3.2 x4 hub inputs/outputs for high performance graphics display and convenience The low input lag of the AOC makes it possible for video signals to have better picture quality and in-game responsiveness.

Brand: Aoc

👤I have never used a Curved monitor before. The contrast issues of a TN panel were not a problem for me. I had the beef to move up to 1440P. You cannot use the OOB settings on this monitor. It took me a fraction of a second to get solid for reading when I scrolled up and down in a browser, the text would dim and get fuzzy until I stopped. I got this monitor for the performance mode, so I quickly started messing with settings. I go into settings with any monitor to get the right colors and brightness. This one is a little extra. I came up with the setting that will make it work great in game or desktop. Game Mode Off Shadow Control 50 low input lag. On for desktop work, Off for in game, less lag much smoother, yes Off here per manual and it feels correct. I've been able to get the monitor to work and look great in all modes by tweaking the color settings in the control panel. It doesn't matter if you move your head around or not, contrast is great. This is a big step up from Tennessee. The curve screen is not a keystone for real, but an effect the curve brings, and that is something I could not do without. I will give curve screens 0 points in the future, I'd be happy with a flat screen. The Freesync feature was already chosen in the panel by the company. It was good to see that it was recognized on its own. I'll read to make sure it's working. I don't know if Freesync is working or not because screen tearing is not a thing anymore. Even though I feel like I got everything I need out of it, I ended up with a 4 star score because there is no manual. I know what I'm seeing. I went through all the settings until I found the ones I needed to fix, because I knew I had to fix it immediately or return the product. I wonder how many people get one of these and return it because they think VA is terrible. I want to return the monitor, but it puzzles me. I can get ideal conditions, but there are two settings that I have to change each time, and there isn't a way to save the preset. The settings were updated to match the edit. I dropped two stars because I think you need toggling this often for the best results.

👤The monitor is nice. I had no issues with using it. The price point and the warranty are the reasons I bought this. I bought it for $430 and it was great. I scratched the screen pretty badly when I accidentally scratched it for 4 months. I think so. I will use their 1-year accidental damage warranty to replace it. My first call to customer service was interrupted by construction work and my voice was so bad I couldn't hear anything. They had to be put on the speaker. I want to use my one time warranty. They didn't ask me for the order invoice, address or serial number. I told them that the screen was scratched. They tell me that the accidental damage warranty only covers cracked screens, which I say isBS, and that it does not cover accidental damage like monitors falling on the floor, acts of God, or even nuclear war. For up to one year from the date of purchase, there is one incident covered. I asked if the warranty covered nuclear war and accidental damage but not a scratched screen. He says that he thinks so. I paid $430 for a decent monitor and a scam of a warranty. A blatant lie and an absolute scam. They need to either fire that man or keep their reputation.

11. Sceptre DisplayPort Edge Less FreeSync C275B 1858RN

Sceptre DisplayPort Edge Less FreeSync C275B 1858RN

It is compatible with both the FreeSync with the Radeon graphics cards and the adaptive-sync with the NVIDIA graphics cards. The Slim 1800R Curved FHD display provides a great picture. A 165hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time will improve clarity in your picture. It will make your picture even better. All of your content will be shown with clarity and color accuracy. There are two HDMI, one DP, and 3.5mm Audio ports. You can connect whatever devices you need.

Brand: Sceptre

👤I've played with 60hz my entire life and this monitor is a beast and can definitely increase its frame rate to 185hz, only with a DP connection to your system. The box was opened and there was no dead person in it. I thought the color quality was poor at first, but there is a saturation configuration setting on the monitor itself, which is easy to fix, bright and vibrant colors, and that's something I need as a gaming enthusiast who plays a lot of games. If you are a competitive, you won't have to worry about your frame because I promise they will be through the roof. This monitor has allowed me to eliminate any mechanical problems that slowed down my game, and the only thing that will affect your frames is your internet connection strength. 10/10 would recommend this monitor to a gaming enthusiast.

👤I saw reviews on the issue I had. The monitor didn't work. The power supply was bad. You would never know unless you spent the time trying to figure it out for yourself. Please be warned, these power supplies are not working. The monitor is excellent and SCEPTRE owes me a power supply for it. I need the 12V power supply for my spare. Read the reviews of people. It makes a difference.

👤I plugged it in and it wouldn't turn on because it wasn't the power cable, but I need someone to help me figure out what it is.

👤The monitor turned on after I received it. There are no dead animals. I was hooking my ps4 to the panel so I needed a high definition one. The 60hz ps4 limit is great, but if you have a graphics card that has aDP on it, you will be in for a treat. I have tested all of my games on this gem and it does not disappoint. There is absolutely no screen tearing even though I tried hard. The VA panel has a high refresh rate.

👤I thought the monitor was too good to be true for the price when I got it. It turned off randomly one day. I unplugged it from the wall and plugged it back in after I thought it had died. The issue of randomly turning off did not go away. I can't use a monitor that turns off. Hopefully there is some way that this can be solved, but knowing how these things usually go was pointless. I will never buy another sceptre product. I was lucky that Sceptre was able to repair my monitor for free because my unit completely refused to power on after I wrote my initial review. I have been using it for about a week and I will write a thorough review. This is the first monitor that I have ever used that is compatible withDP. The included cable has not caused signal loss for me. If I turn on my PC, my monitor will show the windows login screen, but it will take about 3 seconds for it to boot up. The screen has a lot of colors. The RX 580 can handle a decent amount of titles. I can't play certain games at 60hz after playing with a higher refresh. For example, Killing Floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2, Killing floor 2 There is an option for 185 or 144hz in the windows settings, but not 165, which is what Sceptre advertises. I noticed a bit more ghosting when I tried 185hz. I'm sure this can be fixed in the drivers. I haven't thought about it because it looks great to me. I think there should be a variable setting for overdrive. The screen may look juttery if the content is playing at 60hz. It will still look a little juttery if the monitor is set to 60. It will be more noticeable if you are playing a game at 60hz and dropping frames. It's not that bad if you can live with it. The colors are good enough to keep playing games like Red Dead 2. If you are coming from a lower refresh rate monitor, you will see the extra movement. One thing to keep in mind is that with older cards you will probably need to lower your settings to keep a steady 144. I can see why 1440p is being phased out quickly, as it's more stable than1080p. Even though it's better than 720p, it's still possible to see the resolution from an optimal distance. Lower settings will make things worse, like aliasing. I feel like I got an upgrade for a decent price after buying this monitor. I will definitely want a 1440p setup in the future, but I need a new graphics card, computer, and monitor to do that. I had a rocky experience with this monitor, but hopefully it won't happen again. I will be buying from a different brand after my first Sceptre product failed. When it works, I like this monitor a lot. Thanks.


What is the best product for best gaming monitor 144hz?

Best gaming monitor 144hz products from Asus. In this article about best gaming monitor 144hz you can see why people choose the product. Samsung and Samsung are also good brands to look for when you are finding best gaming monitor 144hz.

What are the best brands for best gaming monitor 144hz?

Asus, Samsung and Samsung are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gaming monitor 144hz. Find the detail in this article. Sceptre, Aoc and Lg are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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