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1. Rocker 5172601 Bluetooth Gaming Piping

Rocker 5172601 Bluetooth Gaming Piping

The recliner is perfect for playing video games, watching TV and reading. A rocker chair with speakers. Video gaming, race seat designed chair can be used to play video games, watch movies, listen to music, and relax. ImmersIVE MEDIA EXPERIENCE: 2 forward facing speakers with powerful subs, provide great sound and a low rumble, intensifying your game, movie, or music. The wireless bluetooth receiver. The chair has a built-in to play audio from any device. It is feasible design. A comfortable gaming experience can be had with a padded back and arms. Most gaming devices and systems, smart devices, TV, CD, DVD, and mp3 players are included. The weight capacity is 275 lbs.

Brand: X Rocker

👤It was bought for a family member so that he wouldn't have to sit on the floor. He used the chair all the time. He's about 200 lbs and it works well for him. The chair has been in use for a long time. It is very comfortable. It isn't completely wireless but that wasn't a problem for us. It was packaged well and arrived on time. We put it in the closet when it's not in use. If you found this answer helpful, please vote. Thanks!

👤The gaming chair is comfortable. I knocked it down because it won't work out of the box with XBox 1 or any other gaming system that has an HDMI connection. You need to get a HDMI to HDMI/Audio conversion in order to get the sound to work, and then you need to get audio cables from chair to chair. Even when turned up all the way, the sound is great. My 7 year old son loves it and I find it comfortable. Overall happy with the purchase.

👤It connects to your PS4. The chair is very cool and I like how it can turn your party into a video game party. Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo, and Ratchet and Clank... The low seat and surround audio system enhance games. I sat on the floor because I couldn't play my best game on the sofa. I have found my perfect spot to play games with this low seat and I will never trade it. I enjoyed watching movies and series again. I prefer to put the headphones on my controller rather than on the chair because I don't want to wake the entire house up with a bad sound. I think it's a great idea to connect the chair with the PS4 wireless controller through the PS4 dualshock and the X Rocker, without the cables through the room. My recommendation is to use your PS4 to watch movies and TV shows, as well as to improve your experience of the product. It works for shows that don't require a low seat and a certain quality of sound, but it doesn't work for shows that do. If you want a wireless experience with any of the consoles, the cables will do the trick. + The cable management is a total mess if you don't use a PS4 or the separate retrofit system. If you want to play shirtless in the middle of summer, you should put a bath towel on the chair.

👤We are sitting in the seat. The sound is better than the TV. It was installed in seconds. Son loves it!

👤It was a hit with our 11 year old son. The chair is really nice and the sound is amazing. He was happy. When we purchased it, we knew that it wouldn't work with XBOX and other consoles. The chair won't power on in 5 months. If we push the power piece hard into the chair, we can get it to work, because there is something wrong with it. The chair has never been moved from that spot in the room and the wire was never tripped over or traumatised to cause this. Disappointed.

2. AKRacing Backrest Recliner Adjustment Mechanisms Pc

AKRacing Backrest Recliner Adjustment Mechanisms Pc

The exclusive design PU leather upholstery is easy to clean and will last for at least 5 years. The metal frame has an anti-corrosive coating and is covered with high density foam padding. Enhancements to ergonomics are included with the pillows for the back and neck. The armrests can be adjusted in four different ways: up and down, back and forth, in and out. The recommended body mass index is up to 29. Border is 35. Not recommended over 36 years old. The Class-4 gaslift has a 330 lbs capacity.

Brand: Akracing

👤The chair is great until you sit on it. The seat bottom has upturned wings that are bad for your hips. It was very uncomfortable. The chair was supposed to be for bigger people. I am 6' 250 I am disappointed. The chair would be perfect without the upturn on the seat. I was able to use a rubber mallet, and with a couple of good strikes, I got the wings to widen a bit. The chair is comfortable and no longer hurts. I took the chair apart and put the seat on the ground. It could have been done without taking it apart. I would recommend this chair to others.

👤I researched a chair that could go a little higher than normal because my desk is higher than normal. The chair has a range from floor to the bottom of the seat. It was perfect! Those are not accurate. I ordered a new one after the mounting hole in the seat was completely broken. PITA is fine to return. I didn't have to check the height because I couldn't set up the original. A new one was assembled. What? This thing is off the floor. I get to 16s, still far from the quoted range. I contacted support by email. I told them that the thickness of the strut was not the correct one, and that it would not travel as far and possibly explain the discrepancy. The shock wasn't long enough. They sent me a new base, shock and chair mount without asking for more information. I'm not going to 1 star because someone is tired. The result was the same. The chair could never go to 17-20 as advertised. The other chairs all have lower height ranges, so either someone changed the specifications or it was just a mistake. Do not get this chair if you are one of those people who prefer a taller height. The chair is nice. I have carbon, and it looks great. If I use it with my desk, I'm a little kid. I asked them to check their height at their office and change their online specifications, after I email them all the details. They never heard back from them again. I got a lower gaming desk, rather than returning it. $350 more to make the chair work. My new desk has a decent chair. The rest is nice, but don't like the plastic and flimsy armrests. You could find another chair for half the price. The first thing you have to do when you get the chair is screw 4 bolts through metal arms on the seat base. The instructions say to slowly check that the screws go in smoothly, and no material is blocking them, but I can tell they have issues with that. I searched through the hole with my finger, but couldn't get the 4th screw in. I found that the threads where the screw would go were gone. I imagine they cover the chair with predrill threads on the inside of the seat back. The assembler has to line up an external bar, push the bolt through the bar, and find the threads in the chair material. Then cover it with a piece of plastic. They should have done it the other way around, with a stud coming out from the inside, so you just attach a bolt to the already visible stud. My experience taught me about the chairs mechanics. If the bolts aren't perfectly aligned, bolting to the seatback frame can be very dangerous. Hope this helps.

3. Computer Leather Ergonomic Reclining Armrests

Computer Leather Ergonomic Reclining Armrests

Installation tools and various parts are included in the package. Please contact them if you have any problems with their products. Within 24 hours, their service team will reply and help you. The armrest has maximum adjustability. The tilt mechanism supports 90 to 170 degree reclining. The tilt lock function is advanced. The seat height is adjusted. This pc gaming chair can support up to 350 pounds, built with heavy duty aluminum base, wide seat and class-4 gas lift. It is comfortable for people of all sizes. The denser, durable cushions have a plush feel, more comfortable, anti-oxidation, and elasticity resilience, allowing your weight to apply just enough pressure as they mold to support your unique body shape. Every gaming chair they make is designed with top-notch materials that make it better suited to endure the wear and tear of hours of daily use. The computer gaming chair has a wide back that helps you stay comfortable all day long, and it has an ergonomics structure that helps you focus on your game or work.

Brand: Xburan

👤I own several gaming chairs within different price brackets and this is the worst experience I've had with one. I fall into a group of people who can use size R and size XL gaming chairs and have a comfortable experience because I'm 6ft around 200 lbs. I noticed the missing or flat out parts immediately after unpacking the box. The arms are not 4D. I wanted to see if it would be a good fit. I ran into issue number two and didn't make it very far. I noticed issuer two and three because I was trying to assemble the seat to the back of the chair. The seat portion of the chair didn't have all the proper mounting holes for the two side brackets which mount the back of the chair to the bottom. I couldn't feel a hole in the metal frame after feeling a hole in the fabric. I found issue three while setting that part to the side. There was excess metal on the frame. I felt a bulge from the side of the seat and noticed that it was excess metal from the frame that wasn't cut or grinded off. A piece of foam was stuck over it. It would have caused an issue after a short time in the chair. The rest of the review will be about how if you got a chair with all the parts, you'd be very disappointed. This is not for big and tall people. The chair has the same dimensions as the Secretlab chairs. It's laughable that the seat and back are so small that they're not the same size as my Secretlab Titan. The chair would fit my 10 year old daughter perfectly, but I can't see it fitting someone over 5'5". The quality of the fabric used is okay and the padding of the chair is okay, but I can't attest to its longevity. The headrest foam and the support pillow are not good. I think it's full of packing foam. I don't think this can hold up to a 200lb person. I would only trust it up to a max of 120lb. The frame of the chair is tack welded. It's only tack welded in a few spots in the area where the gas cylinder mount is located. If you lean back or rock in this chair a few times, it will break. This isn't a good gaming chair if you're looking for something that's under $200. It's not close. The HappyGame XL chair was only $180 and it was so great.

👤I wanted a big chair and this did not disappoint. I am usually nervous to order a chair online. You can not sit in it before you know how it will arrive. The chair is packaged well and put together to make sure there is no damage. The fabric was great, it wasn't leather but more like a fabric. It feels good and soft. The space and room it offers is great. It's nice that the pillow for your back is nice. I have a bad back and this was a nice addition.

4. Ace Bayou 5127401 Pedestal Wireless

Ace Bayou 5127401 Pedestal Wireless

The award-nominated brand is committed to your satisfaction. The gaming chair is all purpose. A faux leather game chair can be used to relax and play games. The media experience is ambiguous. The chair has a wireless audio transmission, 2 speakers near the headrest, and a subwoofer positioned to pound your back with bass- heavy sounds. The wireless connection. Enjoy music, mobile games, tv or movies when you connect quickly. There are optional cables included. The proprietary design adjusts to your body rather than forcing it to do so. It connects with multiple cloisters. The control panel has separate volume and bass controls, input and output jacks for connecting to your audio source, and other X-Rocker chairs can join in multi-game mode.

Brand: X Rocker

👤It is very easy to put together. The chair was not able to work with the PS4. I read the FAQ's on the manufacturers website and tried multiple connection options to get the sound to work. The easiest fix is to buy an optical to RCA adapter. The manufacturers site needs to update their FAQ's in regards to new gaming systems and should also include information on what extra equipment you may need. I would have been disappointed that the receiver couldn't use it right out of the box because of the outdated information and lack of equipment.

👤The chair began to crack and peel in the first year. It is a mess. Someone is looking for a chair.

👤The chair is comfortable for long game sessions on the PS4 and I'm 6'2", 215 lbs. My back, shoulders, and legs feel great after several hours of gaming. The chair is like a chair. The instructions give enough guidance to make assembling furniture pain free. The chair is not difficult to assemble, but it is a bit lower than an office chair without wheels. If your TV is mounted on a wall, this will not be a problem. I am using my chair with a BenQ monitor. The desk Mount has a height adjustment. It's the perfect viewing height for the monitor, which is about 28 inches from the floor. The pros are 1. It is easy to assemble. 2. Even for a person that is 3 feet tall. Sturdy 4. The chair has a reclined sitting position. The cons are 1. It might be low for some people's gaming set up. The seat height is close to the floor. This chair is very good.

👤This chair will wreck your back within a couple of days and leave you with a tired and sore spine. I'm 5'8" 160 pounds and I feel trapped in this thing after an hour. The chair is too small and doesn't recline or unfold enough, and the armrests are too low and hard. It's ok for a kid, but I wish I'd thrown away my old Zeus gaming chair. I threw away 150 bucks because I can't return this thing.

👤The chair has yet to evolve with the times. I mostly game on the PS4 and Xbox One X, and my TV doesn't support any of the old cables, and the chair doesn't support optical or HDMI without an accessory. If you're a current generation gaming, you should be prepared to deal with extra wires and having to find a sound card that works with what you're using. This wouldn't be a problem if this was 2008, but we are 10 years past that type of audio. The sitting height is below average and the chair is not that comfortable for long periods of time. The chair was too short for me, I'm only 5'9". I returned the product.

👤I got this for my son. He has an X Box One. I found out how to connect it to an xbox one, despite there being no directions. It's a good chair once you figure out how to connect it. My son likes it. He said that he loves using it when he's playing games like Call of Duty because it makes him feel more immersed in the games. The sound quality is good, and the bass is strong. It's not hard to put it together. It is well wrapped and protected. I had to disassemble the base because I used the wrong screws, but that was my fault because I didn't read the directions correctly. I thought it was a bit pricey at about $140, but I guess that's what these chairs cost. I probably wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't a christmas gift.

5. Footrest Computer Ergonomic Executive Headrest

Footrest Computer Ergonomic Executive Headrest

The sturdy aluminum base is resistant to external forces and can support up to 120 kilograms, even when using the tilt mechanism for reclining and relaxing. Thanks to the use of a Safety Class 4 gas lift and heavy-duty aluminum casters, this is possible. The material is high quality and skin friendly. The metal frame is sturdy and stable. The high density sponge seat cushion has a longer life. The high and wide backrest will give you better support. The chair base and nylon smooth rolling are heavy duty. The wide seat cushion is made of a high density sponge. The heavy duty chair star base with explosion-proof gas lift can provide a sturdy foundation to the chair, which can be up to 350 lbs. TheMULTI FUNCTION is a degree that is 90-180reline and 20 rocking degree. The seat height and armrest are adjusted. You can relax your feet with the retractable footrest. You can get additional support with theremovable headrest andadjustableusb massage pillow. If you are working or resting, you can get the best support by adjusting the backrest. The seat and cushion are made of thick sponge, so you won't feel tired after sitting for a long time. The chair size is 36.2"x23.2"x58.6" and the seating area is 21.5"x20.5"x5". The height of the armrest can be adjusted. This is a comfortable chair that can also be used as an office chair. It is a beautiful gift and you can use it yourself. One-month replacement services and 2 year parts quality warranty are included in the warrior policy. If you have a question about installation or use, please contact them and they will try to solve the problem for you.

Brand: Karxas

👤I use this at work. It makes a days work even better.

👤I absolutely love this chair. Buy it now! It is worth the money.

👤My daughter is 19 years old and she loves using her computer.

👤The family fought over it but the girl went to work.

6. Shuanghu Ergonomic Computer Reclining Headrest

Shuanghu Ergonomic Computer Reclining Headrest

The customer-centered concept is what HBADA is committed to. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please contact them. You will be given a perfect solution by HBADA. You can find a comfortable position by the height and recline of the chair. It makes watching movies and home more enjoyable. The chair wheel is hard to roll and you have to put a lot of effort into moving the chair when sitting in it. Their gaming chair has smooth roller wheels which don't require the mat, it moves smoothly over the carpet and the tile as well. It won't make noise. Are you looking for a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair in your home or office? If you say yes. Choose a chair that reclines. Premium quality PU leather covering is used in their gaming chair. The cushion of the chair is thick. You can sit in the chair for a period of time to work, study, play or sleep. The retractable footrest is sturdy and comfortable. It's convenient for relaxing and reducing fatigue. The support on the back is great. The armrest has a cushion on it. The gaming racing chair can help you relax. Their gaming chair can support up to 300 lbs. It's perfect for a worker who sits a lot. The easy to follow picture diagram makes it easy to put together a perfect gift. If you get stuck or confused, there is an official video online. Their gaming chair is the perfect gift for Father's day. It has a racing style that is very stylish. The design and color of it will make you happy. Add to your cart now.

Brand: Shuanghu

👤Within a month and a half, it broke. The back was not good. The seat is supposed to hold you in. The armrest came loose. It is terrible. It is actually horrible quality. The return policy will not allow me to get a refund. Terrible.

👤I love the color, the way it looks, and the kickstand, so far my 1st gaming chair, and I am enjoying it. I need to improve the chairs features for people who are taller than 6'. 1. The arms are a nice feature, but they are far out of its range making it uncomfortable. It needs to be more secure with more screw holes because the arms loosen even with 2 screws tightened, if you also think I'm big. 2. The chair could be raised a little more to give it a boost. I want to have more leg space for 3. I'm not sure if the strap idea is good, but could add a buckle to keep it from falling on my back. Thank you for the great start for the gaming chair.

👤The product went together easily. The footrest is my biggest gripe and I have to limit it to 4 stars. It is held with a single screw from overextending from the chair completely. When sitting down, it's more of a knee rest at 6'. My wife likes it because she's 5'5" It was an easy fix to add padding to the armrests.

👤The chair makes loud spring popping noises when tilted back. While sitting still, the seat and the back cushions make strange noises and there is a faint hollow string sound. It's very uncomfortable. The chair is too small for me, I'm 172lb. We all know how important the edges of the seat are for us men. If you have a wide shoulders, you're in for a treat because the back cushion has protruding edges. The chair has no cushion, so you will need one. The headrest pillow is useless because it sits too low below my shoulders. I'm afraid to lean on the armrest when I sit and get up because it's very flimsy. I have many office chairs, but this one is narrower. It seems like it was designed for a small teenager. The photo is next to my 39 bucks chair, which has served me well for 15 years. The packaging was not the best. I moved the box into the house. I've found a cut and punctures while unpacking. Overall, 1 star for the footrest, otherwise it would be -1. I'm going to give this chair to my 12 year old son because it's too difficult to return, and I'm going to look for a real man-chair.

👤The chair is easy to assemble. I love the material because I can easily wipe it down if something spills on it. I like the added back support and neck pillow. I prefer it without. I leave them by my desk. It is not the most comfortable, but it is comfortable enough for me. I gave it four stars because the arm is resting and the back is getting loose. My boyfriend will tighten it for me next time because I have already tightened it twice. I am 5'3" The foot rest is fine with me. I love it! The chair has broken, but it is a pretty solid chair for $100. I can still sit on it, but I had to tighten the screws on the arm rests because they would get loose everyday. My left arm rest is forever loose because one of the screws on it split in half. The left piece of the seating of the chair has broken.

7. Shuanghu Ergonomic Computer Footrest Reclining

Shuanghu Ergonomic Computer Footrest Reclining

The video game chair is covered by the RESPAWN 5-year limited warranty and dedicated year-round representative support. The steel frame is more sturdy and stable. The cushion is made from a sponge. The leather is high quality and resistant to wear. The neck-protecting headrest design, comfortable back and buttocks cushion, and S-shaped wrap design make for a comfortable design. Lifting function is suitable for tables below 90 cm, and the recline function is 90-150 degree. The seat-height adjustment is 16.1"-19.3", the seating area is:19.7"X21.7", and the back rest is 22.4"X31.3". It takes about 15-30 minutes to set up the chair, with step-by-step instructions provided in package or installation video on the detail page. Within 30 days, you can get a replacement or refund. Within a year, you can get a free replacement or repair. Their customer service team will do their best to serve you. This gaming chair can help you relieve fatigue and stress when you play computer games, watch show, do the work and have a rest. It will make your space look better.

Brand: Shuanghu

👤This chair is the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in, and I have been in some very uncomfortable places. The chair has a gaming look down, but not it. The cushion is very thin. You are sitting on a piece of plywood. I know it's tempting because it's the cheapest chair. Do not be deceived like I was. The return process is tiring. They give you an address that's just a bunch of letters so they don't have to pay you back. We never received the returned product because the address is a hoax. My gaming friends should be very cautious. I thought that hackers were the worst, but this chair is very close to that.

👤The chair had a broken arm and missing screws. They told me they would fix the problem. I bought my own screws and put it together with the broken arm. I'm waiting for that too. The chair is not comfortable. If a big guy likes to spread out, forget it. It is very small. It is still very low at it's highest level. I don't like being at least 4 inches below my keyboard. The spring mechanism clicks if I tilt to one side or the other. The seat is very hard. If you are in it for a long time, it will hurt your backside. It looks great, but in this case it is not. You can do better elsewhere. There were missing screws that caused me to give 3 stars on assembly. Assembly was very easy. I bought another chair after giving up on this one. The manufacturer saw my review and contacted me to give me back my money. This was completely unexpected and I can't believe how far the company went to fulfill their commitments. I told one of their reps that only someone who truly believes in their product would go to such lengths. It's possible that I got a chair that was faulty but still got through quality control. No one likes it but it happens. A company that goes the extra mile to make things right says a lot about it. I will consider purchasing from them again.

👤I have been using it for a couple of weeks. The chair looks modern and it is very comfortable. I'm able to work for longer periods of time without hurting my back. It has a soft head and back rest, and the color combination looks good. The only thing I had trouble with was the assembly part, but other than that, it's been a great purchase.

👤The chair is nice but not practical. Not only will you be hard to sit on, but your back will be in pain as well. The return label had a strange address and it looked like you had to pay for your own shipping. I decided to keep the chair because it seemed like a big hassle to return it and I wanted to give it proper feed back. If you want back problems and want to pay for your own return on a heavy item, stay away from purchasing this chair.

8. Footrest Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Armrests

Footrest Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Armrests

The seat height can be raised or lowered between 19 and 23". This comfy desk chair is easy to assemble by yourself, all the necessary hardware and instructions are included. It's a good idea to buy it for yourself or for your son or daughter, friends as a gift, the color is elegant and diverse. The implant of theusb electric massager in the lumbar cushion makes it effectively relieve your fatigue and pain. The gaming chair has wide usage due to 90 to 135 degree recline, scuplture arms, and other features. Strong metal frame designed to help promote a comfortable seated position, smooth Pu Leather, skin friendly and wear-resisting. It is not easy to make a thick padded seat cushion. The chair base and smooth-rolling caster are heavy-duty. The seat-height adjustment is 23.6" to 27.5", the seating area is 15.7" to 21.6", and the back rest is 16.2" to 36.2". It can be used in a variety of places. The massage gaming chair is easy to use. Within 15 minutes, you'll get it assembled with ease. RISK-FREE PURCHASE They are confident that you will love this chair. 12 months warranty on parts replacement is provided by them. If you are not happy with your purchase, please let them know and they will help you within 24 hours.

Brand: Czlolo

👤The chair is comfortable and has good padding. I am 5'9 190 and it works well for me. I don't use the armrests. It comes with a nice cushion. 10/10 would be good.

👤I was expecting a lower quality. I wish I had found this when I got my husband's chair. The lean back feature is very comfortable, and I love it. I don't like the fact that you can't lock the arm rests in place. A suggestion, not a big issue. If I needed another chair, I would get this one.

👤It takes some time to assemble but the quality and comfort are good. I replaced my old computer chair with a new one.

👤My partner loves it. The seller replaced a part quickly. It was his sweetest day. Thank you! It works well.

👤The chair was easy to put together.

👤The chair has great back support. My son loves it.

👤The chair is loud and it makes it very unpleasant to sit in.

9. RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

It can also serve as a good companion for your work and study. It's an ideal gift for teenagers, husband and other gaming enthusiasts. If you are dissatisfied with their products or service, please contact them. GAMIFIED SATING: A racecar-style gaming chair that provides luxury and comfort, whether it's used for intense gaming sessions and climbing to the top of the leaderboards, or long work days. The endocannabinoid system is an endocannabinoid. This chair has a steel tube frame design encased in molded foam which allows for highly-contoured support and an open back seat structure that allows for additional heat control. The comfort that lasts is delivered by the pivoted lumbar support. You can find your optimal position by raising or lowering your chair, adjusting the height and depth of your armrests, and reclining between 90 and 130 degrees with an infinite angle lock. Dynamic movement can be achieved with full degrees of rotation. A professional grade. Stay cool and in control. A reinforced mesh backing helps regulate body temperature. Use as a gaming chair or an office chair. The weight capacity is 275 pounds. The video game chair is covered by the RESPAWN 5-year limited warranty and dedicated year-round representative support.

Brand: Respawn

👤I ordered the Respawn 200 a week ago because of good reviews. I'm very disappointed in this chair. The box I received was destroyed when I received it. After unpacking, the leather on the back piece was ripped open, so I asked Amazon for an advance exchange, which they were very pleasant about doing. The second chair is in. I had high hopes that the packaging was in good shape. The chair took about 30 minutes to assemble, but it went well. The chair won't tilt when I try it out. I read the instructions again to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I replaced the base tilt mechanism in my current chair because I still had the torn chair from the original order. The chair tilts now that it works. The base seat is comfortable, but the back is not. I'm not sure if this chair was designed for larger people or not, I'm 5'5 and 140 lbs. I wanted to note that I could just be me. The packaging that came destroyed the first time and was in very bad shape the second time, I'm extremely disappointed. The outer box is very thin and easy to crush. A thin film of bubble wrap is sometimes used to cover the parts inside, but it doesn't do anything. The packing of the manufacturer is simply awful. So, 1 star for that. My first chair had a tear in the leather and my replacement chair had a broken tilt mechanism. What a hassle. Would not buy again. Amazon was great.

👤I went in with low expectations, but was in for a treat. The chair is perfect for me, I'm 215 lbs. The lower back support helps correct my posture. No more sitting down. The mesh back is made from leather and it is never too hot or cold. I don't have to worry about the cold ice touch and I won't get sweaty from long gaming sessions. I had to use a knife to widen the hole so that the screw could fit and tighten with the nut, and I had to take off some plastic that wasn't taken off. I'm not lazy so I'm not going to ding a star for that. Nice upgrade!

👤There are pros and tips. The quality of the chair is the first thing. The seat and pillow are made of leather. The mesh backing is strong and nice, but what really impressed me was the steel plated arms and the piece that holds the back on. It is a little too much. I'll take it. It was easy to put it together. A monkey with a disability could do it. The weight limit for big and tall people is more than solid, I'm 6 foot 250 thick. The chair could hold up to 300 lbs. The MAX limit is between 6.4 to 6.5 and the MIN is between 5.8 and 5.9, so for the height I think you can get a chair that sits about 2 1/2 inches lower to the floor. If you have a short arm, you can switch around the arms to make them slide to you instead of away. There are 2 reasons as to why I didn't give it 5 stars. I had to put it in because one isn't as important as the other. The chair isn't as comfortable if you have thighs that are tight. The chair's bottom is not the widest. .SECOND. It's very important. ): If you don't do this you will ruin your chair. The bolts for the arms and the base of the chair are too long from the factory and will rip through the bottom of the chair over time. You can either go to a local hardware store and get some spacers for the bolts or you can do it yourself. I used washers or shorter bolts. Cut the bolts to the correct length with the tools you have. The chair is a great deal and it doesn't break the bank. The chair would be perfect if they made the base a little wider and fixed the bolt length issue.

10. RESPAWN 400 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 400 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The 1300 recline has an infinite angle lock that allows you to choose the tilt angle you want. The big and tall gaming chair has room for all sizes. The tilt lever is on the seat base. A smooth transition to 1300 is ensured by the tilt tension. The video gaming chair is covered by the RESPAWN 5-year limited warranty.

Brand: Respawn

👤I changed it to: I'm not the only one who has this problem. They refused to honor their warranty as they are legally required to in my state, and they started treating me like an absolute S**T after telling me that I was the only person reporting this issue. They told me that I had reached the limit of warranty replacements on the chair, which is not in the contract and is not legal in my state. The general customer service rep was not aware that I could get a 35% refund on my replacement lift purchase from Amazon. I could have sent the chair back for a full refund, but it has been holding up for 7 months, which is longer than the last one. I wanted to see if the racing chairs were helpful for keeping me in the zone since I am a lifetime gaming enthusiast and I am 6'7", so I bought this chair to support me. I bought my chair in March, but it failed 2 months later, then the replacement a month later, and then the second replacement 5 months later. The lever on the top of the seat that allows you to angle the chair back has failed in the same way. Don't lean back or you'll fall over. They seem to think that sending a new chair is going to fix the problem every time, instead of understanding the engineering issue and looking at it that way, which is why support has been good so far. I can't confirm that the lever in the 400 line is the same part as the one in the lower-rated lines.

👤The lift cylinder began to sink after about six months of use. The manufacturer responded quickly and seemed concerned. They asked for more information. I sent it. I sent another email. And another. And another. I wanted to know how to get a new lift cylinder, so I wasn't looking for anything free. Apparently they don't care about customer satisfaction. Spend your money somewhere else.

👤I have been trying to get in touch with their Customer Service to discuss the issue with this chair not staying at the highest seat setting. I get a message saying that the person's mailbox hasn't been set up yet and I need to call back. I bought this in Jan 2020. This chair isn't being used often so it's not an issue. I thought it was a user error when it started. I wasn't setting it right, that's not the case. 1st It won't stay at the highest setting for the seat, I'll be sitting in it and it will slowly go down, so I'll adjust it to rise and it will be on the floor again within 20 minutes.

👤The Respawn RSP-400 is a good choice if you are 300 plus and looking for an inexpensive chair. I was able to setup it by myself in 15 minutes. I've tried other chairs from Amazon that claim to support 350 but they all have missing legs or are too expensive to buy. I'm 5'8" I fit nicely in this chair.

11. AutoFull Leather Ergonomic Computer Massager

AutoFull Leather Ergonomic Computer Massager

It connects with multiple cloisters. The control panel has separate volume and bass controls, input and output jacks for connecting to your audio source, and other X-Rocker chairs can join in multi-game mode. The chair back can be locked at any angle between 90- and 155 degree, and it has a variety of features. Premium construction with high quality materials, PU leather, and memory foam guarantees you will enjoy their chair for a long time. The metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of international standards, and heavy duty metal base provide a sturdy foundation for the chair that can hold up to 330 lbs. This chair is perfect for gaming and working. The office video game chair has an extra high back with a cushion that can be used for long time gaming or working. If you have a question about installation or use, please contact them and they will try to solve the problem for you.

Brand: Autofull

👤I love it so much, I have a big butt size 9 and it fits perfectly, even if I got a little bigger, I would still be good! The packaging was easy to install and it was worth it. Go for it, I say. The chair is wobbly and unstable, I have seen a lot of people with discolored skin, and I just sit on the chair with a blanket.

👤The chair is cute, but it is not suitable for small girls. I am not a plus size gal. The seat width is tight and narrow because of the wings on it. I reached out to their support team online. I did not get much help there. The chair is loud and it makes noise when I move around in it. I am well below the 300lb weight limit. The arm rests don't lock which makes me cautious when using them. The chair leans forward all the time, which has an effect on the chair's overall weight distribution. I bought the chair because it is one of the only ones that is white and pink, and I have seen all the cute egirls and insta girls use it. It is not a practical chair. It is uncomfortable, narrow, and needs better support mechanisms.

👤It has been almost a year since I got this chair, and I am still in love with it. I recommend anyone who loves pink and gaming to buy this chair. It's worth the money. The gaming chairs from Autofull have done well. The chair in my gaming setup is amazing and I have added an updated picture of it. Wow! I am in love. I was surprised that they shipped it so fast to me because I live in Alaska. When I opened the box, I could tell it was a high quality chair. It feels good. You know when you look at something. You know it will be nice? This is it. This chair is perfect for gaming. Setting up was easy and the instructions in the pamphlet were nice, but most instructions are just paper. It took my husband a while to set it up. I loved the way it felt when I sat in it, I love the recliner, and I love how you can adjust the height of the chair, and move the arm rests how you want. My husband wanted to sleep in the chair. That was very comfortable. This chair is adorable. How can you get anything like this? The bunny ears, tail, and mat were in my chair. Everything I ordered was delivered to me. I love this chair so much that I will not hesitate to buy it. I have already played games in it. The headrest helps a lot and the pillow can be on or off the chair.

👤Don't buy this chair! It is cheap and uncomfortable. The leather is low quality and I started staining it within a few weeks. The seat Cushion is damaged from my rear-end and I am a healthy weight. The movement creates a noise. I am too scared to use the lever because it is unstable and not smooth when transitioning angles. I had to return the first chair I received because it was impossible to assemble. I wish I wouldn't have asked for a replacement to save me. The chair is ruined by the blue staining and the only good thing about it is the look. If you are getting a chair to look at, you should get it. Move on if you want quality and comfort.


What is the best product for best gaming chair cheap?

Best gaming chair cheap products from X Rocker. In this article about best gaming chair cheap you can see why people choose the product. Akracing and Xburan are also good brands to look for when you are finding best gaming chair cheap.

What are the best brands for best gaming chair cheap?

X Rocker, Akracing and Xburan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best gaming chair cheap. Find the detail in this article. Karxas, Shuanghu and Shuanghu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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