Best Best Friend Necklaces for 2 Girls Kids

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1. SIVITE Friends Necklace Pendant Friendship

SIVITE Friends Necklace Pendant Friendship

The chain length is 17.7 inches and the heart pendant is 1.14 inches. It is not easy to fade and rust. Best friends NECKLACE The friendship between you and your best friend is symbolized by the two pendants combined into one heart. The necklace set is suitable for kids or teens who like to share things with their friends, it will make them happy and proud to wear. A gift for friends. It is a great gift to show your love to your friend, it means forever friendship, and it is a special gift for your friends as a birthday, back to school, graduation, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving or just a surprise.

Brand: Sivite

👤The chains were broken when they arrived. I had to change the chains because I didn't have time to exchange them.

👤The product was poorly constructed and broke.

👤It was broken when it came in. There is a bubble on it.

👤Just meh... The chain on my daughter's necklace broke the first time she wore it.

👤I expected the back of the pendant to be smooth, but it wasn't, and one of the chains broke the same day I gave it to my daughter. It made her sad.

2. PinkSheep Beaded Necklace Bracelet Jewelry

PinkSheep Beaded Necklace Bracelet Jewelry

It is also fun for them to share with their friends, because of the large bead design, clean pink, rainbow colors, and specially designed flowers. The pack includes a necklace and bracelet. They are in a pretty gift box. Little girls favor bags for themselves. Skin-friendly-- Made of high-quality acrylic. It is easy to maintain. The products have been tested and are safe for children. Not easy to break by a child. They take the time to choose modern and beautiful patterns, and each of their jewelry is handmade by a group of mommies with a lot of passion, love, patience and great care. They use high quality materials that are soft, flexible, light and durable. Excellent gift for kids. If you have a question about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Pinksheep

👤These are the most adorable! Since we got them, they've been thrown around, fought over, used as a slingshot, and worn on and off. All of them are intact and don't look stretched out. I would buy these again, they are durable and pretty in person.

👤My granddaughter is 2 and a half years old. She is too young to appreciate necklaces and bracelets. It could be 3 and a half to 5 years old. They are cute, made well, big round beads, and the color coordination is very cute. A good buy for a child just a bit older.

👤I decided to give my daughter a one set of beads because she was very interested in them. When I received this set, I wasn't impressed. One of the sets was not like in the picture. It will not last long. It was too expensive for these sets. It is a hazard if it breaks.

👤My 3 year old daughter loves them. I'm glad I found the necklaces she liked because she couldn't stand them. She pulled them too hard because they are just thin rubber stretchy. I don't mind having to replace them once they break. There are a lot of things that come with it.

👤This is going to be a staple gift from now on. They are perfect in every way, the colors are bright and feminine, and the size is perfect. Just buy it.

👤I bought these for my friend's daughter and she loved them. These were great. Nicer than we expected. I will probably order them again.

👤I was hesitant to buy kids jewelry online because I didn't want to get junk, but these were even cuter in person! The price is unbeatable and my daughter loved them. They have been recommended to many other friends with girls.

👤We bought these items for our 1 year old granddaugther who is obsessed with jewelry. She likes this. Due to her age, she has to be monitored to make sure she doesn't choke on the jewelry. She likes taking them off.

👤I am happy with the purchase. The necklace and bracelet set is wrapped in a cute pouch. I bought it for my granddaughter. Can't wait to give it to her.

👤The quality is good. These are good for kids because they come with an elastic band. Doesn't break easily. The colors are peppy but not flashy. They are good to store.

👤I had to change the elastic cord because it is not strong enough for children.

👤Je l'es acheté.

👤The granddaughter loved the jewelry.

3. Claires Friends Rainbow Pendant Necklaces

Claires Friends Rainbow Pendant Necklaces

This set of adorable metallic best friend necklaces is for you. The heart broken into two pieces creates a full heart when they are together. The hearts are bright colors. The Link Chain has a lobster clasp. It's perfect for your best friend in your life. It makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.

Brand: Claire's

👤My daughter wanted this for her and her friend. The darn thing gets caught up in itself and other things.

👤My eight-year-old gave one to her best friend. They both liked it.

4. Magnets Necklace Magnetic Clavicle Friendship

Magnets Necklace Magnetic Clavicle Friendship

The puzzle has angel and devil wings. I will always be your angel, with you, because you are the most beautiful love angel in my heart. Rope and high-quality alloy are the material. The necklace has a magnetic pendant design. They will be connected to each other, showing the close relationship between you and your partner. A ideal gift is a gift for lovers, family or friends. The necklace is easy to match and suits any formal dress style. It can be used with any clothing.

Brand: Caiyao

👤I wouldn't buy the necklace again because it broke on the first day. Very cheap.

👤I bought this for my daughters and they love it! Excellent quality!

👤The reason I didn't put 5 stars was because the necklace's are a little faulty, if not for that, they would be a 5 star.

👤It suits you in anything.

👤I thought it was smaller, but I really like how it is and it's been on since I got it.

5. Necklace Stainless Changing Birthday Valentines

Necklace Stainless Changing Birthday Valentines

You will get 8 pieces of heart locket mood feeling necklaces, enough quantity for your daily wear, and you can share them with others, matching with different costumes. The color changing necklaces are made of sturdy and durable, lightweight and not easy to break, they are decorated with heart shaped pendants, delicate and beautiful, and they are suitable for long-term use. The heart pendant of a locket necklace is too small. The chains are about 45 cm/ 17.7 inches long and are 888-282-0465 for most people. The locket necklaces are designed with heart shaped pendants that are temperature sensitive and can show your moods, novel and interesting, wearing it will make you more eye-catching. The heart mood locket necklaces are a great gift for your lover on February 14th, they are also suitable for birthdays, New Years and more.

Brand: Hicarer

👤Better than expected! Very low price. I was expecting it to be low quality. It was a gift for my little neices who lose everything. The chain and latch part work well, and the color change is pretty good, and the variety of colors is pretty sensitive to temperature, I saw them change a shade on the table after cranking my heat up 2 degrees. The picture is great, the size is perfect, and the glitter is cute. I think I paid $2 a piece for these. I expected them to be terrible, but they are great!

👤My daughter wants to have pictures of the family in lockets. We chose the cheap set because they aren't very careful with their things yet. They are better than I thought. The chain clasp doesn't open and close smoothly but it will work for now. Purchase new chains. They open and shut perfectly when the heart charm colors change. It didn't come with a mood chart, but we will just enjoy the fun colors as they come. I would buy again, but not as a gift. I wish they had used better clasps.

👤She wanted it for Christmas. She asked for it because she thought santa wouldn't be able to find it. She was surprised I found it. Because of the fact that it is unique. Three in one! I think it comes with 4. She is a pretty rough player and none of them have broken. She doesn't know how careful you must be with certain things. She loved it so much that none of them have broken, so the smile I got from her was priceless. It was worth the money. I don't think I'll regret it. If you are second guessing, buy it. I spend a lot of time on reviews, so I would recommend anyone who is considering buying it to do so immediately. I did not break. You have more if they do. I think it comes with four. I don't want a lose situation here for me.

👤I bought these for my children and all of them were cheap, but they hated when they couldn't find the hearts. Not a good value.

👤The necklace clasp is difficult to open, the chain isn't very sturdy, and the locket is flimsy, so I don't like them. I like the locket's size, chain length, and the fact that each girl has an extra locket if they break or lose one. I am happy with my purchase. My girls tend to misplace their necklaces.

👤I bought this for my three young nieces. They loved them! For the price, it was sure to see their faces light up when they pulled them out of their Easter baskets.

👤One fell apart within 2 hours of being worn. The chain snapped. The locket broke the first time it was opened. There are two that haven't been worn yet. I will change the chain to a better one. The locket that held the picture was only open on one side, so nothing could go in the slit.

6. Sterling Initial Necklace Valentines Mothers

Sterling Initial Necklace Valentines Mothers

The initial heart necklace is suitable for women and girls with a flexible spring clasp. You can make it a special gift for your loved one by adding the initial. The initial heart necklaces are made of sterling silver, lead free and nickel free. No tarnish or rust with time, the necklace is made of sterling silver. Engraved her first initial on heart pendant to let her know she's always connected to you. She will have a reminder of her strength when she wears this necklace. There are jewelers gifts. It is possible to wear 928 sterling silver jewelry for a lifetime. A tiny sterling silver initial heart necklace is a perfect gift for daughter, granddaughter, Mother's day gifts, friend sister gifts, and birthdays. If you are satisfied with the initial necklace you purchase, they will give you a free return or exchange. If you have a question, contact them or post it to "Customer Questions & Answers".


👤I bought this for my daughter because it's pretty, has a unique Y on each side, and she showers with it everyday, and it hasn't turned green or tarnished.

👤The M and the Z are different letters and the Z is not the one shown in the picture. It is hard to tell what it is without a magnifying glass or being very close to it. The necklace with the M on it is very nice but I am not happy with the Z.

👤It was my fault that I didn't take the description seriously. I bought this for an adult friend and when it arrived it looked like a young girl would wear it. The pendant and chain were very dainty and delicate. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pendant had a script initial on the other side. I know a young girl with the same name. I will save it for her.

👤This is beautiful. My daughters name is M and I bought the m fir. The quality is nice. Definitely recommend.

👤I decided to buy 2 more for my neighbors daughters because this is a very dainty necklace.

👤I have been wearing this piece for about 3 weeks now. I showered it on and it hold up well so far, however there are enough loops for you to adjust it the length you want.

👤It was described and pictured. I was afraid I would break the chain and pick it up. The letter on the heart is smaller because it is so small. The well defined "stones" they show in the picture are not real. I was pretty disappointed with what came. I liked the personal touch and the little message that came with it. Those were nice. The description and pictures should be more accurate. I wonder if the necklace is made of sterling silver. Hopefully the little girl will enjoy it as a gift.

👤I gave the necklace to the girl. She came to me after my son died. I bought a necklace with an urn. She was always playing with my necklace. I told her it was my heart. She wanted my necklace one day. I will get you one, but you can't have mine. She liked it. She still plays with me. Mostly rubs them together. It was a great present. Thank you.

7. MJartoria Necklaces Friends Friendship Friends Blue

MJartoria Necklaces Friends Friendship Friends Blue

The necklaces come in two parts for two people. Your heart is still together even if you are far apart. Great gifts are ideal and special gifts for your best friends, sisters, girlsfriend, family members, kids friends, and yourself to get a beautiful feeling in life. For example, you can buy this for your best friend's birthday,valentines day, or graduation. The necklace is 18 inches in length and made ofalloy. The heart is engraved with warm and special words. These necklaces have different hearts so you know who is who. The necklace will be protected with a delicate Gifts Box. Don't pull the chain hard and be careful. They will try their best to solve your question.

Brand: Mjartoria

👤This is a nice piece of jewelry. I got it for my daughter's birthday. The chain can't be pulled over the head because it's too short. I have to replace it with someone else. My daughter was angry.

👤The pink heart was blurry and distorted, making it less stars. The quality is nice for the price. My niece didn't notice the flaw.

👤These necklaces are great for friends. They don't break, they each have different hearts, and they have pretty words for each other.

👤My daughter and her current friend split the necklace and love showing it off to each other.

👤It's the perfect package for my besties.

👤The chain was not of great quality. I could easily break it. The pendant is nice. I got it for a friend to recreate a gift from a childhood memory and it was as close as I could get to what I was looking for. The sentiment was there and the quality was not the point of the gift, but I was disappointed in the chain quality.

👤I bought this for my niece and her best friend. Cute colors. The whole point of it is that you can barely see the Best Friends written on the necklace. It wasn't much of a disappointment.

👤My daughter wanted to give this to her best friend. It was perfect and has held up.

8. Friends Forever Necklace Crystal Friendship

Friends Forever Necklace Crystal Friendship

The chain length is 50CM and the heart pendant is 1.8 inches. The friendship between you and your best friend is represented by the three pendants. This necklace is a great gift to show your love to your friends. You could give one piece as a special gift to your friends. The package includes a pendant, chain, and velvet pouch.

Brand: Weilydf

👤I bought this necklace again. The first time it arrived there was a defect in one of the charms. There was a small defect in one of the charms. It's junk from China. You can find better. 0 stars.

👤The first day my granddaughter wore it, one of the charms broke.

👤My friend ordered for her and her friends. They all loved them! Very cute! I would definitely order again.

👤This is a great gift for a girl who has friends. The necklace is a good quality for the price.

👤My daughter and her two best friends were given these. They're much heavier than I anticipated. My daughter and her friends like them.

👤The girls like it. They vow to be friends forever.

👤My friends and I love these necklaces.

9. Turandoss Initial Necklace Letter Alphabet

Turandoss Initial Necklace Letter Alphabet

The Rose Gold Heart Initial Necklace has an extender chain that is 16" and a chain that is 2.5" The 14K Rose Gold Filled letter necklace is nickel free, lead free and hypoallestical. Initial heart necklaces are made of tumbled metal. With time, no tarnish or rust. Engraved her first initial on heart pendant to let her know she's always connected to you. Classical Initial pendant is used to make a lucky alphabet. Perfect gifts. A free gift jewelry box is included with the Rose Gold filled letter necklace. Perfect gifts for daughter, granddaughter, Mother's day gifts, friend sister gifts, and birthday gifts... The 60-Day No-Risk Return Policy applies to after sales service.


👤This was a birthday gift for my little girl and she never wants to take it off. It is perfect for her. She has very sensitive skin and this does not bother her.

👤They lost my necklace, but they got me another one to replace it. I wear it all the time. It is so pretty. They gave me stuff to clean it. The packaging was pretty. I would recommend this necklace to anyone.

👤I bought this for my niece. I have no doubt that she will love it. It's perfect for a person of small frame or a child and cheap, so you'll be more upset that they lost something so cute than you are. The packaging has an amazing thought placed into it. You get a necklace, a thank you note from them, a blank card, microfiber cloth, and a card to hang the necklace. 100% would recommend.

👤My granddaughter loved it. I gave it to her for the day. I got her earrings for Christmas. Since she opened it, she hasn't taken it off. There is a saying for positivity in the box.

👤I bought 3 for my granddaughters. The girls liked them. I thought they were small, but I didn't know they were so small. If buying for a small child they are ok, but anyone over 10 years old may want to look elsewhere.

👤The small hearts on these necklaces are perfect for my granddaughters. The chain is dainty and matches the size of the heart. My granddaughters love their personalized necklaces.

👤Cheap product. The clasp broke when my granddaughter tried to puy it on. I think the seller should give me a free replacement for my granddaughters broken face, because she would be sad if she wore it again.

👤It looks great on a little girl's neck.

10. JoJo Siwa Unicorn Friends Forever

JoJo Siwa Unicorn Friends Forever

It was ofICIally linked to Jo Siwa. Every Siwanator needs a signature bow and majestic unicorns in her collection of fashion jewelry. There are two sumptuous delicacies: a VIBRANT and COLORFUL NECKLACES. An adorable look for all Siwanators; 16 inch link chains with 2 inch extenders finished with lobster claw clasps; a secure and reliable closure to keep your accessories safely in place all the time. An amazing unsalted pendant is made to impress! The red bow with the star shaped charm on top of the heads is a fun way to surprise your best friend and make your friendship stronger. Prepared for gift giving. These necklaces are an ideal present for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or any gift-giving occasion. Sally Rose is a curator of cross generation and timeless brands, and they offer a wide range of products that your entire family will love, from beloved characters to trending brands.

Brand: Jojo Siwa

👤I bought two items as gifts, one of which I am not impressed with. Very cheap. Both were looking and making something. There were black marks on the inside and outside of the gift box. It wouldn't fade even after I tried to rub it off. The little girl I got the jewelry for seemed to love it, even though I thought it was not very cute.

👤My daughter and her friend loved them. Both chains broke within a few days. They are happy when we put them on different chains.

👤This was a great gift for the nanny, she loved it and her sister got to have the other. She was so upset that it broke within 2 days. It was too cheap for the price.

👤My 5 year old granddaughter loved it, and it was a Christmas present. I chose this gift set for her because I needed another gift for her to open.

👤The pendant looks like it came from a dime store. We had to make our own clasp because it wasn't worth the trouble to send it back. It would be a shame to give this as a gift.

👤I bought these for my daughter's 8th birthday. It's just the right size.

👤I received a necklace that was broken.

👤My granddaughter loves JoJo Siwa.

👤A birthday present for a girl who loves Jo Jo.

11. Rainbow Necklace Ballerina Recital Pendant

Rainbow Necklace Ballerina Recital Pendant

The rainbow ballerina necklace is designed for girls who love ballet. The chain is 16.2 inches long. The pendant Charm is 1.3 inches in diameter. The ballet dancer pendant jewelry comes with a nice jewelry box which makes it a special gift for birthdays, holidays, and more. The girls necklace was plated with gold and silver and can be used for a long time. Jewelry should be protected from contact with water,sweat,perfume and other chemicals. Do not exercise when you are wearing this necklace. Please put pendant in jewelry box when sleeping or not wearing it. Perfect jewelry gifts. The necklace is a perfect gift for girls and women. People feel warm and kind because of the rainbow color. It will be a great gift for friends, sisters and mom. This necklace is shiny and sparkling. The ballerina dance necklaces are made by their own factory. Each producing process had a different way of inspecting the jewelry coming from luomart. Austrian Crystals are on it. It is sparkling. It's a perfect gift for girls. luomart wants to provide customers with high-quality products and a great buying experience. If you're not happy with this girls women pendant jewelry at any point, please send them a message. They will be very appreciative. Once you contact them about this issue, they will send you a refund. If you use a couple of months, you can still contact them and they will make up for you. Thank you in advance!

Brand: Luomart

👤It was a cheap chain and meant for a child, but didn't hold up to a child's use.

👤It was disliked from China. It was a gift for two granddaughters.

👤The recipient was very happy when he received this necklace. It was a good purchase.


What is the best product for best friend necklaces for 2 girls kids?

Best friend necklaces for 2 girls kids products from Sivite. In this article about best friend necklaces for 2 girls kids you can see why people choose the product. Pinksheep and Claire's are also good brands to look for when you are finding best friend necklaces for 2 girls kids.

What are the best brands for best friend necklaces for 2 girls kids?

Sivite, Pinksheep and Claire's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best friend necklaces for 2 girls kids. Find the detail in this article.

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