Best Best Friend Necklace for 3 Girls

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1. Meiligo Connected Necklace Matching Engraved

Meiligo Connected Necklace Matching Engraved

The pendant size is 3.5X 2.5 cm and the weight is 27 grams. The material is gold and silver. The shipping time to the US is between 10 and 20 days. It's a perfect choice for your life, especially for a party. The appearance is stylish and classic.

Brand: Meiligo

👤I would give a negative star if I could. I was cheated of $15. My girlfriend and I are both in the National Guard. We are splitting up for 7 months. I wanted to give something to help us feel connected while we were gone. I received a small plastic bag after the package came in the mail. I hope people read this because I am only trying to help. I don't want anyone to be like me. It's really frustrating.

👤The chain is not of good quality. My daughter saved money and bought this as a gift for her friends. My daughter's chain broke and she lost her necklace. I reached out to the company that sent me the statement, but they couldn't help me. My daughter is upset.

👤I like that the pieces fit together. It's not bad for the price. It was a Mother's Day gift. After a few days of being on my keychain, it rusts. You get what you pay for.

👤I gave one puzzle piece to each of my friends and kept one for myself. They loved them! We put ours on lanyards. They were very excited. We love them! It reminds us that we are amazing friends.

👤I like the idea. I put one on my key chain, my boyfriend's key chain, and my dog's collar. We had all of ours break off within a week. If the quality was better, it would be great.

👤The silver coating on my key chain began to chip.

👤When I tried to get a new one, they kept giving me an error and I only received two of the three puzzle necklaces. Disappointed and angry. My daughter gave one to a friend that was moving to another country. It is difficult to return a $4 item.

👤I got this for my two best friends because one moved away and we all loved them.

2. Jovivi Necklace Friends Matching Necklaces

Jovivi Necklace Friends Matching Necklaces

Puzzle Piece Heart Necklaces are a great way to show your friend how important he is to you. It can make the connection stronger. Share your stories and the hearts of the necklace to remind each other of your special bond. Lettering content: best; friends; forever; and ever. The necklaces have high qaulity. You and your best friends will receive unique gifts. You are always connected by the puzzle design. It is suitable for teens. The best pendant size is 27*14mm, friends size is 23*16mm, forever size is 20*16mm and ever size is 25*19mm. There is a black velvet pouch bag. Eco-friendly alloy materials are stronger and more durable, so they will never fade, rust, tarnish, corrode, stain, or change color, and they are not harmful to the skin. Surprise and meaningful gift on Christmas, Party, Anniversary, Graduation, Birthday or any special occasion. You can remind her with this necklace. If you have a problem with the necklace, please contact them. They will give you the solutions in 24 hours. 90-day money back service will be provided by them.


👤My daughter wanted to give something special to her friends. These were a good price. I thought about why not. The girls wear them all the time. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I was looking for a necklace for a friend and thought this was perfect. The chain broke when I put it on backwards and tried to unhook it.

👤The necklace is cute, the necklace broke easily, and you can't get the charm off without the necklace breaking. Love the charm. Charm is too heavy to be an anklet.

👤I thought it was going to have a magnet for the necklaces that could connect, but it doesn't and that was disappointing, and technically, you can't connect them together unless you hold all of the peace's together. They are still cute, but not what I expected.

👤My daughter bought this for her friend. She gave the chain to her. We put the charm on a better chain because it is beautiful.

👤It was a nice gift to give.

👤My daughter wanted to give her friend something for Christmas and she chose this. It is a good necklace and a good price. A cute gift.

👤My daughter gave this to her friends and kept one for herself. It is a fun way for girls to show their friendship.

3. Yaomiao Necklaces Necklace Hexagonal Gemstone

Yaomiao Necklaces Necklace Hexagonal Gemstone

The crystal necklace set includes 3 pieces of natural quartz pendants in different colors with chains and is made of copper wire and quartz crystal, non-toxic and safe to wear and touch. The size of the pendant is 1.53 x 0.47 inches and the chain length is 23.5 inches, which is appropriate for most elegant and stylish casual or formal outfits. The crystal pendant is wrapped with wires, making them look more graceful and exquisite, not easy to drop out. You can wear the crystal pendant necklace with your other jewelry easily, or just wear it alone, and you can also attach the gemstone pendant to your bracelets or keychains to make jewelry or lucky accessories of your own style. The gemstone necklaces come in 3 colors to match your different dressing styles, making you more elegant and charming, and the necklace is also a nice gift choice for your wife, lover, girlfriend or family to show your love and care.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤I gave it to my ex for a present before she broke up with me.

👤The first time I wore one of them, it changed colors immediately, and I didn't shower with them. I had to buy a new chain for them because the gold wire around them started to turn black and it looked unattractive.

👤My son has been asking for a crystal for a while now, I wear one and he also wanted one to "help keep nightmares away". The rose and white crystal are the same color. I wore my own rose quartz for almost a year before I realized it wasn't white and it wasn't a glaring pink. It's not unusual for them to be similar, real rose quartz isn't bright pink. The color is pretty. I like the way the stone is caging around it, it feels like he will be less likely to loose his quartz.

👤The wire crafting is very nice and just a fun order. Rose Quartz is actually white, and the color of the stone is darker. I didn't expect much and the price is not to complain about. Hang one in my car, just wear it for decoration. It's not a big deal if the stones are real. This was just a fun order and I have many other crystals.

👤The rise of the quartz was almost dyed with strange colors. Two out of three is okay.

👤They are a great accessory. It is very cute but simple.

👤The Rose quartz is pretty but not clear. You can't tell it's pink.

👤I always wanted to get my friends crystal necklaces, they loved them. If you break the last 2 rings off the chain, I would recommend not wearing it, but you should.

4. VLINRAS Necklace Matching Friendship Personalized

VLINRAS Necklace Matching Friendship Personalized

These dainty heart necklaces are the perfect gift for sisters, best friends, and beautiful daughters, and will make the perfect personalized gift. Premium steel with 18kt rose gold plated is the only top quality material. It is made from the best materials and never tarnishes. They believe that good gifts should be thoughtful and beautiful, but that they should last and be remembered. Deciphering and Determining the size of the problem. The triple heart pendant size is. The necklace chain length is 17. Or 3 sister bracelets. Three women are happy, so make them happy with gorgeous and meaningful necklaces. The necklace was designed as three friend necklace, friendship necklace for 3, and best friend necklace for 3. You can get this for your wife, two sisters, three niece or your 3 daughter. Money Back Guarantee or Exchange! Customer satisfaction is what they value the most. They will respond to you immediately and make it right if you're not completely happy with these friendship necklaces. You are my queen. Kiss...

Brand: Vlinras

👤I like these. Got them for two people. It's really cute and a great souvenir.

👤There are many necklaces for friends. It works because sisters are close like sisters. It made them happy.

👤I got these for my friends and it broke a week after I wore it. It broke again after I fixed it. Not worth it.

👤One of the necklaces broke. I don't have a matching necklace with my sisters.

👤Wear 1 week and then break.

👤It can't close right because there's not a proper clasp at the back. The heart part is nice.

👤One of the necklaces broke when my daughter wore it. We'll see if hers is fixable because she still plans to give the other 2 to her 2 best friends.

👤After wearing a few times.

5. Initial Necklace Handmade Personalized Engraved

Initial Necklace Handmade Personalized Engraved

16”+ 2” extension chain can help you find a comfortable length. The initial necklaces for women are simple and elegant. 14K rose gold filled initial pendant necklace will last a long time without tarnish. Hypoallergenic, nickel-free and Lead-free will not hurt your skin. It's perfect for party, dating and special occasions. It is a classic design that can be used to mach any outfit. This necklace is a statement piece that you will love to wear. Perfect gifts include an elegant free gift necklace box, perfect gifts for daughter, granddaughter, niece, Mother's day gifts for mom, friend sister gifts, Valentines day gifts, birthday gifts, teen girls gifts, kids jewelry for girls, toddler necklace... The 60-Day No-Risk Return Policy is available after the sales service.

Brand: Hidepoo

👤When my niece opened this for her birthday, she insisted that her mother put it on her before she went to school. Success! I was sure to let her go. This is not real gold that is safe for showering or getting wet. She has not had any problems with it turning her skin green or causing skin irritations because she is pretty responsible with taking care of her jewelry. A gift for a child who is still learning which colors, metals, etc are her favorites.

👤Is it possible to give 10 stars? It is impossible to please anyone who gave this 1 star. I gave this to my child to practice with. She received a gold name necklace for her baptism. I would love for her to wear it, but we have to make sure she knows it is not a toy. I thought this would be a good way for her to show me what she is capable of. I didn't know it was double sided. This necklace is a 5 star necklace.

👤We bought this necklace for our granddaughter. The necklace has a chain. If she chooses, it looks sturdy for every day wear. The box has a lovely quote which adds to the gift. Thank you!

👤The necklace was cute. The gift box is cute and comes with a blank note card and envelope to add a special touch to your gift.

👤I ordered 3 of these to commemorate 3 loved ones, along with some extra charms, to make them into a single charm necklace. It would be great if you could put more than one disc on one chain for this product and make it your own, without having to raise the price. I liked the extra blank card and envelope that was included in the packaging.

👤You should look in the box when this arrives. To make the necklace look like this photo, you have to get the necklace out of a plastic bag and put it on the card. My granddaughter will wear hers for Christmas.

👤The necklace is very nice. I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. It is very pretty. The quality is fairly priced and I am looking forward to seeing her open it. Overall, I gave it 5 stars. It was in a little baggie not displayed on the board inside its box, if I have to be picky. It's not really a dealbreaker but a warning that it could get tangled in shipping. Overall happy.

👤My daughters received this gift for Christmas. I know it's not real gold, but it's trendy and they loved it with their initial. The packaging was very cute. You can send a message in a small gift box with an envelope and card. Very clever idea!

6. Boormanie Friendship Necklace Puzzle Pendant

Boormanie Friendship Necklace Puzzle Pendant

Materials: These jewelry are made of steel and will not rust or fade. Measures are being taken. The chain length is 18 inches for the vast majority of people. 3 pieces of jewelry. A good friend of a lifetime is given by these 3 heart puzzle necklaces, which are unique and stylish to show your personality. There is a package. Wrap in a bag. It's perfect for all age groups. Every customer gets a 60 day money back guarantee. If there is a problem, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Starchenie

👤Not good quality. The two necklaces that were given to the girls on their birthday have already broken. We can still use it, because one broke, but it's a bit shorter. The other broke in the middle, so there isn't any fixing it. Great idea, but not very good quality.

👤My daughter and her best friend love them. They are solid on their little neck. Also long. It's noticeable too. I like them! Good colors and nice detail. I don't think they will fade. The chains are strong.

👤Happy with the purchase. The chain is strong enough for the pendant. The pieces are easy to detach. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. My kids wear it all day.

👤Very pretty. Love the connection. There were 3 chains and 3 pendulums. I have 3 sisters and I wish there was one that said bigger is oldest. We love it all, except the sister that didn't get 1

👤These are beautiful necklaces that are sure to please any cat lover. The chain broke after my daughters wore it for an hour because she and her friend had the necklaces connected and the loop broke. Thankfully, this is a simple fix.

👤The pendant halves fit together nicely. The chains are adequate to the job. You could buy a nicer chain separately.

👤The cat puzzle charms are strong and nice. The chains are not great. The first one was fine, but the second one had no clasp. My daughter was so excited to get it after waiting 4 days, that I don't want to return to the whole thing for a replacement, since I can't find a way to contact the seller. I will probably buy a clasp or a different chain.

👤The quality is not good. The package was taken out by the chain that broke. I was able to fix it by bending a link open, but it is not strong. The price is appropriate for the quality.

👤I don't blame the seller because the post office is really backlogged and it took months to receive it. My daughter is going to give her cousin a necklace that she loves.

👤Four little girls were going to share this. The piece didn't puzzle together as expected because we ended up with two of the same piece. They kept it because it was a gift.

👤Delivery time was good. Looks like it.

👤My granddaughter is a child. She could give to her friends. They all love them!

7. Plated Stainless Connected Friendship Necklace

Plated Stainless Connected Friendship Necklace

We will always be connected Puzzle Necklace- gold plated steel set of 3 necklace set. Birthday gift for your best friend. Their products are 1. They choose a steel instead of a metal. It's highly resistant to rust, tarnishing andcorrosion. BothDurability and Fashionable. It's a top accessory. 2. They chose vacuum ion plated. The color lasts longer than other plated jewelry. The style is fashion and stylish. 18k gold plated is a polished finish. Every once in a while, you realize your soul mate is your best friend, and an adorable set of friendship necklaces must be had! If you and your partner are the best bitches in the world, then this jewelry set is perfect for you. The grey Velvet bag is great for gift giving and comes with a money back guarantee. If you are happy with their product, please rate it 5 stars.

Brand: Mealguet Jewelry

👤My 10 year old daughter and her 2 friends ordered this. We were sad to find that the order was missing two of the chains after we received it. I contacted Amazon and they are amazing! I got a refund right away. I ordered another set. This set was perfect. There are 3 chains and 3 pendants. My daughter wears hers all the time. Her friends wear them all the time. I chose this set because I didn't want my daughter to give her friends necklaces that would make them angry or green. So far, so good! They only had them for a week but no complaints. The mission was accomplished. My daughter doesn't wear it when she takes a shower or bath, but she does take her off to sleep most nights. I was surprised when I opened the box and saw that they are really decent quality. I spent $11.98. The chains are thick and sturdy and the pendant is very good quality. If need be, I would buy these again.

👤The product isn't as advertised, but quality isn't bad at first glance. I ordered the set of 4 months before I needed it because it would take a few weeks to get here. I was happy that it got here early. Individual bags held the chains. They were not tangled. I was worried that they didn't spell the names right. They don't connect in the order that I requested. One of them will not connect to the others. I can only assume that the piece that the chain goes on is the reason that it can't be moved. One of the group is left out. They look nice, but they don't connect like puzzle pieces like the picture and description said they would. I might contact the seller to see if there's anything I can do to help. I'll update the review if they respond back.

👤We'll have to find another chain because it only came with 2, but my girls ordered this for themselves and their best friend. It was very frustrating.

👤The necklace is the same as described. It's great for older girls. My older girls necklaces, age 11 and 9, are fine, but the clasp that holds the necklace to the ring broke for my 6 year old on day 2. If possible, I'd like to buy a replacement part.

👤I got this product because I need a present for my friends and I miss them. Why can't I buy them a present? The chain doesn't cut your neck like other chain can, and it's cute.

👤I was so impressed with this purchase. I bought this for my 11 year old neice to share with her 2 best friends and the quality was great. The necklace were in separate bags. Thank you for making it easy. It was more than I anticipated. Very happy with the purchase. It's worth the price, just word of advice so item may last longer, and your kids know to always take off their necklace before jumping into a pool or tub. The necklace can last longer. My words of advice.

8. MJartoria Friends Cookie Friendship Necklaces

MJartoria Friends Cookie Friendship Necklaces

The material is high quality and safe. The necklace is about 17 inches in length. You stand out in a crowded crowd with your unique food themed BFF necklaces. Help you keep the love for your important people with theQuantity:2 pcs. The necklace is connected to best friends. Each order will be packaged in a blue box.

Brand: Mjartoria

👤I bought this as a light hearted gift, knowing the quality was not something to brag about, but the necklace broke. It was unfortunate!

👤I got this for my sister and son and it was funny. Best buds. A good quality necklace is a kids gift.

👤Cute. It is hard to find necklaces that are feminine for my daughter's best friend. This was perfect.

👤charm broke off as a gift.

👤Eyeballs fell off the first day my daughter wore them.

👤The part that holds the cookie on the ring broke after two weeks of use. The quality needs to be better.

9. ODETOJOY Necklace Rhinestone Bestfriends Engraved

ODETOJOY Necklace Rhinestone Bestfriends Engraved

The weight of the heart pendant is 30g. The material is PREMIUM. The gold plated steel is nickel free. It will not fade. They make a complete heart, not sister by blood but friend by heart, with the matching heart puzzle necklace. There are wide applications. Birthday, daily wear, office, anniversary, prom, gift, party, shopping, best friend present. It is easy to give a gift. It comes with a novelty heart envelope.

Brand: Odetojoy

👤I bought this for my best friend. We were college roommates. I surprised her with it after we watched him break the internet.

👤My daughter and her friend wore necklaces while swimming and they tarnish immediately.

👤These were the same as pictured. My 6 year old gave one to her friend and they both love it. A very cheap necklace.

👤There were spots where the black inside the stamped letters was missing. I decided to keep it because I wanted to send it back. I would have returned it if it were a gift. I'm not sure which would happen first.

👤It was cheap but made well. A Christmas gift split between 2 first graders. Tarnishes can be worn in water. There are jewels that are foggy.

👤My friend loved the packing that was in a piece of plastic. It was a cute piece. One of them had a little damage, but it was the way it was made that was not sure. I loved it and still wore it.

👤My granddaughter and her bestfriend are receiving this gift. It is a nice gift to give a friend.

👤No es plata, pierde color or coje color.

👤Aussi par ce produit. Ma fille la porte. De mauvaise qualité, produit trop fragile.

👤J ai commande ce collier. The collier est trs mauvaise. The curs sont différente couleur. Is it possible to say Je vraiment?

10. Betsey Johnson Multi Colored Illusion Necklace

Betsey Johnson Multi Colored Illusion Necklace

A necklace with mixed beads, delicate stone accents, and flowers is embellished with multi-colored charms. The necklace is made of gold-tone metal. There is gold-tone metal with glass and plastic. The length is 16 and 3. The lobster clasp is closed.

Brand: Betsey Johnson

👤I like Betsy Johnson. The necklace is good quality. When it arrived, it wasn't really packaged. They wrapped a small piece of bubble wrap around it and put it in a baggie. It was a mess when I opened it. I took about 15 minutes to untangle the strands.

👤This necklace is very pretty. The dimensions on the one I received are off. The Q&A had a measurement of 16 plus 3 for the pendant itself, whereas the longest strand with the heart pendant is 20. This makes a big difference in where the pendant lands. In the picture the smaller strand sits up higher, while the two other strands lay on top of each other. The proportions of the necklace are off because the two smaller strands blend together and lay as one sort of mess, and then the heart pendant hangs underneath, but with more of a gap in between. Unfortunately, returning for these reasons.

👤Betsey has always done things the way I like to buy things. There are unique, quirky and show stopping things. I like multi tier necklaces but this one is my favorite. The piece will get attention because it adjusts. I might buy another for my sister. This is very sad for me. Betsy Johnson's NECKLACE broke open with no chance of being fixed, and it breaks my heart because I love her stuff. I have been paid. Thank you for the prompt and fair response.

👤I've bought necklaces from Betsey Johnson before. This is the first time I have seen this type of packaging. It was wrapped in bubble wrap. It took me a while to untangle. It doesn't have a pouch to give as a gift. I'm very disappointed. You can give cheaper necklaces in beautiful packages as gifts.

👤I got a new necklace and everything is the same. The necklace just throw in a bag, still not thrilled with it. The necklace arrived in a plastic bag with no organization in place to keep the three chains untangled. Thankfully they were not too tangled and were able to get them apart. The middle chain was not straight. I can either see the top and bottom chains. I can turn it around and see the flowers. I tried to move the chains into different positions. The necklace is very cute, it is a bummer. It looks good and you can wear many colors. I will be sending it back so that I can get one that is all in.

👤I love this necklace. It hangs right and can be adjusted with the bottom heart. It was sexy. The ornaments on each side hit the collar bone. It's light and cute, but it looks a little cheap and I don't think the clasp will last very long.

👤The necklace is pretty and goes with casual and dress up clothing. I like it. I didn't like the fact that it was in a plastic bag and not in a jewelry box. It took me 7 minutes to figure it out because of arthritis. I plan on wearing this necklace a lot.

11. Jojo Siwa Unicorn Pendant Necklace

Jojo Siwa Unicorn Pendant Necklace

The official licensed Jojo Siwa necklace has a heart charm. The charm is made of metal and colorful enamel. The extender adjusts to fit most sizes. The gift box is perfect for all gift giving occasions, including birthdays, Christmas holidays, and even just for someone special.

Brand: Jojo Siwa

👤It's a necklace for little girls. My daughter received it. The chain is the problem. It broke within the first week. I bought another one for her because she might have been too rough with it. The 2nd chain broke as well. I will not be buying a 3rd. She loves the charm so I'll buy a replacement chain.

👤I bought this necklace for my daughter and she wore it for a few hours before the chain broke, just like the picture I included. I got a new necklace after returning it to Amazon, but it was the same thing as before. It breaks. The chain needs to be worked on because the unicorn is beautiful and nice.

👤I allow my 4 year old granddaughter to choose a birthday gift. She makes her selection from a page that displays Unicorns. The necklace is very colorful.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. I haven't given her it yet. I think she will love it. It seems like it was made to look like the picture. I received it quickly. It was a good price for the necklace. I can't wait to give her it. Right now she is very fond of JoJo Siwa.

👤She wore it for the first time. I could fix it so it wasn't a big deal, but the quality wasn't impressive and it was cheaper at Walmart.

👤My granddaughter will scream when she sees it. She will love it because it was the same one she got from Amazon.

👤Really cute! My granddaughter will love it. I wish the chain was better. She is 8. As described, the shipment was on time. Thanks!

👤Our granddaughter loved it. It is a pretty necklace and seems to be of good quality. Our 7 year old has been rough on it.


What is the best product for best friend necklace for 3 girls?

Best friend necklace for 3 girls products from Meiligo. In this article about best friend necklace for 3 girls you can see why people choose the product. and Yaomiao are also good brands to look for when you are finding best friend necklace for 3 girls.

What are the best brands for best friend necklace for 3 girls?

Meiligo, and Yaomiao are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best friend necklace for 3 girls. Find the detail in this article. Vlinras, Hidepoo and Starchenie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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