Best Best Friend Gifts for Kids

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1. LEGO Friends Building Birthday Mini Dolls

LEGO Friends Building Birthday Mini Dolls

Every set has been engineered and inspected with the strictest quality control standards to ensure you receive a premium top-quality product. The Squad Hero customer service team is ready to help you if you have a bad experience. Give kids who love baby animal toys a chance to play with LEGO Friends Day Care, where they can pretend to look after puppies while the dogs are at work. There is a dog figure and a new puppy figure. There is a grooming area, cash register, separate bathing pool and agility tunnel. The gift for kids is filled with scenarios. They can imagine grooming the dogs, playing with them in the garden, scrubbing them in the pool, or selling dog snacks to customers. A dog-mad kid will love this animal toy. It's the perfect birthday or holiday gift for kids aged 6+. A little experience is needed to build this toy. The set looks great on display. It is over 13 cm high. It is 17 cm wide and 3 in. The measurement is 9 cm. It won't take up much room and can be kept out ready for whenever it's needed.

Brand: Lego

👤The 6 year old loves it.

👤My granddaughter is learning how to build Legos. She enjoys the Friends series of toys and takes pride in completing a project without help. I bought Lego base plates to use during construction and when she plays with them. The detail in Friends is extrodinary. I will purchase Friends projects for her.

👤My 9-year-old daughter loved putting it together after I purchased it for her.

👤I ordered this little set for my niece. She liked it. The Lego brand has high quality. The dog theme was cute.

👤My daughter is 4 years old and needs some help but plays with it a lot.

👤My daughter likes this set. My daughter is always occupied by these Lego sets when I have work to do. She was able to put the entire set together by herself in a very short period of time.

👤My daughter received Lego for her birthday. It's a great between set, not too small or large. It took 35 minutes to assemble.

👤A great gift for kids. My family likes Legos. The Lego set was perfect for my daughter who is learning to follow instructions. It was easy for her to assemble and not get upset because she felt accomplished when done. She put the set together. Like magic! This set had puppies as well.

👤The price is great for this set. My 7 year old was able to build it herself. It was perfect, as described, and came quickly.

👤Lego is the winner every time. Exactly what we asked for. Your kids will love it.

👤I bought this for my grand daughter's birthday. I was very pleased with the purchase, fast delivery and good value.

👤My 7 year old loves Legos. She was simple and fun to build on her own. The value is great.

2. Super Adventures Spider Man Toddler Socks

Super Adventures Spider Man Toddler Socks

98% cotton, 2% spandex. These toddler and boy's Yankee Toy Box exclusive superhero socks are a great value. They have reinforced heels and toes. Flat stitching adds comfort to these high-quality socks. Toddler boy's and girl's socks are sizes 3-6T, 4-5T, and 5-7X. FEATURING his favorite superhero. These socks are very cute and will make your child smile. The characters featured in the graphics are: Spider-Man, Captain America, and Falcon. The perfect birthday or Christmas gift is a pair of superhero socks for toddlers and boys. Why? They are well constructed, have great graphics, and are very affordable. It's a great set for any fan of the superhero shows. It's easy to care for these socks. They should be washed in cold water. These socks are imported. The socks are made from two different fabrics.

Brand: Marvel

👤My 3 year old was snug in the 4T/6T. They were already starting to wear out on day one. I have not washed them yet. Not very happy.

👤My son loves Spiderman so he was excited to get these socks. The fabric is very comfortable, not too thick, but I noticed that he walked outside with a pair on and it already had a hole. They shrink up a bit when you wash and dry them, so if you are on the fence about size you may want to size up.

👤My daughter is a big fan of Spiderman. We live in a world where there are boys and girls. It's pretty silly and ridiculous. After all clothes and socks should be female. My daughter likes fancy dresses. She loves her Spiderman shirts and socks. For girls, just size down. The socks fit my five year old well.

👤These are superhero socks. I ordered this size because they fit the 2 and 4 year old boys. They debated which superhero they liked the best, because I split them 3 for one boy and 3 for the other boy. These socks keep feet warm. They don't have knobs or rubber on the bottom of them, so be careful when sliding on tile floors. The boys loved them.

👤The quality is excellent. The top elastic part on the legs is tight. We aren't using them much now. It would definitely be too much for my little one. I am sure they want to make sure it stays on. Wow. Too much!

👤They are cute, but you are paying for a brand. I wouldn't say they're particularly thin. They were expected to do that. My 3 year old put a hole through the toe on the first wear. I took them apart as well. Two other pairs do not have holes, so it might be a mistake to give 3 stars.

👤The product is great, but not exceptional. They are a little taller than I thought, but they are not that big of a deal. The thickness of the socks is 888-270-6611 They worked for us because my little one was excited about them. They are just a bonus for having a pack with the superhero.

👤My son had a Spider-Man Birthday theme week and these went perfect with every outfit. He showed off his socks whenever he had the chance. They are durable, well made, comfortable, warm, medium thickness, and vibrant. The structure and color were upheld after washing.

👤My four year old twin grandsons will love these toys.

3. MJartoria Necklaces Friends Forever Friendship

MJartoria Necklaces Friends Forever Friendship

If there is a problem with the product, please contact them, they will solve it in time. Your heart is still together even if you are far apart. Great Gifts: It is a great gift for your friends, family, and yourself to get a beautiful feeling in life. For example, you can buy this for your best friend's birthday,valentines day, or graduation. The necklace is 18 inches in length and made ofstainless steel. The heart is engraved with warm and special words. Occasions: Various of collocation to go with most daily outfits, especially matches well with different style clothing. A delicate gift box will protect the necklaces. Don't pull the chain hard and be careful. They will try their best to solve your question.

Brand: Mjartoria

👤My daughter gave this to her best friend. They have not taken them off. She wears this necklace for about 7 weeks now and it doesn't bother her at all. Dows imply that its not filled with cheap materials that turn like pewter, tin, or lead, but that it is a great metal. Would buy again.

👤The pendant is very thin and it's difficult to put the two pieces together since there is no magnet. The necklace falls when I take it off because it is on a big loop. Weirdo #2 and I both like the necklace.

👤I bought this for my bestie on Galentines day. I thought these would be great because we both have jewelry sensitivity. I wore it for 2 weeks and it was very comfortable. I would recommend it to my friends, but make sure you don't have a jewelry sensitivity.

👤It was purchased for a gift. The chain was easy to fix.

👤We were putting on the necklaces and one broke. I didn't think they would be over the top for the price. I didn't think one would break as soon as it was taken out of the box. Don't waste your money.

👤My ten-year-old daughter bought this for her best friend and she absolutely loved it. It's a large heart with a lot of bling around it.

👤I bought this for my 9yr old and their best friend, they wear it all the time, but I don't believe it turned green after a few months, I think it will eventually go green. The pendant is holding up longer.

👤When I received the necklace, I was impressed. The engraving is clear and smooth, so I can sleep with it. My bff loves to show them off.

4. Lcbulu 2PCS Best Friends Necklaces

Lcbulu 2PCS Best Friends Necklaces

Best friends can be side by side or miles apart, but they stay close. Friends gifts are perfect to show your love. Best friend gift for birthday, graduation, Christmas, or any other day. You will get a free jewelry bag. It is possible to give your best friends a surprise gift.

Brand: Lcbulu

👤The charm fell off on the first day. Exactly a month to the date. One of the failed clasps is lost. I suggest squeezing the loops with pliers to make sure they are tight.

👤Cute necklace. It was a perfect gift. The chain is short but it will work.

👤The puzzle pieces are small because of the picture. It would have been nice if the whole poem was on both pieces. A perfect gift for a friend.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the necklaces. They seem sturdy and are good weight. My daughter and her best friend love them.

👤The chain was long. Quality for what we spend on it was what I thought. Would purchase again.

👤The necklace is thick and sturdy. It was a great value and perfect length. Excellent gift.

👤It broke off my neck on the day I wore them.

👤My son is a musician and has been playing with the charm and chain a lot. The chain broke after two weeks. The charm is fine and we will find a chain that he can wear. I think his friend's half is okay.

5. Luna Bean KEEPSAKE Plaster Materials

Luna Bean KEEPSAKE Plaster Materials

Genisys wants you to be absolutely happy with your purchase. If their product doesn't work for you, you can return it for a full refund. You don't take any risk by ordering. The size is large. The larger bucket and more casting materials are included in the 2 person kit. There are two adult hands, two adults + one small child, and one large adult hand. The Luna Bean kit is for larger than average couples hands. It's important that you take every careful step. Every fine line and fingerprints are captured by the unique rubbery cast. Luna Bean's highest quality custom "Create-A-Cast" molded gel formula is the Step 1 alginate material. It has more working time, forms a stronger cast, provides better detail, and has bolder color changing properties than other craft brands. A fun activity for family, couple holding hands, and friends to create a PRICELESS memory is a fun and MEMORABLE gift activity. This heart felt gift is great for an anniversary, engagement, birthday, valentine's day, mom, dad, grandparents, friends, or cement a friendship craft gift. The best selling casting kit! The kit contents are included. There are detailed instructions in English and Spanish for the plastic bucket, 1.5lb Step 1 molding powder, 2.75lb Step 2 casting stone, fine sandpaper, demolding stick, and detailing pin. There is a full length instructional video available.

Brand: Luna Bean

👤I made a sign for my big sister using her hand and feet. I can't wait for her to open this tomorrow. The feet are not perfect but the rest is gold. Attach the hand and feet to the wood plank with gorilla glue.

👤My mom wanted this to cast their hands because my dad is on Hospice. The first time she tried it, it was set up before they could do the mold. The instructions say to mix in a bowl and then transfer it to a bucket. The product was better in the bucket. We contacted the company after watching some videos and reading some more and they sent us a new bag of mixture to try again and gave us suggestions for success. The use of distilled water at room temperature seemed to slow the transformation during mixing, allowing my parents enough time to get in place. Before pouring the casting product, we had to remove the other pieces. After mixing it, we poured only enough in to coat the mold, then we added more, tapped the bucket to bring the bubbles to the surface, and finally we topped it off. The platform for the hands to stand on was created by filling the rim of the bucket. We put a small fan on the cast after removing the mold. We would recommend the product to other people because of the detail of the results and service from the company.

👤I bought this to be used for my husband and myself. I liked how it turned out. It is beautiful. The directions were easy to follow and I am very happy that I have this souvenir after my husband passes.

👤This is a great product. Easy to follow instructions. They recommend that you have someone else dictate the instructions or give a helping hand. We cast our hands and found that we didn't need any help.

👤I didn't think I would like it as much as I do, it came out so nice. The details are clear. It was a lot of fun to do. When you mix the first part for the mold, you need to do it in a timely manner because once it starts turning from violet to pink and then to pale pink, it's doable. Once you pull your hands out, it's easy to mix the plaster. If you don't have time to cover the mold and put it in the fridge, it will be bad for 24 hours. It was easy to remove the rubbery mold. After it dried, I spray painted it.

👤The process was a little difficult, but we let some of the liquid mold between our hands so our hands were fused together inside the bucket, that's our fault. I was worried that it wouldn't come out well, but we persevered and it came out amazingly. My husband's small scar on his hand is visible, along with everywrinkle and crease, because the detail is so fine. Highly recommended!

👤You will have a great project if you follow the instructions. Being able to make a priceless keepsake is something I love. A friend of mine said she wished she'd known about these when her husband was still alive. I was surprised at how easy it was to make. That is what being said... I prepared in advance to make sure the video came out. Make sure to go slow to prevent bubbles after you have made the mold and are feeling it with the compound...Also stop part way through pouring and tap gently on the sides to make sure fingers fill all the way.

6. Me Hz Sunflower Friendship Adjustable

Me Hz Sunflower Friendship Adjustable

This bracelet reminds you of the light and happiness in life. ANKLET can also be used. Best friend gifts! Made of black smooth waxed cord with sliding knot and enamel sunflower charm, it's waterproof, nickel and lead-free. It's ideal for adults and children. Matching Bracelets Set. Extra will give you a pair of cute daisy stud earrings for free. Great value. The sweetest sunflowers gifts for women are friendship bracelets, long distance bracelets, sister bracelets, mother daughter bracelets. Best friend gifts for teen girls, little girls, best friends, sisters, daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend on Birthday, Graduation, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and more. There is a guarantee of worry-free return or refund.

Brand: Me&hz

👤I got this for my stepdaughter's 12th birthday and she loved it. I have showered with it and gone swimming with it since I started wearing it as an anklet. The cord and the heart have not broken, and the heart has not turned a different color. I would recommend this gift to anyone.

👤When I ordered the bracelets, I didn't think much of it, since my daughter and I are not close. I was surprised by the quality. I am not a jewelry store but a good handmade festival booth. I hope she likes them as much as I do.

👤This is a cute idea and a bracelet. However, it's possible. The people wearing this bracelet are dedicated daily wearers. Our wrists turned green when the sunflower turned. This would have been 5 stars if it wasn't for it.

👤It can be adjusted to fit most if not all sizes by pulling on the knot and letting the string hang a bit. It was a perfect gift for my daughter. It is the perfect gift to send a blessing. It is still in the same condition as the first day, even though it has gotten wet.

👤My son and his friend loved these, they received tons of praise and lasted much longer than expected, as they are still wearing them. They take them for showers, the pool, boating and football.

👤This was a perfect birthday gift for my daughter. She can't wait until her friend gets her bracelet. It was packaged well. The quality is excellent. There is a The string that the bracelets are made with is of good quality and slides without getting stuck.

👤I got this for my husband and I. Quality is good. We shower with them and don't take them off. It is very durable and worth the money. It is recommended.

👤My 7 year old broke his first day but my one is still intact. I don't know what he did as mine is pretty sturdy. I would buy again, as the price was reasonable.

👤Lleg un rpido antes de la fecha ofrecida. No es lo esperaba en la foto del proveedor.

👤I bought this for my best friend, who loves daisy's, and she loved it so much.

👤Para un detalle la pena...

👤The quality is better than I thought. Recommended 5.

👤Sper, satisfecha, con mi compra.

7. Best Friend Gift Blanket Friendship Birthday Christmas

Best Friend Gift Blanket Friendship Birthday Christmas

We have you covered for the gift idea. It was literally! A sentimental friendiversary gift, a meaningful thank you gift, or an inspiring farewell gift for friends moving away are some of the options. Their plush gift blankets are a great way to say Happy Birthday or I Love You. Get yourself a matching one too, because you should get one for your friend. Your time together is the greatest gift. The Best Friend Gift Blanket is the best thing. The original friendship blanket says it all. It is a gift you will be proud to give and one your bestie will remember forever. Digital print is not used for design transfer at ButterTree. They blend dye with individual fibers. This ensures a high-definition design with vibrant colors that won't fade or bleed. They don't want their customers to get cold feet. Their gift blanket is longer than others and their microfleece is lightweight. Premium fabrics are machine washed and will always have a rich and fluffy feel. They have you covered for the gift idea. It was literally! A sentimental friendiversary gift, a meaningful thank you gift, or an inspiring farewell gift for friends moving away are some of the options. Their plush gift blankets are a great way to say Happy Birthday or I Love You. Get yourself a matching one too, because you should get one for your friend.

Brand: Buttertree

👤I bought matching blankets for my trip. I saw the bags with the blankets inside when I opened the box. I took out my blanket. It was the most soft blanket ever. The words are meaningful, and the color was spot on. My husband and daughter have tried to take my blanket. I will give my bestie a blanket in a few days. It will make the 314 mile separation not feel so far away. There is a This blanket is for sale. You will not regret it.

👤The photo of the product should not have been the focus. It's soft and the sayings are nice, so it was a decent gift. It's so small that I can't believe I paid $40. I would have caught myself getting lured by false marketing if I had been in a hurry. I probably could have bought something with photos of the BFF and me for less money and more sentimental value.

👤I gave it to my friend as a gift and she loved it. She got a lot of feedback after she shared it. She received a cold front the day she got it and was able to cuddle up with it. She said it was soft to the touch and she gave a giant hug. It was big enough for her kids to sleep in. The color was rich in purple. I was very happy with the purchase of my friend.

👤I was very happy to see this throw. The material is great and the product is worth the price. I ordered teal for my best friend's birthday and it was a great color. I would buy again.

👤The color is bright purple. I like the quotes on it. I got it for my husband. He is not a blanket person and he was very happy with it. He liked the size and all the quotes on it. The price and value are great. You will love it if you buy this who ever you give it to.

👤The shade of purple was beautiful. My best friend was very happy about it. She gets cold in the winter. Hope this is thick and long enough to keep her warm.

👤She immediately put the blanket to her face and loved how soft it was. It was worth the money. I want someone to give me one. It's weird when I have to give something to myself.

👤I think this blanket is very soft. It's perfect for bestie, it's a perfect movie blanket, it's a perfect couch blanket, it's a perfect bed blanket. It's great and definitely recommend!

👤I received the best friend blanket and it was exactly what I was expecting. Can't wait to give this to her on her birthday.

👤I loved the blanket. For my best friend's birthday, I bought it. It was a perfect gift for her.

👤I love this blanket. It was soft. It was bought for a friend and I can't wait for her to get it.

👤I chose the best blanket for my friend, it was very soft and beautiful. Highly recommended.

8. PinkSheep Unicorn Bracelet Rainbow Friendship

PinkSheep Unicorn Bracelet Rainbow Friendship

Bright rubber beads give people a cheerful feeling. The picture shows blue, purple, orange, pink, red and a small monster. There are 6PCS bracelets. You can combine colors to share accessories. All accessories made of quality plastic and resin are safe. They take the time to choose modern and beautiful patterns, and each of their jewelry is handmade by a group of mommies with a lot of passion, love, patience and great care. They use high quality materials that are light and durable. Excellent gift for kids. If you have a question about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Pinksheep

👤The bracelets have little charms that I love. I think my 6 year old granddaughter likes them.

👤These are cute. I bought them for my 6 year olds who can be rough and they haven't broken the elastic yet. The colors were pretty and fit my daughters well.

👤My grand daughter is 5 years old. She loves to play dress-up and wear bracelets. She has a 5 year old wrist and the colors are bright.

👤These bracelets are adorable.

👤My daughter loves bracelets. They are the right size for her wrist. The different charms are adorable. Love the colors.

👤The friendship bracelets were perfect for the kids, they were durable and adorable.

👤My granddaughter broke them easily.

👤Sturdy. The granddaughter is having fun wearing them.

👤My daughter likes these! The set was perfect. Was a great stocker.

9. Birthday Necklace Unicorn Jewelry Friends

Birthday Necklace Unicorn Jewelry Friends

A pair of fashion charm necklaces are formed by combining a heart-shaped design and magical unicorn elements. Best friend necklace, friendship necklace, long distance necklace, gift for best friend, and the list goes on. The necklace is made of stronger and more durable steel. The half of the heart pendant is 24mm. You can connect them when you have a question, they serve for you on the most sincerely service.

Brand: Vinjewelry

👤My daughter wanted to gift a necklace to her friends on their birthday. She wanted something that was perfect for her and had something on it. We were both happy to see that this picture was in her head. We purchased the necklace and it arrived in time for her birthday party, which is what she was hoping for. The heart halves are different colors. The heart-halves are a bit smaller than we thought, but I like that they aren't really big. My daughter and her friend are thrilled to have this necklace and are very fond of it.

👤My daughter gave me a best friend necklace after she got them for her birthday. We love these cute little creatures. Don't wear in the shower or sweat excessively. The charms are made not to come off of the original chain, so players will be needed to replace it with a longer one.

👤Other reviewers have said that we got the wrong necklace. We received a completely necklace, despite only having one item with this listing. How? We assumed the necklace we were getting was the one described in the listing, but it was not. There are paw prints and flowers. Very disappointed.

👤My 5 year old ordered this for her best friend. These are similar to what we saw in the mall. These are not high end keep sakes, but they are cute and perfect for kids to have, not a heart break if it gets lost. The chain is sturdy. Thank you for the purchase.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter to keep and give to her best friend in preschool. I know her friend will love them.

👤The weakest chains were the blue half coming off as I tried to untangle them. I was very disappointed because I and my friend love the color blue and pink. If I didn't have a backup necklace, I would feel terrible.

👤I bought this for my daughter's friend. It is very cute.

👤It's perfect for my daughter and friend.

10. Timex T89022 Machines Purple Elastic

Timex T89022 Machines Purple Elastic

elastic fabric strap The dial has minutes marked for learning. The flower graphic is rotating. 100% worry-free replacement plan. Water resistant to 100 feet is not suitable for swimming or bathing.


👤Our daughter was excited to get her first watch. She kept confusing the "hour" and "minute" hand on this watch. It had five, 10, and 15 minute indicators. When I asked my daughter what time it was, she had a hard time believing it was 1:56 because the face doesn't count by 5s to 60, just to 30 and then back down to zero. It's important for her to learn how to state the actual time because they can say "5 minutes to 1". It would have been easy to see "55 minutes plus 1 tick mark makes :56!" if it had been on this watch. I wish I'd looked at the picture closer before ordering. She got the design. The butterfly design counts by 5s all the way around. She loves the watch and is excited when someone asks her to check the time. A good price point for a child's first watch. It seems comfortable.

👤I bought two watches for my twin nieces, but I can't review them separately, so I'm giving them a combined rating of 2 stars. I inspected both watches when they arrived and one came in a cardboard box that was designed to appeal to children. The other was a black banged up cardboard box that looked like it had been used for something other than its intended purpose. I decided to give the watches to the girls since they had specifically asked for them. They put them on immediately. One of the watches has a purple floral band. The other did not work because of a dead battery. We didn't get a new battery until today. The battery was replaced for almost $12. The child was disappointed when her sister's watch didn't work. We had to spend a lot of money to fix something that should have worked. I am also concerned about the battery life of the other watch. How can I get reimbursed for the battery replacement?

👤The strap on this watch can be adjusted in a variety of ways. My daughter is almost 4 years old and she is very small and it doesn't bother her at all to adjust down to her wrist size. The material of the strap seems to last a long time when wet. I'm not sure if this watch is water resistant, but it has survived a few splashes. She will be able to tell time when she is ready. She likes her watch because it has flowers and the strap is purple. I don't know what time is. This watch is approved by the Princess.

👤After buying and breaking cheap watches for my daughter, I thought I would try a more legit name brand. The elastic strap on the watch would be much easier than her current watchband. My daughter likes the watch because it's easy to read and it's cute. One of our other ones didn't hold up to simple hand washing. The screen is plastic and easy to scratch. You might want to tell your kids to be careful. It's cheaper to buy another watch if you buy this at an inflated price since there's a fee associated with the claim. It's not worth making a warranty claim at the current price. Hopefully this lasts at least a year.

11. Squishies Squishy Squishies Reliever Squishys

Squishies Squishy Squishies Reliever Squishys

These juggling balls can be used as a gift, or as a reward in a competition, and you can share them with your family members, friends, or anyone else. The mini squishy toy is very cute. Everyone likes it. squishy toys for kids are 1.7 inch in size. The soft squishy material is made of safe and non-toxic TPR material. Birthday gifts, christmas gifts, party favors, and squishy toys for kids. Easter Basket Stuffers. When they are dirty, the squishy mochi moj toys can be washed easily. Each one is hand-painted, cant eat/squishies, and mini squishy toys for kids. valentines day gifts for students. If you're not 100% satisfied with the squishy toys, you can get a money back guarantee in 30 days.

Brand: Kingyao

👤I bought these for my daughter to give as little gifts as possible. Mom gets to keep a couple and I take them to work. I work at a job where people call to scream at you on a regular basis, so I found these very calming, or you can get rid of them when you're angry. A co-worker started working on mine. I bought a bucket to give to my dept. 2 more ladies in our dept have bought for their kids. The manager asked where I got them so she could get some for her ladies.

👤Don't buy them. 1) They sat on our table for 5 minutes as we put them in bags and damaged the finish. They are made of caustic material. I will be contacting the seller. There are two more Some people have a smell of dead fish. There are 3 more They are not close to the ones pictured. Total waste of time and money.

👤I bought these for my kids. They were destroyed by the end of the day. lint sticks to them and they become gummy. An absolute waste of money. If you write a bad review the seller will try to get you to remove it. You will only read good reviews here.

👤We don't have any scent, not sure why there is a scent rating. Don't buy kawaii squishy if you don't know what it is. We have had several kinds of these and all have left oily messes on everything we touch. I bought these for my first graders and they loved them so much we are putting them in easter treats for my daughter's kindergarten class and in eggs for the neighborhood egg hunt. They are a bit sticky. They are very easy to wash. They are still super sweet, squishy, and cute despite the fact that their painted features come off. I'm buying a mini set and a large set for the Easter baskets and a reward for our 2 year old who gives up binky each night.

👤My daughter likes them. They are soft and cute. It's perfect for 3 years old.

👤These are for the Easter egg hunt. They were very cuter than I expected. Some have great detail and others are cute. I like that they are all different. I don't have to worry about people getting duplicate goods.

👤These are inexpensive. Several have large dents on their bellies or backs. 22 are cute. Hope the blushies don't rub off quickly. I hate those 2, they're not cute at all, they were a drastically different style than the rest. The bucket was smaller than I expected and I got 24 total squishies. I wish the 2 weren't so ugly. You get a different assortment each time, so that's interesting.

👤The colors are great and the price is amazing. The moj squishies cost 3.99 for 2 of them. My daughters moj claw machine was filled with goodies.


What is the best product for best friend gifts for kids?

Best friend gifts for kids products from Lego. In this article about best friend gifts for kids you can see why people choose the product. Marvel and Mjartoria are also good brands to look for when you are finding best friend gifts for kids.

What are the best brands for best friend gifts for kids?

Lego, Marvel and Mjartoria are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best friend gifts for kids. Find the detail in this article. Lcbulu, Luna Bean and Me&hz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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