Best Best Friend Gifts for Girls

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1. Friend Birthday Friends Female Friendship

Friend Birthday Friends Female Friendship

A funny message engraved on a bi*ch for your best friend is a great gift idea. Their bracelet is packaged in an elegant gift box, which makes it a perfect and unique gift for the one you gift giving. Good quality: Bracelet made of 316L steel, never rust,stain or fade. L:6.2in, W:0.24in, thickness:2.0mm The high polished cuff bracelet is very smooth with rounded edges to avoid scratches on your wrist. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just contact them and they will save your problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Guernono

👤This is one of the finest pieces of jewelry I have ever purchased. The quality is excellent. I don't think it's silver or Platinum, but it's better than all of them. I am going to keep whatever metal I have in my safe deposit box. Someday I will sell it and make a lot of money when gold/silver goes down.

👤I got this for a friend I don't get to see often. She loves it! The message on the inside appealed to me. She can see the message without showing it to the world because not everyone understands our sense of humor. The notes we used to pass to each other were similar.

👤My friends and family loved the bracelets I bought them. I recommend 10 out of 10. Great for your family. Anyone?

👤Only people who are less than 100 pounds can wear this pracelet because it won't feel like a prison shackles.

👤It's not what you say, it's how you say it! This is a basic metal bracelet, but it has a secret message inside. My girlfriend liked it. It was a great gift for my best friend.

👤It wasn't made of good quality. It did not hold its shape. The engraving is just a piece of junk.

👤I bought this for my best friend's birthday and she loved it. You can see your reflection in it. A really fun gift.

👤The bracelet came in a great package. It was given to two of my dearest friends for Christmas. The inscription is on the inside. It is something special between all of us, but they can wear anything.

2. Amazon Com Gift Card Pink Gold

Amazon Com Gift Card Pink Gold

A gift bag has a gift card inside it. Gift cards may not have the gift amount printed on them. There are no fees or expiration dates on the gift card. There are no refunds on gift cards. The gift card can be used to purchase millions of items at Amazon. You can redeem any gift card with the Amazon App. There is free one-day shipping available. If you choose a gift message at check-out, it will only appear on the packing slip, not the gift card or carrier.

Brand: Amazon

👤This is a Premium gift card from Amazon. $50 is the minimum for a gift card. If you think $50 is too much to give to a baby that doesn't know what they are getting, you can replace the gift cards with another one. If you don't know if your original gift would be good enough, or if they have too much of the same thing, it's a good gift to give. The materials are good. The cardboard cutouts of the towel, sock and onesie are attached to 3M tape. The opening flap is held together. It shows card when you lift up. Enough space inside to give a small gift like socks, pacifier, baby soap, cotton buds, nail clipper, baby jelly, wipes, etc. The Amazon gift card is very basic and you can leave nothing inside. It's easy to redeem a card with Amazon logos on a green backdrop. The code is on the back of the card, no need to scratch it or peel it off. You can redeem the amount in seconds if you click the camera option and align the boxes with the text code.

👤I can't get enough of this! I wish I'd discovered them a long time ago. The packaging is beautiful. There is more space to keep a note inside. I bought them for teacher appreciation week. They are my new go-to gift.

👤The envelope was 18 inches by 13 inches. I wish I had a picture of the damage. There is a smudge on the front of the envelope. The ribbon is wrinkled and black in appearance. The gift card was damaged and roughed up because of the deep circle and straight line imprints on it. It looks like a badly damaged heart envelope. I'm not sure how this could have happened. The shipping envelope gave it so much space to move around in and be smashed between boxes that some of the damage was done. It should have been sent in a box. That doesn't explain how the ribbon and glue got on the heart envelope. The presentation of a $100.00 gift card should have been pretty. Very disappointed.

👤A gift card is a must have. The gift bag was a great way to give it. It's an across the miles gift. The package was sent from Amazon to the recipient. There is free shipping. It doesn't get any better.

👤The design of the gift card is cute, but it is not a bag. We tried to fit a small card inside, but it wouldn't fit. There is no place to write anything on this card. It would be better if there was a place to write something inside. The back of the bag is the only place where you can write. The gift card doesn't come with a pre-printed amount on it, so we had to write the amount on the outside of the bag where anyone could see it. Would not buy it again. The cute front-of-bag design received 2 stars.

3. Friends Inspirational Distance Friendship Insulated

Friends Inspirational Distance Friendship Insulated

Their friends wine tumblers have double wall insulation which is not out of shape or breakable and are made from 304 18/8 food grade steel. A wonderful gift for friends. The rose gold wine tumblers with lids are great gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. She will remember the insulated wine tumbler forever. It is easy to clean. The friend wine tumbler with lid comes with a sponge brush and straws to make it easy for you to clean it after a party. It can be washed in a few seconds. Their designer tested the insulated design of the wine tumbler and found that it keeps your drinks cold for 9 hours or hot for 3 hours, which will keep your drinks cold for a long time. In the winter, it has a keep-hot function. There are multiple functions. A nice friendship gift for women is an insulated wine tumbler with lid. It's good for storing drinks such as coffee, wine, beer, water, juice, ice, cocktail and so on.

Brand: Gingprous

👤My friends loved them. I gave them to my friends for a spa day. These were perfect because we all live in different states. They loved them! They kept our drinks cold that day. I use great quality cups at home. It's more than just a novelty gift. You won't be disappointed.

👤I bought these for my friends. They were a big hit. It's sentimental and practical at the same time. It kept our drinks cold. Works as advertised.

👤I gave my staff small bottles of Asti Spumante as gifts this year. They are cute. Thank you so much! Well done!

👤I got these for my friend to use. She liked it. The item is strong. It's easy to hold. Excellent quality. The beverage was kept cold.

👤The tumblers are beautiful. I used these as gifts for my friends. The ladies loved them. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to give a gift.

👤A dear friend sent me this tumbler as a gift. I sent my friend the same tumbler because I liked it so much. She loved it!

👤I got these for my friends when we all met from around the country on a Girls' Weekend so we can drink our wine/ coffee/tea in them and enjoy the message. I think they were touched by the message and appreciated them.

👤These are great! They keep drinks cold or hot for a long time. My friend loved hers. The perfect height is the lip of the cover. It might be necessary to get more just to have around.

4. Lip Smacker Unicorn Magic Ounce

Lip Smacker Unicorn Magic Ounce

The lip balm is cute and makes lips smooth and soft. Lip Smackers lip balm in cute animal packaging has the soft shine and hydrating power of classic Lip Smackers. Soft-shiny, moisturiZing, is what it is. Their formulas smooth and nourish your lips. Lip smackers make your lips look better. Keep lips soft and shiny. Lip Smackers lip balms come in a wide variety of flavors to delight your senses and keep your lips smooth. It makes a great party favor. Since introducing the first flavored lip balm on the market, they've been your trusted choice for lip balms and lipglosses. They've got your favorite flavor. Since 1973, they have put smiles on the faces of people around the globe. They hope their authentic flavors, scents, and colorfully designed balms, glosses, nail polishes, and makeup sets make you happy. The skin type is combination.

Brand: Lip Smacker

👤The flavor is nice as well. It's free!

👤I always keep a small gift in my purse so that I can give it to my niece when I see her, and I thought this would be a great gift to carry around until I see her. I had it on hand when I saw her. She loved it. She put it on right away and was kind enough to make sure Auntie had some as well. She used the unicorn in her game and played with it all night. It fits nicely into her purse. Thanks!

👤This is so cute and it tastes great. I bought it for my daughter. I need to get one for myself as well.

👤Cute device. It is a sheer pink shade. Smooth application. The smell of this one is the best I have ever smelled. It has a smell of watermelon. Fast shipping. It was in a sealed container.

👤This lip balm is adorable. It does everything you want it to do. It is good for your lips and also good for you. It smells like carrot cake. It's easy to find in your purse. I love it!

👤I was so disappointed when I saw this in a 2 pack for $5. I would have liked to have seen that first. It is in the kids makeup section. Overall, I am still happy with it.

👤It's cute, but the stick inside is not solid. The temperature is not an issue.

👤My daughter and I love that they are cruelty free.

👤The seller was very easy to work with to resolve the issue after I accidentally ordered 2. My daughter loved how cute the product was. The product is of great quality.

👤Hermoso! The color is moradito, huele rico, and it's super buena calidad. Ame!

👤There is a solo brillo. There is no pinta nada.

👤Me gust a lot. Adems de una hermosa presentacin, el olor y bueno. No me arrepiento.

5. BIC BodyMark Temporary Assorted 8 Count

BIC BodyMark Temporary Assorted 8 Count

BodyMark by BIC Temporary Tattoo Markers is a way to express yourself. Use temporary tattoo markers to create your own designs. Complies with the regulations. Follow all instructions. Not tested on sensitive skin. The felt tip is flexible. A pack of markers with bright colors are perfect for creating a wide variety of designs. It's great for special occasions, sporting events, parties, and more.

Brand: Bic

👤The colors are very vibrant and fun to play with, however, I would suggest using them as face paint, since they are very vibrant. Don't touch it, draw it, and then remove it at the end of the day. I washed them with soap and then went to bed after drawing on my arm. These markers stained my sheets. If you plan on rubbing against the fabric, don't use these, the colors will rub off on the fabric. Anything that will be rubbing on your skin for a long time. I don't know if the ink will come off after I wash my sheet. Will update if the ink can be removed. Photos are attached for reference.

👤The felt brush type tip lasts through a couple of washes. The bleeding is the downfall. It is a problem that they bleed for body markers. It is difficult to stay clean with a marker that bleeds so easily.

👤If you're an active person, they'll last about a day. You don't need to wet or rub the art. On my sheet, there is a picture of me doing henna on my hand. Even though. It was not wet. Depending on how many times you watch it, it can transfer on clothes. The tips are very soft, so you really have to work in order to make fine lines. The price is ok compared to the store price and they're good markers, but I did not picture #2. I only used the black marker and picture #3, but I would recommend the black and brown markers again.

👤The markers could be a dream for facepainters. They apply evenly and smoothly. The brush tips give great control. There are a few issues in my mind. I wish there was a bigger choice of colors. I would love to see metallics and yellow. The other problem is that some colors can't be removed easily. After a wash or two, some of the colors begin to fade. The black, green, and blue held on for a long time. A drawing on the back of my hand was black for 2 weeks. Unless you want angry parents later on, these markers are not the best choice for face painting on kids.

👤These are great! My daughters like them. It's easy to draw because they go on smoothly. They have no smell, so that's always a bonus. The tips are paintbrush style so they can be used to draw thick lines and thin lines. My daughter wanted me to draw a peacock on her, so I did it. They last a long time as well. I think it's a good thing that you need to scrub them off. I wish they came in other colors. I would love to see more shades of white and brighter colors. This set is wonderful. It's a great gift for teens and tweens. These body markers are very good. A+.

👤I bought it for my daughter's birthday. The seller was a pleasure to deal with and the shipping was on time. My child went to designing after reading the instructions. If you're using a stencil, don't worry about the "markers" bleeding. She sat there the longest ever for a full length feature film to make sure it had time to dry. As soon as I touched it, my finger was covered in blue ink. She has tried many different suggestions and all of them have come off. We might have had a bad box. I went to the store and bought a package. It was a big mistake. I gave the company more money, for nothing. It's sad when companies take advantage of children and make promises they can't deliver. You can save money by buying markers. Sadly disappointed...

6. Amazon Com Gift Brown Classic Design

Amazon Com Gift Brown Classic Design

A gift card is inside a gift box. There are no fees or expiration dates on the gift card. There are no refunds on gift cards. Gift cards may not have the gift amount printed on them. The gift card can be used to purchase millions of items at Amazon. You can redeem any gift card with the Amazon App. There is free one-day shipping available. If you choose a gift message at check-out, it will only appear on the packing slip, not the gift card or carrier.

Brand: Amazon

👤What a nightmare! I peel off the sticker on the gift card to check the balance and find it has no balance. Three customer service reps put me on terminal hold after they found out that one angry customer wouldn't want to hear about the situation. After hours on the phone with people I can't understand, their solution is to send me a new card, because they don't speak English very well. I needed it as a gift today. The new card has a zero balance. The customer service rep said they had a $200.00 balance on their systems, and I said to the person I was giving the money to that they should check the balance and discover it was zero. Amazon's systems are broken. What a disaster. Put one of your personal assistants on this and fix it.

👤I gave this gift card as a birthday present. The card has a zero balance and the recipient contacted me. I checked my bank account and they charged me 50 dollars but gave me an empty gift card. It's very embarrassing to give a gift that doesn't work. I'm starting the process to see if I can fix it.

👤It's horrible. The amount of the gift card was not printed on the cards. Had no idea how much the card was. To find the value, I had to download an app from Amazon or peel off the claim code sticker. Who made the decision to save money for Amazon should be fired. Let Amazon worry about it, I am returning these cards.

👤Someone will contact me within 24 hours after I received a gift card, but it could not be used. I received an email stating that I should call the Customer Support Team. Rep stated that the form needs to be filled out and that the issue needs to be looked into by a specialist. I would like someone to send me a new card. It's embarrassing to give someone a gift card that doesn't work. A. Irina F.

👤When I gave my son the card to cash out, it came out as $25, not $50 as I had ordered. Trying to get someone from Amazon to help.

👤It would seem that I have no recourse since the return window closed. I gave the card as a gift and it was not able to be redeemed. I was charged in December of 2016 I wonder if I got screwed out of $125.

👤I like the convenience of having it sent as a gift. The main reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of a gift card or something included in the package that lets the person getting the card know how much is on it. The only thing I've seen in the past is a poor slip that looks like it was copied from a cash register tape or paper. It doesn't tell you what it is. I have to talk with the person to clarify what it is. I would like to send a nice card or note with the gift.

7. Pieces Unicorn Necklace Friendship Birthday

Pieces Unicorn Necklace Friendship Birthday

You can share the necklace set with your friend. The half heart necklace is made of safe and reliable alloy, it won't cause any irritation to your skin, and the color on the surface is bright and not easy to fade. The necklaces look very nice and beautiful and express love in spite of the long distance. The surface of the chain is smooth and safe to wear on your skin, and it is portable, so you can wear it in many different places. You can send a necklace to your friend on Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday or graduation, which can express your love for her, and it's a nice gift.

Brand: Hicarer

👤I ordered the necklaces because I liked how the face and head of the unicorns were different from the others I had seen on Amazon. The ones that came are not what they are advertised to be. There were black faces and silver heads. The colors are not what I was expecting. The blue is not a light blue and I thought the other one was a pink, but it is a light purple. The quality is good but not the look I was hoping for.

👤My daughter saved money to buy this for herself and her best friend. My daughter's necklace broke the second time she wore it. We had to make it a necklace for her backpack because she was so disappointed.

👤They are not as nice as pictured. The blue is very dark and hard to see. The colors were all bleeding. It looked like a young child did a craft.

👤It wouldn't be a good idea to buy again. The chain is cheap. You would think that it would be more durable since it is for kids. The first 3 wears of the chains broke when the daughter and her bff moved away.

👤These necklaces were not damaged. I was hoping it was smaller than what was received. It is still cute. I cut both the chains to get the charms that were attached to the necklace and put them on a smaller necklace.

👤My daughter and her best friend are 7 years old. They love them. They are cute, but don't seem sturdy.

👤I put the necklace in the little bag that came with it and I was going to look at it the next day before I gave it to my friend. One of the necklaces was broken when I took it out.

👤We got them in the morning. Didn't allow 30 minutes. Poor quality. The money was wasted.

8. Cosmetic Accessories Toiletry Birthday Christmas

Cosmetic Accessories Toiletry Birthday Christmas

Adding fun and color to your life or your friends' lives is what this makeup bag with funny theme combination will do. The bag is made from canvas. It is more durable than canvas. The bags are 10 x 8 inches in size. Each bag is designed by a professional. Patterns that highlight your personality and taste. There is always a suitable pattern for you or your friends. This makeup bag is a perfect gift for you. It's suitable for different scenes and festivals. Their bag is a great choice for holiday gifts, such as birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc.

Brand: Fokongna

👤It was bent when I opened it. Not a big deal. It shouldn't be damaged.

👤This was a great gift for my sister. This was perfect because she always has a little bud in with her makeup.

👤I bought a gift for my sister. It's a decent size makeup bag.

👤I would buy these again. I run into a lot of issues with buying things online, but these work well so far.

👤This is a cute little bag that is fun. The first thing you notice is the blue ink dot on the front. I am still giving it as a gift, but I am bugged by the flaw.

👤I bought this as a gift. It was a hit. She gave her a good laugh and loved it. Good quality.

👤You are paying for what the bag says, not the quality of the bag.

👤A greeting card is purchased as a gift. The bags will be put to use according to the positive response from friends and relatives.

9. Best Friend Gift Blanket Friendship Birthday Christmas

Best Friend Gift Blanket Friendship Birthday Christmas

No color-bleeding or fading wash after wash is possible with machine wash. Your time together is the greatest gift. The Best Friend Gift Blanket is the best thing. The original friendship blanket says it all. It is a gift you will be proud to give and one your bestie will remember forever. Digital print is not used for design transfer at ButterTree. They blend dye with individual fibers. This ensures a high-definition design with vibrant colors that won't fade or bleed. They don't want their customers to get cold feet. Their gift blanket is longer than others and their microfleece is lightweight. Premium fabrics are machine washed and will always have a rich and fluffy feel. They have you covered for the gift idea. It was literally! A sentimental friendiversary gift, a meaningful thank you gift, or an inspiring farewell gift for friends moving away are some of the options. Their plush gift blankets are a great way to say Happy Birthday or I Love You. Get yourself a matching one too, because you should get one for your friend.

Brand: Buttertree

👤I bought matching blankets for my trip. I saw the bags with the blankets inside when I opened the box. I took out my blanket. It was the most soft blanket ever. The words are meaningful, and the color was spot on. My husband and daughter have tried to take my blanket. I will give my bestie a blanket in a few days. It will make the 314 mile separation not feel so far away. There is a This blanket is for sale. You will not regret it.

👤The photo of the product should not have been the focus. It's soft and the sayings are nice, so it was a decent gift. It's so small that I can't believe I paid $40. I would have caught myself getting lured by false marketing if I had been in a hurry. I probably could have bought something with photos of the BFF and me for less money and more sentimental value.

👤I gave it to my friend as a gift and she loved it. She got a lot of feedback after she shared it. She received a cold front the day she got it and was able to cuddle up with it. She said it was soft to the touch and she gave a giant hug. It was big enough for her kids to sleep in. The color was rich in purple. I was very happy with the purchase of my friend.

👤I was very happy to see this throw. The material is great and the product is worth the price. I ordered teal for my best friend's birthday and it was a great color. I would buy again.

👤The color is bright purple. I like the quotes on it. I got it for my husband. He is not a blanket person and he was very happy with it. He liked the size and all the quotes on it. The price and value are great. You will love it if you buy this who ever you give it to.

👤The shade of purple was beautiful. My best friend was very happy about it. She gets cold in the winter. Hope this is thick and long enough to keep her warm.

👤She immediately put the blanket to her face and loved how soft it was. It was worth the money. I want someone to give me one. It's weird when I have to give something to myself.

👤I think this blanket is very soft. It's perfect for bestie, it's a perfect movie blanket, it's a perfect couch blanket, it's a perfect bed blanket. It's great and definitely recommend!

👤I received the best friend blanket and it was exactly what I was expecting. Can't wait to give this to her on her birthday.

👤I loved the blanket. For my best friend's birthday, I bought it. It was a perfect gift for her.

👤I love this blanket. It was soft. It was bought for a friend and I can't wait for her to get it.

👤I chose the best blanket for my friend, it was very soft and beautiful. Highly recommended.

10. Burts Bees Essential Everyday Products

Burts Bees Essential Everyday Products

Give the gift of healthy, glowing skin with their Travel Size Gift Set. Their natural products nourish skin throughout the winter to keep it glowing on the inside and out, so they are the perfect stocking stuffer. There are skin care products. The giftable set includes 5 travel size favorites from the Burt's Bees line: Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, Hand Salve, Milk & Honey Body Lotion, Coconut Cream and Beeswax Lip Balm. Hand and foot care. Their Coconut Foot Cream and Beeswax Hand salve will leave your skin feeling soothed and dry. Body and face. Their soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream, milk and honey body lotion, and bee'swax lip balm are great for total body skin care. All natural, these trial products from Burt's Bees are formulated to condition and hydrate skin all day long.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I don't think this was manufactured by the company, we ordered it from Amazon and it was in french. The towelettes caused skin to burn. Some adverse reactions were produced by the other pieces in the set. This should be reported to the FDA. Don't order this.

👤One of the boxes I ordered as gifts was completely opened and it was impossible to close it. I don't know how to give an open box as a gift. I can't posh back in the product. I have to shop for one more box in person because I am supposed to give them out the day after tomorrow. It was a disappointing experience.

👤I bought them for my teachers. I was worried because I read that the boxes were damaged and it wasn't gift-able. I'm very happy. They must have taken action because my arrival was perfect.

👤I have been down with the flu. I tried to find a place on my account. I have two pairs of gloves for texting and 2 essential burt's bees kits. I gave them to my granddaughters. One of them is missing a container of hand salve and lip balm. I buy the Beeswax Lip Balm from the local mall. I have not had any problems with your merchandise. I shop through Amazon more than I shop in the stores. I don't know what to do for the girls who are really sad and confused. I don't think another replacement will be able to come before Christmas.

👤I bought this for an animal. Even though it was packaged well, whoever messed up the box was a little upset. It's a not very nice gift to give. The inside contents look like they haven't been moved. I think it's from products being shuffled around. I gave it 4 stars because I like the brand for its hydrating qualities. Since I got the box as a gift, I wish it was more taken care of.

👤This gift set is only marginally acceptable for gift-giving. Someone thought it was a good idea to put a strip of packing tape around the gift box. A small piece of tape would suffice if they needed to seal the box. I was able to remove the packing tape from the clear plastic window, but not from the cardboard portion of the box. It's improved to the point where it's okay, but just okay, as the remaining tape is a creased mess. I would have liked it more if it was a small gift. I can't open the box to inspect the products because it's so sealed. Hopefully they will be okay.

👤There are 5 different items in this kit. The face cleanser is mild and gentle. I used it first because I like it the best of the five items. 2. It took me a while to get used to the smell and feel of the lip balm. I enjoy it when I start using it. It is half way down. 3. This is thick and hard to apply. I use it as a handcream. 4. My feet are oily because of the thick and rich foot cream. I think it was only for very dry skin. I stopped using it after a few tries. Hand cream. The texture is strange to use and I barely used it.

11. Amazon Com Gift Card Birthday Cupcake

Amazon Com Gift Card Birthday Cupcake

A gift card is inside a gift box. There are no fees or expiration dates on the gift card. There are no refunds on gift cards. Gift cards may not have the gift amount printed on them. The gift card can be used to purchase millions of items at Amazon. You can redeem any gift card with the Amazon App. There is free one-day shipping available. If you choose a gift message at check-out, it will only appear on the packing slip, not the gift card or carrier.

Brand: Amazon

👤I usually buy gift cards at a kiosk in a local store. When I pay for them, they are activated at the cash register. It was convenient to add this to my order since I was ordering other stuff, and it was also a cute cupcake tin, perfect for a birthday present. The card is inactive when you get it. Either you need to use a phone with a barcode reader to do that or you need to use a computer to do that. I gave this to a child too young to own a cell phone, and without her "Amazon account", it was a little problematic. I worked it out, but Amazon, get with it. It's not like we're trading ancient artworks, or something, just give me an activated card with $25 on it, and I'll pay you $25 for a card. There is a gift card in a cute box. What more can be said?

👤This is the second order of an Amazon gift card that I received. The photo on Amazon is adorable, but in person it looks even better. This is for all age groups. It is very sweet. There is a gift card in the same colors as the tin when it is opened. The black faux velvet-like lining on the gift card is very nice. The card is easy to remove because it is custom-fitted inside the tin. Another attractive feature is that. The gift card has a serial number on it. There is a "see-through" area that shows the card's serial number when the gift card is in the tin. To remove the claim code area, you need to take the card out of the tin. The nice thing about this gift card is that the recipient can use it again for whatever gift card they want. Amazon gift cards are always a great gift, and when they are inside this lovely tin, the gift just becomes extra special.

👤I was a little upset that I bought the gift card. I got a call from my niece asking if the gift card was mine. Who gave the gift to Amazon?

👤These tins are great for gift cards. The birthday cupcake tin with a padded interior for the card is a nice little extra to affix to a birthday card and does not increase the cost of the gift card. The only downside to the flexibility in gift denominations is that the gift card won't display the amount if you choose something other than the standard denominations. These gift cards are a great option for a last minute gift or a gift for someone who is difficult to shop for, because they can be put toward anything the recipient wants.

👤There is a group of poor customer service. Due to missing apartment # on order, it was not possible to deliver on Aug 20. Amazon canceled that card. Recipient unable to use their device. The card was canceled by the customer service of Amazon. The card was reordered and charged an additional $100. I will not get the original $100 back for 8 days. It's odd that they can take money out but not return it quickly. We have no gift card, but Amazon has $200 of my money.


What is the best product for best friend gifts for girls?

Best friend gifts for girls products from Guernono. In this article about best friend gifts for girls you can see why people choose the product. Amazon and Gingprous are also good brands to look for when you are finding best friend gifts for girls.

What are the best brands for best friend gifts for girls?

Guernono, Amazon and Gingprous are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best friend gifts for girls. Find the detail in this article. Lip Smacker, Bic and Hicarer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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