Best Best Firm Queen Pillows

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1. AmazonBasics Deluxe Down Alternative Pillow Cotton

AmazonBasics Deluxe Down Alternative Pillow Cotton

The cotton shell is a down-alt fill. The down-alternative pillow has a special design. The synthetic fill feels like real feather down. Support your head and neck for better sleep. Dust is repelled by Hypoallergenic construction.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I find it hard to find pillows that offer good support. I was very pleased to find a thick, dense pillow when I opened the bag. I have noticed less neck pain because I don't put my shoulder under my ear. My sleep cycles seem better regulated, I am not waking as much. The price is high but if it stays comfortable then it is worth it. Some people think it's too thick. I have no problems with the standard size. The others may have bought larger sizes. I would like to find this sooner.

👤I like this pillow. It is supportive and springy, so my head doesn't sink to the bed when I lay on it. The price is worth it and the product is well made.

👤I was most excited to put on the bed after waiting for a week for the pillows, but then the USPS delivered a small box. I asked if he had another box for me, since there couldn't be two pillows in it. I went to to find out that thepillows don't come in sets. I have recently bought 3 new beds and 12 sets of pillows, and I would never have thought that pillows are not sold in sets of two. I have been indecisive for the last week and you are wondering why I don't just return it. I would have to order another pillow if I liked the one I had, because it would cost more than the other pillows I bought.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the pillow. Two days after I placed the order, the pillows arrived. The quality is second to none, and I would expect to find it in a pillow twice the price.

👤The only reason I ordered this pillow was because it was an Amazon product and I received it yesterday. N. I was surprised how low quality it was from Amazon. The pillow has zero softness. I decided to return it after 10 minutes. I have to start looking for pillows that are soft and firm.

👤I loved the pillow when I got it. It was soft but firm and had great support for my neck. It was so thick that it was almost impossible to fold in half. I started to notice that the pillow was becoming less firm and was losing its shape as the month went on. I have been using the pillow for over five months and it is now deflated. It is no longer firm, there is barely any support, and the softness faded. I put it in the dryer to try and get some volume to the pillow. Only for 12 hours. I woke up in the middle of the night and found my pillow was not comfortable. The price of this pillow will make you sad.

👤The pillows are perfect, they have held their shape for about a month now. I only need one at a time, so I don't have to stack my pillows.

2. Viewstar Sleeping Alternative Hypoallergenic Supportive

Viewstar Sleeping Alternative Hypoallergenic Supportive

Care instructions. It is a good idea to spot clean the pillow or wash the fabric. Viewstar hotel luxury pillows are filled with squishy down-like fiber for a plumpness. The side band design makes the pillow hold its shape. The plush fiber shell makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. These pillows are made with a great balance of supple soft and plump firmness, providing gentle support and adequate comfort for head and neck, making them suitable for side, stomach and back sleepers. The pillows are made with high quality materials to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. The queen pillows measure 20 x 30 inches and fit in both queen and queen size pillow cases. Once opened, the pillows will start to fluff up. You should leave 24 hours for the pillow to be full thickness. The bed pillows are machine washed with a tumble dry low and will always look new. The pillows are constructed to be durable to daily use.

Brand: Viewstar

👤I can't believe I can actually write a review. I have been trying every pillow known to man for 10 years, and I have been Goldilocks. I can't find pillows that provide neck support, don't go flat after a week, and I struggle to find pillows that are actually comfortable. I don't have to constantly adjust to my surroundings. There is a I decided to give it one last chance before I decided to just buy pillows from the store. I was hesitant because they seemed flimsy a few hours after being opened. I can say that it is a miracle. I now have the most comfortable pillows I have ever owned because they puffed up 48 hours later. I hope they start this way because I love these pillows.

👤I was interested in the Hypoallergenic aspect of the product I ordered. It is nice to have pillows for our children's room and guest bedrooms because there are many people in our family who have allergies. My teenager is used to using a memory foam pillow. She said the pillows were not hard enough because she had used them before. My son loves him and uses them. The pillows are the same as advertised. They are a good size pillow if you let them go for 24 hours. I am very happy with them. My daughter who didn't like the pillow at first said to me that she likes it now. It's like putting my head in a cloud. ha!

👤I absolutely adore these pillows. I'm apillow snob. I like my pillows to be firm and supportive. I don't like them to lose their shape over time. Over the years, these pillows have been the best I have bought. They're soft and fluffy, but still firm. They sometimes get a little "compacted" from continuously using the same pillow or sleeping in the same position over and over again, but folding the pillows four different ways to re-fluff them back up works great. I'm amazed at how well they bounce back. The life puffs back into them with little to no effort.

👤Words can't express how great these pillows are. I apologize for the length of the review, but I have to tell you the whole story. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so sleep is important. In the past I have purchased pillows from different stores and even from TV shows that claimed to help with various ailments. The muscles in the center of my back began to ache when I used the other pillows that I bought. I don't want to add pain to my condition, I already ache enough. I gave up and went back to using my old ones. The pillows that have been washed many times and used many times still look terrible when you make your bed. Those type of pillows? It's funny. Those were the only ones that did not hurt my neck. I like to touch the item I purchase before I buy it. I am glad I ordered these pillows because I took a chance. The pillows are soft and comfortable and help me sleep. I was not sure if they would fit in my bed or if the size would be a problem. I have never experienced a bed that was as comfortable as this one, but these pillows add a level of comfort that I have never experienced before. I recommend these pillows to anyone who wants soft, fluffy pillows. I bought some for my guest bedroom because I loved them so much.

3. Sealy Molded Memory Pillow Standard

Sealy Molded Memory Pillow Standard

The Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow retains its shape so it won't go flat. As it cools, Royal Therapy special foam is no longer fit for the neck and head. The shape of memory foam is always the same. It will last longer than other high quality pillows. The Sealy Memory Foam Bed Pillow has the ideal balance of comfort and support for a blissful night's sleep. Premium memory foam. The foam supports your head and neck for a good night's sleep. It's easy to care for. The knit cover can be removed and washed for easy care. Sealy quality has been backed by over 130 years of design. The queen pillowcase case is compatible. 75” x 16” x 24”

Brand: Sealy

👤Love the fact that you only need one pillow to sleep with. My head doesn't sink deep into the pillow because it's the perfect balance of support and comfort for me. I used to wake up with neck pain about twice a week because I used to sleep on two pillows, but I've had this for a couple of weeks. I love this pillow.

👤Very comfortable. Good quality foam. This comes with a zip on pillowcase, which seems sturdy and well-made. The pillowcase is very soft. The cross stitching is nice. The pillowcase does not get hot. I don't think it's a "hard" memory foam. It feels like it is soft to the touch. I have used it for several months and have no neck pain. I bought two more.

👤The pillow had a significant odor, but it dissipated in a few days. This is on the firm side for a memory pillow. If you like a very firm pillow, you might like this product.

👤I've tried a lot of pillows and haven't found one that works well. This is the best side sleeper I've found. It's perfect on my side, but I can't sleep on my back with it. It doesn't let you drop too low, it's not a brick, and you sink in the correct amount. It's soft and supportive, so it feels great on your neck. I had my father in law come for a visit. I gave him a spare pillow, and he's been talking about it all morning. I would recommend this pillow to anyone who sleeps on their side because it's cheap and returnable. If you're on your back, it will push your head forward a bit. You can sleep that way. It's not as comfortable as some others. I bought 3 more in case they stopped making it.

👤The design of this pillow is flawed. The pillow is in good condition, it only took me 3 months to get it. The stitching is torn because of poor quality and lack of stretch. Not happy with the pillow.

👤When we bought our sleep number bed about 8 years ago, we purchased pillows that were half the price of the different brands we had. If you are used to a regular pillow, these will take a little getting used to because they are very supportive. If you can use them the way they are meant to be used, they are so much better. It was a challenge to get used to, but it has helped both of us with a better night's sleep and less neck pain! The cover is very soft. We bought these for our camper and they were perfect, a great night's sleep from the first night. Even if they only last for a year, I would keep buying them over and over again because they hold up like the ones we have at home.

👤My husband likes this pillow. It's not necessary to flip the pillow over to get the cool side. I let him try it out, but I haven't gotten it back. Will have to order one for me.

4. Gold Textiles Gusseted Pillows Sleeping

Gold Textiles Gusseted Pillows Sleeping

Their home state is Minnesota. They give you a set of 2 bed pillows that are 18 x 26 inches and made of 100% Poly cotton fabric with medium virgin polyester filling. It is a perfect size for daily use. The vacuum is in a bag. It will get to full thickness if you leave 24 hours for the pillow. They will rebound after a while if you press and squeeze it. These queen size pillows are filled with high qualified Polyester and they are both soft and plump. It's a perfect support and you'll get a good night's sleep. The outer cover is made of cotton that is very comfortable to lay on. It feels like sleeping on a cloud and is suitable for all seasons. The queen smooshed bed pillows are filled with Polyester which balances support and softness very well. The no shift construction of the 100% Poly Cotton cover ensures that the pillows never go flat or slip from underneath, no matter which sleeping position you prefer. A queen pillow can make your bedroom feel like a retreat. These pillows are very comfortable. Their pillows are great for sleeping in any position. The spherical structure of the filling ensures long- lasting plumpness. These pillows can help to relieve neck pain and shoulder stiffness by keeping your head and neck relaxed in a stress-free position, making them the ideal gift choice. It is easy to clean the pillow hand wash. Do not use bleach. You can buy with confidence because of their excellent product quality and customer service. If you have a question about the product, please visit their store.

Brand: Gold Textiles

👤I fell in love with the packaging when I opened my box. Wow! I loved the ribbon. They are sitting to fluff some more. Thank you.

👤I ordered the pillows for my children because they get hot at night. I have a cooling pillow of my own, and I wanted to give one to one of them and the other to the other. I was disappointed when I received two barely fluffed, square sofa pillows instead of the 2 Pack - Extra Firm Hotel Quality Cooling Pillow - Queen Size Set of 2 - 18 x 26 inches. They are not the same as the product images, as you can see from the photo I shared. My son wanted them to prop up on his bed and watch TV. There is a I'm sure my review would have been better if I'd gotten the correct products. The company needs to pay more attention to the items they are sending out to customers, making sure they match the one they received. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The pillows are comfortable. It didn't take long for them to get to their normal size. The support is light, but it works for me. This one will work if you are not looking for a firm pillow. The pillow case is filled by the size.

👤My husband needs to replace his pillows. He said they are very comfortable and give him the support he needs. These are worth the money.

👤These pillows are compressed. You have to leave them out over night to reach it's maximum fluffiness. I got these for my daughter because she doesn't like big pillows and they hurt her neck. She likes these pillows. They are not hard or soft. She used them before leaving them out over night to expand and she didn't have any complaints as of yet. A 2 pack is a great deal.

👤It was a great pillow, comfortable, plush and nice. I fluffed it out by putting it in the dryer after pulling it out, because it was so small and neat. This pillow is great for your neck and makes you feel relaxed.

👤The pillows were sealed and intact. My kids thought the pillow was broken because it is vacuum sealed. They fluffed up after you shake them up like directions. Really comfortable!

👤The pillows looked like they were soft. I had hoped they would provide better support. If you want a pillow that's not too soft and firm, it's a good one.

5. Diamond Sleeping Sleepers Microfiber Washable

Diamond Sleeping Sleepers Microfiber Washable

Theegant garrison. The best night of sleep is offered by the Diamond Elegant Pillow. This luxurious, dreamy pillow is an affordable option. Guests will enjoy the comfort built into this option. Their pillows are made with a down-alternative cluster fiber fill designed for optimum loft and has the right amount of bounce back for a luxury sleep experience. For all sleeping positions, add maximum comfort and support. Micro fiber is Siliconized to prevent clumping or fiber migration to corners, ensuring maximum loft and comfort. The cotton fabric has the perfect amount of smoothness, softness and longevity. These pillowcases are incredibly soft and luxurious. The pillows will be more elegant. The machine is washable. Their pillow is clean. After every wash, the microfiber filling keeps the softness and quality. You can wash your pillows with warm water on a gentle cycle, but you should only wash a few at a time. Their hotel standard pillows provide extra support for the curve in your neck to keep you pain-free. Their pillows are specially designed to support your neck while you sleep and will give you a good night's sleep and a pain-free morning. You can use their pillow for any of the three types of sleep.

Brand: Lb Laura Benasse Live The Design

👤terrible item. I don't know what's going on with Amazon, but this is the third item I've purchased recently that is just awful. The pillows are very thin. They are not comfortable. I left them out to air so that they could fluff up, but they were very thin and very weird. Don't waste your money.

👤Excellent quality, large size. Very happy with them.

👤These pillows are great. I will tell you how to fix the problem if you feel the pillows are too flat. When first removed from the package, the pillows will be rather flat because they are individually vacuum packed. They can be run through your washer. Then put them in your clothes dryer. They have a lot of loft after that treatment. It worked for me.

👤They were wrapped individually and shoved in a box that they didn't fit in. I don't want them to puffed up, they are flatter than flat. It was very flimsy and disappointing.

👤There is no support and they don't offer comfort. Your head will sink through your mattress as if it were a pillow. The pillows are good for decorative pillow cases. Target's and Walmart's budget pillows cost less than $5. The pillows are wrapped in a tiny box. Good luck if you open on them and decide to return, you'll need to shrink wrap it again or get a larger box to return it all in.

👤For this price, you can't beat it. They are flatter than most pillows, but I like that way. They don't look deflated when you make your bed. It completed my entire bed set. I might upgrade them later, but for now, this works perfectly.

👤Most of my guests prefer a softer pillow than I do. Everyone approves of these pillows. These pillows are a great value when you need to buy more pillows.

👤I bought 2 sets of 10 for our new house and they are very comfortable. We are all side sleeping. They fit in the standard pillow case and pillow shams. The stuffing is distributed smoothly and they are a quilted zip in cover. I recommend taking them out and letting them expand before adding a case and sleeping in them because they are air-sealed in a plastic bag. Love them.

6. Bed Pillows Pack Alternative Supportive

Bed Pillows Pack Alternative Supportive

Easy care. Their bed pillows are easy to keep clean, simply Machine wash in the gentle cycle with cold water and sundry, or tumble dry on low when needed. The luxury fiber pillows are made from super plush microfiber. They are specially designed to ensure maximum comfort for all sleeping positions. Microfiber fabric is used in the pillow top covers. It's soft. The pillows are supportive and cozy because they are filled with 100% microfiber. Their cooling pillows are for you if you prefer soft pillows. The filling makes pillows very soft. Their bed pillows have a good balance of soft and firm. They are suitable for side, stomach, and back sleeping. You will have a comfortable sleep with no shift construction. You will sleep like a cloud. It is a great gift for your family and friends. They give superior comfort against your skin. Their queen pillows are easy to care for because they are vacuum-sealed for shipping. It is recommended that the pillows be left for 24 hours to get to full thickness. Their pillows are machine washed. Don't iron or dry clean. Buy with confidence. They think their pillows will exceed your expectations. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have any questions, please contact them, they will spare no effort to help you solve the problem, you can exchange for a new pair or a full refund.

Brand: Pozino

👤These are not gel filled. These pillows are cheap. They are going on an unused guest bed and the description is not accurate. They don't offer support if you pile three together.

👤These were vacuum packed. When we took them out of the bags, I expected them to fill up. They only got 2.5 inches high and had no body. Have returned them.

👤The pillows came with a vacuum pack, but more just plastic. No instructions or steps to help with unpacking or re fluffing. I don't recommend buying these pillows unless you want to upgrade to two more flat pillows.

👤The pillows were half the thickness when opened. They do not hold their shape. Not worth the money, soft with no support.

👤I'm not sure why they got bad reviews. I fluffed them from multiple angles because I undid the air pressure bag. I put them in my bed set after putting them in the case. If you want a good fluff, wash and dry them first. Do the same with the case. It will fit the pillow better and be more snug. My queen size bed is not as empty with just 3 pillows.

👤I thought they would be a little bigger. I've always bought queen size pillows, but they seemed to be a little larger than these. They are wonderful to sleep on and don't stay in place.

👤I use pillows that support my broken leg and they are great. Not a "cooling" pillow. All in all they are a good buy because they don't heat up very much.

7. COZSINOOR Sleeping Pillows Queen White

COZSINOOR Sleeping Pillows Queen White

It is an excellent health care gift for your families or friends to receive a soft pillow case. Cloud-Like Soft is a pillow made with alternative filling that mimics the feel of real goose down. Their pillow has a perfect balance of comfort and support to help you sleep better. German Import Microfiber. Their pillow is made of organic Sateen Polyester. The cotton pillow cover is treated with an application to protect it. The soft cover of the scuplture lets you sleep cool and it also helps you sleep well. You can wake up refreshed. The COZSINOOR Pillow is made with import down alternative hollow fiberfill and allows air to circulate naturally within the pillow. Provide you with the feeling of being in the clouds. The pillow helps to reduce neck pain and alleviate shoulder stiffness by keeping the neck and head between the curve. It's easy to care for. The pillow is not made of synthetic materials. It stays fluffy and is machine washed. Hope you and your family enjoy it! You will just have to try it yourself, and let it be known that you are 100% satisfied.

Brand: Cozsinoor

👤The mine was damaged. There was a dirt stain on it. A dog scratched his butt on the carpet. Some came out, but not all. I wonder if that stain is under my face when I put my face on the pillow. I rated it pretty good. After a couple rounds in the washing machine, this pillow doesn't hold its shape very well. The rope was torn and shredded in the washer. I had to wash my things again after cutting off the beading rope because the main pillow was still intact. A soft pillow. Continue shopping if you want medium support.

👤They looked great but were 2x the thickness I wanted. You can either like it from the beginning or you don't. Gave them to someone else. If I would change my review, the company contacted me and offered a refund. My original 2 star review was not really fair because I didn't like an item. I had to remove the review completely. It was written by an intern, who pleaded "As a new employee, this is an important job for me." It will affect my performance. I think the company gets rid of negative reviews so ratings won't reflect actual customer experiences. I buy a lot on Amazon because Customer Reviews are so useful, and this kind of behavior ruins a valuable resource for me.

👤The pillows were stuffed into a plastic bag after they arrived in a box. The box was large enough that they could have stacked them. There's no way to fix the damage. The ends that were on the inside of the roll are completely flattened, despite my attempts to fluff them back up... They are useless and mis-shapen. I bought them because they were on sale and I only needed them for decorative purposes so they don't matter. YIKES! I hope I can get my money back.

👤We didn't use the pillows as directed. They don't fill the standard size pillow case with a normal pillow. It's not clear what hotel would be proud to give these to guests. I waited for an improvement as they arrived and gave them a chance. I thought the air would help. I missed the return. My husband doesn't mind that. I think a pillow needs to be seen in person. My next set won't be online. This mistake was made twice. I bought this in July and wrote it in December. If you bought, I hope you have better results.

👤I bought the pillows for my husband. Our pillows were getting uncomfortable. I got better sleep after using these pillows. My husband likes these pillows. The pillows are perfect for sleeping. I used to wake up at random points in the night. I get a full nights rest after using this pillow. I feel refreshed for the day. I am always in a better mood now that I have good sleep. These pillows are very comfortable. The material feels great on my skin. The material is high quality and durable. I love that these are free from animal abuse. Other pillow companies have tests on animals. The company is the way to go. My husband's neck pain has been reduced by using these pillows. The old pillows were so uncomfortable that he had terrible neck pains. His life has been made easier by these pillows. I highly recommend this price for a pack of pillows.

8. HIMOON Pillows Sleeping Breathable Sleepers

HIMOON Pillows Sleeping Breathable Sleepers

The soft cover is made of 100% Microfiber fabric material, it is a nice sleeping pillow. It is a good gift for your family and friends. CertiPUR-US and Greenguard Gold certified pillow is made of down-like microfibre and has no smell or irritation. The set of 2 pillows are made with a great balance of supple softness and plump firmness, so they can provide adequate support to your head, neck and shoulders. Whether you are a side or back sleeper, you can do it. These pillows have a high loft, great for all sleeping styles, they will give you great support for your neck and shoulder. If your sleeping experience with this Fluffy Bed Pillow is not exceptional, simply contact them for a full refund.

Brand: Himoon

👤The pillow is actually 100% polyester with a filling that is not cotton.

👤If you are looking for a soft pillow, these are for you. These are not for people who like firmness. I am very disappointed. I am returning them. Do you like the air in your mattress? That's how I feel about the pillows. They went completely flat as soon as I laid my head down. I let them sit and fluff for 48 hours. No good.

👤I had previously bought a different brand of pillows from here that were too firm for my liking, and they ended up being too plush. I bought these after returning those and immediately knew they were perfect. They feel like pillows from hotels that you can take home, even though you have to fluff them up.

👤I love these pillows. The packaging and shipping was great. My roommates said I was crazy for thinking these pillows would be like hotel pillows, but they actually ordered some for themselves. It's so soft and fluffy. I didn't like wasting money on pillows that were flattened in no time.

👤I'm a father of 3 and have helped raise 3 other people. Even as an adult, there are usually one or two young adults in my household. A lot of pillows are purchased. I liked these enough to buy them again, they are soft and cool, but I don't like the lighter than air pillows. I really like these pillows at this price point, they are a bargain.

👤This is a great pillow for side sleeping.

👤A terrible feeling! I am at a hotel. I miss my pillows at home. They are soft and fluffy. I bought expensive pillows, but these are better. My family and friends have been told about these. I am buying a new pair of shoes for my guest room. These are a steal for the price.

👤She got rid of her old flat pillow because she liked them so much.

9. OYT Cooling Sleeping Shredded Adjustable

OYT Cooling Sleeping Shredded Adjustable

Their viewstar super soft bed sleeping pillows are easy to clean and will always look new. They retain their shape, look and feel great. No shift design keeps filling in place so that you have a stable place to rest your head. The CertiPUR-US certified Non-toxic OYT pillows are filled with 100% memory foam. The Breathable memory form is an eco-conscious, high- performance material that offers exceptional resilience, durability, and temperature control. It is one of the healthiest pillows you can buy. If you experience a fresh foam odor, do not be alarmed. It will go away in a few days. It is possible to adjust it fully. Their design allows you to change the size or shape of the memory foam fill, which you can take with you. Sleep right! It is possible to add or remove foam fill to your liking. At last, sleep well and align. This is your pillow. It is ideal for sleeping on the side, abdomen, and back, and can provide maximum comfort in any sleeping position. Prepare for a peaceful sleep. Fall aSLEEP is fast. Snoring, insomnia, and migraines can be alleviated with their Standard bed pillows. These are good for shoulder and neck pain. You will fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. There is packaging design. The product uses a sealed design to protect the elasticity of the broken sponge. You can now purchase with confidence, because your best sleep ever is guaranteed. If you don't fall in love within 100 nights, you can return the pillow for a full refund. The OYT Original is covered by a 5-year warranty. 98% of their customers keep their pillows and refer them to others.

Brand: Oyt

👤I split the filling to make a third pillow because they were too big. I found a piece of metal with a sharp end when I was splitting the filling. This is very dangerous. My kids face plants. If the metal rod pointed in the wrong direction, it could have caused serious injuries. Check the filling for future buyers.

👤I don't believe in all the reviews. It takes me days or weeks to break in a new pillow, because I wake up with a neck ache. After sleeping on this for the first time, I woke up without a head ache. Zip lock bags of stuffing were taken by me. They give you a lot. My better half loves it. It had a small amount of smell but was gone the next day. I don't like sleeping on a standard pillow, I always cut my pillow case to make them smaller, and I don't want to do that. I took a chance and it has only been one night. I have been looking for a new pillow for 2 years. I like putting the material. I like cotton. I put it in a cotton case. If you are like me, and have a hard time finding a pilloe that works, try it, it will work for you. This review was not paid for or given away.

👤I was going to give these pillows a 1-star rating, but I realized I was the sticky part of the equation. The pillows are not in the pillow case. The pillows were wrapped around each other and the memory foam within them could not cure their stiffness. I didn't realize the wrapping was for shipping until I read how to remove the pillow stuffing. After removing the pillows from the wrapping and removing the bags of stuffing from the pillows I have no doubt the rating will improve to 5-star, but I only state 4-star since I haven't slept on the pillows yet. The pillow case is not the pillow, but the light cottony gauze wrapping around it, so remove it before you think the pillow is a dud.

👤We've been looking for pillows that fit our needs for years. We tried every pillow under the sun. They start out well but don't last or they don't do well. The sleepogram pillows we bought were terrible. These are the best. The small pieces make it so soft. It is easy to remove for comfort. A grocery bag size removal made the pillow perfect. Will buy again and again.

👤They help me with neck pain, however they were too thick to me at first, then I found out I can adjust the foam filling. I made a third pillow. The pillows are thick and good quality.

👤Once you fluff them up, they are substantial pillows. They conform to one's head and neck. I have yet to wash the covers, but I am impressed by the quality. I am even more impressed after a week. I bought these to read with back support. I have found that they are the best I have used. I wake with less pain and don't wake up often. I think anyone could make them perfect for their own purpose with a little modification, as they are so flexible. I have never been impressed with a pillow. This is an exception. The double pack has an exceptional value.

10. WENERSI Premium Pillows Feather Treatment

WENERSI Premium Pillows Feather Treatment

Easy care is to blow up the pillows by grabbing both sides. For a full performance, leave the pillows for 48 hours. The pillows can be washed. It was tumble dry. Don't iron or dry clean. The feather down pillow has high-quality filling that makes it supportive. 100% COTTON: A medium density shell with a silver piped edge. Just make it your own! After receipt, pat gently and air them for several hours to recover their full loft. The most perfect pillow was the result of a lot of hard work by many designers. The gentle support ensures a great sleeping experience for all sleeping positions.

Brand: Wenersi

👤It was advertised as a pillow. Disappointed to learn it is 30%.

👤I had neck surgery a few years ago and so began a journey for a comfortable pillow. I have spent a lot of money on pillows, but nothing compares to the pillows I have. I got the extra firm because of other reviews, and they are just right, and no funky smell, Finally, my search is over!

👤We've been looking for the perfect down pillows. We tried two different companies. One company we paid a lot more for was not a fan of how the pillows felt. We like pillows that are soft. I tried another company from Amazon and it felt like the pills had too much air in them in our heads and were flat on the bed in the morning. We love them the best after trying them. They are soft and comfortable, but still provide a good amount of support because they are soft down pillows. You can fluff them back into shape. We have slept well on them. We found a small hole in one of the pillows after a few weeks of use. Wenersi offered to send us a free pillow so we wouldn't have to go through the hassle of shipping it back to them. The pillows were in bags. I put them in the dryer for a few minutes. They were perfect. It is a great value for what you are getting. Although they provide good support compared to other soft pillows we have tried, they will still provide less support than a medium down pillow. Great pillow! We will probably buy another pair once we have a guest room.

👤A few weeks ago, I had a partner. The beds at the Wyndham were amazing. Since then, I've been trying to make our bed into the "Heavenly Bed". I bought new pillows from the WENERSI Luxury Hotel. I read all of the reviews and thought they would be better than the memory foam and standard pillows we bought at the store a year or two ago. We both agree that the pillows have made a difference, even though we have only been sleeping on them for a few nights. I didn't want to have to take them in often since they recommend getting them dry cleaned. I decided to buy a set of pillow protectors. I received them a few days after placing my order. The Queen Firm pillows were 20x28 inches and the Standard size pillow protectors fit them perfectly. We are loving our new pillows. I will purchase a set of Queen Soft pillows and the WENERSI Premium goose down comforter.

👤We have paid over $250.00 per pillow, because we know you can spend over $300.00 per pillow. We prefer the Wenersi Premium pillows over the expensive ones. The pillow has a version called theFIRM. It is soft and offers a slight improvement on support. I think they add more goose-down. It was almost forgotten! We put our pillows in the dryer for 5 minutes. They came out clean. Enjoy... I know you will.

11. Celeep 2 Pack Bed Pillows Microfiber

Celeep 2 Pack Bed Pillows Microfiber

DreamNorth is recommended to spot clean the pillow or hand wash the fabric. Ultra soft sand-washed cover won't pull or tug on skin, and it's made of 100% microfiber filling, which makes the neck pillow extremely plush and is like sleeping on a cloud. It's perfect for those who like to sleep with a high loft pillow, because the microfiber fill is high density and conforms to the shape of your head and body, providing the perfect amount of fluff, thickness and support. No shift design keeps the fill in place and evenly distributed so that you have a luxurious, incredibly comfortable and stable place to rest your head. The bed pillows are designed to sway you into a deep sleep, whether you're a back, stomach, or side sleeper. Their bed pillows are machine washed and dryer safe and come out looking new, they are stain and fade resistant, and look and feel great.

Brand: Celeep

👤It is obvious that pillows are a matter of preference after reading hundreds of reviews. These aren't my favorite. They are very fluffy. It would be wise to ignore any reviews that say your head falls into the bed. There are at least a few inches of fluff between your hands if you squeeze the pillow hard. The reviews for MyPillow were mixed. Some people love it and some people hate it. I am sure this is the same. flatter pillows are what I prefer. If you like very fluffy pillows, this one is worth a try. If this helped, please clickHelpful.

👤These pillows are what I was hoping for. They are firm but not hard and support my head and neck while I sleep. My neck was sore this morning but I slept on the pillow for one night. I hope my neck will return to normal soon using this pillow. It was very comfortable.

👤It is an extraordinary moment. The neck is made of steel. The neck back is flat. Side and back sleeping were pain free for the first time in years. Other pillow purchases of greater expense have stopped. This acquisition gives me hope.

👤I wanted to fill my chaussure. I have yet to find something I don't like about these pillows. They support and fluff back to their original height. I love them!

👤I was looking for pillows and they were exactly what I was looking for. I decided to go for it after reading reviews that said the pillows were soft. I was looking for pillows that would keep their shape while being laid on, and they did the trick! When you put weight on them, they don't collapse completely. If you prefer squishy pillows, these are not for you.

👤If that makes sense, pillows are soft. At the same time, give firm and comfortable support, they just seem to be conforming to your head and shoulders. I was unsure if I had made the right choice after I received pillows that were all flattened in packaging. I couldn't have been more wrong. They were perfect after unwrapping. Sleeping is much easier now. The price is great for a product of this quality. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I received the pillows one and a half months ago and I thought they were really good. I didn't blame it, I really didn't sleep well since that time. I moved to a new place and I think that's why. He came in to wake me up and found my chin's position strange. I finally realized that after he told me that. The pillow is too high for me. I'm 5'6 and my head's weight can't push down the pillow. It makes my chin inward and it makes my head too big. After sleeping for one and half hour, my neck feels bad. I have to buy another pillow because the return date had passed. If you're like me, try to avoid the case. When you're lying on the bed, feel the pressure. Try to keep your chin and body straight.


What is the best product for best firm queen pillows?

Best firm queen pillows products from Amazon Basics. In this article about best firm queen pillows you can see why people choose the product. Viewstar and Sealy are also good brands to look for when you are finding best firm queen pillows.

What are the best brands for best firm queen pillows?

Amazon Basics, Viewstar and Sealy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best firm queen pillows. Find the detail in this article. Gold Textiles, Lb Laura Benasse Live The Design and Pozino are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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