Best Best Ergonomic Office Chair with Leg Rest

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1. LEAGOO PU Padded Ergonomic Executive Upholstered

LEAGOO PU Padded Ergonomic Executive Upholstered

The executive office chair is easy to assemble, no additional tools or accessories are required. They will give you a free warranty service within a year. The office chair's seat and back are made of natural wood, which ensures stability and longevity, and provides better back and lumbar support, as well as the curved back is highly fit for your body. The 105-130 degree rocking function provides you with an optimal position whether working or relaxing, you can control tilt tension with the round knob under the seat. The comfort of the arm is improved with the use of an upholstery. The contact area between the body and the seat is maximized by the thick sponge cushion. The manufacturing process is high-end. This office chair is made from traditional metal production and modern gilding technology to enhance stains, scratch, corrosion and fade resistance of the base while maintaining the hardness of the metal. durable and sturdy base The office chair has a gold- plated 5-point aluminum base with a high load capacity of up to 300 lbs, and it is made of metal. The package includes all the tools and accessories, as well as detailed instructions. You can check the installation video for help if you have any problems. All accessories have backups. It is easy to assemble this chair at home or office. Customer satisfaction is their only goal. They offer a 90 day free return and 2 year warranty for customers who purchase a computer desk chair from them. Please feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Leagoo

👤One day, I will fall in love. I hope this relationship continues. It takes under 25 minutes to put it together. I'm short legged and this chair is comfortable. I'm 5'4" so it's easy to set the seat and chair back height. It's not easy to get the chair to tilt. I couldn't seem to set it correctly once it worked. I think it's a learning curve. I have to lean over the chair to reach the lever. After a full day of work, my legs were not sore and the seat was comfortable. I had a mesh chair and a chair with a cushion. The cushion on this chair is very good. Arms are not adjusted, but they did not get in the way. I was worried when it arrived because it was poking outside the box. It was not damaged. Extra hardware was included and the instructions were easy to follow. $200 is the best I've spent recently. Highly recommended.

👤I was in the market for a new chair after I broke the cheap one I was using while working from home. I am glad that I stumbled upon this chair. There was no damage to the chair after the packaging was super. I was worried that it would be difficult to put together but my 7 year old son loves to help build things. He was able to put together the entire chair himself. He just unwrapping it and carrying it down the stairs into my office. His dad has a gold chair. I don't have to worry about sitting in the chair being uncomfortable for an 8 hour work day. Let me know if you have any questions.

👤Nice looking, but will have to return for a few reasons. 1. The chair isn't functional without the caster. The gas lift would protrude from the bottom of the shaft by one inch without the caster. The assembly instructions show a ring on top of the shaft where the gas lift is to be inserted. This piece was missing from the package. I contacted the vendor to see if they could send the piece, but I was told that a design change had been made and the missing piece was no longer needed for the chair assembly. The gas lift is now going through the shaft instead of sitting inside the shaft as shown on the Amazon photo. The chair height has been affected by the design change. 2. I decided to assemble the chair and use it with the caster, but to my disappointment the chair was not leveled and was leaning from the left to the right. The underside of the seat is not flat, but rather high on one side, making the chair tilt. See the photo. Poor quality control makes the chair look nice.

👤A desk chair is one of the more difficult items to buy. You pay too little, it's not good, you invest a little more, and you might end up with a lemon. It's difficult to trust reviews, and they're all over the place. I decided to go with my gut and get a 5-year furniture insurance policy in case of a lemon. So far, so good. This one was easy to assemble and it is comfortable. I will update as time goes on, since it will mostly be used by a 6'4" guy. It's a good thing that fingers crossed.

2. Hbada Ergonomic Computer Adjustment Headrest

Hbada Ergonomic Computer Adjustment Headrest

The best gaming chairs and the most perfect game experience are whatHBADA is dedicated to. The dimensions are 21.65''(L) x 27.55''(W) x47.24''-50.39''. Sitting Area D. The thicker backrest and seat cushion make you sit more comfortable. There is a headrest that can be adjusted. The Lumbar Pillow can give you better support of your neck and back. For a long time. Chair Back can be locked at any angle between 90- 155. The Wheels Chair has a rotation that will help you find your most comfortable position. The Strong Integrated Metal Frame is a high quality material. The heavy duty nylon base is able to stand up to 330 Ib weight. The PU Leather Material, Native Sponge, and SGS Certified 4-Level Cylinder give you more safe protection. The customer-centered concept is what HBADA is committed to. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please contact them. You will be given a perfect solution by HBADA. The customer-centered concept is what HBADA is committed to. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please contact them. You will be given a perfect solution by HBADA.

Brand: Hbada

👤I had a gaming chair that was cheap, but it wasn't very good at first. I felt like I was sitting on a plank after the seat collapsed. I was thinking about getting a new gaming chair and staying at home during the ”Stay at Home” period. Looking for a while to find something that looks nice and affordable, this one jumps out in front of me - a nice ”Racing Style Chair” I placed the order right away after looking at the functions and the chair. I've been using it for a month. Let's talk about the chair. It was easy to assemble, I followed the instructions and took about 20 minutes. I checked the chair after assembling and found no damage or flaws. The chair is large enough for my husband to sit in and stable. It is easy to find out that the leather used in this chair is good and that it could last a long time without any funky leather smell. I have been sitting on the elastic cushion for a month and it is still comfortable. It is better than the chair I used before. The armrest of this chair is designed to support my arms and relax my shoulder, I appreciate it very much. I love the subway and the football. I didn't believe it was a good feature until last night when I fell asleep on this chair while watching the Allen Show, and woke up after an hour. It's unbelievable! I will use it as a temporary bed to relax after work. I am not a big fan of the high edges of the seat, I can't cross my leg on it. There is a I will come back and update if there is anything else happening. It is a nice chair with good value. Highly recommended!

👤The design of this chair is amazing and I didn't feel sore after 10 hours of playing games because I sat at home for 10 hours and didn't feel sore. I have not had any problems with this chair and it is for gaming. It looks great with a good setup and even worse with a bad one. I will definitely get a second one, it's a fantastic product. It is super comfortable to sit in and it gives you a rush of confidence and such, so it is a good choice if you are a gaming enthusiast. If you haven't already, go get yourself one. Love it.

👤This chair is very good. I was not expecting the quality of this chair, but it is a lot better than chairs that are more expensive. This chair is a great addition to the room. It was easy to assemble and well made. It is comfortable to sit in and has a leg rest. The chair is able to recline back, which is not something you see with similar chairs. Everyone in the household has used the chair. Everyone has enjoyed using it. I am very happy with this product. Definitely recommend.

3. KERDOM Ergonomic Breathable Adjustable Executive

KERDOM Ergonomic Breathable Adjustable Executive

It is easy to assemble this office executive chair because all the tools and instructions are in a carton. They offer a 1-year warranty, so please contact them if you have any questions. The chair has four support points and proper back and neck support. The seat height, headrest and backrest can be adjusted. The roller blade wheels are silent and can move in any direction. It's smooth and protects your floor from scratches and noise. It fits all types of floor. The cushion and back are Breathable. A high-quality mesh is used to make it. May you have a pleasant experience. The Armrests are 3D freely adjusted. It can be changed to fit your arms. You can remove them for more space if you please. A detailed installation video is on the manual and related video section. You can install it yourself. A professional after-sales service team is ready to provide satisfactory solutions if you have a question.

Brand: Kerdom

👤I have been using this chair for a long time and it is very comfortable. The chair is pretty comfortable and I have been using it for 10 hours a day.

👤I've had other office chairs that didn't have the support or quality I was looking for. Some of them were at higher prices. This chair arrives on time. It was easy to fit my body. The construction and quality are excellent. The quality and type of wheels are important. The chairs I've had rolled poorly and felt stuck in. The chair moves smoothly. The chair is easy to adjust. I highly recommend this chair to anyone who is looking for a supportive chair.

👤I was hesitant to spend so much money on a home office chair, but it was definitely worth it. Finding a chair that works for my husband and I is very difficult because we are very different in size. This chair does a good job. My husband and I both suffer from chronic back pain and so we need proper ergonomics, so we can easily adjust the chair. My 70lb bulldog has jumped up on it a few times with sharp claws, but there is no sign of it. It is definitely worth the money if you are on the fence.

👤For something we use so much, it's amazing how much we don't focus on ergonomics. The chair is comfortable, the arms are moving, and the height is amazing. The mesh is very soft. The back is mesh and the seat is soft. All chairs are made of mesh or material. It's nice to have a hybrid. It was built for tall people. I am 6'2 and I can use the headrest.

👤The chair is great for my office. I'm 6'3" and the black is as shown in pictures. I'll go by my measurements. Head rest, lands perfectly. From the neck to the back. There is no more back pain. Side handles are changeable. Being tall and not able to adjust the sides is always a problem. The neck pain has been reduced by this. The seat is comfortable and not too stiff. The adjustment of the height was impressive. I have enough room for my feet to land at a nighty degree angle. Smooth wheels. Back and forth has no skipping if you are all aligned. After using this chair for almost three months, I recommend it.

👤I was looking forward to the replacement of my office chair. This one is going back. Although assembly was simple, and included easy to follow instructions, sitting in this thing for a standard workday proved uncomfortable and even painful. The ability to roll and caster are nice, however, the seat feels like it is tipping forward, urging me out of the chair. The back can be locked at about 15 degrees of incline, or tilted at any given time. I went back to my old chair after only one day of use because the mesh on the sides of the seat digs in to my hips so bad. I can still feel my hips hurting the day after. The headrest may not have been there. It provides no support, but it pivots a little bit. I'm an average human and not wide in the hips, and a little taller than average. I have to figure out how to get the chair back.

4. NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Computer Headrest

NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Computer Headrest

Great value, top quality, excellent performance, but costs less than other brands. They are committed to providing the best quality service and have a 30 day money-back guarantee. They will provide a 100% satisfied solution if you have a problem. The mesh task chair used to be pushed to the side of the room or under the desks as the cheapest way to sit for a few hours. After building their Drafting Chair, they discovered that it didn't take much to turn a space saving basic into comfortable all day long seating. Meet the ErgoTASK. The task chair has arms that feel like an office chair. The curved 2D Headrest / Neck Support makes it possible to adjust up and down and tilt your head position. The 135 Degree Synchro 2:1 tilt lets you tilt your High Back Office Chair with your seat in sight. An alternative to a simple dorm chair, student desk chair or basic armless rolling chair. Keeping you on the phone. As you sit back and lean in, you can think while the bag/coat hanger holds things off the floor. Rollerblade Wheels allow you to glide in and out of your desk. It was so satisfying! The seat is soft and comfortable. More resilience too! They all sat in a small desk chair and felt basic. The ErgoTASK has a nylon base with a max capacity of 240lb and hip space of 19.3in. The seat to floor height range is 20 to 24.8 Inches. It is easy to exaggerate. The tools and instructions for the ErgoTASK are easy to find. It is only 33.51 lbs. It is available in Classic Black or Grey, so why not try it?

Brand: Nouhaus

👤I got this chair because my last chair failed on me during a conference call. The frame broke. Since it is COVID-19. I need a comfortable chair to work from home. I looked at several brands and decided on this one. It was the best value. It was full mesh, bottom and back cushion, rollerblade wheels and a 5 year warranty appealed to me. I was able to build it in less than 20 minutes. The instructions were not the best. It would have been better to mark the screws with numbers as it was hard to know which ones were which. The screws were pre-Dipped in a blue thread lock and a tool was included for assembly. The rollerblade wheels make the chair roll nicely. It came with another set of wheels, so you can choose which ones you want. Construction is very good. There is a smell coming from the chair as I sit down. I hope it clears up in a few days. The chair is taller than expected because I am not tall and have rollerblade wheels. At the chair's lowest setting, the tips of my toes barely touch the floor. I would imagine that people with a bigger frame would find the chair too narrow. The wing in the back is odd. I can see why they put it there. It looks odd. You have the option to not put it on. I didn't want to throw it out. The chair is a 4 stars because of the smell and unclear instructions. I recommend this chair, but with a few conditions. I apologize for the pictures being sideways, they uploaded this way, and Amazon has not given me an option to change the pictures. I sat in this chair for a week or so. I use this chair for both work and play because I work from home. The smell is gone and it's good. I had to use the standard wheels after removing the roller blade wheels. That was a big factor in getting this chair. The reason is that the roller blade wheels dig into the plastic chair pad I have down because it's a single wheel versus the dual wheels of the smaller standard wheels. The dual wheels distribute my weight over the larger surface of the chair so it doesn't make big holes that are hard to get out of. The chair is more upright than I have experienced before. I wish it had a recline position. I loosened the spring a lot. When I sit in the chair, my body weight reclines. It's an acceptable substitute, but the intermediate recline position would be beneficial. I found that the foam in the armrests hurt my forearms as the day went on. Amazon sells slip on foam pads for $13 a pair. I'll probably get those for the chair.

👤The chair is great, but the seat is too short. The part that goes from your butt to your knees is too short. I'm 6' tall and the seat stops at my thigh, rather than going to my knees. There is no way to change that part. Otherwise it is a great choice. Everything else is what I needed. It will be perfect if you're shorter.

5. SIHOO Chair Office

SIHOO Chair Office

The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster. The ergonomics of this computer chair help you find the most comfortable seating for a long term sitting. The seat has a tilt adjustment and height adjustment. The executive chair has a custom seating experience. Breathable Mesh Back The premium back is made of flexible mesh fabric without pattern, which gives you a cool feeling and comfortable sitting experience, promotes good air flow, eliminates sweating, and keeps you focus and relax at the same time. The front edge of the seat has a waterfall front, which ensures minimum pressure on your legs during seating periods. The cushion is soft and not easily torn. The surface of the arms is made of a flexible plastic. The home office chair has passed the static pressure test. The chair can support up to 150 lbs. The instructions allow anyone to put the chair together. If there are any quality problems, Sihoo Office Chair promises to provide you with zero-profit product accessories within three years.

Brand: Sihoo

👤If you place a 5 star review, the company will give you money back off your order. I like the chair and it is supportive. As a tall person, the head rest needs to be a little bit higher. Sometimes the chair will flop back when in a reclined position. Doesn't do it often. I'm not sure if I just didn't have the lock engaged all the way, but I will be keeping an eye on it. I am happy with this chair and the price.

👤I have been working from home for 6 years and wanted to upgrade my office chair. I decided to purchase this one after reading and researching for over a year. After using this for three weeks, I'm using my old office chair again, but it feels like heaven compared to this new chair. The chair didn't help with my back or sciatic pain. I needed the lower back support to be all the way forward and it was broken once I got that set. The chair is not comfortable and definitely not ergonomics. I'll probably spend another year trying to find an office chair that doesn't cost the same as my mortgage payment. This chair isn't going to cut it when you sit at your desk for 18 hours a day. I put it in my empty guestroom and closed the door so I wouldn't have to look at it for more than a second. It was a very disappointing purchase.

👤I have been using this chair since September 2020. It is very comfortable. I sit in this chair for six hours a day. The seat padding is adequate and the armrests are not too rough. There are a lot of adjustment options. I can lean back while playing games or watching movies while sitting upright. The lock mechanism is easy to use and works well with my wfh setup, but only has 3 set options, which is enough for this price point. The arm rests seem flimsy at times, the adjustability in height is nice, but at the cost of stability. The recline locking mechanism has failed on me after 9 months of use, and will no longer lock in the upright position anymore. Not sure if the part is good or bad. The locks on the rest of the recline are not fully upright. A good chair for money.

👤I take care of what I buy, and I am not a whiner. It's hard to justify spending a couple hundred dollars on a disgrace. I work from home and spend between 5 and 8 hours a day. The five star reviews are not something that I would approve of. I weigh 180 lbs. I'm careful to put things together and learn the changes. I understand that everyone's body is different, but this is the only thing that is thick. There are two more The back mesh of the lumbar support isn't high enough to fit the natural curve of the spine of people over 5'7". Since you can't adjust it far enough back into the mesh to make it go away, you've got a brick jammed into the worst place in the back, where sciatic pain is worse and lower back pain is worse. If you need a lift support for your feet, you need to buy it at the height of your desk because your legs are going to go off the edge. More pressure and more pain. I had to use memory foam pillows on the seat and back to keep my legs from moving. Even when locked forward, the back won't stay locked into a true upright position. It is tightened all the way. Unless you want to star gaze, no help sitting up there. The plastic height adjustment handle is not a feature you can retighten. I've tried every conceivable combination of adjustments, but plastic is plastic, and it will always bend and give. There are five The arm rest coverings began to tear about 4 months ago. At 11 months, the entire front of the right armrest padding tore off after I put leather repair patches on. I am not rough on the chair. There are five Since the pneumatics are already failing, it won't go high enough for my desk to have proper safe typing height. If you are a tiny, short person, it might be more comfortable, but no matter what your size, you will still be uncomfortable. For something as important as your body, bite the bullet for a product that has the strength and support it claims to have and will last more than a year. I have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new chair after a year. My old one lasted a decade.

6. XUER Ergonomics Computer Adjustable Headrests

XUER Ergonomics Computer Adjustable Headrests

It can be assembled with the simple tools that come with packing. You can complete it in about 15 minutes. The warranty is for a year. If you have a problem, please contact them at any time and they will provide you with a solution. The XUER office chair has an S-shaped back that protects your back and shoulders from pain and fatigue from sitting. It is suitable for long-term sedentary work up to 8 hours a day. Their computer chairs are made of high-quality mesh, which is resistant to abrasion and not easily deformed. The mesh backrest keeps the air flowing and comfortable during the summer. Compared to other desk chairs, they are more flexible. A stepless height adjustment, 126 super-angle backrest tilt, and PU lift armrest are included. You can find the most comfortable sitting position. The XUER home office desk chair has passed a test. It can support a weight of up to 330 lbs. Rollerblade wheels help you move and protect your floors. Installation tools and instructions are in a carton and can be installed in 20 minutes. If the chair has quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a 3-year warranty and replace the damaged accessories for free.

Brand: Xuer

👤I bought the Ticova version first because it sounded the same and was $10 less. It was far from it. Even though it was assembled correctly, it tilted to one side. I returned it after a laborious disassemble that couldn't be completed due to locking parts. It had to be sent back to the sender. I used the XUER version's shipping carton to send back the parts that couldn't be disassembled. The bad news is that it's the good news. The chair is great. Even though it cost only $10 more, Far SuperIOR is still worth it. They look the same but they are different. The XUER has a plastic moulding attached to the bottom of the seat cushion that is used to make sure it will assemble correctly, sit level and last a long time. I could go on and on about the parts and construction superiority, but I want to buy this one. You will be happy.

👤The chair has been great so far. I have had it for about a month and it is very comfortable and supportive. Assembly was very easy and did not require any tools. I work from home for about 7 hours a day. The controls are easy to use. The mesh fabric is strong. I sit in this for about 45 hours a week. This is perfect for me, I am 6ft tall. I am not sure how much the headrest can go higher. It has been about 5 months since my initial review and I still agree. I have no issues with this chair because I have been working more hours the last couple of months. I have been standing for about 15-20 hours a week, just trying to be a bit healthier, but it wasn't because of any chair problems. This chair is still recommended by 10/10.

👤Over the years, I have used many computer chairs. The wheels break when you are trying to roll the chair. The cushion becomes uncomfortable as it compacts. The cheap material makes you sweat. The chair's wheels don't get caught when you roll it. The cushion is supportive and firm. The back is designed to be comfortable. I have a lower back issue where most chairs cause a lot of pain but this chair is supportive in all the right areas. I can sit in it for hours and not feel any pain. Sometimes I fall asleep in this chair because it feels so comfortable and relaxing, when I stay up late at my computer. I used to get up from my desk because of my back pain, but I was ready to quit. I would buy myself a second one to use if I was not sure it would be taken by my coworkers.

👤I paid $200 for this chair and I am very happy with it. The chair's seat pad is very comfortable and well padded, and my bum doesn't get sore from sitting too long, which was a problem with my previous chair that this is replacing. You can easily adjust the chair to fit you perfectly. It's very easy to operate. It took about 20 minutes to assemble. This is one of the easiest chairs I have ever put together. The base of the headrest makes it wobble. There is too much space between the pieces that make up the back of the chair and the plastic rod that the headrest is attached to, so it moves a bit when you rest your head back. The user can't tighten or adjust the part because it's wobbly. I would rate it 4.5 stars, but Amazon only allows ratings in whole stars.

7. Flash Furniture Leather Executive Swivel

Flash Furniture Leather Executive Swivel

This sleekly styled executive office chair is a great way to make a statement in your workspace. The metal frame and LeatherSoft upholstery on the chair creates a stunning visual contrast that makes it a focal point in your modern office. Their chair is in line with the standards of the American National Standards Institute. The high back office chair has a LeatherSoft back and seat. The Pneumatic seat has a height adjustment. The executive style chair is perfect for modern workspace. The overall size of the product is 26W x 27D x 38.25 H, the seat is 19W x 19D, and the back is 18W x 23H. The overall size of the product is 26W x 27D x 38.25 H, the seat is 19W x 19D, and the back is 18W x 23H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤The chair is a great addition to my office. I wish it had more cushion on the bottom. My bottom is not happy after an hour and a half.

👤There are too many flaws in this chair, it is a beautiful chair. I was disappointed because I waited for the item to be restocked and then the price went up. I ordered since I had been looking at it for a while. I was very excited to receive it. I am dismayed! There are many tears and scratches in the leather and gold. $150 is not worth anything. The price I paid was not worth it.

👤I was happy to find a white high back chair because my old desk chair was very uncomfortable. It is comfortable and stylish. I would prefer the caster to be white and not black. It was easy to put the chair together. The only thing I don't like about the chair is that the arms hit my legs. It doesn't make the chair uncomfortable for me, but it is frustrating. If you are a plus size person, there is something to consider. You can see what I mean by the picture I have included. I am happy with the chair.

👤I wanted to use the chair for a while to give an honest review. The chair is not good after being used as a working chair for 6 months. The longer you sit on it, the more it leans forward. I have to find a spot that is not leaning forward. It's perfect if you just want a nice chair to go in your office. A good office chair is not something that lasts long. I'm looking for a new one.

👤The chair arrived with a tear in the armrest, but the costumer service was excellent and the chair is great. The chair arrived in a large box and was packaged in either bubble wrap or its own box. I received all of the instructions. It only took me about 8 minutes to put the chair together and they give you all of the tools you need. One of the arms of the chair was torn. I decided to use customer services after assembling it. There was a customer service line on the outside of the box that the chair was in. Instead of returning, it said to call this number. I called the number and was greeted quickly. The woman was on the phone. She asked me if I still had the box, and if I could tell her the number on the shipping label. I pulled up my shipping address and contact information after doing that. She knew who I was without me having to tell them over the phone. She asked if I still had the instructors assemble the chair, I told her yes, and she asked me to find the part I needed replace and look for the part number next to it. She asked if I would like an e-mail with the tracking information after I gave her the information. I said yes. I received the replacement part after I received the tracking information. I received two arms. The process was painless and quick. I've never experienced a service like this before. The chair is white. It tilts back, raises and lowers. There are spins. The assembly was easy. The costumer service exceeded my expectations.

8. ZLHECTO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

ZLHECTO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

Installation tools and instructions are in a carton and can be installed in 20 minutes. If the chair has quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a 3-year warranty and replace the damaged accessories for free. After 100,000 experiments, the seat surface is durable for 10 years, and the rotation isdurable for 10 years. An extra 4 cm heightened backrest, extra thick cushions and a thickened explosion-proof seat plate give you more comfort and double coverage. The ZLHECTO office chair uses cotton material which responds to your body's unique features. By perfectly supporting your weight, size, and even temperature, it will help you feel more comfortable in jobs that require extended sitting. The chair has a mesh back that allows air to flow. The mesh task chair is built with easy adjustments for tailored comfort. The armrest and back support enhance ergonomics. The computer chair can support up to 300 pounds over eight hours of continuous use. The rolling casters make it easy to move across the floor. It is suitable for any floor. They guarantee their customers 100% satisfaction with their desk chair. If you don't like the chair, you can email them and get a replacement or a full refund. It's better to MzE than MzE. Order it now and it will be free. ADD TO CART Right now!

Brand: Anacci

👤I had a list of features I wanted in a new chair. 1. My previous faux leather chair was brittle and left a mess around my floor. It's harder to find this when you want the arm rests to have it. 2. I like to sit cross-legged in my chair and have room to do so because of the arm rests. I don't want to be pinched on the edges of the seat cushion, so it had plastic on the sides. High back. I like the neck freedom while I sit. 5. The recline can be locked. One of the few that fit all the boxes was the lower back support chair. I contacted the company directly because the chair wasn't listed in black on Amazon. I was able to still purchase through Amazon because of their support. The only complaint I have with this chair is that the armrest padding isn't super thick. If I dig my elbow into it while leaning for a long period of time, it's usually not a sign of this, but the padding is adequate. The features and quality are great in this price range and I would buy again.

👤I love this chair. For a number of reasons. 1. No tools were needed other than the allen wrench that was provided. 2. Sturdy and comfortable! The seat cushion is very comfortable. The support for the back is strong. 3. Excellent customer service. I need some extra support since I'm just a little too short, so I ordered the free pillow. I was offered a credit for the pillows that were out. I could buy one. The purple chair I purchased at Staples a few months ago was not as good as the ZLHECTO ergonomics desk chair. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I highly recommend this seller.

👤The chair is good for my issues. I need to sit upright with good back support. I like the fact that the seat isn't too wide and cumbersome, and that the back support is adjusted to fit my body type. This chair does not make me feel like I'm falling forward because my knees are a little lower than my hips. It was one reason I ordered it, and thanks to the other reviewer who griped about that feature. The flip-up arm rests allow me to pull it up close to the table, but also put them down to watch TV. I can raise my body up off the seat by pressing down on the armrests, which will open up my spine. I needed the seat to raise at least 20 inches, and some other chairs don't. The only complaint I have so far is that crumbs and hair get caught in the seat webbing material. It's wobbly where the seat connects to the post, like most office chairs.

👤The chair is not comfortable. I am tall and the support didn't meet my needs. The support is made of plastic and slides behind the mesh. It's pretty uncomfortable because it isn't cushion. The back of the chair is too far back for my taste and it isn't adjusted. I feel like I am sitting down rather than standing up. They were out when I requested one, but they gave me a booklet with information about their guarantee, which included a free back support pillow for those that need it. I bet I can figure it out. Customer service was great. I returned the chair because they offered to give me an allowance to purchase a different pillow, but I didn't. I will probably donate the chair because they didn't want me to return it. I'm not sure it will work for me.

9. Posture Ergonomic FlipAdjust Armrests Executive

Posture Ergonomic FlipAdjust Armrests Executive

It is easy to exaggerate. The office chair has all the parts you need. You can finish assembling by following the instructions. The video instruction is provided by them. The BossleVEL ERgoNOMICS are. Is it an executive chair or an ergonomics powerhouse? Why should you have to choose? It is all that you decide with its Click5 Lumbar Support, FlipAdjust Armrests, PU-Leather Fabric, and Classic colors. Different moods and different days need different chairs. 5-Stages of Lumbar Support are provided by the +Posture modern ergonomics chair. They call it Click5 because each level clicks into place so that you will feel better every day. You can create a rocking sensation with either TiltRock or TiltLock. You can make a task chair with no arms or somewhere in between with the FlipAdjust Armrests. It is a rolling chair with space saving qualities. Strong construction and curved padded armrests add to the comfort. The chair has a heavy duty nylon wheel base reinforced with ribs and gussets. The Class-4 Gas Lift has a seat-to-floor range of 18.7 to 22.4 inches. The hip space you have is 19.3in. The max capacity is 275 lbs. You can choose between Taupe or Black. It is easy to exaggerate. The +Posture is easy to put together and weighs a strong 40.8 lbs. A chair that moves and looks right. So you can size your workspace.

Brand: Nouhaus

👤I hunted and searched. I work at home, but I always did. I paint at the other end of my desk. I can log hours in a chair. I wanted comfort and good support, but also a good aesthetic. The last desk chair I bought was beautiful, but turned out to be a torture device. I received it quickly. It arrived a few days after it was ordered. My husband is out of town when it arrives, but I am not a patient person. So my 11 year old. I decided to try and put it together after we brought it in. I was worried because the thing was heavy and many reviewers said assembly was hard. I'm happy to say that for us, it seemed pretty standard issue desk chair assembly, the only issue being that we initially put a part on backwards and had to correct it. That is just my spacey self and my I'm-not-sure-he-has-ears kid trying to work together. We are ready to try her out, it seems all the parts are in their appropriate places. The raising and lowering mechanism works well and the wheels roll on my tile floors. The pop out back support is a technical term. It's perfect at about 2 clicks. I am very happy with this chair.

👤I have been sitting in this chair for two months and would not recommend it. The feature for supporting the back is too low and silly to use. The seat tilts forward and becomes very uncomfortable after an hour or so. My back and legs are sore by the end of the day, because I am constantly adjusting myself. I have always worked a desk job, so this is definitely a chair issue. The instructions for this chair were very vague. Make sure to have a partner with you. The arms and legs are made of cheap painted silver plastic material, but the seat fabric is very comfortable and appears good quality. The arms should be adjusted for this price. They sit very high for me. They sit in a mid rib cage. You can find a nicer chair for $200.

👤1. Shipping is fast with good packaging. 2. Premium, soft, but supportable. 3. Installation is easy and quick. Two people are going to be fast. 4. 5 levels of support, height adjustment, and flip armrests are included. 5. The max weight capacity is 6. You will get a 5 year warranty.

👤I'm large, 6' 0" and 300 lbs. The price, width of seat, and lack of supports under the arms made me pick this chair. I've been working from home for the past year and I've been sitting in this chair a lot since I bought it. Sometimes I wish it had more padding on the seat, but a seat cushion will fix that. I don't have a problem with being too wide for the chair or rubbing my legs on the arms. The strength of the arms is surprising to me. I had a knee replacement just before I bought the chair, so I am dealing with two sore knees. When I get up from the chair, I put my full weight on the chair arms to stand. I've been surprised that I haven't seen the arms give out because of the pressure I put on them. I think about it when I stand up. I don't think they are getting weakened by my abuse.

10. SOONTRANS Ergonomic Computer Retractable Adjustable

SOONTRANS Ergonomic Computer Retractable Adjustable

The easy to follow picture diagram makes it easy to put together a perfect gift. If you get stuck or confused, there is an official video online. Their gaming chair is the perfect gift for Father's day. It has a racing style that is very stylish. The design and color of it will make you happy. Add to your cart now. Premium quality PU leather and high density foam were used in theSoon Trans Computer Gaming Chair. The dimensions are as follows: Seating: 15*19''(W*L); Wheel bottom to Seating: 12-15''(H); Diameter of Wheel Base:26''(D); There is a 3 inch height adjusted, 90 to 150Reclining backrest, Retractable footrest, and a headrest pillow. This gaming chair is a great gift for your friends and family. This chair can be a computer gaming chair, an ergonomics chair, an office chair, and a racing style chair. You can contact them via Amazon if you have a question, just click on "Sold by Soon Trans Direct" on the top right side of the page.

Brand: Soontrans

👤The base is stiff and won't become squishy easily. The head sopport is very soft. Thanks to the easy to read and simple instructions, it is very easy to put together. The foot rest and how far it reclines makes it easy to sleep on. - The arm rests have padding on them. The screws are the same and installed the same way, which is really nice. The arm rests can wiggle left and right if the screws for the armrests are lost. - It will become flat after a couple months because it is squishy and soft. The base is a bit stiff. It takes about 50% of the time to flip out the footrest. - I realize that the footrest can't be any longer. I'm 6'1 and my feet hang off. I would like to see the levers for height and recline. I use the height one when trying to recline. The bolstering on the side is terrible. The bolsters on this side severely limit how much I can move my legs in a gaming chair. After a couple weeks of use, this thing is not very efficient. This thing is very loud when I adjust my sitting position. Even sitting down, leaning back makes it creek. It's just cheap junk. It was a 1 star.

👤This is the desk chair that you want. It is easy to setup with colorful picture details step by step, but letters marking are not on the part. I can sit on it for 10 hours a day getting my work done because of the back support and leg rest. I hope it lasts for a couple years. The blue shade appears darker on the picture than the real color. If the chair owner is having a problem again, reply quickly.

👤The chair is comfortable for back posture and was easy to put together. I have a problem with 2 things. The chair does not recline as far as the image portrays, my recline is 160 as advertised but the image shows a 180 recline which is not true. It doesn't say it supports 180 but it still shows the chair reclining to 180 in the image. 2. The fins on the chair seat make it hard for endowed males to sit in it. Yes... The chair is great. It's worth buying.

👤The boyfriend absolutely loves it. He uses it to play PC games. It was easy for him to put it together and he didn't need my help with the instructions. Our kids are 40 lbs. and sit on the foot rest that is sturdy and doesn't bend. It slides around the floor without leaving marks. He likes the back and head rests.

👤I gave this chair a try because I like this style of arm for a desk chair. The images speak for themselves. The entire seat was put together and leaned to the left. I tried to loosen the screws on the back and the mount to see if I could shift it into a better position. One arm was lower and the other was higher. I can't get the images I've posted to be as good as they are. It was worse. The thing leaned so hard that it could compete with a sailor. I was considering returning it and having a new one sent to me. I don't feel like going through the hassle. The chair was easy to assemble and disassemble. The entire process from taking it out of the box to putting it back in might have taken me an hour or so. I have to use tools and knowledge to make this chair better. I'm not spending $150 to make it functional, I'm spending a couple of hours doing what it takes to make it functional. I think many of the five star reviews were the result of bribes. You should consider yourself warned.

11. Grsolul Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Grsolul Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

One-month replacement services and 2 year parts quality warranty are included in the warrior policy. If you have a question about installation or use, please contact them and they will try to solve the problem for you. ADJUSTABLE MESH CHAIR is equipped with an excellent system which includes a tilt mechanism. There is a concealed retractable footrest. Premium castor wheels are easy to glide over. Generous backrest and seat dimensions that fit most people's body shapes can be found, and can be adjusted to fit your spine and relieve the fatigue and pain of your back. Their big curved mesh headrest provides more comfortable neck and head support than other high back office chairs. The back of the chair has a mesh back that allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through it to help maintain a comfortable skin temperature. Overall: 44.4" - 47.6" * 24.8" * 23.5(H * W) Seat height is adjusted to 16.8" The seat area is 19.3" The backrest area is 27.6" The resting area is 15.1". The gas lift cylinder has a certificated gas lift cylinder, 5-Point Base with dual castors, tilt lock, and 4 inches molded foam seat cushion. 30 days money-back guarantee, one year warranty, and professional after sales service for their office chair is what they provide. If there is a quality problem, please contact them and they will give you a 100% satisfied solution. No need to worry about damage or assembly issues because this easy assembly computer chair has comprehensive packaging with clear instructions.

Brand: Grsolul

👤The high court used to go down, no way to make it high and sit on it. The chair body mechanism is cheap, I could only sit on it. This is the first time that this product has appeared on Amazon. I have to send it back, but it is still terrible. Don't buy this product! I wouldn't put any stars, but Amazon requires a place one!

👤I was asked to email customer service if there was a problem. The gas cylinder is not working. When I got up off of the chair, I was able to slam my hand into the bottom of my desk. The hand is still not healed. If the seller would actually see the importance of follow up, I would return the chair I sent for parts.

👤I was not able to fix the chair seat. It is a nightmare to return a chair. I can't fit the chair in the original box. I have been going back and forth with Amazon about how to return.

👤The chair is very comfortable. After using it for an hour, I ordered a second one for my wife.

👤My package was damaged. Disappointed.

👤It is easy to put together and more comfortable than a gaming chair.

👤The chair I bought for my home office is gorgeous in person. I reached out to the seller who pointed me in the right direction after I couldn't figure out how to lock the back of the chair from moving when I leaned back. The second lever should be in the down position for those who are assembling. The seat back should be pushed down on the column next to the screw wheel. Look at the picture. The recline setting can cause you to fall asleep. Would definitely recommend.

👤I bought this for my home office. The quality of the material is good. The chair's texture prevents sweat which is great for long use. Leg rest is useful.


What is the best product for best ergonomic office chair with leg rest?

Best ergonomic office chair with leg rest products from Leagoo. In this article about best ergonomic office chair with leg rest you can see why people choose the product. Hbada and Kerdom are also good brands to look for when you are finding best ergonomic office chair with leg rest.

What are the best brands for best ergonomic office chair with leg rest?

Leagoo, Hbada and Kerdom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best ergonomic office chair with leg rest. Find the detail in this article. Nouhaus, Sihoo and Xuer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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