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1. KERDOM Ergonomic Breathable Computer Adjustable

KERDOM Ergonomic Breathable Computer Adjustable

The task chair is easy to install. It can be done in a few minutes. The chair has appropriate waist support and 3 support points. The height of the seat can be adjusted. Even if lying down will not fall, it has strong stability. The cushion and back are Breathable. A high-quality mesh is used to make it. May you have a pleasant experience. You can put the chair under the desk to save space. The home desk chair can be placed in a small area. It can be placed in your living room, meeting room,study room, office. There is a video in the manual and related video section. You can install it yourself. A professional after-sales service team is ready to provide satisfactory solutions if you have a question.

Brand: Kerdom

👤The desk chair has a flat wood under the foam that makes it more uncomfortable than the seat foam. I found a piece of inch and a half polystyrene foam, traced the seat around for size, and cut it with a saw. I placed the extra cushion over the desk chair seat to make it easier to sit on the chair for extended periods of time. I'm thinking about getting some fabric, removing the seat foam, placing some foam under it, stretching the fabric over it, and then stipulating it to the underside, but haven't done that yet. The interim cure is working so far. The foam I found was black, so it looked almost the same. I think an inch is enough. If you're not familiar with polystyrene foam, it's harder than soft foam found in seat cushions, but the top compress. The thing is, due to the added firmness, you don't sink to the bottom.

👤It was easy to put together. It feels sturdy but not very sturdy. I would go with a more expensive option if you are rough on chairs. I wouldn't buy if you're heavy and lean back a lot. A coworker was 300 lbs and leaned back a lot. She would destroy chairs at work. I don't think this is a good investment for someone like that. This is a good value if you want a chair that will support your back. I lean back in the chair occasionally but am careful not to over use it. The armrests lift up and I like that. The chair can be slid under my desk to be flush against the edge. Sometimes, I lift an arm to pet my dog. It's nice. The chair is easy to sit in. I use a spray for my car's interior to keep it looking good, and I use a Silicone lubricant for moving parts. The seat is easy to clean. The chair cushion will hold up over time. It is fine right now. It is a decent chair.

👤I have seen a lot of good reviews on it. I am a well built male. This chair isn't for you if you describe it the same way. I bought this for a good gaming chair when I have time to play. It was bought on the 9th and came in on the 11th. On the 11th, the building was built and on the 12th, the building was disassembled. So uncomfy. It felt like my back was in a knot when I woke up. When leaning back. The shoulders are too Broad with the arm resting up. Hard foam to sit on.

👤The welding on the bottom of the chair that connects the base portion to the seat completely broke. The chair is useless because the seat is wobbling. You can see how the weld is sunken in the photo. The company replaced our chair for free. Very responsive. My rating was upgraded to reflect good customer service.

👤I spent a long time looking for a chair that would be comfortable for an 8 hour day, but that wouldn't break the bank. The chair is it. It only took me 15 minutes to assemble it on my own after it arrived early. The mesh makes it so your back doesn't heat up, and it also makes it a stylish edition to any home office. It is the right amount of padding that makes it perfect for an 8 hour shift. It allows for you to lean back. The arms can flip up, making it more versatile, no matter your desk size or height. If you are looking for an office chair that won't break the bank, then this is the one for you. This is the chair for you.

2. Hbada Office Comfort Flip Up Adjustable

Hbada Office Comfort Flip Up Adjustable

We want their customers to feel comfortable on the day and that's why they have a customer guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the chair, please contact Best Office customer service. The Home Office desk chair has a sleek design and simple adjustment. Match different styles. The ergonomics fit the curve of the lower back and relieve the pain of the spine. You can put the chair under the desk to save space. It's suitable for livingroom, study room, conference room and office. Breathable, high density mesh back, flexible supportive. It is designed to support your lower back. The Hbada home office task chair has a 120 tilt tension and pneumatic height that matches different stature. The weight capacity is 250lb. The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster.

Brand: Hbada

👤This is the third chair I've purchased, and it's perfect for me. Finally, it was right. It has enough support and height, and I like that they don't touch my arms. When I'm in work mode, I'm free, and when I want to think about what I've written, I can do so comfortably. It's light. It feels like it was made using a 3D printer. It was very easy to put together and I did it alone. Excellent! The writer's block... There is an update on Jan 16. I love this chair. You don't know what you missed until you get it. The fact that I can raise my arms on my own is amazing. While I'm watching TV or writing, I can switch to a comfortable position and throw a leg over one. Throw up the arms and pull the blanket over you when it's cold. I have grabbed a blanket or throw and had to stand up to tuck it around me many times. It's a nice perk. I'm spoiled now. Sometimes I just throw it on the couch because I don't need it. That is rare for me. The support for the back is good. The height is also surprising. I have a cushion. It raises me about 2.5 inches. This is one of my favorite seats in the apartment. It doesn't over-roll. I had to buy a stock set of non-rolling caps because I couldn't sit still in my last chair. I wish I could lock the seat in place at an angle, but at a later date I will probably get one of those. This suits me for now.

👤I have never left a bad review on Amazon. I bought two of them. The black one I bought earlier has a thin seat cushion, you can easily touch the end without a hard press. It's similar to sitting on the ground. There is a The black one I bought was a bit too snug, but the white one is much more comfortable. The white one's seat cushion is one inch thicker than the black one.

👤I received a letter from the seller that offered $30 if I gave a five-star review with a product picture. I rely on ratings to make purchasing decisions. The chair is good, but not an ergonomics chair. I bought the chair because I could fold up the arms and tuck it under my desk. The arms are not at desk height in the chair. Arm rests are very tiring. The seat pad is very hard. It was nicely styled. Since I'll be working from home for the rest of the year, I ordered a new chair.

👤I wanted to like this chair more than I do. If I wrote a five star review with a picture, the seller would give me a $30 Amazon gift card. I don't think I can give a five star review for the chair that I have lived in for a little while now. It's a good chair. I like that the arms are raised. It helps me to sit closer to my keyboard and mouse. The chairs with arms force me to sit with my arms in the air. The seat cushion feels a little thin, as others have noted. I had to buy an extra pillow because the back is not the right shape for me. It's not a bad chair, but I think there are more five star reviews because of the gift card offer from the seller.

3. Amazon Basics Executive Adjustable 360 Degree

Amazon Basics Executive Adjustable 360 Degree

The executive office chair has pewter-finished accents. It's ideal for an office or conference room because of the padded seat and armrests. A modern air-pressurized office chair with height adjustment, tilt-tension knob and smooth rolling casters is easy to use. The dimensions are 29.1 x 26.2 x 41.7 inches. The dimensions are 29.1 x 26.2 x 41.7 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This is a great deal for the same chair you pay for at a big box office store. There is an issue with the design. The inner infrastructure of the chair is assembled in a way that is not right. The back failed on me after 6 months. The leather and foam were removed to inspect the issue. The wood has brackets attached to it. They have installed the pieces opposite, so this is sufficient to connect them. The nuts are on the back and the L brackets are on the front. When you sit or lean back, the weight holding ability is more dependent on the nuts than on the brackets. I took mine and put it back together. I put the L brackets under the base and nuts on the top side. I put the nuts on the front and the L brackets on the back. The chair 10 fold was more stable thanks to this. The photos show the nut that pulled through the wood and my repair. The chair is still working great after 11 months. The leather material is more durable than the office store chairs. I could make this a 5 star review and a great value for a $100 chair if the manufacturers would switch the process or give me more information on the chair engineering.

👤1. The handles are peeling off as I sit in a chair with bonded leather. 2. Squeaks have to apply for wd-40 every now and then. 3. There are foam cushion inserts. 4. The screws on the side are covered with a black plastic cover. Get something that doesn't have 'bonded leather' as the material, that and maybe something more reliable.

👤I am disgusted with this "office" chair. The brown chair has a matt gold finish, not a pewter colored one. As we began unpacking the pieces, we noticed that. This was the beginning of our troubles. The screws for assembling the chair were too short. Someone should be doing something else for a living. We can't get the screws to stay tight. We needed three people to help us fit the parts together after assembling it was a nightmare. After two hours of fighting to get the chair assembled, we stood back to look at the finished product and discovered a small tear in the back of the chair that we never noticed when we unpack it. Too late now. The chair's arms loosen up because of the lousy construction design. The chair is uncomfortable because we are afraid to lean back in it or sit against the back of it for fear of it falling apart. The little end caps that are supposed to hide the screw heads are falling off because they weren't manufactured properly. It's too late to get the chair back. The hassle of packing it back up and sending it back is something that nobody wants. I would leave this chair empty-handed. I'm going to contact Amazon to find out what happened with this product. If you want to buy this chair, you need to read all the reviews and watch the videos that upset buyers. I wish I'd been more careful before buying it.

4. Flash Furniture Mid Back Ergonomic Certified

Flash Furniture Mid Back Ergonomic Certified

There are foam, mesh, metal, plastic, and plywood. The white framed office chair has light gray mesh. The desk chair has a stylish flip-up arms and provides you with a lot of comfort. Their chair complies with the standards of the American National Standards Institute. The contemporary task chair offers superior comfort. The curved back provides support. Push in to lock in an upright position and pull out to rocking motion, while the tilt tension knob controls tilt resistance. There are product appraisals. The overall size is 25.5"D x 38.25H, the seat is 20.25W x 19D, and the back is 17-20W.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤I'm here to review the chair. I need to work from home now, so I bought it. I consider myself to be a reasonable human being, and no one has paid me to do this. This chair cost me a lot. It's a chair. I'm very happy with it. It took me about 15-20 minutes to put it together. You should read all of the instructions before starting because they are all 6 steps. I sat in this chair as I had planned from the beginning. It feels like a good chair. I like that you can rock with it. You can change height. I wanted something with arms that folded up, this one has that. Don't buy this if you're a boujee who requires some ridiculous material and comfort padding, but also nothing will make you happy. Maybe you should just be unhappy and buy it. If you're a normal person and you want a computer chair with good levels of comfort, folding arms, and good height and rocking abilities, you should buy this chair. It's great. It's seriously. People are nitpicking. This is a computer chair. The material is not damaged. The comfort does the job. I would recommend this chair to anyone who wants an affordable and functional computer chair. Good luck if you're a picky scrooge, nothing will make you happy. I love this chair. Checks my boxes. Cheers! If I never come back and re-review this chair, I will be happy with its function, but it will still be a chair. I will only return to this review if something goes terribly wrong and it is at the chair's fault. Cheers!

👤The back broke off after a year of use. The threaded inserts were pulled out of the seat. I found out about it while I was on the phone and it dumped me onto the floor. I went to the bathroom to clean up the blood, but didn't find any warranty claim information. Everything has to be done over FAX. I don't have a fax machine because I don't live in the 90s. Good luck.

👤I suffer from Pelvic pain due to various issues. Sitting and standing are both painful for me, but standing is even more so. I spend most of my days in pain. The chair has made a huge difference to me. The only time I am comfortable most days is when I sit in it. The back of the chair is strong. The seat has enough give to be comfortable, but not so plush that it flattens over time. It is easy to use. The arms are comfortable. It is easy to not realize that a chair is not good for you when you are able-bodied. You feel every single design flaw when you are in pain. When I tell you that this is an ergonomics chair, you can believe it. The arms are placed at a level that bumps into most desks because the height of the arms is not adjusted. I have to lift my arms up in order to use my desk. The chair is great.

5. Cedric Adjustable Support High Cushion Adjustable Height Reclines

Cedric Adjustable Support High Cushion Adjustable Height Reclines

Thanks to the state-of-the-art office chair, you can find a comfortable seating position just for you. The mesh back on this office chair provides support while keeping your back cool, and you can adjust the headrest height and angle. The mesh back of the chair provides support while keeping your back cool. Cool air circulates through the mesh, keeping your back sweat-free and allowing you to sit in the chair for longer periods of time compared to traditional chairs. Do you want to develop back issues? The chair has a recline feature that allows you to sit straight or tilt the back. You can find a position that makes your back feel better in a matter of minutes. The support can be adjusted up and down. It is easy to install. Instructions allow anyone to put this executive chair together. You will be able to adjust the chair to your own needs once built. The pneumatic controls on the chair will let you tilt the chair back or sit straight up. You can find a position that will allow you to work comfortably for long periods of time. The task chair is made to last. It has a weight capacity of 330 lbs and is made from the highest quality materials, including a soft cushion seat, sturdy arm and head rests and rollerblade caster wheels that allow you to move easily across the office floor. Get a chair that will make you feel better at work. Your purchase will be backed by a guarantee. You can return the chair if you don't like it. Product warranty is for 2 years. The task chair is made to last. It has a weight capacity of 330 lbs and is made from the highest quality materials, including a soft cushion seat, sturdy arm and head rests and rollerblade caster wheels that allow you to move easily across the office floor. Get a chair that will make you feel better at work. Your purchase will be backed by a guarantee. You can return the chair if you don't like it. Product warranty is for 2 years.

Brand: Cedric

👤Was happy with the chair. It is only used for a short time at a home desk. The metal beam on the underside of the chair snapped while I was sitting in it, I am a normal 6 foot 180lb person. I was hit on the head and back by a shot. The product malfunction was dangerous and should not have happened in normal use. If the company contacts me, I will change my review. The company has been offering money to take the review down.

👤The chair was great for its intended use. After a few weeks, I grew to like the flat seating since it is not ergonomics. It's been a year since my initial purchase and the seat has cracked. It will no longer sit straight when I sit on the cushion, it leans forward or backward, forcing my body to adjust with force at the waist, which could throw my hips or lower back out of alignment at any moment. The chair was not worth the purchase since I was expecting to enjoy it for a long time. I am writing this review one year later because of the break in the chair's stability, which happened today while I was sitting in the chair. It was disappointing to say the least. I am sorry but I could not be more positive in this review.

👤I've used a normal leather chair for years and never thought about the chair being so comfortable and relaxing. It is a good chair. It came with everything you need to install. I can start installing immediately. It took half an hour to build. I will not be suffering with Texas hot weather like I did on my old leather chair because the fabric is very soft. I can change my position after hours at my desk. I can lay back and relax. If I don't feel safe, there's a handle to lock it. The white color makes my office look better. It's a good idea for long time sitting.

👤I was looking for a chair that was functional and comfortable. I wanted to use mesh backing for those hot days. This fits the bill. It feels like quality. There is a The back tilt and tension hold are things that I love. There is a lot of personalization with the chairs. The only complaint is that the tension on the headrest doesn't hold. I have to push it back into place.

👤I was looking for a chair with a back support. I thought it would fit the bill. It only adjusts how deep it will push into your butt, not the height of the pad. The chair is sturdy.

👤Similar comfort as a brand that rhymes with wheel base is more expensive. There is no sign of wear. Good back that is flexible. It is nice to have rest. I would recommend getting a cushion and arm chair cushions to help with the comfort, otherwise no complaints. It's a good value and comfortable for about 5 hours a week.

6. Leteuke Ergonomic Armrests Reclining Computer

Leteuke Ergonomic Armrests Reclining Computer

Installation and warranty are easy. The office chair has passed both the American and Swiss tests and is safe, reliable and sturdy with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It is easy to assemble and the tools are included in the package. They will respond to you in 24 hours if you contact them. The mesh back of the chair is suitable for the back curves. The S-shaped curve design of the high back chair can reduce the burden on the back and make it easier to sit in the chair for a long time. You can adjust the height and angle of the office chair to your liking. The chair has a feature that will support your back better. The tilt and lock function can help you find a comfortable sitting position. The tilt tension knob of the chassis can be adjusted and tightened easily if you pull the lever outside. The folding armrest can be pushed into the desk to save space. The office chair's armrests have passed a static pressure test of 55 kilogram in the horizontal direction and 65 kilogram in the vertical direction. It is a high-quality chair. You can easily assemble the office chair with the detailed assembly instructions. If you have a question, please contact them. Leteuke wishes you good luck.

Brand: Leteuke

7. FelixKing Ergonomic Adjustable Headrest Reclining

FelixKing Ergonomic Adjustable Headrest Reclining

It can be assembled with the simple tools that come with packing. You can complete it in about 15 minutes. If there is a problem in use, contact them and they will provide you a solution. FelixKing's office chair is designed to be comfortable. Recliners, armrests, and back support provide a good night's sleep after a long day at work. The seat tilts the center of gravity back and allows air circulation. 3D armrests allow you to put your arms in a comfortable position. The big curved headrest makes it easier for people of different heights to relieve their pressure. Reclining high back is designed for two separate parts and supports your spine and allows for perfect posture, releasing your lumbar force for a long time sitting. Durability and Silver Wheels. The high-quality foot rack supports up to 300 pounds. The smooth and silent rolling of their silver wheels cause no damage to the wood floor. FelixKing's computer chair can be assembled in eight simple steps, following instructions that come with packing. Their desk chair have a high quality guarantee. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Felixking

👤I read a lot of reviews. I questioned myself a lot. I sat in an uncomfortable chair for months because I couldn't make a decision. The back support is the best part of this chair. That is the most important part of the whole thing. The support is excellent and I can lean back a bit while I work. I lifted my feet with a pillow and solved the bar under my knees. My feet were too short. The rollerblade wheels are my lasting complaint. They roll too easily and it draws attention to the fact that my floor is not even. If that makes a difference to anyone else, I'm 5'5" and about 145 lbs. I think it is a great chair.

👤I am very happy with the chair. It was easy to assemble, and I found it comfortable, because I only had to help my husband put it together. This is a huge step up from my previous chair, which was a folding wooden chair, but I really feel it gives me good back support and allows me to spend hours in front of the computer comfortably. The mesh is perfect, I love it. The mesh seat is a little less comfortable than the foam seat my son's chair has, but it's still firm. I think the mesh seat is better for you because it's cooler than the foam seat. It's a matter of preference. The fit for a short woman is excellent. I'm 5'1 and weigh-110 lbs. The seat is positioned around 18-19" from the floor, even with the blade wheels, which add some height compared to the regular wheels. I can have my feet completely flat on the floor without needing a foot rest. Sometimes I have to raise the chair to get a better view. In that case, my feet no longer touch the floor and the front edge of the chair cuts uncomfortably into the back of my thighs, even though the edge is padded. I solved the issue by putting my feet on one or two of the legs that lead to the wheels. Is it the best chair out there? I will never be able to spend a thousand dollars on a chair. This is an excellent choice for the price. I received the chair on a Saturday. I realized after putting it together that it was a problem. I sent an email to the address on the instruction manual. I documented the issue by sending clear pictures. I received an answer 2 hours later and was told they were sending a replacement. Customer Service needs to be praised. Even the most well-known companies havefective products. The quality issues that the good companies handle is what separates them from the ones that you don't. I was impressed with this one. This chair is a good choice.

👤It was worth the money. I have been using this chair for about two months and have not had a complaint. The chair is comfortable to sit on. The back support feels good. It's not a problem to sit on it for 4 hours. The wheels of the chair are not as important as they used to be, that's the only concern I have about putting the chair together. You have to connect a lot of parts. The Allen Wrench is not good to use when you try to put the screws on the chair. The chair has no problem and I recommend it.

8. Hbada Ergonomic Reclining Adjustable Headrest

Hbada Ergonomic Reclining Adjustable Headrest

Four support points for the body and a certain waist support are provided by an ergonomics office chair. It is suitable for sitting office for a long time and can be adjusted easily to meet different needs. The height and angle of the headrest can be adjusted to fit their neck. The waist is provided a comfy support by the height and depth of the lumbar support. The office space will be saved by the lifting of the armrests. A big chair can accommodate different body types. The seat is 26.8"W x 26.8"D and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The mesh chair back makes it more comfortable. It is suitable for long-time office use. The instructions and tools are easy to use, and the chair is easy to assemble. The chair frame and base are sturdy and stylish. If you have a problem, you can contact them. The instructions and tools are easy to use, and the chair is easy to assemble. The chair frame and base are sturdy and stylish. If you have a problem, you can contact them.

Brand: Hbada

👤The best chair for the price is here. My job is to make videos and I spend a lot of time editing them. This chair is comfortable for me to do that. The wheels on it work great if you adjust it to your liking. Highly recommended.

👤I was holding out because I was not sure if the chair would fix my back or if the support was too extreme. I'm back because my back is fixed. The chair helped me and I'm giving it 5 stars. I used to sit down. I hurt my back one day and I was fine. I thought I was never going to get better unless I stopped slouching. After getting this chair, I had to have my back fixed. The chair fixed my breathing and my posture. Everyone knows you don't breathe as deeply when you're sitting but did you know it actually makes a difference? It's easy to build and comfortable. The arm rests are not adjusted. You don't have the option to turn this into a "normal" chair because the support mechanism is not removed. The headrest can be easily detached and re-attachable.

👤The chair is very easy to assemble, it is comfortable, and looks great, even though you can't tell what it means in the instruction manual. It is easy to adjust the headrest and support. The tilt lock on the chair I received is terrible. When I locked it, it wouldn't slide a lot. The lock got worse within a couple days and I have to avoid leaning too hard against it or it will slide back - this is an issue when sitting in a very upright position. When I place it to help my posture, it immediately moves. If this wasn't an issue, I would raise it to 5 stars. I contacted the seller and they determined that I had a faulty tilt mechanism and sent me a new one. 5 stars for customer service.

👤I have been sitting in this chair for 2 years. The product gets worse but it is still a good chair. The chair is almost perfect for the first few months, but it isn't that effective unless you are leaning back. You can't sit upright and take advantage of it because it doesn't come forward enough to my head. The lumber support tends to slip down after 45 minutes of sitting, depending on how much you move around. It is very easy to adjust, however it must be done. The chair gets a little creaky after about half a year. The seat is comfortable and I am used to it. Most people will need to find a new cushion when this happens. The setup was easy, but the chair is heavy. After 2 years of use, no parts need to be replaced. I was skeptical of the mesh fabric on the back area becoming loose but it is still tight as when I first put it together. I am 6 feet tall and I wouldn't recommend this chair for anyone taller than me. The headrest isn't high enough to support tall people. It is a perfect fit for me because I have it on the highest point it can go.

9. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

Articulate comes with a 6” thick mesh seat cushion and a breathable mesh back. Articulate is perfect for everyday use. The executive office chair is sturdy and supportive and comes in a variety of colors. Articulate is a computer chair that is adjusted to your needs with a tilt and lock system and a one-touch chair height adjustment. This versatile choice for computer desks and workstations can refresh your office space. Mobility can be enjoyed over carpeted or hardwood floors with five dual-wheel casters. Product dimensions are: 26.5"L x 26"W x 34"H. Backrest height is 22 H inch. The cushion is 6 inches. Seat to top of backrest is 22 inch.

Brand: Modway

👤It wasn't the chair itself that was the issue, it was missing a couple of necessary parts to assemble the chair, and a couple of small hardware items. It looked like it was what I needed in a work chair, and it was well packaged. The company and its employees did not give me any courtesy in the process of receiving the replacement parts. The customer keeps you in business. If you keep them happy, they will write great reviews for your product and purchase again. Nope. Uh...nope. I was told by their customer service rep that they were taking my information down, but after spelling out the whole story, I was told to go to their website and file a claim. The flag is red. You have so many calls that you have to have a claim link on your website? I started filling out their claim, only to find out they wanted a full copy of the receipt. How do I find it? What size of file is acceptable? Had I been given clear instructions by their CSR, I would not have objected to the return of the chair or the review. There is no place on their website to find the full receipt, no instructions as to where one can find it, and no accepted file type, size limitation, or instructions as to where one can find it. I had to change the size of my jpeg 4 times. I had to take a picture of my receipt and email it to myself, then I had to resizing it on another computer so I could load it on my phone. The image was so small that I couldn't read it. It went through. I waited almost 3 days to get a response that was not helpful. There was no way to attach the required receipt to the claim I had filed. Click here and print the receipt. Since the receipt is a document, I had to refill out the required information and load the document back at the site. A PDF is accepted everywhere, it's a small file size, universal document, and every site but this one. The average consumer is not going to have the knowledge base or expensive programs to turn a PDF into an image and then resizing it to be accepted by their site. I had to re-enter the claim info after my upload was rejected. By this time, my patient temperament was hanging by a thread and I was done. The chair went back in the box because of poor customer service. I was assisted with the return of the chair, provided a call tag, and super prompt in their refund by Amazon. They could teach Modway a few things. There are two different Modway locations with different phone numbers. They are both on eastern time, so it doesn't matter which one you call. Another way to do business. I will never order anything from Modway again, no matter how good the deal is or how good the price is. Ever. I will not recommend them to anyone.

10. AmazonBasics High Back Leather Executive Computer

AmazonBasics High Back Leather Executive Computer

All day comfort with fully adjusted height, recline, and tilt settings. The executive chair is comfortable and made of black leather. All day comfort and support is provided by a padded seat, back and armrests. The seat height adjustment is pneumatic. The measures are 29.13 by 25.59 by 41.34 to 45.08 inches. The maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤My search was more than a short one. I created a wish list to review my options after using "desk chair" options on Amazon. The best option for the price point was comfort and support. I decided on the cream since I want to be productive and focused around color. This was very easy to put together and arrived quickly. The instructions are easy to follow, you have to install 12 screws. The time to assemble is 10 - 30 minutes depending on your ability to follow instructions and if you decided to assemble after having some Bourbon. I decided to finish the job in two parts, half before the bourbon and the other half the next day. My time was 15 minutes. This has really improved my comfort, posture, and overall work from home experience.

👤The arm of the chair was stained. It was stained by the wrapping on the arm. I regained my confidence in customer satisfaction after reaching out to Amazon customer service.

👤After just a day, back hurts. It was very distressing. The only option is to pack it up. The seat is short. So disappointed. The fabric is cheap. Take the trouble and sore back.

👤The chair was delivered in a very solid box. We discovered the permanent blue ink stains on one arm that looked like the space of bubble wrap when we started to assemble it. We are packing it for an exchange. The exchange was easy. The replacement chair had the same blue ink stains as the original one.

👤I've been working from home. I needed a chair for my office. I ordered this one and it arrived today. Great. I realized I had 2 left arms when I was assembling. I'm without a desk chair because I can't assemble it. What does this say about quality control? I called Amazon and talked to a great person. I can't do anything until 5PM tomorrow because it arrived today. That's a big disappointment. I ordered a different chair because this one is out of stock and I can't afford to wait. I need to disassemble it, pack it and send it back. It was a hassle. This was a big disappointment. I really liked this chair, but I think it won't work out. I hope they don't dump it in the landfill.

👤Very disappointed! The arms are stained with a blue dye.

👤Even though I had read reviews, it was difficult to put together this chair. The screws were kept loose which had the opposite effect I was expecting. I damaged the chair when I tried to put it together. I was unable to take it apart to send it back. I was able to find someone who could help me put it together, but it was not easy to deal with and I wouldn't buy it again. The arm of the white chair was blue from the blue wrap that was used to package it.

👤The fabric is soft. It is pretty. It is very easy to assemble. The seat could be more padded. I have sciatic problems so I was hoping for a padded seat. It is a good deal. It looks more expensive than it was.

11. Office Chair Ergonomic Mesh Adjustable

Office Chair Ergonomic Mesh Adjustable

Enjoy a worry-free experience with a free exchange for damaged and missing parts. 30 days money-back guarantee and professional after-sales service for their mesh office chair is provided by them. If you meet any issues or have any advice, they will give you a 100% satisfied solution. Ergonomic Design The chair is made to fit your body curve and ensure you sit comfortably. The computer task chair can support a lot of weight. The piece of furniture is made of high density shaping foam and covered with a mesh fabric, which makes it great for relaxing during your busy working days. The mesh office chair has many features to make it easier to find a good seat position. The back of the seat could move forward and back, all for your spine health. The desk chair is made ofBreathable Material. When you are at home or in the office, their office chair with professional headrest, well-made armrests and lumbar support offers a great comfort. The easy assembly of the Office chair can be done by yourself. If you have a question, please contact them, they have a professional customer service team. They are always with you.

Brand: Smug

👤The chair is very good for the price. Really good. This chair will help reduce your back problems if you use it every day. I think the support of the back is very good. I tried out a few chairs and they were expensive. The chair feels like a 200 dollar chair. I will share the pros and cons of testing this chair on the first day. If I feel that something is different from the day of testing, I will make a change. This chair has everything you need for office use. You can feel the pressure on your lower back with the support of the back. This shows that the chair has the same support as other chairs, but you can't feel anything. The mesh of the support is comfortable. - The material is very strong. You have leather on your wrist and back support. The mesh is comfortable to sit on. It's not too firm. It's not too soft.

👤lemme tell you that this is not the pink chair that you want because you searched for it on Amazon. The color is cute, but not functional as an office chair. The description says it has a rocking function, but it doesn't. It's important to me because I will be sitting for long hours in the chair and it won't let the chair rock even if I push out the ladder. The chair's body is leaking fluid and they use oil to push the chair up/down. I don't want sticky fluid in my house. The wheels of this chair are terrible. The hollow sounds of cheap materials can be heard when you move it. And finally, it says good. It's not comfortable for the back. I feel like I'm being pushed out of the chair half the time. This product will be returned today. Worst purchase ever.

👤The company reached out to me to see if they could improve the chair in the future. It's nice to know that the company cares about their customers, even though this chair is not for me. The chair is only for looks if you're a child or small person. I should have known these reviews were not good. The back is fine. The seat has no padding and the inside base must be thin because it makes cracking noises when you move. It SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA The armrests are too low for me, I'm 6 foot. The chair is narrow and the armrest supports are in my thighs. The headrest is very low. Again, if you want a chair to complete your office decor, but you won't use it, or you are small, this will work. Look elsewhere.


What is the best product for best ergonomic office chair white?

Best ergonomic office chair white products from Kerdom. In this article about best ergonomic office chair white you can see why people choose the product. Hbada and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding best ergonomic office chair white.

What are the best brands for best ergonomic office chair white?

Kerdom, Hbada and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best ergonomic office chair white. Find the detail in this article. Flash Furniture, Cedric and Leteuke are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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