Best Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Over 300 Pounds

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1. Ergonomic Executive Computer Cushion Adjustable

Ergonomic Executive Computer Cushion Adjustable

All Dedeo office chairs come with a one year warranty. If you have any questions about their chair, please contact them in time, they will give you a satisfactory solution as soon as possible. Installation of the home office desk chair is done in 5 steps. Perfect office chairs, study desk chairs are the best gifts for yourself and friends. The seat height of the home office chair can be adjusted from 37.4 to 40.9"(H), and the office chair has a lock height control. The comfortable office chair with a middle back design can provide good back support, which makes you feel comfortable. The high resilience foam and ergonomics of the office chair can support you with no fatigue. The mid-back desk chair is perfect for home and office use. The office chair has a big seat and a high-density sponge spring cushion. This home office chair with a heavy-duty base and arms supports is suitable for most people. The office desk chair with PP arms and all the accessories have passed the test of BIFMA, which is a guarantee for your personal safety. This home office chair can be used in many scenes, for example, the desk chair can be used in the office, living room, bedroom, and can also be placed in the conference hall. The home office chair is easy to set up. Assembly time for the office chair is about 10 minutes, and you can follow the desk chair instructions.

Brand: N\c

👤This chair is perfect for my needs. I use it for about 6 hours a day of total sitting time, but take a break every now and then, and it's not too bad, since it isn't the most comfortable for that amount of time. It doesn't have the most firm padding, but it seems to support my fat fanny just fine, even though it does creak a bit now and then. I didn't want another fake leather chair that would break after a few months, and I love the fabric and plastic arms. The chair looks right at home. I had to get my wife's help to get the last 2 bolts in place, because it's springy in such a way that unless you have enough strength, you won't. It's not worse than other office chairs. I put larger wheels on it to deal with the carpet. The regular wheels would be more than adequate on a hard surface, such as hardwood or tile flooring, or one of those plastic chair mats. A decent chair at a decent price.

👤Since I don't use the office chair for hours at a time, it should hold up well and be very sturdy. The seat is short for my liking, but it works well for what I need it for, as I like it to hit at my knees. The back keeps you upright. I wouldn't use it if I had to sit in it all day because it isn't really comfortable, but the price is right for me and good for occasional use throughout the day. It could be used all day, but for me it's probably not.

👤I searched the internet and many stores to find this chair. I was surprised that the delivery came quicker than I anticipated. It's good! Just as I got to the last steps of assembly, the arms! That was a hot mess. Finally got them on the seat. The part with the back on. Oh my gosh! I am going from happy to not happy because the blasted wheels keep falling off. Are you serious? There are some design issues. I will figure it out because it is made well.

👤I didn't want any fake leather or mesh so I took a chance on this linen fabric. Love it. It was a good size and comfortable.

👤The chair I ordered was advertised as "light tan", but when it arrived it was a medium-grey with no tan or warm color. The grey version's photo doesn't match what I received, so I'm assuming neither color matches its description.

👤After putting the base together it broke and fell. One of my wheels is falling off. I had to take all of them off so I could use the chair without the wheels. The design was very bad. I hope I can get a replacement part.

👤My last chair had very little back support, and it seems it was working me all sorts of bad ways. I began to experience sciatic pain that would last a long time. There is a My pain has gone away since I used this chare. There is a The chair is easy to assemble. There is a I can cross my legs.

2. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

Articulate comes with a 6” thick mesh seat cushion and a breathable mesh back. Articulate is perfect for everyday use. The executive office chair is sturdy and supportive and comes in a variety of colors. Articulate is a computer chair that is adjusted to your needs with a tilt and lock system and a one-touch chair height adjustment. This versatile choice for computer desks and workstations can refresh your office space. Mobility can be enjoyed over carpeted or hardwood floors with five dual-wheel casters. Product dimensions are: 26.5"L x 26"W x 34"H. Backrest height is 22 H inch. The cushion is 6 inches. Seat to top of backrest is 22 inch.

Brand: Modway

👤It wasn't the chair itself that was the issue, it was missing a couple of necessary parts to assemble the chair, and a couple of small hardware items. It looked like it was what I needed in a work chair, and it was well packaged. The company and its employees did not give me any courtesy in the process of receiving the replacement parts. The customer keeps you in business. If you keep them happy, they will write great reviews for your product and purchase again. Nope. Uh...nope. I was told by their customer service rep that they were taking my information down, but after spelling out the whole story, I was told to go to their website and file a claim. The flag is red. You have so many calls that you have to have a claim link on your website? I started filling out their claim, only to find out they wanted a full copy of the receipt. How do I find it? What size of file is acceptable? Had I been given clear instructions by their CSR, I would not have objected to the return of the chair or the review. There is no place on their website to find the full receipt, no instructions as to where one can find it, and no accepted file type, size limitation, or instructions as to where one can find it. I had to change the size of my jpeg 4 times. I had to take a picture of my receipt and email it to myself, then I had to resizing it on another computer so I could load it on my phone. The image was so small that I couldn't read it. It went through. I waited almost 3 days to get a response that was not helpful. There was no way to attach the required receipt to the claim I had filed. Click here and print the receipt. Since the receipt is a document, I had to refill out the required information and load the document back at the site. A PDF is accepted everywhere, it's a small file size, universal document, and every site but this one. The average consumer is not going to have the knowledge base or expensive programs to turn a PDF into an image and then resizing it to be accepted by their site. I had to re-enter the claim info after my upload was rejected. By this time, my patient temperament was hanging by a thread and I was done. The chair went back in the box because of poor customer service. I was assisted with the return of the chair, provided a call tag, and super prompt in their refund by Amazon. They could teach Modway a few things. There are two different Modway locations with different phone numbers. They are both on eastern time, so it doesn't matter which one you call. Another way to do business. I will never order anything from Modway again, no matter how good the deal is or how good the price is. Ever. I will not recommend them to anyone.

3. NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Backrest

NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Backrest

The back of the office task chair mimics the shape of a human spine to help reduce the pressure and pain of the back for long hours of work. Even after hours of siting, the soft seat cushion provides comfort. It's ideal for paper work, gaming and studying. The back of the office task chair mimics the shape of a human spine to help reduce the pressure and pain of the back for long hours of work. Even after hours of siting, the soft seat cushion provides comfort. It's ideal for paper work, gaming and studying.

Brand: Noblewell

👤I wasted my money on this chair because I didn't have a job, I saw all of the glowing reviews. It's easy to assemble and fit under my desk, which is the only positive thing about it. It is terrible. I was very happy when I first sat in it. After sitting in it for a long time, I felt like the support on the back was stabbing me. It made my body hurt more than my old chair did. I adjusted the height of my chair after watching many videos on how to sit in an ergonomics chair. There were still some symptoms from the back pain. I'm not very tall, but I'm long waisted. I noticed that the support was hitting me in the wrong place and that I was leaning away from it. I removed the support because I don't want the hassle of returning it, and I hope that will fix it so that I have an ok chair. The arm rests are too low, I don't use them because of that, and I wish the seat was a little bit longer and softer. I wish I had gone with the other chair that I had been looking at. I bought a cheaper regular office chair from my local store since I didn't keep the support. I'm very disappointed. I don't recommend this chair. I don't think so, it was overstated in my opinion. Save money for a better chair.

👤I bought this chair because it lowers enough for me to sit at 5 feet tall. I bought a computer desk that is short enough for me to use comfortably and a chair that will scoot under it to save space in the small condo in which I've placed both pieces. The back support is right and the swivel is smooth. I would have liked the seat to be an inch longer, but I mostly sit towards the front, so it's ok. It will be easy to re-cover the seat in some colorful fabric at a later date, I noticed in assembling it. It's just a matter of putting it on. If you're not in a rush, wait for another sale because the price is $20 more today, and I only had the chair a week. It's a good value at either price.

👤I liked the fact that it was high enough for me. It was high enough and had a range of heights. If I was doing something that needed a lot of space, my arms were turned up. There is a I sat in it. It's amazing. I had to put a pillow on it so it wouldn't hurt. I was more uncomfortable the longer I sat in it. I tried a lot of things, but nothing could help me with this chair. The arms are made of plastic. It will reside in the garage and I will gift it to someone unfortunate. Worst purchase ever.

👤The flip-up armrests and the fact that it can be adjusted to fit my height appealed to me. I bought a computer desk that is short enough for me to use comfortably, and a chair that will fit under it to conserve space in the little condo where both components are housed. The back support is perfect for me. It took me 20 minutes to build it with the help of the manual, but it came with all of the necessary materials. It feels great when sitting down. It was a great choice when choosing an office chair. 5/5

4. Office Chair Ergonomic Mesh Adjustable

Office Chair Ergonomic Mesh Adjustable

Enjoy a worry-free experience with a free exchange for damaged and missing parts. 30 days money-back guarantee and professional after-sales service for their mesh office chair is provided by them. If you meet any issues or have any advice, they will give you a 100% satisfied solution. Ergonomic Design The chair is made to fit your body curve and ensure you sit comfortably. The computer task chair can support a lot of weight. The piece of furniture is made of high density shaping foam and covered with a mesh fabric, which makes it great for relaxing during your busy working days. The mesh office chair has many features to make it easier to find a good seat position. The back of the seat could move forward and back, all for your spine health. The desk chair is made ofBreathable Material. When you are at home or in the office, their office chair with professional headrest, well-made armrests and lumbar support offers a great comfort. The easy assembly of the Office chair can be done by yourself. If you have a question, please contact them, they have a professional customer service team. They are always with you.

Brand: Smug

👤The chair is very good for the price. Really good. This chair will help reduce your back problems if you use it every day. I think the support of the back is very good. I tried out a few chairs and they were expensive. The chair feels like a 200 dollar chair. I will share the pros and cons of testing this chair on the first day. If I feel that something is different from the day of testing, I will make a change. This chair has everything you need for office use. You can feel the pressure on your lower back with the support of the back. This shows that the chair has the same support as other chairs, but you can't feel anything. The mesh of the support is comfortable. - The material is very strong. You have leather on your wrist and back support. The mesh is comfortable to sit on. It's not too firm. It's not too soft.

👤lemme tell you that this is not the pink chair that you want because you searched for it on Amazon. The color is cute, but not functional as an office chair. The description says it has a rocking function, but it doesn't. It's important to me because I will be sitting for long hours in the chair and it won't let the chair rock even if I push out the ladder. The chair's body is leaking fluid and they use oil to push the chair up/down. I don't want sticky fluid in my house. The wheels of this chair are terrible. The hollow sounds of cheap materials can be heard when you move it. And finally, it says good. It's not comfortable for the back. I feel like I'm being pushed out of the chair half the time. This product will be returned today. Worst purchase ever.

👤The company reached out to me to see if they could improve the chair in the future. It's nice to know that the company cares about their customers, even though this chair is not for me. The chair is only for looks if you're a child or small person. I should have known these reviews were not good. The back is fine. The seat has no padding and the inside base must be thin because it makes cracking noises when you move. It SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA The armrests are too low for me, I'm 6 foot. The chair is narrow and the armrest supports are in my thighs. The headrest is very low. Again, if you want a chair to complete your office decor, but you won't use it, or you are small, this will work. Look elsewhere.

5. Funria Ergonomic Flip Up Support Computer

Funria Ergonomic Flip Up Support Computer

Three-year warranty. SIHOO Home Office Chair will provide you with zero-profit product accessories if there are any quality problems. A multi-functional office chair has a tilt tension adjustment knob, a sturdy gas lift cylinder, and a high-resilience foam cushion. The ERGONOMIC office chair has a screen mesh back that follows the curve of your spine to give you more comfort and support. This office chair is covered in soft mesh cloth and has a foam cushion. The seat has a waterfall seat edge to relieve stress on your thigh. The office chair has a conveyor belt. Their office chairs can be used as an armless chair and as a fold up chair, all of which are quite flexible and space-saving. All their desk chairs are made from high quality materials. Good and trustworthy quality can be found in high density mesh, soft mesh cloth, sturdy gas lift cylinder, durable nylon base and casters.

Brand: Funria

👤This feels very close to Herman Miller. Herman Miller is not worth the massive cost increase because of his home situation. The Herman Miller chairs are the same as before. I like the support of the back. Good chairs. 30 minutes is a good amount of time to love something. Use a drill to speed things up.

👤It looks great. It's easy to assemble and comfortable. It was purchased five months ago. My wife bought it for her and it no longer keeps the same height. It is impossible to work at the height she sets it to because the seat leaks and lowers. There is no way to get a representative to replace the bad part or entire seat. Would never buy another one.

👤Great chair! It's so soft for my rear and it's comfortable for my back. I can work 9 hours without a sore back, butt and swollen legs. At the end of the day, I might roll it over and use it for TV.

👤The chair is acceptable for poor people. Those of us who can't afford to buy high quality items for people who have made money in politics, Hollywood, the music industry, and the illegal drug industry, know that. It's better than what I had before. I'm bigger than I expected and it's smaller. I like the idea of putting the arm rests up. The chair raises up and down nicely. I haven't been able to get much of a recline on the back, so that either sucks or I'm broken. I have back issues but I haven't developed any issues from sitting in it. I am happy with it. I would like to be a drug dealer so I could buy better quality products. Why did I purchase this chair? When the Pandemic hit and I ended up working from home, I bought a $70 office chair and it took me 8 hours a day to fall asleep. I put the fire out by sitting on a towel. I decided to spend a little more and get a less offensive chair after nearly a year of that. I looked for a less expensive mesh chair because I didn't have the money to buy a $700 chair. I decided on this one. I have never felt better!

👤I don't like the chair. It isn't comfortable after sitting for a few weeks. My butt hurts by the middle of the day because the cushion is thin and there is not a lot of padding. I used to use a lot of the old leather chair, but it was much more comfortable. I can't return it since I'm past the window, but I would really like to.

👤It was difficult to assemble alone. I can't believe it's so ugly. I thought it wouldn't be as bad as it was with my room. When I stared at it in disgust, it looked right back at me. Thirty minutes later, I went numb. The chair has evil vibes. It's very comfortable and I was able to sit in it and do nothing but sit in circles until I forgot about my mistake of purchasing the chair. I will be coming back because I can't handle it.

6. BOLISS Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Armrest

BOLISS Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Armrest

The office chair has thick fabric back and is comfortable. 4 inches thick fabric seat and armrest. The lock function and title are 15 degrees. The chair height can be adjusted. It is possible to be rotating. The maximum load is 400 pounds, and it is wearing an office chair. Inside the box is an office chair handbook. The chair has a 36 months warranty. It was passed by the certification. The chair has a dimensions of 25.4"-30.2"D x 28.1"W.

Brand: Boliss

👤I had to use my own allen wrench because the one they include is made of a cheap alloy and can be destroyed easily. The chair is made of sturdy materials. Should be able to stand the test of time. The cushion is not shaped for comfort. The forward lean results in having to scoot back into the seat frequently as well as excessive pressure on the tail bone. The only thing that helps against your butt is the backrest. If you spend more than four hours a day sitting for work, you will experience bad tail bone pain. It could be reduced with a seat rocking mechanism. I don't think this chair is a good one for a sit down job. I had higher expectations for the price I paid, but I got a smaller chair that was made of non recycled materials that provided more comfort than this one.

👤The chairs I bought were not very comfortable. The cushion isn't thick enough. The butt hurts when you sit a few hours. The chair I bought this time has a thicker cushion. It has a cushion shape that is more comfortable. I would like to give five stars. It is worth to buy.

👤I'm a big guy and sitting in this seat is like heaven. It is wide and sturdy. Nothing shakes or squeaks. When I sit down, the Hydraulic doesn't lose air or lose its strength. The support and lendth of the seat is something I love. I don't feel like I'm falling out when I sit and I don't have to change my seat position every few minutes. I spend a lot of time in this chair and it has held up better than other chairs I have bought in the past. This is my new office chair. I'm thinking about buying another room.

👤I researched a chair that was under $200. I don't understand why a chair of that price is worth it. I need good support and comfort while I sit in an office. I don't have to change or shift to get comfortable. The seat is thick and built well, and provides nice comfort and support for my hips and lower back. I have had less neck and back pain. I thought the back was taller than it is, I'm 5'4" and it hits above my shoulder blades. I was concerned. I don't think it has any support behind my head. It's a great chair for sitting for long periods of time, but it doesn't have an adjustability like many others, my only reason for 4 stars.

👤After sitting on a dining room chair for two weeks my back was dying, I was looking for a good office chair and this one is perfect. I built it in 20 minutes. I felt relief in my back. It is only the first day. I can tell my husband. I anticipate buying a second chair soon, I will be fighting over the new chair.

👤I have gone through a few chairs that didn't provide the support I needed. I suffer from back pain from previous car accidents and back support was one of my top priorities. The chair is giving me life. Assembly was easy, but it took me some time because my husband was at work. I was able to pull through despite the fact that I had a 1 year old running around. The chair doesn't sink after a long time. One of my best buys.

7. Amazon Basics Executive Adjustable 360 Degree

Amazon Basics Executive Adjustable 360 Degree

The executive office chair is comfortable. It's ideal for an office or conference room because of the padded seat and armrests. A modern air-pressurized office chair with height adjustment, tilt-tension knob and smooth rolling casters is easy to use. The dimensions are 29.1 x 26.0 x 41.3-45.1 inches. The dimensions are 29.1 x 26.0 x 41.3-45.1 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This is a great deal for the same chair you pay for at a big box office store. There is an issue with the design. The inner infrastructure of the chair is assembled in a way that is not right. The back failed on me after 6 months. The leather and foam were removed to inspect the issue. The wood has brackets attached to it. They have installed the pieces opposite, so this is sufficient to connect them. The nuts are on the back and the L brackets are on the front. When you sit or lean back, the weight holding ability is more dependent on the nuts than on the brackets. I took mine and put it back together. I put the L brackets under the base and nuts on the top side. I put the nuts on the front and the L brackets on the back. The chair 10 fold was more stable thanks to this. The photos show the nut that pulled through the wood and my repair. The chair is still working great after 11 months. The leather material is more durable than the office store chairs. I could make this a 5 star review and a great value for a $100 chair if the manufacturers would switch the process or give me more information on the chair engineering.

👤1. The handles are peeling off as I sit in a chair with bonded leather. 2. Squeaks have to apply for wd-40 every now and then. 3. There are foam cushion inserts. 4. The screws on the side are covered with a black plastic cover. Get something that doesn't have 'bonded leather' as the material, that and maybe something more reliable.

👤I am disgusted with this "office" chair. The brown chair has a matt gold finish, not a pewter colored one. As we began unpacking the pieces, we noticed that. This was the beginning of our troubles. The screws for assembling the chair were too short. Someone should be doing something else for a living. We can't get the screws to stay tight. We needed three people to help us fit the parts together after assembling it was a nightmare. After two hours of fighting to get the chair assembled, we stood back to look at the finished product and discovered a small tear in the back of the chair that we never noticed when we unpack it. Too late now. The chair's arms loosen up because of the lousy construction design. The chair is uncomfortable because we are afraid to lean back in it or sit against the back of it for fear of it falling apart. The little end caps that are supposed to hide the screw heads are falling off because they weren't manufactured properly. It's too late to get the chair back. The hassle of packing it back up and sending it back is something that nobody wants. I would leave this chair empty-handed. I'm going to contact Amazon to find out what happened with this product. If you want to buy this chair, you need to read all the reviews and watch the videos that upset buyers. I wish I'd been more careful before buying it.

8. FelixKing Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

FelixKing Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

Ultra-durable. These office chair caster wheels are built to last a lifetime. These wheels can hold up to 650 lbs. The mesh back of FelixKing's chair is suitable for the waist and back curve. It helps you to maintain a relaxed posture in long hours of work. It's easier to relieve muscle fatigue. The surface of FelixKing's chair is made of high density natural sponge which is designed for the curve of human's butt. It can help reduce body pain. The thick handrails and high density mesh make sitting more comfortable. It can protect your back and spine. The armrest can be put under the table. It saves space and is easy to store. The armrest can be moved 90 degrees to relax the muscles and have fun at the same time. It can be used in living room, study room, meeting room and office. The height of the chair can be adjusted according to the height of the desk and the height of the person sitting on it. It also has a rotation. It can reduce your body's pressure with the 30 degrees of recline and structure of distributing the pressure-resistant. Promote your own circulation. A caster can be moved. It can be assembled with the simple tools that come with packing. You can complete it in about 15 minutes. The warranty is for a year. If you have a problem, please contact them at any time and they will provide you with a solution.

Brand: Felixking

👤The chairs were very nice. The seat padding is good. I ordered two chairs. I'm holding the broken leg together with zip ties, it was where the wheel pin entered. One chair made loud popping noises when leaning forward and backwords. POP! I can't tell where the noise is coming from but it seems like it's at the base of the engine. The whole house hears it. A kid is using it. The other chair began to pop after 1.5 months. The sound of the squeek is loud. It seems to be coming from the same spot as the other chairs. It doesn't stop after I lubed it. The noise is making you want to buy a new chair. $250 was wasted. Absurd. The company offered me $20 to have my review deleted. A faulty product would be better received. I wonder how many honest reviews were deleted.

👤I had been using one of those ottomans as a desk chair since April. After 8 months, I decided to make my work area look like an office space, and that included getting a grown up chair. I only needed a couple things out of the chair. Since space is limited, I could push it under my desk. Some type of support for the back. The design of it stood out to me because it checked all my boxes, and I'm still healing from a back injury. It was more fun looking than a leather chair. It was easy to assemble and was ready to go in 15 minutes. It feels very sturdy, not like it's going to fall apart or collapse on me. I like the fact that the support can be adjusted in height, since I sometimes use the partial balance ball when I'm working.

👤I used this chair for about half a day at my desk. I don't understand how this chair has a rating. It is the most uncomfortable desk chair I have ever sat in. It looks like it would be comfortable, but it isn't. The back support is made of plastic and you slide up and down in it. The control lever allows you to recline. It allows for different sitting heights from stooping on a 5-gallon bucket height to pulled up to a normal desk. The seat portion is made of wood, foam and black fabric and is flat. If all desk chairs at or below this price point are like this, there is good reason to spend more on a quality desk chair that won't hurt you. Once I figure out how to take it apart and get it back in the box, this one will go back.

👤My daughter wanted a chair that matched her desk. I think this chair is good for a Star wars theme room, but it looks great in my daughter's room and matches her desk. The chair was easy to assemble. The instructions were easy to follow and I had the chair built in less than 5 minutes. My daughter loves the fact that the chair can be slid into the desk and even further into it, if you raise the armrests. We were not expecting that feature. I took a video of the chair so you could see it, because it is better looking in person than in the photos. The chair does not recline. The chair has good support for the back. It's a great chair for doing homework or playing a game. My daughter is doing school remotely and so this chair has been used a lot so far. We're glad we took a chance on it because it looks great in person. It is definitely an eye catcher.

9. Flash Furniture HERCULES Fabric Adjustable

Flash Furniture HERCULES Fabric Adjustable

If standard office chairs don't meet your needs, this Big & Tall is the chair for you. Generous padding, fabric upholstery and ergonomics give a custom fit that will get you comfortable through your workday. Their chair complies with the standards of the American National Standards Institute. The mid back office chair has fabric and foam. Pneumatic has a seat that has a height adjustment and padded arms. The Big & Tall office chair is a contemporary style. There are product appraisals. The overall size is 29"W x 29"D x 38.25-42"H and the seat is 22.5"W x 20.6-24"H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤The chair is supposed to be rated for 400 pounds, but I'm 350 pounds. The caster holder broke off yesterday. The metal piece attached to the base broke, not the caster. I don't have a way to fix it. It was thrown in the trash. If you're heavy, looking for a chair that's heavy duty, this isn't it.

👤Originally purchased in February of last year. It was lasted with almost daily use until March 2020. The chair is for big men. This was perfect for me. I was around 600 lbs. I needed something and this thing fit the bill. I took the chance and I'm glad I did. I usually don't write reviews, but I felt this was necessary. I have had a chair for almost 3 years. The chair has been on the carpet for a long time. I have not had a caster break in this time. It has not been abused, but 3 years out of an office chair that was 150 ish is pretty good. I had no issues until this week. It felt like the metal brace on the hydraulic broke. 3 years of greatness is what I don't mind. The reason for 3 stars and the reason for 4 stars are not comforting. After about 6 months, it loses the comfort for your butt. You're left with what the base is made from when the padding gets soft. A seat cushion can be easily rectified.

👤It took around 20 minutes to assemble, like any other desk chair. It feels like a 400lb chair. You can tell it's built with quality materials because the chair fits me well. The gas- cylinder is heavy-duty, coming from someone whoplops into their chair like an elephant falling over. I didn't like how much it leaned forward. It felt more like a task chair than a bucket chair. I don't mind it nearly as much now that I'm used to it. The fabric feels good and the cushion is comfortable. It's better than sticky pleather chairs at Office Depot. I ripped into one of the arms when I cut into the box because it was poorly packaged. I called the number on the box, and spoke with a pleasant customer-service agent in six seconds. She immediately gave me new arms, free of charge. The replacement arms arrived within three days. They were very impressed with their customer service. I'm writing this review to say how my experience varied, because I remember reading a review against it.

👤Love how thick the cushioning is. The assembly is easy and it seems to hold my weight. The pack of the chair is heavily padded and I didn't like it. It's just how I figured out that I prefer a mesh backing over this one, and there is nothing wrong with it. The screws for my old chair were the same as the ones for this chair. I switched them. I replaced the wheels with rubber roller-skate style wheels and they make the chair glide very smoothly. The only original stuff I have is the seat and the system. It's worth it. It's even more worth it if you like a padded back.

10. BOLISS Swivel Office Computer Capacity

BOLISS Swivel Office Computer Capacity

The back is elastic enough to not cause pain, the back is designed to be comfortable, and the molded foam cushion will not sit on the hardwood. The office chair is wide for large people to use, the chair is stable, and the office desk chair is long for home office. The chair can be put in to the bottom of the desk to save room space when you don't use it. The back can be locked in two levels. The home office has PU castors. All materials have passed the standard,Seat is designed with a high-density sponge, thick and sedentary, will not sit on the hardwood. The chair has a long service life. There is a warranty and after-sale service. Amazon backstage can help solve the channels needed by buyers, provide after-sale service, and give refunds or exchange goods at any time.

Brand: Boliss

👤I have to buy everything with that in mind. I thought I would give this one a try because it was more affordable than most of the high weight class chairs. The good: affordable, attractive, and easy to assemble at this price point. * It's big enough for any butt to fit in it, even if it's not as big as you'd like, and the arms don't get in the way if you don't want them down. If you're sitting for 3 or so hours and don't have aftermarket padding, your tailbone will feel like someone hit it with a hammer. Every person that has sat in the chair has said it's uncomfortable. Every combination of big, tall, fat, short and skinny. Not a single person has said they liked the feel of it, it's not great for work at home or extended computer use, I found myself shifting around trying to get something resembling comfortable after just 20 minutes seated. It's almost painful after an hour. I think it's a combination of the seating angle and seat padding. This is an acceptable cheap compromise for a home chair for fat people and we know who we are. It's cheap and doesn't feel like you're going to break it. It's worth it not to have to try and squeeze into chairs for "normal folks" because there's seating pads that will address that. It's worth taking the chance to see if the chair can be made to work for you if it's the next step up in quality. You will have to replace them.

👤I was looking for a comfortable desk chair that was comfortable for my size. I have been in the tax preparation business for 47 years and have owned several desk chairs. The chair is easy to assemble, but once it is combined, the height adjustment doesn't work, and I have to adjust myself to avoid falling out of the chair. The chair is rated for 500LB. I am very sorry that I purchased this chair, but I do not recommend it.

👤The chair was disliked. It pushes you forward because the seat is not deep enough and the back support is not adjusted. The seat shape is not good for large people. Not comfortable. It is easy to assemble, but not comfortable.

👤The chair is perfect for me, I am 6 feet and 350 pounds. The cushion is thick and the seat is wide. Nice chair!

👤Overall, this is a good chair, very sturdy and heavy, and I'm happy with the price. The width of the seat is great, but the depth is not. I'm a very large person and I'd like the seat depth to be 3-4 inches deeper. I feel like I'm going to slide out on the floor because of the depth of the seat, and I have to have my feet firmly planted on the floor at all times, which is a problem because I need to have my left leg at rest.

👤A chair is not comfortable. It doesn't allow for tilt back, so it is tilted forward all the time. The tilt in the base is made worse by the back of the seat pushing you forward. Not impressed. Not high quality at all.

11. AmazonBasics Puresoft PU Padded Mid Back Computer

AmazonBasics Puresoft PU Padded Mid Back Computer

The desk chair is comfortable and perfect for home or office use. The KD metal frame has dual-wheel casters. Assembly instructions were included. Measures 25.75 inches deep by 24.25 inches wide by 38.25 inches total height. There is a seat and a back. There is a seat and a back.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This chair has torn after a month of use. It was easy to assemble, and I enjoyed it for a while. I would like to return the product but can't ship it because of the Pandemic. I never write reviews but this purchase was a disappointment. Give me my money back or a new chair.

👤When I received the product in the box, the back rest was hollow. There was no padding after I removed the parts. I had to use a harbor freight moving blanket folded up and stuffed inside the back rest, which now makes it perfect. It's a good thing. You don't buy a desk chair that's hollow and thick like this, you buy something that's better. If you want to use the spare blanket as internal padding for the chair, you should only buy it. I stuffed the harbor freight blanket with a really nice chair and it was just 5 dollars.

👤It makes little sense to put the parts for assembly in the back of the chair. I noticed that one of the teeth on the zip top was missing after I opened the back. I thought I would try and deal with the zippers later. The chair was easy to assemble. It took a lot of work to get the zip up back together, and it will need a bit of glue to hold it together. It took weeks to get to me in the first place, so I didn't return the chair. I needed an office chair so I didn't want to wait for the exchange. Had hoped for a better experience.

👤I was a little worried about assembling this, but it was no problem for me. The instructions were easy to understand and the parts were in the back of the chair. I took note of how supportive and comfortable this chair is. Having a supportive chair is a must for me because I have to work from home for 9+ hours a day. I would recommend this chair.

👤There was an incorrect mount for the seat.

👤The chair I used for 3 weeks has a tear in the seat.

👤I decided to buy the AmazonBasics office chair after reading all of the reviews. It is very sturdy to sit in and it is light weight. After a few hours of sitting in it, it starts to feel hard. The seat height adjustment works well. While sitting at the computer, I lower the seat to put on my shoes and raise it again. There were some comments about the vinyl covering. It feels very soft. I don't know how long the covering will last. The AmazonBasics office chair is a good value. When installing the seat to the armrest, be careful. If you miss the hole while turning the screws, the threads will pull out the chair stuffing.

👤This is the most worthless purchase I have ever made. I am surprised that Amazon has a name for this product. It took me almost two hours to put this chair together, and it's terrible. The screws on the back of the chair are meant to go at a 95 degree angle to the seat, so they can't be changed. The chair does not tilt. The mechanism that is supposed to allow tilt doesn't matter if it's pushed in or pulled out. The knob that is supposed to control tension does nothing. The back of the chair is hollow. You are sitting on a piece of cloth. The chair comes off its wheels when lifted because the piston is held in place only by gravity. The back of the chair is half an inch wider than the armrests, which would cause stress on the screws, if the chair was usable. The chair is going to the dumpster since it's not usable. I am not going to wrestle with un-assembling it, repackaging it into its box, and getting it to a drop station for a return. I would rather throw it away and get the rest of the evening back.


What is the best product for best ergonomic office chair for over 300 pounds?

Best ergonomic office chair for over 300 pounds products from N\c. In this article about best ergonomic office chair for over 300 pounds you can see why people choose the product. Modway and Noblewell are also good brands to look for when you are finding best ergonomic office chair for over 300 pounds.

What are the best brands for best ergonomic office chair for over 300 pounds?

N\c, Modway and Noblewell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best ergonomic office chair for over 300 pounds. Find the detail in this article. Smug, Funria and Boliss are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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