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1. Ergonomic Liftable Backrest Adjustable Executive

Ergonomic Liftable Backrest Adjustable Executive

The warranty is easy to install and lasts 2 years. A new task chair can be installed quickly after 2025m, with all the required tools and instructions in the carton. Are you still worried about not being able to find a suitable office chair due to the height difference? The SAMOFU computer chair has a 90-135 reclining function. The tilt function of the home office chair back can meet the needs of work, sleep and rest, as it can be adjusted in 4 levels according to different height requirements. The high-back mesh office computer chair has a height and angle design that makes it fit the human body's curve and protects the health of the spine. The seat can be raised and lowered to get the best fit in the office or game. The up and down adjustment of the armrest is suitable for most office employees. The material is high quality and durable. The office chair has been certified. The seat and headrest are made of high-quality mesh fabric, which is not easy to cause uncomfortable sensations in the summer. The PU nylon chair wheels and the sturdy five-star base are silent and do not hurt the floor. The carrying capacity is 350 pounds. The ischial structure can be adjusted with the help of an office chair with waterfall side seats. Their shape helps to reduce stress and increase the back of the knee and thigh. Supporting the troops. Pull out the tilt adjustment and lock it to the desired angle. The tilt tension knob can be turned to adjust the tightness of the backrest. They provide a 5-year warranty. The office desk chair has all the parts and tools required for installation. If you have a problem with your use, please contact them and they will provide you with a solution in 24 hours.

Brand: Samofu

👤I spent weeks looking for an office chair. The old man is not garish or ugly. The adjustment 3 had support for the back. No one likes their cheeks hot and sweaty. Had arm rest. It was not clunky 6. This chair is under $300. This chair is sold from Amazon, overstock, and normal dept. I have a bad back and work in a chair all day. The chair needs two people at the end to put the seat on the wheels and fix the back and seat. I would have liked to have had an extra set of hands at the end. The chair adjusts with a lever on the side, the back chair raises without a handle, and the lumbar adjusts with a knob. The chair is very stable. I love this chair. I wish the arm rests went a bit higher. I bought the ultimate seat cushion and back support combo from the purple brand. I can sit comfortably for hours on end in demos, zooms and meetings. If you want to live your best life, you should consider the purple brand, but I highly recommend this chair for the long hours in a chair. I think this chair is comfortable even with an injured back.

👤There was a need for an office chair with two family members. The SAMOFU chair that we purchased has worked well and we wanted an ergonomics chair that could support the back. We received it in a few days without any damage. The chair was well packaged and had the necessary tools to put it together. My son and I assembled it in 15 minutes. The chair has a mesh seat, mesh high back, and mesh neck and head support. The arm rests are adjusted up and down, and it is built strong to support anyone. The seat has several adjustments for height, which allows for a wide range of tilt or leaning backwards, and the casters work great on hard floors or carpets. The chair is comfortable and works well for a variety of uses, from a standing desk to a stationary desk. We recommend this chair to anyone who needs to work at a desk for any length of time.

👤I was looking to buy a new chair. I'm very happy to have found this one. The chair was well packed and the box was in good shape. It took me 20 minutes to assemble the chair. The chair is comfortable for a person with a curved back who needs to be protected and treated better, and it works well for a week or two. I also recommend it to my friends.

👤The arm rests are not the same distance apart. The chairs are around 20 inches. If you have wide hips or torso, this won't work for you. It is made of lightweight materials and feels cheap compared to other chairs I have had. The back is not easy to adjust. Lifting up to the 5th click will let it slide back down to the lowest position. The feature that I like the most is the ability to adjust the back height. The chair arms that go up and down are easy to use, wish it could go out, but it is fixed 18 inches apart. The mesh in most mesh chairs seems to be cotton and will eventually wear down. The tight arm and flimsy feel of the materials made me give it 3 stars. I used to use a Herman Miller and it kept going out.

2. Adjustable Ergonomic Headrest Functionl Computer

Adjustable Ergonomic Headrest Functionl Computer

The retractable and mobile are convenient. The mesh high back office chair has all-mesh backs made from soft and durable mesh, a supple and incredibly soft woven material. The cooling effect of mesh ventilation makes it easier to work. The headrest is made of soft foam and fabric, which will help you rest when you work in front of a desk. The Home Office desk chair is designed to help stretch your spine and relieve back pain, it has an adjustble back and neck support. The seat cushion is made of high density foam, plywood liner, and wrapped with a plastic shroud. The chair is height adjusted and can be used at home or office. The home office chair's tilt and tension can be adjusted, and the tilt lock lets you find an ideal seating angle. The pneumatic height is from 17.3 inch to 21.3 inch. The desk chair arm is height adjusted and the arm pad is soft and comfortable. The best home office computer chair has an arm and a back. Their office chair has four support points and a up-down adjustment. It's easy to adjust seat height, armrests, and slide arm to meet different needs of tall and short people. This unique office chair has a headrest that provides sitting funs, relieves your long time sitting and gaming pressure, and lets you sit in a healthy way. The easy to install high back home office chair comes with a 5-year warranty, and they will offer you satisfactory solutions. The home office chair is complied with industry testing standards and is easy to assemble. The sturdy five-pointed base and chair frame addDurability and stylish appearances.

Brand: Tacroney

👤I work remotely and spend a lot of time in front of my computer, so having a comfortable chair is important to me. I liked the open back design of this chair. It can get hot sitting in the chair all day, so I need to get some air. It was easy to set the chair up. I put it together in 20 minutes after getting it out of the box. The height is adjusted so that you can adjust throughout the day.

👤It was difficult to assemble because of the bolts that attach the seat to the base. The bolts on the base are so short there is no slack to allow the seat to be positioned. The lever to raise and lower the chair is difficult to use due to having to twist or rotate it. The mechanical advantage of an up and down motion is greater than that of a twisting motion.

👤The chair is above average. The materials are nice and the quality is good. The nylon mesh back and headrest are my favorites. The seat bottom cushion is not very thick and the assembly is a bit difficult due to the order things are put together. Assembly was easy, and my seat took about a week to get used to. The chair is very nice.

👤The chair is very nice in my home office. It is very comfortable. I sit in it for 10 hours a day. It was hard for me to assemble the bottom part of the chair because it wouldn't slide into the holes. I am not a strong person. The rest of the chair was easy to put together after that small challenge. I am very happy with this chair. My den was turned into an office.

👤It was easy to assemble, but the seat is hard and uncomfortable. You can't lock it in the position you want. Either it is locked upright or you fall back. Something you can't lock is what the headset tilts. If you tilt it up, rest your head on it. I don't recommend getting this chair because it falls back into its flat design.

👤I can't get the lever on the chair to move. It's really disappointing to think about sending it back. I asked for help and so far have not received anything.

👤I use this chair in my home office every day and it is comfortable, it does the job and is plastic.

👤The chair arrived this morning. The instructions are easy to follow. The parts were provided. It was good. So far, I have been sitting in it for 10 minutes. It is comfortable and friendly.

3. Ergonomic Office Desk Chairs Flip

Ergonomic Office Desk Chairs Flip

The overall dimensions are 23"W X 24"D X 34"H. The design is upgraded. The chair design has been upgraded to bring you a new experience. The chair fits your back curve perfectly and provides you with more comfort. The height of the office chair can be adjusted to suit your height, the flip-up armrests can be adjusted to support your arms or for storage, the lumbar support can be adjusted to support your waist, and the headrest can be adjusted to support your neck. You can get comprehensive support with the help of a high-elastic cushion. Keep away from sweat. The mesh material allows sweat and heat to quickly evaporate so that you don't have to worry about sticking to your clothes. Working in one posture for a long time can lead to occupational diseases. The rocking function in the office chair allows you to relax in a small range at any time, and you will no longer worry about backache. Different chairs are designed for different group to meet their needs. The office chair is designed for customers who are under 5 feet tall, so it is suitable for most teenagers, ladies and gentlemen. The office chair passed the test. Environmentally friendly materials, nylon frame, explosion-proof base and gas lift cylinder make it safe to use. 5-year warranty service ensure you are worry-free. You can return the chair at any time if you don't like it and you can contact them for help at any time.

Brand: Mimoglad

👤The chair was very sturdy and comfortable. I sit for long periods of time for work at home and this chair has made that time so much better. The lumber support is helping me with my posture. I love it because I have to be on the move and once I fall into it my body is cradled and I can rest nicely. Great purchase! Installation time is 30 minutes.

👤Assembly was a point of frustration for this chair. The L-shaped pieces of plastic were attached to the back of the chair. I couldn't see what I was doing well with a flashlight. I spent a lot of time turning the screws without them catching, even though they were clearly in the holes. It was an exercise in frustration. I took the L-shaped pieces off the back and put them in the seat. The instructions don't mention that the cylinder nub bit needs to be pointed to the front and the lever to be on the right-hand side of the chair, when you screw on the connecting piece under the seat. Why is this important? The chair tips forward if you do this backwards. If you found out that it was a piece that was set into the lift piece, you'll have to put it back in. It's difficult to re-attach the connector on the bottom of the seat because of that. A single line on the instructions would have made the process simpler. I would have been tempted to rate it 3 stars just for how bad it was, but I didn't. You will only need to do that once. The chair has good support for the back. The arms swinging up and down are useful. It isn't the most comfortable chair, but it is better than the dining room chair I used previously. The seat still feels hard despite being padded. The mesh back has a nice give to it.

👤I'm not a large man. 5'11 And. The pants are size 34. The seat is in between my shoulder blades and the armrests is close to my hips. The chair is easy to assemble and is meant for a dainty person.

👤Put it together in 20 minutes. My dog was very curious and got his hair all over my new chair before I even sat in it. The fabric seat is attractive to pets. My cats decided to investigate and did a test sit on this chair, which is covered in pet hair, and it became a part of the home. It has a neck support and a back support which is nice. I like that the chair leans back so I can rock back and forth while working from home. The chair can be pushed under the desk if the arm rests are lifted. The chair is decent for the price.

👤The seller requested multiple times to remove my negative review. It was so disrespectful. I received an email today saying the chair wouldn't work for me if I'm a bigger man. I am an average woman. I can tell the cushion is not going to last long by the touch of the armrests. The instructions are difficult to understand in non-native English and one of the pieces is mis labeled. It is important to be labeled correctly because it is the piece that attach the back to the seat. Will spend the same amount of money at an office store for a better chair if he returns soon.

4. Hbada Ergonomic Computer Adjustment Headrest

Hbada Ergonomic Computer Adjustment Headrest

The best gaming chairs and the most perfect game experience are whatHBADA is dedicated to. The dimensions are 21.65''(L) x 27.55''(W) x47.24''-50.39''. Sitting Area D. The thicker backrest and seat cushion make you sit more comfortable. There is a headrest that can be adjusted. The Lumbar Pillow can give you better support of your neck and back. For a long time. Chair Back can be locked at any angle between 90- 155. The Wheels Chair has a rotation that will help you find your most comfortable position. The Strong Integrated Metal Frame is a high quality material. The heavy duty nylon base is able to stand up to 330 Ib weight. The PU Leather Material, Native Sponge, and SGS Certified 4-Level Cylinder give you more safe protection. The customer-centered concept is what HBADA is committed to. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please contact them. You will be given a perfect solution by HBADA. The customer-centered concept is what HBADA is committed to. If you have any questions after you receive the product, please contact them. You will be given a perfect solution by HBADA.

Brand: Hbada

👤I had a gaming chair that was cheap, but it wasn't very good at first. I felt like I was sitting on a plank after the seat collapsed. I was thinking about getting a new gaming chair and staying at home during the ”Stay at Home” period. Looking for a while to find something that looks nice and affordable, this one jumps out in front of me - a nice ”Racing Style Chair” I placed the order right away after looking at the functions and the chair. I've been using it for a month. Let's talk about the chair. It was easy to assemble, I followed the instructions and took about 20 minutes. I checked the chair after assembling and found no damage or flaws. The chair is large enough for my husband to sit in and stable. It is easy to find out that the leather used in this chair is good and that it could last a long time without any funky leather smell. I have been sitting on the elastic cushion for a month and it is still comfortable. It is better than the chair I used before. The armrest of this chair is designed to support my arms and relax my shoulder, I appreciate it very much. I love the subway and the football. I didn't believe it was a good feature until last night when I fell asleep on this chair while watching the Allen Show, and woke up after an hour. It's unbelievable! I will use it as a temporary bed to relax after work. I am not a big fan of the high edges of the seat, I can't cross my leg on it. There is a I will come back and update if there is anything else happening. It is a nice chair with good value. Highly recommended!

👤The design of this chair is amazing and I didn't feel sore after 10 hours of playing games because I sat at home for 10 hours and didn't feel sore. I have not had any problems with this chair and it is for gaming. It looks great with a good setup and even worse with a bad one. I will definitely get a second one, it's a fantastic product. It is super comfortable to sit in and it gives you a rush of confidence and such, so it is a good choice if you are a gaming enthusiast. If you haven't already, go get yourself one. Love it.

👤This chair is very good. I was not expecting the quality of this chair, but it is a lot better than chairs that are more expensive. This chair is a great addition to the room. It was easy to assemble and well made. It is comfortable to sit in and has a leg rest. The chair is able to recline back, which is not something you see with similar chairs. Everyone in the household has used the chair. Everyone has enjoyed using it. I am very happy with this product. Definitely recommend.

5. SAMOFU Ergonomic Backrest Adjustable Executive

SAMOFU Ergonomic Backrest Adjustable Executive

We provide a 5-year warranty. The office desk chair has all the parts and tools required for installation. If you have a problem with your use, please contact them and they will provide you with a solution in 24 hours. Load up to 300 lbs. with the big and tall ergonomics chair. The large office chair is recommended for heavy people. The height from the cushion to the headrest is the lowest for tall men and the highest for taller people. The seat is 4” tall and can be adjusted to fit your desk size. It has independent 4D lumbar support to accurately fit the natural curve of your spine and relieve back pain. The backrest can be used to tilt and lock. The most comfortable position for your neck is provided by the multi-dimensional free rotating headrest. The seat goes up and down, lifting the armrest for the ultimate in comfort in the office or game. SAMOFU mesh office chair with a waterfall-edged seat has a slightly sloped downward shape that helps to relieve pressure and increase support behind your knees and on the back of your thighs. The elastic mesh seat hugs your buttocks. The body can be kept cool and dry, and will not make it harder for the blood to flow. Rolling easily and freely is good for hardwood. All office chairs should have a mechanism to allow easy access to parts of the desk. Arm fatigue can be caused by over extending. The silent wheel will not be loud when you focus on work. It can be applied to wood floors, carpets and other surfaces. Few sellers like them provide a warranty period. All customers will be covered for any needed repairs and replacements for free during the 5 year warranty. Including but not limited to missing parts, damaged packages, or failed function. No more questions, no answers!

Brand: Samofu

👤I am very happy for a sub $300 chair. I researched for hours and this one just checked all of the boxes for me. I need something that can hold up over time. After using this for over a month, I can say that the positive comments and reviews are correct. This chair has support and flexibility. The looks are great. My mom sat in it and now she wants one as well. I purchased protection from Amazon and the company quickly removed it from my order and told me that they have a 5 year warranty on their product. Other companies need to pay attention. This is how you do business. Would definitely recommend. No question, 5 stars.

👤I didn't like the chair because it didn't fit my body correctly. I threw out the box because I was upset. I thought I was stuck with the chair. Customer service reached out to make sure I was happy with the purchase and it was the best customer service I have ever received from Amazon. I would recommend it because of their wonderful service. I weigh 140 lbs. The back did not hit in the right spot for me. It is probably perfect if you are 5'8" or taller. The headrest can also be removed.

👤I have been looking for an office chair since I started working from home. I needed the chair to be comfortable enough for me to sit for 8 hours a day, and I wanted a head rest. I tried several chairs in the $200 to $400 range, but none of them worked out. Some hurt my back, some were not high enough in terms of height, some had an unstable headrest, and some of them didn't have good support. I have found the ideal chair after using it for 30 days. The lifting backrest is very useful. My head is resting on a natural resting position and the head rest is nicely positioned outside. The arm rest height adjustment is a bonus. It is comfortable for long hours of work. The construction of the chair seems strong. None of the chairs offer warranty for that long, but the manufacturer does offer a 5 years warranty. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend, who is about 300 lbs. This chair is the best one we have found so far, and he is a pretty thick boy. It is almost too small to fit him, but it works perfectly. It took us a long time to figure out how to adjust it in the back and neck, but we got it. This chair is a steal and it is great. I would buy this chair a million times again. It took 20 minutes to set up, they provided extra screws just incase, and we got a screwdriver and allen wrench. The mesh makes it so he doesn't get sweaty while gamering. The chair is perfect.

👤The chair is very comfortable and good quality. I had been looking for a good chair for my home office and I was happy to find this one. I have been using this for a week. It provides good support for your neck and back. The chair is easy to assemble and can be adjusted as per your comfort level. The seat cushion is comfortable, the mesh build is perfect, and the support is very good. Highly recommended. It's a great value for your money.

6. Serta Executive Office Velvet Microfiber

Serta Executive Office Velvet Microfiber

The Serta Executive Office Chair needs to be suitable for an executive. A service experience. There are layers of plush body pillows. There is an exception to the lower-back support. The lumbar zone has a contoured design. The seat is wet. Increased circulation and less pressure on the back of the legs help reduce fatigue. The heavy-duty five-star base and durable dual-wheel casters are built to last. The heavy-duty five-star base and durable dual-wheel casters are built to last.

Brand: Serta

👤I like to read reviews on chairs I'm interested in buying and I spent a lot of time searching for an office chair. How can the same chair be both soft and hard for short people and hard for tall people at the same time? I want to shed some light on why there are so many different opinions on the best and worst chairs. I'll give it a try. I don't know how well the chair will hold up or last as I have only had it for a month. I wanted to clear up some of the confusion. I don't know what that feels like, but sitting in this chair, I can almost imagine what that must be like. The chair I am replacing is almost the same size as this one, but it forces you to sit differently than you would in a normal office chair. You feel like you are sitting in a recliner when you sit further back in the chair because of the waterfall feature. If you're used to sitting in the back of the chair at a desk or on a computer, the chair may not be as comfortable. The back of the chair extends above my shoulders when I lean back. For me, the chair that extended above my shoulders was fine, even though there was no head support. The chair moves. Yes, it tilts back as it states in the description. The recline mechanism will be unlocked if you pull out the same handle. I haven't used this chair for a long time. I don't know how this chair feels after sitting in it for a long time. When you are leaning back in the chair, it feels like you have support for your lower back, but when you are leaning forward, you lose that support. I feel more pressure in my lower back when I lean forward as my legs are elevated over the waterfall design. I will update this review if my opinion changes, but only time will tell how sturdy or durable this chair is and how comfortable it is after sitting in it for a long time.

👤Awesome chair. It was very comfortable. I'm about 5 feet 10 inches tall. I can sit here for over 18 hours straight, plus I can seat for hours. The seat is warm. Will see if it can survive the 105f summer without an AC. The package didn't have instructions. It's not rocket science to figure out where the screw goes. I'm not a carpenter. An IT guy. It's easy to assemble without instructions. You don't need a screwdriver. Posters suggested a Philip screw driver. No need. They all have a female sockets. The kit has all the tools you need. There was an update on 10/2016. After 6 months of use. The left side of the arm rest has detached. The screws are stapled onto the wooden board. The fabric on the left side of the chair is held up by the photo I attached. The chairs go all the way down if I lean on them. It is dangerous and unusable. This chair is very comfortable when it works. It's not seatable if you lean on it. This chair would be great if it were made of metal. It would make it last longer and I would be happy to pay more. The average is 2 hours per day. The stars were dropped to 1.

7. ICoudy Ergonomic Computer Armrests Adjustable

ICoudy Ergonomic Computer Armrests Adjustable

Overall Size: 28.75"W x 28.75"D x 42-45.75"H; Seat Size: 20.7"W x 21.7"D; Back Size: 20.7"W x 24.5"H from floor; Arm Size: 27-30.5"H from floor. The office chair has a sturdy nylon base, a high quality gas lift cylinder, and a tilt tension adjustment knob. The office chair has a curved screen mesh back that supports your lower back and reduces back pain. The chair seat has a thick cushion and soft cloth to enhance comfort. The seat edge is designed to relieve stress on your thigh. The seat size has been expanded to give you more space. The office chair with flip up arms can be used as an office chair and as an armless chair. All their office chairs are made from high quality materials. Good quality mesh, cloth, nylon base and casters are available.

Brand: Icoudy

👤Within a week, it was purchased and delivered. It is easy to assemble alone. The chair is easy to assemble and one of the only chairs that is short enough to fit under my desk has arms that are connected to the back of the chair. I will report back. I was hesitant to purchase at this price, but so far I am happy with my purchase. I have been using the chair for a week. The back is supportive and comfortable, even though the cushion has softened up. If you hit your back on the lower back support, it will hurt when you come from the side and knock it against it, so you have to sit center. The arms are comfortable, but don't feel supported, and it's good to rest your arms on the padded portion. I would recommend this for a basic chair. I think the price is high for a basic chair, but I would buy it again. My back feels good if I sit correctly. The seat is still supportive and comfortable despite the fact that it has softened up. I can get the hair off the seat cushion with my cat. It was a great fit in my desk space. It would still be a good idea. It feels and looks brand new. I love this chair. The padding is still good and supportive three months in. My back is fine after sitting all day in this chair. The lower back support is in perfect working order. Those with small desk space for a chair to tuck under would definitely recommend. I come back here every so often to give an update because I like this chair so much and it is a great deal for what you get. It feels great to be sitting here all day working. I'm overweight but the cushion is still in shape. There is a small pilling on the cushion, but it is removed with a handheld pilling machine and it is new. I have slammed the legs or arms of the chair into my desk a few times without any damage. The back rest doesn't make you sweat because it has been so hot here. I would still recommend this chair. I think I can get some money back for this review.

👤I am pleasantly surprised that my idea worked after having used this chair for a long time. The old chair wasn't supportive at the butt as it got older. I went with this design because it was the best for 3 reasons. I want the arms to lift up. Why? I want the chair under the desk when I'm not using it. 2. I like the idea of a gel seat as it's more durable and form fitting than the average foam cheap seat and it's stiff and soft at the same time almost cradling with support. 3 Anyone with back issues can relate to this being the most important reason. I have gone through three spine fusions and it was necessary. I put ice packs on my back when I work. I left a wet spot on the cloth on the back of the chair after a while. I can work for hours with zero wet spot issues because of the mesh back of this chair. This chair is a home run for me because of the three features and easy assembly. It is practical and comfortable from seconds to hours of use.

8. Z Boy Executive Adjustable Ergonomic Computer

Z Boy Executive Adjustable Ergonomic Computer

Premium cushion foam and padded headrests are included in the office chair. The consecration design has high-quality white leather and neutral metal tones. It is sylish andTILE. Any home office or entertainment space has a nice complement. It's great for studying gaming and watching movies. All Day Comfort has fully adjusted height recline and tilt settings. All Day Comfort has fully adjusted height recline and tilt settings.

Brand: La-z-boy

👤It would have been perfect to match it with a glass and gold desk. It was a piece of garbage. In every way. To make sure it was not us, it was reassembled three times. I should call LaZboy instead of asking for a refund right away, according to Amazon. I called the number they suggested. The lady at the number gave me a number that worked. Waited over an hour on the phone. They were told they didn't have the parts. Is this the end? They didn't have the parts. It was broken down again and re-packed for shipment back to Amazon. I'll get a refund because they won't replace it. Don't waste your time on this chair, keep looking. Which is what I'm doing now after a lot of wasted time and frustration.

👤I have read that this chair is difficult to assemble. I can't claim either of those things. The chair arrived in good condition and my husband was able to assemble it. I would have heard about it if it wasn't so hard to assemble, since he swears when he puts things together that are difficult for him. I work from home and my office is on the other side of the house. It's important that my office meshes with my home. The chair fits the bill. The gold accents are nice and the off-white color is stylish and goes nicely with the rest of the office. Since I have bad back and arthritis in both hips, comfort is important. This chair is comfortable as well. I would recommend this chair to anyone who is looking for a chair that is comfortable and stylish.

👤The seller said it had "minor cosmetic damages." When the product arrived, there was a written note by the seller inside the poorly packaged box saying "item is missing parts and was obviously a return with lots of damage." The seller's item description did not include this. I had to go to the local store to get the best fitting screws to replace the missing ones, and it was not worth the price. How am I supposed to return this in a bad package? I have had the worst buy from Amazon. It is probably one of the most expensive. It was a disappointment.

👤I bought this chair in 2020. The seat is broken after two months of use. The size of the screws is incorrect. I called both lazada and amazon to inquire about the seller. My call was not picked up by True Innovations. On May 21st, 2020, I sent them a message about my problem with this chair. I was asked to send pictures and receipts to him. I immediately replied with all the information. He never answered me again after Oct 2020. He told me that they wouldn't serve the seat. I paid for a chair. I only used it for a couple of months. The quality and service are not good. I won't buy anything from them again.

9. Ergonomic Computer Office Midback Chair

Ergonomic Computer Office Midback Chair

It is built for comfort. The chair is made of mesh for long- lasting comfort. The locking mechanism keeps the back upright and relieves the stress and pain of other office chairs. Users have full mobility whether they are working on the computer, or meeting in the office, thanks to the ergonomics design. Their chairs pass all components of the BIFIMA certification and are a reliable option for users weighing up to 250 pounds. Their chair is easy to assemble with all the necessary tools. In about 10 minutes, you will be set up and ready to play, with step-by-step instructions. They want their customers to feel comfortable on the day and that's why they have a customer guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the chair, please contact Best Office customer service.

Brand: Bestoffice

👤I noticed that the chair had a warning underneath it. Why are they allowed to sell this? Wtf.

👤It's not built to last. It has not lasted a year. I weigh only 153 lbs. Look at the photos I posted. The metal cracked.

👤The chair is comfortable. It's easy to assemble with the included allen wrench and spare screws. The chair is very strong once assembled. It rolls and spins. For a more in-depth review, watch the video.

👤There are pros and cons. Easy to assemble CONS: price, shipping, and easy to assemble. I purchased this product over the weekend and it arrived within a few days. Shipping expectations were met. All parts and hardware were clearly labeled when I opened the box. Building a chair is easy. The screws are of different lengths, so be sure to pay attention. I looked at the chair after completing instruction. The chair frame itself was shown to be blemished, faded, and stressed in the photos that accompany the review. There were exposed edges. I was worried that I had missed a step when I first sat in the chair. It was very weak and weak from side to side. I ran through the instructions again and checked all the screws. The chair still feels uneasy to sit in. There is a lot of movement in the seat bolster and you can feel it on the floor. If I sit still and tun my head, the chair tilts to that side. The support for the back is not very good. It seems a bit lacking. The armrests are useless. I stand 6' tall and sitting straight up, my arms are not able to make contact with the arms at all. They are too short for me. If you don't sit with your knees touching, your thighs will push against the fixed arms, causing more pain. If you're looking for a comfortable and supportive chair that you can work in throughout the day, I can't recommend this chair.

👤The armrest broke in half after 1 month. Be careful with this chair. Not as strong as I thought. I heard a loud pop while I was in it.

👤I received a unit that deserved negative stars. I have to give it a 1 star because there is no rating. I never advanced to the next stage of assembly as I could not attach the wheels in any way that they wouldn't fall off when the base was turned right side up. This shows that the manufacturing quality is poor. The chair is not made in the USA according to someone who answered a question. The box is labeled "Made in China". This is not the chair for those who want to avoid Chinese products.

👤If you have never built a chair before, this review might help you out. The little marks are normal and probably from the factory. Pros- The parts came with nothing broken and the screws were not stripped. Each part had packaging on it to make sure it was protected. The instructions were useful in telling you what to do. See the cons. The chair is not as stable as you think, but it has instructions to not stand on it. It was a little too high for me, but it gave you enough height for any type of office desk. I was surprised how light it was. The wooden floor makes it easy to move the wheels around. There is a A lot of support on your back is easy. The instructions for step 2 will make it difficult for any beginner, I recommend putting the armrests on the back first to get rid of any future problems, since the holes are easier to move around. Armrests are very low for someone around 6 feet tall. At least they gave you a tool. This chair is great for the price and has no defects in its design. I feel more support on one side than the other, but it might be my fault. This feels good for a big guy under 250 lbs. The chair did not last 3 months. Cheap materials.

10. ZLHECTO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

ZLHECTO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

Installation tools and instructions are in a carton and can be installed in 20 minutes. If the chair has quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a 3-year warranty and replace the damaged accessories for free. After 100,000 experiments, the seat surface is durable for 10 years, and the rotation isdurable for 10 years. An extra 4 cm heightened backrest, extra thick cushions and a thickened explosion-proof seat plate give you more comfort and double coverage. The ZLHECTO office chair uses cotton material which responds to your body's unique features. By perfectly supporting your weight, size, and even temperature, it will help you feel more comfortable in jobs that require extended sitting. The chair has a mesh back that allows air to flow. The mesh task chair is built with easy adjustments for tailored comfort. The armrest and back support enhance ergonomics. The computer chair can support up to 300 pounds over eight hours of continuous use. The rolling casters make it easy to move across the floor. It is suitable for any floor. They guarantee their customers 100% satisfaction with their desk chair. If you don't like the chair, you can email them and get a replacement or a full refund. It's better to MzE than MzE. Order it now and it will be free. ADD TO CART Right now!

Brand: Anacci

👤I had a list of features I wanted in a new chair. 1. My previous faux leather chair was brittle and left a mess around my floor. It's harder to find this when you want the arm rests to have it. 2. I like to sit cross-legged in my chair and have room to do so because of the arm rests. I don't want to be pinched on the edges of the seat cushion, so it had plastic on the sides. High back. I like the neck freedom while I sit. 5. The recline can be locked. One of the few that fit all the boxes was the lower back support chair. I contacted the company directly because the chair wasn't listed in black on Amazon. I was able to still purchase through Amazon because of their support. The only complaint I have with this chair is that the armrest padding isn't super thick. If I dig my elbow into it while leaning for a long period of time, it's usually not a sign of this, but the padding is adequate. The features and quality are great in this price range and I would buy again.

👤I love this chair. For a number of reasons. 1. No tools were needed other than the allen wrench that was provided. 2. Sturdy and comfortable! The seat cushion is very comfortable. The support for the back is strong. 3. Excellent customer service. I need some extra support since I'm just a little too short, so I ordered the free pillow. I was offered a credit for the pillows that were out. I could buy one. The purple chair I purchased at Staples a few months ago was not as good as the ZLHECTO ergonomics desk chair. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I highly recommend this seller.

👤The chair is good for my issues. I need to sit upright with good back support. I like the fact that the seat isn't too wide and cumbersome, and that the back support is adjusted to fit my body type. This chair does not make me feel like I'm falling forward because my knees are a little lower than my hips. It was one reason I ordered it, and thanks to the other reviewer who griped about that feature. The flip-up arm rests allow me to pull it up close to the table, but also put them down to watch TV. I can raise my body up off the seat by pressing down on the armrests, which will open up my spine. I needed the seat to raise at least 20 inches, and some other chairs don't. The only complaint I have so far is that crumbs and hair get caught in the seat webbing material. It's wobbly where the seat connects to the post, like most office chairs.

👤The chair is not comfortable. I am tall and the support didn't meet my needs. The support is made of plastic and slides behind the mesh. It's pretty uncomfortable because it isn't cushion. The back of the chair is too far back for my taste and it isn't adjusted. I feel like I am sitting down rather than standing up. They were out when I requested one, but they gave me a booklet with information about their guarantee, which included a free back support pillow for those that need it. I bet I can figure it out. Customer service was great. I returned the chair because they offered to give me an allowance to purchase a different pillow, but I didn't. I will probably donate the chair because they didn't want me to return it. I'm not sure it will work for me.

11. SICHY AGE Ergonomic Headrest Adjustable

SICHY AGE Ergonomic Headrest Adjustable

This is an ideal first office chairs for family and friends. Do you want them to be surprised? This is the perfect chair for a carnival, birthday, Halloween, or Christmas. The office chair is suitable for people of all heights and weights, and can relieve the pressure on the back from long hours of work. The chair is for heavy people. The home office desk chair has a wider armrest to accommodate different body types. You will not feel constrained when you sit down if you weigh more than 1000 lbs. The black mesh office chair has a smooth texture and is better for you. The Flip Armrests are 90 years old. The armrests have a folding function. The soft mesh fabric in this chair won't irritate your skin and won't cause you to feel a sensation of pucker. The seat cushion is made of one-piece high-density sponge with good resilience, which is 3.4 inches thick, highly elastic and comfortable, suitable for any weight, comfortable to sit for a long time. The chair with a headrest can help relieve neck muscle fatigue. Sturdy and durable, this office chair with wheels, silent wheels roll smoothly, sturdy chair can hold a maximum weight of 1000 lbs. A modern office chair is suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, conference room and office.

Brand: Sichy Age

👤This is the second day I have this chair. It was a challenge to put it together, but I got it done. Some people need someone else to do it. I agree with other reviewers that it is built like a tank and heavy. It made me feel more confident that it would last. I replaced the wheels that came with it with the Rollerblade Casters wheels which made it sit a tad higher. I thought of putting a seat on one of those carts when I put the completed seat on the bottom. It was going to be a good thing. I put it in the office. The seat is very comfortable. The way the seat is made over the course of the next two days has not caused me circulation issues like I had been experiencing. The form of the seat was comfortable for me. I sat to get used to it. I noticed that my heal was off the ground.

👤The chair works well for me, but it can be hard to find a chair that is comfortable for you. A large person might not feel as comfortable as a tall one.

👤It is comfortable to sit.

👤I am not reviewing the full list price of the chair, but the price it was at the time of purchase, and not the full list price now. I bought this chair because there were no reviews, but so far it has been very good. I have been looking for a desk chair with flip-up arms that I can use to play guitar. I tried a chair that had a mesh back and seat and it was not comfortable at all. The surfaces were rubbery and I could never get comfortable. The chair is comfortable but a little on the firm side. The back is made of mesh, but it feels like cloth. The seat bottom has a similar fabric to the headrest and armrests. The picture shows that the seat back is in line with the armrests, so if they are both up, you won'tbump into them. Good for the guitar playing and being able to get the chair close to the desk. On a good day, I am about 6'3" tall and the headrest lands on my upper neck/lower head. If you are tall and want a headrest that touches that back of your head, this will be a little short for you. The wheels are cheap. They are functional and roll without problems, but as you put the chair together, it would be the wheels that saved you money. I don't see a need to upgrade them yet, because they are standard sized. The back support is kept at its lowest setting. It didn't feel better at higher positions, but I could feel a difference. The seat has good support out towards my knees. You may find it too big if you are like 5'2”. If you lean on your elbow a lot, there isn't enough padding for the armrests, but if you rest the arm on them, they are comfortable. I factored in the price I paid to the rating when I gave it five stars. Sometimes the recline lock sticks are unlocked and the handle is in the unlocked position. It needs to be lined back up and locked. I can't seem to lock the chair in a reclined position, it's either locked upright or free to lean back. The tensioner seems to work. There are some noises when shifting positions. The handle is the cause of some of that. I will try to retighten all the bolts after a few more days to see if that helps. There were some issues with the instructions that I wanted to share. The instructions only show 4 washers being used, not 8. I believe the other 4 should be used on the K screws when attaching the seat back to the seat bottom. The seat bottom bolts are supposed to be M6 x 20mm according to the instructions. The bolts were the same size as the ones used to hold the seat together. If I see bolts of the 20mm size at a hardware store, I will replace them just in case. The creaking has gotten worse. If the seat is locked in place of not, the seat tilts and happens if there is a lot of play in the hinge. There's no way to see why there's excess movement or better bushings.


What is the best product for best ergonomic computer chairs lumbar?

Best ergonomic computer chairs lumbar products from Samofu. In this article about best ergonomic computer chairs lumbar you can see why people choose the product. Tacroney and Mimoglad are also good brands to look for when you are finding best ergonomic computer chairs lumbar.

What are the best brands for best ergonomic computer chairs lumbar?

Samofu, Tacroney and Mimoglad are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best ergonomic computer chairs lumbar. Find the detail in this article. Hbada, Samofu and Serta are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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