Best Best Electric Toothbrush for Gums

Toothbrush 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Oral B Black Pro 1000 Rechargeable

Oral B Black Pro 1000 Rechargeable

A regular manual toothbrush can remove up to 300 percentage more plaque along the gum line than a clinically proven superior 3D cleaning. The pressure sensor stops the pulsation movement if you brush too hard, and the in handle timer helps you brush for a dentist recommended 2 minutes. The Daily Clean mode rotates to break up plaque. The pack includes 1 Oral B Professional Handle, 1 CrossAction Brush head, and a charger. The replacement toothbrush heads are compatible with CrossAction, 3D White, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, FlossAction, Deep Sweep, Ortho and dual clean. Does not fit brush heads. The packaging and refill color may be different.

Brand: Oral-b

👤The Pro 1500 isn't on Oral-B's website. When I bought the Pro 1500 almost a year ago, I asked Oral-B why it wasn't on their website, because I was worried I had just bought a discontinued product. They told me that it was a brand new item that they had just released and that they were going to add the Pro 1500 to their site soon. I know that it's nearly a year later and they still haven't done it, but I have been to their site several times per month since then and I'm not surprised it's not on their site yet. I think anyone could do a better job with their website than someone is doing it now. I have noticed that it is falling apart. Some elements have not worked for months. Better people to handle and operate their website is what they need. The price for the Pro 1000 and Pro 1500 was the same as when I wrote the review. The price of the Pro 1500 is more than twenty dollars more than it was when I wrote this review, and is currently close to thirty dollars more than the Pro 1000. I bought this to replace a very old Vitality. It was an upgrade over the Vitality, but I learned from Oral-B that the Pro 1500 is superior. The Pro 1000 has a pressure sensor that is supposed to stop the pulsations when it's triggered. A red battery level indicator blinks a few times if the battery needs to be charged, and a green charge indicator that blinks while charging, but stays off when it's not. A red battery level indicator blinks a few times if the battery needs to be charged, and a green charge indicator that blinks while charging, but stays off when it's not. The CrossAction brush head is very basic. A NiMH battery has a battery life of 20 minutes. 19 hours is a full reload time. The Sensitive Gum Care brush head came with no charge indicators or battery life indicators. The Vitality seems like a generic electric toothbrush. Don't buy it. It was amazing when I upgraded to the Pro 1000. I ordered the Oral-B Pro 1500 because I wanted to write a rave review. I can tell you that the Pro 1500 is better than the Pro 1000. I don't think the Pro 1000 should ever be sold. The Pro 1000 is destroyed by the Pro 1500 right now. If the Pro 1000 had a Ion battery, I would have given it 4 stars. They last longer without charging. So. Yes. If you can get the Pro 1500, I would not recommend the Pro 1000. The Pro 1500 is a better purchase. I'm very happy with mine. The Pro 1000 is in the water.

👤I left my sonic care at my overseas location and bought this. It was supposed to be awesome and ready for a change. It is like brushing your teeth with a weed whacker. It is so loud! It was not smooth at all. My teeth are hurt after brushing. I had a headaches after the first use. There is a hole in the brush head. I threw the box away because I was stupid.

2. AquaSonic Black Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

AquaSonic Black Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

40,000 VPM Smart Toothbrush is a toothbrush. The Black Series is a modern electric toothbrush with the most up to date technology. It has an industry leading motor that can produce 40,000 vibrations per minute, a battery that can last up to 4 hours, and a travel case that is ultra- slim and lightweight. They put their money in your mouth. The ADA seal of approval has been earned by the Black Series. It helps to remove plaque and prevent gingivitis. Black Series provides complete oral care with unique modes that include one for Whitening and polishing teeth and one for improving gum health. Every Black Series toothbrush comes with a travel case and 8 brush heads engineered by the world's leader in quality and materials science. 8 brush heads will last over 2.5 years. A custom hard shell travel case with space for two brush heads is included. AquaSonic can last 4 weeks on a full charge, so it's perfect for on the go travel. Modern Tech for a healthy smile - Black Series brings toothbrushes into modern times with built in enhanced features. The sleek and waterproof black handle has been enhanced with features such as a smart vibrating notification timer, a smart battery, and an ultra fast wireless charging. The AquaSonic Black Series Smart Toothbrush is one of the things in the box.

Brand: Aquasonic

👤I have been using Sonicare for a long time. Sonicare claimed it couldn't find my registration, so it wouldn't honor its warranty. The Sonicare Diamond Clean is one-fifth of the price on Amazon. The Sonicare models have the same "motor" as the Diamond Clean. The brush fits on the Aqua Sonic. I don't know how long the Aqua Sonic will last, but it has a 13 month warranty, which is more than Sonicare's two and a half year warranty. The Aquasonic would still cost less if I replaced it. The Sonicare wand won't work if the battery dies or if you drop it on the floor. Sonicare's customer service has been exceptional, but it's not clear how you contact Beauty Imports if there is a problem. I have owned the Aqua Sonic for a few months and it seems to be as effective as a Sonicare. I have been getting 60 two-minute brushes per charge, more than twice my experience with Sonicare, which suggests that the battery will last longer. The timer stopped working after a week. Amazon eventually figured out how to fix the problem, but the rep doesn't specialize in AquaSonic, so she has to look up the answer. If you have the same problem, just press the "on" button for 20 seconds, the same solution that Sonicare has. The Aquacare has a battery that lasts twice as long as Sonicare and comes with eight brushes, which is more than Sonicare. Sonicare has a pressure sensor, which I think is a solution for a problem. The Sonicare 4100 has a 4.3 star review on Amazon, but the Aqua Sonic review is better with an average of 4.5 stars. The last two items are covered by a warranty. Amazon has good customer service if Beauty Imports isn't responsive.

👤I ordered 2 of these units several weeks ago at a much lower price. They were delivered to you by Amazon Prime. The unit is an excellent product. I have used both Oral-B and Sonicare sets, each with 2 handles. The batteries couldn't take a charge anymore, so I shared them with my spouse for a couple of years. Since then, I have purchased a "generic" set through the same company. NiCad batteries were in all of the toothbrushes. You have to go to the higher-end new models in Oral-B and Sonicare to get the latest and best battery technology. The AquaSonic has a battery. The handle is black and has a good grip. It looks nice. The various modes and 30-second timers with auto shut-off is a terrific feature. The Oral-B stutter-stepped to signal the 2-minute cycle but would keep running until it was shut off. The first brush head is still firm after a few weeks. The set of 9 will last a long time. I suggest waiting for the item to come back to Amazon Prime at a fifth of the price I see for the latest product posting. The brush set is gorgeous.

👤I went in for my periodontal checkup this week and waited to post this review. The best deal in the market is the electric toothbrush that the dental hygienist recommended to me, and I bought it because of that. After using a dental instrument to clean my teeth for 3 months, there was hardly any tartar build up, which is even better. She recommended that I come in 2x a year instead of 4x a year so that I could save more money for copays. I am very pleased with the results of this toothbrush. It will give the big guys a run for their money. The toothbrush is not holding its charge. Can the battery be replaced?

3. Smart Limited Electronic Toothbrush Black

Smart Limited Electronic Toothbrush Black

The travel case has a rechargeable handle. You never miss a zone because of position detection. The Multicolor SmartRing on the electric toothbrush has a coaching feature. Pressure sensor technology slows brush speed. A travel case is included.

Brand: Oral-b

👤I wake up knowing I need to brush since I got this brush. It's exciting to use because it can help determine how well you brush and keep a record of it. If you don't use your phone, the whole brush will vibrate and tell you to move your mouth. I wish I had found this brush sooner.

👤I bought this product in February. After 6 months of use, mine died.

👤I have never had a better toothbrush. It didn't need a charge for 3 weeks. The battery lasted the entire trip. The caring case and app help show me how to brush my teeth.

👤I had a white one for 10 years. The design is still there.

👤I left this in my cart. I just bought it. I have no regrets two months later.

👤I have a toothbrush with a carry case. That was the main reason to upgrade, and it was a steal because of Black Friday. The brush lasts a good 7 days on the highest setting, so I think that is a good sign, even though I haven't been to the dentist since purchasing. The light makes it possible to brush in the dark, something I never thought I needed. A good brush, a good case and a happy camper.

👤The product is easy to use and charge for. My mouth feels clean after I use it. The brush guiding is my only complaint. If you have a beard or facial hair, it doesn't always show the cleaning you are doing. It shows that you did not complete your brushing. You don't have to use that.

👤I like the brushes. I have a charging case and this one is cheap and has a non-charging box. I returned it immediately. It is sad to see that they make junk and charge so much for it. Make sure it has a charging box.

👤This electric toothbrush is fascinating to me. I will try to keep it short. It cleans my teeth, as nearly all electric toothbrushes do. The pressure sensor tells me when I brush too hard. So loud. It's not ideal for traveling. The ring light looks cheap. The app is useless. It was too expensive. The case was cheap. I'm all for making household items more connected. There has to be a purpose. The toothbrush does not have any benefit beyond the electric toothbrushes. I think it's like choosing between a $40 garden shovel and the exact same garden shovel at $150+, but it has bluetooth. What does the device do? If it's time to buy a spade, it tracks it. You might be asked to get some special polish to shine the shovel. The money was wasted. It still serves its purpose of cleaning my teeth.

👤It's easy to figure it out once you read the instructions. It helps to make sure I clean my teeth well. I like the app.

👤I like the toothbrush, but sometimes I don't like it because you have to reset it when you go to use it. It was very frustrating. Someone said the battery life lasts 3 weeks. It only lasts over a week. Still like the toothbrush. I will wait to see if the hygienist notices a difference when I go for a checkup at the dentist.

4. AquaSonic DUO PRO ToothBrushes Sanitizing

AquaSonic DUO PRO ToothBrushes Sanitizing

Duo Pro is even better than the Pro Home & Travel System. Duo Pro has 2 IPX7 waterproof midnight black and optic white smart toothbrushes with 40,000VPM Ultrasonic motors, Li-ion batteries (30 days on a single charge), 4 unique modes with smart timers, and true wireless charging. A new dock with autotimer kills most germs. Duo Pro has 10 ProFlex brush heads and 2 custom travel cases. UV Sanitization kills 99% of Germs, but brushing brush heads doesn't kill the rest. Duo Pro uses an auto-timed UV sanitizing chamber to kill 99.99% of germs and prevent them from multiplying before your next brushing session. The dual brush docking stations have wireless charging. They put their money in your mouth. Duo Pro has earned the ADA seal of approval for investing in premium oral care technologies. It helps to remove plaque and prevent gingivitis. Duo Pro provides complete oral care with unique modes that include one for Whitening and polishing teeth and one for improving gum health. Duo Pro features 10 ProFlex brush heads and 2 travel cases that are engineered by Dupont to use just the right amount of elasticity to greatly enhance cleaning and whitening. The travel cases are colorcoded. The Duo Pro smart brush will last for 30 days on a single charge, so you don't have to take your charging base with you. The box contains 1 Midnight Black Smart Toothbrush, 1 Optic White Smart Toothbrush, 1 UV Sanitizing and Wireless Charging Base, 5 Midnight Black ProFlex brush heads, and 1 Midnight Black Travel Case.

Brand: Aquasonic

👤I rarely leave reviews, but I am an avid review reader. I have only had this product for a day, but I can not believe the difference in brushing my teeth with traditional or cheap electric toothbrushes. Do you get the feeling after a dental cleaning? That is how I feel after using this product. I am very happy with the results of my mouth. The hand is comfortable to hold and use, and I love the UV light. I am still very satisfied after having this product for several months. If you are considering purchasing, do it.

👤The design has a very soft coating on all material. The toothbrush head cover is minimalist and the travel case is good. The dentist recommends changing your head every 3 months, but the extra accessories will last you a year. You're brushing with a normal toothbrush if you have the slightest amount of pressure. This isn't powerful for people with no experience with an electric toothbrush. It may be great for kids. It's hard to align the heads with the knowns at the bottom because of the UV. I struggled with this and it was not very functional. It would be great if it opened down. The toothbrush heads can be purchased, but they are$15 and shipped per color. They are only found under another vendor, and you have to ask the vendor the name of the product, it's called toothbrush heads, and they don't rinse well, lots of toothpaste gets trapped, and you have to use your fingers to clean. This is not meant for adults who want an electric toothbrush because travel cases do not have UV in them. It is like a child's toy with the sophistication of an adult. I bought the Fairy Will brand to compare it to the other one since they were so similar and I recommend that over this brand. It performs great, but it's a bit more expensive. This was a great idea, but it doesn't have the power to do what it looks like.

👤We used a major brand with the same cleaning feature. If one of us travels, we don't have to use a manual toothbrush because there are two handles. There were 10 brush heads. The two colors let us know we have the correct brush. There are three mode settings and an on/ off switch for power. The timer is set so it is easy to clean your mouth at a time. The AquaSonic Duo surpasses our opinion.

👤I bought this product when there were hardly any reviews and I typically read a lot of them before purchasing anything so it was a risky buy for me. It turned out good. The set up is easy, and takes up less space than a toothbrush and a UV cleaner. I like the ability to clean the brushes. The brush heads have to align with the shape of the spikes at the bottom in order to face the light. It's not easy to do and if you have trouble with dexterity or sight it will be hard for you. I haven't traveled with the travel packs yet. I haven't let it run out of battery yet. It went a week without charging and stayed up. The brush can't be separated from the charger. You would need to bring the whole dock to charge one where you are going if they only dock together. I like the ability to change the settings for different things. The brush stops after 2 minutes. This feature is annoying but I don't notice it anymore. I think this is a good brush for the money, it leaves the teeth feeling clean and polished. If you're looking to spend less than $100 on 2 quality brushes, this is it.

5. Colgate Optic Powered Vibrating Toothbrush

Colgate Optic Powered Vibrating Toothbrush

20,000 sonic toothbrush strokes per minute are activated by a battery powered toothbrush. The toothbrush has polishing cups and bristles. The cups are used to remove stains from teeth. Soft toothbrush bristles for a more gentle and effective clean from this vibrating toothbrush that aids in the removal of plaque from hard to reach areas. The toothbrush has a built in tongue and cheek cleaner. The toothbrush head is not replaceable. There is a toothbrush and a battery.

Brand: Colgate

👤I have been using the Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush for over 4 years and need to get a new one because the heads die around 2 years old and cost around $12 a month. I can't believe how cheap this product is. The Sonicare has fancy settings, sensors and an app that monitors how well you brush, but I felt like it took me a long time to brush my teeth, even though it has fancy settings. The tongue cleaner works great with the Colgate 360, it felt clean so much faster. I had to change the brush head on the Sonicare in order to clean my tongue. I can flip it over and it is done. I usually don't go for cheaper products if they are less expensive, but I was glad I tried this toothbrush. If you like soft brush, this is highly recommended.

👤I was surprised to see a cheap toothbrush. It is very slim and vibrates without going up or down like most other ones I have owned. The handle is pretty uncomfortable to hold because it vibrates.

👤I know the round-headed electric toothbrushes are supposed to be the best, but I have trouble getting behind this one leaning back tooth with those expensive brushes. It's cheaper, doesn't get smelly, and my teeth are really clean, which is a plus. My dentist is happy with my teeth.

👤I like the way this toothbrush works. The bristles vibrate from side to side as shown in the video. It's only $5. Once the bristles start to degrade, throw the brush away. The electric brush does a good job of cleaning your teeth and produces more toothpaste lather than the non-electric ones. You will definitely see a change in your teeth if you use it.

👤We bought a few different brands of toothbrush for our family to try out because I was a little uncertain about buying an electric toothbrush for $5. This one is my favorite. It takes a double battery to make it work, so if you know the handle size, it will fit. The battery lasted a long time and the price was right. I would buy this again.

👤I was advised by my dentist to try an electric tooth, but most were out of my price point and I had difficulty changing the battery in those I had purchased. The battery is inside the brush, so there is no need for a replacement. It comes in a pack of 2 and is a great value, I have a second one so ordering time can be extended, and I replace my brush every three months. I would recommend this product because it has a battery life that can last as long as three months or as little as one month depending on how much you use it for.

👤I had surgery on my middle finger. I'm right handed. I realized that brushing my teeth with my left hand wasn't working well for me. I ordered the toothbrush on Amazon because I wanted to use it during my healing. I now love it. I had not tried an automatic toothbrush in a long time. The built-in battery still works well. It's also cheap when you compare it to regular toothbrushes. I'll order another when it's over. The only negative is that you don't have a choice of colors.

6. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Rechargeable HX6850

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Rechargeable HX6850

A safe and gentle toothbrush is better for your gum health than a manual toothbrush. When you're brushing your teeth, use a pressure sensor to alert you if you're brushing too hard. When to replace your brush head is a reminder. The handle isSlim andErgonomic design. You can personalize your brushing experience with 3 modes: Clean, White and Gum Care. 2 minute Smartimer with QuadPacer helps ensure Dental Professional recommended brushing time and a consistent clean throughout your mouth.

Brand: Philips Sonicare

👤The 5100 model has the same difference as the 4100. There are three modes of cleaning, Whitening and Gum. The duration of the 3 programs is different. It is hard to argue that it is worth an extra $20 since there is no magic to the times. I would go for the 4100 and buy a few additional brush heads with the savings.

👤I switched from the Oral B to the Sonicare and have never looked back. I had the DiamondClean for about 5 years. The Series 2 was purchased by me because they were selling it for less than $100 at the time, and my wife needed a new one as well. The DiamondClean is much stronger than the technical specifications suggest. I forgot the Series 2 in a hotel and had to find a replacement. The performance of the Series 2 isn't as strong as it was before. The DiamondClean is 3-4 times the cost of the Series 2 so hard to justify. I took a chance on this new model. It is the same performance as the DiamondClean and it is awesome. The new pressure sensitive feedback is great, but there are a few modes that few will use. It is easy to put too much pressure on the brush and this feature will teach you how to correct that. This version has a lower grade case and a less fancy charger than the DiamondClean, but it is the same price. My wife will probably swap her Series 2 for this option. It is a great value and does not reduce the performance.

👤I can not use this product. My dentist said it was damaging my teeth. Money goes down the drain. There is a lot of false marketing on this product. Everything on the page makes it sound great. It is so painful when you use it that the vibration is so strong. If you open your mouth slightly, it will shoot toothpaste all over your mirror. This feature does not work on this item because I need something that will tell me if I am brushing too hard. I tried to push it on my tongue, but it didn't work.

👤I like how this cleans my teeth, and it looks a lot better than our older model. Our older model had the tooth brush on the handle, but this one doesn't. That was the main motivator for us to switch. There are two things I don't like. It's hard to keep clean despite being a relatively clean person, because the black color shows white toothpaste debris a lot more. It's like Sisyphus, there is white on the base. 2. You can't get any of the special features until you brush your teeth for two minutes. I know I have to brush for two minutes, but sometimes I can't. I never get my gum treatment if I turn it off. You can't remove it from your mouth when it's on to spit because it will splatter everywhere.

7. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Rechargeable HX6423

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Rechargeable HX6423

The three different modes are Clean, White and Gum Care. Pressure sensor protects teeth and gums from brushing pressure, and improves gum health up to 100% more than a manual toothbrush. When to replace your brush head is a reminder. The 2 minute timer with quadpacer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time and encourages brushing in each quadrant of the mouth. The battery indicator light tells you when to replenish. There is a power supply with a voltage of 220 V.

Brand: Philips Sonicare

👤The Sonicare model 5300 was purchased by me. I couldn't register this on the website for the extended warranty. Why? The model number would not show up on the menu. There was no Sonicare 5300 listed. The closest item was 6423/85, but it was not the same toothbrush item. That was the problem. I got this toothbrush to clean plaque first and foremost with gum care and Whitening coming in 2nd and 3rd. The box had 3 brushes. There were 2 Whitening heads and 1 Gum Care Head, but no clean head. The manual talked about it, but not in its entirety. I had to purchase a separate head for the cleaning mode because I didn't have a clean C2 head. The coupon code for the free brush head did not work, so you are supposed to register and get it. It was only trying to register me for auto payment and auto delivery brush heads on the assumption that I will need new brush heads every 3 months or 90 days. Sorry, no thanks. Misleading advertising? I think so. I bought your brush for 100 bucks. Can you give me a cleaning head? What about Philips? These expectations are unreasonable? I am not happy. The person steps over dollars for nickels.

👤3 days ago, I received it. The built in program that makes it stronger each time you use it for the first 2 weeks may be the reason it doesn't seem as strong as the diamond version. My only problem is that I have to register it to get your brush head. To get the brush head, you have to enroll in a program that will automatically send you the head for a fee. They don't have a model number on their website. This is strange and makes me wonder if this is an old model that they no longer carry. As time goes on, I will update this.

👤The product really cleans your teeth. Better results with a standard brush. The offer of a free brush head is a marketing trap. Don't waste time. You will get the code "FREEBRUSHHEAD" when you sign up for the subscription, but you have to use it to get three brush heads every couple of months for a minimum of $13 per shipment. Don't bother with it and just use the sonic toothbrush.

👤It was amazing. My other electric brush is old technology. It is powerful yet concentrated. I use a sonic cavitron on my patients. I recommend this toothbrush for everyone because I am a dentist.

👤I upgraded my toothbrush after 10 years. I bought Sonic because it shuts off after 2 minutes and gives you 30 second reminders to brush your teeth. The O-brand is easier to reach than the sonic brush. The Sonic has a quieter motion. This works well for me. If you put too much pressure on the brush, the O-brand will stop it. If you tend to brush too hard, that is a nice feature. There are four I like the travel case that came with the Sonic.

8. AquaSonic ProSpin Whitening Removing Toothbrush

AquaSonic ProSpin Whitening Removing Toothbrush

The most advanced plaque fighting toothbrush ever is ProSpin. AquaSonics signature teeth Whitening ability with more robust plaque fighting is offered by ProSpin. There are modes for whiter teeth, healthier gums, and a new visible LEDs pressure sensor that protects the teeth and gum health. AquaSonics new tech is an oral care game-changer. You can now clean the gum line while polishing the teeth. The dual-action brush heads are also engineered for this purpose. The white outer bristles are softer than the ones on the gum line. The inner blue bristles are more effective at removing stains from your teeth. A smart pressure sensor can be used to protect gum and Enamel Health. Over time, excessive pressure can damage tooth enamel. Micro-tears in sensitive gum tissue are caused by it. ProSpin has a new visible pressure sensor that will warn you if you apply too much pressure, it will protect your teeth and gum health. The travel case and brush heads are already included. You can save on brush heads by using the 6 dual-action heads. The included custom travel case makes ProSpin travel ready. ProSpin will last up to 1 month between needing charges, thanks to the built in battery. The Aqua Sonic ProSpin Electric Toothbrush is one of the things in the box.

Brand: Aquasonic

👤I did a lot of research into aquasonic because it had no reviews and I couldn't find anything else for it. I have never used the oral b equivalent. In comparison to any other electric tooth brush I've used and doing the motion manually with a normal toothbrush, what's the difference? This thing is amazing. My mouth feels clean in my life. It is good. I don't know if the case and device are large. I like how it feels in my hand and it says it is waterproof. So far, so good. If I remember correctly, I will update in 6 months or a year.

👤As I began to run out of replacement heads, I stumbled upon the Pro Spin, a product that I have owned for almost 4 years. I tried it as soon as possible after I received it. What can I say? It's another great product from Aqua Sonic. The ProSpin is so great that after the two minute session ended, I had to brush for two more. I used it with my Arm&Hammer toothpaste. A 5 star for this one as well. I will recommend this product to my family and friends after I have purchased one for my wife. The brush assembly broke after only one month of use. The brush fell apart once again after I placed a new one in. The machine is working well, but the brushes are not very good. I am lowering the rating to 2 stars because of the good experience I had with this brand.

👤The red light comes on when I use it, it's been on the charger for a long time. It doesn't feel powerful.

👤The carrying case was nice. The charge light stays red even though the unit has been charging all night. It's a good value, but not sure about long term battery life.

👤This is what I have been looking for. It's well made, comes with 6 heads for replacements, and has a nice travel case. Thank you AquaSonic for an amazing product. If you want a deep clean and better white teeth, you must buy it. The charger does not work.

👤The normal brush head version is what I have. My wife liked the round style, but she doesn't have the power to put pressure on it while brushing. A red light goes off. They don't want people to press to hard while brushing but it is to sensitive and doesn't do as good as the other. The round head system doesn't seem as strong or as good as a cleaning, like I said, love mine.

👤The toothbrush brushes my teeth, but it feels a little off. It is too heavy and wide. It makes it hard to brush my teeth. I thought the head spun, but it just vibrates, so that also makes me sad. Maybe it is in my head, but my teeth don't feel as clean.

👤If you haven't had it before, don't bother testing it out. Put your money toward a better quality product and save time and energy. I had an aqua sonic before and broke it trying to remove the head to put on a replacement one, which I have not found easy to do with aqua sonic toothbrushes. I was very excited to try this one. I was curious about the circular rotation toothbrush and thought it would be a good price for it. The first thing I noticed was how loud it was. If you have children like me, you would want to brush your teeth in a room where you can shut the door and not be seen by the kids. I did this after my first brush because my toothbrush was so loud. I was still excited despite the noise. The different settings on the toothbrush were appealing. The settings were the same regardless of what button you pressed. The buttons did not change the intensity of the toothbrush. It was a functioning toothbrush. I used it for a while. A piece of metal fell out while I was brushing my teeth. I have never been able to put a replacement head on it or get the original back on. I have a toothbrush shaped paperweight. This toothbrush changed my perception of sound.

9. Oral B Sensitive Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Sensitive Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

A travel case and 2 brush heads are included. A manual toothbrush can remove more plaque than a toothbrush with 100% more plaque. The Oral-B App can be used to monitor your brushing habits and connect to your electric toothbrush for personalized brushing routines. When to switch areas of your mouth is the subject of the in-handle brushing timer. The toothbrush handle has three modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care Mode and Sensitive Mode.

Brand: Oral-b

👤Poor battery life. Pressing buttons hard. Thepulse indicator is annoying when it is time to change mouth positions. I have had irritated my gums on a number of occasions. This thing is loud, coming from Sonicare. If sonicare is a stealth fighter all up in my mouth, this thing is an M1 Abrams tank. Disappointed. There is a real Amazon review for you. It's a rare thing these days.

👤I think I could have gotten the same quality and function with a cheaper electric toothbrush. The app only works half the time. They put the symbol and jacked the price up just because of it. Only half the time is if the app is pulled open on your phone and your toothbrush actually wants to connect that day. If you pressed hard, it only counts how long you did it. It doesn't show trends, no way to add whether you flossed or not. The app is really bad. I haven't been able to connect in a while. I'm ashamed I spent $80 on a teeth cleaning experience that was mediocre. I could have waited my brushing myself.

👤I've owned an Oral-B toothbrush for 20 years. They last a long time. The battery only lasts a few days now, but my last one lasted 12 years, and still works. I find it harder to hold onto this one than my others. I think it's a little more slender and it no longer has a rubber exterior on the backside, so it's a bit more slippery. I have never had a mold problem in the brush head after 20 years, even though some other people have said that. It's important to remove the head after each use to allow it to dry. I think I will stick with the brush head until I hear from the dentist about the plaque on my teeth and gums. I've found that my 220v electrical source is not compatible with a small, inexpensive, 220v transformer, so I've decided to use a small, inexpensive, 220v transformer.

👤I suffer from dry mouth due to an autoimmune condition that causes me to build up heavy plaque that is hard to remove. The electric toothbrush that I use is the first one that does not cause irritation to my gums. My dentist noticed immediate benefits when I used a pro-gum health toothpaste. I still need gum surgery, but it will be less intrusive than initially planned.

👤I have brushed my toothbrush with the Sonicare for many years and it would not have changed if the compact head brush had not been discontinued. The OralB brush is too deep. The placement of the power button is different than the Sonicare brush. The toothbrush we use is not the one we look for because it doesn't do a good job cleaning teeth and the circular movement of the brush is similar to the one used by a dentist.

👤My dentist told me that I must be using it too aggressively because I have been using a Sonicare for years. I didn't seem to ask for his recommendation. He uses a Sonicare, but he recommends the Oral-B as a good brush for flossing. I'm very happy with the way my teeth are cleaned. It was time for me to stop using my brush.

10. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush

Their toothbrush is the best ever for clean and complete care. The best-in-class clean removes up to 10x more plaque and improves gum health in just 2 weeks, compared to a manual toothbrush. White+ mode will remove up to 100% more stains in 3 days, while a manual toothbrush can take up to a week. Get the best results with real-time feedback, automated progress report, and automatic mode pairing that syncs your 4 premium brush heads to the optimal brushing mode. Their travel case has a charging port that lets you charge your toothbrush while on the go. You can set up automatic deliveries with Amazon Dash Replenishment. There are two types of tablets that can be compatible with the Android phones and the Bluetooth 4.0 enabled tablets.

Brand: Philips Sonicare

👤I was very excited to purchase this toothbrush after reading the reviews, it is suppose to be the best there is. I didn't notice much difference in cleanness but it made brushing teeth simpler because it was working well and performing well. There is debris on the power button and head after 9 months. Let's think about it. The toothbrush is supposed to work with water and toothpaste. I dried it after I cleaned it, but it didn't help. A $240 electric toothbrush that fails due to use with water and toothbrush is a joke. The right way to fix the design is to put waterproof buttons where the debris cannot accumulate behind them. I tried to get a refund from the company. Only a replacement. I got one year left because the warranty starts from the first purchase. They will replace it until my warranty is done. I tried to get a refund from Amazon, but they didn't help me at all. If it won't last at least you didn't spend $240, I urge you to stay away from this product.

👤The toothbrush and charging travel case were replaced in the box I opened. They were replaced with a cheaper version. They were all used and dirty. There was a toothbrush and a case. This is gross and disgusting. This is an IRRESPONSIBLE sale from Amazon and it is definitely a fraud to replace the original ones with used and cheaper ones.

👤The electric toothbrush is working well so far. It is disappointing that you have to create a user account with personal information in order to use the smart features, and that you have to consent to the use of your personal data.

👤In the last year and a half, I have had two of these. After 10 months, the first one stopped working. The person is dead. Customer service made me go through a lot of steps that I had already done. I received a new one that was probably refurbished. 9 months later. The second one died. Call customer service through a chat. Cut off 3 times and no one contacts me. I'm done with Sonicare. It's time to try another brand.

👤I was ready to improve my dental hygiene when I bought this toothbrush. The product was delivered on January 3rd and has stopped working. The toothbrush won't charge and won't turn on. There is no way to contact the seller anymore. I have a $250 paperweight. I won't use a toothbrush from them again. The app felt like it still needed some bugs worked out even though the toothbrush was working. Don't pay so much for this toothbrush.

👤I'll be comparing this to an earlier model that I've used for the past two years, pink is the new one, black is the earlier model. If you haven't tried a sonic toothbrush, you will be amazed at how clean your teeth feel. I've never gotten a cleaning like the sonic brush does. I will never go back. There is sticker shock with most sonic brushes. The previous Sonicare Diamond Clean brush was $139 and it felt obscene to me. The new brush is more expensive. Is it worth it? No. Probably not. The upgrade to a Diamond Clean brush is not worth the price hike. This brush is not as noticeable as it could be, but it is a little smoother. You get an extra brush head, a tongue cleaning head, and the brush can automatically detect the type of head you are using and use the corresponding brush mode. You can use an app to track your brushing. $100+ worth of cool stuff? Not for me. I really like this line and if you want the extra features this brush provides, you will be very happy. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can get a similar result from less expensive models.

11. Oral B White Action Toothbrush Colors

Oral B White Action Toothbrush Colors

The Oral-B 3D White AA battery powered toothbrush polishes stains away with over a thousand strokes per minute. The battery is included. The Action Cup brush head helps hold toothpaste for stain removal. The bristles are designed to reach between the teeth. Whitens teeth by removing surface stains. The Oral-B Deep Clean, Anti- Microbial and 3D White Action replacement heads are compatible with the brush heads. The Oral-B toothbrush brand is recommended by dentists.

Brand: Oral-b

👤My dog hates it.

👤I've used all of the Oral B toothbrushes. This is the most expensive, but my favorite. Even though I have a small mouth and use smaller brush heads, this one is powerful and really cleans well. I never want to be without one of them. You will notice the difference on your first use. Absolutely recommend!

👤When I realized I could get the toothbrush for less in the store, I decided to subscribe and save. Don't have to think about it. I went to the dentist for the first time in 20 years to get some work done. The woman cleaning my teeth asked how long it had been since I had them cleaned. She said that it sounded right. When I said 20 she asked what kind of brush I used. This one. If you replace the battery frequently, it is probably time to get a new one. Very happy with the results of using this. It pays to brush thoroughly daily, and this gets the job done, when you don't go to the dentist often. Not saying this is a replacement for the dentist. I don't have dental insurance, but this helps me.

👤A great toothbrush. I wanted a new one because it was getting old. I couldn't find one with a battery, but I found one that did. I don't have to find a place to plug up my toothbrush since this is better. The toothbrush head is the same. I get the soft ones, but they are a little stiff at first. It's not as hard if I use warm water. It feels like it cleans and polishes my teeth, but I worry if I am brushing too hard. I feel like a regular toothbrush is not doing anything after using this.

👤The brush is doing a great job. The gap at the end catches my tongue. It's caught hard enough to cause my tongue to bleed twice.

👤It's cheap compared to other electric brushes. It's made to last a long time with a replaceable battery and brush heads. This shows how poorly designed it is for long term use, as water and germs and whatnot get into crevices and sit, allowing gross things to start growing in something you put in your mouth everyday. It was disgusting when I looked at it. Immediately threw it away.

👤The brush does a great job at cleaning teeth. The primary directive is a toothbrush. The brush head feels a little big, but I have a small mouth. It seems that there's some extra bulk around the actual bristles that doesn't need to be there and could help make it a more universal toothbrush. We ordered three of them at the same time. When they were first used, the two that have been opened seemed weak. The batteries weren't fresh or full. I changed them out and they were great for cleaning. Maybe they sat in the warehouse for too long and were sealed up in the wrong place. Since it still cleans and I already have a bunch of fresh AA batteries around the house, these niggles are only enough to dock it one star.


What is the best product for best electric toothbrush for gums?

Best electric toothbrush for gums products from Oral-b. In this article about best electric toothbrush for gums you can see why people choose the product. Aquasonic and Oral-b are also good brands to look for when you are finding best electric toothbrush for gums.

What are the best brands for best electric toothbrush for gums?

Oral-b, Aquasonic and Oral-b are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best electric toothbrush for gums. Find the detail in this article. Colgate, Philips Sonicare and Oral-b are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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