Best Best Electric Toothbrush 2022

Toothbrush 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush Shadow

Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush Shadow

Designed with you in mind, the Philips One is a big step up from manual brushing. The nylon bristles are soft and gentle on the teeth. You can take your manual brushing experience to the next level by using regular brush motions with bristle micro-vibrations. 2 minute timer with 30 second notifications. Dentists recommend that you replace brush heads every 3 months. The One is made to travel so you can get a clean feeling. It fits neatly into a travel case and is sleek and lightweight. The brush heads match the handle. The handles are compatible with the brush heads. One toothbrush, one travel case, and oneusb charging device are included.

Brand: Philips Sonicare

👤I am going to tell you that I have been using Sonicare toothbrushes for a decade. They are a great product. This is a Sonicare toothbrush. It was created to compete with the Quip toothbrush and they are both disappointing. The handle vibrates but little force is transmitted to the brush head. A Sonicare toothbrush is not the same as a real one. The brush head vibrates so much that it makes your teeth crack. It makes your teeth and gums happy. If you want to use this toothbrush at home, you should buy a real Sonicare toothbrush. If you are buying this for travel, you can either pack your real sonicare toothbrush or just buy a manual toothbrush. This item is nothing more than a manual toothbrush.

👤It feels like it's not effective compared to my Sonicare Diamond Clean home unit. The brushhead doesn't work well with the vibration in the handle. The brush head and battery are easy to replace. I guess I will use a conventional brush.

👤Sonicare toothbrushes are outstanding and I have had them for my entire adult life. I have different models. From the least expensive to the most expensive. Since I started using them, I have never had a single one. I take care of my teeth and get constant praise. This product is not Sonicare standard quality. It isn't powerful enough to have an impact. It is not better than a manual toothbrush. It is a joke and a trick. Sonicare needs to compete on price with the Quips of the world, but don't buy this. A real Sonicare is the best money you can spend. The entry levels are great. Shame on Sonicare for putting their name on this, but I still don't think Sonicare is the best, just don't buy this one.

👤I was interested in this brush for its convenience compared to the bulkier case for the original Sonicare brush. The product is similar to a toothbrush. I carry the Sonicare to experience the quality that it provides. The design and size of the product is fantastic.

👤The brush is just okay from a dental hygienist's perspective. There is no comparison to the other sonicare electric toothbrushes. I wouldn't say this brush has sonic vibration technology, but it is more so "hums". I like how slim the brush is, but if it isn't functional, what's the point?

👤I love that it's very simple. It has a soft cilicone grip, and you can switch to the teeth you brush after 30 seconds. 2 minutes total then shuts off.

👤I wanted it to be a 5. There are two design flaws. 1) The screw at the bottom of the cap is not clear. It could have been designed to fit in only one way. There are two more The brush case closure is weak and I expect it to tear away from the overall structure. I bought the brush with an eye to travel, and I think it will work well. We will see if the design mistakes limit the life span.

2. Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush Champagne

Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush Champagne

SenseIQ technology cares for your teeth. It can remove up to 20x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. In 6 weeks, you can have up to 15x healthier gums. A touch interface with seamless one-touch control. 1 Connected Sonicare Prestige toothbrush handle with SenseIQ, 1 A3 Premium All-in-One brush head, and 1 frosted charging stand are included.

Brand: Philips Sonicare

👤I have an older model toothbrush that didn't feel the upgrade. I can buy better toothbrush heads if I want a better experience, but the app didn't add much to the experience. It led to me brushing my teeth for 4 - 5 minutes each time but it never showed my problem areas and my brushing rating was always great. I ended up spending a little more for a brush head for the more basic older model and fell in love with my old electric toothbrush for $27 for a 3 pack of brush heads instead of $377 for a new app and toothbrush.

👤The battery life is only one week and it is too expensive.

👤I don't have any experience with electric toothbrushes, so I don't know if this one is special, but as a newcomer to this side of the toothbrushing world, I can say that this brush makes a world of difference. After the first use, you'll probably notice that your teeth are clean. The teeth feel great after brushing. I was happy that I bought it. The instructions are easy to follow and I didn't bother to link them up to the app. It does a good job without that and saves the hassle of messing with a phone to clean teeth. Longevity is the only thing that remains to be seen. I was hesitant to review this because I had only owned it for a few days, but I could not wait to leave a review. Light skepticism toward the lifespan is what I will end on. Some reviews have mentioned electrical issues after a short time of use. I will update my review if it is disappointing. The sleek charging station and the fact that it takes up very little space are all 5/5. The travel case that hooks up to a charging point is a bonus.

👤This is the second time I have bought this product and I like it. The product is less useful because it requires you to always fire up the app on your phone. I suggest that the engineers store the pertinent information on the handle and then when you fire up the app once or so a week, it will transfer the prior brushing results. I will know how long my brush handle will last when I know how well I am brushing.

👤Trust me, the last thing you need is an app that will alert you to things you don't need to know. I have read that people don't spend enough time brushing their teeth, but somehow the folks atPhillips' decided that they should eat into that time even more. You can download the app. You can connect to the internet with the phone. Oh! Update! Alert! Wrong head! Re adjust! Your device has stopped working. Hard reset! Don't use this device, save yourself the stress.

3. Colgate Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Replacement

Colgate Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Replacement

The starter kit has an electric toothbrush handle, head, charging case, carrying case, and refill brush head that will keep you going for up to 6 months. Smart toothbrush helps you brush better. Choose from normal, sensitive, or deep clean to personalize your sonic vibrations. You can earn points for brushing with their sonic toothbrush and for cleaning with it. The electric toothbrush has a timer that reminds you to stick it out for a while. A toothbrush battery. It goes on for 10 days. Your hand won't let go. When you need a replacement toothbrush head, or if you want to set up smart reorders so you always have brush heads, you can use Amazon.

Brand: Colgate

👤A great toothbrush. Bed Bath & Beyond has a lower price.

👤When I went to the dentist, I was always told to keep doing better, even though I thought I was doing a good job by brushing my teeth quickly. I didn't want to pay the big price tag for electric toothbrushes. I thought I would just try it because it was on sale. Oh my gosh! The best toothbrush ever! I have never been able to clean my mouth. The app shows me where to brush and what percentage is clean. It goes to the next zone when I reach 100%. I like that I can take a breath by simply taking the brush out of my mouth. I will be brushing my teeth for the first time. I can't wait to see what they tell me at the dentist's office. BUY THIS TOOTHBRUSH if you are on the fence. You will not regret it.

👤I haven't been to the dentist in months because of covid. I decided to try it. I love it! It feels like I just came from the dentist and it was quiet and sleek. You can earn rewards for free refills with the app. My husband will get one for Christmas.

👤I own both Sonicare and Oral B electric toothbrushes. I decided to try the Hum after my previous one gave up the battery ghost. I got the rechargeable version and I'm very happy with it. It is very light and the sound is strong enough at the high setting and mild enough at the two lower settings. It does a good job without all the extra settings that you never use. The case is thin and light and I like the small brush head. I have to admit that I don't use the app. I don't care if I get points for brushing my teeth, taking good care of your teeth is its own reward! The brush unit is more stable on the bathroom sink counter when it's in the charging port, but the instructions say to leave the charging port unplugged when not charging the toothbrush. I have to remember to charge it and then re-plug it when I need to use it again. The unit is water resistant, but not recommended for use in the shower. OK. I brush first. The Sonicare case had built-in charging so you didn't need to bring a separate charging device when traveling. I know about the first world problems. I recommend the Hum.

👤The connection is terrible. I only worked once over the 4 day period. I spent a lot of time trying to connect this. I have an other toothbrush that has no connection issues for 3 years. I don't like the brush head. Why don't you provide ausb? Only a 10 day charge. If the connection doesn't work, the app is useless. There is a Why can't I use this in the shower? Competitors do a better job for less money.

👤Highly recommended. I love this toothbrush. It's sleek, looks great in my bathroom, and my mouth feels clean after use. The guided brushing in the app is great and helps to train you how to brush better all the time. The ability to tie into the Apple health app is exciting and getting points to use towards replacement heads is a fantastic idea. The price makes it more worth it.

4. Oral B SmartSeries Rechargeable Replacement Connectivity

Oral B SmartSeries Rechargeable Replacement Connectivity

Real-time feedback with the Oral-B app focuses brushing on your most important areas, tracks habits over time, motivates with helpful oral care tips, and senses when you brush too hard. A full charge can take up to 24 hours. It was made of high-tech materials. The Cross Action round brush head has perfect bristles for a clean. A regular manual toothbrush can remove up to 50% more plaque than a clinically proven superior 3D cleaning. There are 6 modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean, and Tongue Cleaner. The Oral-B 7000 water tolerant to 500 millibars of pressure and it removes more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush are some of the features. With Dash Replenishment, this toothbrush will automatically place an order for brush heads when it is time for replacement so you never run out.

Brand: Oral-b

👤I feel like a chainsaw in my mouth. I have a few days left to return it, but I don't know what to do. I have been using a Braun toothbrush for 10 years and it is absolutely awesome. The old one had a high quality, solid build and great ergonomics, it had a smooth brushing mechanism that felt good on the teeth and gums even at top speed. I hate this 7000 because it died and I bought it. Unless you turn it to low speed, the teeth are very rough. It has a cheap feel. The inside of my mouth was cut by the chainsaw yesterday. The money is being put into bells and whistles instead of a quality brushing mechanism. I don't want any of those things. A quality toothbrush is what I want. The Brauns were made in Germany. This is cheap Chinese junk.

👤When I read on the toothbrush, I didn't see anything that said I was refurbished. The toothbrush doesn't look like anyone cleaned it before it was shipped.

👤I was hesitant to give this 3 stars. After my Sonicare died less than 2 years ago, I bought this. Does the brush work? Yes. Is it possible to sync it to your phone? Yes. Does that work? I only looked at the app a few times. What else is neat? The unit that was supposed to work outside of the app for your phone never worked, it just gave me weird numbers and confused faces, and I stopped trying to use it. I have a problem with the battery draining quickly after about 3 months of use, and if I use 3 minute brushings twice a day it will take up a full 1.5 to 2 day charge. This is not normal. These things will continue to have battery issues. It's a great idea but beware, the batteries for electric toothbrushes don't seem to be up to snuff. Maybe if you're a very sloppy brusher. This will be ok, but for those of us looking for better hygiene and breath, this doesn't seem to cut it. There is a It shouldn't be hard to get a toothbrush for a couple hundred bucks if you can get an electric car that goes hundreds of miles.

👤It was a great product when it worked. After the two year warranty, it stopped working. The case was opened with instructions from the internet. The brush is completely rusted. This thing is not waterproof, no wonder it will fail.

👤Works well! The battery is not good. I charge it more often. That is not a deal breaker. I've read a few reviews and it is loud. I don't use the app and don't use the clock. I believe it was a great upgrade from my oral B 1000. I have to charge the battery every other day. It's annoying.

👤I've been using a cheap spin-brush pro for a decade and have seen a significant improvement in my dental health from it, but lately I've gotten tired of the decreased battery life and it missing some places in interdental regions. I decided to buy an over-priced oral B. I don't want to use any bells or whistles, but I did compare the genius 8000 version to the others in black. The final decision was based on price, discounts, and whether replacement heads and a travel case were present. I went with the 7000. The box is as complicated as the brush. I should've taken a picture of all the boxes within the folds of my bed. The total box size could've been halved with less packaging. The brush is not all black, but it is attractive. The sides are made of plastic and the heads are white. I had to use cord clips and a tie to pull the cord out of the way along my mirror because the white cord is stiff with lots of memory. The bathroom outlet can be set up in a variety of ways, but it can't go far from the sink or bathroom. Not a secure fit onto the base, but it sits nicely on the surfaces. The user manual was larger than most of my other electronics. It came with a booklet of coupons. The travel case has a nice feel. There are slots for 2 heads, but you have to remove heads to use it. I'm assuming there is a pouch for the cable. An ideal travel case would fit everything in one place so you don't forget anything and can grab one thing when you need to brush your teeth. I won't use the surround-snap-on head holder because it's too small. There is a smart control device that takes 2AAA batteries. The buttons are hidden and the design is poor. You have to unsnap the device from the mirror holder case to get the buttons and batteries. There is a clock on the left, a face on the left, and other places where TINY icons will appear based on what you're doing with the brush. It can take up to 24 hours to fully charge the first time, and I started charging the brush at around 9 pm. It took over 20 hours for mine to finish. They recommend fulling the unit at least every 6 months, even though it's impossible to over-charge. When you put the phone on the charge, it sits and can wobble on the post. The brush is not very strong and is sitting upright. I'd be scared to leave it lying around upright where it could get knocked if I knew it could take a few degrees to stay upright. The manual states that it's forBIDDEN to be dropped. The brush functions well but there is a lot of vibration of the whole handle, more than others I've tested. The custom light up colors, sensors, functions seem to work, but I am only using 1-2. There are two timing settings, the regular 2 minute timer and the profession which breaks down sections by 30 seconds. 3 minutes is the deep clean timer. The pressure sensor works and gives warnings. If I'm bored I'll test the set up and connection with my cell phone. I don't intend to keep an app for this long term. I'm happy with the brushing function and feel good afterwards. The price on Amazon was discounted to $110.24, but I used a coupon, gift card, and rewards to make this less than $40 out of pocket. I will use the prices of both to make my judgement of long term value. If you read the manual you will see conflicting stories of it being built to survive in a bathroom, but not being used in the bath or shower, or getting the handle wet. It wants you to clean the unit after every use. It's unclear if the units are water proof or even resistant because of the rusting/corrosion issues, or if they are just from the bathroom environment, or if there are leaks in the shell that renders them not water proof or even resistant. It has 3 heads - cross brush, 3D white and sensitive brush. I've learned there are things you can't do after using this for a while. You can't turn it on while applying toothpaste. The brush has to be in your mouth against your teeth and behind your lips before you can use it. You have to use the brush to change the mode if you want to see it in the mirror, and you have to hit the mode button hidden in the mirror. I can't fit the normal amount of toothpaste on the little head so I have to stop and apply it to the bottom teeth halfway through my brushing. The brush is doing a great job and the timer prevents me from taking short cuts. I would only recommend this brush to others if you can get it heavily discounted and if you are not easily stressed.

5. Oral B Electronic Rechargeable Toothbrush Connectivity

Oral B Electronic Rechargeable Toothbrush Connectivity

Whitens by removing surface stains. The Oral-B App can be used to monitor your brushing habits and connect to your electric toothbrush for personalized brushing routines. When to switch areas of your mouth is the subject of the in-handle brushing timer. The Daily Clean Plus pressure sensor lights up when brushing too hard. There are three massage modes: Gum Care Mode, Sensitive Mode and Gum Care Mode. CrossAction, FlossAction, Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, Deep Sweep, dual Clean are compatible with the Oral-B brush heads. The toothbrush will automatically place an order for brush heads when it is time for a replacement so you never run out, and the battery lasts 10 days between charges.

Brand: Oral-b

👤A very good toothbrush. I wish they put a longer lasting battery in them. I don't like having to replace the entire unit every year because the battery doesn't hold a charge. How about a replaceable battery instead of making them active?

👤I feel like a chainsaw in my mouth. I've been using a Braun Professional Care type 4736 toothbrush for 10 years and it's awesome. It had a very smooth brushing mechanism that had a great feel on the teeth and gums even at top speed. I bought this and hated it. Unless you turn it to low speed, the teeth are very rough. It has a cheap feel. The money is being put into bells and whistles instead of a quality brushing mechanism. I don't want any of those things. A quality toothbrush is what I want. I spent more money on the Oral-B Pro 8000 after returning this. There are more bells and whistles.

👤I am very happy with this toothbrush. I bought a sonic type, and it was very loud. It didn't feel like it was doing anything. Sometimes it would bang against my teeth because of the larger size and because I have a small mouth. This one is perfect. I like that it rotates and oscillates, instead of vibrating like a sonic type. I don't use the device and don't care about it. I got the 3000 for other features. The gunk that collects on the platform is easy to clean, and you can wipe it off with a tissue or something. My teeth are cleaner than they have ever been. I can't wait for my next check up because I love brushing. The customer service is excellent. They will answer questions and give me coupons for discounts. This is the best purchase I have ever made.

👤I like the Oral-B. The battery wears out over time. I like that it is simple and easy to use, even though it has a few bells and whistles. Don't leave it plugged in all the time. The battery seems to last longer if you let it drain down before charging again.

👤Six months ago, I had sedation dentistry at a new and highly rated practice to correct a mouth full of old fillings, cracked crowns, root canals, and gum issues caused by poorly executed crowns that promoted pockets and mouth issues. I went to sleep early that morning and woke up with a restored mouth. I went back to my first check-up last week and everything was perfect. My hygienist cleaned my teeth and didn't see any issues, but she had a suggestion. She asked if she was brushing her teeth with an electric toothbrush. I had been using a manual brush for the first few months, but switched to a cheap Oral B disposable battery brush. My dentist recommended that I floss with aPhillips Air Flosser. I had some build-up that I could have done better beneath the gum-line. There were two display models of electric brushes, an Oral B model similar to this one, and a Sonicare. She gave the basic pros and cons of each, but she did not recommend one over the other. I settled on the Oral B 3000 after research. I'm not sure if her display model is a 3000, we didn't get into that, but the shape of the head was the deciding factor for me. I have used it for about a week and can attest that the Oral B 3000 is superior to the drug store models with replaceable batteries. After using the 3000 for the first time, I noticed that my teeth had lost their smooth, polished feel, which I did not notice until after the dental cleaning. It was like my hygienist had cleaned my teeth. I used the 45 degree angle along my gum line to tighten my gums even more. Even though this model does not have a "whoopdie-doo" setting, it works well on my tongue. I downloaded the Oral B App and will play with it, but I don't think the utility is there. The brush is useful for making sure you have spent enough time on each section. I like the red pressure indicator light. I believe that too much is too much. Reviewers complain about the effect of the brush on their teeth. If there is an excessive amount of pressure or hard plastic hitting your teeth, then this only happens to me. I will be a lifelong user of electric tooth brushes, and will look forward to my next checkup, for the first time in over 30 years.

6. Electric Toothbrush Adults Dupont Rechargeable

Electric Toothbrush Adults Dupont Rechargeable

Seago electric toothbrush for adults and kids,40,000 VPM Sonic technology provides expert-level clean by removing up to 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. The electric toothbrush for adults is designed for convenience. The best travel toothbrush is fully charged in 4 hours and can perform for 30 days. It's suitable for vacations and business trips. IPX7 is waterproof and can be used in the shower. 1 sonicare handle, 1 travel cover, 1 charger, 8 replacement brush heads are included. The Sonicare toothbrush can work for 24 months. You can save money on a brush head replacement. A 2-minute smart reminder temporarily pauses at 30-second intervals to help develop dentist-recommended brushing habits and a consistent clean throughout your mouth. The sonic toothbrush is a versatile brush that can be used by a wide range of users. You can personalize your brushing experience with 5 modes.

Brand: Seago

👤The toothbrush is great. I love that I don't have to change batteries. It comes with many replacement heads to last a long time. It was easy to use out of the box. Thanks!

👤The bristle heads are too small. Too soft. The handle is too long. The handle is not able to hold it. It slips out of your hand. It was very awkward to use.

👤My daughter loved to brush her teeth. I don't have to pay extra for the replacement. Not bad.

👤It broke after 8 months. I thought it would be a little louder, but the charge lasts a while.

👤I'm not sure if the unit I got was faulty, but the brush won't turn on most of the time. It stops in the middle of the cycle when it does turn on. It wasn't a good experience to wake up to.

👤Came charged and works well. Will purchase more for family.

👤Each person in our family was given one of these. One stopped working after a month and the other stopped after a few months.

7. AquaSonic Ultra Whitening Electric Toothbrush

AquaSonic Ultra Whitening Electric Toothbrush

40,000 VPM Smart Toothbrush is a toothbrush. The AquaSonic Vibe series is a modern electric toothbrush with the most up to date technology. It has an industry leading motor that produces 40,000 vibration per minute, a 4 mode operation, smart vibration timers, 8 engineered brush heads and bristles, and a travel case. They put their money in your mouth. The ADA seal of approval has been earned by the Vibe Series for their premium oral care technologies. It helps to remove plaque and prevent gingivitis. One of the unique modes of the Vibe Series is that it provides complete oral care with different modes for Whitening, polishing, and improving gum health. Every Vibe Series toothbrush comes with a travel case and 8 brush heads engineered by a world leader in quality and materials science. 8 brush heads will last over 2.5 years. A custom hard shell travel case with space for two brush heads is included. AquaSonic can last 4 weeks on a full charge, so it's perfect for on the go travel. The modern tech for complete oral care - vibe series brings toothbrushes into modern times with built in enhanced features. The sleek waterproof and ultra modern charcoal metallic handle has enhanced features such as a smart vibrating notification timer, 4 distinct brushing modes, and ultra fast wireless charging. The box contains a charcoal metallic smart toothbrush, 8 brush heads, custom travel case, instruction manual, warranty and support contact manual.

Brand: Aquasonic

👤There are no replacement heads available. Not worth buying.

👤I came here to browse Amazon's offerings because I decided to try something new after 20 years of using myPhillips Sonic Care. I think I chose this one because of the gum massage. I am very happy with my purchase. I thought it was shutting off as I was brushing my teeth, but I realized that it has an active stop each cycle so you know when to move to a different part of your mouth. It is easy to spray your mirror if you keep it in your mouth. I would recommend this product to others.

👤I love this toothbrush. I saw an advertisement for a brand that I was interested in. I looked at several others. I chose this toothbrush because it had more VPM's than the one I was looking at. It was one third of the cost. It was also available in my favorite color. It had 8 brush heads. It had a nice travel case. I could see and feel a difference in my teeth after using the toothbrush. I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist office and they are clean and shiny. I can't wait to see how they look after use. I've only been using it for a few days. I absolutely love it. Highly recommended!

👤I feel obligated to warn anyone else who has used a good toothbrush that the brushes seem to be cheap. Everything works. They are well designed and packaged. You feel the lack of quality when you hold the brush in your hand. Everything is manufactured with cheap plastic. It reminds me of the type used in disposable utensils. The handle is very light, which makes it more annoying than I used to feel from my Sonicare. The brush feels different in your mouth than it does in your hand. The lack of flexibility with the brush head makes it feel like you're rubbing a stick against your teeth. It isn't pleasant. I brushed it off and knew it was over. I think it's worth spending a little more on a higher quality product for something that you should be using twice a day, every single day of your life. I think the hundreds of glowing reviews are coming from people who have never used a name brand electric toothbrush.

👤The headline of the review is pretty straightforward. My socks were almost knocked off my feet when I entered my mouth. When you first brush your teeth with the Ultra Sonic toothbrush, you can use the "Soft" setting, but then you can use the "Clean" setting and focus on the other settings. An amazing toothbrush, a lot of power, and cute! Not having to buy new heads for a good 6 months is a huge plus. It's a cute gift idea and you should definitely buy it. If you don't mind offending them by giving them a toothbrush, then so be it.

👤I've been using this toothbrush for a week. The brush head is less than an inch. It comes with a travel case and a brush head. I like it. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a cheap electric toothbrush. It's similar to other brands.

8. Vekkia Toothbrush Rechargeble Blue Diamond

Vekkia Toothbrush Rechargeble Blue Diamond

SONIC TECHNOLOGY The electric toothbrush can reach 50,000 VPM. Protect teeth and gums with deep clean teeth. The toothbrush has a head replacement reminder function, so don't worry about the replacement time. Protect your undergarments. The toothbrush has a pressure sensor. When you brush your teeth, the pressure sensor will send out a reminder. There is a regrowth of ToothbRUSH. When fully charged, this toothbrush can last for 180 days. It's very convenient to use at home or travel, don't worry about it. They sell the best electric toothbrush. There are ships from the USA.

Brand: Vekkia

👤I have been using Sonicare for a long time and decided to give it a try. I probably won't go back to Sonicare. The battery life is amazing, but this is better than the Sonicare. I do a lot of toothbrushing. When I brush my teeth, I may go through several cycles. The battery did not need to be charged for a while. I will have to wait to see how long the toothbrush lasts. I enjoy it a lot. I like that it is a different color than white, and that the charging port is very small, and that it plugs into ausb port. Sonicare, meet the competitors.

👤I am very pleased with my purchase. It has everything I need, including the warning when brushing too hard, and extra brush heads. I am happy that the charger is not bulky. The sound is very low. My teeth are very clean. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I bought this toothbrush because my name brand would only hold a charge for one week, and I was going on a trip. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this unit has the same features as my name brand unit. It is waterproof so it can be used in the shower, which I can't do with my name brand. It is a great size for travel. I bought a travel case on Amazon for a few dollars after it didn't come with a travel case. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I was a little hesitant about buying this toothbrush because of its price. I am very pleased with my purchase. The color is unique and beautiful. The battery life is good. My teeth did not feel cleaner after using a toothbrush. I have used a sonicare for you for many years, even if you think that they would work better. I don't think I'll ever go back to one. You will be happy to buy this.

👤The product is great value. I like the design and color. It has 4 brush heads and is quickly charged. I don't have any dental problems so this product is strong for me.

👤I love this product. I hate my oral-b sonic electric toothbrush because my Philip one died out. I didn't like the lack of power in the oral b one. If I woke up I felt like my teeth weren't clean enough and I still had a build up from Flossing. I like to brush my teeth for 3 minutes or more, but I could feel my teeth were getting worse. This product is back. I used it for a couple of months. I bought it. It was the same price as my oral b one, which was the low grade one. I loved my Philip toothbrush, but this electric toothbrush surpasses it. It's more calm, quiet, and appealing than the other brand, and it lasts so long to refill compared to the other brand. I love it. I need to buy more of the brush head to stock up. When you first buy it, they give you 4 brush heads. Likes it very much. The other brand doesn't do that.

9. Electric Toothbrush Included Rechargeable Whitening

Electric Toothbrush Included Rechargeable Whitening

The Initio electric toothbrush has 40,000 high-speed vibrations per minute to remove stains. The brushing modes are suitable for any brushing purpose. Sensitivity mode is recommended for kids. A built-in timer with 2 minutes auto shut-off and interval pausing every 30 seconds encourages a proper brushing habit. The toothbrush has a safe and durable battery that can last up to 45 days of brushing. Don't worry about bringing a charge when you travel! The travel case includes a bunch of buffing heads. Every Initio Electric Toothbrush has 8 famous brush heads from the same company. The brush head has a protective cover to keep it clean. The quality-made travel case is ideal for any trip and will allow you to easily transport your toothbrush and brush heads wherever you go. It's a best choice for home and travel. The handle is designed for a simple grip and efficient brushing mechanism. It is easy to hold. It can be charged with a cable. It has a low battery indicator and auto shut off when the unit is fully charged to prevent it from being over charged and damaged. The package does not include the AC Adaptor. IPX7 waterproof The electric toothbrush is water resistant. The toothbrush can be washed with water. You can brush it in the bath or shower.

Brand: Initio

👤I usually use an electric toothbrush at home and buy a battery-powered toothbrush when I travel. The battery-powered versions are usually thrown away because of poor battery life, the brush gets old, and mediocre cleaning. The Initio had a special offer that brought it down to $18. It had a 30-day battery life from one charge and eight brushes. How good could it be? I thought I could return it under Amazon's generous return policy because I could afford to take advantage of the $18 deal. When it arrived, I was surprised. The packaging and quality are very similar to Apple. It comes charged and pops on a toothbrush in a matter of seconds. It's very similar to my girlfriend's Sonicare, which was about $150 DISCOUNTED, and it's vastly different in technology. All of the different modes work well. It does break up the plaque on the backs of my lower front teeth, which has always been a real problem. 42,000 vibrations per minute break up that plaque. If you're not used to the high number of vibrations when brushing, you can either use the Sensitive mode, which lowers the rate of vibration, or you can just brush with a small amount of saliva. A timer that tells you when to move to the next part of your teeth is one of the cool features. The device doesn't tell you which quadrant you want to work on, so you have to figure that out. I'm confident that my Initio and I are going to have a good life together, and I have a travel case with room for two brushes. It's a funny thing. It does a great job of cleaning your teeth, and the smaller brush size makes it easy to navigate around your teeth. This purchase has been a great value because I know that replacement brushes are cheap. I'm tempted to say that this little Initio is equal to the Sonicare at an eighth of the price. It is amazing. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤I absolutely adore this brush. I was using an electric toothbrush that didn't say if the battery was low or how long it would take to charge. The bristles are soft. My Oral B was loud, but lightweight and quiet. This toothbush is a good one.

👤I have had several electric/sonic toothbrushes that were more expensive than this one. I lost my electric toothbrush and was looking to replace it. I ordered this one and it's so good. It feels like I just went to the dentist for a cleaning when I brush my teeth, and I have not had to refill it. If they were a little bigger, I would like that.

👤The thing is lit up. I've had it for three months and I've gotten to use it and know the pros and cons. I can't compare it to anything else, but it's pretty baller. I haven't needed to charge it once in the three months I've had it. The battery life is not good. The carrying case is nice, but it's a little weird that you have to take the brush head off to put it in there. I don't think it's a big deal, but I would like to just put the whole device in and not have to disassemble it first. Yes, really nbd. It only takes two seconds. The case is magnetic. It's satisfying to click shut because it has good weight. Doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. I'm not sure if the settings make a difference. I use the sensitive setting because I have sensitive teeth. It's cool to have the options. My teeth are very clean after using it. The built in timer is my favorite feature. It's so easy to make sure you're brushing your teeth for the right amount of time and that you're paying attention to the different parts of your mouth. The brush heads come with a plastic cover. It gives me the feeling of having my toothbrush sitting out in the bathroom. I always keep my toothbrush with a travel cover on them. I know that the covers are just as clean as the new brush heads, and I don't have to buy them separately. It looks sleek and nice. It looks expensive. That black is gorgeous.

10. Philips Sonicare ExpertClean Rechargeable HX9690

Philips Sonicare ExpertClean Rechargeable HX9690

It provides expert-level clean by removing up to 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. When you're brushing your teeth, you should use a pressure sensor. The Sonicare app progress report can be used to improve and maintain brushing habits. You can personalize your brushing with 3 intensities and 4 modes. You can set up automatic deliveries with Amazon Dash Replenishment. There is a Sonicare handle, charging travel case, Premium Plaque Control brush head, and a Premium Gum Health brush head.

Brand: Philips Sonicare

👤Diamondclean smart 9300 has a light going around the base that turns on if you're applying too much pressure, whereas Expertclean has a light going around the base that vibrates. The smart 9300 does not have a charging travel case. Diamondclean 9300 comes with 3 toothbrush heads, expertclean comes with 2 toothbrush heads, and Diamondclean smart has way more app features. You have to follow sonicare's brushing instructions. You start in the directed 'quadrant' for the directed amount of time, and then move on to the next quadrant as directed. You can't change the order of your quadrants, you can only use a mode that makes you brush your gums, but the total brushing time only varies by 1 minute 40 seconds max. All the data is thrown off if you don't follow sonicare's directions perfectly. If you try and brush 10 seconds longer than sonicare wants you to, it will record it as another brushing session. The Bluetooth feature on EXPERTCLEAN shows you how often you brush your teeth and how long it takes. I decided to buy the toothbrush my dentist used. I had a sticker shock when I saw the "diamond clean smart" model. I decided to justify it as an investment for my health and a way to treat myself after reading some reviews. I paid $225 for the diamond clean smart 9300 at Target and it is the best toothbrush I have ever used and it is only $190 on Amazon. It was worth every penny because I knew I was using the best toothbrush on the market and my teeth never felt cleaner. Why am I telling you this in a review? They are almost identical, except for the pressure sensor, the app functions, and some small differences. I was a little disappointed that this toothbrush was almost a duplicate of the diamondclean smart, but I think it was just a way for this model to cut back on the diamond clean smart. I think sonicare wanted a version of diamondclean exclusive to Amazon for some reason, and this model's only listed authorized retailer on sonicares website is Amazon at the time of writing this review. I like that it's slightly more affordable than diamond clean, which means it's accessible to more people, which I'm all for. I've used the expert clean in the shower for a month and the diamond clean smart in the shower for over a year. If you buy a toothbrush in the color black, be aware that it will tell you when you need to change the toothbrush head. When I can't find black toothbrush heads, they're either overpriced or not available in bulk, which is a shame because I like the interdental care ones. The toothbrush is sleek and beautiful. Don't care that the pressure sensor vibrates instead of flashes, if you want to save $40, don't use the features. Get the diamond clean smart.

👤A review of a toothbrush. The handle has to be destroyed to remove the battery in order for users to purchase replacements. The brush heads were Premium Plaque Control (C3) and Premium Gum Care (G3). There is a The travel case has an AC charge with a shortusb cable. The AC charger has a stand with 43 inches of useful cord length and a two-prong plug. The plastic travel/storage case is made of plastic. The name is not imprinted on the brush head if the user remembers the codes. C3 is the number. Clean or deep clean, G3. Gum and W3 are related. If you bought the brush head, you will be Whitening. The intensity and mode can be preset by a chip in the brush heads. To change mode, press the Mode button. To change intensity, start the toothbrush and cycle through the settings by pressing the Mode button. The only difference between deep clean mode and clean mode is the duration, which is 30 seconds or 20 seconds per segment with each jaw split into three segments. The total duration is 3 minutes for deep clean and 2 minutes for clean. The manufacturer has 3 intensities: low, medium, and high. The handle has an indication of when to replace brush heads. Sonicare suggests brushing your teeth once and then going back for at least 24 hours. When motion is detected, the display on the brush handle will turn on, but it will be off for 30 seconds. There is an additional purchase of a sanitizer. There is a gap between the base of the brush head and the top of the brush handle, which is mentioned in the user guide. Sonicare is based on dividing the mouth into six segments, which is a little different than the quadrants that I am used to. The signal that the period is over is very brief. I had the battery replaced on my premium toothbrush after 10 years of use, but I can't say that this cleaned any better or worse. The G3 was used to test the sensation more. I like the toothbrush but the business practice of not having user replaceable batteries is not eco-friendly and is consumer unfriendly. I think that I can remember if I brushed or not, I will not allow them to have a bluetooth connection or install their software, which will block any possible selling or theft of personal data and information. I am not looking at their software.

11. Oral B Black Pro 1000 Rechargeable

Oral B Black Pro 1000 Rechargeable

A regular manual toothbrush can remove up to 300 percentage more plaque along the gum line than a clinically proven superior 3D cleaning. The pressure sensor stops the pulsation movement if you brush too hard, and the in handle timer helps you brush for a dentist recommended 2 minutes. The Daily Clean mode rotates to break up plaque. The pack includes 1 Oral B Professional Handle, 1 CrossAction Brush head, and a charger. The replacement toothbrush heads are compatible with CrossAction, 3D White, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, FlossAction, Deep Sweep, Ortho and dual clean. Does not fit brush heads. The packaging and refill color may be different.

Brand: Oral-b

👤The Pro 1500 isn't on Oral-B's website. When I bought the Pro 1500 almost a year ago, I asked Oral-B why it wasn't on their website, because I was worried I had just bought a discontinued product. They told me that it was a brand new item that they had just released and that they were going to add the Pro 1500 to their site soon. I know that it's nearly a year later and they still haven't done it, but I have been to their site several times per month since then and I'm not surprised it's not on their site yet. I think anyone could do a better job with their website than someone is doing it now. I have noticed that it is falling apart. Some elements have not worked for months. Better people to handle and operate their website is what they need. The price for the Pro 1000 and Pro 1500 was the same as when I wrote the review. The price of the Pro 1500 is more than twenty dollars more than it was when I wrote this review, and is currently close to thirty dollars more than the Pro 1000. I bought this to replace a very old Vitality. It was an upgrade over the Vitality, but I learned from Oral-B that the Pro 1500 is superior. The Pro 1000 has a pressure sensor that is supposed to stop the pulsations when it's triggered. A red battery level indicator blinks a few times if the battery needs to be charged, and a green charge indicator that blinks while charging, but stays off when it's not. A red battery level indicator blinks a few times if the battery needs to be charged, and a green charge indicator that blinks while charging, but stays off when it's not. The CrossAction brush head is very basic. A NiMH battery has a battery life of 20 minutes. 19 hours is a full reload time. The Sensitive Gum Care brush head came with no charge indicators or battery life indicators. The Vitality seems like a generic electric toothbrush. Don't buy it. It was amazing when I upgraded to the Pro 1000. I ordered the Oral-B Pro 1500 because I wanted to write a rave review. I can tell you that the Pro 1500 is better than the Pro 1000. I don't think the Pro 1000 should ever be sold. The Pro 1000 is destroyed by the Pro 1500 right now. If the Pro 1000 had a Ion battery, I would have given it 4 stars. They last longer without charging. So. Yes. If you can get the Pro 1500, I would not recommend the Pro 1000. The Pro 1500 is a better purchase. I'm very happy with mine. The Pro 1000 is in the water.

👤I left my sonic care at my overseas location and bought this. It was supposed to be awesome and ready for a change. It is like brushing your teeth with a weed whacker. It is so loud! It was not smooth at all. My teeth are hurt after brushing. I had a headaches after the first use. There is a hole in the brush head. I threw the box away because I was stupid.


What is the best product for best electric toothbrush 2022?

Best electric toothbrush 2022 products from Philips Sonicare. In this article about best electric toothbrush 2022 you can see why people choose the product. Colgate and Oral-b are also good brands to look for when you are finding best electric toothbrush 2022.

What are the best brands for best electric toothbrush 2022?

Philips Sonicare, Colgate and Oral-b are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best electric toothbrush 2022. Find the detail in this article. Oral-b, Seago and Aquasonic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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