Best Best Electric Razor for Men Sensitive Skin

Men 29 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Handsomeface Electric Waterproof Rechargeable Traveling

Handsomeface Electric Waterproof Rechargeable Traveling

The electric shaver for men is versatile. The hair cliper is available in the same time. You can cut your hair length with 3 different size guide combs. Meet all your facial care needs. You can use the mens electric razor to design beard shapes, moustaches and facial hair, it has two different heads. It makes you feel good every day. The whole body of the electric razor is waterproof, so you can use it wet or dry. When sitting on the sofa, you can enjoy dry shaving. The shaving foam or gel of the rotary shaver makes it easy to shave in a smooth and close manner. The head and body of the electric razor for men can be washed directly by water. The electric shaver has a high-speed motor, double-track ultra thin spherical cutter net, and self-sharpening steel blade that are combined to automatically adjust. The electric razor for men can be used with the computer, power bank, car, and otherusb devices, more secure and convenient. After about 2 hours of charging, you can shave for up to 90 minutes. It's easy to charge at home or on the road. It's perfect for travelers and businessmen. The ideal gift is intimate sevice. The electric razor for men is a great gift for fathers, husbands,boyfriends and sons for any special occasion. It will make a good impression. If you are not happy with their electric razor, please contact them. They will give you a solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Handsomeface

👤I bought the first non-blade shaver I've bought in a long time. I wanted something that would clean me up quickly without the hassle of shaving cream and face wipes. Found this very convenient to use, and gives me a very close shave. This is close to a blade razor, but no shaver shaved as close. This comes with a brush to clean out the head once enough has been accumulated in it. This is a third of the cost of some of the higher priced ones that I've seen and used. This shaves as close to my money as possible. It is a great value.

👤It was easy to use. Light weight. . It's a good idea.

👤I had used electric razors but they irritated my face. I decided to try out a wet shaver. It's comfortable and shaves close.

👤Lindo color y bueno producto.

👤I was somewhat disappointed. The soap is good, but it is not the Mrs. Meyers hand soap that I have been buying for many years. This was in three containers. The small 7oz dispensers that I used to buy left a pleasant smell on my hands. The same lasting aroma is not left by these refill. I wonder if it is made by the same company, or if it is an old stock. The quality of this hand soap is better than others. It doesn't dry my hands.

👤I have never used an electric razor before, so I have nothing to compare it to. I'm very pleased with the shave it gives me. It's easy to clean and quiet, so I don't wake my cat. It comes with four things that I don't need, but fit perfectly into the body. For the money, this is one of the best values for a product in this category. I think it's a good idea.

👤I used it for the first time today and it was great, I will update the review as I use it more.

👤Love it, it works very well. Love the color and light weight.

2. Braun Electric SensoFlex Precision Rechargeable

Braun Electric SensoFlex Precision Rechargeable

The moustache and sideburns trimming attachment is included. The SensoFlex electric shaver is dermatologically tested to minimize skin pressure for sensitive skin. The blades of sofoil are designed to be close to the skin. The Li-Ion battery can be used for up to 3 weeks. 5 min charge for a shave. The electric razor is waterproof.

Brand: Braun

👤I have been shaving for over 60 years and have always preferred foil shavers because they shave closer to my skin. I went back to the rotary last year but was not happy with the lack of a close shave. I shave with a pre-shave liquid. The Braun Series 6 was advertised to be good for sensitive skin. I can say that this shaver shaves. I am getting a very close shave.

👤I'm coming from using a Panasonic Arc3 and an old shaver that just wasn't cutting it. If you have a full beard, this review may not apply to you because I dry shave daily and am mostly just dealing with stubble. I had issues with skin irritation after using the Panasonic, but I liked it. The Arc shavers are bulky and not a fan of it. I decided to try this one after reading that Braun shavers provide more comfortable shaves. I got the version without the cleaning stand as I've never found them to be useful enough to justify how much space they take up. The barebones version has a shaver in a carrying case, a small brush, and a clipper head. I've been using this for over a week and I can say that it blows any other shaver I've ever used out of the water, and gives a close shave, while being much more comfortable. The head tilts forward to back, but not side to side. The blades have a tilt side to side that helps me with my face shape. I have to go over my neck a few times to get a clean cut, but this is a common problem for electric shavers and the Braun 6 still gets closer than my old shavers.

👤The clippings end up all over. Even though the head looks like it will change, it seems to leave less mess one way or the other. It doesn't give you a close shave, but it doesn't leave your face feeling like it's been sanded with 80 grit sandpaper, which is good. The battery life is good so far. I didn't have to charge in two weeks. There was a reduction from 4 to 1 stars. This is the unit for people who like to have shavings all over their counter and sink.

👤I reviewed the Series6 about four months ago. I loved it! One of the best electric razors I have ever used was dead. It's not worth it to get a German razor, German blades, and actually made in Germany. It decided to die after carefully cleaning, using and charging. There was no response to the push button. Check charge is fully charged! It was checked for accidental lock. Nope, unlocked. All indicators work. All charging works. OKAY BRAUN! There is a I should have known. There were a few reviews that happened after 3 to 4 months. I thought those were anomolies. I said that BRAUN was too good. The motor is a piece of cheap engineering. There is a pattern of this in the reviews. Customer service from Braun/Proctor and Gamble? My beard will be as long or longer than his. Don't use this model! I should have done that.

3. Andis Profoil Lithium Shaver 17200

Andis Profoil Lithium Shaver 17200

The shaver blades are staggered. It's great for finishing fades and removing stubble. The battery has maximum power.

Brand: Andis

👤I have been shaving my face and head with an electric razor for the last two years. It's not expensive to try a replacement Arc4 head, it's lighter in weight, and I was hoping to find a quicker solution. I was pleasantly surprised. The lower profile makes it easier to see around the ears. The shave is a lot easier than the Arc4. You get a shave. The replacement head is cheaper than the one you got before. The sound is similar to other electric shavers, but it may be a tad louder. No big deal. The shaver with pictures had low ratings. They got issues because they didn't use the correct shaver. The shaver is only for stubble. If your hair is longer than two days of no-shaving, you need to cut it with clippers. You can use this shaver to remove stubble. After each use, make sure to clean and oil your shaver head. Hope this helps.

👤My step father bought this Andis razor. Here is what he had to say about it. I have been using a razor to shave for 40 years, and now that I am retired, I wanted an electric razor to take with me when I travel. My barber uses Andis, so I researched different dramas and models, but decided to use Andis. I have only had it a few days, but I like everything about it. The shave is good, but not as good as a razor. I don't think electric razors will do as well as a razor. I was able to test it right away because my unit charged. It is easy to use and clean. I can easily recommend the Andis electric razor.

👤The product was just received. The box was not sealed. It was like someone put a recalled item in a box. There is grease around the foils when it is opened, but nothing is plastic around it. My best guess is that this was a previously used item that was fixed. This is not worth buying for the price. Don't think that it is new. Very sad.

👤My husband used it for the first time. He had to use a regular razor because he didn't take all the hair out. I will be sending it back because I am very disappointed.

👤It worked for a couple months, but then the light went off, and the battery got really hot, and you had to charge it. It only works for a few minutes. It would be great if they would send me a new one, but it won't happen.

👤I didn't like the idea of an electric shaver. I didn't like the straight razor I bought. I thought I'd give the Andis shaver a try. When I don't have a goatee, I get razor burn on my chin and shave every other day. I have to use this product every day because it shaves just as close as my old razors. It wouldn't be possible to use it every other day. I have a freshly shaved face everyday and the product is great. I'm impressed.

4. Electric Cordless Cleansing Waterproof Rechargeable

Electric Cordless Cleansing Waterproof Rechargeable

The multi-functional grooming kit has 4 different attachment that can be used for facial and body shaving, grooming and cleansing. SMOOTH & QUICK SHAVE: The floating heads with upgraded double-blade technique automatically adapt to the face, neck and jaw. Rounded edges are used for a protective shave. Waterproof and wet dry sauna are included. The design is easy to clean. It gives you the option of a dry shave or a wet shave without shaving cream or gel. You can charge your shaver anywhere. 60 minutes of charging after just 90 minutes. The one-key lock is upgraded. The charge indicator, battery capacity, and charging state of the battery are displayed.

Brand: Surker

👤Most non grounded ac appliances have a modified bi-cord at one end. The other end is a male cord that needs a computer. The problem is that seeing each end will identify it to anyone who lives in the modern world and has a lot of cords to choose from. There is a It is not one of the many cords people have. It is a unique mix of those two, with an appliance end that is slightly modified to prevent using an actual appliance cord. I liked the sledgehammer. I like this shaver the best. It has power. There is a large hair collection pit. It can shave my head several times on one charge. The cord is getting lost. It gets lost. It is unavoidable. It gets mixed in with my other cords and can't be found. It can also mean that I could carry a cord that I think is either an AC or ausb cord to a location, but it is not usable for either of those purposes, because it is this unique creation! I lost the shaver cord when I lost my other cords and couldn't find it to charge it. I didn't use it for a year. After I contacted the MFG, they sent me a spare cord. It is some months now. I used the shaver a few times. The cord has not been found for the last two months. Maybe it's in the basement. Maybe in another office. Maybe in a car. Maybe in one of my camera cases. Who knows? Maybe I dumped it because I didn't need it. I could have marked it or labeled it. There is a I didn't know that this would happen again and again. The idea with cords is to standardize. I have a charging bay that is six feet wide and four feet high. I spent a lot of time trying to find that cable. It isn't worth it. I give up. J crazy!

👤Everything in the set is for daily hair care. The facial care kit is for men. This item works well with low noise. The battery life is good. The battery status can be seen on the led screen. Everything is clear with the three tipped cutter. The face washes and scrubs can be applied with the brush. The cleaning is the simplest thing to do if you want to wash the entire machine. I would have liked to see them include more attachment for different cutting lengths. It is easy to travel with a good shave. It is easy to clean. It is a good machine. I would recommend it.

👤They're pretty good, but not great. The item is sturdy enough. Sometimes the plastic cover for the display comes loose, so you have to put it back in place. There is a It's alright in terms of shaving. The little motor they have isn't spinning fast enough to produce consistent results. Sometimes it will miss patches or yank on your hair instead of cutting it. This applies to everything. The brush attachment is the only one that works well. It is a chore to clean this thing. You'll have to disassemble the shaver to get between the metal and plastic. A lot of the shavings are trapped by a noticable gap. If you don't take some out, it will pile up to the point where the razor won't cut your hair anymore. The excess hair is blocking it. It's the same thing. If you're trying to save money and don't mind having to do some maintenance, this will work.

5. Braun Electric Shaver 9290cc Travel

Braun Electric Shaver 9290cc Travel

The world's most efficient shaver. Efficient, close and gentle, for a flawless shave. 5 shaving elements get more hair in one stroke than any other shaver. Sonic vibrations glide over your skin for maximum skin comfort. It's best to use wet or dry. With 20% more battery power. The product was made in Germany. The Skin Health Alliance is accredited. The beard was tested against leading premium tier products. Previous Series 9

Brand: Braun

👤I waited a few months after purchase to write this. After about eight years, the base-to-shaver communication failed. Series 9 or 7 is a big question for most buyers. There are two runs of the 9. The original design of the 90xx had some head failure issues. The newer design is the 92XX. Many 90xx are still being sold, especially from discount houses. Even though it was a few bucks more, I went with the new design. I used both in my observations. 9 wins hands down. The 9 has an extra cutter in the middle of the head that is designed for stubborn white hairs that stick out of electric razors. The 7 has one central cutter, while the 9 has two, each with a different design. Depends. The 7 has a small barber's clipper that flips out from the side of the unit. The 9 has a small cutter that goes above the main cutter and looks like a personal groomer. The 7 is probably better at sideburns, but the 9 is better at everything else. The speed was 9 by a little. I found speed to be only a little faster than the benefit states. 9 is not silent. First, buy the base for cleaning. It's a system. Problems that were caused by never using the base and only cleaning manually were the subject of many FAQ. That's what it said. The 9 base is larger. It is shiny black. It looks cool, but it shows more dust. The 9 dries with a fan. It also means that you can smell alcohol in the cleaner solution. I like the 7 base better since I shave only once a day. 7 wins are indicators. The handle of the 7 has a lot of dirt on it. The 9 only has a "drop" symbol to indicate clean, but no sense of how dirty it is. The battery is tied. I never had a problem with either. Another reason to have the base is this. The batteries like to stay fully charged. The base protects that. The expected battery life is 3-6 years. I kept my 7 as a travel shaver. If you are at the age where white hair is growing in your beard, you should spend the extra for the 9. If you really dislike the smell of alcohol in the morning, get the 7. It becomes a matter of looks. The 7 gives you at least 70% of the performance of the 9 but for less than the 9.

👤I've been using Norelco's for 40 years and I was excited to get this shaver. I've bought many German based products and have always had great quality and reliability. Nine months after purchase, this shaver fell apart. Three weeks ago, I contacted Braun, but he didn't reply. I don't have to spend a lot of time sending it in to get it fixed, so I'm going to throw it in the trash. Using my old reliable Norelco... I have two of them that are over 10 years old. They need a lot of help and don't have tier quality products.

6. Panasonic Electric ES LV65 S Flexible Pivoting

Panasonic Electric ES LV65 S Flexible Pivoting

Men have shaver blades. Panasonic Arc5 men's electric shaver with five ultra-sharp precision honing 30Nanotech blades and ultra-thin Arc foil follow facial contours for a quick, close and comfortable shave. The built-in pop up trimmer allows for convenient shaving in or out of the shower. AC 100-240V is the power source. The Panasonic Multi Flex pivoting head is an electric shaver head that glides easily to trace the individual shapes of the face, chin, neck and jaw. The Panasonic shaver has a linear motor which can deliver up to 350,000 cuts per minute and has peak power up to the end of every battery charge. A battery indicator. The shaver has a 10 stage display that shows battery status at a glance. Refer user guide for trouble shooting tips.

Brand: Panasonic

👤Panasonic won't honor the warranty. The Arc5 Razor and Charging/cleaning station combo was purchased by me. The product has a two year warranty. The cleaning station broke in March of 2018, so I was not very happy with the razor. Send the station for repairs to the Panasonic warranty repair center. The station was returned with a negative verdict. The representative offered to have the unit replaced at a full retail price. The model is out of warranty according to the company. It is being sold on the Panasonic website. A good razor as long as it works. You are on your own if something goes wrong.

👤I had a 3D printer a few years ago. You will not find a quieter motor. It's a great shave but in the end, you will grow weary of having to shave in a circular motion especially if you need to shave around a goatee or other facial hair that you want to remain. foils allow you to take a few passes going "North/South" and then go "East/West" under the jaw line. The Braun Series 9 and the newest Panasonic Arc 5 are my experiences. I don't buy the cleaning system that both brands offer because I think it's unnecessary. The blades should be clean and fresh if you use liquid soap on the foils. Panasonic's motor is quieter than Braun's, which is odd because Panasonic operates at a higher rate of 12,000 cycles per minute. That's 233 cycles per second for the Panasonic. That's fast for the power plant. The mustache/sideburn trimmers leave a lot to be improved because of the shaving heads. Panasonic has a slight advantage because it's more visible. Panasonic has five cutting foils compared to four for Brauns Series 9. I think the extra foil gives more coverage and the chance to cut hairs. I think five is the limit. The manual razor market has a limit on the number of blades that can be used. If a company adds more foils, you will need a wrist brace. The Panasonic shaver floats on a 2 axis head. The Braun is only front to back. The heads are more closely following the shape of your face, chin and neck. Both units allow you to lock the head. The percentage of battery strength is shown on the Panasonic's screen. There's a choice of using the motor full speed or allowing the motor to vary the speed depending on the thickness of the beard. The Braun has five blue bars that show the battery level. I think the Braun has a better appearance. The Braun costs $70 more than the Panasonic because of being generous. They both shave well. I would give the advantage to Panasonic. It is almost as close to the neck as a blade. It doesn't get bogged down and it cuts through the whiskers. Performance and budget conscious buyers will find a better shave at a lower cost appealing. Panasonic won the competition.

👤The shaver works well when it's on, but it hasn't worked yet on me. The first one lasted about 5 months. I shave every day for about 15 minutes and I really like using it. One day it stopped working. It wouldn't start the cleaning process. Customer support requested that it be shipped in for service. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a new package instead of a fixed shaver, and it seemed like a whole new package. The "new" one lasted less than two weeks before it was destroyed. My guess is that they are using weak batteries on these products for it to just stop working one day without any sign that something is wrong. It's not acceptable for something that costs a lot to be designed for regular use. I wish I'd gone with the competition, instead of trying to get them to replace the shaver a second time, and hoping that the third time is the charm.

7. Braun Electric Trimmer Rechargeable Charging

Braun Electric Trimmer Rechargeable Charging

Complying with the rules and regulations: The Autosense technology adjusts power to beard density to give you a close and comfortable shave. No knives or cuts. The foil shaver does not have a blade that is exposed, so you can shave in every direction without fear. Flex Electric shaver for men with a smooth shave even in tricky areas. 100% waterproof. You can shave with foam, gel, or even under the shower. Give him the gift of smooth skin for any occasion. It's the perfect gift for all the men in your life. A full charge provides up to 3 weeks of shaving. The included items are a shaver, travel case, charging stand, Precision Trimmer and Beard Trimmer Attachment, and a cleaning brush.

Brand: Braun

👤The box contains a manual. Lawyer words are the only complete sentences in English. Do you want to know what the settings are? Good luck. Do you want to know what a button does? It's a fat chance. There are diagrams that take a long time to figure out, and it's incomplete. There is a button on the razor, but no explanation of what it does. Do you want to find a user guide online? Happy hunting! Braun had a major demerit on the customer interface side.

👤I would give this product 5 stars if it wasn't for the horrible, almost incomprehensible user manual which makes it hard to figure out the use and operation of the shaver through sheer trial and error. I had an older model Braun shaver that I had used for a long time so I had some experience and figured out the nuances of this one in a few minutes, but good luck with the printed directions. I tried to find the user manual on Braun's website, but it was just the same as before. Braun is a great company, but it would be surprising if they were so bad at giving information to their customers. There is a It is a great shaver with multi-use attachment which are easily switched out for trimming, from very close, clean shave, a stubble attachment for that look, a trimmer attachment with 7 length varieties and of course the attractive cleaner/charger base. Even if you shave every day, the battery length is excellent. The shaver is very comfortable and it looks good sitting on the countertop. It comes with a nice travel case that has room for more than one attachment. It's a great razor and a bit pricey. You get what you pay for. There was a lack of a decent user manual.

👤This product doesn't work as advertised. I am a doctor. I know what sharp tools are. I have used this for 3 months and use the cleaning station a lot. I can't believe anyone gives a good review. 1. It does not shave close 2. You have to shave over and over again. 3. Even though it is on a full charge, it fails to start unless and until you plug it in. 4. Braun's calls went unanswered. Amazon should remove this item from its website and refuse to sell it.

👤This was a replacement for my Series 7 Pulsonic. Really liked the shave of this razor. The clean and charge base stopped working after a few months of very light use. Razor can be charged via the power cord. The base station has electrical wires that make contact with the razor. I was connected to Braun by Amazon. Braun wanted me to return the razor and base to a service center. I should have bought the razor and not spent money on the whole system. Braun didn't give a reason to just replace my base. Braun replaced the entire set without me having to return the shaver. Customer Service could have done a better job of communicating.

8. Philips Norelco Electric S6880 81

Philips Norelco Electric S6880 81

The Norelco Shaver 6800 is designed with your skin in mind. Their shaving system protects your skin with its ComfortGlide rings and SkinProtect blades. MultiFlex heads that are in 8 directions can easily shave hard to reach areas like your neck and jawline. You can shave wherever you want, whether it's in the shower or in a dry shave with gel or foam. 50 minutes of shaving time with a 3 level indicator, and the power of a corded shaver without a cord, is provided by the rechargeable battery.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤It was a very disappointing purchase. I have been a loyal Norelco customer for 30 years and have noticed that their products are getting cheaper and stingier every year. The almost $100 shaver doesn't come with a flimsy storage pouch anymore to keep it protected, and it also doesn't come with a cleaning brush. I got a travel case from the manufacturer in the late 1980s, but I'm not talking about a really strong case. From year to year, the cases turned into pouches. Not even those anymore. Somewhere along the line, the free charging stand was dropped to. How much does this shave off the profit? Good luck traveling with this and relocating the loose flying parts when you need them. There is a version of this shaver with a travel case and stand that costs $30-40. For a box made of plastic? I don't need a beard trimmer. There is a case of false advertisement, where the images on Amazon show a razor head under a faucet for cleaning. The razor head is not hinged, so you can take it off. It comes off completely. Maybe you want to keep the shaver open to dry. Norelco finally got rid of the clumsy, bulky cleaner contraption that seemed to have the primary purpose of further increasing the price. This is not good. I'm so disappointed that I'm considering returning it and checking out Braun for the first time in 30 years. Norelco doesn't seem to care if they can make a few more pennies on the bottom line. At some point, my patience is at an end.

👤I bought a shaver with high expectations. The reality has made them think differently. My older Norelco three-head shaver was replaced by this razor. I was looking forward to the wet shave function. I didn't like the wet shave results. I get a smooth shave when I dry shave. I think the shaver can deliver a better shave than my old Norelco. It's very close to my old Gillette razor. So thanks for that! Cleaning can be difficult. I simply popped the button and ran water over the blades and the shaver clippings area, I was done. I have to disassemble the new one, wash the blade assembly, and then snap it all back together. It's not good. The shaver has a mustache and sideburn. One must remove the entire blade attachment and attach the trimmer. My eyes can't find a way to attach the trimmer without my glasses. I re-attach shaver blades. It's Meh! I don't have my glasses when I get up. I need them now! The Norelco had a built in trimmer. You're ready to go if you push the button. Huh? Why don't you keep that feature? The shaver's saving graces are the close shaves and good battery life. I give it 4 stars because of it. The battery indicator was rudimentary. The new one has an indicator. One can't shave when the battery is on. The new indicator should give me enough time to start a charge. I have had this thing since the end of May and it has not required a charge, so time will tell on the battery charge issue or even if there is an issue. If they fixed the issues I mentioned, this would be a great shaver.

9. Cordless Electric Rechargeable Waterproof Christmas

Cordless Electric Rechargeable Waterproof Christmas

Men with three heads can use a multi-functional electric razor. Men's shavers electric, nose trimmer and sideburns are included. The 4D electric shavers for men can be used on the face, neck, and jaw. The charging icon lights on while you plug in. The tap sign reminds you to wash the shaver. The waterproof is 100%. If you shave with soap or cream, you will get better shaving results. You can rinse the mens razor electric under the tap. Electric razors for men can shave and trim up to 120 minutes using a single hour of charging. It is possible to achieve high performance anywhere. The electric razor men is a great travel accessory. There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Their passion is your satisfaction and comfort. If you don't like this men's electric razor for any reason, just contact them and they will give you 100% satisfaction. ADD TO CART NOW!

Brand: Pritech

👤My teenage son likes this. He can't use loud shavers because they hurt his ears. This razor is very sharp. Saving on his skin was smooth as well. I ordered 3 more for my family for Christmas. Is that what it is?

👤Only like this. I have had all the electrics. I washed the razor and put the shaving head in the box. I have never had a better shave. I have a "dimpled" chin with all my razors. I had to use tweezers to get my chin and ears when I was on Honor guard. My chin and ears were cleared by this razor shaving head. The forehead, nose, and neck are smooth. I got a perfect shave. That is worth more stars.

👤I don't have a nose hair trimmer, so I bought a razor worth 100 dollars. It looks great and is not worse than my $ 100shaver. I don't need to worry about charging because my nose hair is clean. I trimmed my nose hair twice and it still has 98% of the power. The charger is easy to use. I have to find a Japanese outlet to charge my Panasonic shaver. My Panasonic shaver is more comfortable for shaving my beard. This one can be used at a relatively small angle when shaving. The cleaning ability is the same as the other one. I think it is worth more than the cost of a single nose hair trimmer.

👤I wanted to love it for the price. It was weaker after the first charge. The second charge was worse. 3rd wouldn't finish the first shave and wouldn't hold a charge. The concept, features and price are great. It falls short. They always bought Norelco's and needed a new blade by the end of the year, but they ran and ran.

👤After a while, this was no longer working, so it was switched back to electric/cordless. The power button stopped working. I returned the old one after requesting a replacement. You agree to mail it back. Will update with how it works after receiving the ne one. Customer service is excellent. Thank you so much!

👤I shaved a 2-day beard and closed it after using this product. My old Norelco shaver cost roughly the same as this one, and I replaced it a few months ago. I'm hoping to try it with a wet shave, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

👤I loved that this came charged, it shipped very quickly and it works well, I will definitely purchase this again for my family.

👤It was only used a couple times, but it's really good.

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👤I had high hopes that this would work for me, but it didn't. It was hard to use. I think the blades are not very good. I bought a more expensive one and it was 100 times better than the price.

10. Philips Norelco Shaver S3212 82

Philips Norelco Shaver S3212 82

A clean shave that follows your face's contours with 5-directional pivot, flex and floating movements is what you will get with the 5D pivot and Flex heads. The head adjusts to the curves of your face and neck to create smooth contact with your skin. You can get a wet shave with gel or foam in the shower. Wet or dry for a wet shave. A clean shave is comfortable on your skin. 27 self-sharpening blades are protected by round blade caps, which help the shaver glide over your skin. There is a pop-up trimmer for mustaches. The built-in trimmer will finish your look. It is ideal for keeping your mustache and sideburns. For up to 60 minutes on a 1-hour charge, you can shave with the Li-ion battery. A quick charge will give you enough power for a shave. Operates in a mode that is not corded.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤I shaved the traditional razor and shaving cream way for 45 years. Time consuming and close shave. I went with the stubble look a couple of years ago. It was nice to not have to shave. When I had the chance to be clean shaven, I purchased a foil shaver from the store. It was highly rated but it was difficult to cut three days growth. It was cheap but not great. This shaver makes a difference. I didn't miss a hair on my neck or chin after three days of beard work. It is close to the traditional route. The positive reviews are correct. Highly recommended.

👤I used my old Norelco longer than I should have. The new models were more expensive and larger than the old one, but I liked the old one. I bought this one because I couldn't replace the worn out part. Wow! I liked the previous model and was amazed at how much better the shave was. I shave my face in the morning twice as fast. I put new shaving heads in my old Norelco. I like the features of this shaver. The charge lasts two weeks. You can clean it under water. There is a pop-up trimmer. There is a battery level indicator. It charges in an hour. It feels good in your hand. It is small. It has a travel case and shaving head cover. I got it on sale. You know what, it's not the newest model. That is the best thing about it.

👤It was a nice job. The razor uses sub-par shaving heads right out of the box. I am pretty sure that they don't have notch edges. After a week, the round shaving heads start spinning with the blades instead of being stationary. It makes a terrible noise, like you are running a shaver over your face. I would have sent it back if I didn't like the first week's shaves. It gives a great shave after I spent $30 on new blades and heads.

👤It does not shave close. I've used Norelco for 20 years and this one is the worst. The last one that I used for 8 years did a better job and cost the same. I'm keeping it. It's not as good as their other shavers.

👤I bought a Philip's Norelco Series 3000. I also ordered the YQ500 shaver. It had 7,000 reviews and was $21 cheaper. I had two shavers, one dry and one wet. I shaved my head and face twice a day for 4 days, but still had a 70% charge. Neither shaver works well on my neck. Both leave red marks. I'm not sure if it's my hair or the shaver. For a grade A+, the triple blade hand held razor-cream is required. On my face and head. I have a D on my neck. It's easy to hold in either my left or right hand. I can shave and watch TV. The Mustache Side urn trimmer is a huge Plus. A mesh bag is a bonus. It won't run or operate while plugged in. A home has been found for the Norelco 3000. The YQ500 is on its way back.

11. SweetLF Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Shavers

SweetLF Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Shavers

Up to 120 minutes of shaving can be had with theusb quick-charging andled display. The shaver only takes 1 hour to charge and is very convenient for travel. You can see how much power is left on the battery indicator on the razor, so you can charge before needing to. A close shave is provided by the 3D rotary shaver, which has floating heads that automatically adapt to the shape of the face, neck and even the jaw. The pop-up beard trimmer is easy to use and can easily trim sideburns, moustaches and facial hair. It has an open tab that can be used to quickly trim facial hair. The IPX7 body is waterproof and allows you to use the electric shaver even in the shower. It can be used with either shaving foam or gel for a better shaving experience. Premium quality motor is quiet so you can enjoy every moment of shaving.

Brand: Sweetlf

👤I lost all my hair. It was scary to learn how to maintain a bald head. I found this online. I have used it twice. I love it! I am pleased with the results, they were very lightweight and easy to use.

👤I have been using Norelco razors for 25 years. I thought I'd give this razor a try because the price of new heads is so high. Cheap replacement Norelco knock-off heads can be bought, but the reviews are mixed and they seem to be less quality and not last as long. It was worth the experiment because I could buy this razor for less than Norelco brand replacement heads. I received this a month ago and wanted to give the heads a chance to break in and use it for a full charge so I could give it a proper review. The daily usage is a good test for my beard. I turned it on when it arrived and it still showed a full charge. I wanted to see how long the original charge would last before I charged it. The first thing I discovered was that it is quieter than the Norelcos I have been using. I can hear it cutting my hair. I have to go over the same area twice as much to get a good shave. My overall shave is okay, but not as close as my Norelco with good blades could give me. The battery level lights are nice. My Norelcos used to have these, but they removed them from the less expensive models in favor of a single light that just turns amber when it needs a charge. If you travel and don't want to carry an additional battery pack, you can use this razor to find out how long your battery will last. This uses a standard cable. I would carry one for this razor. I like that. The battery life... I was shocked to get 4 weeks out of the original charge. It's amazing that my shaving takes twice as long as before. My Norelco was not able to go for 2 weeks. It fully charged back up over an hour. Very nice. Not quite as good of a shave as Norelco.

👤I bought this because it was cheaper than the replacement heads I have been using for three years. I replaced the cutter on that razor twice, so I ordered two sets of replacement heads. The most important feature of this razor is that it is inexpensive and gives me a better shave. Is the battery charged using a microusb connection? I go on bike tours that last for months. The razor will give me a month of shaves before the battery needs to be charged. I needed to have a charging cradle and a special charge for my razor. I'll be able to charge my razor with the same small charge I carry for my phone and camera. After using this razor on my heavy beard for over five weeks, it was 20% cheaper. It was fully charged in about an hour after I connected it to the 1 Ampusb charging station. I'm impressed.


What is the best product for best electric razor for men sensitive skin?

Best electric razor for men sensitive skin products from Handsomeface. In this article about best electric razor for men sensitive skin you can see why people choose the product. Braun and Andis are also good brands to look for when you are finding best electric razor for men sensitive skin.

What are the best brands for best electric razor for men sensitive skin?

Handsomeface, Braun and Andis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best electric razor for men sensitive skin. Find the detail in this article. Surker, Panasonic and Philips Norelco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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