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1. Jersey Sheets Season T Shirt Heather

Jersey Sheets Season T Shirt Heather

Their goal is to delight everyone with high quality luxury extra deep pocket fitted sheets at a great deal. That is the meaning of DeaLuxe. These extra deep fitted sheets are so confident that you will love them. If you don't, you can return it for a full refund. I'm looking forward to serving you. - With love. These jersey knit sheets are extra soft and warm. The 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester fabric is warm, soft, flexible, and breathable for maximum sleep comfort. Each set has 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases. There are a variety of beautiful colors. All-season comfort. The 180 smil fabric is perfect for the entire year. It's lightweight for the summer and cozy for the winter. Easy care. It is machine washable, long- lasting and durable. It's perfect fit every time. The pocket size is 14" for Full, Queen, King, and California King. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them. Their customer service team will work with you to make it right if you are not 100% SATISFIED.

Brand: Great Bay Home

👤There are defects in the stitching. This is listed as cotton at the top of the details. The sheets in the ad are made of 10% cotton and 10% Polyester, which is the very bottom of the page. People say they are rough and pill. Returned! AmazonBasics Jersey sheets are made of cotton. Buy them.

👤I like that the sheets are made of cotton, which is more cotton than other brands. They are thicker than my last set of sheets. The fitted sheet doesn't fully cover my mattress. I can't say that it was my experience because it was difficult to pull the sheet over my mattress and how much gapping there is on the sides. They would be lovely if you had a 10 mattress.

👤The sheets are soft, but the elastic bottom does not fit my mattress. The edges barely reach the bottom corners to grasp a tiny bit of elastic. The rest of the sheet sides are not as big as the sheets, so instead of seeing sheets, you see most of my white mattress cover. When I first got it, I thought it might be ok, but the more it's been washed, the less it fits. I was unsure if a king size sheet would fit my mattress. It's too late for me to return it and there is no listing to leave seller feedback. The buyer should beware.

👤My favorite things to sleep on. I don't like flannel sheets and I don't like my pajamas sticking to them all winter. I recently purchased a purple mattress and they recommend their sheets or jersey sheets. I bought their sheets initially because they are very cool and I was looking for that. I was looking for jersey sheets because I wanted to warm up for winter. I've never slept on jersey sheets, so I didn't know what to expect, but these are great sheets, and the price is a bargain compared to the percale sheets I've purchased over the years. When you get into the bed, they are nice and cold. I needed a bit of stretch in case anyone with a purple mattress reads this. I ordered three sets. I had ordered two and one pillow case. I exchanged it. The first two sets had an odd smell after washing, the third set did not have the smell at all, so I assume it was something else in the shipment. I am very sensitive to scent so if it happens to you just wash them and don't worry. I have no issues with the bed despite the sheets giving lint in the dryer. These are my favorite sheets.

👤We loved the sheets so much. I ordered a second set today. You were out of the pink. My mom is stuck in an extra long twin hospital bed while she is on Hospice. We have added foam to her mattress. We needed sheets that were stretchy and soft against her skin, but still had the ability to adjust the bed, so that she wouldn't sweat. She loves them. She loves snuggling them up to her face. They work perfectly on this bed. I have enough to worry about. I'm glad I found these and they are perfect. I don't have to return them. When we are washing the other, I have a set on the bed that I can just order another set for. My king is a tall king and I might order some from my bed since this jersey stretches well. These are great sheets and a good price.

2. Twin Size Bed Sheets Hypoallergenic

Twin Size Bed Sheets Hypoallergenic

Are you ready for a good night's sleep? These sheets are sumptuous. They're soft and smooth. No other bedding compares. Are you ready for a good night's sleep? These sheets are sumptuous. They're soft and smooth. No other bedding compares. These sheets are stronger than cotton and won't rip or tear after washing. They are more durable than cotton. It's ideal for today's deep mattresses. No problem. Their fitted sheet can fit up to 16 mattresses. It's elasticized all around, so it will stay put all night. The set includes a flat sheet of 102" x 66" and a fitted sheet of 80" x 39" Your Cosy House Sheet Set is packaged beautifully and comes with a zip up pouch for easy access and storage. It's a perfect wedding or housewarming gift. If you're unhappy with your Cosy House Bedding, just send them a photo of the problem, and they'll send you a free replacement set. No need to return the original!

Brand: Cosy House Collection

👤The fabric is very thin. They don't stay in place as advertised and after a week they are starting to fall apart. I wouldn't recommend these sheets. They are made with low quality fabric. It is very thin and the stitching is coming apart.

👤This is not a "seller" review and the delivery was on time. I was thrilled with the color and the fabric when I received these sheets, and they were very vibrant. We waited until last night to use the sheets because the bed was new and we were waiting on the mattress cover. The fitted sheets are roomy enough to not be under stress when putting them on and yet, I had to pull the first sheet over the edge of the mattress to make sure it was straight. There was no pressure on the sheet. I think that the sheet had a flaw that made it hard to get over the corners of the deep mattresses. I'm afraid to wash those sheets because of the tear... What can we do for ourselves? I need to know that this is going to be perfect.

👤The sheets stay on my mattress well. However, they were ripped. I sent a picture of the defect to them 4 days ago, but they haven't responded.

👤Don't waste your money. This was the worst purchase of bedding, ever! I had enough in February after starting to use them in December. You can see the pic of pilling in 2 months. They are thin and flimsy, and have no strength in elastic to stay around the corners of the mattress. The price and some positive reviews sucked me in. Don't be! I offered them to my husband to cut up as shop towels, so he could use them. He declined! I knew they were cheap when I opened them, but I wanted so badly for them to work. There is no good thing to say. I gave away the extra pillow cases I bought and put them on the pillows as they were not the right size. I am certain that there isn't a hotel anywhere that uses them in the ad. They are too thin, poor quality material and wouldn't last a week. Please do not spend your money or time.

👤If there are many good reviews, they are worth a try. I was happy to find cheap sheets for my Ca King bed. I could not wait to finish the day after they arrived and went into the wash. I could see what I thought. I am thrilled with the color, I deviated from plain white sheets a long time ago, and the turquoise is spot on in a true gem color. The sheets are made of butter. I can't remember the last time I slept that well, I wish I could have stayed up all day. They are deep pocket, I have a mattress topper which they went over without a problem, and the fitted sheet stayed exactly where I put it. After a night of blissful sleep, they went on straight out of the dryer and are stillwrinkle free. I have found new sheets that I will be ordering more of, but she doesn't know it. I found my mother's birthday present as well as many more friends. Highly recommend! No question, 5 stars.

3. Twin XL Sheets Fitted Bedding

Twin XL Sheets Fitted Bedding

If you're unhappy with your Cosy House Bedding, just send them a photo of the problem, and they'll send you a free replacement set. No need to return the original! The Queen Sheets Lux bed sheets are made from 100% fine brushed microfiber and arewrinkle and fade resistant, making them a top quality product. The bed sheet set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases. The fitted bed sheet has a deep pocket and is fully elasticized at the bottom with a smooth fit corner strap, which ensures a snug fit and no slips on mattresses up to 15” thick. There is a pocket on the side of the sheet that is perfect for storing your phone, book, glasses, or even the TV remote. Simply wash the sheets at a low temperature and they will be as good as new. These sheets are made to stand the test of time. The instructions for the DreamCare bed sheets are provided in the manual. If you have any questions or issues regarding the set, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Dreamcare

👤These sheets are great. They fit over my Cal King with a little room to spare. I hate when sheets slip off the edges but these sheets have an elastic strap on each corner to keep that from happening. There is a pocket on each side of the sheets. I was very excited when I found out that you can keep your phone and remote in a safe place. The best idea in the sheet world was created by those pockets.

👤I bought these sheets because we needed a new pair of sheets and I was trying to stay on budget. The sheets had great reviews and the price was amazing. The color is rich, just as nice as the photo online, and they are very soft and comfy. When I opened the package, I was happy to find that they did not have a plastic-like smell. The best part about these sheets is the small pockets on each side; why don't all sheets have these? I feel like my husband. I always search the blankets for phones and remotes. I am not able to speak to this, but I will update my review if there is an issue.

👤I am so disappointed that these sheets are so cheap and paper thin. They are coming apart at the seams after I washed them. You get what you pay for. Don't buy them, they are rubbish.

👤I was on the hunt for new sheets and thought this was a great deal. Too bad to be true. The first thing I noticed was how thin they were. I would have preferred a better fabric for the pillows. You could see the pattern on my pillows. I wanted to give it a chance. Pack them back up in the morning. They were so hot! When I have a quilt, I only have a sheet and a thin blanket. It was very uncomfortable. They wouldn't stay on. I was surprised that they had elastic straps in the corners, which is one of the reasons I chose these. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤These sheets are the best we have ever owned. I've spent a lot of money trying to find the best ones, and these are definitely the best. It's very soft and Wrinkle free, and it's true to the description that to not pop up off the corners. I will be buying more beds for our home because I absolutely recommend them. The color is beautiful. After a few washes the purple color has become rich and beautiful. I'm very happy with our purchase.

👤For 3 nights, sleep on these sheets and wake up sweating. I have to turn on a fan because it's below freezing outside. Not comfortable. The sheets are soft, but that doesn't mean they are not uncomfortable. There's a big run in one of the pillowcases. Will be back.

👤These sheets are gorgeous! I bought the purple set for my grand daughters room. The rich color is what I was looking for. The color did not fade after I washed them. The fabric is soft. There is a side pocket on the fitted sheet that can hold items such as a small book, the remote, or tissue. The fitted sheet has deep pockets and is reinforced with an extra strip of elastic to hold them in place. Excellent quality for the price. I am happy with my purchase.

4. Bare Home Super Fleece Sheet

Bare Home Super Fleece Sheet

The set includes one Twin XL fitted sheet, one Twin XL flat sheet, and one standard pillowcase. The fitted sheet fits mattresses up to 15” deep. You'll be convinced that you're in paradise when you slip between these sheets. These sheets are soft, plush, and warm and will be a hit with you and your family. Easy care. The machine wash has the same colors. Dry on a cold day. It's been repaired. Your first 30 nights are with them. It was literally. Send their sheets back if you don't like them.

Brand: Bare Home

👤I received a new bed and split king sheets. There were 2 holes in the fabric of the fitted sheet that was damaged, and a run of about 10 feet. Since the seller is a third party, I'm waiting to hear back from customer service to see if they will replace the sheet or send a return label. These are polar fleece, not microfleece. The feel is similar to popular blankets. As we live in North Dakota, either would work, we were expecting microfleece based on the listing, and we currently have it on our other bed. The seller doesn't allow return of damaged products. This seems odd considering that the main reason to want a refund is the issue, I'm listing 3 stars. The price was reasonable. If the fitted sheet had not been damaged, we would have kept the set and looked for another set. The replacement was received quickly and in perfect condition. They did not want the item sent back. The product is working well and we are very pleased with the resolution.

👤Oh my gosh... I loved the red sheets. I bought another set of white sheets. The sheets are the best in the world. People with thick mattresses have plenty of them. I can tell they are sewn with quality because I am a seamstress. I am in heaven when I get in my bed at night. If you live up north in the winter, you will love them. I wish they made a green set. I would place another order. Thank you for being a quality company with fast service. There is peace. Love. There is gratitude. There is kindness. Christina.

👤The sheets we bought were the right weight and color. I washed them and put them on the bed, but I noticed there were two small holes in the fitted sheet. I am very disappointed that these passed the inspection and were sent out. Poor quality.

👤I bought these sheets because I wanted a light blanket and they were the same price or less than a light blanket. I thought I would just use the flat sheet as a blanket and not bother with the fitted sheet and pillow cases. I don't want anything that will make me too warm at night because I get hot at night. I washed them and they smelled great. I decided to put the whole set on the bed. I will put them on regular sheets if they are too hot. I had them on for a week. They are not hot and are the most soft sheets I have ever slept on. I love them! I will buy more in other colors.

👤I bought the second set of fleece sheets. The sheets are very soft and warm. The sewing was terrible when the second set arrived. I explained this in an e-mail. I got a generic reply. Send them back. These sheets are so fluffy that they are vacuum sealed and packed. They are three times the size when you open them. I asked if they would send me a new top sheet. That was ignored. I wouldn't recommend this vendor.

5. Amazon Basics Lightweight Microfiber Pockets

Amazon Basics Lightweight Microfiber Pockets

The microfiber is 100% Polyester. The set includes a 66 x 96 inch flat sheet, 39 x 80 x 14 inch fitted sheet, and 20 x 30 inch Standard pillowcase. All-around elastic on 14 inch fitted sheet allows for snug, secure fit of most mattress sizes up to a 16 inch mattress depth. The all-season comfort of the microfiber fabric resists wrinkling and fading. Machine wash warm with no bleach and tumble dry low. An independent certification system ensures that textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I bought these sheets in September of last year. I have seen a few similar reviews with this same experience, so maybe we just got a really bad mistake. This was frightening. I will never make that mistake again because I was too cheap to wash them before I put them on the bed. We decided to wash them to see what was happening. The sheets they purchased were good quality, but they were very expensive and horrifying. Don't buy them. This photo will make you want to throw up.

👤It was bitten with bugs. I opened the package to wash them and noticed how soft the sheets were. There were a lot of black bugs when I put the sheets in the washer. The sheets were full of bugs. I immediately threw both into the washer and sprayed everything I found in my laundry room.

👤The material is soft, but the sheets are not. I bought this set for our king size bed and the sheets do not stay tight around the mattress. The sheets have pockets. I have to pull the fitted sheet taut when I make the bed because it is wrinkled. I grab it the way we used to, as we put them on. I'll grab the sheet with one hand and the other with the other until I can pull it taut. If the sheets are bad, I have to strip the bed to make it look better. They were cheap, so this proves that you get what you pay for. I'm looking for other sheets and these can be an extra set in case of an emergency.

👤After the first laundered, these sheets feel soft. The sheets were fun to put on the bed. The problems came after that. The sheets are so thin that they can't stay flat, so the bed is wrinkly all the time. They began to take pill. I washed them in cold water and dried them low. There are small crumbs on the bedroom floor. These sheets are not worth the money. AmazonBasics does not mean Amazon's Best.

👤I have had these sheets for 6 months and they are already worn. I can feel the pills on my skin. These sheets are disappointing. I should have gone with the Utopia brand or the Sweet Home Collection because they still feel soft and comfortable. I have had these sheets for several years and they have held up well.

👤I decided to give these sheets a try because they seemed too good to be true at $19.99. sheets that are considered better quality can cost between $60 and $100. I don't think it's a good idea to spend that much money on something that should only cost $20. I have learned my lesson. I still have these sheets as a backup, but I wouldn't recommend them to people who sleep hot. They're smooth to the touch and seem harmless, but they reflect body heat. I bought a 100% cotton flannel set and thought they would be better. The sheets aren't appealing to look at. Not at all. They are a dark shade of tan/taupe and semi-see-through. I have learned that high quality, 100% cotton sheets and bedding make a world of difference in how well I sleep. If you sleep hot, don't buy synthetic sheets and bedding. Buy cotton. I was unaware of the difference until I purchased Target's Threshold 400 ct Performance set. I started using a regular down comforter after buying a 100% cotton one. I sleep cool every night because of this. It used to be that a synthetically filled comforter laying next to me would keep me warm enough to wake me up at 3 or 4am. It seems that I can sleep with the down comforter on, just about any day of the year. This may be perfect for you if you sleep warm.

6. Bedsure Twin Sheets College Grey

Bedsure Twin Sheets College Grey

An independent certification system ensures that textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. This sheet set has a ruffled hem on the pillowcase and a simple design. The Bedsure sheet set makes a bedroom stylish. Bedsure microfiber sheets are soft to the touch and lightweight, making them the sweetest of dreams. Compared with linen or cotton, it is easy to wash. A fitted sheet hugs the mattress up to 16 inches deep, keeping it from shifting. The pillowcase has an envelope design that prevents pillows from escaping. Flat sheet is a barrier between you and the blanket or comforter, which will ensure your comfort while you sleep. Bed sheets can be used as a thin blanket on warmer nights. Machine wash frequently. Use the gentlest setting on your washing machine. Do not use chlorine bleach. The Bedsure Twin XL Size Sheet Set has one x 66'' x 100'' flat sheet, one x 39'' x 80'' fitted sheet, and one x 20'' x 30'' pillowcase.

Brand: Bedsure

👤The first two pictures are of a pillow case and the last two are of a sheet. There are grease marks on the pillow case. I found it the same way when I looked at the secondary one. The fitted sheet is in good shape. I wash my sheets first. I saw the Spocks when I was making the bed. The sheets were returned and the "New" label was stuck on the plastic which was easy to open and seal back. Is the problem with Bedsure? When an item comes down a few dollars, I made sure to click BUY AS NEW, even though it was a refurbished item. Someone is at fault.

👤I love these sheets. I used to own a cheap pair from Walmart but bought a set from target for $50. Both sets did not wash well. Every week I was there. I needed a sturdy set. These are a must have. The ruffle was an added bonus but I would buy again even without it. They stay on the bed.

👤I bought this for my daughter's bed and she liked the fabric so I put it on her bed before I could wash it. I thought it would be fine until she found bed bugs.

👤The sheets have deep pockets so the fitted sheet won't pop up. The sheets are soft and the right size. I was happy with my purchase and the price was good.

👤When someone uses purple, I want them to use it to its fullest potential in the most glamour's and Complementary ways. This sheet set has a bright purple color with light purple lighting. The vendor came in a timely manner and they were free of defects and odors. I am praying the color holds up when I wash them. I am a cheap diva and this product price and customer served me well. I have accidentally dried the sheets and washed them, but they are good to go and feel good the next day, so I cold wash them and hang them up. Lay down with peaceful dreams and add some fabric air spray.

👤I bought this set for my queen. The comfort and softness were great. After being clumped on the bed for hours waiting to be folded, it was washed up nicely. The texture on the trim is nice. It makes the sheets look more expensive. Will order more.

👤I ordered the sheets to complete our bed because I loved their pillow cases so much. These are soft and beautiful. I am happy with their customer service. They are kind and responsive.

👤These sheets did what I expected of them. I like them a lot.

👤The sheets were teal, but they began to "pill" in the area you sleep in after the second wash. I'm going to try a sweater defuzzer on them, which I shouldn't have to, but I don't think it will solve the problem, they will continue to pill. Don't bother ordering the cover as it won't be close to the sheet color. I was annoyed when I had to pay a minimum of $25.00 to return the cover because I was so disappointed with the color. They won't cover the return shipping for their own error, and they wouldn't respond to my message, so I was extremely unimpressed. I will not order from this company again. I ordered the cover before I realized the sheets were pilled.

7. Bare Home Premium Ultra Soft Microfiber

Bare Home Premium Ultra Soft Microfiber

It's been repaired. Your first 30 nights are with them. It was literally. If you don't like their sheets, send them back. Ultra- soft sheets. Their fabric is lightweight and airy to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A wide range of colors are available to compliment any bedroom. The set includes 1 Twin XL Flat Sheet, 1 Standard Pillowcase, and 1 Twin XL fitted sheet with all-around elastic. Extra deep pockets hold up to 15 mattresses. All-AROUND ARTICLE: The fitted sheet is elastic to grip and fit the mattress better and to keep it in place all night. Excellent quality. The microfiber yarn is made to last without harmful chemicals and is hydro-brushed for an unbelievable soft feel. They will make it right if you send it back because you don't love it.

Brand: Bare Home

👤The sheet didn't last a month. When I washed it again, it was torn. I know my husband's feet need a pedicure, but never has a sheet torn like this one. It's brand new and hasn't slept for a month. I bought 3 sets of white, blue and gray. There were gaps in the seam of one of the corners when I put the blue on the bed. The edges weren't caught in the stitching. It was an easy fix since I sew. It could be a problem for people who don't own a sewing machine. I haven't looked at the set yet. I'm afraid of it. I won't buy this brand again.

👤I'm starting to believe that the BUzzFeed product recommendations and Amazon reviews are not real. This is the second purchase I've made that was based on a recommendation from a website and tons of rave reviews that have turned out to be rubbish. The sheets are soft and less wrinkly than cotton sheets, but that's about it. If you're a "hot" sleeper, beware, the sheets are cheap and won't breathe. The material is not paper thin. I couldn't fold the fitted sheet after washing because it was so thin. I found an orange stain on the fitted sheet after I pulled them out of the dryer. The sheets went straight into the washer with a load of other whites and nothing else was stained. I'm pretty sure they arrived this way. Would not recommend or purchase again. Avoid!

👤The microfiber threads were pulling loose on just 2 washes. Returned and was shorted a twin and deducted less than half of the cost new. The picture is not RISK free and that is not true.

👤I spent close to two weeks researching sheets and reading reviews after I upgraded my bed from a Queen to a king. I kept coming back to these sheets because of the positive reviews. I assumed that the more expensive the sheets, the better the quality. I was willing to pay a premium for sheets. I'm glad I didn't. I'm in love with these sheets and I'm so happy I bought them. They are very soft. There was no wrinkling or stiffness. The plum is bright and vibrant. I'm going to replace the beds in my house with these sheets. I won't have to break the bank.

👤These are the best sheets I've ever owned. I recommend this set if you want to be comfortable while you rest. When I put them on my bed, one of the elastic bands that secure your sheet to the mattress popped off, but I didn't complain. My husband sewed it back on. I love this set, but be careful not to rip the extra bands off when you make your bed. I went to make the bed and another band popped off the fitted sheet. This is very annoying. The band had to be replaced. The bands should be better for the price. Customer Service was very helpful. My sheets were replaced without additional charges.

8. Bare Home Flannel Velvety Heavyweight

Bare Home Flannel Velvety Heavyweight

The instructions for the DreamCare bed sheets are provided in the manual. If you have any questions or issues regarding the set, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours. Quality: Excellent. The sheets are made from high quality flannel. This winter, cotton will keep you warm. Machine wash these sheets with no hassle because of the tight stitching and strong fabric. The home of Barney. It's not competition, it's purpose. Clean, conscious bedding is what they are about. Go bare and stay away from harmful chemicals. What is included? A Twin XL fitted sheet has deep pockets of 39” x 80, a Twin XL flat sheet has deep pockets of 66” x 100, and a Standard Pillowcase has 20” x 30.

Brand: Bare Home

👤All of you are manufacturers. Shrinking the width of sheets to save costs is not just this one. You need to buy the next size up if you want the flat sheet to fit on any sheet set. Either pin the sheet to your backside or not. Yeah, duh. Consumers notice these things.

👤The description describes the fabric as heavy. After washing it in cool water with fabric softener, it is not plush like a good quality flannel should be, but it is thin after removing from the package. After the first wash, you can see that it's even more thin because it puts out a lot of dryer lint. One side is more scratchier than the other. Disappointing. The only true feature of the description is that it fits the larger twin, and that's what we bought the brand for. The color didn't fade, so that's a plus. If you are looking for a thick, soft flannel that will hold up for many washes, this is not it.

👤I bought them on Amazon. I usually buy the 190oz. They don't sell Pinzon sheets in split king. I would have bought the Pinzon twins, but they only come in 170 ounces. I would have sewn the top sheet together. These are not very heavy. You can see through the cheese cloth. Save money. These won't last. I'll try the 170oz. Why can't anyone make and sell the fitted bottom sheets?

👤I washed the sheets before putting them on the bed. The sheets were wrinkled due to the faded color. It was very disappointing! I threw out all the packaging so I can't return them. Everything else about the set is very nice and I am rating a 2.

👤The top sheet is a different color than the bottom sheet. They look like they are from different sets. There was a lot of debris folded up in the sheet when I opened it to wash them, like it had been sitting on the floor before they were packaged. I washed the sheets twice and they came out stiff, like cotton canvas. I will be donating the sheets that I did not use.

👤We needed new sheets because the cheap ones we had for a year lost elasticity and we couldn't grip our mattress. I knew we needed a deep pocket option, but I also had other qualifications in mind. I wanted to avoid sheets that were plastic-based so I did a lot of research on a wide variety of sheets. Y'all. These are sheets. They are the whole package. 100% Cotten has good thread count. I am very pleased with this purchase. Our toddler just randomly placed them on an empty pillow case to cuddle with it, even though he noticed how soft they were. The opinion of my dog,Rory, is more important than my opinion. Clearly she approves. I think we could become a Bare Home family.

👤They have held up amazingly over the course of a year. We use flannel sheets all year long. I put them on, take them off once a week to wash, and then put them back on our bed. 5 stars is definitely a good rating. Just ordered 2 new sets, and still love them. I love these sheets. The fit, feel and quality are all excellent. I paid double for a set from a company that only sells high quality bedding. These are already superior in comfort. The quality of the product seems to be determined. I would not pay double again when I get these. It's not easy to find split king sheets.

9. Twin Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet

Twin Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet

This is the perfect extra deep pocket twin. The twin size fitted sheet is 39” x 80” and has a 21” deep pocket. It fits Mattresses 16 to 23 inches. Extra Deep Fitted Sheets are new and innovative. These fitted sheets will make you want to sleep all night. DeaLuxe fitted sheets are designed to have a snug fit which will keep your fitted sheet secure and tight all night long for your ultimate pleasure and deep relaxation. Sleep in a cloud with the DeaLuxe Woven Double brushed Microfiber. The sheets are made from the highest quality microfiber fabrics. The DeaLuxe Real Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet is so soft that it will keep you comfortable and peaceful all night long. DeaLuxe deep fitted sheets are designed for you to enjoy hassle free with minimal care. The DeaLuxe 21” inch fitted sheets are easy to care for. No ironing is needed, you just have to wash it. The best choice over high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Their goal is to delight everyone with high quality luxury extra deep pocket fitted sheets at a great deal. That is the meaning of DeaLuxe. These extra deep fitted sheets are so confident that you will love them. If you don't, you can return it for a full refund. I'm looking forward to serving you. - With love.

Brand: Dealuxe

👤I was really excited for the 21" deep pockets. I had to buy sheet holders for my bed because every sheet I've used comes off at the point I wanted it to. I like crisp sheets out of the package and I got this one last week. I didn't have to pull or tug when the sheet came off. I am currently washing the sheet and I am praying I don't have that issue because I have read all the bad reviews for after wash. After I put my bed back together, I will update. There is an update. I washed my sheets and have slept on them a couple of nights, and it has not torn as much as it did when I first got it. Now is the time to order another!

👤The side of the sheet has something strange on it. It looks like they ran out of fabric. Poor quality.

👤This is a sheet that I love. The pockets are deep and there is enough wiggle room for adjustment. The tag on the sheet tells you which way the head of the bed and foot is.

👤After a few days on the bed, the thread is unraveling. I don't think it will make it another month before splitting. I would not recommend this product.

👤So far, so good. They are very soft and were delivered today. It was big enough for my bed. The mattress is a little deep and we have a one inch top. We have a pillow top mattress topper that is about two inches. My old sheets were not deep pocket and were67531 at the corners. We will see how these work. I will update later. They seem promising and the packing is cute. This company is created by a family to give us great deals. The sheets have a tag for where the top of the sheet goes and a tag for the bottom, that way you can tell the difference. Highly recommended.

👤5 stars alone for the tags. No more wondering which way the sheets go. They're very deep and I like them on my mattress. It's soft as well.

👤This is the deepest pocket fitted sheet I've ever had. It grips well and doesn't fall. It's very soft. There is a tag at the top that says "head" and one at the bottom that says "feet". It's certainly not needed but a fun addition. Great purchase.

👤I was a bit worried about buying this because it was more expensive than I wanted to spend, but I'm glad I did. The corners of my sheets would come off in the night. I would wake up and my sheet was on the floor. I have a very heavy twin size memory foam mattress on my loft bed. I wanted to try to find a sheet that would stay on even if I moved, because it's very hard for me to put my sheet back on every day. This one does. I had it for about a month and the only time it moved was when I washed it. The sheet was worth the money. I will be purchasing more.

10. Kotton Culture Luxurious Percale Egyptian

Kotton Culture Luxurious Percale Egyptian

There are 1 fitted sheet (39"X80"), 1 flat sheet (66"X102"). There are 2 standard pillow cases. Will fit all mattresses deep. 1000 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton is a long staple fabric that is cool to the touch. Their thick bedsheet sets are designed to be soft and durable. Bring the hotel experience home with cotton fibre and a smooth finish. The perfect fit is to get a snug fit with a durable deep pocket elastic all around the fitted sheet that goes neatly around the corners of the mattress. Their pillowcases are made with envelope closure to keep pillow inserts out of the covers. The flat sheet is a soft barrier between you and your blanket. SOURCED & HAND-STITCHED: Their plush sheets are made withCotton that is good for the environment and your home. The neutral bed sheet sets are available in a wide range of vibrant colors. The pieces are densely woven with a weave. The cooling sheets made with 1000 threads per inch provide a blend of softness, durability, and year-round comfort, and can be used in the summer or in the winter. Easy anddurable care: The bed sheet set is finished with high strength stitching. tumble dry low, and iron when needed. If you prefer not to worry about wrinkling, use a short dry cycle and take your cover out from the dryer.

Brand: Kotton Culture

👤The thread count is not as described. Not any softer after washing, as described. Pass. These sheets are terrible after washing and sleeping on them. The static coming out of them is very annoying. They are sleeping on blends of 400 threadcount. Not happy. I wanted to be able to remove my bad review after washing and using.

👤The sheets are thick and that is a good thing. I know that thread count is not related to thickness of sheets, but it is related to axis and thickness. The first thing that stands out about these sheets is that they are thick, and seem to last a long time. The sheets have a beautiful dye job, which ran when I washed them, but the water cleared quickly, so I think one more wash will do it. The dye job is very bright. People are wondering what about the threadcount and softness. I am getting to that. I don't have a lot of experience with sheets of this caliber, but I can tell you that it is not Walmart or Better Business Bureau sheets, the threading is so tightly packed that it is hard to see a single strand. I think someone said that is a characteristic of a sateen weave, I compared them to sheets in my house and they are definitely high quality, but the softness factor is hard for me to judge, a bit of crispness remained after first wash. It will probably take a bit to break them in, because I did a gentle hand wash. This was the best price, and the only sheet set that I could find on Amazon seemed to be 1000 TC, and as luck would have it, these sheets are nice and thicck... That was a complaint of buyers on all the other listings of other sellers, so I feel I lucked out. If I could, I would give these sheets an extra star.

👤I am a big fan of high thread count cotton sheets and bedding. These are not to be missed. I've had a lot of experience with high-end fabric/bedding and they are very good. The stitching is strong. The more they are washed, the softer they become. I immediately wash these upon arrival and they were very soft and luxurious. I prefer a white bridal look for the bed. I can't speak to the longevity of the die in terms of colored options. Any fabric of this kind is going to be vulnerable to fading of color even if the die was high quality. You can easily get around 20 years of use out of these sheets, which is an advantage. If you are planning to use the sheets for a long time, then white is the best color to go with. If you decide to bring in different colors, the white sheets will always be fine, no matter what you are doing. If you've never used a set of 1000 thread count pure high end cotton sheets and have slept with polyester, you owe it to yourself. It is life-changing, no comparison!

11. Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet

Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet

Microfiber yarn is 100% hydro-brushed. The fitted sheet is 39" wide by 80" long. The fitted sheet is designed to hug your mattress up to 15 inches deep. Sleep in luxury. At the end of the day, you should be treated with respect. Bare Home has twin xl fitted sheets. It is the sleeping companion you have been searching for. Easy care. Bedtime is supposed to be relaxing. Bare Home's fitted sheets are designed to perform perfectly every day, night, or nap time. It's been repaired. Your first 30 nights are with them. It was literally. If you don't like their sheets, send them back.

Brand: Bare Home

👤This is the second sheet I got from Amazon and I wouldn't try another one. At first, this sheet was amazing. Not too thin. It felt great. Two weeks later. I noticed that there were tears. So disappointed! I thought this was a good sheet, but it wasn't.

👤There are bad sheets. These sheets were bought based on reviews. It is alarming that with over 2400 reviews and 4.5 stars, very few people mention that the elastic does not go all the way around the sheets. It's difficult to get them to fit properly. When you try to tuck the sheet under the mattress it breaks because of the tight elastic. I thought the first sheet was faulty. The second one ripped the same way as the first one, so I took it off and put it on. 2 out of 2 did the same thing. The dimensions state the top split is 34” which is not correct. It might be more like 26” or 28” You can see from the pictures that there is a ripped elastic on the bed, and you can see the sheet on the bed with a 34” split, if you look closely. The Bare sheet is not a 34” split. I can't verify the sleep quality because I never had the chance to sleep on them. I will be returning these.

👤Well. It looks like a soft sheet. I'm not putting it on my bed. I took it out of the package and it smelled bad. I was going to wash it by myself, so I thought I would use it after that. Well. It didn't help. I ran it through the wash on its own twice and it still smelled bad, so I added an extra rinse and a hot wash. I can't use this in my bed.

👤I have tried many different types of beds and this one gives you enough fabric so you can easily get it onto the mattress. Finally, no more fighting, stretching, and pulling to get it on! I was surprised at how smooth the fabric was. I have used other sets of sheets at this price point before, but they felt like sand paper. The material feels soft and smooth due to the higher thread count. They feel like a higher end cotton product, another pleasant surprise. I have not found any defects or design problems. This is an excellent deal for something that does not feel like a bargain.

👤Really cheap quality! I'm pretty sure it's not 1800 thread count. When you put it on the mattress, it snaps. The corners are not square and you can't get out of them. I can see the blue pattern of the mattress through the sheet.

👤These sheets are great for my split-King bed. Most twin XL are for dorm rooms. These are not the same. It is very soft and easy to put on and stay on.

👤I bought the Twin size in gray. The color is true to what is displayed. I have bought the same size before. These sheets fit our mattresses well. The sheets stay on the mattresses well with no need for pulling or tugging, even though we both use the head and foot raising things. My husband's side of the bed comes untucked once a week or so because he is more active than I am. Staying on a deep mattress is a pros. Stay on with the frame. None that I have found.


What is the best product for best egyptian cotton sheets twin xl?

Best egyptian cotton sheets twin xl products from Great Bay Home. In this article about best egyptian cotton sheets twin xl you can see why people choose the product. Cosy House Collection and Dreamcare are also good brands to look for when you are finding best egyptian cotton sheets twin xl.

What are the best brands for best egyptian cotton sheets twin xl?

Great Bay Home, Cosy House Collection and Dreamcare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best egyptian cotton sheets twin xl. Find the detail in this article. Bare Home, Amazon Basics and Bedsure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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