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1. Thread Count Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

Thread Count Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

When machine drying, never dry at high temperatures. The medium fan and spin speed are recommended if your dryer is variable. It is important to remove bed linens from the dryer before they are completely dry. Allow the sheets to be washed a few times to experience the cotton's softness. Order your Five Elements high thread count sheets now and sleep with true luxury. There is a product details. The Queen-size sheet set has four pieces, one Flat Sheet, one Fitted Sheet, and a pair of Standard-size Pillowcases. They are available in many gorgeous solid colors and will definitely raise the style of any bedroom. The details of the fabric. The 1000 thread count sheets are made from Egyptian cotton. The sheets are lustrous and silky soft and are made from single ply cotton yarns. Natural and safe dyes are used. The sheets are of the highest quality. Premium quality. The best cotton in the market is Egyptian cotton, which is used to make some of the best beddings in the world. The sheets are shiny and smooth. The quality of their sheets is equivalent to the sheets used at five-star luxury hotels. Extreme combat is what they are talking about. The sheets are made from natural materials. They keep you cool during the night. They are great for night sweats. They are soft and smooth against your skin, and ensure you get a good night's sleep every time you use their beddings. Customer service is provided. They want to deliver superior quality bed-linen to their customers. Their customer service goes beyond that. If you have a problem with their beddings, write to them directly and they will address it. Purchase the 1000 TC sheet set and experience luxury and comfort.

Brand: Ashton Sheets

👤I have ordered from Amazon every week since the Pandemic and this is the first time I have been shocked by the quality of the sheets that I received. It's gross to open your new sheets and see the yellow stains and mold on them. It looks like a lot of dried pee. I can't even say it, but that was sitting around somewhere hot and had time to grow black mold. Amazon should not be selling this product. It is likely that some kind of health hazard will cause you to send old, bodily fluid stained, moldy sheets to a motel. I am not sure which hotel they are referring to. No one would want to stay there. This experience was revolting. I am getting all done with Amazon. I need to fumigate my house and boil myself.

👤It was the best night of sleep I have ever had. You need to know what you are buying if you are buying these sheets. There are different kinds of cotton. This is not a flannel pajama kind of cotton. This cotton is very dense and crisp. Like a fancy dress shirt for men. It is beautiful and perfect. The experience of these sheets with night shirts or PJ's, sleep nude, and get the full body sensation they provide is not worth it. Dry in low heat with cold water detergent. They aren't treated so they are wrinkled. It is only minor. So what? You will never know the difference when you are asleep. You will have a cover over the sheets when you are not in them. When I said I was going to order new sheets, my wife was skeptical but now she is very impressed with my purchase.

👤I was excited to get these sheets as the other two sets of 1000 tc sheets I have are too small for my deep mattress, but I keep using them because I love the way they feel. These sheets are disappointing. I noticed they were so sheer that I could see my hand through them as I took them out to be laundered. These 1000 tc sateen are not possible. They look to be about 250 tc. Don't purchase. Get the better quality ones if you spend $50 more. The two sets I have cost about $200-$250 a set and have lasted 10 years. I could still use my new mattress if it was not so deep. The buyer should beware.

👤Thank you so much for your generous offer. The sheets were of excellent quality, but the smell was over bearing. I laundered them, hoping that would help, but the smell was still there. I kept them in the garage, hoping the smell would go away. Same result. My neighbor didn't find the strong chemical offensive, so it may have been just a sensitivity for us. I gave them to them. No need for a refund since the sheets were put to good use. I appreciate the offer again. The package arrived today. Let me know if I can return. The sheets are soft and fit well, but they smell terrible. I laundered them hoping that would eliminate the smell. I left them in the bedroom with all the windows open. I had to move them to the garage because they smelled so bad. I will discard them if they can't be returned.

2. 100 Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

100 Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING. They have upgraded the packaging in line with their philosophy of being nature and environment friendly. All of it is made using recycled materials. The attractive cardboard box means that there is no need for paper on this. The luxury 1000 thread count cotton sheets are authentic. The Luxurious 1000-thread-count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set will make you feel better about sleeping. The Superior bedding sheets and pillow cases will make your bed look better. There areOCKET SHEETS. The fitted sheet is elastic for a snug fit. The White QUEEN Size Luxury 4PC Bed Sheets Set includes a flat sheet of 90" x 102", a fully elasticized fitted sheet of 60" x 80", and a standard pillowcase of 20" x 30". Their sheets are certified standard 100 by OEKOTEX. More than 300 working families with living wages are supported by the ethically manufactured sheets. They use a paper box to reduce plastic packaging waste. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These high-thread-count sheets will elevate your bedroom, guest room, kids' room, RV, vacation home, or other space. They offer their own guarantee. They will fix the problem if you aren't happy. Treat yourself or give the ultimate Father's Day gift. Order now and sleep on these sheets. You'll love it. Their bedroom style sheets are for the master. Their products are backed by incredible customer service. If you don't like their bed sheets, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days. It's best for gifts for friends, family, and special occasions.

Brand: Lane Linen

👤If you want sheets that are wrinkly, you can't iron them with a hot steam iron. I moved them from the washer to the dryer. I took them out of the dryer when it buzzed. I bought these to replace my old sheets. My previous sheets were extremely durable and thick, but discontinued sadly. These are so thin and flimsy that they feel soft. If they last 6 months, we will be lucky. Very unimpressed. I feel deceived.

👤The sheets are not very thin. I spilled wine on the white sheets that I bleached and they came out of the washer bright and clean. If you fold them out of the dryer, they won'twrinkle. Wrinkles can be smoothed out with your hands. They are a great price. I will definitely buy more.

👤The bed sheets are very heavy. Excellent quality and price. I ordered a new set for another bed. They are fragrance free.

👤I'm picky about my sheet. I love that they are soft. When you think of thick sheets, you think they are warm. These sheets are perfect for my and my fiancĂ©'s sleep. I bought a second set because I love them so much. These are the best sheets I have tried. It only took me 6 different kinds of 1000 thread count to be happy with. If you're looking for a good price and high quality, look no further. They have a thick elastic band on their bed. When I pulled them out of the dryer, they weren't very interested. I wanted to write a review for these, so someone doesn't have to order 6 different ones like did. I am a bedding snob. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤These aren't as soft as was stated. Targets sheets are very soft. It feels like a button down shirt and I used a lot of fabric softener. Similar to hotel sheets. It has deep pockets and is thick, but they wrinkled out of the dryer. I kept them because I didn't feel like stuffing them back into the bag. Not worth the cost.

👤These are soft sheets. I had to wash a few times to remove the smell. All good after that!

👤They are nice. A small amount on the stiff side. They are made to last. I am very happy with the purchase and would buy again.

👤The sheet set was washed and dried before it was put on the bed. The corners of the 14 inch thick mattress were easily enclosed by the fitted sheet pockets. The sheets are soft and comfortable to sleep on. Will be buying more. Highly recommended.

3. Bluemoon Luxurious Italian Egyptian Mattress

Bluemoon Luxurious Italian Egyptian Mattress

Their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and incredible customer service, which is important to them. They want to make sure you have an excellent experience from the moment you place your order until the time you sleep on your new bedding. Give your mom, dad, wife, or kids a lovely present without worry with their high-quality sheet sets. The Egyptian cotton sheets are of the highest quality. If you love the look of crisp pillowcases and the luxury of Hotel bed sheets, you will love their Luxurious Sheets, 1000-thread-count. They use yarns made with long staple cotton fibre. Their sheets are soft for a long time. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes of bed sheets. The king sheet set has 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 king size pillow cases. It's recommended for regular wash and short dry cycles. LUXURY AND FLAWLESS. Imagine the quality of hotel linens with the perfect amount of sheets, all at an incredible price. This is what they are going to do. Their products are subjected to extensive checks to ensure that they are defect-free, resistant to pilling and shrinking, and pure, just like industry-leading organic cotton sheets. The top quality. Their bedspreads are similar to the expensive hotel collections that you can find in the market, but their linens are sold at affordable rates. Their sheets are very nice. Their bedset goes through a rigorous quality check before it reaches you. The style and quality of their products make them the highest rated sellers in their category. They make homes that are better. There is a guaranteed SATISFACTION. Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If you have a problem, you can write to them directly and they will address it. The contact seller option can be used to raise complaints. For Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and New Year's gifts, their King bed sheets are great. The King sheet set is the most comfortable. After your purchase, leave a feedback. It's good to sleep.

Brand: Bluemoon

👤Don't buy if you're warned. There is false advertising. The sheets are not advertised. They are very thin, and after two washings feel like they have been washed a thousand times. Poor quality.

👤The sheets are pilling up after only 3 washes. We only sleep in on the weekends and use these on a bed. Don't spend your money on these. I would love to return them.

👤The most important factor for me when I was shopping for bedsheets was that they had to have deep pockets to fit my DreamCloud mattress, which is 15 inches high. I went through a few other brands before finding this one. The sheets were advertised to fit a high mattress. Those descriptions are not accurate. I wanted the fitted sheet to cover the whole thing, not just the part of the mattress that was exposed. The fitted sheet is going to be difficult to get over the edge of the mattress since it fits so tightly. The sheets look great once you overcome that battle. The elephant grey was a great choice since I didn't want my room to be so dark. Before these, I had white sheets and sky blue sheets. I balanced the grey out with a light greyish- purple cover and I love it. The sheets come out of the dryer wrinkly. I don't mind that since everything is covered by my bed. If sheets arerinkly, then get something else. The only reason I'm giving these sheets 4 stars and not 5 is because of the struggle to get the fitted sheet over the final mattress corner once they come out of the dryer. These sheets are great.

👤I dislike this product because I know what 1000 thread count sheets feel like. 800 thread count is a lot thicker and a better quality than the product I bought. I want my money back.

👤When my daughter came home to visit, I was waiting to use the sheets I bought a while ago so she could sleep on quality sheets. I washed them and put them on my bed because of the change in plans. I was excited to use them because they were 1000 count and also Egyptian cotton. These are the most uncomfortable sheets I have ever slept on. It felt like I was laying on sand paper because I have sensitive skin. I slept on top of my weighted blanket because I couldn't sleep on these sheets. I waited to try them and now they are too late to return.

👤These are not 1000 count sheets. The paper is thin and cheap. I don't like the cheap quality. There are so many positive reviews on this thing.

👤We decided to make over our bedroom with new furniture, new bed and mattress, but we forgot why we weren't going to upgrade to a cal king size mattress. We realised we needed new sheets after spending more time at large brand name stores. Cal King sized sheets are harder to find and come in less options. I.ii. The prices for Cal King sheets were crazy. I. We were going to buy the first set of Egyptian Cotton sheets to see how crazy they are. I decided to check on Amazon after being unable to stomach spending $200+ for a good 1000TC set. We decided to go with Bluemoon because of the amount of reviews. I took a nap on them the first day, and thought, "Meh." Not great. But not bad... This was a short nap on top of the sheets after moving furniture all day. So. I wasn't excited about sheets when I went to bed that night. They are sheets only. After sleeping all night. I got surprised when I woke up. It was on a Saturday. I was well rested and comfortable in bed. There is one thing that I discovered. The sheets were not hot. They were not cold. Every set of sheets we've tried, I tend to run hot. I kick off the sheet and blankets during the night because I am too hot under them. When my husband woke up, he commented on how comfortable the sheets were. He was comfortable. We're planning on buying the same sheets in different colors. Their price is much higher than other sets of sheets you'll find in stores. Give them a chance. If I can be made to believe in what I was missing.

4. 1800 Thread Count Sheet Hypoallergenic

1800 Thread Count Sheet Hypoallergenic

The elastic sheet straps built in are what distinguishes their bed sheets from the rest. The elastic corners keep your fitted sheet secure and come on all of their sheets. No more sleepless nights on itchy sheets! The 1800 thread count microfiber sheets are soft to the touch. You may never be an early bird again. Treat yourself to a matching sheet set for all of your bedrooms. Each luxurious set has 4 pillowcases. New soft sheets stay in place with the help of deep pockets, elastic and built in sheet stiffens. Who has time to wash their sheets every few nights? When it is time for a wash, machine wash cold and tumble dry low. It is a perfect fit for any bed. Deep pocket sheets are fade, shrink, andwrinkle resistant. You and your bed are covered.

Brand: Sweet Home Collection

👤If you need deep pocket these barely fit on my Queen, don't buy them. Look at photos. They feel like a lot of polyester to me. It was definitely a regretful purchase. The money was wasted. I think they are all the returns which I will do to!

👤I gave a few of the sheets as gifts and kept a few for myself. The bottom of the bed felt like it had sand on it, when I got into it, I looked at the sheet and it had pilled into all the little balls. This is a single set of sheets and I am hoping it is a defect. I haven't opened up the set yet. I tried to send you an email before I left a negative post. I was unable to get your website to accept my e mail. We page. I am hoping that you will read this post and get back to me, I know a lot of the seller rely on positive feed back, I was frustrated with your web site. If you contact me and I can correct the problem, I will reverse my feedback.

👤These are titled on Amazon as "1800 Thread Count Egyptian". This is not true. The label on the product says, "Experience the comfort and soft touch as a... These aren't cotton. These are made of 100% polyester. The sheets feel like cheap sets that are usually sold as child sheets. This is not what you are looking for. It is questionable that there are 5 star reviews. I'm surprised that Amazon allows misleading marketing.

👤A small package arrived with sheets and pillow cases for a California King size. The package says 1500 thread count. There could be 1500 threads in the whole package. Will be back tomorrow.

👤These sheets are terrible. I didn't have time to read the reviews when I bought them. I wouldn't have bought them. They are both thin and soft. I was fooled by the description of many other people.

👤I got these because there are a lot of online people who link them and say they are high quality and they love them, but it is not true. I have 800ct sheets from target and they have lasted, but they are terrible. The reviews were not from the truth. These are soft. I am pretty sure it is because they are light and soft. Make you sweat. And so slow. I can see through them. It's literally. They are curtains. They are not 1800 count. The coloring I got was not the one ordered. I got grey and it was closer to brown. The stitching is messy and my husband threw them in the washer after one wash. The pillow cases look terrible. I thought I hit the big time with the 5000+ good reviews. No way. People need to be honest in these reviews. It doesn't mean that they are awesome. The pictures are terrible.

👤I was disappointed when I put the sheet on my bed because it started to lose its natural texture, meaning that it had Lent and ROWLEY particles continuously coming off of it. It made me feel like I had dust on my bed. The sheets set is not recommended by me. Highly dissatisfied!

5. Kotton Culture Luxurious Percale Egyptian

Kotton Culture Luxurious Percale Egyptian

There are 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 standard pillowcases. Will fit all mattresses deep. 1000 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton is a long staple fabric that is cool to the touch. Their thick bedsheet sets are designed to be soft and durable. Bring the hotel experience home with cotton fibre and a smooth finish. The perfect fit is to get a snug fit with a durable deep pocket elastic all around the fitted sheet that goes neatly around the corners of the mattress. Their pillowcases are made with envelope closure to keep pillow inserts out of the covers. The flat sheet is a soft barrier between you and your blanket. SOURCED & HAND-STITCHED: Their plush sheets are made withCotton that is good for the environment and your home. The neutral bed sheet sets are available in a wide range of vibrant colors. The pieces are densely woven with a weave. The cooling sheets made with 1000 threads per inch provide a blend of softness, durability, and year-round comfort, and can be used in the summer or in the winter. Easy anddurable care: The bed sheet set is finished with high strength stitching. tumble dry low, and iron when needed. If you prefer not to worry about wrinkling, use a short dry cycle and take your cover out from the dryer.

Brand: Kotton Culture

👤The thread count is not as described. Not any softer after washing, as described. Pass. These sheets are terrible after washing and sleeping on them. The static coming out of them is very annoying. They are sleeping on blends of 400 threadcount. Not happy. I wanted to be able to remove my bad review after washing and using.

👤The sheets are thick and that is a good thing. I know that thread count is not related to thickness of sheets, but it is related to axis and thickness. The first thing that stands out about these sheets is that they are thick, and seem to last a long time. The sheets have a beautiful dye job, which ran when I washed them, but the water cleared quickly, so I think one more wash will do it. The dye job is very bright. People are wondering what about the threadcount and softness. I am getting to that. I don't have a lot of experience with sheets of this caliber, but I can tell you that it is not Walmart or Better Business Bureau sheets, the threading is so tightly packed that it is hard to see a single strand. I think someone said that is a characteristic of a sateen weave, I compared them to sheets in my house and they are definitely high quality, but the softness factor is hard for me to judge, a bit of crispness remained after first wash. It will probably take a bit to break them in, because I did a gentle hand wash. This was the best price, and the only sheet set that I could find on Amazon seemed to be 1000 TC, and as luck would have it, these sheets are nice and thicck... That was a complaint of buyers on all the other listings of other sellers, so I feel I lucked out. If I could, I would give these sheets an extra star.

👤I am a big fan of high thread count cotton sheets and bedding. These are not to be missed. I've had a lot of experience with high-end fabric/bedding and they are very good. The stitching is strong. The more they are washed, the softer they become. I immediately wash these upon arrival and they were very soft and luxurious. I prefer a white bridal look for the bed. I can't speak to the longevity of the die in terms of colored options. Any fabric of this kind is going to be vulnerable to fading of color even if the die was high quality. You can easily get around 20 years of use out of these sheets, which is an advantage. If you are planning to use the sheets for a long time, then white is the best color to go with. If you decide to bring in different colors, the white sheets will always be fine, no matter what you are doing. If you've never used a set of 1000 thread count pure high end cotton sheets and have slept with polyester, you owe it to yourself. It is life-changing, no comparison!

6. Bedsure Thread Cotton Sheets Pocket

Bedsure Thread Cotton Sheets Pocket

100% satisfaction guarantee. Their products are backed by incredible customer service; they are dedicated to making sure you have an excellent experience, from the moment you place your order until after you use your new bedding. There is no risk. The ultimate gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, Mother's Day and Christmas is their high-quality designs that match any decor. It's best for any room in the house. 100% Egyptian Cotton: The Bedsure Sheet Set is a must have for your bed. The 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheet is exquisitely made with long-staple cotton which ensures the sufficient thickness and the superior durability of the fabric. It's cold and it's crowded. This bedding has a lustrous sheen due to the Sateen weave. A hotel-worthy bed sheet set is the icing on top of a luxurious sleep experience. It's safe. They're OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and free of harmful chemicals. This set is a lifesaver if you're dealing with sensitive skin or feel too stuffy in your sheets. After washing, wash cold. The cycle is gentle. It was tumble dry. If needed, low heat iron. Before using the sheets to loosen the cotton, wash them. Your sheets would become softer with every wash and use. Enjoy it for a long time. Bedsure queen size 1000 TC sheet set includes a flat sheet in 90"x101", a fitted sheet in 60"x80" and 2 pillowcases in 20"x30".

Brand: Bedsure

👤These reviews are a joke. These sheets were not good to sleep on. It was barely fit in my bed. They are not soft. They are hot and uncomfortable. They are well made and pretty but how can you sleep in them? They feel like cardboard. Don't buy them.

👤I was going to get these. Couldn't sleep on them. I washed them first. They were put on the bed after they were dried. Sand paper has two words. I was surprised by how soft these were. They went back.

👤Dropped from 5 to 2 stars. These sheets are 100% quality cotton, despite what other worthless reviews have said. They are well made. You have to expect thick cotton to be stiff and not silky. They are not like microfiber. They are also going to lose their elasticity. My beef is too big. They have shrunk majorly after washing on cold and tumble dry. The fitted sheet is tight, but there isn't enough left of the flat sheet to fit at the bottom, which is a big difference from when they were new. The instructions should have said, "Beat on a cold rock and line dry". It has been less than four months. Isn't preshrunk cotton a thing? Many other reviews are worthless. These sheets are made from real cotton and heavy with 1000 COTTON thread count. thread count in cotton sheets is meaningless. These are very well made, quality cotton and 1000 thread count. It is a nice touch. I got heavy thick fabric that I was hoping for. I knew they would be stiff and prone to wrinkling. They were not as soft as expected. They are very large and have room to spare. They shrink a lot, even washing in cold and drying on low heat. The fitted sheet is very tight and not a lot to tuck in on the end of the flat sheet. I hope they don't shrink or they will be useless.

👤Quality appearance. I had to take them off the bed at 5:00 am because I couldn't sleep. The texture is covered with plastic or stiff starch. It reminds me of baby bedding. It was made in China.

👤If you are looking for thick sheets, these are great. I thought they were soft when I got them out of the box. They are rough after the wash. I really wanted to like these sheets, but I don't.

👤The blankets look really nice. The cotton sheets and pillowcases will make you sleepy. The matress cover bottom sheet stretches easily over the sides of the matress. It is very soft. The bed is covered nicely by the large sheet. The pillowcases are soft. The cotton is thick and not cheap. The sheets are strong and won't break easily. The sheets are thick and heavy. The value is great. The ends are protected to prevent freying. The texture is not as airy as cotton. I'm curious to see how they change over time and how much cotton shrinks.

7. URBANHUT Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thread

URBANHUT Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thread

Long Staple Pure Egyptian Cotton. OEKO TEX 100 certified factory in India. 100% pure cotton for premium comfort and softness. Their premium Egyptian cotton sheets are made from 700 threads woven per square inch. The 700 thread count sheet sets are the ideal remedy for night sweats because of their blend of breathability and durability. The ideal comfort and smoothness of 5-star hotel bedding is provided by the 100% natural long staple cotton yarns woven together. Excellent fit sheets with an elegant deep pocket. These full bed sheets keep you warm and cool during the summer and winter. Each 4 piece Queen bed set has a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. Their all-around elasticized deep pocket sheets will fit the mattress perfectly and won't bunch up in the night. Their premium bedsheets are made with high quality and craftsmanship, giving you a lifetime of comfort in just one purchase. Every sheet is individually measured and stitched to provide you with the most comfort and durability. They have to undergo thorough testing for various features. They recommend a regular wash and short dry cycles. All of their dyes, auxiliaries, and bedding sets are certified to ensure your safety. 100% of their products are manufactured using the green energy produced by windmills, which is the best eco-friendly practices. The entire built-up area is covered by Rainwater Harvesting. The water is recycled by using biological and RO methods to make sure they are doing the right thing. Their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and incredible customer service, which is important to them. They want to make sure you have an excellent experience from the moment you place your order until the time you sleep on your new bedding. Give your mom, dad, wife, or kids a lovely present without worry with their high-quality sheet sets.

Brand: Urbanhut

👤The sheets are easy to wash and we ordered a King Size set. The second set was wrapped in torn cellophane and without the fancy box that we ordered the first time. We ordered the same sheets for a third time, torn and without a fancy box, but we thought it was an exception. It was as if both had been opened. We wrote to the manufacturer twice in the past few weeks, but never received a response. The quality, color and feel of the sheets we sent back were exceptional and we are very disappointed. We decided that it wasn't worth supporting a company that advertised their packaging and then sent out used/returned items to customers.

👤The package is beautiful. I know it is in the picture, but I was not expecting that. You can use the box for many different things. I got silver grey and it's perfect. It's great, no weird undertones. There is a We all buy sheets for how they feel. I can only describe them as delicious. I have not washed them yet. If the thread count is too high on a set of sheets, they feel stiff and terrible. 700 is perfect. They shipped out quickly. I got them on Sunday. At some point in the future, I will buy another set in a different color from Urban Hut. Thanks for a great product!

👤My favorite sheets have always been Egyptian cotton. I was fed up with them as they were so deep my mattress would be swimming in them after a night or two. I'm very happy I found these. These sheets are very comfortable. I washed them and they fit perfectly, the bottom sheet fits perfectly on my mattress, which was not the case with my last sheets. They are soft and comfortable. I did not remove them from the dryer right away because they were a little wrinkled after drying. Highly recommended! It was worth every penny. I'll probably order another set. I suffer from all kinds of allergies so I can't buy cheap sheets as they seem to be coated with stuff I'm allergic to. I've had no issues with them.

👤These sheets are very soft and comfortable. I bought the sheets in white. I have washed them 4 times and they have held up well. I messed up by over drying them the first time, but since I have been washing and drying them as directed, I have not had any problems. My mattress is 14' in depth and it fit perfectly after the first wash. I have an issue with them, but they're 100 % cotton, so I may just iron them. I agree with others that you should wash them first because of the unpleasant odor that comes with it. I got a little make-up on them but it came out with very little effort, so I hand washed the areas with mild detergent only. According to the sellers FAQ's, I have not used any bleach. The contribution to charity didn't hurt either. I will purchase again in black for rainy days. I think the price is comparable to the product. I tried to be as detailed as possible. I love them!

8. Feather Stitch Striped Pillowcases Bedding

Feather Stitch Striped Pillowcases Bedding

There is peace of mind. Keeping you happy with your purchase is their first priority. They are proud of the products they offer and they are passionate about what they do. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will respond quickly. The sheet set has 4 pc sheets for a king size bed, fitted sheet, Flat bed sheet, and 2 king pillow cases. Their sheets are made with 100% long staple cotton yarns so as to ensure hotel luxury and comfort. The ultra- soft bed sheets are part of the hotel collection. The extra deep pocket can be used for 18 inch deep mattresses. For girls, men and women, Moms and Dads, business gifts, Valentine's, Mother's - Father's Day, Christmas, New Year, this classic bedding sheets set is the perfect gift. The LUXURY HOTEL BEDDING COLLECTION. This luxurious finish bed sheet set is Breathable and resistant to rip. There was no tear. They manufacture a wide range of colors. The double bed sheet set is warm during hot nights and cool during cold nights. Their sheets are softer with every wash. The cotton sheets will look and feel like a hotel. Their high quality sheet set is tested thoroughly to ensure the utmost safety and comfort. Every inch of their fabric has top performance standards. There are ongoing factory audits that ensure sustainable. Each piece of bed sheet is individually measured. Their new 500 threadcount cotton sheet set is the best for any room in your house. The opening to your pillow is hidden from view, so it will always be their little secret. It will provide you with the best sleep experience. You should create a welcoming environment in your bedroom. There are easy care sheets. The sheet set is easy to maintain. Do not bleach, wash dark colors separately. They don't use dyes to keep the sheets bright toned after use. Surprise your friends and family with these sheets. Their products are backed by incredible customer service to make sure you are happy.

Brand: Feather & Stitch New York

👤I don't cut my skin crisp because I sleep hot. The sheets were watched perfectly. There was no pilling. I am happy to report that I came on top with this vendor, even though I find buying sheets on Amazon to be frustrating. It was worth every penny. I have been using these for about 2 months since I bought a new bed. The year mark will be followed by me.

👤I would give these sheets zero stars. It took 8 days for delivery. I could see the orange line before I opened the clear plastic. It looks like something is covered in rust. The pictures do not show the correct color. The stain is darker than depicted. I have to make a mess of the entire return process. Slow delivery and horrible product. I received a message from Stitch and Feather that said negative reviews hurt their sales and cause stress in their lives. Really? Purchase at your own risk. Prepare to be chastised if you post a less than stellar review. The sheets that I received appeared to be clean. I would return the package if it wasn't a hassle. The fabric is very thin. Cheap sheets. I hope their stress improves.

👤Quality sheets. The corners have elastic bands that keep the sheets from shifting. The sheets feel higher quality due to the heavier weight of the material. They come out of the dryer wrinkled, but once I stretched them out on my bed, the wrinkling mostly disappeared. The material stays cool. After I have an opportunity to test them out for a longer period of time, I will update to 5 stars. After using the sheets for about 6 months, the sheets were updated to five stars. The sheets have held up well after being washed. I was very pleased and would purchase again.

👤I don't like microfiber or poly/cotton sheets so these are perfect. I had these on my doorstep by 6:30 pm that night and washed them on the bed the next day. These are made of 100% cotton and have a smooth surface on the bed. The fitted sheet has elasticized all the way around and has strips of wide elastic, which would be helpful if it was a solid color, and there is a label inside that indicates the top or bottom of the sheet. These sheets are a lot heavier than most of the sheets I've tried, so they should hold up well. The price was reasonable for quality sheets. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I washed my sheets today. The sheets that I washed were wrinkled, but I couldn't believe it. I am 87 years old and do not iron anymore. They were not cheap, so I am very disappointed. The quality is not what I was expecting, and they cost more than my other cotton sheets. I will warn my friends about them, and I will never purchase any more.

👤I have purchased sheets from both Feather and Stitch before. I bought one set in green and the other in grey. There is a lot of good news about these sheets. They are comfortable and attractive. They should have a long life with a 500 thread count. On the other side, this seems to bother others more than I do, they sheets are a lot wrinkled. When I put my sets through the washer, they are wrinkled and don't fit in the dryer. They are 100% cotton, so if you want sheets that don'twrinkle, you should buy permanent press, which is a blend. I am very satisfied with my linen. If I want the bed to look crisp, I need to iron the pillow cases and get the iron out. It seems like a pretty fare trade to me since I am getting the comfort of all cotton.

9. Urban Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thread

Urban Egyptian Cotton Sheets Thread

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. 100% pure cotton for premium comfort and softness. Their premium Egyptian cotton sheets are made from 1000 threads woven per square inch. These 1000 thread count sheet sets are ideal for night sweats because of their blend of breathability and durability. The ideal comfort and smoothness of 5-star hotel bedding is provided by the 100% natural long staple cotton yarns woven together. Excellent fit sheets with an elegant deep pocket. These full bed sheets keep you warm and cool during the summer and winter. Each piece of the Queen bed set has a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. Their all-around elasticized deep pocket sheets will fit the mattress perfectly and won't bunch up in the night. Their premium bedsheets are made with high quality and craftsmanship, giving you a lifetime of comfort in just one purchase. Every sheet is individually measured and stitched to provide you with the most comfort and durability. They have to undergo thorough testing for various features. They recommend a regular wash and short dry cycles. All of their dyes, auxiliaries, and sheets are OEKOTEX and GOTS certified to ensure your safety. Their manufacturing plants use green energy methods such as windmills and rain water to make sure that the product is right for you and the planet. Their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and incredible customer service. Add them to your room decor and enjoy a luxurious stay with their high quality sheets.

Brand: Urbanhut

👤I was expecting a bit thicker sheet, as this sheet set was replacing another set of beloved and old 1000 thread count sheets, where the fitted sheet finally just wore out and could no longer be mended, that were thicker. I washed the new sheets when they arrived and put them on the bed without sleeping on the size that was put into cotton fabrics to make them look pretty in stores and packaging. Even though they are not as thick as the old sheets, they are still very good quality cotton and smooth on the bed. My mother would have used a cotton ironing board. I am not a nut. I know a lot about the quality and treatment of cotton fabrics, and the sheet fabric is quality fabric. I washed and dried on the next higher setting than I was told on the instructions.

👤Don't. Got ripped off. Not at all. The doubt thread count is correct. I don't feel like I have had any of those sheets before. After the first wash, the fabric was pilled. These feel like cheap sheets. Sellar sent me emails every week to leave a review. Well, here you go. The seller is now threatening me with legal action if I don't take down my negative review. I will not. Why would I do that?

👤The Customer Service at Urban Hut is great. They have the best customer service of any vendor. They will do everything they can to make a customer happy. I wish every vendor was like this. I will be buying from Urban Hut in the future. I bought these thinking they were going to be 1000 thread count, but I don't think they are. They are thin.

👤After reading reviews, I ordered a sheet set that I was not happy with. There is nothing negative to say about this set. The sheets are made of cotton and keep you cool. You would think that they would be too warm, but they are! I have washed them twice so far and know they will become softer as time goes on. I bought a set from Amazon several years ago, and they are still in good shape. And so soft now. This set stays on the bed. I had purchased a set that was too slippery to stay on my bed. I have a bed that is more than 15 inches thick and has a feathertop over it. These are great for room to spare. If you love comfort and quality at the same time, you should order a second set of these sheets. All the way to sleep!

👤I have had these sheets for about a month now and I really like them. This is my first set of Egyptian cotton sheets and I am not sure what to make of them being soft, but they are solid. You have to wash them a certain way and use less detergent and chemicals on the first wash, if you ruin the integrity of the sheet you will ruin it. The product is amazing.

10. Elegant Comfort Egyptian Quality Resistant

Elegant Comfort Egyptian Quality Resistant

100% satisfaction guaranteed with the elegant comfort queen-size dimensions - Flat sheet 102" x 90", fitted sheet 80" x 60", 2 pillowcases 20" x 30" and fits Mattresses up to 16. The fitted sheet is more durable than cotton and has the strongest stitching to prevent tears. Welcome to the endocannabinoid community. The extra durable weave creates a soft feeling. Their silky-smooth bedding is the ultimate in high-end bedding. Their soft bedding set will make a heavenly sleeping experience. The microfiber material is processed to make it resistant to shrinkage and fading, which makes it more resistant to fading and adds to the longevity of the set. Performance and luxury meet. The luxurious feel begins with yarns that are even stronger than silk. These microfiber yarns are finished with a brushing and conditioning process before being woven into premium fabrics, then undergoes an additional brushing to attain the lustrous, ultra soft finish sought by connoisseurs of fine linens. The colors of gunfire and foliage. The microfiber is made to look good. Even after years of regular use, it will look as vibrant as the first night you used it. The ultrafine yarns and weave make it easy to wash and keep the linens fresh and clean. They will not be weakened or torn even after years of use. It is easy, efficient and safe to care for. They are as soft as 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton. The ultrafine yarns and weave make it easy to wash and keep the linens fresh and clean. They will not be weakened or torn even after years of use, and will only get better with time.

Brand: Elegant Comfort

👤I bought these sheets based on the headline description, which said 'Egyptian', 'Hotel Quality' and '1500 Thread Count'. The first thing that comes to mind is that the sheets are not as pretty as paper. It is hard to believe that these are 1500 thread-count. The thread is ultra-thin and so there is a high thread-count. The title description has the word "Egyptian" placed in it. The sheets are microfiber, not Egyptian cotton, and no country of origin is listed on the label or packaging. The headline refers to the sheets as "premium" and the word "premium" is thrown in for good measure. Hotels use cotton blend sheets for their comfort andDurability. I think that the hotels that the description refers to are motel. These are inexpensive, lightweight sheets that are soft to the touch. Quality does not equate to softness. These sheets are not of the highest quality. I use these sheets only for the guest bedroom, but I don't want my guests sleeping on them. I would have returned them if I hadn't washed them before putting them on the bed.

👤Due to a rip in corner, sheets never got to be put on bed. I grabbed the first corner after taking these out of the package and washing them. There are pics to show rip and nail polish. The sheet all bundles together and you slide it around elastic. The 1500 egyptian cotton is not of the highest quality. I wouldn't pay more than that. The color is the only nice thing about these sheets.

👤These are not cotton. I am embarrassed that I was deceived by the headline. I know that this is not 1500. These are not cotton, I could tell from the package. I should have looked at the reviews prior to my purchase. The sheets are very thin. I don't think they will hold up to my daughter's antics. I will admit that they are soft, but cheap. Not soft. I wonder how long the seams will hold before unraveling. I decided to wash and use the sheets my daughter desperately needed. I have never seen sheets produce lint.

👤These feel like regular sheets from dollar general. I didn't think this price was luxurious. I expected them to be sewn together all the way. There is a hole in the fitted sheet where the seam isn't sewn completely in one of the corners. The stitching on the foot of the sheet is missing. It is definitely not Wrinkle free.

👤I used a mild scent free detergent on the cold water cycle and it completely washed out all the color on the first wash. I did not wash it with anything else or use bleach. The lint trap was full of lint and the dryer was dyed a tint of turquoise. I was disappointed.

👤I ordered several sets of these sheets for my twin beds. I need them to change. Four of the six sets I got were not the color shown but a topi color and I wanted to wear the yellow I wanted. I want them to be the yellow color shown and they have to mix and match, so I can't keep them. I need at least four sets that are the same color.

11. SONORO KATE Microfiber Thread Egyptian

SONORO KATE Microfiber Thread Egyptian

It is easy, efficient and safe to care for. They are as soft as 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton. The ultrafine yarns and weave make it easy to wash and keep the linens fresh and clean. They will not be weakened or torn even after years of use, and will only get better with time. These bed sheets are for deep pocket mattresses. They fit any mattress with pockets that are 18 to 22 inches deep. The full size bed sheets set has one flat sheet 81"x 96" and one fitted sheet 54"x75" It can stretch. There are deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 24 inches deep. These ultra-plush sheets are woven with the finest craftsmanship and are made with 1800 Series Ultra-Soft Double brushed microfiber fabric. Their sheets are easy to care for. They can be washed in cold water and dry quickly. Cotton sheets are not as durable as they are. They accept any reason, any time of return, no matter how long it is. You can return products if you're not satisfied. Their commitment to customers and their confidence in product quality is what makes this possible.

Brand: Sonoro Kate

👤10 out of 10 will buy again. I have purchased at least a dozen sheet sets on Amazon for twin, queen and king size beds. I would consider these to be a budget friendly price. Most of the others I have gotten in the $30-40 range are thin, nearly see-through and soft, so they aren't going to last very long. Not so with these. They are incredible. It was thick enough to feel strong but not hot. On hot summer nights, these are just as good as on cold winter nights. I haven't found anything comparable for the price. I have one set of sheets that are high thread count, and they are very comfortable and soft. These are comparable to the $160 sheets. I would have thought they were the same, but closer than I would have thought. If you have yet to learn to fold a flat sheet, it's not difficult, but the wrinkling is minimal. I have been searching for a set of sheets that I really feel good with, and finally found them. One of life's little pleasures is sliding into fresh sheets after a nice shower. Search over, these are it. I write a few reviews, but never rave about any product. I am very fond of these. Get them. Enjoy them. You will not regret it.

👤Amazingly comfortable. ! I was worried that they would be a bit too hot. They were soft and clean when they were in the package, and after a wash they are amazing. I will buy them in different colors again.

👤I try to find solutions to sleep problems. I discovered the 1800 thread count 100% cotton sheets when I tried many versions of pillows. The product is soft and silky. It is definitely worth the price.

👤The fitted sheet was made for a mattress that is thicker and requires deep pockets, but the flat sheet was not large enough. The flat sheet cannot be tucked in. If the fitted sheet is made for a thick mattress that requires deep pockets, then the flat sheet needs to be made longer to accommodate the same size mattress. This is a huge manufacturing problem.

👤1800 thread count Egyptian Cotton is advertised. There are tags on the product.

👤I bought this for my dad because he loves deep pocket sheets. When I got him 1800 thread count he was excited because he had never owned sheets greater than 400 thread count. He likes them. He says they are soft and silky. He said that they are nice. I might buy them again for myself.

👤I have an 18 inch mattress and have trouble finding sheets that fit. I am happy with how they fit. They are soft and comfortable. I would like to see more color options. I will definitely be buying more in the future.

👤I bought these sheets a couple days ago and I feel that they are thin and soft, and look more expensive than the price I paid for them. I have not sweat or been overheated while sleeping on these sheets. I will be ordering more sets in different colors.


What is the best product for best egyptian cotton sheets 1000?

Best egyptian cotton sheets 1000 products from Ashton Sheets. In this article about best egyptian cotton sheets 1000 you can see why people choose the product. Lane Linen and Bluemoon are also good brands to look for when you are finding best egyptian cotton sheets 1000.

What are the best brands for best egyptian cotton sheets 1000?

Ashton Sheets, Lane Linen and Bluemoon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best egyptian cotton sheets 1000. Find the detail in this article. Sweet Home Collection, Kotton Culture and Bedsure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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