Best Best Earbuds with Microphone Wired

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1. Earbuds Earphones Headphones SPECTA Universal Microphone Sound Dynamic

Earbuds Earphones Headphones SPECTA Universal Microphone Sound Dynamic

The ear buds are wired in the storage bag to solve the embarrassment of each tangled. The wired earbuds cord is made of soft and flexible TPE material, which makes it more wear-resistant. The 30,000 swing test and 2 kilogram weight test were passed. It is compatible with most 3.5mm enabled devices. If you have a question about fit or other quality issues, contact them. their original bass headphones offer a clear sound and strong bass. If they evaluate audio quality, open on- ear earphones fall short. Thanks to Sound-Dynamic Technology, you will be able to enjoy powerful bass drivers and a layer of sound for a truly unique and immersive sound experience. COMFORT AND MAGNETS They have done a lot of research on the ear canal, and after a year they are able to offer you an elegant but also comfortable, stable and light design. Two pairs of silicone supports are included in the package. Earphones have magnets that can be put around your neck. There is a phone and cellphone. They know how important it is to be able to handle calls and video meetings. Specta has a microphone that will make your voice crystal clear and have a high volume. The headphones are compatible with all of the devices with a 3.5mm jack. DURABIILTY There is something else that makes them stand out, and that is the fact that they have strict quality checks. You won't have to worry about anything, you'll have an original LUDOS Techs product that provides the extra durability you've been looking for. There is a book and a customer service. You will receive an email containing all the tips on how to use your earphones after your purchase. They are at your disposal for anything and they will give you an answer as soon as possible. They give their best and believe in their customers.

Brand: Ludos

👤I love these headphones. I bought them to carry in my switch case or as backups for my phone, but they are so good that I have been using them more than I intended. They work with all of my electronic devices. I have had one of the pairs bouncing around in a backpack and they cane out untangled and working perfectly, they are very durable, from the wires and buds themselves to the carry bag and tin they come in, I have had one of the pairs bouncing around in a backpack and they They fit in my ears very well. The rubber pieces are used to adjust the fit. I know what to get my siblings for gifts, so I wouldn't hesitate to buy more.

👤These are some of the best earbuds I've ever had. They look expensive, they sound great, and they're comfortable to wear. They stay in my ears and are small. The packaging and carrying case they came with was really nice. Highly recommend, love them!

👤I don't leave reviews, but I did leave my first one. I received these headphones today and I love them. They gave me a cover for the ears that loop around the ear and a case to put it in. The sound quality is good, but I will not review it again. You can skip pause and go back to song with the headphones without opening your phone to do that, but you have to use your phone. I always look for that feature when I buy headphones and this one comes with all of those features. I will be buying my earbuds from this company because of the price and the customer service. I would like to thank you for making my trip more exciting.

👤It is a nice set. The photos are not accurate. The ear clips and bands are very flimsy.

👤The earbuds deliver on their description of providing sound that can be adequate for music listening. They are similar to the Amazon Premium Headphones that came with the Firephone, but with different shapes. Magnetic locking keeps the cord from tangling. They come with a different type of structured cord and some optional Silicone Attachments, which initially confused me as those styles of earbuds were exactly what I was trying to avoid, but I can stand that in my ear for about ten minutes. After reading a negative review of the sound quality, you should buy a Premium Headphone from Amazon. You probably don't have them inserted if they sound tinny. Try them without the attachment.

👤I bought a set of these to give as a Christmas gift, but I was so impressed by the quality that I decided to get another set for myself. The packaging and extras are great. It feels like these were packaged with care. That's probably not right, looking at the actual earbuds. I'm usually a person who wears headphones. I like big over-ears with high fidelity and a big soundstage. TWS earbuds are the only earbuds I use when I'm out exercising or on the go, and I switched to them a few years ago. It was great to put these in for a listen. Sometimes you can't use speakers, headphones are too heavy or bulky, or TWS buds are just uncomfortable, but you still want to plug in and listen to some tunes or watch a film. When I put the LUDOS buds in, they feel like they disappear, because of the weight of the headphones and the pressure of the rubber tips. They're light and comfortable in my ears, yet so premium to the touch, they're a perfect blend of ergonomics, design, and aesthetic. The braided-texture wires are soft and sturdy, and have metal housings on the splitter and connector. These don't miss a beat. While not as wide of a soundstage as good headphones, to the vast majority of people these will be nearly indistinguishable from any other good headphones. I will say that these sound really, really nice, even though I won't detail the specifics. I'll update if I find something that stands out, but I don't think I'll run into anything based on my assessment of the quality so far. It's a good recommendation for anyone who wants good earbuds. I don't think there is anything else that can match the quality of these for the price.

2. Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Microphone Canceling

Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Microphone Canceling

Class 1 is the leading class for extended range and fewer dropouts. Touch control can achieve more functions than a battery led display. No pressure during touch control of music play and pause, answer call and hang up, volume, next song and previous song. It is possible to check the battery capacity with a digital display. The state of charge of your device is under control. It's the advanced headphones you want. It is possible to have a hassle free experience by taking the wireless headphones out of the charging case and the C5 will show up on your phone. 5. The advanced bluetooth 5. 0 technology is used. Donerton ear buds have an ultra stable connection, faster paring and universal compatibility. It provides in call stereo sound. You can talk to your friend whenever you please. A true wireless ear bud can last for over six hours on a single charge. The portable charging case can be used as a power bank for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices, and can last up to 150 hours. This waterproof headphones can be used in the rain and can even be washed under the tap.

Brand: Donerton

👤Here's the thing. These are a great purchase. I have to say that airpods are not as good as these. They are noise canceling, water proof and still retain the same features as airpods. The airpods are larger than the charging case, but that is probably the only thing I miss. There is one weird thing that I like about these. Maybe it's my pair. The earbuds have a double tap feature. When I double-tapped my right ear bud went back to a song while my left ear bud went forward to a song. I'm sure that I'm wearing them correctly, so it must be an error. That was not a turn down for me. Maybe they are. They are very nice and amazing quality. I give them a score of 9 out of 10.

👤Love the bass and volume of these. The charging base didn't take long to charge and fire up. The process is simple once you lift the lid and the buds connect. They last at least 4 hours if you use the left independently or use both. The base charging base has a large battery and I have not had to charge the base unit yet because it is at 42%. It is true that you can charge your phone with the base, but it is not a fast one, and it will save you when you need it. The fit is nice and they have a passive noise effect due to how they position in the ear. The big battery is a good tradeoff if the case was a little smaller.

👤I gave these to my son for his birthday. The sound quality is great and it fits in your ear. What? I can't hear you. The battery lasts a long time and the charger has a % display so you can see how much battery you have. Comes with cords, ear bud "sizers", case, and carry strap. You can adjust volume by touching the ear bud. They came very fast and were exactly what they were written on. We are excited to use the waterproof feature during the snowboard season, but we haven't tried it yet. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤I've been looking for the perfect set of earbuds without the Apple price tag. These are some of the best I've tried. They are very comfortable to wear. The fact that they have decent bass sets them aside. The only earbuds that didn't sound flat were the ones that I recently ordered. If you listen to music, then these are better than the rest. The other aspects work well too. I have not experienced any issues with these.

👤I've been looking for a good set of true wireless headphones that have good sound, good call quality and good battery life. These sound good, are comfortable and look cool, but that's all. The information on the product page is incorrect, and others have reported the same issues. I gave them a couple charges because I wanted to like them. They say the playtime was 6-7 hours, but it was only 3 to 3.5 hours. The battery with up to 100 charges is BS. The first time I charged the ear buds, there was a small battery left in the case. 19 percent! The case battery was killed by a second charge. 1.3 charges from the case? Really? The call quality was not good. The sound was muffled and the callers couldn't hear what I was saying. I tried re-positioning the earbuds a few times but they didn't help. The sound quality from these ear tips was pretty good with just enough bass, mids and highs, but the sad part is that I didn't find the right size ear tips. Maybe I got a bad pair, but I'm not the only one who has a poor battery.

3. Headphones Microphone Generation Reinforced Compatible

Headphones Microphone Generation Reinforced Compatible

The extended headphone is long. 6 feet Headphone cord is easy to connect through clothing and bags. The earbuds support new generation phones such as the iPad Mini/ Air, the S9/S10 and the M2/F2 phones. The cable is long. The tips for the memory foam are ergonomics. The tips of their noise isolating ear buds wired have 40% higher wear resistance and adapt to users ears to stay snug in place. The metal wired ear buds with microphone offer optimal audio quality with powerful bass and the ideal balance of mids and treble; the three-button remote further allow volume control and call receiving/ending. Three pairs of replacement tips, a carry case, and an E-book guide come with the purchase of their ear buds with microphone wired; their representatives are available 24/7. There are vibrant color options. Their in ear headphones, wired to connect with most devices, have sleek metallic exteriors and tangle-free braided cables in multiple colors, so you can choose from 15 different shades to suit any outfit, mood, occasion, or personality.

Brand: Ludos

👤These stay in place for extended calls as well as long listening or gaming sessions at home or on the go, and the Memory foam expands to serve as an earplug. The buttons are not functional on other devices such as laptop or Nintendo Switch. It's not a big deal since you have built in controls for audio on those devices. I've never owned a better pocket sized headphones. Ear buds are usually uncomfortable and fall out of my ears. I was in the market for some lightweight audio output because of the recent conditions. The quality of the LUDOS Clamor Earbuds has won me over. They are comfortable enough to wear for long calls or gaming sessions.

👤I was forced to be on the meetings constantly. Several of my headphones become uncomfortable after a few meetings. I was looking for a pair of earbuds that still have 3.5 MM, and I am so happy that I got this one, I was debating between this brand and other cheaper earbuds. The color of the memory foam is gorgeous. I almost reached for the red color, but decided to try yellow first. The unit is well built, the sound quality is top notch, and the buttons to control volumes are easy to use. I tried it on my laptop and it worked.

👤It was pretty much a title. I have only had them for 5 days and I hope they last. The sound quality and volume control are great. Everything is clear. The volume control has different buttons. The downside of my previous headphones was that they had volume and track control, but it was only one large button which could cause me to pause or skip a song if I wanted to make it louder or quieter. Not the case here. I like the fact that they came in a tin and had a pouch with them inside. It's a very neat way to carry them around and much better than just throwing them in my pocket. I don't think that helped with my old headphones. The other headphones that I had were shorter than these. I have only had one issue so far and that is comfort. They didn't fit well in my ears, but I may have just been adjusting to them. I don't see any flaws with these if that's the case. Otherwise... Yeah. They were difficult to wear for the first day or two, but since then it's been fine. Again, it could be me. I thought it was worth mentioning.

👤I have normal ears. The ear buds are smaller than shown. They don't stay in my ears with the tension on the cord. * The cord is not special. The photo makes it look like it is made of higher quality plastic, the type that is a little rigged and tangles easily. The cord is made of cheap plastic. The volume controls are only 6 to 8 inches from the ear piece. They are only 3 to 4. One cannot see what they are pressing, and the microphone cannot be put in front of their mouth. I'm a regular person with regular dimensions. This isn't related to the photos or description. There is a constant sound on some of my devices that reminds me of the sound of old projectors. It is audible above the volume of a show. This has never happened with other headphones.

4. Headphones Microphone Controller Compatible Blackberry

Headphones Microphone Controller Compatible Blackberry

The 13mm dynamic driver provides clear and loud sound even at lower volumes. The wireless earbuds provide powerful and lossless audio. Twin sharing mode allows you to share music with friends. Earbuds that stay in your ears are perfect for exercising. The headphones are compatible with Apple, iPod, iPad, and other audio and phone devices, but they require a lightning plug for later models. The Black ultra soft ergofit in ear ear headphones conform instantly to your ears and are included for a perfect fit. In Ear Stereo Audio has balanced audio with crisp highs and deep lows, plus a wider frequency response and lively sound quality for recorded audio. The extended headphone is long. 6 feet Headphone cord is easy to connect through clothing and bags.

Brand: Panasonic

👤I ordered five well-rated headphones a couple years ago to compare their quality. I've purchased several more since these were the overall winner. The latest batches is completely different. Either Panasonic started skimping on production or these are cheap counterfeits. I plugged these into my electronic drum kit and could not hear the kick drum's bass sound. I plugged in an older pair of these and noticed that the sounds were much richer and clearer than I thought. It's a shame that Amazon isn't doing anything about it. The positive reviews here are not worth anything.

👤There are two different qualities in the same product. I was completely satisfied with the quality of the one I bought. I ordered another one for my brother. The new one has a really cheap quality and it doesn't work or have many issues. The call answering button is usually on the right cord, but my brother noticed it was on the left cord. I looked at the packaging. The packaging was different from the first one I received. The packaging was cheap. Different products have different barcode numbers. The cheap quality has an instruction paper in the packaging that was written in Chinese. I'm very disappointed since I thought that was a lie. I got another one that was the same quality as the one I got. I believe that they are cheating on their customers.

👤When I first opened them, they fit perfectly in my ears. The sound in the right ear was shorting out when I tried to listen to them. I went to Amazon to return them, but I was told I couldn't because I just purchased them a few days ago. I was given a Panasonic phone number. They tried to transfer me to the right person, but I was disconnected twice. The principle of it is that if you want to return a product, you have to jump through all of the hoops the manufacturer has for you. Amazon returns items quickly. I'm assuming I just got a faulty pair of headphones, given all of the positive reviews. I called Panasonic to start the return. They told me that I would have to ship the earbuds to them first, then they would fix them and send them back to me. It would cost me a lot to ship them in the first place. I will never buy any Panasonic headphones again because I am not a fan of Panasonic right now.

👤I bought a pair of these earphones in December of last year because of the many positive reviews. I was happy with the sound quality, comfort level in- ear, and their ability to block outside noise when they first arrived. I use my headphones for schoolwork or to watch movies on my computer, I store them carefully, and I had my last pair for 8 years. One month after purchase, the left earphone stopped working. I was told to contact Panasonic instead of returning them through Amazon. I tried many times to use the live chat support feature on the Panasonic website, but was told that there were no employees on live chat at this time. The automated message warned me that I risked being charged a service fee if I continued with the phone call and if my product wasn't covered under the warranty. I wrote off my money spent and ordered a second pair of earphones because I didn't know if they were still covered by a limited warranty. I was satisfied when they arrived on January 25, 2018. While watching a homework video, the right earphone suddenly stopped working. I called Panasonic again because I thought it had to be covered under a warranty less than 2 weeks old. I received an e-mail from the customer service rep telling me to submit my proof of purchase for both pairs, and I also received instructions for shipping the headphones. I was only allowed to ship the product in one specific type of corrugated cardboard container, that it needed to be certain size of that container, and that I would need to pay for tracking and insurance on the product on top of the shipping. They wouldn't guarantee that I'd get two new pairs of headphones if they sent me two broken ones, and the total amount for shipping was more than three pairs. This is the worst experience I've ever had with an online purchase. I was disappointed and frustrated that I couldn't conduct my return directly through Amazon, but instead had to do the whole runaround with Panasonic, and I still don't know whether Panasonic will honor its warranty. If you're one of the unlucky people who's spent money on these earphones because of the hassle and lack of good customer service, you can count your money spent as lost.

5. Sony MDRXB55AP Earbud Headphones Headset

Sony MDRXB55AP Earbud Headphones Headset

Each of their earbuds for iphone will be tested, and lightning headphones have a one-month limited warranty. Extra bass for club-like sound. The mic and remote are for hands-free calls. 12mm driver units. Extra deep bass is what the bass duct is for. There are four different sizes of earbuds tips.

Brand: Sony

👤The sound of these is better than my headphones. I used the credit to buy the other Sony model that I returned, and am very happy I did. The sound quality on my cheapo Moto G7 Play cellphone is not good. Don't be afraid of the Bass Bose. The sound reproduction is accurate across the board. I'm getting perfect reproduction at 16Khz, which is the highest limit of human hearing. It's great that there are complex mixes of different instruments. I have played the guitar for 50 years and these do a great job, even though I know what good music should sound like. The mike works well. I returned the Sony sets that I bought and they were terrible. I got a good deal. I bought a used set for $23 and it was the best deal ever. I don't think they were used. The package that they came in was damaged.

👤The fit of the headphones is perfect for me. My ears are sensitive and I wear headphones for hours on end. The first pair I bought were black and red. I thought maybe it was me, and I was using my laptop and desktop at the same time. I thought I would just buy a pair and keep them with my laptop. I got the new pair for my laptop and they are already dead. I am disappointed for the headphones. I didn't want to spend the money on Bose, but I guess I have no choice.

👤I have worn out a few pairs of these. The other four pairs were chewed on by my cat. If you can get one of the earbud sizes that match your ear, you will get a great bass response. Bass' depth is related to how well it is seated in your ear. There is a deep bass part in some songs that I have never heard before. It was updated recently. If not better, it is still as good. The clarity of the bass is amazing. If you are comparing headphones, use the studio version of "Broken Bells."

👤The headphones are excellent for the price. You can't go wrong. The sound is full and warm. I bought a second pair in case Sony stopped making them. I bought the Linsoul Tripowin x HBB Mele as well. The Sony XB55AP are superior. There was no comparison. The Linsoul Tripowin x HBB Mele is not worth much. I don't understand how they get good reviews when something as basic as this Sony pair blow them out of the water. HBB Mele have a nice cable, but the bass is not close to what the Sony XB55AP can do. The Qudelix-5K is the source. It's very little EQ required. They sound great. The stock tips are very useful. The stock tips are better than the aftermarket tips. There is no need to change.

👤This earphone is very powerful. It is the best wired earphone I have ever used. I'll check to see if it's durable. Earphone lasts less than 6 months in my hands. The sound quantity is even better than the earphone I tested. Extra bass is really something.

6. ULIX Rider Earbuds Microphone Anti Tangled

ULIX Rider Earbuds Microphone Anti Tangled

The earbuds are compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm jack. They are your dream and their competitors' worst nightmare. Their company has developed speakers that have an impedance of 48. This greatly improves bass and allows the earphones to reproduce brilliant, crystal clear sound with richer detail. The metal headphone shell is designed to accommodate their dynamic sound drivers and produce strong bass. You'll hear the voices and instruments. You will feel like you are in the storm when you listen to "RIDERs on the Storm". The built-in microphone for noise reduction and internal sound-absorbing holes reduce external noise and increase sound purity for the maximum performance even during calls. There were clear conversations in the office, on a call with friends, and in a gaming session. COMFORTABLE, RESISTANT AND COMPATIBLEULIX has taken into account the ear canal studies of thousands of people to develop earphones with greater comfort, stability and passive noise isolation. The cord is reinforced with rubber. The product is compatible with a lot of phones. They care about the satisfaction of their customers and the price. They sell their headsets at an extremely competitive price. They are always at your disposal for any doubts, questions or problems. They will help you if you contact them.

Brand: Ulix

👤I don't write reviews that are good or bad. I got a lovely note and a free second set when I opened the earbuds for my daughter. I was surprised. It was nice, but I don't know if they are doing this for everyone. A very nice gesture from the customer service team.

👤The family won't have to be annoyed by what I'm watching or listening to because I bought this to plug into my laptop. I never heard of the brand, but I saw that theu was for a great price, and it was nice and durable. I ordered it. The buds are nice and the wire is not frail, which is great because it makes the jack not tear up the wire. The sound quality is very good and it has a good balance between bass and normal tones. It comes with a pouch and different sizes of rubber ear plugs. The wire is very long which is nice compared to other ear buds. A second set of ear buds, complete with pouch and ear plugs, was inside the package, as well as a sweet note from Alice. All of them love it and will order from them again. P.s. Thank you Alice!

👤These fit well and have a good bass sound. They can be used for voice calls and music. It's lightweight and comes with a cute fabric case. The size is so small that it's convenient. The cord is strong and will last a while. If you care about that, the plug is an L type. I'm impressed with the sound quality. The bass sound for the earphones.

👤I was skeptical when I bought these. I bought these as a replacement for my old candy skull headphones and they broke recently. I was looking online for new headphones and decided to try a few brands. These are my favorite. When I'm not listening to the headphones, the magnetic backs of them allow me to click together around my neck and not worry about my earbuds falling into something I don't want them in. It's satisfying to me that they have a bit of weight. The sound quality is great. The base feels like a surround sound system to me. The mesh inside the earbuds is metal which I like because the normal ones don't last long for me. The quality is good. All good quality, nothing looks cheap. I like that the headphones are not made of plastic.

👤I was disappointed that I couldn't find the discontinued SkullCandyTitans when I grabbed these. The added benefit of an inline mic and volume control makes these just as good as the ones I would have paid for. The cord is small but protected and long enough to go from your ears to your pocket. There are three sizes of the gasket ear. The sound is clean and crisp. They come with a cute little black bag so they don't tangle in your keys when you put them in your pocket. I haven't tested the inline mic for that, but if you're one of those monsters that needs to communicate on your cellphone, there's an inline mic for that. They won't go far when they fall out of your ears. Shortfalls are the same as with any earbud. The weak link of the aux cord is likely to break if you move too much. If you don't have a way to plug them into the power port of your phone, you should not buy them.

7. Microphone Kimwood Earphones Headphones Headphone

Microphone Kimwood Earphones Headphones Headphone

There is a book and a customer service. You will receive an email containing all the tips on how to use your earphones after your purchase. They are at your disposal for anything and they will give you an answer as soon as possible. They give their best and believe in their customers. Kimwood Acoustics Laboratory focuses on acoustic tuning. It analyzes every detail to make sure that the earphones have the perfect balance of solid bass, soft midrange, and clear treble. You will feel like you are at a concert. The design of these earbuds is based on research that shows that they fit the natural curves of your ear for optimal comfort and stability. You can enjoy your music while running, cycling, walking out, or exercising in the gym with it. The wired earpods are compatible with all audio devices with a 3.5mm jack. Perfect design for computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and mp3 players. The wired headphones built-in HD microphone and internal sound-absorbing holes ensure call quality and stable transmission. The controller is located in a convenient location, which will allow you to easily control volume, track songs, play music, take calls, and wake up. Earphones with microphone and a stylish storage bag are what you get. The earbuds cable is made of soft and flexible TPU material and undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure more wear and resilience. Kimwood is a good choice for those looking for high-quality earbuds at a reasonable cost. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Kimwood

👤I like Apple's Earpods since they fit in my ears. The headphones fit. They are a great alternative since they are cheaper than the original Apple product. We are able to tell the difference between headphones in our house. They have the same size plug so they work with all cases. The audio controls work well with my phones. The volume controls on my Mac computers don't work, but I can still use the center button. I feel like the headphones don't have as much bass as the Apple version, but I use them as a headset for phone calls and they are great. I think I can hear better with them since there isn't as much background bass to drown out the voice I'm trying to hear. It was a nice surprise that they include a silver carrying bag so they don't get tangled with other items in my luggage. These are a better alternative to Apple Earpods for the price.

👤I needed a mic for our switch and these were the ones I bought. This is a way to check all of the boxes. The mic and the volume controls are not working after I plugged it into the switch. This is not useful for what it is advertised as.

👤I like the Kimwood earphone a lot. Great price, first off. I have a lot of different kinds of music on my computer and it sounds great. The bass claims are true. It was like listening to my music for the first time. I like the fact that the cord is longer than many earphones. The little bag is fine, but the white box they came in is better for travel or storage. The feature is great for the phone.

👤Each of us signs our own device so we can comment separately, which leads to horrible feedback. We started using earphones. I gave him mine and ordered 2 of these. When they play praise music, I can turn the volume up so I can sing out. It should be turned down a bit for the prayer and education. I love these earphones! We tried the new earphones in the iPad for a couple of weeks. They don't work in his iPad either. They are very effective in my iPad Minis. If you ordered based on my review, I apologize.

👤I picked up a pair of JBLs a couple years ago for the same price, but they have a lower sound quality. It's not great, but it's not bad at this price point. Passable for music and games. The mic is solid, and the volume controls are a nice plus, this is what keeps the 5th star on. They are very lightweight and do not fall out when I'm biking. They don't have the rubber ear tips that many earbuds have, which makes them easier to fit and makes background noise more audible. Good if that's what you want. I'm 30 days in and there are no performance issues with the thin cords.

8. Headphone COOYA Earphones Canceling Microphone

Headphone COOYA Earphones Canceling Microphone

Earphones with microphone and a stylish storage bag are what you get. The earbuds cable is made of soft and flexible TPU material and undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure more wear and resilience. Kimwood is a good choice for those looking for high-quality earbuds at a reasonable cost. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. For MacBook/ MacBook Pro/ MacBook Pro, for iPad Mini 6th, for iPad Air 4th, for iPad Pro 2020 and for the new iPad Air 4th, for the new iPad Air 4th, for the new iPad Mini 6th, for the new iPad Air 4th, S21 Plus/ S21 Ultra/ S20 FE/ S20 Plus/ S20 Ultra/ Note 20/ 20 Ultra/ 10/ 10 Plus, the flip of the S22+/ S22 Ultra, the flip of the S22+/ S22 Ultra, the flip of the S22+/ S22 Ultra, the flip of 8/ 8 Other devices have a audio port. Mac settings include sound and output. Stronger wire and remote control. The cord is strengthened. When listening to music, having phone calls while driving, exercising, working, shopping, etc., you should support volume+/-, last/Next track, pause, answer/end/ reject call. The in- ear design of the Headphone makes it more powerful and clear, and it comes with a Silicone cap. You can stick the earbuds together when you take them off. You can reach them easily once you want to put them on, because they won't move around too much or fall off. If you want to protect the earbuds or other small accessories, you can put them in the additional carrying case. There is no tangled wire, less mess, scratches, and moist dust. If you have any problems with the headset, please let COOYA know.

Brand: Cooya

👤I bought these earbuds for my phone. It was time to charge the headphones. The connect works great. There were no problems. These earbuds are a "buy with confidence" because of their price, value, and performance.

👤The manufacturer sent me a replacement for free, which was awesome. The second set of headphones are worse. I had a replacement about a month and a half ago. The original headphones are on the right and the replacement headphones are on the left. I'm not sure what's causing it, but there are some issues with the new ones. The rubber cord is exposed. The rubber cord was not exposed when they arrived. I thought it might be an issue with the packaging, since the cord is wound into a circle and they come in a case. It wasn't a big deal at first. They've gotten worse as time has gone by. The base of theusb+c acts like it's been disconnected even with the lightest touch, because of a kink right at it. I don't do crazy things. I use them for 5 days a week, and I work on a computer all day, so it's not like that. I'm doing things that could cause issues with the cord. It's disappointing that I have 2 sets of headphones and both started having issues about a month and a half after I got them. I wanted to be able to change my review with a positive update since they sent me a replacement for free. Unfortunately, kt didn't work out that way. The sound quality is great when it's working, and they are still very comfortable. They are comfortable and the sound quality is great. I'm having issues after only having them for a month and a half. I have to plug them in and then switch them off for my phone to register them. If I touch the cord by the plugs, it will stop working. The issue with the cord is not always constant, but it happens frequently enough to be annoying. The issue with headphones is only going to get worse. Since the rope around the cord is strong, there isn't an issue with the connection. You get what you pay for.

👤The presentation was a perfect 10/10 when I first pulled it out. Everything was nicely packaged inside the case after I opened it. My ears are small so the small tips fit nicely in the ear. The sound blew me away as I've been using my wireless earbuds for a long time and they ran over by a pallet jack at work. Overall they sound the same. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and will update if something happens.

👤Do I own headphones? Multiple pairs. Do I lose them? Yes. Do I forget to charge them? Yes. Do I lose the case? Yes. Does my toddler get a hold of them and leave them in an unknown location? Yes. I use these every night when I am nursing my baby, I put them in the crease of the seat until I need them. The sound quality is great. I don't care if I can't charge my phone or use it, that's not important to me.

9. Headphones Microphone Earphones Blocking Compatible

Headphones Microphone Earphones Blocking Compatible

Enjoy the service for 12 months. They are committed to providing good service to all of their customers, and they will treat each customer with respect. Add it to your cart now. Stereo Fidelity Audio uses a high-quality sound-emitting membrane so that the sound quality is more stereo, fidelity, noise reduction, so that the sound wakes up your ears, bringing an unprecedented musical experience. The headphones are designed to fit comfortably, so you can wear them for a long time, and bring you a quality sensory and music experience. Earbuds with a microphone allow for hands-free communication when you wear a headset, high-definition calls, and no- noise speech. The one-touch multi-function button at the microphone allows you to play, pause, answer/end calls, and skip/previous song without picking up the phone, making operation very convenient. The anti-winding wire design makes it easy to store and maintain the service life. You can get a consistent sound transmission from your device if you have wired headphones for 3.5mm headphone jack.

Brand: Maeline

👤I got a nice big package of headphones and pulled out a random one that was Green, my favorite color. I was impressed with the sound quality. I will pack them in every hole I have. The green ones should be kept safe.

👤They stopped working after using earphones for about an hour.

👤The 90 degree audio jack is the only redeeming factor. These are fine if you don't mind the sound of a limited audio transistor radio. Cheap wire, cheap switch, cheap earphones, not so fine. You get what you pay for.

👤They do not fit the phones described in the description. I can't give away the earphones I have. smh

👤I should have expected more than 4 out of 10 pairs to work, the colors were not advertised, but I guess I shouldn't have expected more than that.

10. Linklike Headphones Microphone Lightweight Earphones

Linklike Headphones Microphone Lightweight Earphones

We care about the satisfaction of their customers and the price. They sell their headsets at an extremely competitive price. They are always at your disposal for any doubts, questions or problems. They will help you if you contact them. Extra Bass - QUAD Diaphragm and 8D Air-flow Technology. You can get the feeling of being there by playing songs like Hotel California's. Linklike Classic 2 wired earbuds use exclusive QUAD carbon fiber mycelium diaphragms and air-flow technology, which greatly enhances the bass and the knocking sensation of the eardrum, delivering more powerful deep bass. The bass is clean. Drivers allow you to feel the sounds of the instrument. The dome type driver units are built with dual dynamic drivers per earbuds, dual woofers, dual tweeters, and headphones wired innovative sound-absorbing holes, making the sound more layered. Good choice for happy mardi gras and stylish women's day gifts. Silicone ear buds let you use without having to worry about ear canal pain. The fit test can be used to create the optimal listening experience. The earphones are only 6mm in diameter, avoiding the squeeze and steamy feeling. Even if you sleep sideways with headphones on, it won't hurt your ear canal. The three-button remote allows volume control and call receiving/ending. The ear phones have a sound-Absorbing holes which greatly reduce the noise, and a built-in acoustic noise reduction microphone module which increases the purity of the sound. Linklike bass headphones with mic is a good holiday gift for women and men. The ear buds are wired in the storage bag to solve the embarrassment of each tangled. The wired earbuds cord is made of soft and flexible TPE material, which makes it more wear-resistant. The 30,000 swing test and 2 kilogram weight test were passed. It is compatible with most 3.5mm enabled devices. If you have a question about fit or other quality issues, contact them.

Brand: Linklike

👤There is no comparison, the sound quality is superior, the sound quality is vocal and the sound quality isSurround Sound, each Earbud is labeled L & R_Do this and one can experience and what can't be described by words. On one hand you have a 5-Speaker Stereo surround Sound with a high quality sound. I recommend the Perfect set of Earbuds, they are only available for $28.99) with a 5% discount. This Earbud is perfect personified. If it would be possible, I would give this fantastic-Vastly Superior Earbud 15-stars. By. I still stand by my original analysis, and I know that the Musical colors of the music come through.

👤There is a reason for 3 stars. The shape of these hurt my ears. Its annoying. I use them on my walks. I don't like the shape of the ear buds. The sound quality is not up to par. The volume is amazing. A loud sound. The noise is canceled. The seller sent me an email and offered to send ear hooks for free after I read my 3 star review. I posted a picture. These slides are over the ear pieces. The ear buds are comfortable and do not fall out. Customer service is great.

👤I've been a fan of Bose earbuds. Bose has gone down in quality, so I searched for a replacement. I stumbled onto these LinkLike earbuds after trying other brands. I didn't like them at first. There are three reasons for that. I was comparing them to airbuds in a different price range. I was comparing them to Bose, which has strong bass frequencies. 3. The rubber earsleeves that came with LinkLike earbuds were not compatible. The earbuds had to be of the highest quality. I did not know that. I wrote a negative review because I thought it was an inferior product, after I heard weak bass, thin highs, and no mids. The company sent me a different pair of earrings. They made the difference. The sound became well rounded, nice and even throughout the frequencies, a "mature" soundstage allowing for good detail in the music, including substantial bass. I was willing to adjust my hearing for a good quality overall sound, even though it was not like Bose bass. The picture is attached. Linklike sent me the "AhaStyle" Ear Hooks, on the bottom of the earbuds. The fit of the ear makes a big difference in how earbuds sound. Lesson learned. Everyone has said that they can hear me clearly on the phone. Bose started to fail miserably here. So, with the audio quality that these LinkLikes offer, along with a good micropone... Yes. The review was changed by me. You have to give it to the company, they did what was necessary to send me the earhooks. Why don't you include ear hooks in every ship? Please think about it. It's an extra cost. It might be worth it to you. Thanks for a great product and great customer care.

👤The ear buds are great, they sound great, and they feel like apple's earbuds at a great price. There is a You get them in black, which is the color I wanted for my earbuds. I used these on my iPad Pro with the Linklike usb-c adapter and I felt like they were supposed to be together. This is a great combo if you own ausb-c device. The bass and depth tests are great and I feel the difference because of dual drivers. I am not a musician, but these earbuds can play a wide variety of music. They look great, feel great when I wear them, and they sound great too!

11. AIHOOR Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Waterproof

AIHOOR Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Waterproof

California residents only are warned about cancer and reproductive harm. Have you ever liked a song because of the bass part? Caution! Your favorite song may sound different. 10mm PEEK+PU dynamic drivers provide high-quality stereo with extra bass, mellow vocal and surprising treble for music, movies and phone calls. Better Sound, Less Cost is about breaking the limits of hardware performance and achieving extreme sound quality comparable to those of major brands at only 1/6 of the price. The artwork of the team with experts that have been in the audio industry for more than 30 years is not a joke. A2 is suitable for most people's ear canals. Even if your ear canal is small, you can wear your eartips comfortably. It won't make you uncomfortable if you wear it for a long time. Say goodbye to frequent charging and use every single earbud for 5 hours of music and the charging case for 25 hours of playtime. It's enough to listen for a whole day. Simply Paring & Controls is a hassle-free way to cut and paste on your mobile device. Both sides of the earbuds can be used without your phone.

Brand: Aihoor

👤I was confused by the touch-sensitive sides when I first got these headphones. I kept pausing and hitting them. I left a 2-star review about what I thought was a malfunction. I got used to the buttons after a few days of use, and they're pretty intuitive once you know they're there. I can control the volume by holding the left or right side of theAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudible The buttons are sensitive and you have to be careful not to touch them while taking the earbuds out and/or putting them away.

👤The bang for the buck is what these are. The bass sound is nice. The ipod pro quality is less than the cost. Good battery life.

👤It works well, lasts a long time, and is easy to use. I wish you could lower the volume just a little bit more before it stops talking. It is loud.

👤I put it at half volume after I got them. The bass is amazing and it is already better than the last pair of headphones I owned. It is recommended.

👤The headphones are nice for the price. The battery life is great and the sound is great. The controls are terrible. They never do what you want, no matter how you try. Whenever I try to advance to the next song, the tap either pauses or tries to open the assistant and it doesn't skip to the next song. When I try to pause with a single tap, it goes to the next song. This is a pain as the whole point of headphones like this is to be able to control your phone with a few simple taps, instead of having to take your phone out of your pocket or wherever it may be. They couldn't make this work the way it should, which seems to be a common issue with these budget wireless "pods" Update. The seller offered a replacement. I provided my address, but the replacement never arrived.

👤These are great so far. These ear buds are perfect for hearing. The other person can hear me on the phone. I don't use the battery all day long.

👤I ordered cheaper earbuds for the gym because I wanted to cut out noise and I could say that they worked well. I ordered the more expensive ones and they worked well in the gym and I could say that I paid more for them. I love them!

👤I have several pairs of earbuds, including some higher-end noise cancelling ones, but these have become my favorite. The case is small enough that I always have it with me, and the audio quality is great. Check out the pictures of my giant hands. The speaker sound quality is pretty good. They are almost as good as any other inexpensive wireless earbuds I have used. The microphone sound quality is good enough to use for phone calls, which is convenient, unlike many other cheap wireless earbuds. The mic isn't wind resistant so indoor/in-car calls work best. They pair quickly and easily, and connect before I get them in my ears. When I get a couple of rooms away, or at least 40 feet outdoors, the connection seems to increase. Again, as good as any other earbuds I have tried. I listen to audiobooks a lot, and they seem to be good for at least 4 hours without a charge. I don't know how many charges you get from the case. If they are still available, I would buy them again.


What is the best product for best earbuds with microphone wired?

Best earbuds with microphone wired products from Ludos. In this article about best earbuds with microphone wired you can see why people choose the product. Donerton and Ludos are also good brands to look for when you are finding best earbuds with microphone wired.

What are the best brands for best earbuds with microphone wired?

Ludos, Donerton and Ludos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best earbuds with microphone wired. Find the detail in this article. Panasonic, Sony and Ulix are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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