Best Best Earbuds Wireless with Microphone

Wireless 19 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Beats Flex Wireless Earphones Built

Beats Flex Wireless Earphones Built

Up to 12 hours of listening time. All day comfort with Flex-Form cable and four eartip options. The Apple W1 chip is used to power the Apple headphones. The music stops when you do. Audio Sharing lets you listen with a friend. Class 1 is for extended range and fewer dropouts. Controls for music, calls, and voice assistant are on-device.

Brand: Beats

👤The package was a red flag, I thought they must be using a slim wall accessory to charge the earbuds. Wrong... It doesn't have a plug in. The cable is the only thing. If your computer doesn't have a direct port forusb-c, you'll need to buy an accessory to charge your beats. If you don't have a compatible device that uses the same setup, it's not a big deal to charge via theusb-c cord.

👤Love them. There have been no issues with these so far. It depends on whether you want to spend a little more on more expensive earbuds or get these instead. If you have some extra cash, buy Airpods instead. If none of these apply to you, you will lose your earbuds if they are not in a case. These puppies are half the price of new Airpods. I needed to buy ear hooks to wear my old Airpods because my ears are funky. They fit well here. That is all.

👤I like these headphones. I find myself wearing them all the time, considering the price. I've seen some issues in the reviews, one of which is no charger. The only thing you get is a small cable in the box. I have half a dozen blocks around the house that I wouldn't have plugged in if it had come in the box. The audio quality was poor. Not to my ears. They aren't Bose, but they are better than the average pair of inexpensive ear buds. The microphone was poor. I haven't noticed it again. I've used them on multiple calls and no one has said anything. There are 4 buttons that are not ergonomics. They do take some getting used to, but there are only so many places you can put volume buttons on headphones. This seems to me like nit-picking. The bottom line. There is a If you are an apple/iPhone user and want to have some decent headphones with the same wizardry of AirPods built in but don't want to pay $150+ for AirPods, you will be happy. If you are looking for something from Apple that costs $50 and is better than Bose earbuds, you have unrealistic expectations and are likely to be disappointed anyways.

👤The pros outweigh the cons of Returned within a day. The headphones from 3 years ago sound better. The pros are 1. Quick charging 2. The capacity and life of the battery. Easy to pair and play. It's good for phone calls and podcasts. The position of the buttons is not comfortable. Since the mic rests on the neck, it picks up sounds caused by motion on clothes and relays them back into the earphones! 3. Volume rocker is loose and not tactile. The power button and primary function buttons are not very intuitive. The baseline static/noise is higher than the pair of headphones. The highs and lows sound muddy. The sounds seem to be coming from a distance.

👤I got the necessary pieces to charge the Earphones. Disappointed and satisfied. If you move your head to much, you will hear tinny sound and noise. Not worth the money spent. I would have invested in a pair of Bose.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones Android Black

Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones Android Black

The automatic shut-off feature increases the battery life by approximately 350 hours. Kurdene wireless earbuds with advanced bluetooth 5.2 technology has fast and stable transmission without tangling, which makes the earbuds connect to electronic devices more consistently, providing you with an uninterrupted calling and music experience and noise cancellation. Once taken out from the charging case, these earphones would instantly pair with the last-paired device. Immersive Stereo Sound with long Lasting Barttery LifeAdapting a powerful 8mm Neodymium magnet, the kurdene S8 earbuds provide pure balanced audio and clarity output for all music genres with loud sound, rich bass, clear midrange, balanced treble and high definition. A single charge gives you 6 hours of listening, while the charging case gives 38 hours. Don't miss a beat with your earbuds. Every surface that touches your ear is made of liquid Silicone. 6 pairs of different shapes of Ear Caps with different sizes are installed. M/L is for option for a custom fit. The liquid silicone nozzle spreads pressure evenly across your ear. It will give you a fit for all day comfort. The earbuds are waterproof and sweatproof, with an IPX8 rating. Under different weather conditions, the S8 wireless earbuds can work. The charging case is not waterproof, so there is nothing stopping you from running through the storm or sweating out your new personal best in the gym. The buttonless touch interface of the Kurdene S8 can minimize the pressure on your ears when you touch it. You can control your music, answer calls, and skip songs by tapping your buds, so you can stay in the moment.

Brand: Kurdene

👤I've tried a lot of earbuds and have reviewed a few as "great" because I know it's difficult to find earbuds online. I'm considering changing the reviews I've done before because they are better than the ones I've tried before. After using the ones before I realized that they weren't quite as they looked at first so I was on the hunt for another pair of earbuds. I like to sleep with them listening to music. I would lose the ones I've tried before, but these ones don't. They don't drain my phones battery and hold a charge for over eight hours. It's easy to pair. I've tried many of them, but only one side at a time would pair. They can be used with phone and car. Light weight and fit my husband and I nicely. I would definitely recommend it.

👤Normally I don't give 5 stars, but I am doing it this time. I've been looking for headphones that are wireless. I tried a few pairs, but nothing compared to these. Let us break it down. It's easy to carry in your purse or pocket. You can use different ear bud sizes. The charge cord is very short. Doesn't tangle with other cords. Pre charged. I was able to use them immediately. Huge benefit. It doesn't take long to charge. The battery life is long. I use it on all my devices. It was used to my phone. I had an iPod touch 10 years ago. That is correct. iPod Touch. It was also used to my devices. Pair one device at a time. It was great to hear noise canceling. I don't want to hear anything but my music when I walk. These helped me with that. I will be giving these as gifts for my family.

👤These are my first pair of earbuds. They were easy to use. The box and charging case were used. Came fully charged and ready to go. I was surprised by the quality of the sound and the options of the ear buds caps. These earbuds are very cheap. Excellent buy!

👤I love the long battery life. Sometimes I don't even realize they don't turn off when I go to bed and wake up, but it's 80 to 70% when I wake up. I bought them because they were purple. It is plain and simple. I wanted to be able to use one ear bud while the other charges. I don't think that happens. I'm not 100% positive that it doesn't charge separately. I'm pretty sure they stay on at the same time. The button is very sensitive. Sometimes my hair is turned off. These were bought 8 weeks ago. Today is from September 8 to November 8. I had only one issue today. The right ear bud won't respond. It is blinking blue. When charged with the right. Still blue. I put pressure on the button. Still blinks. Cleaned with a q-tip. Still blinking. I can't seem to turn it off. It's not connecting to my phone. I had both of them in my ear. The connection was on for about 30 seconds. There was no sound from the right bud. If the right side doesn't work again, I can't say I'd curse them. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I love that it's purple. The battery life is amazing. 12 hours is a life for me. I left the ear buds in the case because they started spazzing out. Both turned off. They do it randomly. I have trouble with the right ear bud. They still work. Again. You get what you paid for. My earbuds lasted 2 years. Until the right side died. I bought these because of that. I only have the left side working. The Jam battery life is like 4 hours. 70% of these are from a continuous 7 hour stop and go use. These stay in good shape. I can't go on a run and expect them to stay in. They are walking around the house.

3. JIBEILA Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Earphones

JIBEILA Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Earphones

35 hours playtime with a 4 times recharged case and 1 hour playtime in 10 minutes for emergency fast charging are included in the price. Soft Silicone ear tips with 3 different sizes for a custom fit, ultra-light 4.2g semi-in- ear design for feel-free and comfortable wearing experience. The most advanced wireless earbuds adopt the most advanced technology, support A2DP, and provide stable transmission. After being taken out of the case, the wireless earphones will power on and pair with the last device. The S18 headphones use the latest technology in speakers and can produce clear and loud stereo sound. You can use it in a variety of places. You can listen to music anywhere, even in a noisy environment. The small size charging case design is smaller than an egg, so you can take it to anywhere. JIBEILA earbuds have a small size but large battery capacity, can be used continuously for 5 hours after fully charged, and have a charging case. Easy touch control. The earphones have a new touch control technology. Finger touches to the earbuds will answer and reject the phone. When you touch the button, the pressure on your ears can be minimized. The fit is secure with the ergonomics design. The earbuds have the best-sized ear tips and are comfortable to wear no matter what you do. Two ear caps of different sizes are also presented, allowing you to wear their earphones comfortably and safely.

Brand: Jibeila

👤It's easy to use, the sound is good, the headphones are waterproof, and they're cheap on Amazon. The S18 headphones are a good buy. I had a problem with them. When I put them in the charging case, they didn't automatically stop. I did it from my phone. A small annoyance, not a big problem.

👤I own a pair of headphones and they are lost. I need earbuds asap. I read through reviews on every earbuds on Amazon. I decided to read the four and half stars reviews on Amazon. It fit snug in my ears and the sound quality was amazing. The charging case is very stylish. I love using them at the gym. The charge lasted a long time. The sound quality is good.

👤The set of Earbuds did not disappoint. I'm very happy with them. They're awesome. Good brand. They sound like surround sound. Beautifully packaged as well as the style of the earbuds. Get them all. They have the best sound quality and are just amazing. The stars are 5.

👤These are budget friendly. The case charges them. My teenage son said they were very similar to his expensive name brand ones. I have had earbuds before but they always hurt my ears. They are very comfortable.

👤I love the way these earbuds cancel all noise and the music is perfect, it's like a home system. I recommend it to everyone. The battery life is great, and they charge in their case. I always carry it in my backpack.

👤Son bonitos, ligeros, and la batera dura bastante, la relacin calidad es excelente. No me gustan tanto por quĂ© al empezar a sudar las almohadillas. The controles tctiles funcionan, pero lo dems el sonido es alto.

👤The sound quality is great. I use them every day. The battery is easy to operate and has a long life. My husband is looking to purchase a pair. Great value!

👤The ear buds are worth a lot of money. They are sleek and stylish and have interchangeable tips so you can make sure they fit. They stay charged forever because of the noise canceling. In love!

4. Bluetooth Headphone Isolation Transparency Waterproof

Bluetooth Headphone Isolation Transparency Waterproof

Using the most advanced technology is how it is done. Support A2DP, AVRCP. The signal transmission is stable and the earphones will be automatically pairs when you take them out of the charging box. You can pair the earplugs with one step. It has been designed for an active lifestyle. They are waterproof and sweatproof because of an IPX7-rating, so there is nothing to stop you from running through the storm or sweating out your best in the gym. Liquid Silicone is the material that touches your ear. A liquid silicone nozzle spreads pressure evenly across your ear. TheFlexible Wing is powered by Freebit and tucks into the ridge of your ear for a more secure fit. It's safer to do outdoor activities while wearing these earbuds becausePassive Noise Cancellation is too good. Even when you are learning or working from a noisy environment, 4-mic ENC technology offers the best call performance. Sidetone technology makes it easier to hear yourself on the phone. Physical buttons are not touch control and can be used for optimal and more accurate control. Game Mode enhances your gaming with in-sync visual audio. The charging case has a 24 hour battery life.

Brand: Ocely

👤It's hard to find the perfect earbuds. I was excited to try them out. The fit is amazing. I have finally gotten an ear bud that feels good in my ear. It comes with a lot of soft ear plugs. I put them on and the sound quality is crisp and distinct, which is what you would expect from earbuds costing 2 to 3 times the price. The earbuds have an annoying problem. The controls are microswitches, and you need to exert a lot of pressure to actuate them. This means that you will have earbuds in your ear. These earbuds would get 4 stars if it weren't for this.

👤Since my brand ones aren't working, these have been a lifesaver. Since I am used to those, these took a bit of getting used to, but now that I have the hang of it, they are fantastic. The battery life is better for the other brand, but the sound is great. I love these. They have different ear sizes to help you get the perfect fit.

👤I bought these because my old ones kept falling out of my ears and they had a hook that I thought would help. The hook helps. I use these at the gym, and so far they have not fallen out. They haven't needed to be refreshed yet. I've been using them for about ten days, and so far they are 80% charged. The sound quality is good, and it connects quickly to my phone.

👤I don't have a good way to keep my headphones in my ear. The audio is great for those who can't keep their regular headphones in their ears.

👤I liked the sound of the best ears buds, they felt good in you ears.

👤It's the best and battery lasts a long time, so if you're looking for a good sound quality and battery, you're in the right place.

👤It is very comfortable to wear, does not fall off when exercising, and the sound quality of the headphones is good.

👤You will feel like you're shopping at a dollar store. They have removed the product and put it back on the market.

👤I haven't used an ear phone in years, the cheap ones that came with my first cell phone were the last ones. I was surprised by the quality of everything. They have multiple size silicone bits. It took a while to get that part fitting and I find that they can still give me a little ear ache if on for too long. The noise canceling is a little unnerving when walking at night in the city, but I like the noise through mode, it's reassuring to me. The buttons need a lot of pressure to work, which can hurt the ear. It took me a while to get used to feeling the texture of the button, as they aren't as sensitive as I would expect. The case took a long time to fully charge, it took about 20 hours to get the light to indicate it was fully charged. It's a great value for money and should suit most ears.

5. COMISO Headphones Waterproof Cancelling Earphones

COMISO Headphones Waterproof Cancelling Earphones

With the right music, you'll have twice as much energy and motivation as if you were working out in the gym. They will treat you like family. They take great pride in their work on Amazon. If you don't like your purchase, they will simply give you a full refund. The true wireless earbuds included soft ears hooks are specially designed to fit your ears and guarantee a comfortable wearing experience without falling out. Thanks for the waterproof sweatproof design, enjoy your music while hiking on rainy days. You don't have to worry about accidentally pausing when using the button due to the button operation system. Comiso headphones can offer 6 hours of continuous playtime, thanks to the upgraded Ultra Long Playback chip. The 800mAh charging case has wireless charging. The built-in powerful speakers will provide an excellent listening experience. Sound quality can be produced with Deep Bass and Crystal Crisp Treble. It is possible to make a call with a hands-free headset. You can switch between Stereo Mode and Mono Mode with the help of this latest wireless technology. If you put one of the earbuds back into the case, you don't have to connect them to your phone and play music again. Pick up the COMISO sports earphones from the charging case and pair them with each other. Then use your phone's bluetooth to search for "COMISO E6". The sports earbuds will connect to the last device when they are reboot. It's compatible with your iPad and any portable device with a wireless system. Earphones for work, home and office.

Brand: Comiso

👤These are very similar to meatballs. Like bananas to a primate. I want cheese and bees to come to my house. Let me tell you about honey. They charge like nobody's business. Except mine. It's my job to charge them, but it's so fast. Only one less motion than flash. Nobody liked the Green Lantern movie. We all agree that Ryan Reynolds should have left this one out. Did I mention the soft feel of the headphones? Better than a new baby's bottom, and no dirty diaper to change. They are easy to slip in my ears with because of the Silicone feel outside. Or roll. I like to be inclusive. Sounds amazing! I would say Madison Square Garden only in your living room, until we can all go back to normal. These are the next beats. Go get some. They're small. Let's be honest, someone you know is going to say "Woah!" Can I borrow them? It's like when you used to lend your DVDS. Not gettin' back.

👤Sound quality, battery life and comfort are at least a 4. The ear loops are held on by a rubber band. The charging magnet is very strong. The best place to remove the ear loop is with the ear loop since I have no finger nails. The right one is no longer connected to the wireless network. It falls off when I put it in my ear. Today is March 1st and I have had these since Christmas. One of them is already broke from the basics. It is not durable at all. Will probably update at some point. I got these in hopes that the microphones would work at the same time so that my wife and I could be on the same call. Most of these units don't work in duplex fashion, but we had one in the past and it made work much easier. I will probably give another star if this works for me. The ear piece is so cheap that it will remain in the review, hopefully helping others to not ruin theirs.

👤The headphones are on point. Good quality materials are used to make them. The carrying case is comfortable. They are very comfortable and snug around my ears. They are rechargeable in the case. The sound quality is perfect and the play time is amazing. The bass is great. I like loud music and this did the job for me. I would do business with you again.

👤The battery life doesn't sound like much, but the case is a charging case that can be used for at least 30 hours, so they can still be charged even if you store them away. The design is great. If you just want the ear bud, you can remove the behind the ear clip. Overall. Great product.

👤I have soundcore buds that I keep at my desk for work, but they don't always fit right, and they seem to slip out, which is a downside. The ear loops on these buds look awkward and big but they are used to keep the buds where they belong. Sound quality is comparable to my untrained ear. I am streaming and spotify. I'm not one of those people who want the rich bass out of the NY Times daily show. Would recommend at this price point.

6. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Playtime

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Playtime

10 minutes of charging, 2 hours of listening, and 8 hours of gaming when fully charged. The B1 Sports Headphones Wireless Bluetooth with Microphone has a long battery life of 500 hours and 38 hours. The 1-2 hours quick charge gives enough time to listen to music or call someone. When traveling and doing sports, you can listen to wonderful music with workout headphones. The amazing sound quality stereo has 13.6 MM dynamic drivers that ensure constant and stable transmission. Clear high and low volume make calls stable. Great choice for you, significant noise cancellation. The latest IPX5 waterproof technology is used in the TECNO B1 Wireless Headphone earbuds, which deliver high-fidelity audio for a more stable connection and stronger signal transmission. Wireless headphones can be used with various wireless enabled devices, such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players, etc. It's recommended to swim with it. The headphones are comfortable to wear with 2 pairs of ear tips and 3 pairs of secure-fit ear hooks. It's easy to carry with magnetic design. The IPX5 waterproof sports headphones have an internal coating that protects them from sweat and heavy rains. You can get a User Manual, and after-sale service.

Brand: Tecno

👤I ordered the headphones because of the long battery life and descriptions of other well-made items. Well-made is not always well-designed. These are great for voice communications. The sound is clear and crisp, but the mic pickup is not strong enough to make a good voice call. The music was clear and crisp, but I didn't like it. I don't think there is enough bass. The music is too "tinny" for my taste. The design of the earpiece will not allow for the ear bud to fit very far into the ear canal, regardless of which pads are used. I bought them for voice listening, and so they work well for that. The battery life is very good, lasting from 20 to 24 hours, and is much longer if used extensively. It is comfortable to wear in a normal manner. Good voice quality. The magnetic backs cut down on the tangle. Only average music quality, with lack of bass for my taste. It's comfortable to wear but not to sleep in, as the buds extend too far outward, and pillow pressure on them creates an uncomfortable fit. Back sleepers would not have any issues. They appear to be a good set of general-purpose buds with good battery life.

👤This is a great product. For the first two days, it worked like a champ. I wanted to have at least 30 hours of battery time and an IPX5 level of water-resistance. After two days, the left earbud was static. This would come and go. After a few runs, the power seemed to go down to 60%. I had to charge this thing to 100%. The left earbud died completely, while the right one continued to work. Many of the 1-star reviews for this product mentioned the same issue. I did a factory re-set of my phone. I bought another brand, which is backwards compatible, and went out today. 4.2. These worked well. This product is DEFECTIVE because of the elimination process. I'm very disappointed. Many of the 1-star reviews for this product mention the same problem. There is so much promise and potential. Tsk tsk. For solace!

👤I use them for both work and play. I wear them for 10 hours at a time. They don't fall out of my ears. I have to charge every 4-7 days. The call quality is great. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤These headphones are amazing. I have been listening to them for days without even charging my phone. Keep waiting for the battery to die. They just keep going. Really impressed. They are a little heavier than the ones I typically see in this style, and they have a battery on either side. The gain in battery life is worth it, even though it is still lighter and smaller than the "jaws" style. A+ would buy again. Some people have mentioned that spare parts are in a box that blends with the bottom of the box and requires some looking. They are still there!

7. TOZO T6 Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

TOZO T6 Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. Specific touch control function makes it more convenient, tap once to play/pause music and answer calls, double tap to skip forward/backward, hold to adjust the volume. You can control it without using the phone. Adopt the advanced technology. The TOZO T6 supports a number of audio protocols, which improve the transmission speed and provide you with a low-latency listening experience. Pick up 2 headsets from a charging case and they will connect each other automatically, and only one step is needed to pair the earbuds. It is possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports. It's ideal for sweating it out at the gym. Water and soap can be used to wash Earbuds and case. Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from a single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. You can enjoy fast charging, to fully charge the case only 55 minutes via cable or less than 2 hours via wireless. Convenient charging way with no strings attached.

Brand: Tozo

👤These headphones are amazing. I am a professional musician and these have incredibly clear sound quality, really high end parts put into this product. The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case, but it's better than all these features, and I love the ability to wear them in the shower and jam to tunes while they get soaked and survive. A really good price for high end headphones. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a better bass response than those made by Apple, but at a far less expensive price. The touch controls on the side are very good if you want to pause music or watch a video while someone asks you a question. They can shut out the world around you even at the lowest volume. I love them so much that I wear them everywhere. They come with a charge case, 3 extra sets of ear tips, a charge cable, and a one year warrantee. You can get a set of these superb earbuds. Did I mention they are waterproof? IPX8 is waterproof.

👤The purchase was made in Jan 2020. The earbuds are decent and not horrible. They fit in with their price point on Amazon. I can't get the earbuds in and out of the case because my fingers are blocked by the case cover and I can't grip the earbuds to break the magnetic bond. The earbuds are touch sensitive, so I have issues with bumping them and having the tracks stop or go backwards. I have gotten better at avoiding the issue and the second item is something that shouldn't be surprising. When I bought the ear buds, there were some customer service difficulties. Those difficulties seem to have been addressed. I have not had any issues with hardware failure with my earbuds. The T6 is a good option if you are looking for a set of ear buds with decent sound.

👤This is the second time I have reviewed this company's products. I make a lot of purchases. I fell in love with the older version of these headphones after purchasing them six months ago. I was looking on Amazon to see if there were any new products from this company. I was surprised to see the upgraded version of headphones, so I ordered the newest set to give to my children. I work in construction and listen to audio books all day long, my job is boring. My job keeps me away from home for a long period. I only use one ear bud at a time. When I get home, I swap out the first one for the second one and it lasts until 4:30. In the past I'd have to swap out my earbuds every 2 hours, not with these. The newest version of my phone is even better than the last one, with both battery power and in sound. The magnets on the charging boxes are not strong enough to keep the earbuds from falling off, and this newest version has an incredibly strong making. I have fat fingers that make it hard for me to grasp small things. They did a great job, we included strong magnets that will ensure that the earbuds keep charging. I put my phone in one of my back pockets of my pants so that I wouldn't lose connection if I turned my head. They're loud and clear so that you can still hear what you're listening to. It took me a while to get used to the fact that the buttons are touch activated, but I quickly learned to brush the earphone's face. When I put them in my ear, I don't have to knock them out when trying to pause my audiobook. I said in my last review that this company has a customer for life, and I will say it again.

8. Wireless Bluetooth Samzuy Earphones Cancelling

Wireless Bluetooth Samzuy Earphones Cancelling

The headphones are lightweight. The single earphone of G1 is only 4g, and there is no foreign body sensation in wearing it. The True Stereo Wireless Earbuds have a high-efficiency chip and a low-latency version, so they can support higher-quality sound transmission and provide you a low-latency version. apt-X analysis for bass enhancement and high, middle and low frequencies. The earbuds shell is made of Zinc alloy with precision and polished by 6-axis CNC internal cutting and external grinding. The brushed metal charging case protects your earphones when not in use. The high-end style in a small size is a perfect partner for commuters and workouts. NOISE CANCELLATION The wireless earbuds are embedded with 4 mics to support environmental noise cancelling and CVC 8.0 technology, improving vioce pick-up and background noise suppression for crystal-clear calls even in complex environment. The 10mm drivers inside provide powerful bass and clear vocals. Simply open the charging case and the earbuds will pair automatically. You can adjust the volume with finger touch. The advanced Bluetooth 5 is now available. Stable transmission within 15m and lower signal lag are provided by 2 technology. ZIP10 wireless earphones are compatible with any device. 35 hours playtime with a 4 times recharged case and 1 hour playtime in 10 minutes for emergency fast charging are included in the price. Soft Silicone ear tips with 3 different sizes for a custom fit, ultra-light 4.2g semi-in- ear design for feel-free and comfortable wearing experience.

Brand: Samzuy

👤I wanted to like these, they fit well, the metal case was compact and the sound quality was great. Sound would skip and crackle in one earbud. The ear bud was removed second out of the case. I took out the first ear bud I could find, and then changed it, because of the audio problem. I assume that one earbud connects to the other and that the other connects to the phone, but I could never get both earbuds to work consistently. I ordered a replacement pair. I had to send them both back because of the same issue. I don't know why the S21 Ultra wouldn't work for me. There were no problems returning them.

👤I bought these in March of 2021. They fit well and the sound quality is great. After 6 months, the right ear no longer works and the left will not charge or hold a charge. They will always pair up with a phone. It's a pain when I can't hear the person on the phone as I'm not aware that it's back. If you need something short term that is cheap, they are good. I can only use the left ear bud to listen to music. If you are adjusting to ear, you have to be careful because it will adjust volume or pause music. Even if they show 50% charge, they need to be charged. It does last a while. These last a few months. Since they are cheap, you get what you pay for. The original review was done after I got them, as I needed to replace my current headphones and didn't want to spend a lot of money. I looked at reviews of different ear phones. These are very comfortable and stay in my ear. If you are adjusting them in your ear, they are sentistive to the touch. The sound quality is great. I charged them when I got them and haven't had to yet, but it has been a few weeks.

👤The sound quality of the air buds is really good. The battery life lasts very long as I work in an office from 9 to 5. It connects quickly with a computer or cellphone.

👤The good wireless earbuds are worth the price. When you charge them in wall, I love it. You should keep the money in case they charge 48 hours.

👤The ear buds don't fit in my ears. I tried everything. The right ear bud fell out because of this. Customer service told them that they couldn't replace just one ear bud, they had to buy the entire set again. The sound was good, but the battery life was good.

👤La verdad ami exposo. Se escucha excelente. No le pide.

9. Wireless Earbuds Headphones Microphone Ultra Light

Wireless Earbuds Headphones Microphone Ultra Light

Voice control or smart devices can be used to control the sound of your earbuds. Superior Sound Quality: These wireless earbuds with microphone deliver outstanding music quality and sound stability, so you can listen to your favorite music, video, or audio content, or answer calls without being disturbed by interferences or background noise. Up to 40 hours of playtime can be provided by their wireless headphones with mic with a built-in battery and charging case. These earbuds are here to deliver music no matter where you are. When you open the charging case, the professional wireless earphones use a one-step method to connect to the last device. These earbuds are compatible with a variety of devices. Their earbuds have an ergonomics design that can accommodate your ear canal without causing any problems. The earphones are lightweight and comfortable, great for everyday use. Premium noise-canceling earbuds have a smart touch control that makes it easy to navigate through settings. Their earbuds are easy to carry and use, and they deliver an outstanding sound experience anywhere you go.

Brand: Hyiear

👤My daughter wanted airpods for her birthday. They are too expensive for a young child. I thought these would be great for her. The price point for her iPad Pro was within my price range. The battery display on the screen is what I love about the earbuds. My daughter knows when she has to charge it. She has earbuds in her ear. She is able to do cartwheels without falling out. It is comfortable and the sound quality is good. She has learned how to answer her calls and listen to music. It is easy to use for a seven year old. I would definitely recommend them.

👤The touch control on the actual earbuds is the best feature. I can stop the play discreetly by touching the ear bud, and then restart the play by touching it again. The charging station has an indicator on it that shows the charge. There is an option to use them longer. These fit well, and come with two additional rubber sizes for a perfect fit and good noise cancellation, and I would buy them again. A short cord is used for charging.

👤I contacted Amazon for a return because the instructions for refunds don't mention battery powered items. They offered to send me a new pair of shoes. When one bud went out, I was not interested in trying another pair because the sound quality was strike one, the volume was mediocre, and I didn't want a new pair. I am grateful for the refund they did at this point. I have to dispose of the headphones. I think they didn't want them back because they don't want to have to pay to dispose of the product in a responsible way.

👤After a couple of months, let's see what happens. So far, it's okay. Update. It's a piece of garbage.

👤I like these. The battery life is good, the sound quality is great, and they fit well. They are sensitive to touch and are in your ears so don't mess with them. The sensitivity is positive in my book and that is not a complaint. I didn't have to read the instructions to get them to work. They connected themselves.

👤I bought this for fun, but it was far more than I expected. It is easy to use, no installation is required. It can connect to the computer, but my AirPods can't. The price of Air Pod is just one tenth. It was comfortable and amazing.

👤Excellent quality earbuds. It is touch controlled and can be easily hooked up to a wireless device. It is very light. It is waterproof and charged right in the case, which is displayed on the front of the case. It lasts 40 hours when fully charged. The sound quality is very good on both ends. It would make a great stocking stuffer or gift idea.

👤The package was really nice. If you would like to gift this product, everything was secure and perfect. It has a type C charging cord. There are additional earpieces to accommodate different sized ears. The charging case is sleek and cool. It holds the earbuds well and has left and right labeled so you know which earbuds go in which slot. The charging level of the earbuds is indicated by the light on the front of the screen. The touch capacity on the air buds has a lot of different features and can be powered on or off. It can go back and forth between tracks of music. It can reject calls. There is a tiny hole in one of the earbuds that can be used as a microphone. You can answer calls with these earbuds. The sound is great once you pair them. I can hear the bass and the trouble. I can hear her voice clearly when I listen to her on the podcasts. There is no microphone that is close to your mouth or knees. It is best to answer a call in a quiet place. It picks up a lot of surrounding sound. They're great for using face-to-face calls on my computer when I'm alone. I can use these and pair them with my computer.

10. Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

Totally wireless earphones. Up to 9 hours of listening time with a charging case. The ear hooks are secure and lightweight. The design for sweat and water resistance is reinforced. Add AppleCare-plus to your order and you will receive accidental damage protection and priority tech support from the people who know your headphones best. The Apple H1 headphones have a Class 1 wireless chip for extended range and fewer dropouts. It's compatible with both the iPad and the phone.

Brand: Beats

👤The sound quality of this set is poor, and it tries to compensate by boosting bass and treble, but in a bad way. Music is poor and cheap. There is a These are perfect for your noise videos if you like white noise. I tested these with some of the greatest bands of all time. After listening to two albums, I didn't bother with testing with either of them. I am not an expert. I am a musician and sound engineer.

👤I pre-ordered these headphones because I was so desperate to find a good pair of headphones. I have never been satisfied with a pair of headphones. I have weird ears because they don't fit. Either they slide out or hurt. Day. They are finally here. I charged them while finishing my work day up and then headed to the park to take a test run. It was inevitable that they would be getting a sweat test because of the warm weather. I am a beginner runner after 3 miles. I didn't have to adjust them or push them back into my ear. I think this is too good to be true. I had forgotten that I had a clean crisp bass playing in my ears. I own a pair of Studio beats, and these ear buds are almost as good as the ones I own, which is great because I don't have to wear bulky gear. There is a It was only one day, but my first impression is absolutely amazing. It looked like it had been thrown off a mountain when these were shipped in a box large enough to fit a baby heifer. The baby heifer shipping box has a tiny product box in it. It definitely wasn't the headphones fault, but not sure if Amazon orUPS is to blame.

👤I want to make it clear that I only use headphones for music and podcasts while I am sitting at my desk at work. I use a service for listening to music. I am not comparing these to a pair of Sennheisers with a lossless audio format. I use an iPad Air 2 and an iPad 7+ in this review. I've been waiting on a pair of truly wireless headphones, but they weren't worth it to me. The battery life is usually poor for obvious reasons, and most had complaints of cutouts between the earbuds. Some friends of mine have Air Pods and they all said they didn't have cutout issues and the battery life was good. I didn't like the design of the Air Pods and they soundedhollow to me. I understand their appeal. I am happy I waited for the Powerbeats Pro. The sound of the Jaybird X3 is on par with them, and I used to use it before I got these. The cable shortener they provide is not as good as it could be, and I couldn't use it because of my helmet, one of the main annoyances with the X3's. I went for a bike ride with the PBP's, and they were great! I got a little wind noise because it was a little windy. I think tips from Comply would make the noise isolation much better. My ride was over two hours. I had 80% left on the battery. The cons are 1. It is smaller than I thought, but still uncomfortable in a pocket. I think the 9 hour battery life on the actual headphones makes this acceptable, but this may be a deal breaker for some. 2. I didn't have any fatigue during my ride, but my ears were a little sensitive after I took the headphones off. As I wear them, I hope this gets better. 3. Unlike the Air Pods, the PBP's can only be connected to one device at a time. If you want to switch between devices, you have to go into your settings and select them. You will need to pair each device separately. 4. When I go to sleep, I usually listen to a show. If you are side sleeping, these are not comfortable to lay on. The button on the headphones will be pushed by the pillow. The button doesn't require much force, it's great because you don't have to shove the headphones into your ear. I thought I would mention it. The pros are 1. I think the sound of Truly wireless is great. 2. It's a great fit for exercise. 3. I hope Comply makes some tips for sound isolation. 4. When you are walking down the street, the headphones look normal, even though they are smaller than I thought. If you use headphones while exercising, I can recommend them enough. The $250 price tag is worth it because of the other truly wireless headphones.

11. Saiyin Wireless Microphones Rechargeable Amplifier

Saiyin Wireless Microphones Rechargeable Amplifier

The microphone system is built with three replaceable batteries inside the microphones and receiver, and can be charged for 3-4 hours, and run for 10 hours. The wireless professional microphone system supports transmission distance up to 200 feet without loss of sound. Stable signal, no delay, no radiation, anti-howling, anti-jamming, distortion, and adjustable frequencies are some of the other features. Plug and play is when the microphones and receiver pairs are on. The range is 903-915MHz for CH A and 916-927MHz for CH B. Not compatible with phones, MacBooks and speakers. Plug in the mic jack, not the aux jack, otherwise no sound can be heard. The microphone system comes with a 3.5mm to 6.35mm conversion, which makes it compatible with more devices, such as amplification, PA system, and powered speakers. You will get a 2UHF Wireless Microphones, 1Receiver, 3Built-in Rechargeable and Replaceable Batteries, 1Dual USB Charging Cable, and 1USB Charging Cable. The anti-slip ring is gold- plated. If you have a question, they are here to help.

Brand: Saiyin

👤This microphone is great for my radio broadcasts. The sound is good. When both microphones are being used at the same time, there is no interference. I love that both of the microphones and the wireless adapter are powered by batteries. I wish they were a microusb port. This product is very good.

👤I'm not a singer. I like to play one at home. Allow me to do that to the fullest. The sound quality is amazing. It's easy to hook up.

👤I tested the Sony home theater. It has a lot of noise. Poor quality!

👤Great product. Exactly as ordered and works well.

👤So far, so good. Looks good.

👤This is the basic microphone setup. After you get the batteries in the receiver, you are ready to go. The micro-usb comes with 2 cables. The range and sound are good. Not a bad deal!

👤The mic set is very nice, it has no static and no feed back.


What is the best product for best earbuds wireless with microphone?

Best earbuds wireless with microphone products from Beats. In this article about best earbuds wireless with microphone you can see why people choose the product. Kurdene and Jibeila are also good brands to look for when you are finding best earbuds wireless with microphone.

What are the best brands for best earbuds wireless with microphone?

Beats, Kurdene and Jibeila are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best earbuds wireless with microphone. Find the detail in this article. Ocely, Comiso and Tecno are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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