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1. JBL Reflect Wireless Headphone 3 Button

JBL Reflect Wireless Headphone 3 Button

The no-tangle cable is strong and won't tangle up. 10 hour battery life with a speed charge. The microphone and voice assistant are on the remote. The ear tips have a hook design. The technology is connected to the internet through a wireless network:Bluetooth. Ear tips, earphone, pouch, and cable were included. Wireless communication technology.

Brand: Jbl

👤I will never recommend this headset to anyone. Returned after testing. Let's go into detail. I like to create, write, record, and perform a lot of music. Rap/hip-hop, metal, jazz-blues, rock, southern, acoustic, and easy listening lo-fi are all genres. When it comes to my audio devices, I have a high standard. These don't sound horrible. They have the standard sound quality from JBL. That is not a bad thing. I use studio monitors for this reason. It helps me dial in the highs,mids, and lows accurately. It means that if I can make the bass kick on these speakers, it will over do it on others. The headset is pretty decent and allows you to hear all aspects of your music. This is the only way to do it. Let's go through the positives. The sound is decent. The lows were notexistent with this headset, even for the standard flat bass tone. I could barely pick up the technical bass parts in the music I listen to. That's incredibly disappointing for how badly these are. The extra room for drivers would have allowed for a bigger bass. I had to make sure that the buds were put into my ear canals. When using noise isolating buds, it's important to feel the "suction" of the bud in your ear. The ear hook system did not allow for this to happen. The "hook" that goes behind your ear is very stiff and leaves you sore after a while. I believe the cause of that is that the hook is notadjustable and just a TAD small. Nothing would fit my ears to fully secure the two component bud and hook system, so I tried every combination of the two component bud and hook system. It wasn't worth the pain or damage I might have caused to my ears if I had not taken the time to log them. To extend off it for the sake of volume is called isolation. These would not be loud enough to completely block the outside world even when I hurt myself. The total loss was SMH. The microphone was placed by HorriBly Placed. I have a quiet and low voice that contributes to it's lack of function. I had to remove the left headphones and hold the mic bar in front of my mouth in order to use the mic. The mic bar hangs below your ear lobe and leans towards the back of your head, making it hard to reach for your voice. Most mics hang around your throat. Your voice carries it. It makes your voice sound better. If you place your fingers on your throat, you can feel it. I can't speak for the few callers I spoke with because I didn't ask about the quality of my voice transmission. The standard rating on all mid- or better end headsets is 10 hours, so I think this price point should have beefed that up a bit. I replaced my other headset, the JBL Live 220, which has a 15 hour battery life, after testing it out, but I was intending on replacing it. The neckband makes it hard to use the Live 200 set in the gym. I recommend this set from Sony, but avoid all costs. This headset is not as good as it sounds. It was only 50USD as of today. I'll be posting an in-depth review soon. The Sony-WIXB400 is a wireless headphone.

2. JBL Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

JBL Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

The earphone case has a led power display that shows remaining power in percentage. The charging case has a battery that is 1% to 100% and it shows you the current power status of your headphones. Up to 6 hours playtime on a single charge and up to 48 hours with the 800 mah charging case. It takes 1 hour to charge the case with type-C quick charge. Active noise cancellation with smart ambient 4 mics for perfect voice calls. Water-resistant and sweatproof.

Brand: Jbl

👤Producto, impresionada con la calidad del sonido. Muy satisfecha!

👤The ANC works great, it is excellent quality at a discounted price.

👤If sound quality is your main concern when shopping for portable audio, then look no further than the JBL Tune 230NC TWS earbuds. The sound quality is superb, full, clear and well balanced with crisp highs, natural mids and proportional bass at all volume levels. Some brands use artificial bass to make it sound like a big sound, but that is not true. The companion JBL app can be used to create a custom EQ profile that is perfect for your listening preferences. Adding noise canceling makes a difference in creating a great listening experience. When activated, my surroundings disappear allowing me to experience my favorite music in a more detailed way. I find noise canceling to be the most effective way to cancel droning sounds. When sound isolation is not desired or would compromise safety, I can change modes to "Ambient Aware" and the earbuds will blend the environmental sound with my audio allowing me to stay connected with my surroundings. Ambient awareness is necessary for safety and courtesy in public shopping. I have worn the pre-installed medium sized tips for many hours at a time with no fatigue and they are just right for my comfort. They stay in my ears better than other stem-type earbuds I have tried. Different ear anatomy is adapted to different tip sizes. The incoming phone call audio quality is excellent, but as with many similar type earbuds, the experience for the caller is somewhat compromised by the marginal quality of the microphone technology. The people I call tell me that the audio is clear, but they can also tell that I am using earbuds and the sound is off. The controls are a bit difficult to navigate as there is a single active "tap" point on each bud that accepts single-tap, double-tap, triple-tap and long-tap gestures, each invocation a different command, and the other. I am often missing the right number of taps or getting confused when I tap the wrong bud. The companion app can allow you to modify the gestures to your liking. The guide that documents the tap gestures is small and hard to read. I would rather see the command interface simplified with additional tap or squeeze points, such as on the stems, to not overload so many commands onto a single tap spot per bud. The sound quality of these earbuds is what makes them shine, and I am happy with my new noise cancelling earbuds from JBL, they have taken my music enjoyment to a new level. Highly recommended!

3. JBL Endurance Peak Wireless Headphones

JBL Endurance Peak Wireless Headphones

Wireless communication technology. There were 28 hours of combined playback and charging case. There are features such as True Wireless,Twistlock, and a built-in microphone.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I have my favorite earbuds. I have been through six different pairs of shoes and each had issues that I had to work around. The sound is stable in my ear and there is no wire to stick to the neck. These earbuds are awesome!

👤I don't want to spend a lot of money but I wish I had an older version of the headsets. I charge them half the time. They don't charge fully. They don't always sync when I use them. Only the right earpiece is used when they sync. There is a total piece of rubbish. I don't give reviews or complain, but this was a total waste of money. I bought the older version.

👤The life hours of the item are not accurate and I give 0 in 5 minutes if I am on it and 20% of the battery life will be discharged in one hour.

👤I had these headphones for 5 months and they worked great, but now they don't work at all and I can't listen to any audio on them. If you're looking for something to last, you should get a different set of headphones.

👤I am gustado los JBL pero I am fallar compredo dos diferentes audfonos.

👤Awesome sound build and noise cancelation! They don't charge back up quickly and the battery life is terrible.

👤Tienen un buen sonido y buen agarre en las orejas.

👤Le doy 2 estrellas solamente. El sonido es un malo. No tienes, graves, or canciones. I ha desepcionado. Producto va de regreso.

👤Los usos en el trayecto de autobs tienen calidad de materiales.

👤No se escuchaonces hay, no desconfiguran, no izquierdo.

👤Es excelente, todos los sentidos!

4. JBL Club Pro Plus High Performance

JBL Club Pro Plus High Performance

Wireless communication technology. The jbl pro sound is legendary. The noise cancelling is done with smart ambient. As soon as you open the case, you can easily pair your device with zero hassle. Crystal clear calls are delivered with all the sound you want, while eliminating background noise. The case took 24 hours to charge and 3 times more. Wireless communication technology.

Brand: Jbl

👤I am curious as to how the reviews for these headphones are received. It simply doesn't work with the fitment. You have to cram them so far in your ear that they don't stay there and it hurts. I tried to fit the plastic pieces into someone's ear. The instructions are useless. The app is useless and buggy, and if you read the privacy agreement, they collect your personal information and sell it, even the headphones are not cheap to buy. I will re-package them and send them back. It was a waste of time. The company used to be good. They have prices that show a product they don't make anymore.

👤4 out of 5 stars. The battery life on these is really good. I use them daily for working out. Regardless of the type of music you're listening to, the sound is very good and it's a good quality. I like the noise cancelation feature and the ambient sound feature when running outside. The buds don't want to stay still. I have changed through all the different size tips and have to push them back in. They've never fallen out just slide out and need to be pushed back in. The auto pause when removing the bud is annoying. I thought I would like it, but they back out while running or jogging. I had to turn that feature off because they pause your music all the time. This could be fixed with an over the ear brace, but it isn't in this model. If the case gets bumped and the buds think they are out of the case, they won't connect to your phone, so when you go to use them with your phone, they won't connect. Plug it in and they will turn on again, but you have to put them back in the case. I'm pretty happy with them. The sound and battery life are great and that's what we all really want out of headphones, right?

👤Absolutely love the ear buds. These are the best audio I have ever heard and I have to have it when I travel. I tried the airpods pro but was not impressed and ended up stuck with the airpods. I gave them a try after seeing them on sale. Best bang for your buck. Half the price is nicer. They are comfortable and don't come out like the airpods, just connect to my phone and put them in the ear. You can adjust the eq through the proprietor app. I will be buying another set. The brands I mentioned were killed by the battery life. I love listening to audio.

👤I have owned these ear buds for a while. The ANC works well and they have great sound, good battery life and good battery life. I am coming from a pair of Air Pod pros and they blow away their ear buds. I liked that the app checked for ear bud fit during setup. I bought these for use at the gym and so far they have worked well. Most people would be pleased with the ear buds. They are a good value at this price point.

5. JBL Endurance Waterproof Headphones One Touch

JBL Endurance Waterproof Headphones One Touch

There are features such as True Wireless,Twistlock, and a built-in microphone. A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories.

Brand: Jbl

👤It serves its purpose. I know it's hard for other people to figure it out. It's a magnetized on and off product, and it's softly swiped up and down for increasing and decreasing volumes. Downside is that not everyone is as techy as other people and they give up trying. The instruction material is confusing. I believe videos are better for this product.

👤The left earbud no longer works after four months. I am stuck with expensive earbuds that only partially work because the support windows have closed. Very disappointed and do not recommend. I bought these headphones because I don't have earbuds in my ears. These stay in my ears with the over the ear hook and the way they twist in. They won't connect to my phone about half the time. It will finally connect after several tries. I listen to audio books, not music, so can't really comment on the sound quality, they work fine for me. I agree that you have to be careful when touching them. I'm good at pausing and restarting. I like to listen to books while gardening. They skip around when I bend over. I have the phone in my back pocket, so I'm not getting too far away from it. These can't seem to cope with me being upright. I'm so disappointed that they are just for exercising.

👤I have to mention that I love the brand of the wireless model and that it brought me back to purchase it. Since I'm not a fan of wireless, I had no choice but to purchase a new tablet that didn't have a portal for charging, which gave me no choice. These are wonderful. I found it easy to connect and turn on/off, and I found it easy to volume up and down, since I'm not a techy kinda gal. Learning from others is the name of the game these days. If you don't understand something and need to know, ask questions and read, you shouldn't have a problem using these great buds. The sound is superb and they stay in your ears for a long time. These have been an excellent purchase, but I can't vouch for an active workout. My husband asked where I got them, but he never asked where I buy anything.

👤I got an mpow flame and wanted to upgrade. It is easy to use, easy to pause, and easy to skip. It's very cool that everything is touch screen. But the sound? Mpow flame is much cheaper and better. I was very disappointed when I got the jbl. It hurts your ears, it sounds like a can full of rocks and someone is shaking it, mpow flame sounds better and louder.

👤Have had it for a month. Even during rain, I jog and run in it. It worked despite the fact that it seemed to change the track I was listening to. Still working! Happy. Don't expect Bose quality sound. It does sound decent, enough to hear your music while you exercise, and to hear it reliably even after it has been in a rainstorm. It's a good thing.

6. JBL Wireless Headphones Built Microphone

JBL Wireless Headphones Built Microphone

There are true wireless earbuds. For a life on the go, discover the freedom of true wireless earbuds. You can listen to music, manage your calls, and work out with headphones on. There are two ways to call: hands-free and mono. Clear audio is available with the microphone in the headphones. When making phone calls, it's possible to switch to mono. The fit of the headphones is secured with 3 ear tip sizes and 2 gel sleeve sizes, no matter what you are doing. The IPX5-certified design keeps the wireless music and calls playing. Up to 24 hours of combined playback and a charging case, with up to 4 hours of continuous play in the earbuds and up to 20 hours of backup power from the charging case. A 15-minute quick charge is provided by the smart charging case.

Brand: Jbl

👤This was the most comfortable headphones ever purchased. Don't spend money on these. I couldn't get the left headphones to charge even after 2 months of use, I went through 5 pairs. The sound wouldn't turn up and I couldn't hear my music in the gym because I could hear everything else. The third pair of headphones I received in the mail died the same day I wore them. I expected a fix for a product after so many complaints. I will return to my headphones.

👤I will compare them with aitor and alternative. The Bose Sport Free method. Below is a more comprehensive review. Bose Soundsport Free offer better sound at a cost of being larger and not selling the ear canal, and they also offer passive noise isolation via design of the earpieces and a smaller form factor. Being very slim saved these. The old school Skullcandy method has more volume and a slimmer design. Cell phone companies seem to be bent on irradiating the 3.5mm, despite the fact that the old school babies are tethered. The fit and finish of these is the best part. These are very comfortable. I am able to wear these under a compression beanie and not have any pain or fit distortion. The tips that seal the ear canal are the major advantage of these earbuds. They are restricted to power at all times. The case extends playtime to 22 hours. The standard numbers for the buds are 20% beyond the competition. Sound is clear but not loud. I love listening to music that is loud. Sometimes I need an extra decibel or two when the beat drops, but these will not impress me every time. The Clear Audio case has multiple eartips and a Silicone body sleeve for different ear sizes. It's a good buy but alternatives may offer more in volume, almost all corded earbuds even the cheapies will offer like powerful volume. If Korean Apple keeps the 3.5mm, I'll take some old school buds to the desert island. They suffer from some range issues, and I mean from my ears to my back pocket. It's seriously. I deducted another star because I had connection lag and had to connect while writing, and the range is from my hands to my ears. These aren't a good choice after putting on some light winter gear and wearing a light fleece beanie.

👤I am a huge fan of the products from JBL. Over the years, I've used their cars stereo speakers, amplifier, and many home products, all with no issues at all. The noise isolation/cancellation was great when they stayed in. That was the problem with the buds. I tried all of the in ear pieces, but couldn't get them to fit. They fell out. They kept falling. I threw them out at the gym because I was done returning them.

👤These are great. Good sound. Sometimes they get loud too loud. I'm not sure if the people complaining that they are not loud have hearing problems. I think they do. I can only say that my music will skip a beat once in a while. It only happens at the gym on rare occasions, and I think it is from the interference from the phone. I can live with that as it is because it's wireless. They fit my ears well. The Applepods would fall out of my ears. I almost forget I'm wearing these because they are comfortable.

7. JBL LIVE 300TWS Ear Headphones

JBL LIVE 300TWS Ear Headphones

Push the multi-function button and you'll be able to use the voice assistant of your device. The sound is small but powerful. The audio you expect from JBL is delivered by the 300 TWS headphones. Control the world around you. Quickly shift from music to focus on your surroundings with Ambient Aware. You can chat with your friends without removing your headphones. To get the wireless earbuds activated, just use your finger. Up to 20 hours of battery life. There is a live show with JBL. You can use the headphones for up to 6 hours on a single charge. For up to 14 hours of listening, put them into the charging case. You can get a one-hour boost in 10 minutes. There is nothing to hold you back or tie you down with the true wireless earbuds. There areSTEREO calls. Wherever you are in the world, and whatever you are doing, take your music with you, and stay connected with perfect, stereo clear calls with no background noise. With all-access touch control, you can discover total listening freedom with no distraction.

Brand: Jbl

👤I have tried the Air Pods 2 Air Pods Pro and the Liberty Air 2, and they are not as good as the Air Pods 2. The Liberty Air 2 is the second one. The Jabra Elite 75t 3 is a headset. The live 300 3 was by JBL. The Air Pods Pro 4 are air powered. Air Pods 2 Audio Ranking. The live 300 2 was by JBL. The Air Pods Pro 3 are made of metal. The Jabra Elite 75t 4 is a headset. The Liberty Air 2 5 is owned by the Anker Group. Air Pods 2 was not even close to the best. The quality of the drivers was not good. Liberty Air was good for the price, but Air Pod Pros were lifeless. Features/Functionality 1. The Air Pod Pros 2. The Jabra Elite 75t 3 is a headset. Air Pods 2 and 4. The live 300 5 was by JBL. The touch in the JBLs is not as bad as that in the Liberty Air 2s. I can't multi pair so I have to turn off my laptop's wireless technology before I can use my phone, and transparency mode is terrible. The sound quality is so good that I kept all of them. I wish they had more than one pair. It wasn't hard to connect them, and wish they sat in my ears better. I guess I will deal with the short comings because none of the others hold a candle to the quality. The seal issue is fixed after buying some Sony hybrid tips.

👤I was interested to see how it would stack up against the Buds+ that came out recently. The fit was nice and felt good, I put them on. It was easy to set them up and take a few minutes. If you get these, I recommend getting the app and tweaking the sound as it gets much more enjoyable. The bass sounds even better with some tweaking, and the volume between these and the Buds+ is night and day. There are some downfalls. The battery is not as good as the buds. The case could be smaller, but I like that they didn't go for the glossy route. Which should you get? The battery life is the most important factor in my eyes. It all depends on whether you really need that extra battery life. These are replacements for my Buds+ as they sound better and I don't need the extra battery life most of the time. I think battery life needs to be improved next time around, even though JBL did a good job.

👤These knocked it out of the park. The bass is clean and loud. The bass does not take anything from the highs and mids. The mids are accurate. Just like the highs, it was very clean. I can hear things that I didn't know were there. These are very impressive. The battery life is the same. I spent 7 hours in the garage with these. I got over 7 hours. For anyone that is curious. I did not have any dropouts. I traveled from my phone to 20 feet. These stay in the ear. The touch controls are very nice. You don't have to bury the buds into your ear to make them work. I have never accidentally activated anything by brushing them on my shoulder. Your actions have to be deliberate. The ambient is aware of what is happening. I can't tell if using either mode is different. I can hold a conversation while listening to music at a lower volume, and hear everything as if I didn't have buds in. You should use the app with these. It is a huge difference to achieve all of these. The app is easy to use. The custom EQ and preset are great. The case is solid. The opening of the lid starts the process of connecting buds to your ears. These are great buds. I prefer the Air Pods, either model, SkullCandy Push, or Enacfire F1. These are a great value at 99 dollars. I would put these up there with $300 pairs. They are a steal even at their standard price.

8. JBL Lifestyle 110BT Wireless Headphones

JBL Lifestyle 110BT Wireless Headphones

The T 100 in ear headphones are small and comfortable. You have heard the pure bass sound in concert halls and arenas around the world with a pair of 9mm drivers. A single button remote on a no-tangle cable allows you to control music, answer call, and more on the fly. The no-tangle cable is strong and won't tangle up.

Brand: Jbl

👤It's a bit Meh. I bought these to replace a BeatsX that stopped working suddenly. The BeatsX were more than I had thought. The long wire in these earbuds makes them come out of your ear, so jogging is challenging. They sound decent, compared to cheaper earbuds, but not much bass at all. Better than cheaper ones. They feel like cheap Chinese garbage, not what I expected from JBL, and the packaging is pretty much what you would expect from Chinese garbage.

👤The quality of the speakers has been decent in the past, but they expect better quality from JBL. The unit no longer works and cannot be repaired because one of the earpieces came off, exposing a wire. The return policy is only 30 days, so I suggest an alternative brand. I think headphones will last over a year.

👤I need a pair of inexpensive headphones to use with my new phone while walking. The first pair of headphones I've tried consistently and easily pair with my phone, iPad, and my laptop, and they are the fourth pair I've tried. The sound quality of the headphones is as good as you could expect. I'm not an enthusiast. I found the sound quality to be adequate for my use of both music and a show. I haven't had the chance to use the phone controls. If you're looking for cheap but quality wireless earphones, I don't think you'll go wrong with these.

👤You're in the wrong place if you're expecting great features and sound. They used to give you free earbuds on airplanes. They're mediocre. The problem that won't go away is the cable, which is too long and heavy, and can make the ear tips worse. It doesn't get tangled, but it is far from tidy and gets caught on everything. The magnetic keeper system isn't strong or intentioned, it's more of a happy accident that speakers have magnets in them and they decided to list that as a feature. The sound is... Okay, okay. I guess? I guess they're offensive. The aftermarket Comply tips are effective at blocking out the outside world, which could be good or bad. Since the earphones aren't symmetrical, I don't know how I'm supposed to tell left from right. A lack of symmetry is a common theme. There are different markings on the two ear pieces, it has two cable bulges that are the same shape but have different function and maybe even weight. There is no suggestion of "LEFT" or "RIGHT" in any of these features. It was relatively easy to pair. There are three buttons on the controls. A blue- or-white light shows activity, but doesn't really tell you what's going on. The headphones play notifications for On, Off, Connected, and Low battery, but they are meaningless guitar twangs that fail to communicate anything. You can't change the notification tones in the app. A completely internationalized'manual' that somehow manages to be completely helpful. The only thing available at the gas station at 3am is headphones. They are what you bring to an event where you know they will be lost or destroyed. They aren't headphones to aspire to. You can do better.

9. JBL Lifestyle Sweatproof Wireless Headphones

JBL Lifestyle Sweatproof Wireless Headphones

A brand new box. The product has all relevant accessories. The product is certified to look and work like new. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box if it arrives with all relevant accessories. Only sellers with a high performance bar can sell Certified Refurbished products. For 10 hours, the audio is streamed via wireless. The ear hook design and patented Freebit enhancers ensure maximum stability and comfort. These headphones are built to last the most intense workout. With the touch of a button, you can easily manage your music or calls.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I love these. I have tiny ear canals that don't hurt and stay on. If I wear them on one ear, they stay on, like when I walk the dogs by a busy road. The over ear design makes them work. If your ears are smaller than mine, you could probably buy smaller rubber bits from a different company. They are all interchangeable now. There is no secondary noise with them. The wires moving around don't cause any noise. Tell me how good the battery life is when you power them up. It's a nice feature. I think I can get 6 or 7 hours of listening out of one charge. Haven't really measured. I can go most of the day. They hold their charge when not being used. They are able to replenish quickly. You have another 3 hours if you have an hour on the charge. I was happy to get them for a third of their normal price. I can live with that because they are refurbished and don't come with a pretty box.

👤I needed a second pair of earbuds. I wanted to keep my computer's first pair. These were a great price and had a good rating. There is a It will be another set of these if I have to get a third pair. The sound is great and they feel more secure in my ears than my others.

👤One side doesn't work. I cut the wire and plan to use it on the left ear. It is a new item. Maybe it wasn't checked right before it was sold. The speaker works and the sound is good.

👤It gets stuck in the power on the cycle and won't connect or turn off. This is the second replacement. Same issue shouldn't happen again. Sound quality was good when they worked.

👤I won't stay in my ears while running.

👤The headphones stay put so they are good for working out. The sound is slightly above average and the battery seems to last a while. They are not comfortable to wear for long periods of time and they are not the loudest.

👤I bought two pairs of shoes. I can't pair one set with them.

👤It was easy to use. The sound quality was not good.

👤It feels brand new and tough. Sound quality is good. Even when you run, it stays in place. It came with different sizes of ear pieces, so you can choose the perfect fit for you. The battery life seems good so far.

10. JBL T120TWS Wireless Headphone Black

JBL T120TWS Wireless Headphone Black

You will get a 2UHF Wireless Microphones, 1Receiver, 3Built-in Rechargeable and Replaceable Batteries, 1Dual USB Charging Cable, and 1USB Charging Cable. The anti-slip ring is gold- plated. If you have a question, they are here to help. The sound of the bass is called the JBL Pure Bass. The 5.8mm driver in these earbuds provides a powerful wireless punch to all your music. There are true wireless earbuds. The freedom of a wireless lifestyle can be discovered with these headphones. You can now listen to music, manage your calls with a built-in microphone, and work out without the fear of tangled wires. There areSTEREO calls. You can take calls on the go thanks to the integrated microphone and intuitive control for stereo hands-free calls, as well as the buttons on the earbuds. You can connect with your voice assistant with a push of a button. Up to 12 hours in the charging case and up to 4 hours in the wireless earbuds. From the beginning of the day to the end, your listening needs are met. If you want to get an extra hour of charge, plug the earbuds into the portable charging case for 15 minutes. You can match your style. You take your style as seriously as you take your music.

Brand: Jbl

👤This is the first time I have written a review. I had to do that because I saw that many other users had an issue with these ear buds. I got mine yesterday. I was worried that I wouldn't like them because I already had a negative perception of them. As soon as I got them connected, I turned on my music. The sounds were clear and crisp. I played around with my Apple Music settings. There are a number of settings that I tried. The Bass Booster, Rock and Small Speakers worked well for the Bass sound that these ear buds advertise about. I think that the users who gave negative reviews about the Bass quality of these earbuds are not aware that they can change their settings in their apps. For Apple, it's very easy. Go to settings, go to music, and then scroll down to the EQ. There are settings for all types of music. Hope this helps. I have been with all of the JBL products and this product was very satisfactory. It's much cheaper than the Apple Ear buds. If I lose one, I won't freak out as much.

👤The battery lasts about 4-5 hours before it needs to be charged. The fit in the ear is ok if you don't do any running or rotating your head fast in any direction. You can't adjust the volume on the ear buds on the device you are using. The phone calls on ear buds were clear. I listen to music while I work. I have to charge half way through my shift. The right rear bud will not charge when placed in the case, but I am disappointed.

👤Don't buy left ear bud, it doesn't connect most of the time, and there are cheaper better earbuds in Amazon, which are better than these JBLs.

👤These are okay for true wireless under $100. The sound quality was better from my headset. I have heard better from other headsets. This only gives a certain amount if you are looking for a lot of bass. You will notice if you listen to rap or mainstream pop. It handles swell when listening to classic rock and oldies. I didn't have a lot of trouble with the background noise. It has different tips. The battery life is the biggest downside. It has 4 hours of battery. The case will charge it in about two hours. You can get true wireless headphones with 6 hours of battery life for an extra $30-40. The 4 hours will go by quickly. These are good stocking stuffers or gift for someone without having to spend a lot of money on other brands. I am returning them. For a few extra dollars, you can get better quality: sound and battery life. Staying on a budget is worth considering if true wireless is a must. Otherwise approach with skepticism.

👤There is a major downside to these, which are comfortable in my ears, have a reasonable battery life, and charge inside their case. A crackling feedback on the phone can obscure conversations and make it hard for the person you are talking to hear you. Save your money and don't buy this set as they don't work as advertised.

11. Armour Wireless Headphones Engineered JBL

Armour Wireless Headphones Engineered JBL

Up to 24 hours of combined playback and a charging case, with up to 4 hours of continuous play in the earbuds and up to 20 hours of backup power from the charging case. A 15-minute quick charge is provided by the smart charging case. There are true wireless earbuds for sport. The wireless design of the headphones allows athletes to maximize each and every workout, whether it is yoga, running, hiking or a workout in the gym. The IPX7 Sweat and waterproof earphones are designed for high-performing workouts and are waterproof. With two sound technologies, you can hear your surroundings with a unique sound and microphone technology. With TalkThru Technology, you can chat with a workout partner while you work out, and music is lowered so you don't hear anything. AmbientAware has a more immersive music experience with deep bass, while increasing ambient sounds, providing the safety of hearing your surroundings while wearing these headphones. If you are on-the-go, the battery life in each ear bud can last for 25 hours. The aluminum charging case is water-resistant and will charge your earbuds for another 20 hours. Sport flex fit ear tips are for wireless earbuds. It is easy to use winged ear tips to make sure your headphones don't fall out. There are three different sizes of eartips and enhancers in these headphones.

Brand: Jbl

👤I've been on the market for a pair of true wireless earbuds for a while and have been very close to purchasing the Jabra Active 65t, but the constant complaint of connection between the earbuds has scared me away. When I get to the gym and realize I am without music, I usually forget to charge my headsets and get very upset. I wanted a pair of earbuds that could play for at least 4 to 5 hours and with a charging case that could add an additional 20 hours. I wanted the earbuds to have good sound, deep bass, and warm mids. I wanted power and volume. They needed to be strong and comfortable to use. These earbuds meet all of my requirements. They look like something I don't mind throwing on my gym bag, and yet they sound amazing. They don't have a volume control, so you need to use your device to set the volume. I believe that the less controls in the earbuds means less space for things like the sound drivers and battery. I was not happy with the sound volume when I first tried them. I didn't think that JBL would make earbuds that sounded weak. I connected them to my computer when I began to have problems. I hear what these buds really sounded like. It was discovered that the newer devices in the range of the newer ones that reproduce sound with a low volume have a problem with the S8's sound. One site suggested that going to settings >connections >Bluetooth >Advance and turning on volume media sync fixes the problem, and it did.

👤Returned due to poor sound quality after being purchased for workout and everyday use. I like 1. Quality is built. The build quality is great, the grey aluminum case is nice looking and works well to charge the earbuds fast as well as keep them safe while doing so. 2. It's wearing/comfort. The fit is very sturdy. It's safe for a workout and good for leisurely use. I don't like 1. If you like to hear your music louder, these are not the earbuds for you. There is a lot of static in the background. I return because I can handle the quieter sound, but hearing static is annoying for $169 dollars. 2. There was no issue with the connection. They wouldn't connect to the phone when they pulled out the earbuds. This could be solved by putting them back in the case and then taking them out again. The build quality is great, but the sound quality is not worth the money.

👤When I run on the treadmill, they seem to be wobbly, even though they seem to be stable in the ear. When you press a bit deeper, buds completely close the ear, which makes it feel like your eustachian tube is closed, like when you get a cold and ears feel closed. I have to clean at least once on my long runs. I think it is an ok product, but expensive for what they offer in design.


What is the best product for best earbuds wireless jbl?

Best earbuds wireless jbl products from Jbl. In this article about best earbuds wireless jbl you can see why people choose the product. Jbl and Amazon Renewed are also good brands to look for when you are finding best earbuds wireless jbl.

What are the best brands for best earbuds wireless jbl?

Jbl, Jbl and Amazon Renewed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best earbuds wireless jbl. Find the detail in this article. Jbl, Jbl and Jbl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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