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1. UGREEN Microphones Headphones Cancelling Waterproof

UGREEN Microphones Headphones Cancelling Waterproof

The headphones with microphone are designed with soft, flexible, and secure-fit ear hooks aimed at fully fitting your ears without falling out even for workouts. When running, hiking, jogging, and other outside activities, your ear buds stay comfortably firm in place with the help of aadjustable earhooks and ergonomics design. splashing water and rain are prevented by IPX7 waterproof. Enjoy sports and outdoor activities without being concerned about getting wet or sweaty. You can connect T1 wireless earbuds with your devices once you open the charging case with the smart Hall switch. You can pair the earbuds with your phone in one step. The T1 wireless earbuds will reduce environmental noise by up to 90%. You can enjoy crystal clear phone calls even in a noisy environment. The Ugreen T1 wireless earbuds have industry-leading 6mm Graphene dynamic drivers that are 100x harder than normal drivers and bring superior clarity and precision. You can enjoy your music world with the upgraded EQ settings that come with well-balanced mode and deep bass mode. It can be charged in 1.5 hours. The charging case lasts 24+ hours and the earbuds last up to 5 hours. It's not a problem to immerse yourself in the true wireless music world. The ear tips are designed with a 30 angle for all-day comfort, and come with various size ear tips.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I don't know why I'm having an issue, but I can't pair these airbuds with my phone. I thought maybe it's my phone. I asked my husband to pair it with his phone, but it didn't work. I will return them. I was excited for this purchase and I am very disappointed. I loved the look and price. I didn't realize I never took the plastic film off the air buds. I charged the airbuds and they worked perfectly. I'm glad I made the purchase, so I won't be coming back. I will be changing my rating to 5 stars.

👤I use a variety of products, from the HP Omen laptop for zoom meetings, to the Beats Pill to Car to Cell Phone, and I just lost these the other day. I hope I find the other pair, but as someone who shops so much online and reads all the reviews, I felt I would start here. batt life could be a bit longer but it is a great value and product.

👤It was a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves them. Since receiving them, he has used them for several hours a day. I love the ability to be cord free. They have been used to cut out the sound of teens. They will be used when mowing this spring and summer. The mic is good. I can't tell he doesn't have the phone to his ear because he has used them several times to call me.

👤I wanted to use my computer to do zoom calls. It seems like an easy assignment since sound quality isn't that important. If they worked, they were comfortable and not ugly, that would be enough. They are comfortable and not too ugly, but the sound just keeps cutting in and out, with one ear going blank, the volume raising and lowering, and then simply stopping. It's completely useless for a zoom meeting. I'm sitting a few inches away from my computer, so I'm not walking around or doing anything challenging here. Trying again.

👤The ear bud's are large. They fit in the ear. I assume the noise canceling feature works because I am not sure how to judge it. The battery life is my biggest issue. I keep the device charged. I took them out to work on my computer. I get a low battery alert from a fully charged set about 50 minutes into the conversation. I thought it might be a coincidence, but I did the same thing while listening to music. It takes a long time to turn off. Press for 7 or 8 seconds, then take 20 to 30.

👤When I call or answer a call with the phone, it drops my call after a couple of days. I received it last week. I was on the phone and it dropped a few times. After the 3rd time, I thought it was the wireless device. I had to keep talking on the phone. Maybe this is malfunctioning equipment? I used the Occiam brand prior to this one, and lost the charge, so I will try another brand. I think the noise cancellation on UGREEN is better than the Occiam brand. I am trying to charge URGREEN, but I will return it and buy my Occiam brand of earbuds if it is still the same after that. I chose it because it was different and it fit in my ear. I received feedback that the noise cancellation was better than the brand I had. Instructions can be understood. When it reaches 100, it will tell you on the charge when it is fully charged. It is more difficult to know on Green. I will return and purchase another brand if the same issues occur again.

2. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones 761529 0010

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones 761529 0010

The WINGS are ideal for resisting water and sweat in the worst weather and workout conditions because of their Rugged construction. The WINGS are the perfect gift for any occasion, with Zero wires, a sleek Blending design, and high quality TWS components. A 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty are included. Bose active EQ gives a high quality audio experience. The technology is wireless. Voice prompts help with wireless convenience. Stay hear and tips keep the headphones in place during workouts. Sweat and weather resistance are important for reliability while exercising. The battery life can be up to 6 hours. Refer the user guide before using.

Brand: Bose

👤Bose products have always been a big fan of mine. We have a 5.1 surround sound system in the house and I use noise cancelling headphones for travel. I received these as a Christmas gift. The product worked well for a long time. The product started having issues just after Christmas, and there is a 1-year warranty on the product. It won't hold a charge, will shut down suddenly, etc. I would expect more for a Bose product.

👤These headphones are my favorites. I own an old pair of around- ear bose soundlinks and an apple airpods. All have pros and cons. My wife got me a noise-cancellers as a surprise gift and I have only used it once. These headphones are my favorite for running or working out and I also like to watch movies on an airplane. The sound and fit are the same. They sound like bose headphones, but there will be compromises in other areas. The soundsport free's have a few strange compromises to eliminate the wire - phone calls only play through the right side, and they have trouble connecting to my laptop, which is running windows 10. I've never had a problem with any other headphones. The reception is a bit better as the antenna is in the wire, but not enough to make a difference in practice. There is a wire. I tuck it into my headband to keep them from moving when I run. I have a lot of hair so it can be hard to fit the free's back in on the fly, need to clear all the hair out of your ear first. One phone can be dangled from the wire around your neck. The buttons are easy to press. They charge using a micro-usb and not theusb-C that my laptop, phone, and nintendo switch use. The frees, Sony's, and bose's soundlinks use micro-usb, so you'll be stuck with an extra charging cord no matter what. I wanted to mention how these compare to the airpods and free's. The wire is eliminated with the addition of a charging case. The bose free case is large, but the apple case is discreet. If you keep your phone in an otterbox, you won't mind the bose case. It makes a big difference in your jeans pocket. If you have other apple equipment, the airpods can be difficult to use, because of their funky pairing mechanisms. It's a huge hassle to switch the airpods between these devices, and sometimes the device needs to be signed out and back into icloud. After hitting the massive icloud reset button twice, they have been forced to use my phone only. You can use both airpods or one for a conference call, and both can be heard through both ears. I work in noisy environments and the mike is great at noise cancelling. When you wear both of them, you can cancel out almost all noise. They do a lot of nice things. My personal phone is a Sony Xz1, and the airpods never failed to pair, even when I tried. They pair to my windows laptop, but only connect to one device at a time, which is still an annoyance compared to Bose, but it is painless. They don't have any controls other than a play/pause by either 'double flicking' either Pod or removing one Pod to pause, and they sound really bad. You can find better-sounding headphones for less than the airpods, but they won't have apple branding, and they have better controls. The airpods charging case requires an apple-specific lightning cable, but it's not a big deal because it comes in the box. The soundsport free's sound better than the soundsports because they are newer. I like to listen to music around the house or take a phone call with my headphones on. They don't work with just one. The left bud has no mike and the right bud has a button on top that is hard to press. The left bud is only used for music. It has a button on it that allows you to pair it up. If you don't want to switch devices, you can almost get away with using only the right bud. You can use just the left bud, but the right bud needs to be kept out of the charging case and within range. There is no wire connecting the soundsport free's, so they have one big advantage, or disadvantage, depending on your use case. If I'm not wearing a headband or hat, my hair will push the wire around and cause the headphones to come loose. The free's are the only headphones I have ever used where I can stick them in and forget them, and the airpods are slightly better than the wired headphones included with the iphone. If sweat gets into the free's they get a bad sound and need to be washed out. If sweat gets into the regular soundsports, they get quieter and the volume can be turned up to compensate. The versions of soundsport that stick most within the ear area are discreet. The airpods have white stalks that hang below the ears. The battery and antenna are noticable as they are bright white, so it is necessary for now. I can clack against the earring if I'm wearing the stalks. I wear 4awg glass spirals all the time and they clack into the airpods. The airpods are small enough that people will want to talk to you and not realize you have headphones in. The Soundlink around- ear's are still the best for this purpose, even with my bright white hair. If you're worried about price, the soundsports are the least expensive of the 3, and you can live with the wire going to your phone. It's only $9 if the wire is ripped. I bought my first soundsport in 2016 and they were 150, but the airpods were 160 and free's were 200. Bose would have introduced the free's at 150 and dropped the regular soundsport to 120 or so, but I don't think any of these brands are competing on price. I wouldn't have spent my own money on the airpods if the IT man had given me them. After about 2 years of daily use, my first pair died. They are not necessarily sweatproof, dirtproof, chlorine proof, or shampoo proof. After every run, I rinse my second pair out in the shower, they are still doing well and have been for about 8 months. I don't run with the airpods because they fall out easily, but I wear them in the shower and they are holding up, but they are only meant for phone calls and not music. I try not to get the soundsport wet. I'm sure they are waterproof, but there's no easy way to dry them off without worry about losing them, and no way to hang them from the towel rack because they look suspiciously like a wire. If I only had one pair of headphones, it would be these. If I didn't exercise so much, it would be free. If I only listened to music for phone calls and podcasts, it would be the airpods. I like to run and listen to music.

3. LG Tone Free FP9 Cancelling

LG Tone Free FP9 Cancelling

Plug into wireless freedom. You can plug the charging case into any device and enjoy it without wires. Less noise is achieved throughACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION. The ANC works by using a high performance upper microphone and inner microphone to cancel out noise. Concerned about hygiene? The UVnano charging cradle kills 99% of the germs on the speaker mesh in just 5 minutes. Ear gels made from non-toxic,allergenic silicone. It allows you to not have to worry about all-day use. The ultimate fit with ear seal design. The fit of the new design is comfortable and stylish. Hi-fi sound with a realistic sense of space. The bass and treble tones sound like they came from the live recording. A sensory experience. Spatial upmixing expands the sound stage so that you can hear music, watch a show, or play a game.

Brand: Lg

👤The Earbuds are good for listening to music. The Earbuds have a nice balanced sound and I like the Custom acoustic platform. The Earbuds have a touch control function that makes it more convenient to use. You can control it without using the phone. I like the One-Step Pairing and Easy Touch Controls. The playtime lasts for 5 hours from single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. I like the fast charging on the earbuds. I like the high-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction that comes from built-in microphones. When it comes to music, bass is strong and clear, and you can hear subtle nuances like the shifting of a hand on guitar strings, which is nice and well. These Earbuds are true Wireless. I have the AirPods Pro and they are more affordable and better. They fit perfectly and don't feel like I have anything in my ear. I like that the earbuds don't have a long stem. The CVC noise reduction can make other people hear your voice. The Earbuds have a good sound. These earbuds have large audio drivers, triple-layer composite diaphragms, and good vocals. The earbuds are designed for sound and music lovers. The sound quality is top quality. I have had some of the best earphones. The battery is good and comfortable. I would definitely recommend these as they are very affordable. Excellent value.

👤If you didn't buy it from Amazon, you should be able to review it on YouTube because they fix a lot of problems and the sound has gotten 15% better. Not apple will cause issues app wise.

👤The ear is comfortable to wear. I had otitis externa and the eartips are comfortable.

👤These earbuds look nice. I'm not sure if it's worth the money, but I like the idea of sterilizing. The case looks high end. Ear buds fit. The case has a nice quick recharging feature that can be used for just a few minutes. I will use these over most of my earbuds. They are nicer. I got them in order to review them, but I wouldn't be happy with this price point, so I'd probably go with less quality or a different product. Only one ear bud can be used. It's very easy to tap if you can slow it down and it will register. You don't have to be fast. Sound is solid. The first pair I received stopped communicating within a few days. The replacement process through Amazon was painless, but I was not given any support other than to confirm the steps that I had already taken to fix the buds were correct. The app is trash. I don't know why I would use it. The app wouldn't work, but I just hung there. When I'm less than 15 feet away, these don't communicate with my phone. I have a pair of cheap wireless earbuds that I use to communicate across my work building. Unless I have my phone, I can't go to the bathroom with these. I don't want to carry my phone to the restroom if I want to sterilize.

4. Bluetooth Headphones Cancelling Earphones Waterproof

Bluetooth Headphones Cancelling Earphones Waterproof

The NC9 wireless earbuds can last for over 10 hours of playtime from a single charge and 24 hours in the compact charging case. The active noise cancellation mode can last for 7 hours. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. High Fidelity Stereo Sound and CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling: The Motast I09 wireless earbuds use DSR HD rendering technology and CVC 8.0 noise cancelling technology, which produces incredible stereo sound quality with crystal crisp treble. Even in a loud environment, enjoy your music. You can get a clear call experience with the built-in high-quality microphone. The wireless headphones can play for 6 hours on a single charge. The charging case can provide extra 140hrs of playback. It only takes 1.5 hours for the case to be charged. The charging case can be used as a mobile power source. It's ideal for everyday sport, workout, travel, and other activities. True wireless earbuds are equipped with the most advanced bluetooth 5.1 chip, which provides more stable connection, faster paring, and universal compatibility. Enjoy true wireless, without cord. The wireless earbuds and charging case can be checked with the individual display on the case. Pick up 2 wireless headphones from the charging box and they will connect with each other and connect to the last-paired device automatically. With the high-tech touch screen, you can answer calls, play music, adjust volume, switch songs, and use siri with just a touch of your earbuds. The wireless sport earbuds are made of high quality waterproof materials, multi-process design headphone body, high specification waterproof test, and can effectively protect the internal components from water, rain and sweat. It's ideal for cycling, running, fitness, skiing, travelling, hiking, water sports.

Brand: Motast

👤I own a headset that costs me 150. Within 2 days, it dies. The mic is the only good thing about it. These are made out of cheap plastic and cost 30 dollars. I don't understand how they last longer than my headset. The headphones are light and do not fall out of my ears. They don't hold a candle to these. The quality and sound is loud enough to be heard on an 18wheeler. They don't die for a whole day. The material is cheap and the mic is not as good. They hold up well. I wanted a reason to say these are bad. The cheap material of the negatives is a positive. It was really good on the noise cancelation. The range is a little lower after getting behind a box truck that's 80ft long and all wood and metal. They don't fall out when I jump in and out of the truck and trailer. These are the best 30% you'll spend for a long time. I'll update it again in 1 to 3 months. So far, it has been amazing.

👤I thought I would give these headphones a try. Surprisingly sound quality is great and they block a lot of noise from outside. You can answer calls, pause music, skip songs, or adjust volume using either headphones. Both ears listen to music and phone calls. Not all wireless earphones do that. The headphones do not drain as quickly as I would like. It only takes 1.5 hours to charge. They are comfortable and not bad looking. I am happy with the purchase.

👤The package arrived the next day and I loved it so much. The charging case can be used as a portable battery for your phone. The case has magnets that can stick your Ear Pods into the right caves. If you want complete silence, noise cancelling may not be for you because you can still hear people talking next to you. It is safer to be aware of your surroundings when jogging. They stick to my ears. I flipped this around several times.

👤These are easy to use, have great sound quality, and have a long battery life. What more can you ask for? My husband took my old ones to work with. I'm glad he did. These are better. They're very comfortable. I wear these while I clean. I can keep my phone in one place and walk around my house. My house is 1200 sq ft. That is better than any other ear buds I have used before. Definitely recommend.

👤For the first few months, I was happy with this purchase. The left one stopped charging after abruptly disconnecting. The right shut off. Neither will reply now. If you are looking for something to last 90 days or so, this should work. I would look elsewhere if I had to.

👤These were amazing when they were put together. The noise canceling and sound was great until a week later when one side stopped working. Same thing happened again when I requested a replacement pair. They have the potential to be a really great buy. I find the same issue in other reviews.

5. TOZO Bluetooth Headphones Intelligence Waterproof

TOZO Bluetooth Headphones Intelligence Waterproof

Solgar has been committed to quality, health, and well-being for over 70 years. Their goal is to create the finest supplements in small batches using only the finest raw materials. The most advanced technology is theBluetooth 5. 0 technology. The Tozo T12 supports HSP, A2DP, A2DP, and AVRCP. Pick up two headsets from a charging case and they will pair to each other automatically, only one step is needed to pair the earbuds, which provide in-call stereo sound. Also own a stable transmission. Touch control and smart display. The TOZO T12 Headset has touch control sensors that can help minimize the pressure on your ears. In Wireless Charging case, the smart digital screen can check battery consumption. Premium Fidelity Stereo Sound QualityTOZO T12 wireless earbuds are designed of curved in- ear by silicone earhooks, holding wireless headphones in place even during active movements. The drive area of TOZO T12 is almost three times larger than the normal drive area. IPX8 is waterproof. It is possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports. It's ideal for sweating it out at the gym. The base and earbuds should be washed. Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from single charge and 28 hours with charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached.

Brand: Tozo

👤The Tozo t12's are the most recent release in tozo's ear buds. They feature IPX8 water resistance so they won't break if you sweat heavily with them or take them into the shower, a charging case that has a little screen to indicate how much battery is left, and a new version of the case uses a type C connection to charge Microusb The case is similar in size to the T10's but a little bit smaller in length or the size of a small pillbox which will allow it to fit in a pocket or handbag with ease. The bass booster in the previous models helped the little speakers push out more power. I like it as an audio engineer. It's a tiny pair of earbuds that are also waterproof and are great for running with or carrying lightly. I wouldn't use these as a desktop solution. The earbuds have several tap motions to control them. The T6 model had a similar situation, but now the sensor is a bit larger, making it easier to do the correct gesture. My first impressions are to switch to these as my daily driver earbuds, a spot the T10's held for, as a user of the T6's and T10's. The earbuds are really great and have the best of both worlds. I have tested quite a few other brands of blue tooth earbuds and Tozo has been the only one that has delivered on their promises and quality and I think this product is worth 50 dollars.

👤I've become a fan of Tozo and their electronics. The T10 earbuds and the T12 earbuds were the ones I started with last year. I have never had an issue with fit or comfort with the T10s, they have stayed securely in place through two half marathons and countless 5k runs. The T12s fit my ears better than the T10s. I always test my audio equipment against DJ Shadow's The Mountain Will Fall. It gets my seal of approval if it can handle that opening sequence, especially when the floor drops out of the bass at :54. The earbuds passed the test with flying colors. I am very impressed with the design of the T12s. The new charging case is very similar to the Apple one, and I really like it. The design, construction, and packaging here are not cheap.

👤I own the T10s and T12s. Both earbuds have great audio quality. The T10 has a few improvements. The T12s have a larger selection of different sized ear attachment. They come in a box that is neatly organized. I prefer the T12 over the smaller ones because it fits better with the smallest attachment. I tested it on the T10 and it felt better. It is much easier to remove them from the case. The magnets on the T10 case are very strong, making it hard to get them out of the case. The T12s are easy to get out. The case is very sleek, shorter and lighter than the T10 case. The percentage of battery life for each headset is displayed in the T12 case. This is not provided by the T10 case. I would like to know the percentage of battery life of the case. The shape of the earbuds is more comfortable for my ears. My ear shape is what makes this a preference. All other features are the same. Excellent battery life, touch function for volume control, answer calls, place calls on hold, fast forward and rewind, etc. It's as easy as it gets with both versions. My wife uses them for work and I use them to watch TV at night. I don't disturb her. Tozo has a great customer service and seems to care about their customers. Their selection of earbuds keeps growing. You can't go wrong with this purchase.

6. Soundcore Bluetooth Earphones Personalized Cancelling

Soundcore Bluetooth Earphones Personalized Cancelling

Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from single charge and 28 hours with charging case. To fully charge the case, you can use a fast charge cable or a wireless charging device. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. 20 million people love the sound. Liberty Air 2's driver domes are inspired by the ultra-hard structure of diamonds, so they maintain their rigidity even when vibrating at high frequencies. Music is reproduced with a larger bandwidth for clear treble and bass. The earbuds are perfect for home offices. Your voice is retained so that you sound louder and clearer on the other end, while environmental noises are reduced. Up to 28 hours of playtime. A single charge will give you 7 hours of listening, while the charging case will give you 28 hours of playtime. When the case needs a power boost, simply set it down on a wireless charging point. Take the test to create a custom set of settings for your ears. HearID maps your hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and analyzes the results to give you a truly personalized listening experience.

Brand: Soundcore

👤4.3 stars? I'm not buying it. I have tried to pair the buds with no success. I tried on both Apple and Android and only one ear bud pairs came up. I spent too much time looking for a solution. I unpaired, I tapped, and held my finger on each bud one at a time, following very precise directions for how and when they should be in the case. All with no success. I woke up the next morning with hopes that a new day would bring clarity. The result was the same. A device that is compatible with a wireless network should be easy to pair. These don't. I like other Anker products. I have a lot of charge blocks and cables. I have a Roav smart charging point and an anker Viva Pro which I use daily. Until now, Anker has never disappointed. These ear buds are disappointing. If you don't believe this review, you can search for something to the effect of "Liberty Air 2 both won't pair". All of the answers have no consistent solution. Do you really want to have to deal with this level of trouble over a pair of ear buds? Save your time and sanity. Don't even think about it until Anker can figure out how to pair the ear buds.

👤I would give the product 3 stars, but I would give them 6 stars because the customer service is so good. You can never go wrong with a company that takes good care of its customers and that's why you need to find a product that's right for you. There was no complaint. We'll find out sooner or later. Excellent job, battery life is also exceptional. The call quality is great. If you can't understand noise cancellation, don't bother reading the rest of the review. It was a disaster to pair with the phone. I used the "putting them back to back" trick to get it to work. The sound is the real issue for me. My current wire headphones include: Bose Soundtrue On- ear, Denon C710K, Creative Labs Aurovara Air, and Apple Ear Pods. I use the Airpods Gen1 and the Sony WI1000X for air travel, but I lost one ear bud. I'm not comparing the True Wireless earbuds to the IE80s because it's not fair. I'm not comparing this with the Aurovara Air, which has a different design. I don't know what I can use to compare. The resolution seems to be fine, with "fake grains" which are common in over engineered headsets or speakers. The compression of the device did not help. I don't know how to describe the sound stage. It sank into the ocean and can't be found. The problem is that I couldn't get out a pleasant sound even though I picked one of the profiles. Is the sound quality better with the Apple Earpods? Not really. It produces decent sound that you can listen to for hours and not feel crazy. The BeatsX has terrible sound but it doesn't make you uncomfortable. The Liberty Air 2 did not achieve that. When you try to get a good sound with a budget headphones, it usually doesn't work out. I don't want to spend $250 on a new AirPods pro because they are so comfortable and easy to use and have an in- ear design, which is what I need for my 3 - 4 hour daily commute. I still want to write this review because I am not sure if what Anker claims to be "rigid diamond-coated drivers produce sound with flawless accuracy" is true. The accuracy is terrible, but it's ok for this price point, use a different angle to highlight the product.

7. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Earphones BMANI VEAT00L

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Earphones BMANI VEAT00L

Movie Mode is a way to improve your movie-watching experience. Reducing the audio lag will make voices match up perfectly to the screen. When you take your music out of your ear, it will pause automatically. Once you put them back in, they will start playing. The battery power of the case and ear buds can be seen on the display. The left side of the headphones shows the remaining power on the screen. The right side assigns a charging process to each bud, there are 4 grids that represent 25% of the bud's power. The indicator light will light up. Stereo sound quality can be improved with the use of a chip that can offer a clear and smooth connection, allowing you to hear crystal clear calls like you are communicating face to face with others. Don't worry about being interrupted while listing to music or calling. Button control is easy to use and doesn't require you to remember anything. When you pick out the earphones, they will connect to the previous device. The range can go up to 33 feet away. The earphones shut down when you put it back in. Sport headphones are designed to keep you motivated, a secure fit that won't shift or fall out during long hours of training, and no wires to hold you back. 3 pairs of ear caps and flexible earhooks can stay on your ears, and you can get a fitting. You will not feel tired or pain when wearing it for a long time. Even on a rainy day, the earphones can fit.

Brand: Bmani

👤The earbuds are supposed to turn off when you put them in the case, but they connected to my phone twice while I was inside the case. I had to turn my phone off. The seller offered to refund me the full price if I rated them 5 stars.

👤The delivery and communication with the company was exceptional. I was able to use my product right out of the box because it had a full charge. I like to use earbuds that fit around the back of my ear. It holds earbuds in place better when I am exercising. Most of the time they fall out when I try other ones that fit in the ear. The ear tips of other earbuds would come off and stay in my ear, which was a problem. I can put them on and remove them without any issues. I can use one side at a time. I can hear what is happening around me with these. If one side runs low on battery, I can just put it in the charger and use the other side, which helps because sometimes I forget to put them back on the charger at the end of the day. The smooth design of the case makes it easy to put it in my pocket, there are no bulky corners to make it bulky. Even with fat fingers, the volume controls are enough to separate the buttons. Is it possible that I would make the product bigger so that a charging port could be added? This does not reflect negatively on the product. An extra charging port on the go would be ideal for me. The sound is the best feature. I think it has a nice rich sound. The bass isn't overpowering. I have another pair of t16's that I use on my computer and they sound great. The distance I can travel from the source is nice. I don't have to worry about losing sound quality because I can leave my phone on the charge. I am told the microphone is clear. The answer call/pause music button is large enough that I don't have to fiddle with it. I use these with my virtual reality headset. They fit perfectly and don't get in the way of my headset. I think Veatool has set the bar high. These are the best earbuds I have ever used. As long as they keep making this model and another behind the ear model, I will keep ordering. Excellent customer service is available for the price. Thank you for creating a product and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

👤I'm going to give my honest review on this product to start off, I really love the strap around the ear, it helps a lot, and the waterproof is very nice, the reason I chose these over others is because they had physical buttons. The first time I ordered these, the right earphone stopped charging, so I wrote to the company and they sent me a new pair, which I have had for the last couple months. I decided to shop around and see what else I can find, and I got an email from the company of these headphones asking me to do a review with pictures in order to get a pair for free, I thought this was perfect timing, because my previous purchase of a different brand of headphones I decided to buy a new one instead of giving an honest review because I really like this product and it's still worth $30 even if it only lasts for a couple months.

8. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The world's most effective noise cancelling earbuds. Bose noise cancellation and full transparency mode allow you to eliminate distraction, let your surroundings in, or a little bit of each. Volume- Active EQ keeps the sound crisp and balanced at any level, while an exclusive acoustic architecture brings your music, podcasts, and videos to life. StayHear Max eartips are included for a secure fit. They are made from soft silicone and provide total comfort. It is as easy to use a simple touch control. From the side of the earbud, you can control noise cancellation settings, pause, play, and volume. It can be enabled in the Bose Music app. Tiny microphones work together to focus on your voice and not distract you from your phone call. You can listen for up to 6 hours on a single charge. The charging case provides an additional 12 hours and can be used with either a wireless or a wired charging mat. These IPX4-rated wireless earbuds can endure sweat, water, and some weather.

Brand: Bose

👤They just added volume controls which is a big deal. I'm leaving at 3 stars until they can add multi-point and because I discovered a feature that is only a problem with my pair. I have added it to my list of cons. This review comes from someone who mostly listens to Hip Hop, Metal, Dubstep, or Reggaetn. My standard for audio may be different. I will compare these to other in- ear headphones. 1. The Bose SoundSport wired in- ear headphones are pictured far left. The second picture is of the Pixel Buds. The Bose SoundSport Wireless is second from the right. I want to give these a higher rating, but 3 stars is how I feel about them, based on how much they cost and how I feel about them. My standards may be too high. Pros are comfort. What you would expect from Bose. The new ear tips make them more comfortable than the SoundSport Wireless. Despite their size, they are not as heavy as I was expecting. The ANC. The noise cancellation is topnotch. It's better than the AirPods Pro. When ANC is set to 0, the transparency mode/passthrough is great. I think it sounds a bit more natural on the Air Pods Pro. This is what you are paying for, and it is almost worth it. Sound. The sound is better than the Air Pods Pro. Bose has a sound signature that is very similar to what they have. They sound better than Bose SoundSport Wireless and are on par with SoundSport wired. It depends on the device you are using. The buds on my phone sound better than the buds on my phone. I think the only thing that the iPhone Xr supports is the wireless communication protocol. Charging. These are very convenient and feel modern. They were on par with the AirPods Pro. Touch the controls. It's nice to have a feature. I'm glad it's there. The execution is not as good as that of Pixel Buds. It's almost a con. There was an update on 12/3. The Ear Buds have volume control on them. There are some things that need to be done. The case. It only offers 12 additional hours of charge. It's embarrassing for Bose to not offer something that's competitive at the same price point as the AirPods Pro and the Pixel Buds. I prefer a magnetic lid over a push button. Independent use and function. I can tell you that you can use either bud. Depending on which one you are using, you lose function. The Airpods Pro has better touch controls, but you can't go back a track. When you use the buds individually, the Bose QC earbuds start to show their poor execution. The music will stop if you take one of the earbuds out. When you place the removed ear bud in the case, the bud still in your ear will make a sound like it is powered off, but when you play your media on your device, the sound will come through the ear bud still in your ear. This sounds great until you realize that the touch controls are only assigned to one bud or the other. If you only use the left bud, you will lose the ability to answer calls, play music and use touch controls. Only using the left ear causes you to lose the ability to forward a song orhear battery level because those features are only assigned to the left bud. The best thing about the Pixel Buds is their touch controls, which allow you to use the same controls on both buds, and lower and increase volume, while the Bose QC earbuds do not. You can still do all of the above through the Bose Music App. Everything I've said about this is true. One major limitation was left out. The left ear bud can't be used for phone calls because the mic only works on the right ear bud. You can only use the voice assistant with the right bud. I've seen a lot of conflicting statements on this and wanted to provide as much detail as I could. There is a multipoint. This is my biggest gripe. The Bose SoundSport Wireless has a great feature, but it's missing on the QC Earbuds. The feature allows you to switch between two devices, and even use up to 7 devices right from the device. The new app for the QC Earbuds doesn't make it easy to switch between devices. This makes it hard to switch between devices. Considering that Apple added similar functions to the AirPods Pro. Find my buds. Also missing here. I was hoping these had a feature to help me find them. There is a feature in older Bose earbuds. The price. The Air Pod Pros do better than the QC Earbuds, so the price is too high. Bose won the battle of sound and ANC. When it comes to features/functionality, the winner is the AirPods Pro. There is a The ANC Level 0 is Ouch my Ears! When using the earbuds with noise canceling set to 0, some sounds are amplified through the earbuds. The setting is supposed to allow you to hear what's going on around you. Some sounds are too loud and hurt my ear if you leave them in my ear. Examples. Clinking sounds, glass breaking, and Shutting a car door are some of the things that can be heard. I can't leave them in my ear when I'm not using them because I'm afraid they'll damage my ear. Carrying the case around is inconvenient due to its size. I only use them around my house when consuming media. I immediately took them off. I feel like taking another star off because of this. The earbuds that are perfect don't exist. All my boxes were almost checked by these. I love the buds for their comfort and superior ANC. Despite their large size, I like how they look. For the price, I expect all the features, with no compromises. I don't understand why Bose would release these with limitations and lack of features from previous devices. I would rate these above the other earbuds based on Sound and ANC. My ratings are based on factors such as age, form factor, sound and price. Bose SoundSport wired in- ear headphones are 5 stars, perfect wired in- ear headphones at the time with great sound and comfort. If you can find them at the original price, it's worth every penny. 2. The sound is okay, but the best touch controls by far hurt my ears, and the Google Pixel Buds are 2 stars. It was totally overpriced at $180. 3. The Bose SoundSport Wireless is 2 stars, I loved having them around my neck at all times, and the Multipoint feature is awesome. The sound was okay, but the build quality was terrible. The build quality makes them hard to recommend, even though pricing wasn't terrible. 4. The AirPods Pro are jam-packed with amazing features in a tiny form factor. They are kind of magical. The sound quality was not worth the price. 5. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds have 3 stars, amazing sound and ANC, but lack in the features department. I think they would be very competitive against the AirPods Pro if they were priced at $220. I would be happy to remove features for better sound and ANC. If Bose can patch in some of the missing features through software updates, I will update my rating. I think it may be hardware limitations. It's 3 stars for now. I'm still looking for the perfect earbuds. It's a pity.

9. Bluetooth Headphones True Waterproof Microphone Workout Black

Bluetooth Headphones True Waterproof Microphone Workout Black

Up to 6 hours of battery life can be achieved with true wireless earbuds. Extra charges are provided by the wireless compatible charging case. The charging case has a power display. Occiam has a charging case with led power display. The battery in the charging case is from 1% to 100%. The led bars of the earbuds will not light up if the earbuds are not fully charged. 48Hrs battery life with charging case The 600mAh charging case was built. The earbuds can last for 8 hours on a single charge. The portable charging case will give you 48 hours of playing music, while the charging case can charge the twin sports earbuds for 6 times. There is a design for sports. The sports earbuds have a secure fit with ear hooks and a design that makes them stay in place when doing sports, running, other outside activity. There are 3 different sizes of spare ear caps. The earbuds won't fall off even during strenuous exercise. IPX5 splashproof protects the sports wireless earphones from water damage. One step auto. Picking up occiam sports Earphones from charging case, they will pair with each other automatically. To connect, you have to search for T17 on your mobile phone. The sports earbuds will connect to the last device after the first successful connection. When using a single earphone, take out the second one to achieve seamless transformation between single mode and twin mode. The sound is sound quality. The microphones of earbuds make phone calls and use less power. The buttons on the ear buds are used to control the function of the phone, music, and voice. Stereo sound and handsfree calling during sports.

Brand: Occiam

👤The sound was good but they stopped working on the right side after less then two months of use, even with only a few hours of use each night and gentle use. We were supposed to get a free pair from the card the seller sent with the order, but that never happened. They won't be buying from them again. I got an email from the seller apologizing for the quality of the products. If you are willing to remove your review, we will give you a full refund. We are collecting feedback. They don't stand behind their products and don't offer a refund for the purchase price, so steer clear of this seller.

👤The left earbud will no longer be charged after two weeks of use. I cleaned the contacts on the ear buds as instructed. It's pretty sad. I bought, returned, and re-ordered three sets of these headphones. After 1-2 months of use, all three sets of them had cutout issues. I can handle one manufacturing defect. Three in a row? Garbage.

👤Occiam headphones were received. The packaging was new. I'll add a review after I 800-273-3217 So far, so good! Charge started using headphones yesterday and they are really good. I like them a lot. The clarity is fantastic, but the bass is a little low. My ears are small so none of the bud really work when I'm moving around. These stay over my ear. The fit is great because you don't feel them. I work on the computer all day. The headphones work well for the price. They look good because they're vertical. Really good design. These are going to be hard to beat. The bass is really good now. I had to change my equalizer on Music Bee to 10 band. It's excellent now. I'm very impressed. See you. The final update. There is a new word for it. Well... I thought they might work, but they stopped working today. I've had them for a while, but now I need to find another pair. I wouldn't buy again based on this. After charging them, they suddenly shut off, even after going off intermittently.

👤This is a great product. They are very comfortable with the bendable rubber piece. The directions are easy to understand. The sound quality is good. The battery life for each ear is shown in the case. All in all.

👤I bought these as a back up to my Jlabs ear buds. The Jlabs have a better battery life but not quite as good a sound quality. The sound is good but not as crisp as the Jlabs. The Occiam earbuds last more than 6 hours and are my go to earbuds for online gaming, as the Jlabs earbuds only last for two to three hours of constant use. I need to get out more. The charging case has a digital display. This shows how much charge is left in the case battery. The charge of each ear phone is indicated by a light bar with a scale. I haven't put these with my phone. I will probably update the review when I go hiking. I am very happy with the performance, the battery life and the price. I will be buying a second pair of these soon to be back ups to my first pair.

10. Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones Android Black

Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones Android Black

The automatic shut-off feature increases the battery life by approximately 350 hours. Kurdene wireless earbuds with advanced bluetooth 5.2 technology has fast and stable transmission without tangling, which makes the earbuds connect to electronic devices more consistently, providing you with an uninterrupted calling and music experience and noise cancellation. Once taken out from the charging case, these earphones would instantly pair with the last-paired device. Immersive Stereo Sound with long Lasting Barttery LifeAdapting a powerful 8mm Neodymium magnet, the kurdene S8 earbuds provide pure balanced audio and clarity output for all music genres with loud sound, rich bass, clear midrange, balanced treble and high definition. A single charge gives you 6 hours of listening, while the charging case gives 38 hours. Don't miss a beat with your earbuds. Every surface that touches your ear is made of liquid Silicone. 6 pairs of different shapes of Ear Caps with different sizes are installed. M/L is for option for a custom fit. The liquid silicone nozzle spreads pressure evenly across your ear. It will give you a fit for all day comfort. The earbuds are waterproof and sweatproof, with an IPX8 rating. Under different weather conditions, the S8 wireless earbuds can work. The charging case is not waterproof, so there is nothing stopping you from running through the storm or sweating out your new personal best in the gym. The buttonless touch interface of the Kurdene S8 can minimize the pressure on your ears when you touch it. You can control your music, answer calls, and skip songs by tapping your buds, so you can stay in the moment.

Brand: Kurdene

👤I've tried a lot of earbuds and have reviewed a few as "great" because I know it's difficult to find earbuds online. I'm considering changing the reviews I've done before because they are better than the ones I've tried before. After using the ones before I realized that they weren't quite as they looked at first so I was on the hunt for another pair of earbuds. I like to sleep with them listening to music. I would lose the ones I've tried before, but these ones don't. They don't drain my phones battery and hold a charge for over eight hours. It's easy to pair. I've tried many of them, but only one side at a time would pair. They can be used with phone and car. Light weight and fit my husband and I nicely. I would definitely recommend it.

👤Normally I don't give 5 stars, but I am doing it this time. I've been looking for headphones that are wireless. I tried a few pairs, but nothing compared to these. Let us break it down. It's easy to carry in your purse or pocket. You can use different ear bud sizes. The charge cord is very short. Doesn't tangle with other cords. Pre charged. I was able to use them immediately. Huge benefit. It doesn't take long to charge. The battery life is long. I use it on all my devices. It was used to my phone. I had an iPod touch 10 years ago. That is correct. iPod Touch. It was also used to my devices. Pair one device at a time. It was great to hear noise canceling. I don't want to hear anything but my music when I walk. These helped me with that. I will be giving these as gifts for my family.

👤These are my first pair of earbuds. They were easy to use. The box and charging case were used. Came fully charged and ready to go. I was surprised by the quality of the sound and the options of the ear buds caps. These earbuds are very cheap. Excellent buy!

👤I love the long battery life. Sometimes I don't even realize they don't turn off when I go to bed and wake up, but it's 80 to 70% when I wake up. I bought them because they were purple. It is plain and simple. I wanted to be able to use one ear bud while the other charges. I don't think that happens. I'm not 100% positive that it doesn't charge separately. I'm pretty sure they stay on at the same time. The button is very sensitive. Sometimes my hair is turned off. These were bought 8 weeks ago. Today is from September 8 to November 8. I had only one issue today. The right ear bud won't respond. It is blinking blue. When charged with the right. Still blue. I put pressure on the button. Still blinks. Cleaned with a q-tip. Still blinking. I can't seem to turn it off. It's not connecting to my phone. I had both of them in my ear. The connection was on for about 30 seconds. There was no sound from the right bud. If the right side doesn't work again, I can't say I'd curse them. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I love that it's purple. The battery life is amazing. 12 hours is a life for me. I left the ear buds in the case because they started spazzing out. Both turned off. They do it randomly. I have trouble with the right ear bud. They still work. Again. You get what you paid for. My earbuds lasted 2 years. Until the right side died. I bought these because of that. I only have the left side working. The Jam battery life is like 4 hours. 70% of these are from a continuous 7 hour stop and go use. These stay in good shape. I can't go on a run and expect them to stay in. They are walking around the house.

11. Beats Studio Buds Cancelling Earphones

Beats Studio Buds Cancelling Earphones

The music earphones with 13mm speakers and triple-layer composite diaphragms provide powerful bass, stunning treble and clear mids. The earbuds are designed for sound and music lovers. You can share the earbuds with your friends and family. Each earbud has a microphone. CVC noise reduction can make other people hear your voice. Powerful, balanced sound is delivered by a custom acoustic platform. Control your sound with two different listening modes. Three soft eartip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal. Up to 8 hours of listening time and a pocket-sized charging case. Class 1 is the leading class for extended range and fewer dropouts. Built-in microphones give high-quality call performance. IPX4 rated sweat and water resistant earbuds.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤It was supposed to be a birthday gift, but came back dirty. Not happy.

👤The item was listed as gas and can't be returned. This is ridiculous. Don't buy from this seller.

👤Music cracks all the time, the signal is weak, the box is broken, and the noise cancellation is bad. Went back to the airpods.

👤The product was not checked for quality before it was shipped out. The product doesn't want to take charge. There was leftover earwax from the previous owner that made it hard to hear if there was sound in the product. I had to remove the earwax. I want to buy this item. Next time, I'll just go to the store and pay an extra $20 to get a new pair and make sure the product works.

👤They work really well on calls. Sound is not worth the price. It's not good noise canceling. Sound quality is good. The battery life is good. It's good to have a fit in your ear. If you are moving, they fall out.

👤I have worn beats and earphones but they are not good. The bass is weak. They have less bass than AirPods, their microphone quality is not as good as the cheap ones, and the noise cancelling is not very effective. I was in a dilemma of whether to buy a new AirPods or beat solo pros. If I had to rank, I would use the money in AirPods. I wanted to throw my beats in the trash. I equalize my music to have the most bass and these studio beats just couldn't do the work at all. Sounds like cheap earphones. These beats are better than those. I don't know what happened to this brand, but it really lowered its standards over the years.

👤When trying to charge the beats, they don't come with the factory eartips so they are often not in place. Sometimes they don't charge. A decent pair of eartips costs about 10 dollars. If you buy a new pair of ear tips, you will have spent the same amount as if you had bought a new pair. Either cram them in the case or take the tips off. It's not a lot of effort but it could have been avoided.

👤I received a refurbished set of buds that looked and sounded like new. It's a great way to save money. The sound profile is better than any of the cans that I've owned before. The bass is deep, crisp and has decent mids. The sound quality is in the mid range. You can play with different settings to get better mid range sound, but it won't get a lot better by changing settings. I have not had any battery issues. After 2.5 hours, my ears hurt a bit but I popped them out for a minute or two to solve the problem. These are the best true wireless headphones I have ever tried. The sound quality of the Beats is better than any of the skullcandy headphones I have had. The find my app allows you to find lost buds. These buds are stylish because of the minimalist design and clean looks. The transparency mode is also adequate. These will be my go to buds for the next year or two until something better comes down the pipe at the same price point.


What is the best product for best earbuds wireless bluetooth?

Best earbuds wireless bluetooth products from Ugreen. In this article about best earbuds wireless bluetooth you can see why people choose the product. Bose and Lg are also good brands to look for when you are finding best earbuds wireless bluetooth.

What are the best brands for best earbuds wireless bluetooth?

Ugreen, Bose and Lg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best earbuds wireless bluetooth. Find the detail in this article. Motast, Tozo and Soundcore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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